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Friday, March 06, 2009

Mungiki Killings: Last Signs of a Failed State

Dr. Afred Mutua is a troubled man. The government spokesman must we wishing he could eat his words that condemned Oscar Foundation as the financiers of Mungiki. Even before he even shut his lips OF officials Oscar Kamau King’ara and Paul Oulu were dead meat.

So did Mutua know something we didn’t know or was his just another episode of choking with both his limbs stuck in his mouth? Add that to the bravado fro police spokesman Eric Kiraithe and you cannot fail to see the common thread of high stakes behind the scenes.

That the murderous Mungiki has no place in a modern society is without question. But a police force that thrives on extra-judicial killings to fight such criminals can only succeed in the gang mutating into something even more dangerous. Nothing but the rule and respect of law separates us from other apes and the reign of the jungle.

King’ara must have rubbed 2012 SUCCESSIONISTS the wrong way. Having Oscar lorry branded with key politicians and police officers suspected of ordering previous extra-judicial killings must have been the last nail that sealed his coffin. You don’t expose Kenyan gatekeepers and expect to escape with it given the boiling succession wars underneath.

Killing fields
The police force has resorted to jungle law that saw them rope in rival Mungiki factions to do their dirty executions. Only the police force can have the intelligence to constantly monitor both King’ara and Oulu that made tracing them to the traffic jam so easy. And what a senseless orgy of firing it was pumping more than three bullets in each head?

Impunity mutates into different faces and with the police force already exposed as its icon, we haven’t seen anything yet. Add that to the boiling magma that is succession 2012 and you get a volatile mix of executions and assassination in quick succession.


Anonymous said...

In order to unravel the mystery of the deaths of King'ara and Oulu the investigators must try to answer the following questions:

1. Who are the Oscar Foundation?

2. What was the nexus between the Foundation and one of the wings of Mungiki?

3. What was the role of succession politics and or rivaly between the two factions in Mungiki in these murders.

4. Who were their international and local funders and were their international funder the same as those who funded ODM during the Post-Election Violence period?

5. Who had seconded Oulu to the Foundation and what was his brief?

6. Was there an unholy trinity developing among the Mungiki, the Oscar Foundation and ODM?

Unless these questions are answered we will be chasing our tails. It appears ownership of the Mungiki has become a high stakes game and will become more so as we near 2012.

Anonymous said...

That morning, Oulu while talking to Nation journalists, had owned to organizing the Mungiki mayhem. The question is, what was a rights' Foundation doing in the bowels of a murderous gang cordinating and supervising the gang's activities?

Anonymous said...

Very sad indeed, it makes you wonder how you can speak out for the injustice faced by Kenyans everyday.

Its interesting because Washington had offered the FBI's services, so its much more than just local politics. Why would the FBI just get involved? The last thing they got involved in was Father Kaiser. So I am not convinced and even Scotland Yard or South African police will just give a government sensitive report.

Clearly the people who wanted them dead are implicated in that report in some way.

Kenyans, we better wake up. First of all you have Mungiki which is almost a terrorist group, and then you have the police carrying out these killings.

We cant change anything unless the whole leadership changes, because even the good one's are corrupted by the seasoned politicians.

Anonymous said...

Since Kibaki has chose to rule by the sword then he must be ready to face it when the time comes, ashindwe Kabisa

Vikii said...

First of all, it is unfortunate that these two Kenyans---and millions others before them-- have been murdered. The kenya we all want is one where no single kenyan stops a bullet. We all want a kenya that is free from murderous criminals, trigger happy policemen or anybody else with access to a gun.

But I am a little dismayed by the reactionary nature of our beings as kenyans. Some politicians have jumped onto what they see as a silver bullet to destroy Alfred Mutua with, they have stirred up a press frenzy about his 'flare-up' and they now have us throwing all objectivity out of the window and embracing what could very easily turn out to be misplaced attacks on the man.

I am not here to defend Alfred Mutua, but here are some questions we need to ask ourselves; Does the gunning down of these two men render the claims Mutua made mendacious? Put differently, do we have sufficient information yet to outrightly debunk any theory that alleges a working relationship between the Oscar Foundation and the Mungiki gang? Would it not be more prudential for us to either prove mutua's claims false or demand that he reveals the basis on which he (or the government if you like) made the claims about the foundation's flirtation with and perpetuation of the illegal gang?

Look here, what we should be demanding of Alfred Mutua is a divulgence of the government institution/persons which/who informed his statement. We should be directly asking him if he said whatever he said on behalf of the police commissioner, the NSIS, the National Secury ministry, anybody. The fact that people died shortly after his address does not in any way put the authenticity of his claims into question. Those are legitimate concerns that he raised and we should now be asking ourselves whether it is indeed true the Oscar Foundation has ties with Mungiki and if we 'informedly' arrive at the conclusion that such claims have no basis, and that Mutua was not acting on the government's behalf, then we can happily chop his head off. Anything short of that is the exact jungle mentality we are pretending to condemn.

