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Friday, June 06, 2008

The Nairobi Star: Raila to Become Kikuyu Elder

This article was published in the Nairobi Star on June 5, 2008.

Gema faction prepares ceremony to welcome Raila into the tribe

PRIME MINISTER Raila Odinga is about to be reinvented. On July 20, he will be made a Kikuyu elder in a ceremony to be held at Ruringu Stadium, a few kilometers from Mukuruwe wa Nyagathanga – the mythical home of Kikuyu Adam and Eve – Gikuyu and Mumbi.

The ODM leader will be feted by a group of Kikuyu elders and politicians operating under the umbrella of MEGA in a function organizers say will not only be in full colour and pomp but also significance.

Raila will only be the second non-Kikuyu to be given the honour of wearing the skin loin apron, bear the spear and walking stick and carry the cowtail flywhisk which are symbols of an elder.

Retired President Moi was made a Kikuyu elder in the early 1990s.

The installation of Raila as a Kikuyu elder is part of MEGA group’s succession plan. The group which is opposed to the revival of GEMA, was launched in August 2005 by perennial parliamentary candidate Peter Kuguru, to replace GEMA.

Its objective is to among other things, establish a bank which will advance soft loans to GEMA communities especially Mungiki members.

During the installation, the elders will also launch a campaign to have Raila succeed President Kibaki in 2012. “He is the best candidate and we will support him in 2012,” said Kuguru who is organizing the ceremony.

Kuguru dismissed last weekend’s GEMA meeting at Methodist University as “a waste of time and money”.

“It will not achieve anything. Those people who organized it are too old, irrelevant and only want to further their political interests”, said Kuguru.

Kuguru said the people of Central Province supported the Prime Minister’s decision to talk to member of the outlawed Mungiki sect.

“These old people fighting for the control of Mungiki today are the same ones who used and dumped these young men over the years. If the Prime Minister can rehabilitate them so be it”, said Kuguru.

Former MPs Njenga Karume, Joseph Kamotho and Norman Nyagah have been asking the government to release the leader of the Mungiki Maina Njenga so that he can lead his troops to negotiations with the government.

While Raila has insisted the government will talk to of the sect, Internal Security minister George Saitoti has maintained that the government will not hold any talks with the sect because Mungiki was an illegal organization.

The Prime Minister’s office yesterday said the PM had yet to get the invitation for the ceremony and a final decision on his attendance will be made after organizers give him a thorough briefing.

The decision to make Raila a kikuyu elder has brought to fore differences in the GEMA community less than a week after leaders from Central, Eastern and parts of Rift Valley met in Meru to revive GEMA.

One of the organizers of last weekend’s meeting Jayne Kihara, a former naivasha MP dismissed MEGA’s plan as “dreams”.

“Those are his personal plans. GEMA will discuss the succession issue at the right time. At the moment, we support President Kibaki and his government”, said Kihara of Kuguru’s plans.

Kuguru said apart from making Raila a Kikuyu elder, MEGA will also work to improve the PM’s popularityin Central and Eastern provinces where he got the least votes during the last general elections.

Apart from Justice Minister Martha Karua who has declared her interest in the Presidency, KANU Chairman Uhuru Kenyatta and Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka are also hoping to inherit President Kibaki’s votes in the populous region.


Anonymous said...

Wacha ujinga! We dont need tribal groupings intending to divide Kenyans.

If Gema people are really serious they should buy land from Uhuru and settle all Kenyan IDPs from RV in Central Province.

They should also fight Mungiki by employing them to do community work.

If Gema people think Raila is good, then they should first condemn corruption, robbery and agressive kind of life aiming at colonialising Kenya. They should sponsor a society lending money for development at 0,00% interest rate to prove their good meant intentions.

They should also assure all Kenyans that they want to join other Kenyans in leading a peaceful life.

They should accept to be integrated into the societies they have migrated to and stop giving the regions the Kikuyu names. Kiambaa must have a Kalenjin name.

Kenyans have learnt a lesson. We want national organisations and not tribal societies.

The only successful story associated to Arap Moi is how he abolished tribal organisations.


Anonymous said...


Very loaded post. Wait for the tribal brickbats.


Anonymous said...

the typical hard worker in action

even when they own half of kenya, they just cant resist one more (matatu culture)

Anonymous said...

compare and contrast this interview with that of the young men who were thrilled to be killing

and then find out who is in jail and who is not

Anonymous said...



DID YOU NOTICE IN THE EAST AFRICA BUSINESS REPORT 2 WEEKS AGO CHRIS KIRUBI SOLD OF HIS COMPANY - HACO INDUSTRIES to a south African company and i was actually very surprised but now i can see why- with this FRAUD case they may have attached his properties- so he sold in a hurry!! as usual

Kirubi charged with fraud

Publication Date: 6/7/2008
One of Kenya’s top industrialists, Mr Chris Kirubi, has been charged with conspiring to defraud Uchumi Supermarkets.

Mr Kirubi was charged with 13 others but only two defendants were in court on Friday.

Mr Kirubi is in Cape Town, South Africa, for the World Economic Forum meeting.

The two, Ms Kezzy Wanjiru, a senior civil servant and Mr Stephen Njoroge, the managing director of Lloyd Masika, denied the charges of conspiracy to defraud and breaching public trust.

Magistrate Ms Stella Muketi issued summons against Mr Kirubi, Mr Francis Emmanuel Oyugi, Mr Joseph Munyiri Munene, Isaac Awuondo, Mr Nigel Ralph Pavitt, Kennedy Mbugua Thairu, Deepak Kantilal Shah, Atul Raichand Shah, Amin Akbekali, Shamash Habib Manji to appear in court on June 13.

