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Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Hague Beckons: 10th Parliament Springs Nasty Surprise

It is sad reading through the comments in this blog daily where well-educated Kenyans are still thinking in terms of PNU and ODM (and the gods they worship, namely Kibaki and Raila) when the vast majority of Kenyans have already moved on. More so when it looks like even most legislators have moved away from those tribal groupings as was seen yesterday in parliament. The 10th parliament sprung a stunning surprise that left many puzzled and those who understood the implications dumbfounded.

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Despite the fact that President Kibaki spent a lot of time on Wednesday with the MPs lobbying for the bill to enact a special tribunal to try post election perpetrators locally, his efforts and those of Prime Minister Raila Odinga did not bear fruit. Interestingly MPs say that this was their way of replying to the president's "slap in their face" of re-appointing former Finance Minister Amos Kimunya to the cabinet despite the fact that issues surrounding his resignation are yet to be resolved.

In a smart move legislators used a simple technicality to block all efforts to fast-track the bill meaning that the country will miss today's deadline. Which means that the case is headed to the Hague (Read the full story here).

Of great interest are the new political re-alignments that are now emerging and more interestingly the motivation behind them. Despite being the person who moved the bill, Justice Minister Martha Karua obviously has a lot to gain if Uhuru Kenyatta is charged at the Hague and maybe convicted. It was difficult to miss the smirk on her face when Legislator Gitobu Imanyara blocked her bid to fast-track the bill through parliament. Everybody knows that Martha is a fighter and ordinarily would have at least protested. She did not even whimper.

Many other legislators who had nothing to do with the post-election troubles have a lot to gain by blocking the bill and causing all the suspects to end up at the Hague. It will obviously eliminate a lot of the competition for their grand ambitions.

I doubt whether most of the political class conecerned slept well last night. You see the game plan was to have a local tribunal and then intimidate all the witnesses from coming to give evidence (already a number of key Waki witnesses have received death threats). Now it seems that the Hague beckons for sure.

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Chief mediator Kofi Annan can of course save the situation by extending the deadline. However if he does so it will look like he is favouring the powerful political class and reducing the chances of ordinary Kenyans ever getting real justice on this rather painful issue. And to make matters worse the bill tabled in parliament had been "doctored" by some of the chief suspects themselves to favour themselves especially those who are cabinet ministers. So Mr Annan will be greatly endangering his image and reputation by lifting a finger to interefere with the natural course of justice that has already been set in motion. But lets wait and see what happens.

The other point that Kenyans should note is that their government moves at the pace of a snail (maybe slower), even when it is to save themselves. Why did it take so long to bring this bill to parliament? I mean the idea was to pass it yesterday when the deadline is today. Surely if somebody is so slow when saving themselves from a fire, how fast can you expect them to be when dealing with the problems of the country? Little wonder that Kenya is in such a mess. The whole lot PNU, ODM, Raila, Kibaki must go home NOW. We need fresh elections NOW!!


Anonymous said...

I pray to God almighty that we may have a clean slate come 2012 , let us unite and break these shackles of ethnicity and corruption perpatuated by Raila and Kibaki, let us tell the big men that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH AND WE ARE TAKING OUR COUNTRY BACK.Many kenyans drove out of the country by lack of opportunity like myself are ready to come back home and build Kenya.May God bless our beutiful country and save us from the old order drunk on hubris.

Sayra said...

As much as we would love elections to come NOW chances of bringing back the same people but with different sheep skins are more than 50% ... but would be better off than having almost the whole lot been more than just wolves.

The forces and laws of Nature will always prevail. The legislators may be now blinded to think that they have all the power adding that they have millions to billions of stolen public money in their possession ... but at the end of it all the truth and the good will take the day.

Nothing lasts forever.

Anonymous said...

Chris, Please come back from fairy land. The bill will be passed and there will be a local tribunal.

Anonymous said...

On a serious note, it's time for cessation and the creation of a New Kenya.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:40, just like sometimes you find yourself trapped in a building waiting for your death, chance happens to everyone as the good book says. Chance may just happen and the bill is not passed. Thats life. Can you tel me if anyone ever knows what will happen to them tomorrow? It is pure speculation. This is how low Kenyans have been sunk, we depend on chance.