As for whether mutua speaks for the government or not, that should be left to everybody's opinion. We all are entitled to opinions, but what we are not entitled to are "our own facts".

When Raila odinga says that Mutua does not speak on behalf of government, he must be told that he IS NOT government. He is just a member of government and that is where it stops. As a government official with some very SPECIFIC roles, Raila should, like other senior government officials (police commissioner, head of civil service, fellow ministers of government, etc) instruct Mutua to communicate any information concerning his docket to the public. When he demands consultations over everything the GOVERNMENT SPOKESMAN airs, exactly at what level should those consultations be held. His demands are pure mediocrity, period. Are you telling me that if the Police Commissioner, for instance, wanted to communicate some security concerns to kenyans, he should consult the ODM? For heavens sake the police force is not a political party! What if minister Beth Mugo, for example, wanted to issue a cholera alert to Kenyans and explain to them the specific measures her ministry was taking to combat it, does she also need to consult the ODM? Fuck that. What Raila is asking is for everybody from top to bottom to leave the running of government to him and him alone. Just like fellow strongman, Daniel Moi, he has in mind an imperial perch from where to dominate our lives right into our bedrooms and that will not happen.

Anonymous said...

First molasses told us to get a mzungu election commissioner, now the buffon wants us to get mzungu invinvstgators for mungiki slaying...

the same FBI said father Kaiser committed suicide, what does the moron expect??

why is our joke of politician so interested with wazungu to run Kenya?

taabu, u are just a lost mental case.

Anonymous said...

These fellows were cruising in a mercedes benz bought from funds solicited in the name of fighting for Mungiki. Mungiki demanded a share of this money when the money started trickling in and these leaders said no..i heard that they said they are fighting for their rights. They received a couple of warnings which they ignored. These fellows died after taking dirty money and refusing to share it with the owners. They are not the last ones i suspect from the long list of other NGO's bent on exploiting the poor. You can blame the police since its in Kenyans to blame the government but the truth is that Mungiki diminished the two lights. Thats the truth!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
no, oscar came from a well off family...maybe that is why he had a mercedes....see below...this is what karl marx called class suicide...??

After graduating with a law degree, Oscar joined the family business that was involved manufacturing, meat and fish processing, real estate, import/export and sale of building materials within Kenya.

He planned to marry, have children, then live happily and quietly ever after. However, fate had other plans in store for him.

In 1996, Oscar experienced the injustices perpetuated by the state through a policy of destroying local industries for the benefit of multinationals. The government issued a statement meant to ensure that fish exports from Kenya were stopped. Oscar wrote in his website that the decision was, “aimed at punishing people from Nyanza province who were perceived by the KANU government to be anti-establishment. The policy was (Siasa mbaya maisha mbaya) meaning, “bad politics equals bad life.”

The government suspended fish exports to the European market, forcing Oscar to close down a multi million dollar factory in Kisumu that was processing and exporting fish. This first hand experience of high handed impunity by the state was an eye opener and Oscar realized how justice is hard to get especially for the vulnerable poor.

one day state house road ought to be renamed Oscar Kamau Kingera road
for his good works...

I don't believe he was a front for mungiki

Anonymous said...

Yesterday, March 5th, the Oscar Foundation called demonstrations in support of the United Nations recommendations. Transport was disrupted in Nairobi, Central Province and the Rift Valley which are the Mungiki strongholds. The government vowed to crack down hard against the organizers of the demonstration

Anonymous said...

the truth of the matter is that many poor kenyans who lived under the colonial administration say their lives were better off: they had more respect, security food and peace.....nothing to do with race......but everything to do with good governence

Anonymous said...

blames food crises on election violence and global crises

when you are hungry you are angry

no one will vote in 2012 in no reforms

Anonymous said...

Somebody tell me,

What were some UoN students doing stealing dead bodies and hiding them in their dorms? Then violently resisting their recovery by police. I hope the death of one of the student robbers, though reglettable, is a memorable lesson to the remainder of the robbers and any other gangster in-waiting on campus. It is time the officers who did the commendable job of retrieving the bodies are reinstated in their jobs.

Anonymous said...

It is very sad that we lost King'ara and Oulu at such young ages. However, we should not forget that they died cuddling and serving a criminal murderous gang. They did not die comforting the loved ones of the victims who lost their heads and foreskins to the machetes of these gangsters.

Anonymous said...

Shortly before his death, Mr Kingara had had an exclusive interview with Capital Newsbeat, where he said he had no regrets over the transport hitch experienced due to the protests.