Also charged

Also charged are two companies, Allgate and Lloyd Masika, which must be represented on that day.

Mr Kirubi and 13 others are said to have conspired to defraud Uchumi Supermarkets by selling a piece of land on which the supermarket’s Aga Khan Walk branch stands at Sh147 million.

It is alleged that they sold the land to a company called Allgate and then leased it back to the supermarket at a monthly rent of Sh1.7 million. The offence was committed between March 27, 2003 and November 30, 2004. On the second count, Mr Kirubi is accused of breaching public trust during his tenure as chairman of the board directors of Uchumi Supermarkets.

The state claims that he approved the sale of the land without obtaining an independent valuation.

The two accused who were present in court were given cash bail of Sh400,000 each following an application by their lawyers. Lawyer Mutula Kilonzo Jnr told the court that his client, Mr Njoroge, was served with summons on Friday and there had not been enough time to prepare security documents for him.

He also asked the prosecution to supply him with witness statements.

The director of public prosecutions, Mr Keriako Tobiko, promised to provide the statements, saying it is the right of an accused to have access to them. The case comes up for hearing on July 7.

Anonymous said...

a story is going around( prison guards are talking) that the prisoners released were jailed during the post election violence and not like the daily nation reported that the police do not prosecute cases in time- the prisoners in nyeri were moved there in darkness from Naivasha prison- some of the ones that burned and beheaded kenyans- ( kilonzo doing a good job in protecting kibaki's foot soldiers) are odm asleep?? why can't they go talk to the prison guards who are ready to talk??

other prison guards gave information that heavy night activities has been going on of moving many prisoners of post election violence from Nairobi, Nakuru and naivasha prisons to other prisons in central province and when they check they find that those prisoners were set free!! this is rediculus - why isn't odm seeing through martha karua and kibaki's game plan?? of course they will shout no amnesty for the odm youths and behind the scene they are freeing all their youth in the night -
why do you think the nation printed the story of prisoners being release because of lack of proof or police doing their work?? didn't seem odd to kenyans?? on the timing of the release?? and most people from one tribe and in nyeri and Nairobi?? how about all the other towns?? don't they have prisoners with cases pending just like the ones released from Nyeri and Nairobi prisons??

Kumekucha- go check this story get someone to talk to any of non-kikuyu prison guard(some have been threatened if they talk their whole family will be dealt with- I'm proud of those who are still talking and not scared)
kumekucha this story has been going round for quite sometime and I'm sure proof is there for all Kenyans to see.

shame on Martha Karua for shouting no amnesty while behind the scene working with Saitoti to release more mungiki youth!!! Raila, Balala, Ruto, Anyang Nyong wake up!! the prison guards say our youth are still being beaten and some tortured to death- stop talking act now or else you will not find any body left to give amnesty to in prison they will all be dead!!

if it means parting ways with kibaki and PNU to save life's of our youth who fought for Kenya democracy then so be it!! you have to act now!! you can't let this thugs keep slaughtering our children and yet release theres in the dark back door then shout no blanket amnesty!!! no!!no!! this ain't right- go talk to the prison gaurds you will get the facts!!

Vikii said...

This feels like dejavu all over again. It does.

Anonymous said...

Your story is of no relevance to the Kikuyu community and the people of the entire Mt Kenya region. Raila has perfected the politics of tribal cards and now that he desperately needs the Kikuyu vote (since Kibaki will not be running again), he uses political rejects like Peter Kuguru to lure Kikuyus to him. Raila and his ODM gang played a tribal card against Kikuyus in the last General Election and that is why Kelenjins butchered members of the community who occupy land they legally bought in the Rift Valley like chicken yet they had nothing to do with the disputed presidential vote. Raila was in the fore-front using the poor IDPs as a bargaining chip for the PM post insisting they should not be re-settled until he got power. Raila and Co. cheered as members of the Kikuyu community were being butchered by Kalenjins. The killings came to a halt when Kikuyus decided to help themselves in Naivasha. Had Kikuyus relied on Kibaki to be their saviour at the height of post-election genocide, members of the community would be extinct today. There is no doubt that Raila helped Kibaki get to State House in 2002. Kibaki and the Kikuyu community are two different entities. He should seek a reward from Kibaki as an individual and not from the Kikuyu community since the boardroom deal was struck between the two men and Kikuyu community was not consulted. They struck the MoU deal as the two men.

The Kikuyu community and the larger Mt Kenya region owe Raila no favour at all. Maybe Kibaki owes him one. Raila, just like what he has taught his Luo community, has been in the fore-front demonizing the Kikuyu community. Raila and his side-kicks Prof Anyang Nyong, Jakoyo Midiwo & Co. even demonized Equity Bank saying it was a Kikuyu bank. Why stops Raila and his brigade from inventing his own bank? Raila only embraced the bank recently when he saw it was a futile exercice to demonise it. Raila and Co. even rubbished the sale of Safaricom shares; again linking it to Kikuyus! What nonsense was that? The shares were being sold in public and anybody who had money was free to buy. Where did Kikuyus come into this? The fact is, and that is why Luos and other lazy community keep grumbling, Kikuyus are hard-working and enterprising and they seize any opportunity that presents itself to make money. Luos have perfected the art of whining, engaging in empty politics and marrying many wives.

I’m a frequent visitor to this blog, in fact since its inception. But what I find strange is that the blog has been turned by tribal-minded bloggers into a forum for Luos to bash Kikuyus and other Mt Kenya communities over imaginary issues. The blog always depicts Kibaki, Kikuyus and other Mt Kenya communities in very bad light while depicting Raila like a saint. Is there nothing good that has ever been done by anyone from Mt Kenya region?