Anonymous said...


Don't scream yourself hoarse. We know the games being played and we know the players. The target is not Uhuru but General Ruto. There will be at local tribunal and General Ruto is not going to Hague as Molassses Raila wishes. It is well known that many warlords in ODM favoring Hague are cynics who just want to eliminate their political competition especially competition from General Ruto. They don't love Kenya, they are dangerous power maniacs. Yesterday in parliament these maniacs used Imanyara supported by Luos and a Luhya. Fortunately, General Ruto and his followers understand these games.

Come 2012 and people who want Kalenjin vote will have to deal with General Ruto. Kikuyus now understand that, but Luos and Luyhas don't seem to get it. Should anything happen to our Dear General, we in the RV will hold Molasses Raila responsible first and Mudavadi second. And we are not kidding!!!

Anonymous said...

Chris, come to think of it you are the one stuck in the PNU/ODM divide. The idea of Uhuru's political career coming to an end excites you. Why: so martha can do well in the election and boost odm's chances. see, we can read between the lines.

Anonymous said...

'Why: so martha can do well in the election and boost odm's chances. see, we can read between the lines.'


DM-Nairobi said...

Kibaki's determination to defeat the course of justice for victims of post-election violence in Kenya never ceases to amaze me. From deliberately refusing to prosecute corruption, to actually encouraging the vice among his friends and relatives - this President may well turn out to be the most corrupt, most inept and most evil President Kenya will ever see.

Anonymous said...

Sad to say though, We better go the hague way if justice is to be seen to be done. We are too corrupt and inept to be trusted at whatever levels. Our courts illustrate this better. It will be a big shame for kenya , but having fallen so low we need to start from somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Ousted Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich should be welcomed here and make him president. He will fit in perfectly. He refused to resign even after being found guilty of stuff that happens in Kenya everyday, He had to be ousted. Can you imagine us ousting Kimunya? That will be the day.

Anonymous said...


Stop you little kindergarten games of deflecting attention from Raila, the thug. He is covered with molasses, Triton Oil and stolen maize and no amount of laundary detergent can clean this national sucker from Bondo. May he be haunted by the cries of hungry Kenyans the lest of his thuggery days.

DM-Nairobi said...

By the way Chris,
Please engage your investigative Journalism skills/contact and provide us with some crucial information regarding the wherebouts of Bwana Mwalimu Mati, the respected anti-corruption guy at Mars Group.

Could he have been seriously intimidated by the State after last year's Jamhuri Day Black T-Shirts Protests?

Right now Kenyans are seriously searching for alternative leadership and this guy was starting to get civil society organised in a serious way.

On the same note, what has happened to our civil society yet so much is happening?
There's a revolution brewing slowly in Kenya - what it lacks is a unifying leader.

Anonymous said...


You say that:

"the vast majority of Kenyans have already moved on"

I beg to disagree. How can we move on when the country has the most corrupt, most inept and most evil President it has ever seen - and, by the way, this piece of shit STOLE his way to power. He was not voted in. He STOLE it. The usual panua mongrels will of course, as is their habit, come here and fart shit that He won the elections fair and square... Nonsense! That is a big lie! In keeping with their FRAUDULENT nature they will not admit it publicly but deep within themselves they Know that Kibaki did not win the elections.

When you have an illegitimate and irresponsible "father" in a "family", the family will not be stable, it will not stand. It will be forever wobbling from one crisis to another as is the case with Kibaki's illegitimate and STOLEN presidency.

Anonymous said...

DM-Nairobi @1:20AM
Why look very far for a unifying leader. Just go to Karen and wake Fidel Odinga from the thighs of his Kikuyu wife. To begin with the Luos will worship him because of his father, Raila; and he can use his wife to reach to the Kikuyu youth. And if everything fails he can use the money he got from selling maize to Southern Sudan to buy "unity."

DM-Nairobi said...

@Anon [1/30/09 1:18 AM]
Stop you little kindergarten games of deflecting attention from Raila, the thug.

Who the hell told you that am here to defend Raila????

