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Monday, November 17, 2008

Why Has Raila Veered Off So Badly?

I am baffled.

I want to speak in very raw terms here because I think something has gone gravely wrong. I watched the Prime Minister speak at the Safari Park Hotel yesterday, literally fortifying his stance that the Waki Report be implemented to a T. As I watched, I had to scratch my head in amazement at what the man's strategy is. Where is he going with this fervent call to implement a report that his support base in the Rift Valley is vociferously opposed to? And when that full implementation takes place, where will he find new allies to help him realize his lifelong dream of being president of Kenya? Does he intend to revert to the painful old alliances that have been fraught with jealousy, treachery and outright betrayal?

The way I see it, there are two sides to the Waki Report. There's the political side. And there's the legal side. Prime Minister Odinga is obviously winning the legal side handsomely, and in the process he is driving his supporters away. Because he is driving his supporters away in the Rift Valley and elsewhere, he is losing the political side of this equation in a spectacular way. For a politician of his stature, that is an astounding failure. Many ardent followers of this man have been with him because they saw in him someone who had his ear on the ground, who detected the direction of the political winds, who knew when to make tactical retreats. What has gone wrong? Is it the men and women around him who have insulated him from the groundswell of opposition to his leadership style? Has the power of his office suddenly blinded him?

I'm disturbed that it turns out to be President Kibaki who now calls for forgiveness and reconciliation. This was a matter the Prime Minister would have had more moral authority to call for than the president. But since this is something I've championed in the past, I salute President Kibaki for going in that direction. Indeed, I maintain that it's the only viable way to deal with the disunity occasioned by the failed elections of 2007.

But it's never too late.

The Prime Minister is an intelligent man who understands the power of perception. Our Rift Valley brothers and sisters are not defending one of their own because they think anybody is guilty, they are reacting to the perception that since becoming Prime Minister Raila has not seemed very attentive to their issues. Incidentally, vast swathes of Luo Nyanza voters feel the exact same way as their Rift Valley counterparts. If this trend crosses over to Western Province and the Coast, tell me where the Prime Minister will get his votes from in 2012. An alliance with Martha Karua? Maybe Uhuru? My God! Maybe it's because of the possibility of this scenario playing out that the Luo Council of Elders called on the PM to rethink his strategy. I concur.

I'm aware that I'll be called a tribalist for addressing this issue as I have. But I go off on the premise that six out of eight provinces voted for the Prime Minister. What that means is that more than half the nation is looking up to him for direction, inspiration and an understanding of where this nation is going. Advocating that we turn over our sons to the Hague is not how to play this game. A local tribunal is the way to go. It strengthens our faith in our nascent institutions and affirms our hard-won independence. The kind of blackmail the European Union wants to subject our country to is unacceptable. They need to be told in no uncertain terms that we're no longer a colony. We have to come to a point where we say no to the monies they give us, because they are using those funds to blackmail us. How low can they sink?

Mr. Prime Minister, the time to hit a U-turn is now. I've spoken candidly because this is a time for a brother to whisper to a brother that the zipper of his pants are down. I hope you pull that zipper up before the children come storming into the living room and chuckling at the peeping sight of your red undergarments.

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Mama said...

Raila has not veered off badly, he is following the straight and narrow path. People who are calling for amnesty like the MP for Othaya are just covering their asses....nothing else.

It seems to me that some people know that when Hague Express is set in motion there shall be no way of stopping it or escaping it.

Let Raila do the right thing.....people died for heavens sake! we can't start playing around here with words. No one has said anyone is guilty of anything, if they are indeed innocent it will come out in due course but for right now let us implement the Waki Report in the manner suggested.

Anonymous said...

Raila is the only person with moral authority to call for implementation of the Waki Report. He has not veered off. He has the long term interest of the country. Ruto and his supporter are mere tribal chiefs and Raila has risen above them. Thats why Ruto has been running around like an headless chicken drumming up tribal animosity. Long live Raila, you have proved that you are a statesman.

Anonymous said...

Raila doesn't have to side with murderers simply because they call themselves his followers. It is better to lose the world and gain ones soul.

Anonymous said...

Raila hates murderers with a passion. And if you are passionate about something, it is impossible to pretend. Raila called for mass action, not mass murders. The murderers interpreted as a call to murder as they had always looked for such an opportunity with their primitive hate and misguided visions. Hague awaits.

Anonymous said...