No issues of any substance are ever discussed in this forum. It’s always Luos whining about anything under the sun and blaming everything on Kikuyus and Kibaki (who has been in power in under six years yet the poverty and underdevelopment in Luo Nyanza dates back to the colonial days). If you are a professional journalist, Chris, you would not have sunk this low – discussing tribes and empty gossip disguised as journalism. I’m not a trained journalist myself and my judgment about the quality of your blog might be wrong. However, I have a feeling that the kind of journalism you practice in your blog is so shallow that even the gossip from Kibera streets and Luo Nyanza would out-match it. The comments from almost all the bloggers who post comments in every story is predictable – bashing Kikuyus and the entire Mt Kenya region and Kibaki for all manner of things under the sun; even when it fails to rain even when their wives refuse to cook for them!

Don’t Raila’s supporters have anything better to do with their lives than whining about anything under the sun? Does your lives depend on Raila? Would you stop breathing if Raila stopped? Would you all drop dead simultaneously if Raila drops dead this minute? Are your lives remote-controlled by Raila that you sleep Raila, wake up Raila, eat Raila and do anything Raila?

What has Raila done to uplift your own standards of living? What has your god done to uplift the poor living standards of living in Kibera and Luo Nyanza? You can call me any name or even PNUist – because that’s what you people perfect instead of discussing real issues – but the truth of the matter is that you spend variable hours and energy discussing and thinking about Raila instead of thinking how you can uplift your own individual lives. Raila feeds his family but not your families.

Find something useful to do with your lives as the first step to uplifting your standards of living rather than spend the rest of your lives whining about injustices, Mt Kenyas, Kikuyus, stolen elections etc. These Mt Kenya folks you keep mourning about pay little, if any, attention to your empty gossip and propaganda. They move on with their lives and work hard to make their lives better every day as you and your Luo Nyanza folks wallow in abject poverty worrying about Raila’s next step and what his family will eat in the next meal.

It’s a high time Chris, your bloggers and Luos used their heads outside the box. Laziness, cheap Opposition politics and obsession with Raila politics will only serve to make Luos more and more poorer. Life has many positive aspects but I have never heard a Luo making a positive statement about themselves or Kenya. It’s only Raila they adore. Whining will help you with nothing and Luo Nyanza will always lag behind in development unless all of you make collective and individual steps to change it.

Tribalism, just like watching porn, is a deadly cancer. I challenge you Chris and your bloggers to rise above cheap tribalism and start discussing serious issues that affect Kenya and our lives. Your cheap hatred for people from Mt Kenya region will do you nothing good; you’ll die whining and the status quo remains! Mt Kenya people work hard and have no time for cheap market gossip and empty politics. That’s why they are better economically empowered than idler-talkers like you!

Just like other tribes, Kikuyus are in Kenya to stay and the only option left for cheap tribalists like you is to take the next available flight to another planet. Work hard like Kikuyus and stop moaning like old women. If any mistakes has been done by a member of the Kikuyu community, he/she did it on his/he own and not on behalf of the entire tribe. Just in the same way, some members of the Kalenjin looted state coffers dry during Moi’s reign. They did so in their individual capacity and not on behalf of the entire Kalenjin tribe. The same with other leaders from other communities. They should be judged as individuals and not condemning the entire tribes for individual mistakes.

Anonymous said...

Wow!! Raila is going to Ruring'u Stadium to be made a Kikuyu elder! And Kuguru is the one going to clothe him with the skin loin apron ... hehehehehe! Just for what? To win love from the Kikuyus?Tutaona mengi hapa Kenya yetu. Moi tried that game before and everybody knows how far that outdated ceremony took him. Unlike other communities, Kikuyus don't practice those ceremonies. They mean nothing to their life experiences.

At the time, Moi prevailed on his Kikuyu cronies to make him an elder. It is said that the cronies laughed all the way to the bank. The public attended the ceremony and were very entertained by the spectacle from stone age. Needless to say, the poor Kalenjin went home with the skin loin apron but without the support he craved for.

The spectacle will be repeated on 20th July 2008, but this time the poor bottom warming the three-legged stool will be that of Raila. Needless to say that any high school lad can figure out the ending of the movie. Some people have the memory of a warthog - you call a people an enemy tribe and then turn around and ask some political rejects to sneak you into an imaginary club of elders. That is what is called a dance of blind fools, and the people can spot from a mile a pretender in skin loin apron sneaking into the homestead un-invited by the true owners.

Last year, the same Raila tried to persuade Charles Njonjo to clothe him and Njonjo rejected reminding him that he does not subscribe to those tribal rituals. Now he has found a group willing to do it for the right price. Let us see how far they will take him. One thing is for sure, the public will be there to enjoy the scene drawn from a world when men roamed the earth wearing loin aprons. They migh even shout "Njamba!" to egg the pretenders on. Then they will go and milk their cows, pick their tea and coffee un-impressed.

If Raila has nothing better to do he can go fishing in Lake Victoria.
But if he really want some votes from the people of the region, he should begin by visiting as a PM and condemn the post-election violence from their midst. He must be seen to eschew political violence - for Kikuyus hate, by nature, political hooliganism. Those types of gestures will win him more votes than the Ruring'u show games which he has privately instigated and have been arranged by "economic shark" Kuguru.

Anonymous said...


I dont think RAO needs to prove a point with anyone or any tribal grouping. He won without them so...Wajipange


Knoppix!® said...

Anon 11:53!

Hhehehehhe you sound intelligent my friend.But one thing is lacking of you.The ability to comprehend!I remember in highschool we had something like comprehension.Where it required one to read and comprehend then answer the questions that followed.

In the face value of the current post,i havent seen anywhere written that Raila has voluntarily sought to be crowned a kikuyu elder,neither have i seen or heard him be so much desperate for the same.