Mr King’ara admitted that he had mobilised the families of more than 1,000 suspected Mungiki sect members allegedly killed by the police, to participate in the protests.

“Hundreds of families have been suffering. Many of them lost their relatives to police bullets while others were killed by the police in unclear circumstances. That is why we organised these demonstrations,” he had said and threatened to sue Government Spokesman Dr Alfred Mutua for linking him to the outlawed group.

In a press conference on Thursday, Dr Mutua had told reporters that Oscar Foundation had been identified as one of the organisations funding activities of the outlawed grouping and announced it would be deregistered.

“I have heard about the accusations made in a press conference by Dr Mutua and I am going to engage a lawyer to take up the matter. This time he will not get away with it,” he said.

The Kenya National Youth Alliance (KENYA), a political wing of Mungiki denied it was involved in organising the protests but admitted its members were in support of the protests’ cause.

“We did not organise the protests but as a party, we fully support Oscar Foundation because they are fighting for the rights of the people,” the party’s Spokesman Njuguna Gitau said.'organiser'-killed-3562.html

Anonymous said...

Were the murders planned so as to divert attention from ongoing government scandals? non-passage of the tribunal bill, food crisis, grand corruption, coalition disputes and non performance of the government?

As some have pointed out no one is talking about these matters now, the focus is now on Mutua, the Police, Mungiki and the murders of Oulu and Oscar, while Kenyans continue to starve and day light robbery in the name of corruption carries on unhindered spurred on by the culture of impunity. There are many actors who could have had the motive to commit these heinous acts with the aim of succesfully deflecting attention from themselves. Could it have been PSV owners angered by the loss of income or Senior government officials embroiled in serious sagas and desperate for a lifeline? Kenyans have been fooled before and it seems experienced deceptors know that diversionary tactics have a way of working successfully.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Vikii said:

Put differently, do we have sufficient information yet to outrightly debunk any theory that alleges a working relationship between the Oscar Foundation and the Mungiki gang?

Our comment:

If Dr Mutua and the Government he speaks for, had evidence that Oscar was engaged in criminal activities, the most civilised thing would have been to arreast the officials and take them to Court. Can you tell us why that was not done?

As a lawyer, one is at liberty to represent any person or groups of persons without undue pressure from any person/s or Government.

If Oscar chose to represent Mungiki suspects, we see nothing criminal about that. It is like saying, since Kilonzo has been representing Moi, then, he has links with whatever Moi did or did not do. What a pathetic way of thinking.

We see a very interesting development here. If a lawyer choses to represent the poor who may be criminals, then, he must be having links with their criminal activities.

However, when some well known lawyers represent crooks/criminals in high places, we do not hear about their link with these crooks. Pathetic.

Anonymous said...

This guy called Vikii ought to know that Mutua is not just an ordinary Kenyan. When he speaks for the you know which govt faction, he is privy to information which we ordinary Kenyans cannot access. The police are overreacting to the Mungiki menace by killing all and sundry including those who do not have a direct bearing with its activities. Violence begets violence. So long as this inordinate killings continue, Mungiki will mutate to higher levels of terrorism and in the long run engulfing the whole region in an orgy of violence, and thats why the FBI has work cut out for them simply because, America's long and dark past gives them enough intelligence to gauge what the end will look like. Not this muzungu nonsense the likes of Vikii seek to justify police actions. The likes of Vikii should stop defending everybody in the prism of politics and narrow tribal inclinations but they should note that we have a country which will exist even after 2012. The PM had offered to negotiate with the Mungiki in order for us to understand their side of the story, but the power schemers of Mt. Kenya felt this is not the right time because the skunk which they have been living with since 1963 will spoil their chances of misruling this great nation. I do not support the actions of Mungiki but at the same time I do not support the powers that be who are bent on silencing this disgruntled group via the power of the barrel. We as Kenyans ought to face the past with courage and I believe we can. Let the likes of Vikii know this corwadice tendency of dealing with sensitive issues for politics sake will wipe Kenya out of the map of Africa.Therefore, before the likes of Vikii through barbs back to me, disengage politics from your thoughts, then use your eloquence which makes me read your comments to support a course which is just for all human kind.

Kings Manyuon

Anonymous said...

Its obvious Kingara must have EATEN MUNGIKI money,he was of no further use to their deadly activities so THEY KILLED HIM, Same way they have killed so many usual to CAUSE CHAOS AND MAYHEM!
MUNGIKI thrives wholly on FEAR!
Ask matatu owners they gave u a HINT on Thursday!
For the millionth time which NGO on earth FUNDS AND SUPPORTS KILLERS idlers,rapists,thugs and terrorists?????
Alfred Mutua on his part CANNOT CALL A PRESS CONFERENCE and kill the same man few hours later??

