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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Using Security To Play Deadly Political Chess Games

CheckMate or CheckBlood?

On the day that Francis Muthaura, the head of the civil service made his controversial government clarification statement, Prime Minister designate Raila Odinga’s security was withdrawn for a few hours. Mere coincidence?

Ambassador Francis Muthaura waiting to take instructions from the only man he receives instructions from. P.S. Where did the duly existed first lady go?

On Sunday, the same day that President Mwai Kibaki and Raila Odinga were seen on the golf course together, the Kenyan military were assembling for the biggest operation in the history of our military since the failed 1982 coup attempt. Mere coincidence?

Two days later, (Tuesday) reports started trickling in of fresh skirmishes in Laikipia and Molo. For obvious reasons, this news is being downplayed. Mere coincidence?

Official sources have admitted that the military operation in the Mt Elgon area is likely to move to other areas in the Rift Valley where we have seen violence, like Kuresoi, the border between Sotik and Borabu and Laikipia where fresh skirmishes have already broken out. Mere coincidence?

Concerning Raila Odinga’s security detail and motorcade, the police after hours of stone silence yesterday, (probably waiting to “hear from above”) issued a detailed statement to the press about the PM’s security detail having a permanent station at Rongai Police Station. So which police station is the president’s security detail permanently based in? The whole idea was to give the impression that the Prime Minister designate Raila’s security has been “beefed up” (whatever that means). No explanation was given for the constant change of Raila’s security personnel. The police only said that “the confusion” would stop when Raila’s security detail had a permanent base. Aii! You mean the police are admitting that there was confusion in Raila’s security arrangements? That’s a bombshell because confusion in Kibaki’s security detail would be a very serious matter and since the Prime Minister is supposed to share power with the president, the same can be said about Raila’s security.

But what is of even much bigger concern are the security operations involving the military in the Rift Valley...

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Anonymous said...

The presidential escort team were housed somewhere on 5th Avenue Parklands, I am not sure they are still there but once in a while especially on sundays morning we would see their motorcade.
Though Raila would want to enjoy state security my appeal to him is that may he just be a little bit cautious....Let him not be cozy with Kibs....Kibs and his ilk can't be trusted.....Don't i just love what Paul Muite has said in today's standard..."First he dismissed Muthaura's statements then says once the post was anchored in the constitution the holder would exercise authority...Just to borrow a leaf from Kibugi, let no one be under any illusion on the effect of the proposed ammendment to section 16, becuase it will vest executive authority to the office of the PM...Tosha na mtado....PUNU bloggers be warned that we ODMERS are not taking anything less than that....Thank God for your mischievious acts coz now you have made the ODM Mps and other like minded MPs who have warned that they will not pass the bill if it does not concur with what they expect, they will read that bill vibaya, they will scruitinize it and they will only pass what they want....Bado mapambano...Wakenya wameamka i keep on telling guys we are no longer the breed that Kenyatta duped, and Moi stepped on over and over again...Ni mwaamko mpya....If Muthaura statements were to test the waters and see how many kenyans were with Kibs then they got the answer with all the criticism he got....Do you know that the only Mps who supported him were the ones from Central apart from Wetangula and Mutula (Kibaki's sycophants)...But at least there are some remnants 3 MPs from Central told him to watch his mandate....By the way this errand boy Muthaura, Who does he think he is? Yeye ni nani?
As someone says he is a man who has outlived his usefulness and should gracefully step aside....
Executive PM ..Take it or leave it....and those who are thinking we are joking be careful.....JUST be careful you will not know what will hit you....Did you see the joy that was there on the day the peace deal was signed, from western, to Nyanza, Riftvalley to Coast and here in Nairobi not forgetting NEP, then that and more will be the same response that you will get on the day mtafanya mchezo na wakenya.....Central Kenya i am saying you can no longer afford to hold this whole nation at ransom....That is one thing you cannot afford to do!!!!


Anonymous said...