Infact Kuguru if i may quote the blogger hasn't confirmed much,he says he will confirm after a thorough breifing with Raila.

I dont want to dispute or confirm your ideas but what is the post saying????Unless you posted or penned the post with the stamped blogger,your comment is wild.We dont even know for a fact that he will attend as this aint his initiative.

Next time please try to read and comprehend.

Knoppix!® said...

Ivy upoooo???? I havent heard from you in a while save for the brief altercation with one Vikii who i construe to be an old Alumini here.

I want to imagine you have Taabu's forwarding address as his silence is equally alarming.

Salimia Ciku akionekana pia!

Anonymous said...

An uncircumcised man cannot be an elder of the GREAT MUMBI clan. There is no way a man without six lower teeth can be an elder of my tribe. Never.

Does it mean that we shall be at par without fish-smelling morons from Luoland, the Aids ravaged community that adore one man.

No, Stay away from our tribe. Youi called us ADUI and asked you tribe to burn our properties. Stay away from us.

Njoroge Stanley, The Earl Of Kabete fromthe Royal County of Kikuyu. MP Elenect Kikuyu 2013. Minister of Finance 2013. Now living and working in Nevada

Fave said...

Amazes me. One day he is doing well cracking a whip on Mugabe's (That leech!) slimy backside. Next time he is joining some nefarious grouping of ethnocentric buffoons called Mungiki oh well same as Gema.
May be there is a method to this madness. Why the hell does he need Gema? he has the rest of Kenya (at least the parts that matter!)
Aache hiyo ujinga. If he needs an adviser tell him Fave offers his services for free. This Gema elder thing is so embarrassing. to his supporters

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

That's interesting.
Peter wa Kuguru has been running for parliament since his father died 3 years after RAO's old man went horizontal. The whole time I lived in Mathira ma Githomo (now, that's history) the perennial loser was KANU's flag bearer. I somewhat respect how grounded he is. Unlike RAO the party hopper, Dynamic Peter Kuguru as we knew him in '97 refused to switch political allegiances for convenience even when it was crystal clear that Matu Wamae only made it to parliament because he was running under the DP banner. Well, till DP got swallowed by the rainbow. Matu was was ousted by Nderitu Gachagua in the nominations of 2002, jumped into the Safina ark, didn't make it there and went back to NARC the moment elections were over with the hopes of being a nominated MP.
Fita Kuguru is an astute business man, but politically irrelevant. Let's see if he will indeed get RAO room in the House of Mumbi, kabila adui yet.

Knoppix!® said...

No offence meant but.....

You are the last person i honestly expected to gobble up a post.You are attacking the person in Kuguru and not his ideals - good or bad - !I should have expected a widely read person like you to give us your take on the alleged installation of RAO as akikuyu elder and not Kuguru's tribulations as a politician.

Anon 4:46

Do you know you might also be infected just like any other person can be!Aids is a condition not a disease per se.It doesnt choose tribe,It doesn't vote,it doesn't politick!Next time you label a community as being infected ask yourself many questions please.This is just a reminder not an attack on your comment!

Anonymous said...

If this is true, then it just proves to all, if anyone wishes to become the president of Kenya, they must become Kikuyu first. This is very worrying news and a betrayal to the Luo community. You don’t need to look far to see how Moi is viewed by his Kalenjin community.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha this is very embarrassing news to all Raila worshippers especially our lakeside brothers and sisters. If this ceremony goes ahead, Luo community is finished.

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Proud Kikuyu Woman said...


No offense taken. Politicized issues deserve political responses. Do you think Raila would be Kikuyu 'eldernized' if he was not a politician? How many non-political Luo leaders are Kalenjin and Kikuyu elders.

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

By the way, I admire Kuguru's business acumen, and he was my hero as a kid. He wrote one of the Wamugumo story books I won in primo. That's personal, but you don't reward all of my heroes with political support.

Take note Knoppix!®, Phil described Kuguru as the 'perennial parliamentary candidate'. In other words, the always-runs, never-wins kind of guy hence my use of 'perennial loser'. Maybe that'll change in the future.
He does have economic might, but any business he transacts with or on behalf of Raila is political, no?

Anonymous said...


[b]Obama win gets mixed reception in Kenya[/b]
Posted on June 5, 2008 by kenyanobserver
Article posted on June 5, 2008 by nairobichronicle

Like everything else in Kenya these days, the victory of Senator Barack Obama as the Democratic nominee has split public opinion into two even as the rest of Africa celebrates.

Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama. His win is drawing mixed reactions in Kenya due to ethnic politics.

The Senator from Illinois made history by becoming the first African American to win the presidential ticket on a major US political party. There was joy across the black diaspora, from North America, the Caribbean and the African motherland itself. In Kenya though, local political dynamics mean that close to half of Kenyans actually dread the prospects of an Obama presidency.

Senator Obama’s father was a Kenyan from the Luo tribe which resides around Lake Victoria. In Kenya’s general elections held in December last year, the Luo supported Raila Odinga and the ODM party against President Mwai Kibaki and the PNU party. Kibaki got votes from Central and Eastern Kenya mostly from his Kikuyu tribe. The elections were so close that disputes over the actual winner degenerated into political and ethnic violence that left 1,500 dead and half a million refugees.

During the worst of the violence early this year, Senator Obama who was engrossed in campaigning for the primaries issued a statement calling on Kenyans to unite for the sake of progress.

International mediation resulted in a giant coalition government with Kibaki as president and Raila as prime minister. Inspite of the peace deal, ethnic tensions still simmer.