There has never been an astute politician in Kenya like Raila. He has not veered off the track.He is right on the track. Those who understand politics verty well , Know what is happening. juxtapose the implications of implementinf the report fully at home or sending these guys to HAGUE. WE have only two options, to implememt the waki report at home or at the HAGUE.
Raila knows very well that should his team be sent to Hague , there will be too little help he can offer to the RUTOS. Bur with the implementation of the report at home , YOTE YAWEZEKANA.

Sam Okello said...


We must first point out to the PM that his base needs to be shored up. Like someone points out, he's the one with the moral authority to lead Kenyans. But how will he lead Kenyans when he starts off by dropping such a huge base of support?

Let's help our leader lead us to work with Kenyans, not the lone range politics we perfected in the years gone by.

Anonymous said...

Watch this space, RAILA amolo Odingha will come out clean in the current political satire, and infact he will have the support of the rift valley province But the emtire country. Let me pose one goood question to the likes of RUTO and Jirongo.If Ruto thinks he can abandon ODM AND make alliance with other tribes and area , in this case the kikuyus in central province, What makes him think That ODM and RAILA cannot get the support of the Kikuyus and central province.To smear bad campaign against Ruto among the central mpeople of Kenya will be the easiest thing to do.Ruto will be better advised accordingly. Mr Ruto where are you going with your threats . ARE KIKUYUS READY TO FORGIVE YOU.? IF U CAN FORM AN ALLIANCE WITH KIBAKI OR MARTHA KARUA, RAILA CAN FORM ALLIANCE WITH THE REST OF THE COUNTRY.

Anonymous said...

It is amazing that our hatred for a person can make us not support him even if he is doing the right thing. The right thing must be done, and it is the only thing to do. The right thing is to make sure we do not fight again in Kenya ever! Please support Raila as he tackles the evils of this country head on. This could be our only chance!!!! It does not matter which tribe you are, the PEV was bad, and we dont need the same again, unless of course it you gained from it.

Joe said...


Stop playing with our minds.

Mama said...

Sam Okello, when it comes to doing the right thing, 'a huge base of support' does not come in at all.

If anything at all RAO stands to gain by being a far more principled leader and not one driven by tribal politics. Let those who have threatened to walk out, walk out.

Anonymous said...

Raila Odinga is right on course and should not allow himself to be blackmailed by Ruto and his ilk. Most fair-minded Kenyans admire the PM for taking the stand he has taken and being principled. If he keeps quiet and backs down like the goon in state house, we will have the same circus we had this year come 2012 and everyone will run around wondering what went wrong all over again.

I also fail to understand what Ruto and co. want the PM to do. It is pretty clear by now that if Waki is not implemented locally, from all the noises being made by the intl. community, that they will take over the situation. I would think being tried locally here in Kenya is preferable to going to the Hague.

Mr. Odinga needs to stand firm.

Ken said...

Raila has proved that he is a principled leader. He called for MASS ACTION and not MASS MURDER.

Mass action is acceptable all over the world. Ruto and Co. decided to do ethnic cleansing.

Ruto stands up and says the cause of the murders was a stolen election. Points on this:

1) The election was stolen by both sides. You cannot convince me the likes of Nyatike can have 99% voter turnouts under normal circumstances given the state of our voter register. We all know it is not upto date and more than 2% must have died or be unable to vote.

2) During campaigns, Ruto and Co. kept saying about removing "madoa doa" and "sangari" meaning it was pre meditated, and no matter who won there was going to be murder in the name of removing the "sangari"

Raila has proved to those of us who doubted him that he can raise above petty ethnic politics. He has certainly earned my vote if he will vie in 2012.

Ruto and Ababu Namwamba are a disgrace to the youth. If this are the kind of youthful leaders we are talking about then we are in trouble.

For 6 years Kibaki has sat in statehouse and said nothing and done nothing (See no evil, hear no evil). This is part of the reason Kenya is in the mess it is today.

RAO has proved he can take a stand, no matter how difficult. Raila should not worry about loosing votes because he is fast gaining the trust of some of us who never voted for him because we feared him. It will be very easy to get Central votes.


Chris, stop misleading people. We need people to be held accountable for their pre planned MURDER. The reconciliation the MP for Othaya is talking about is a way of covering his and his friends asses at the expense of Wanjiku.

Ivy said...