This is the mindset Chris has been talking about that is helping to keep in power our corrupt tribal chieftains and other War Lords.

You need to wake up from your slumber and realise that BOTH Kibaki and Raila are the problem in Kenya and they need to go like yesterday.

Fo your enlightenment, I'm way beyond the Raila vs Kibaki Bullshit that you are still stuck in, and you need to style up to that Fact!

I never even voted for ANY presidential candidate in the last elections ( I voted for MP & Councillor though). I rightly believing that they were irredeemably unsuitable to lead Kenya.

A short ONE year later and this position has turned out correct.

JEFF said...


I see this saga in a different way. Could Kibaki have 'forced' the MPs to vote/behave in a certain way in relation to the bill by reappointing Kimunya to the cabinet?

Anonymous said...

When you have an illegitimate and irresponsible "father" (Kibaki) in a "family" (Kenya), the family (Kenya) will not be stable, it will not stand. It will be forever wobbling from one crisis to another as is the case with Kibaki's illegitimate and STOLEN presidency. This is the biggest current problem with Kenya.

Demogod said...

We all need to understand that the political class we have in front of us are just "thugs" and creatures of "greed". They do not have the moral and ethical DNA to pursue a better Kenya. So, let's not even think that these guys are capable of doing good things for people of Kenya.

As for the bill being rejected, these are just political games being played by the various political entities to ensure that the opposition for 2012 is taken care of, whoever it maybe.

What I find fascinating to this day is the like of Raila and ODM who were running on a ticket of change and pursuit of justice have just become teh same outfit as PNU. They now believe that setting up a local tribunal will help solve our problems, thus Raila endorsed it. Whilst Raila if you remember launched a lawsuit in Hague in January 2008, or he was about to, I remember he made that statement. So, what has changed in his stance!!!

These guys are all the same, nothing ever surprises me of this whole lot - a bunch liars, thugs and extortionists hiding behind the legislature...

If we are to have a better Kenya, we cannot have it with the current political class no matter what race, tribe or religion they come from. Our society has been entrenched with so much hate, corruption, greed and thieving that we thinks a normal way of life, and worse yet - we bloody make these guys celebrities.

Kenyans have to wake up to the fact that we have the power to change things only if we act collectively as one....The politicians use the stratgy of divide and rule, while if we are smart we need to come together as a nation and start looking for better ways to oust these "idiots".

The question here is - are we as Kenyans better and smarter at outwitting these guys at their own game, and ensuring that they can never play a role in destroying our beautiful Kenya.

Joe said...

According to this story, there were only 95 Mps in the house when the vote for the Kimunya report was called. How then do they use this as an excuse to derail the efforts to create a tribunal? Why weren't they in parliament in the first place? These are just political games.

All said, i have no sympathy for politicians. I would rather they go to the Hague.

Ken said...

Chris / Sam

Can you comment on the KES 250M about to be spent paying those MPs who served between 1963 and 1983 while our leaders are begging for aid and refusing to pay teachers?

Bobie, Bristol said...

{I have previously published this note else where but I am sure you get the gist}

I have now come to the conclusion that Kenya will finally become a true and a free democracy that’s void of corruption and other societal ills, once ALL members of parliament both past and present including the youngest are DEAD.

I mean;

Where else in the world do you find MPs vociferously debating a bill after its already being passed and awaiting the president’s approval? A country where, clowning MPs especially those that are opposed to a certain bill do not show up in parliament to actually oppose the bill’s passing.

When are we ever going to see laws and policies that are made for Kenya by Kenyans as opposed to riding on a wave and passing whimsical laws just because it’s the current round-the-world fad as we saw with the smoking ban?

In fact looking back now, I do not think any member of parliament has ever scrutinised a bill cover to cover before passing or opposing it. This is sad. For how come we always end up with such flawed laws every time? Making good laws for a country is supposed to be an MP’s primary role.

Until such a day that our MPs will have to meet certain set standards and be completely independent or separate from the government in one way or another, our beautiful country shall remain doomed. And until such a day, in my eyes, Kenya does not currently have a need for a parliament, for its just another cash cow for the selected few and death sanctioning machine for the common man

Anonymous said...