Obama’s victory in the United States is being interpreted in Kenya for its possible implications on the political landscape. The Luo feel that an Obama presidency will help develop their area and provide jobs to the youth. They also believe that an Obama presidency will boost the chances for Prime Minister Raila to ascend to the presidency in the near future. Indeed, Raila himself has alluded that he and Obama are distant cousins.

Because of these hopes, the Kikuyu fear that should Obama win the US presidency, the Luo and Prime Minister Raila will gain a significant edge in influencing American policy towards Kenya. The US has veto power in the United Nations and controls the policies of the World Bank and IMF. The US provides Kenya with millions of dollars in military aid. Thus, a US president that identifies with Prime Minister Raila Odinga could portend declining fortunes for Kibaki and his Kikuyu tribe.

Senator Obama was in Kenya in 2006 where he criticized President Kibaki’s government for corruption. President Kibaki and his supporters viewed the criticism as an endorsement of Raila. Since then, Obama has kept mum over Kenya’s political developments.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:08

Poa mzee, you look a serious guy and kenyans should heed your advise. I come from those people you say are lazy - i agree with some of your thoughts but on others you are wrong. Overall i think was a good post. My fellow bro and sis from nyanza lets seize the moment and invest back home. I was there last weekend and everyone is nolstalgic about what government will do and not what they will do. Am sorry guys from my region, but i think we need to do some civic kind of education on attitude change of our people. The expectation back there are just too much - we should stay in nairobi but at the same time lets bring our people together for meaningful development.

Anonymous said...

anon11:08 PM

your theatrics and hate belong to blogs like mashada- why not move there or you are already a member there looking at your post!! maybe you should indeed stay in central Lesotho since you are not the type to cohabit with other tribes- buzz off!!

Anonymous said...

anon11:53 PM

Raila does not need a kikuyu vote to win the presidency!! he already won it on 27th december 2007 but kibaki rigged and slaughtered innocent kenyans by ordering the police to shoot and kill for him to be able to stay in statehouse-

Get this straight Raila still does not need the kikuyu vote to proof that he won the last elections hands down- so stop spewing your nonsense here- if kuguru wants to remove the kikuyu voting bloc from central and join in the national way of voting in kenya by supporting Raila?? WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH THAT??

but if i were Raila i would caution that plan from kuguru- this people are very close to kibaki and cronies if i recall and look at past history- they maybe planning something terrible for Raila look at all those released murderers from nyeri prisons?? if one killed Raila?? who would be blamed?? si they will just take back the murderer to prison and make excuses meanwhile Raila is 6ft under!! if i was Raila!! I would not attend and many Kikuyu's have the same sentiments they are smelling a rat
they say gema and kuguru's group are one and the same group and some say they have seen this groups meeting together recently in Nyeri!

my question is why is Raila being foolish to except to be crowned in Nyeri of all the places?? KIBAKI'S BACK YARD?? DOESN'T THIS LOOK ODD TO HIM?? it would be only a foolish person who does not see through this cover-up and like i have said what is waiting for Raila odinga in Nyeri is not crowning of an kikuyu elder but sorry to say this his death on a golden platter planned and executed by the kikuyu mafia!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:47 AM - "It would be only a foolish person who would not see through this cover-up....."

But maybe Raila is so foolish not to see the trap laid put for him or better, he thinks that becoming a Kikuyu Elder makes him more equal to the leading tribe in Kenya. Although he should also realize that this more than stupid ceremony would also demonstrate that he has decided to openly leave his Luo heritage behind, something he has in reality done a long time ago but never acknowledged in public. He only pretends being still a Luo when it suits him for political reasons knowing that all Luos will follow him blindly and vote for him. But deep down in his heart he has outlived his heritage when he left for Germany and studied there. And he never changed after this. He is a cosmopolitan in the best sense of the word. But since Kenyans are still living with the Tribal Sword hanging above their heads, he has to pretend to be still one of the retarded ones. What a shame - for him and for Kenya.

Anonymous said...

@ 10:47 Dead Wrong

The big question here is, who is annointing Raila Odinga, NOT KIBAKI, but a perrenial election loser. One man who slaughter more goats than the votes he ammased in 1997.

While Peter Kuguru, son of the the Patriach of his clan, the Kuguru clan, Davidson, the life MP of the constituency cannot even feel the shame of annointing an outsider, let alone a man who called the entire tribe ADUI, I just wonder how desparation can reduce business acumen to punting.

On the flip side of it all, I would loudly wonder why, Raila Odinga has not made the homecoming in Embu where he should by all means be annointed an Embu elder by the Njuri Ncheke for awarding them with a ministry and rushes to hug the Kikyu he hates.

But his love for the Kikuyu runs deep. Is this not the man who boast of an MOU (This man with these!) with the Mungiki, flesh and blood of the same people he calls ADUI. The people he had vowed to wipe out of office and government appointments.

Me (Derek, yes me) thinks Raila's life is a PETRI DISH of sorts and he will try every trick in the book to become president. His experimenting will never cease.

Remember this one in 2012: He will say that he agreed with Kibaki that he leave it for him and told Peter Kuguru to announint him a Kikuyu elder. (The Muigai clain did one with Moi in Ichaweri in 2001 and flopped big)

Still loudly thinking, I wonder why RAO has not ammased the ODM troupes for a homecoming that should snake from the TOTAL junction through to Elburgon, to KIpkelion, all the way to Kisii, before setting for Malaba and Tesoland and then back to Nairobi through the Eldoret Road to say KONGO MISING (to the Kalenjns be used twice- to vote for him and to sustain the dialogu process through a reign of terror never seen before in East Africa).

Why Nyeri and why Kuguru and why the Kikuyu, a tribe he so hates that he makes his own secreatry announce economic sabatage against their businesses, a tribe he called ADUI, a tribe he and his cronies have called THIEVES.