RAO has not veered off badly. The president has...Amnesty now my foot? IS there something that Kibaki & Ruto know that the rest of Kenyans don't know? We would love to....But one thing i say the Waki report as it is right now belongs in the trash can....Let us go beyond 2007 and demand answers. As i always say...Let us look beyond Eldoret church, families and children were also burnt in Naivasha. As Dor said we give amnesty to what we know....No blanket amnesty.

I remember Moi telling us to forgive him.....Forgive him why? What had he done...Let him come out and tell us...I did A, B,& C then we will forgive him coz after all he is an old man. If Ruto/Kibs etc want our forgiveness let them tell us what we don't know.

Ruto has no clout beyond North rift as one Kemboi says he has surrounded himself with novices who are still being taught the art of politics....Sincerely who will vote for Ruto beyond Eldoret North...I would have because he is a young generation but the way he trashed the Waki report and continues doing that..He is doing one thing to himself...Tightening the noose around his neck. There were tribal clashes in 92,97, and 2007 was just season three of Tribal clashes....Kenyans have many qns and they demand answers...Waki concentrated on just a wound, i need to know the root cause the genesis of the matter.

Saying RAO has veered of badly because of the Rift valley block vote...Then pls give me a break

Balala & Ruto have started a new song...Majimbo why? there is no equal distribution of resources. So let us find out where the rain started beating us....And just then we can talk.

What is my suggestion...Let us form a Truth and reconciliation commission...We have to forgive and then heal...I am against mob justice, give everybody a fair hearing. I dont remember the 10 guys mentioned being given a hearing...And that is precisely what RAO is saying...Investigate first, thorough one and let us stop rubbishing one another because of who said, what?....Innocent until proven guilty. So if Ruto and his tribesmen are innocent....Then what is the beef..In due course he will prove his innocence.

b-carotene said...

Agwambo, Dear Leader, most veritable, most high.
Bumpkin Almighty.
Unzipped pants, red underwear (yes red).
Awash with the blood of innocents.
Thy shiny face, shines above all others.
Thou chosen one. Most principled one.
Shall leadst us, thine obedient servants.
Away from amnesty. Amnesiac.
To the land of milk and honey. Neither molasses, nor mercenaries too.
Where we sheep and other sheep, happily shall
Commune with other happy sheep.

Anonymous said...

Sam Okello,

Have you seen this video?

Anonymous said...

For those true supporters of ODM the party, it is clear that the party doesnt stand for mass murderers as Ruto want us to believe. Yes we all know Kibaki stole the election. But why kill innocent children and women and old men! For the sake of an election/ By the way this goes both ways. There are mass murderers in PNU who have been advised to go slow with this thing because it is HOT. Believe you me when time comes to talk straight you will be surprised of the people who made our country look cheap. The unfortunate thing here is that Ruto is jumping the Gun. No one knows whether he is mentioned. To protect the Kalenjins for the sake of it, having done what they did to the Kisiis and all the other tribees in Nyagacho, Kericho, Borabu, Eldoret, Molo is a surely a disgrace of the highest order.

Back to the point., Raila would rather lose the support of the So called Rift Valley leaders instead of condoning what happened in January. I have high hope for the man, He is a living example of a true Kenyan through and through. He called for mass action...a thing as someone noted happens all over the world. The only thing here is that the Kalenjin need to wake up and see the light of the 21st century just as the Kikuyus need to see the same light and understand that all Kenyans are equal!

Raila knows if we dont deal with this thing outright we will have no country left. We will have tribal regions , with tribal war lords that can not be controlled by anyone. Its about time we acted strong, first by persuation to make the Rutos understand that KENYA comes first. Not Nandi blah blah....Credit to Ruto at least he can speak out. Where is Nyachae and Uhuru? Kibaki has already begged for least in a way.

Bobie, Bristol said...

Quite clearly;

It’s for blatant, unapologetic tribalists like Sam Okello that Kenyans will never unite. Luckily majority of Kenyans including Raila are not as viscous. However much you try to sugar-coat your pithy hate for central Kenya, no one or rather not many are buying it. And not at any price. Raila should be congratulated for taking the moral high ground and doing the right thing. Sam, something seems to be agitating and you appear to be getting more and more exasperated day by day. Your concerted push for the status quo to prevail does not even make sense any more and one is left with many answered questions. What are you so afraid of? Would a Kenya free of impunity be such bad place. I know one thing for sure is that you also seem to acknowledge there is a problem in Kenya. But this is as far as you go.