Socialist said...

I concur with you fully! The deaths of these two grassroot mobilizers brings to the fore the sad state our country is in!
Kenyans seem to underrate the situation we are in. Most witnesses of failed states have noted the advanced stage Kenya is in towards the self inflicted doomsday! Kenyans have the audacity to laugh at Somalia but I can assure you that when guns start our neighbour's war will be a child's play. We have nothing to unite us. They have Islam and Somali language. We, only our tribal bigotry!
Going back to today’s topic, Kenyans have failed to address the genesis of the problem we are facing.Mungiki without justifying their existence have raised fundamental issues which must be addressed. Their methods sometimes have been barbaric to say the least but that does not illegitimize their demands.
Oscar foundation has been at the forefront in trying to create a forum for those who have no platform. In a more civil way they had asked the same issues raised by Mungiki.If I was to turn myself to the devil’s advocate just like the Oscar foundation may I ask what’s wrong with organising Mungiki widows to demonstrate against the killings of their husbands? Don’t we pride ourselves as a democratic society? What options are left for these people if they cannot be allowed to vent their anger in public?
The many topics Oscar foundation raised touch the centre of our failures. By so doing he challenged the status quo.The powers that be felt it was just a matter of time before Kingara and GPO become a force within the poor masses. Their dining with the Mungiki gave them the chance to finish them once and for all.
Mutua without echoing Raila must eat the apple pie.Okondo did the same in 1990.GPO and Kingara’s deaths remind us of Muge’s road accident!
So where to we go from here. I ask the same question Jacinta Mwatela is asking the Kenyans.
NB:I have tried to create a shortcut to Oscar foundation webpage but the NSIS seems to have interfered with its access but if you manage to read the many topics they researched on you can understand why the Michukis,Kibakis’ and Railas wouldn’t be happy to have such a mind in the midst of Kenyan poor!

Anonymous said...

These two young men (King'ara and Oulu) decided voluntarily to assume the risk and seek the benefits associated with working for/with underworld criminal gangs. While it lasts this life style has its rewards of easy money, women, luxury cars, cool offices in tony neighborhoods and sought-after interviews with CNN. That is, WHILE IT LASTS.

In the end, when your number is up, strangers or shadows quicken their pace and intercept your path or block your air-conditioned Mercedes. For a second, you think some of your partners are attracting your attention. But sooner than later, with knives or bullets, life is squeezed out of your body, never to return. Your once insatiable body is left exposed to the stares of passers-by or in this case to students to steal it and hide in their dorms as a trophy.

From then on whether your death is investigated by a local cop or an FBI agent, it doen't matter. What matters is whether you died advocating for criminals or for the victims of those criminals. In this case, King'ara and Oulu died having never found a moment from their lives of Mercedes cars to shed a tear for the beheaded victims of Mungiki.

Let us mourn them, but to lionize them is to be loose with our praise.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Anonymous said...
"These two young men (King'ara and Oulu) decided voluntarily to assume the risk and seek the benefits associated with working for/with underworld criminal gangs. While it lasts this life style has its rewards of easy money, women, luxury cars,.."

Our questions:

Does the above apply to those lawyers who have worked, continue to work for:

(a) Goldenberg criminals?
(b) Anglo leasing criminals?
(c) Criminals associated with sale of Grand Recency?
(d) Criminals who have grabbed public land since 1963?
(e) For those accused of having organised organised PEV?
(f) all crooks who have been suspected or accused of corruption?

If we do not associate lawyers who earn millions by defending highly placed criminals with their clients' criminal activities, we would be happy to be educated on what basis Oscar is being associated with Mungiki activities.

The irony is that, the lawyers who make millions defending criminals in the elite world, who are the real cause of Kenya's predicament, are called PROMINENT Nairobi lawyers.

Jesus of Nazareth would weep over such hypocrisy.

Anonymous said...

Some of these NGOs will do anything to attract funding from their masters in order to support thir lives of 4x4 wheel-drives, mansions in leafy estates, and their kids in exclusive boarding academies. Some will go as far as keeping company of stray dogs. And when they get biten they expect us to mourn them and call the FBI to investigate.

Did they ever invite us to take a ride in those vehicles or breakfasts in those mansions of theirs. Silly people! If they eat someone's goat and get rubbed with a bullet, hiyo ni shauli yao.

I am off to find where mbei ya unga imetelemka kidogo.

Anonymous said...

More anglo-maizing scandal!

"There is a lot of intrigue over this maize which is unfit for human and animal consumption. Somebody wants to sacrifice the lives of Kenyans for a profit," said Mugo

She expressed fears that Kenyans could be consuming contaminated maize.

The Deputy Chief Public Health Officer Dr John Kariuki says when a person consumes food laced with aluminum phosphate, he is are likely to suffer from renal failure, mental and skin problems. The complications could be fatal.