Why Central Kenya and he has not even been made an Elder in Luhyaland, not South NYanza and not even the Ogada Clan in Kisumu.

This one shows desparation in the man. It might be planned for other reasons, maybe, because their business premises are close to each other in Industrial Area, but ooh NO!

Did he say something about TUMBILI one time??? Ndiyo hii sasa. Hekaya za abunuwasi!!!

...Ni ADUI YET...!!!

But do I say that Kazi inaendelea.


Anonymous said...

I feel very sloppy about this idea of adorning and anointing Mr Odinga as a Kikuyu elder.
If at all this ceremony is to go ahead, I will have to withdraw my support for Kikuyus.

Raila should first and foremost condemn the violence that erupted after Dec election, then apologise to Kikuyus for demonising them and take full responsibility for the violence that followed.
Then, we can begin to talk about him becoming a Kikuyu elder. At the moment I think this is a very impolitic decision taken by MEGA.


Anonymous said...

Anon 6.29…it’s true, only one tribe in Kenya matters. Have you not noticed as well; in all Kenyan tribe including Wazungus marrying a Kikuyu woman is considered a cool move.

Anonymous said...

anon12:42 PM
really your ignorance amazes me- most kikuyu's married to muzungu's are prostitutes-
do your homework- Florida night clubs nairobi- mombasa - if that what it means for kikuyu's to be special then i rest my case- other tribes in Kenya have more class- when they marry a muzungu it is because they attended the same universities or worked in the same organizations but not picked from the streets! prostituting!!

kumekuha please post i needed to answer anon 12:42

Anonymous said...

kalonzo musyoka releases kikuyu prisoners from all over the country prisons!!! shame!!

kumekucha?? did you check on the story on the kikuyu prisoners being released from all over the country at night?? sources on ground have confirmed to me it is true- after reading one of the posts here- i followed up and guess what that is what is happening as per some of the prison guards we managed to talk to!!

Kumekucha this is serious- and my question is why did DAILY NATION print lies?? they should be ask where they got their story to cover up the real truth on th prison releases- kalonzo musyoka should gives kenyans the answer to why??
when the same people are shouting no amnesty?? we need to know the truth?? where is ODM when all this is happening? they seem to be asleep on the job!!

Anonymous said...

@ 12:52.

You are a disgrace. Your thinking and misconceptions defy any kind of tribal thoughts.

With the economic conditions in the country, coupled with the social setting that we find ourselves in, does it occur to you that prositution is a national matter, International mattaer and a universal one. Any tribe in Kenya can turn to prostitution.

Stop saying that only Kikuyus flock Florida. If I can make it bitter for you, in Switzerland, many of the Kenyan women married by Swiss men are LUO and they are hooked in Mombasa. (This is a FACT and as they say, FACTS are ARROGANT)

You mean to tell me that, if a white man hooks up with a Kamba/Luhya/Giriama/Digo/Dorobo lady in Florida, she automatically ANNOINTED to be a Kikuyu? If it is the lingua, some of us speak more than one fluently!

Far away from the discussion you people are having, the post in question talks about the LUO POLITICAL MESSIAH Raila Odinga being annointed to the world of presidents.

Incidentally, Mwai Kibaki has never been annointed and has served Kenya as a popularly elected president. Secondly, Kuguru's place of annointing is PAST RIVER CHANIA, while Moi was annointed on the other side of Chania and still failed to apply the midas touch that Uhuru Kenyatta long wished for.

Kwa hivyo, wacha DOMO chafu.


Wanjiku Unlimited said...

Knops, Ivy I'm very much around. You know where to find me. Taabu should be back on air most likely tomorrow.

It's our politics that are rather dizzying sometimes. RAO a GEMA elder? I thought it's these tribal groupings that we should be getting rid of first.

I'm with Fave. I hope there is a method to the madness.

Away from that, there are people in this century who still think of AIDS in terms of tribes? anon 4.46?

Vikii said...

Anony 12.59, instead of engaging in empty DOMO, why not just have the Government Inspector, that man who supposedly "supervises and coordinates" government ministers summon Kalonzo Musyoka into his office and demand an explanation about this "arbitrary release of kikuyu inmates". I thought he had some executive powers he can use to demand answers or is the VP outside his sphere of jurisdiction?

Anonymous said...

Kibaki has totally played the politicial potentates and pretenders from the following parties the most in terms of coalition government portfolios:

New Ford-K

only the secret players who founded PNU are the ones benefitting.


Uhuru, Saitoti and Karua to run in 2012 complicating Kalonzo equation

equationhttp:// … ;catid=159

Narc-Kenya to de-link from PNU
Published on June 8, 2008, 12:00 am
By Gakuu Mathenge

Narc-Kenya will not go to the 2012 General Election under the Party of National Unity and will not seek mergers or a pre-election coalition.

Interim chairperson Ms Martha Karua says Narc-Kenya made a grave mistake in joining PNU. She said the move was a costly gamble.

"We should have resisted but things were done in such a hurry even the strongest were misled," said Karua.

Adding, "Indeed, all those who thought there was safety in an umbrella outfit got a rude shock, they all lost."

Soon after declaring that her name would be on the presidential ballot in 2012, Karua last week assumed Narc-Kenya’s interim chairmanship and immediately announced she intends to steer it to "the centre stage".

The party also marked the second anniversary of its creation with an announcement it would hold national elections in November to pick National Executive Council members to replace the current interim national management committee of 60 officials, some of whom have since decamped to other parties.

"Party positions are not birthday gifts for the most senior personalities. Individuals should earn their positions from their contribution to the party," Karua said, in an interview with The Sunday Standard.