We need now to go the extra mile and kill this cat once and for all. The price might be high for some but the price is absolutely right and justified

Anonymous said...

........Agwambo, Dear Leader, most veritable, most high.
Bumpkin Almighty.
Unzipped pants, red underwear (yes red).
Awash with the blood of innocents.
Thy shiny face, shines above all others.
Thou chosen one. Most principled one.
Shall leadst us, thine obedient servants.
Away from amnesty. Amnesiac.
To the land of milk and honey. Neither molasses, nor mercenaries too.
Where we sheep and other sheep, happily shall
Commune with other happy sheep.

Good humour and creativity that allows us to laugh for a minute.

chola said...

History repeats it’s self, yes it thus and especially if we do not learn from past, waki report will catalyst the process. Raila just has his father was blind folded with power thirst they both wanted to look clean and cool in the brutal dirty world of politic. When they almost to got ultimate price he turned back against those who killed and died for him. With waki implementation Iam sure most of rails supports will feel betrayed, especailay if he going to sacrifice some of his generals to appeased the west and those who stole the election.
Raila should just accept PM as the furthest he can go. Power base will shift and Uhuru will be the ultimate winner

Sam Okello said...


A large base of support does not count? Then let's wait and see how many people will take Raila seriously when it becomes obvious he is nothing but a lame duck.

Sam Okello said...

bobie, bristol,

I'm a patriotic Kenyan. I'm just warning my big brother that the path he is on will lead him to political oblivion. Do you think the Europeans will worry about a Raila defeat after 2012? I know that I'll worry because I want a steady hand, such as Raila's, to lead this nation. That's why I scream sometimes.

Vikii said...

"The Prime Minister is an intelligent man who...."

What? You mean Raila Odinga is intelligent? Well, it then follows that I am intelligent too---spectacularly so!

Anonymous said...

Sam Okello, why do you want Raila to lead?

Sam Okello said...

What's up Vikii,

Raila of course is intelligent...and so are you. Can we subject the two of you o an IQ test to determine who comes off on top?

Sam Okello said...

anon 4:36

Raila is a strong, moral leader. Once he gets past this Waki-indiced mess, he'll be just fine. I know he'll find a way to correct course. Watch!

Vikii said...

I am down with an IQ test with him, however demeaning to me.

I can beat him in everything there is to compete for, including his very OWN profession.

Bobie, Bristol said...


Intelligence without common sense just becomes academic. To be bright alone is not enough.

Anonymous said...

As much as we want peace we also need to know that all these politicians want to become presidents or have powers that be.

I can rember that there was a problem when Ruto wanted Kalonzo to be the presidential candidate and he even said that Raila cannot be elected but when he realised that Raila was working with other Rift Valley leaders to win votes that was when Ruto made a U-Turn to support Raila.

Ruto has decided that he will be running for presidency so why should he cheat anybody that he will give away the Rift Valley votes ? We wish him well too because that is politics.

Even if Raila does not become president leaders should learn that anybody who kills innocent people should take the Hague journey.If this does not happen nobody will accept defeat in the election to come and they will just be sending the worriors to fight till Annan is sent back to Kenya to sweet talk the Kings to agree to share the half bread and this is the script Rift Valley is reading.

The issue of lawlessness should be done away with.We want peace and we want to live as Kenyans not as tribes.

Let us look far it is not an eassy walk but it is worth walking.

E-CHANGE said...

Sam said "the kind of blackmail the European Union wants to subject our country to is unacceptable. They need to be told in no uncertain terms that we're no longer a colony"

This is not a case of neo-colonialism interference in domestic Kenyan politics as much as it is a case of yet another Kenyan administration embarrasing the country internationally by blackmailing its proud citizen into accepting weak sounding explanations of failure to offer credible direction in tackling a crisis in a manner attuned to the wishes of the majority

We need to maintain strong ties with our FORMER colonial master and its allies because we would not be here typing on keyboards in Kumekucha had it not been for Annan&co. including "Condi" Condoleeza Rice and other eminent persons who helped this "sovereign" nation regain its sanity in the early part of this year

DataMiner said...

RAO is on the right track. He does not need arap Samoei and his ilk...

blogger said...

I think there is a misconception that Kibaki is against justice. NO HE IS NOT. He is simply stating that justice must be tampered with forgiveness. This is the same thing that is happening in Rwanda through their "Kacheche" courts.