Chris, I am tired of being told that "It's his cronies, they are doing it without his knowledge". If you remember very well, since the NARC days, we've always absolved Kibaki of every wrong the government does, starting from the (in)famous MOU to Anglo-Leecing to the Rigged elections. Kwani if he doesn't know what his cronies have done, then what business does he have being in statehouse? If he cannot reign on the Muthauras of this world, then he should resign. Muthaura is Kibaki's appointee, and as the boss, if your employee goes against your desires, then you fire him. If you don't fire him then it means you approve of what he's just done. What I am saying is that Kibaki is well aware of what Muthaura (and Mutua) did. Kibaki is testing the waters; he's probably testing what the effects would be if he disregards the deal just like he did with the MOU. He's now pressed the first button (via Muthaura), he'll try a second one and a third, and if the reaction is the same, then he'll say to hell with the deal. ODM (especially Raila) has to stand up and say NO! Kibaki should come out and disown Muthaura publicly (by sacking him). ODM is slowly falling into the bait, the noose that Kibaki set for LDP in 2002. It's time we got some leadership from this man! Personally, I still don't recognize Kibaki as the president. I don't even know why Raila accepted this deal. I have been asking why people are so excited over this thing. As someone said before, Kibaki did not rig elections to share power (or to relinquish it totally). Phil, please advice Raila that we are watching! And I was very surprised that Mutula Kilonzo, a lawyer, supported Muthaura's (Kibaki's) view. Phil, once again, please tell Raila we are watching, and we're waiting for what he promised us; TOTAL AND ABSOLUTE CHANGE. WAZEE WANG'ATUKE, VIJANA WAANZE KAZI SASA.

Chief Dr. Al Hajj, M.A. Nanga, MP.

Anonymous said...

The security problems in Rift Valley are indeed critical.

They may be older than the election problem BUT THEY ARE THE PRECISE REASON WHY WE NEED LAND REFORMS.

Anonymous said...

thank you chris for this.

I think we should me more optimistic. Let have confident in the government. There is nothing fishy the government is planning againest Raila. Please be assured of that. I am a good supporter of Raila but I beg to differ with you on this. Raila is well taken care of and the deal is intact.

On Mt.Elgon operation I think what the army is doing is good. The government had tried the use of ordinary police without success. These criminals have killed many people and they should dealt with ruthlessly just the way it is happening.If the army can stop the insecurity why not use them.

In the issue that we anticipate a similar operation in Eldoret and other places, I dont think that will happen. The magnitude of the problem in these areas cannot be compared with that in Mt.Elgon. Remember when Naivasha youths were becoming too much in January 2008, the army came in with rubber bullets showered from the skies.

Let us not see the government as anti-Raila and so on. I think we should hope for the best.


Anonymous said...

Please Chris don't panic or lose sleep over the security of Raila or that of Kibaki. These two belong to one tribe - the tribe that lives in gated communities and travels in Limos and chopers. You and I and those on the street or tilling tiny shambas belong to the other tribe. When the members of one tribe argue about sharing power the members of the other kill each other with arrows and machetes. When neighbours in Kibera are slaughtering each other, those in Muthaiga and Karen are inter-marrying in extravagant weddings. When they are done lording over us they impose their children upon their followers to continue the dynasty. People were talking of Moi & sons, you have seen lately Raila & Fidel.
Don't sit there and worry about a Kenyan politician's security. Even if their official security is withdrown they can afford to go back to their former "goon" security. I suggest we stop worshipping these guys - if we don't, they will never take us seriously.
If you have time to worry let us worry about the displaced people who were left out of the power deal.

Anonymous said...

You are just a misguided alarmist. No. No really. I think you know what you are doing. You just want traffic here.

Anonymous said...

Otieno dude, all the best as you hope. Dont dismiss evrything coz you have confidence in Kibaki's govt......I am yet to gain some confidence,and yes past experience has given us cause to worry....In your right mind who do you think Muthaura was speaking for? How come Kibs has not come out to dismiss his sentiments, Mutula & Wetangula (By the way his name means the one who blabbers alot) who sat in the Kofi Annan's committee are all out to support Muthaura, then you are telling us to be a bit confident...Hope My foot!!! May you also remember that the police came with live bullets in January 2008 and terrorised people in Kisumu, kakamega, Eldoret and Kibera/Mathare in Nairobi....By the way how do i expect you to remember coz they way you are talking i dont even think you are abit Kenyan!!!
Are you just Otieno or you wish you were called Otieno....Just a thought

Anonymous said...