Anonymous said...


We are aware of those other economic criminals and their defense lawyers. We can not talk about all the crimes at the same time. Today, we are focussing on this Oscar guy and his underworld activities.

Oscar and his foundation appear to have crossed the line of appropriate/traditional advocacy. I am surprised that the LSK had not disbarred him sooner (if he was really a licenced lawyer). He went from "representing" these criminals to organising them. In the name of "organising Mungiki widows to demonstrate the killing of their husbands," he organised these terrorists into what was essentially an urban guerilla warfare of hit and run. There were no demonstrations, just guerilla warfare. During the material day, he was up and about as early as 5:30 am in Kayole and Huruma directing the hit and run operations. They terrorized the transport system which affected the poorest of Nairobians and elsewhere, and threatened to behead as usual anybody who disagreed with them. I would go as far as saying that, in his words and deeds, he had declared a war against the organized society and the constituted govt of the Republic of Kenya. He was no longer lawyering but commanding a proscribed terrorist/criminal gang. That is why I would not discuss him while discussing these other lawyers who defend economic criminals within the boundaries of the legal profession.

I don't purport to know who killed these guys or why in that manner, but it is safe to say that their deaths are connected to their associations with those gangs and their life style of luxury cars. They seem to have been drinking from a cup of life filled to the brim. They chose that life, they lived it, but unfortunately they didn't get to live it as long as they would have wished.

Anonymous said...

These guys must have discovered something explosive, maybe even hours before they were shot.

It is not surprising that we have killings like this when the supposedly grand coalition is on shaky ground, there has been little progress with the tribunal bill, there has been a maize scandal, and Kenyans are becoming fed up.

The ODM guys will blame the other part of the govt, stating that they are the one's who failed to reform the police. Then PNU guys will vehemently deny, and accuse ODM of shifting blame when it suits them. If FBI is called in they will do a rushed report and then say it was inconclusive. And then they will proceed to their real agenda, which is to do with Al Qaeda and that faction of theirs in Somalia.

A whole FBI director in Kenya? That is what is worrying, what on earth are they doing in Kenya?

Perfect distraction, and interesting that as soon as the UN release a report, they get killed. Either someone wants Ali out, so they can field their own guy, or they were in dodgy deals.

Anonymous said...

The death of any person is wrong and goes against any basic humanity in us all. Kingara and GPO regardless of their Mungiki associations or not should not be dead now but they are which bring us to the present business.

Raila Odinga rushes to call, UN,US and EU to investigate. The FBI director happens to be in Kenya in the same week. FBI if I am not wrong is mandated to investigate domestic federal crimes in the US and has no jurisdiction in our land unless as a witness.
I think the mighty US of A has some unsolved murders that they should be working on. Take Tupac for example, these guys can smoke Saddam Hussein out of a hole but cannot say whot Tupac in a street full of people or Biggie Smalls. They bungled Father Kaisers' investigation and even if they were to investigate Kingara and GPO as Raila wants they will give a report that serves american and not mwananchi interests.

Mungiki, I am afraid is no longer a tribal outfit confined to central Kenya, it is mutating into class war and from the safety of our leafy suburbs and highrise offices we will all be sucked into a vortex of violence that in retrospect will make PEV look like a sunday picnic.

Be very very afraid.

Anonymous said...

Politics, Kenya style is really dirty. I cannot put it beyond RAO to arrange for the hit so the other faction takes the blame. And see how fast he is to apportion blame and in-source investigators from UN, UK blah blah.
It reminds me of Dr. Mbai during the Bomas process and RAO crocodile tears.

Anonymous said...

Why does Raila always rush to foreigners for help? This guy is a complete mzungu asslicker like all Luos he believes Mzungu is intellectually superior to black people.

Anonymous said...

you are such a rat ass! Who told you all luos lick wazungu's asses! besides, can you tell me any investigation done by locals that has ever succeeded?

Anonymous said...

These guys were not killed by govt agents. Period. But most likely the govt has a clue as to who did it. When the police says that the killers trailed these guys for two kilometers, the police know what they are saying because the police might have been trailing the same dead guys and witnessed the liquidation but decided not to act. It is called withdrawing protection. What that means is that the police directly or indirectly signal to your enemies that even if the enemies kill you the police will look the other way. When that happens you instantly become a walking dead, and the police don't need to kill you. They just arrive an hour after the fact even if their station is 100 meters from the murder scene. Generally, the police withdraw their protection after you have repeatedly rubbed them the wrong way by accusing them of wrongdoing wholesale as the Oscar guys have been doing.