You said:

"We all need to understand that the political class we have in front of us are just "thugs" and creatures of "greed". They do not have the moral and ethical DNA to pursue a better Kenya." I agree with you 100%.

But then are we, the average Kenyan, "below" this political class any better? No! We are not any better. In fact if we are really honest with ourselves, we have to admit that the political class is just a reflection of who we Kenyans really are: Hypocrites, corrupt, tribal, full of SELF-HATRED and very poor self esteem and self image. These are just some of the afflictions that affect us, there are many more.

My point: It is us, the average Kenyans, who has to change before we expect any real changes in the political class of our country for the better.

As of now even if a very good presidential material such as Barack Obama would come here and campaign as a Kenyan, the tribal bigots will not see his excellent attributes. They will instead start hurling insults at him: Jaruo... Kihii... Communist... are just some of insults that will be directed at him.

I repeat once again, the average Kenyan mwanainchi is the problem. The political class are just a very loud reflection of this pumbavu state of affairs.

kenyanzuri said...


Just wondering. What is our future as kenyans. Where is our last hope in. Our political and economic systems are so flawed that nothing short of a radical revolution will have little impact. Our systems are deeply rooted in all the negative vices - corruption, tribalism, mismanagement and incompetence.

Our political system ensures that only the most corrupt or wealthy are the only ones able to compete in our political arena. When are we going to break from this vicious cycle? these politicians will use money, intimidation, bribery, insecurity, murder, harambees etc to get to the top. Where did we go wrong? kenya was way ahead of the south east asian tigers. Experts used to come from south korea to learn a few things from us. Lakini sasa, we are a laughing stock. A recent cia projection showed that by the year 2020, there will be about five world superpowers with the usa at the tops followed by russia, china, india and brazil. They also said that by then, most of the european countries will be ruled by russian mafia (think of the artur brothers in kenya) and that most of african countries will be without central governments (think of somalia).

I strongly feel that unless we radically and swiftly move away from this destructive path, then kenya will be another failed state like somalia. The way we butchered each other after the rigged elections last year show that we are no different from somalia, sierra leone and other war-ravaged countries. The current starvation and famine witnessed in northern kenya shows that we are not different from ethiopian famine of (i think 1984) that killed millions. All this while our coalition govt is staggering from one disaster and inefficiency to another. While the ruling elites are robbing or coffers dry. While our incompetent mp's are increasing their salaries and allowances as frequently as possible while refusing to pay taxes.

My fellow citizens, when is this going to end? many kenyans are hard working but they cannot get a job. Others have jobs but their earnings are meager and cannot support their families. Aids is still killing the most productive part of the population. More than 50% of our population is below 16 years old and yet the govt is not educating people on birth control. If anything, the politicians encourage people to get more children saying this will give them more votes. But how are these children going to be clothed. Where will their school fees and college fees come from? as a result of this, the standard of life led by these children is way lower/poorer than that of their parents.

When are we going to adapt to the challenges of the 21st century when medieval diseases like malaria still kills millions. When poverty rate is increasing instead of reducing. When the gap between the rich and the poor is increasing at an astronomical rate. When the rich and the politicians can only sustain their lifestyles at the expense of millions of our countrymen. Let us not blame the british/colonialists for these vices.

Ukoloni uliisha zamani sana and the buck stops with us - with our current generation. It is time for change. For what is going on is silent genocide where the masses are dying daily, quietly. Are you still there! sema kitu!!

Anonymous said...


I echo you:

"Where did we go wrong? In the 1960's and early 1970's Kenya was way ahead of the South east Asian tigers such as South Korea and Singapore. Experts used to come from South Korea to learn a few things from us. Lakini sasa, we are a laughing stock."

In my personal opinion our pumbavu collective values are the biggest contributor to this mess that we are in. We are so corrupt, full of hypocrisy, full of self hatred and suffer from a very poor image. That is why for us to elect someone to be our leader He or She must have a questionable past full of scandals e.g George Saitoti of Goldenberg "fame". Really good leadership material does not stand a chance in Kenya - he or she will very quickly become the subject of intense hatred and will be very quickly sent packing "escorted" by a tsunami of crude insults by the common man and woman of Kenya.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:12 AM

this is what Kibaki thinks of the IDP' who are overwhelmingly members of his own community:

Wapumbavu!! Mavi ya kuku!! Wawache kuregarega!! Warudi mashambani kwao. Wafanye kaaazi. Kama wanataka ku kaa kwa hizo camps, wacha wakaeee. Pumbavu!!