The security detail of the prime minister should be of paramount concern to us.We are all human beings and make mistakes, whether the slip ups are genuine or fake someone is accountable.They should sort themselves out instead of thinking whom to harass in changaa and busaa DENS OR where the next matatu bribe will come from.The police are still SHAKEN,BEWILDERED AND FRIGHTENED at the mere thought of HAVING to give VIP SECURITY to the very same party leaders that made them run around Kenya streets and laze around UHURU PARK like WILD ANIMALS.You can see the Lumps of embarrassment in their throats each time they speak.ABSURDITY OF higher levels!
The army incursion in mt elgon must restore peace and confidence required for co-existence....!

Anonymous said...

Has anyone asked themselves what would happen if a future elected president would also be coming from the party with the majority?Or are Kenyans just recklesly myopic?

Anonymous said...

You all talk as if Raila is being killed tomorrow.The man is safe. Dont handle him like a piece of egg.Infact nobody is interested in the life of Raila.

This man Ivy thinks he is more of ODM than me simply because I view things differently. Go to hell. I am a luo and my name is otieno.

Omera weuru medo wach jakom nikare.

Otieno- Bondo

Anonymous said...

Chris, I think something fishy is going on in the whole idea of Raila's security, Muthaura's statement and sending of the army to mt. Elgon. You do not need to be a briliant lawyer to fully understand the hidden clips of the peace deal. Muthaura and company have realised that the deal has bestowed in the office of the PM real powers and authority to run the executive part of the
government. They have discovered too that president whom they worship and manuplate remains only the head of state and commander in chief of the arm. His office is just but ceremonial and nothing else. They are trying to bring in confusions and to water down the deal. They can't imagine that the easy money they used to get when kibs had the executive powers are going away to PM. The luctive government tenders and contracts that were not awarded on merit, ethnic based employment opportunities, tax eviation and name it all will all be things of the past because the PM will be in charge.

On security of the PM something is just not adding up. Nyaseda need to be in charge of Raila's security. Chris, tell Raila to demand for the employment of his former security that he had during the elections headed by Nyaseda. They are top class security officers that can not compared with the easily compromised kenyan police.

On mt elgon, why is the army beating up civilians including journalist if they have no hidden agenda? Why are young men be being taken to the villages to police cell? If these youths were guilty then the best option could have been to a rest them before the army oparation. We know that journalist are like the red cross personel, they are able to go into the thick of the war and report the truth to the world. Why are they being beaten, their pictures deleted and warned never to go back? It is not just mount elgon, the army will be in the RV and other ODM strong holds because kibs want rule use army, fear and intermidation. Probably they have made terrible mistakes in the past 5 years and they notwant the PM to know so they have to rule come rain come sun shine. But Kenyans will not sleep till we get what we want-the people power that will eradicate poverty, disease and ignorance-A GOVERNMENT FOR THE PEOPLE, A GOVERNMENT BY THE PEOPLE-A GOVERNMENT FOR ALL MWANANCHI.

Anonymous said...

Otieno i dont care wherever you come from.....Kwanza i am not a man, or you think it is only men who can stand up to you.....And who was talking about one being more ODM than the other...Or did i see wrongly....And dont think you are addressing luos in this blog, so whatever you are insinuating, show yourself a man by writting things that everybody understands and can read or better still go to ..they have ears for your likes!!!


Anonymous said...

anonymous 3.54, i dont think that would be a problem this arrangement is a one time only thing.

the act itself states that it 'shall cease to apply upon dissolution of the tenth parliament, if the coalition is dissolved, or a new constitution is enacted, whichever is earlier.'

after these three things happen.... we shall no longer have these offices unless we decide to incorporate such provisions in the 'new' constitution, that i hope we will soon get.

and.....chris do you also work in the orange house like phil?....i see a lot of bloggers telling you to tell raila this and tell him that.....please, if you do, tell him to take good care of himself for me!

Anonymous said...

ivy, sorry if i addressed you inapproprately.

We are not attacking one another here. We only expressed issues and none should be dismissed.

My point still remain that I am of the view that Raila`s security details are intact. People are speculating too much and that is the issue that I am uncomfortable with.

I think some people think that they understand tomorrow`s happening more than the others. They think that they can predict the Kenyan future. That is not true.