These guys organized a faction of the Mungikis to disrupt the matatus. As a result, the other faction lost hundreds of thousands of shillings that day and they were as mad as hell. They were also very upset that Oulu, a Luo, was being let into the secrets of Mungiki. It is understood that the fallout began when Oulu moved into the Oscar Foundation as an ODM agent. King'ara didn't know or care to know the dangerous forces he was setting into motion. He was mesimerized by the money and the power he was acquiring over Mungiki. He thouht it was a matter of time and he would be a national power broker.

Anonymous said...

5:24 AM,

Can you tell me any investigation ever done in kenya both by the locals or foreigners that has ever successed?
Does that means everytime we have a problem we should rush to the white man for solutions? Does white man have magical powers to solve problems or are they intellectally superior to us?

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Can any of the arrogant busybodies now shouting themselves hoarse, including that opportunistic idiot called Raila, offer proof that Mutua was involved in killing those two?
If Mutua's media statement is the basis of the claim, then in the same token, Raila should explain why he insisted that maize worth 300m should be released into the market inspite of being inspected by the Govt Chemist and KEBS and being found to be contaminated with aflatoxin. Now it has disappeared from Grain Bulk Handling, a Msa port based company associated with Raila, and this after Public Health Minister Beth Mugo had ordered it be shipped back to SA. Why did Raila contract a private company to carry out another inspection AFTER KEBS,the authorised Govt inspector, had made a decision? On what basis did he overrule KEBS, unless it was personal interest?DOES THIS NOT MAKE RAILA THE THIEF AND POTENTIAL MASS MURDERER, if we use the same standard of accusations as directed at Mutua?
Now amid the misplaced anger over the killing of some naive civil society types who thought you could cohabit with Mungiki without being burnt, Raila sees an opportunity to revive an exhausted ODM and get richer at the same time. Wow! He must think people are really stupid, but many of us can STILL SEE the carefully hidden conman he is.
Commish Ali has promised to avail a report in a months time or so on how some civil society groups have been receiving donor funds and passing on said funds to Mungiki, and suddenly today there is defeaning silence, why?! Kenyans need to beware of thieves bearing alms, ALWAYS!

Vikii said...

Mwarang'ethe, you always come up with some very interesting 'arguments'. Who the hell has talked about legal representation here? Even suspected al-qaeda adherents deserve legal representation. Nobody needs to go to law schol to be "taught" that it's not criminal for a lawyer to represent a murderer. But that's not the argument here, my friend. Alfred mutua did not blame the Oscar Foundation or the slain guys for REPRESENTING mungiki; he accused them of fundraising and nurturing their illegal activities. I do not need to remind you that mungiki are an outlawed group.

So get off that pedestal of little legal debates and focus on what Mutua said and tell us what is wrong with it. I dont regard you as smart just because you know that even Osama bin Laden should be accorded the priviledge, actually right, to legal representation--we all know that.

About your position that Alfred mutua and the government "should have arrested" these guys, first, it's not Mutua's job to arrest suspects. I thought you knew that. But keep in mind that he said the government will be doing just that. Now you cannot tell me there is anything wrong with the government issuing threats to suspects. Divorce emotion from this and acknowledge that just as it is possible that they were killed by police officers, it's also possible they were killed by the very same mungiki "they represent". It's also possible they were killed over some business deal gone sour. WE-DO-NOT-KNOW. Assuming government's involvement in the murder just because they issued a statement attacking the activities of the foundation is plainly dumb.

Kings Manyuon,first I am tired of this "Vikii you are eloquent, but..." nonsense. I am not looking for accolades here, so dont start telling me why you read my comments. What I want you to do when you chose to read them is to point out the exact argument lines you dsagree with and why. I will be happy to debate those with you.

So now since you have chosen to accuse me of defending police actions, will you please quote the exact words I used in 'my defense' of them? I did not even know these guys were killed by the police, but you do. That is why we cannot argue when you have access to information I do not have. We cannot argue when you already know who killed them. As for 2012, is Mutua running for office? What I am trying to tell you is that your arguments are weak, very much so, sir.

papa plus said...

You are wasting your time trying to present an objective arguments to folks who only understand subjective issues. Common sense as they say is rarely common.

Being Kenya, by the time this issue is investigated and debated, one will be hard pressed to even remember how and where to start.

Dr. Mutua mirrors his bosses attitude. One of arrogance and unprofessional and lacking respect for the office of the presidency. With all the challenges facing Kenya, the president calls a press conference flanked by his wife to dress down the press and address rumors about his marital status.

Is that really on the top ten priorities of issues that need adressing?

There is a laise faire attitude that permeates the GK. A true banana republic. And there are many here who unfortunately are unable to think outside that box.

Anonymous said...

no, oscar came from a well off family...maybe that is why he had a mercedes....see below...this is what karl marx called class suicide...??