As the culprits gets punished for their evil deeds, communities MUST be reconciled to each other for a long lasting peace and co existance. Before reconcilation to happen, communities have to forgive one another. One can not be reconciled to another as long as bitterness and suspicion still exist.

We must be careful not to use the Waki report to settle political scores or gain tactical advantage, but to use it to genuinely seek justice, end impunity and reconcile communities. In both cases, Kibaki and Raila are right. So is Martha Karua.

I think for a long time we have dwelt on personalities with our raving and rantings of Kibaki this, Raila this, Ruto this. This leaders will come and go but Kenya will remain. We must preserve it intact for our children and children children.

Even if Ruto is found guilty and is hanged, what can we do to prevent us from stopping other "rutos" from emerging in our midst? This is because tribalism is a midset. So is using violence for political gains. Its a culture that the likes of Ruto found themselves in and just continued to perpetuate. We must break this culture, together with other evil cultures such as corruption, greed and immorality.

This is the point am making. Lets love our country and take this opportunity to built a more united Nation. For that to happen, there gave to be confession of wrong doing, restitution to be done to aggrieved parties and where serious human rights abuses where committed, punishment to be done. And for communities to forgive each other and be reconciled to each other.

Taabu said...

You are good at doing what you must have been weaned on. First you tried PREYING on our insecurities by peddling forgiveness under the cover of religion. When that failed to wash you doned PATRIOTIC fatigue and foamed at the mouth waxing anti neo-colonialist.

When we saw your gimmicks for what they are now you are back to FAMILIAR grounds EXPEDIENCY-political prize atop corpses. Well you wil soon have no more space to manouvre and play game of semantics with.

THERE COMES A TIME when people must act and RAO is doing it now by leading from the front no matter the cost. No prize is big enough than human life Sam.

Save yourself the 2-cent advise warning RAO that he is loosing the base. Between Sam Okello and RAO who do you honestly think is POLITICALLY NAIVE? Your support of status quo betrays the political environment you were weaned on and which you may be exploiting to feather your selfish nest.

There are LEADERS and pretenders. The former take stands no matter the consequences and screams. the latter has EXPEDIENCY as their forte and will be WAVY as the upepo wa kusi.

Impunity demands a radical surgery and no amount of pretense and self-preservation can eradicate it. Ruto has alll the right to kick and scream but we must start addressing IMPUNITY from somewhere. Waki's report offers the best start. Kenya is bigger than anyone of us.

And while at it just scroll up the comments and see the scinism among RAO haters. Tenda wema nenda zako must be his guiding light. These people will cheer him on and never back him when he needs them. Make no msitake, he is not doing it for them but for Kenya.

As for your cheap Mulu Mutisya-like parroting on neo-colonialism STOP IT. The west saved Kenya and thank then for you have a country to speak of.

No human life is of less value and let the HAGUE express leave the station soon.

Anonymous said...

Sam Okello, I am anon 4.36. Do you believe in God or your god is Raila?
Why do you sound like a two years old child? You are not patriot. There is difference between patriotism and hero worship. All your posts and comments are filled with worship of another human being.

Joe said...

Quoting you....

I'm a patriotic Kenyan. I'm just warning my big brother that the path he is on will lead him to political oblivion. Do you think the Europeans will worry about a Raila defeat after 2012? I know that I'll worry because I want a steady hand, such as Raila's, to lead this nation. That's why I scream sometimes

Why should the Europeans worry? Let me ask you, do you believe in democracy? If indeed Raila runs and is defeated in 2012, won't that be the will of the people?

Joe said...

And another thing Sam,

It is exactly how he handles this Waki thing that will earn him my vote come 2012.

If he cannot handle Ruto then he may as well kiss my vote goodbye.

Anonymous said...


You have a way of totally missing the gist of what I say that never ceases to amaze me. You seem to think I backed off from what I said earlier about forgivenes, sovereignty and now the misguided stance of Big Brother. If you take a careful look at my train of thought, you'll see the consistent theme of a man who seeks to see his nation unified and strong. I will continue to object to the forces in Kenya and abroad who want us to surrender our soveregnty to the Westerners. You may wrap this surrender in scented garments like "we need to be in partnership and have relations all over the world", but at what cost?

No, Taabu, there is a way to be respected. All I've called for repeatedly is a Kenya-run tribunal. Let's prove our maturity. That's how the West was built.

Where am I going wrong, bro?

Sam Okello

Anonymous said...