Last year, the party conducted grassroots elections up to branch, but suspended the national elections and instead appointed all ministers vice-chairmen.

To begin with, Narc-Kenya intends to curve out an image independent of the PNU cluster, Karua said.

"Narc-Kenya has resolved never again to go into elections under so called umbrella outfits," Karua said.

She added: "Experience has shown that mergers distort party systems and create room for political thuggery."

In explaining the party’s position, the Justice and Constitutional Affairs Minister said, "Narc-Kenya learnt the hard way by joining PNU last year, where we gave life to moribund parties at our expense. We have resolved it should not happen again."

The party has been doing post-mortem of last year’s election and concluded that joining PNU was a gamble.

In the current Parliament Narc-Kenya boasts the biggest block of MPs in the PNU cluster of parties, with 29 members out of the 43 PNU legislators. But the party feels it could have fared better had it gone solo into the elections.

Over a dozen strong Narc-Kenya candidates who joined PNU, among them several former ministers, lost their seats.

This time round, the straight talking minister viewed by many as one of the strongest defenders of the Kibaki administration, said her party intends to sort out the wheat from the chaff and prepare in time.

"Our party is still strong with grassroots offices, officials and membership at every polling station, not just districts and divisions," she said.

"We have updated our register and replaced officials who defected to other parties. This month we have a national convention to approve our rule book ahead of national elections in November," the minister explained.

The New Political Parties Act will become effective July 1, when all political parties regulation is expected to fall under the Electoral Commission of Kenya.

Among other things, all parties are expected to make returns for financial statements, membership registers, leadership structures, elected registered officials, among others.

The parties will be allowed six months to comply with the new rules, without which they would not be financed, through the Consolidated Fund.

Party funding has since been adopted by Parliament as part of new accountability and anti-corruption measures, among them to curb grand corruption that is usually driven by political leaders in government in search of campaign booty.

On several documented cases, grand corruption has bordered on compromising national security.

However, the funding for parties now comes with strict accountability requirements.

Among stringent rules some parties may find it difficult to comply with policy that requires a third of the national executive council (NEC) officials be from either gender, while failure for compliance will lead to automatic deregistration.

Political indiscipline, thuggery and disregard for laws and rules governing political activities had gone on too far and needed to be stemmed, Karua said.

Karua says rogue behaviour and disregard of rules and laws by parties was major source of political instability and indiscipline in the public life.

"Lack of internal party discipline, internal democracy, respect for the laws and internal rules has been transferred to national and public affairs," the Narc-Kenya party chair said.

She added: "We cannot entrench democracy in our country and government if parties lack internal discipline."

Refurbishing Narc-Kenya, whose bulk of membership and support is central Kenya — a region that overwhelmingly voted for President Kibaki and PNU last year — has cast Karua as intent on grabbing back the support base it had lent PNU last year.

PNU has since absorbed many warriors and ambitious souls under its armpit, among them Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta, who is Kanu chairman, with presidential dreams.

Asked how she intends to navigate around Uhuru, and the search of political unity in her Central home under the Gikuyu, Meru and Embu Association (Gema), Karua said:

"Politics is a market place of ideas. I have no problem with communities seeking to unite around common interests. But every aspiring leader must come out, submit themselves to democratic processes, and compete with others."

She added: "The days of a few fellows sitting down and imposing an individual, or individuals imposing themselves are long gone."

It will be the first time Uhuru and Karua, who is doing her 16th year in Parliament and sixth as Cabinet minister, are being involved in high profile political battles.

Karua was among Kibaki’s men and women who schemed to cannibalise Kanu in 2006, during the formation of the Government of National Unity, a move that severely weakened Kanu’s ranks and Uhuru’s clout in Parliament.

Then they met again in Upper Eastern during the by-election occasioned by the Marsabit air crash. During which Narc-Kenya made serious inroads into the traditional Kanu stronghold.

But even a she seeks the highest office of the land, Karua said women should also stand up to be counted, and resist attempts to put them down through what she called ‘oppressive and demeaning questions about whether they had husbands or money before running for public office’.

"No one asks men if they have wives, or how much money they have before they seek elective offices," the minister reiterated.

"Even if a woman presidential candidate had a husband it’s not him who is applying for the job," She interjected, adding, "It’s double standards that women should resist and insist on being rated on ideas and merit."

Whether she convinces the party to vote her the national chairperson at the end of the year or not, Karua has her work cut out in keeping the party together and recruiting new members.

Already signs of cracks in the party ranks have appeared with several founder members and leading defenders pulling out of active involvement.

For instance, youthful MPs and assistant ministers Mwangi Kiunjuri and Peter Munya recently declined to sign up in the party’s list of MPs in Parliament.

They cited personal reasons and "need to take a breather and consult my constituents", a coded way to say they were no longer enthusiastic about the party.

Several ministers have also not been keen on attending key meetings, including the anniversary last week.

But by Karua’s side is interim secretary general Danson Mungatana, who is all fired up and dreams of a national flower party that will lead the charge to the next General Election, on its own.

On Friday, Mungatana said Narc-Kenya wants to build a party whose members demand accountability from its leaders:

"Jomo Kenyatta reigned, in complete disregard of party rank and file, views and feelings of members. Retired President Moi revamped Kanu, made it his tool of governance. But even then, members and party hierarchy had little say but rubber stamp his will and whims like a military outfit implementing commands from the centre," said Mungatana.

The Garsen MP says President Kibaki has behaved more or less like Kenyatta, which he says is not good for democracy.

"After getting to State House, he abandoned the parties that got him there, never consults them and makes decisions alone," said Mungatana, who is an Assistant Minister for Medical Services.