After graduating with a law degree, Oscar joined the family business that was involved manufacturing, meat and fish processing, real estate, import/export and sale of building materials within Kenya.

He planned to marry, have children, then live happily and quietly ever after. However, fate had other plans in store for him.

In 1996, Oscar experienced the injustices perpetuated by the state through a policy of destroying local industries for the benefit of multinationals. The government issued a statement meant to ensure that fish exports from Kenya were stopped. Oscar wrote in his website that the decision was, “aimed at punishing people from Nyanza province who were perceived by the KANU government to be anti-establishment. The policy was (Siasa mbaya maisha mbaya) meaning, “bad politics equals bad life.”

The government suspended fish exports to the European market, forcing Oscar to close down a multi million dollar factory in Kisumu that was processing and exporting fish. This first hand experience of high handed impunity by the state was an eye opener and Oscar realized how justice is hard to get especially for the vulnerable poor.

one day state house road ought to be renamed Oscar Kamau Kingera road
for his good works...

papa plus said...


Someone asked you a question

Why didn't the GK arrest this group if Alfred Mutua accused them of "alledgedly" fundraising and supporting their illegal activities?

Just because Mutua says it is so, does not mean it is fact. And he being in GK should have followed that up by telling us that investigations have reached this stage and arrests will follow.

It is very unprofessional to stand on the state house podium and just payukapayuka ovyo ovyo about matters of state security as Baba wa Taifa Moi aptly put it. Kila mtu anapayukapayuka hata hakuna gunia ya kuweka mambo yayo yote!

A true soap opera of a banana republic.

Vikii said...

Papa Plus, I do not want to waste time on someone as 'objective' as you. That's a league I refuse to play in.

papa plus said...

C'mon Vikii don't be like that, it's saturday.

I told you a long time ago that I trully do value your point of view. What is there to learn from someone with the same point of view as myself?

Just to make it clear, am not blaming Mutua for any killings or what not. I don't think he has the brains or the guts for that. What am saying is that his office is important especially for a president who is relatively mute. But it is careless and irrisponsible to haul unfounded accusations from such a podium. We should respect the state house and office of the president by qualifying what we say and what we mean.

Vikii said...

And that's exactly my point if you cared to read my first comment. We should be demanding that Mutua SUBSTANTIATES his allegations or at least names the provider of the classified information the govt has. That's my point. But it appears to me that you guys have already drawn a conclusion that there is no truth whatsoever in those allegations. If you really are objective then you should join me in questioning the strength of such conclusions. On what basis, Papa Plus, are you so convinced of ulterior motives on the part of government?

Just like you are not accusing Mutua, I am not defending him. All I am speaking against is is a mob mentality that has a real potential of completely replacing sound reasoning. Let's explore all the possibilities here instead of rushing to crucify someone just because some politician has failed to extract sycophancy from him.

Anonymous said...

Vikii. You rants are useless. You are myopic and does NOt see beyond you tribal myopia and selective amnesia.
Raila is in charge of Coordination and supervision. If we are to believe that there is a GCG, then his part of the gova should be informed of what the "Government" he is suppose to supervise and coordinate is doing!
This post of yours is pure misplaced ignorance if not tribal hatred.
There is something in the government called Collective responsibility. How do you expect Raila to be collectively responsible for Mutua's oral diarrhoea.

Phil said...

Murder most foul.

And the list grows, but this time, it appears someone has bitten more than they can chew.

So much for having one wife and known children. So much for having a miraculous principal assistant and so much for fearing a flight to geneva, because a good number of us dont have visas. So much for having trigger happy cops!

Am happy and very proud at how the Kenyan 7-a-side team has played at the Sevens World Cup. An amazing upset beating world champions FIJI before bwoing out in the semis. WoW!

Vikii said...

"How do you expect Raila to be collectively responsible for..."

Well, that's the point once again. I do not expect him to be responsible for ANYTHING. He really never has been and he never will be.

Anonymous said...

The tribal rants on this forum are childish and disappointing.

Anonymous said...

So much hatred of fellow Kenyans! When will we ever stop? The origins of Mungiki are well known but the former regime (and this one too!!) let it out of control. Every day the police collect millions from Matatus (especially upcountry), same as Mungiki. In Nairobi they must be collecting on behalf of the police. What amazes me is that they are well known. This problem will only be solved once we have a mass transport system running.

Anonymous said...

Kimi Raikonen,Vikii and the bigots,

if u had any brains, you would have already stopped talking about Raila and Luos becoz u have real problems.As it is, your fellow tribesmen are person non grata in most parts of Kenyan. The chest thumping is hurting you more than it helps. Never ever start something whose end you can't control.....


Anonymous said...

I just found out Oscar Kamau King'ara was born the same day,same month and same year like me - 14 June 1971!!