Sam Okello,

Either you are born a retard or you have psycological problems, which one is which?

You make Taabu look like an angel when you post comments to back your post here.

Edward said...

Enough of your nonsense!!!!
I have said it before and i will say it again..There are only TWO sides to chose..MURDERERS and KENYANS!

Do not sugar coat it,play with words or wear patriotic,religious garb and try to preach to us.

Yes we need to address the historical injustices but where does that have to happen before we mete out punishment to the post-election violence murderers??And do not call it mob-justice,I remember teling you immediately after the PEV that General Ruto will pay for been the Prince of Darkness and you would ask for evidence and a court of law.Well,both were granted,Waki did the preliminary evidence searching and the court will be ICC.

@Everyone else..its high time we realized that all the 'leaders' in the political scene are incompetent and selfish and we need fresh and brand new visionary leadership in which tribe has no part.And yes Sam Okello that means that Raila will not be the president of Kenya and sad as it may be we need to look for young,visionary leadership and he surely aint it.


Anonymous said...

First off;
Show them how jakogelo.

Why the panic? Like I have said before when the kenyan Obama arrives at the scene we shall perceive him not......

At first he was unelectable......then all he wanted was a motorcade....then he was third in command....alas, the kehii declared circumsision for all.....guys are runnning out of ideas ...small minds trying to wrap themselves around a great mind can't touch that, you thought you knew him because you believed lies told to you by your tribal leaders for election stroke your ego and get your vote... now the stink bomb is on your face........Remenber RAo first said the report was not going to be easy to implement, you should have listened, why are people shaking now......? I will tell you why there is a big tribal constituency that still thinks in tribal math, RUTO=Kalegin vote.
RAO needs kalengin vote=needs Ruto,
We killed and so did Ruto....ROA will not see ruto punished=he will loos moral autority to punish us....but alas...ROA says all must carry theit own mizigos=panic.....

The truth will set you free tribal math does not the Hague To the hague everyone who killed to the hague......there is no hiding behind another persons guilt......Some people here are shaking because they know that when all evil perpetrated in kenya is to be punished and all truths unearthed there will be crying and gnashing of teeth mostly in one area and they know themselves...

Sir Alex

Anonymous said...

We do not like hear what Sam say, but he always right. If me was raila, i must listen.

Anonymous said...

Ok,let us assume that RAO loses the RVP votes because he let the Dutch take some homeboys, R will either get the Kikuyu votes or will lose but go down in History as a leader who sacrificed his political career for the sake of Human Rights and Justice. He then becomes an example to African countries, a peace maker, wins a nobel and wins the hearts and minds of humanity. To me, that is a high road, a road worth travelling on.

On the other hand, he will not have no equal in 2012. He dwarfs Karua, Mudavadi, Uhuru et al. With his solid Nyanza vote, all he will need is Western or Central. He could easily win the youth vote using the Obama strategy of all regions at play.

I am developing great appreciation on this RAO!

Anonymous said...

@Anon 9.57 did you say that

......RAO could easily win the youth vote using the Obama strategy of all regions at play?

May be but SURELY NOT Kikuyu young or old. They have never andwill never just ask Kimi and his ilk. They will provide all the verbal cheers and FORGET the vote.

Anonymous said...

It was not all about Raila, and it is neither about ruto, right now. Election was just an excuse. It is all about land and the way it was given away to kikuyu from kiambu, kiambaa etc for free,yes for free just for singing to kenyatta yet it was being sold to kales who were squatters there. The population all over kenya is growing very fast, it is straining the little available land. Its now that guys are asking themselves how did these people acquire this land.Some of these people we expatriated to RV to create room for kenyatta and his kin in CP. He wasnt even done yet. He grabbed land in atleast 6 provinces in kenya and now owns more than a province for himself! Mind you he was a pauper when he became president.How on earth did he manage to acquire this enomous amount of land within 15yrs of his rule, these are some of the questions these guys are asking. Killing people was not acceptable and those who did so should be prosecuted, prefarably by the ICC so that the real truth can be known. I am happy that part of the agenda 4 was about land. I don't trust a local tribunal, because hyenas who own whole provinces: kenyatta, moi, kibaki and odinga's families will hijack it and abort the justices and in 2012, the same cycle will repeat itself. So ruto plis stand your ground so that a local tribunal is not set but instead, you and the matter go to the hague, then the truth be known and it will for sure set us free. Go and request that your accusers face you in hague, I know that its like sacrificing you, but if that is what it will take to set this country free, then let it be. I am very sure that many including rao, kibaki, moi,uhuru, michuki and every one whos guilty on public gallery will join you.Yes ruto can as well go and hang in the hague, but until and unless we address the real issues, somalia,ss,drc, ivory coast will become a reality in kenya.It is the bitter truth.