Now, your guess is as good as mine, should an election be called now and Kibaki still be eligible to run, these same same IDP's will still vote for Kibaki. Absurd but true. And then we complain that our leaders are bad. We are the ones who make wrong choices.

clemo said...

'Air Kenya' is on auto pilot.The Captain suffers from severe bouts of sleeping sickness!He occasionally wakes up in deep slumber when he encounters a mild storm that rocks the craft but then goes back to sleep despite pleas by passengers to stay awake.Problem is he doesnt know that some of his passengers could have fiddled with the destination indicator and he could be headed to one Moreno's territory!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Kenya is a stinking toilet i have lost all hope in kenya when kenyatta become the president back in 64. it's foolish to expect any by product of kenyatta's
leadership to bring prosperity to kenya. i'm white and have lived in kenya all my life.

Anonymous said...


I found this article from a former UN employee based in Nairobi.

"The strong economic growth in Kenya is boosted by a high influx for foreign investment. Despite some very apparent flaws, the Kibaki government has managed to remove barriers and create a healthy environment for foreign investments in Kenya. The Kenya Investment Authority, where I've previously worked myself, has also been restructured into a very potent agency for marketing Kenya as an investment destination, and for bypassing bureaucracy to facilitate foreign investment. Raila on the other hand is untested communist who is likely to bring Kenya to unknown territory...."

sereast said...

How is DC brother, back in Ct things are o.k

Good comment right there. I echo your sentiments. We have always had think-tanks, unfortunately the leaders have mastered hoodwinking the masses who are illiterate. See, we have thugs for leaders and Raila has turned 360 and is now a silhouette of Kibaki, no difference. Infact we need to find a way to get rid of all these people come 2012.

We'll catch up.

What if? said...

There are some good men in Parliament. Like Bonny Khalwale, Jeremiah Kioni and some others. Come 2012 they should be the ones to stand for the high offices and we should vote them in irrespective of the tribe or origin. They are the people to start this country on a clean slate.

Anonymous said...


Double joy for Obamas, Michelle Obama is pregnant!!

Unconfirmed, but internet is buzzing with the rumour that America's First Lady is pregnant!

Anonymous said...

And, now Los Angeles' celebrity blogger, Perez Hilton, has written, "This is completely unconfirmed and at this point just a 'rumour' but... We're hearing the talk in (Washington) DC is that Michelle Obama is pregnant. Could this be true????? It'd be happy news! Hopefully it's a boy!"

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 6:47 You said:

Kenya is a stinking toilet i have lost all hope in kenya when kenyatta become the president back in 64. it's foolish to expect any by product of kenyatta's
leadership to bring prosperity to kenya. i'm white and have lived in kenya all my life

My reaction:
If you are a white "kenyan" I presume you are of British extraction (Sorry if you are not). I wish to remind you of a small matter in the House of Lords this week where four Labour peers were caught on tape admitting to taking bribes.
While I dont condone corruption, I take exception to outsiders, especially British, taking a moral high horse.Through out Moi's murderous error, they supported him in the interest of the Empire.

Kenyatta was a creation of British stupidity and arrogance. He is dead anyway, stop whining. Mzungu bure kabisa.

Anonymous said...

Chicken rarely come home to roost at midday. The man has woken up from the slumber (if ever he was) and its political chess games being played. When JM was murdered they said "hyenas have eaten their own!" Fast track to 2009 and the devouring is the coalition while the devoured are the "names in the envolope".When all is said and done and Moreinho takes over, you will hear the principals say : " muliona vile kulienda...ata kama ni wewe ungefanyaje bunge ikikataa?"

Poor guys they have been sacrificed in broad daylight.

Dj Rik

kenya safaris said...

I suppose there is a transformation that takes place when one comes into power. Otherwise why change so much that the promises made to become a better leader are never visible??

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