He added: "The party has no influence on the President or his decisions whatsoever. That’s not how things should be. A leader’s supporters should have a say on decisions, through the party." Mungatana is one of the MPs who went to Parliament through Narc-Kenya.

"For a President to make decisions on his own without consulting is bad for democracy and governance. Kenyans should demand accountability from leaders," said Mungatana.

"At party level there are no presidents and ministers but members. Narc-Kenya is leading in reversing this trend."

Narc-Kenya activities and those of former Baringo Central MP Gideon Moi, who has lately become vocal about revamping Kanu, are putting pressure on Uhuru Kenyatta, to declare his colours.

Some sources say Uhuru may not be keen on Kanu any longer, and could be eyeing a deal to assume leadership of PNU.

Anonymous said...

Bullshit!!! Do you know wheer Ruringu stadium is and mukurwe-ini wa Nyagathaga where kikuyu and Mumbi came from? You call that a few kilometers..You just plain stupid..

Anonymous said...

Anon 12.52...I did not mean white foreigners, I meant the wazungus born and bred in Kenya. This has been going on since colonial days.

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

Ruring'u-outskirts of Nyiri towni
Mukurwe-ini-some rural place, a constituency in Rware. Kabando wa Kabando is the custodian.
Mukurwe wa Nyagathanga-Garden of Eden in present day Murang'a.

Anonymous said...

If it is true that kalooser is letting out kuyo prisoners its no suprise, I knew something like this would happen.....PNU ministers have never been used to service to the people those posts are just for self interest and they are busy proving it...

Compare and contrast PNU and ODM ministers who is taking us foward and who is dragging us back?

....How can we move foward when kalooser is presiding over gross miscarriege of justice....and some mindless idiot is even hapily insinuating that RAO can do nothing about it....

You will find the same people claiming the no amnesty should be accorded to anyone....after all the kuyo prisoners have been let out that is...and armed for another round of mayhem and blame it on ODM.

There is alot of talk here about moving forward and so on but who is talking 2012? To PNU sucession is a major thing with kalooser in tow....yet some hate blinded people see ODMers as the problem....

Its the kind of things that kalooser is doing thats making it urgent to get ODM out so they can have the whole playground to themselves and screw kenyans...

We can see thru that. . . . As for RAo becoming a kukuyu elder.. much ado about nothing the less said the better.....

Kibz was a perennial looser until ge got the majic touch from RAO so give kuguru a break from what I get kuguru is a principled man whatever princples they are he is not willing to change them for political expediency and he does not need to, cause abviously he has his regular plate of githeri with out having a political post
Just the kind of people we need....

I wonder what those mps who have served before him have done for that community.

I find it unclever that some people keep complaining that nyanza is undeveloped and blame it on Luos.....this is common even amongst luos....In this day and age its suprising that people still don't know that without infrastructure even Bill Gates would not set up shop in luo nyanza.....Its just not ECONOMICAL and for all you un-informen luos and other retards. THE COST OF INFRUSTRUCTURE IS TOO HIGH FOR ANY PRIVATE CITIZEN TO INCURE. IT can only be done by government......for some of you who doubt go find out what it will cost you to have ONE electric pole added to bring elec next to your diggz...then come and complain that luo nyanza is under developed owing to the laziness of jangos....your ignorance is shameful to say the least.

I know a few jango's who have made a few coins and now think they have a right to pontificate on issues share this view....

I challange you to set the example...Obama did it, started as a community organiser..when did you organise anything lately at community level? Do you know your ward councilor?
Obama realised at some point that you need a higher office if you want to realy effect change but he first earned his wings as a community organiser. I still remember his Photo on a time magazine article....about a harvad lawer working with communities in down town chicago....befor he became famous.... now go establish you credentials before saying Luos out to do this or that.....

Sir Alex

Anonymous said...

Whoever made the comment below (in quoatation marks) is the most primitive person the world has ever known. AIDS is not something to joke with and am sure yourself you are affected in one way or another if not infected. Can you honestly claim that your tribe is safe from the pandemic? Other than use abusive/primitive language, why dont you state facts?

""""An uncircumcised man cannot be an elder of the GREAT MUMBI clan. There is no way a man without six lower teeth can be an elder of my tribe. Never.

Does it mean that we shall be at par without fish-smelling morons from Luoland, the Aids ravaged community that adore one man."""""''

Anonymous said...

who cares if raila becomes a kikuyu elder or not? there will be no impact to the kikuyu voter after alienating the central people he figures he can use the same magic ward he uses on the backward kales and lunjes?.. that will never happened coz the central people use their heads and are not fooolish enough to believe in pies in the skies!
so he can go a head come to ruring'u act like a clown lakini kura hapati ng'o! should go to moi for a few lessons on the kikuyu mind...kazi inaendelee na itaendelea 2012.

mrogoli said...

This whole discussion is totally meaningless to me.
The issues affecting the common mwananchi are not being highlighted by the media. People are suffering in Kenya with high inflation, making life unberable for many. Instead of the media assisting the common man by demanding that the prices of commodities whose import duties were zero rated be reduced, (traders are yet to do that) we are being told of useless stories. What will change in the lives of common kenyans whether Raila is made a tribal elder or not?
People should be discussing ways of allievating poverty and improving living conditions of kenyans.

Anonymous said...

the kikuyus and the luos on this blog may talk all they want about their rivalry but deep down in their minds they should know which tribe can change or rule the agenda in kenya. most of the contributors talk about luo and kikuyu rivalry as though they are the only two tribes that exist in kenya. this mentality is what made Moi rule for a clean 24 years undisrupted. let the kikuyu and luo fight on petty issues while the kalenjin rule. same thing happened in the post election violence. Raila is the PM because of the Kalenjins not any other tribe. he should know that and he should take care not to loose their support because without them he is zero.

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