Anonymous said...

What you dont understand is that raila is a principled man and the life of 1 single kenyan is not worth the presidency to him.Respect him for taking a position that will most likely see him never rise to take the position he has fought for all his life,if that is how much value Raila has on the life of an ordinary kenyan's life then let him be the best president kenya never had.Should we let killers roam about just because Raila wants to be president ? the answer is a resounding NO!. Ruto is going around saying no one financed , icited or unleashed terror if that is the case then why is he so worried.The law is there to deter people from doing the same mistakes , shuold we sit back and wait for another massacre in 2012? Okello

Anonymous said...

Raila has never advocated for the list being handed to the ICC , he stands for those fellows to be tried here at home if you have been reading the newspapers.The report is very clear and legaly binding since the prtagonists put their signatures on behalf of their supporters , this is not one of those local reports that are normaly filed for future attention.The clock is ticking and the sooner your kind realizes that the better , the options are narrow and clear Hague or Nairobi? your pick Okello.

are you in the list okello?

Joragem said...

My 10th great grandfather Ragem, commends Kumekucha on boldly seeking the attention of Raila Odinga, but advices as follows:

I too have questioned how and why Raila could renege on duly representing the interest of the people who gave so much to put him in office. I have used intelligence and have been assured by counter-intelligence that the PM may just be on the right track. Bestowed on the PM, and the Raila you have alluded to, is intelligence that we can only speculate about. However, the base is rightly worried and here is where political wit is lacking. On this you have your finger on the pulse. Kumekucha, Raila's perception may be that he has caught a lion by the tail, and must continue holding lest it bites us. His supporters need to believe, not just in his desire and ability to end impunity, but in theirs. What is the cost of ending impunity? Is it losing a life long dream to be president? MLK gave his life for the world to appreciate his work. Madiba spent 27 years in prison to change SA. Raila has already given about 8 years in detention and recently he contended with giving up claim to victory and with sharing power albeit not 50/50. What more is he prepared to forfiet to change Kenya? Reverse intelligence indicate that Raila has not changed his position on what should be done to those arrested on allegations of fanning post election violence. Quite the contrary, his position is that many are innocent, except that in freeing them without fair jury, the guilty will slip through, and the cycle will continue.

Kumekucha, I am miles away from home, but I am able to read the situation in Kenya, get and decipher reciprocal intelligence and counter- intelligence. I take it that as you celebrate your anniversary, you will read the situation very well so that when you decide to spill the beans, let it be nothing but the absolute truth.

All said, you are doing a good job and Kenyans look up to you for substance most of the time, and chafe now and then.

Joram Ragem
wuod Ndinya, wuod Onam, wuod Amolo, wuod Owuoth, wuod Oganyo, wuod Mumbe, wuod Odongo, wuod Olwande, wuod Adhaya, wuod Ojuodhi, wuod Ragem! (Are you my relative?)

Anonymous said...

For how long will Raila allow himself to be misused by his perennial adversaries?

Raila has antagonised all his supporters by failing to understand the prevailing mood on the ground,in order to please the international community and to win central province voters.

Raila you will be urged on and cheered by central province people but you know as well as I do that they will never vote for you.

You are making enemies all over in the name of providing leadership.You have offended the coastals with KPA issue;Rift Valley with Waki/Mau forest issue,Luos with circumcision issue,Kisiis and Luhyas are not happy either.

We love you Raila and we hate seeing you blundering and my advise is that you make peace with the Kalenjins ASAP,for you owe them the position that you hold now.

Imagine a scenario where they say enough is enough and move to UDM;will you still be the Prime Minister?

Please watch your steps.

Anonymous said...

The point about Kenyan politics is that personality cults place the individual above the ordinary. We tease out what individual politicians do because, in our minds, they are permanent fixtures on our political firmament. This need not be true. Kenyans must learn to say, "Thank You" and retire a politician's useful energy. A country has to move on. Raila and Kibaki, like many others, have served their time. Their useful shelf-life is gone, and with it their omnipotence.

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