Anonymous said...


Is it not a shame you are stilling writing these crap posts while your 'friend' Kwale have moved on to big and better things?
FYI: I have known Kwale for more than 10 years and he is the only Kenyan I know of who attend at least 3 F1 Grand Prix in one season.

Anonymous said...

Mungiki should take it to the Mutuas, Saitotis, Alis and Kiraithes. Assasination will be the norm in Kenya very soon, just wait and see

Anonymous said...

Kenya is well on it's way (right behind Pakistan) to becoming a failed state. A royally fucked situation. Obviously intervention is going to be necessary in and well before 2012.

Anonymous said...

Kimi, Vikii and your fellow bigots,

By the time we are through with your people, you will not know what hit you. As it is, we dont consider them to be people . Real people have dignity and feel shame. Your people are animals. Your only protection is to speed reforms to ensure that the rule of law is brought back otherwise we will annihilate you. Your people are already afraid to admit that they are what they are. Your grandchildren will not even have a chance to breath.You can take this to the bank.

Anonymous said...

Obituary of GPO Oulu.
I have learnt with heavy heart the death of my Nephew GPO Oulu. John is the son of my cousin Peter Oulu Seda of Kisumo Kadawa - Lwala Kadawa School - Kisumu Rural constituency.
John was the first born of Mama and Peter Oulu Seda. He comes froma very very very POOR family. He is the only child in their family to even set into a University!
Peter had only one hope for getting out of poverty. And that hope was GPO. The hope died when the assassins pumped bullets into John.
I have known GPO from his childhood but I last saw him in 2000 when he was a student at the University of Nairobi Kikuyu Compus reading Education. I moved out of Kenya and we lost contact.
This man comes from a so humble family that doesn't have a proper house! How GPO would have wanted to build a house for his family before these people cut his life shot.
Dear Kenyans I mourning the death of a nephew.
To GPO's family, our family has lost the only ray of hope for a better tomorrow. That bulet has taken you back to those sad out days when food was scarces!

Anonymous said...

Asa far as I know Kingara was a criminal dealing in cheap neutral spirits and unstandardised alcohol beverages. The media cannot help to clean the image of a thug, tax evading bootlegger. His sister died during an armed robbery in Tanzania where Kingara was also a wanted man for various economic crimes.

As a law enforcment officer who knew the late Kingara's family well, I can only say good riddance. KIngara and his late sister deserved to be in prison. As usual I expect to receive choice explatives from the holy lot of you who claim to be human rights actvists, men choose better things to do, I have put my life on the line for the last 15 years to fight crime. That the judiciary frustrated our efforts to place kingara where he belonged does not mean we had no evidence! We had and still have it, Kingara died in the manner he lived, "There is no Honour among Thieves".

Anonymous said...

how may bribes have you taken; I never meant a policeman who did not take bribes in Kenya...

Anonymous said...

Central seems not to have learnt that grandsatanding public erections and chest thumbing will not get you anywhere, prior to 2007 elections they were busy with their erections and they cama a cropper.....that was a mere reaction now you don't want people planning for violence but that is what your progressively leading us too......

Sir Alex

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! ati washington has offered its so called fbi services.

how about redirecting those same efforts to where they are much needed such as to their "long time friendly neighbours" in tijuana, mexico, where dead bodies keep on mounting on an hourly basis.

the so called "mungiki killings" are nothing more than 'mungiki-on-mungiki violence.'

can someone or a group of so called concerned kenyan people establish an internet site and name it "justice for mungiki victims of state sponsored killings."

then start posting the pictures, names, and dates when the victims went missing or when they were presumed killed or when their bodies were found.

otherwise people are starting to get fed up with the usual village rumours and wild allegations from empty debes who have nothing better to do other than ride the "mungiki story" for all it's worth.

common on! this is 2009 and not the 1940s or 1950s, days when the colonial government got away with it.

the concerned people of chile had the courage to post the pictures of their loved ones who had gone miising in the 1970s, hence i wonder why it has been so hard for their counterparts in kenya to do the same in 2009.

where is the evidence? where is the smoking gun? pictures are worth a million words.

where are the pictures of the missing mungiki young men? where are they?

500 or worse 800 dead bodies is a lot by any standards. so let's stop blaming the police force and establish some real evidence for a change.

the kenyan media and those concerned should put up the evidence or shut up the rumour mills.

idle gossip is a very cheap but dangerous currency in any given situation.

let's honour the dead, prevent more deaths, and continue to speak out for the dead mungiki young men by - putting a name on a face of the departed.

those who have been or may have been eleminated from our midst. let's see some justice done because the pictures of the victims are available from family, friends, id registrations files, mug shots etc.

let us put up the evidence or shut up the usual fat rumour mills

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