I want assure you that the changes we have seen in Raila`s security should not worry anyone.

Our role as Kenyan is to give this deal a chance.


Kheng.Fu said...

I work out here in the field read (mission) and I can not tell you how much my colleagues admire RAO he is seen as a statesman who does not mince his words I am especially happy on his take on the psychotic megalomaniac RGB

Kheng.Fu said...

Otieno... there was a time that we were warned that voting for people from one part of the country was voting for arrogance(needless to say we now know that...arrogance is everywhere) but still are you trying to prove them right.....

Daniel Waweru said...

Then there is another really disturbing question. Why dispatch the military to the Rift Valley when a peace deal has been signed with ODM? Why not pursue dialogue in ending all clashes countrywide? Why should Francis Muthaura (he who insists on being called an ambassador) give such a provocative statement on national TV about the powers of the Prime Minister when wounds are still raw and the peace precarious to say the least? Incidentally reports of renewed clashes in areas like Laikipia and Molo broke out shortly after the Muthaura statement.

It seems clear that ODM's RVP branch is quite uninterested in dialogue: arson and expulsions continued throughout last week in Kericho. The attacks in Kericho came before Muthaura's statement. There were other attacks in Sotik, prior to the Kericho ones. More recently, there has been deadly violence in Laikipia in Njoro; indeed, there have been over 50 deaths in RVP since the power-sharing agreement was signed. If that isn't a rejection of dialogue, one wonders what is. The deaths certainly justify the deployment of the military.

If ODMers showed as much concern for these killings as they have for Muthaura's ill-timed statement, one might begin to take their complaints seriously; as it is, one can't.

Anonymous said...

Hi ODMers.

I hope now it has sunk into your heads that we have one H.E Kibaki EGH as president of kenya. If you do not know ask Raila himself.

We now have it on record that Kibaki won otherwise why call him HIS EXCELLENCY BY RAILA?

Now the deal can break for all we care.

Abass said...

Otieno... seems u are praising the military for using RUBBER bullets in Naivasha. Now lemme ask you, where were this rubber bullets in Kisumu? How come they only run out in Kisumu, Mombasa or other ODM-friendly areas and in Naivasha, they never seem to go?

Abass said...

Mrembowaodm, I doubt whether ODM and PNU will join hands together to provide a new constitution. Yes, each will provide their own constitution but we can only have one. I maybe wrong but that is my opinion, and only time will tell. This agreement is a perfect recipe for retaining the status quo, in my opinion. PNU pulls out tomorrow, and we are already back with Kibaki and co.

Anonymous said...

Chris while most of us appreciate the info you post here you should also balance it properly. In all the areas that u have had violence, there are many other people who are preaching peace that still live in those affected areas. How come your so called resources never get the "goodwill- peace preaching villagers who out of sheer humanity sent emmisaries to elders from the communities affected and call truces others pass olive branches that foster peace in their said regions? Why all the hate, war mongering? I personally know some families in Kuresoi that are kyuqs and kales who have sat down and agreed that they will not promote violence in their village. They have even gone to the extent of protecting each other when their "enemies" show up. Some have even slaughtered a goat to signify their "gentleman's agreement" is binding. Be fair and balanced and help promote peace. Hii maneno ya kuona vita ilhali kuna wengine wanaohakikisha amani ina enea lakini huwaoni.

Do u remember "checkman"? Am sure u do ? He once said " the bigger the sacrifice, the greater the objective". So what is your objective in this whole issue Chris?

Anonymous said...

Wacheni domo! Even if you shout from the rooftops, what Amb Muthaura said is TRUE hata Raila anajua- meza wembe.

Raila must be kept safe and away from his own GOONS some of who are not happy with the deal. Ruto belongs to JAIL and i have evidence to prove why which I have sent to both kibs & RAO. Who would want to harm RAO? Fungua macho bwana! Certainly not President Kibaki and yes if the govt suspects even the slightest infiltration into the security system of Head of State or PM-designate, it is quite normal to reshuffle. As for those screaming Nyaseda, my ass! Kikulacho ki nguoni mwako. Dont even keep a 'watchie' who understands your mother tongue.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:09....Lol...Wewe usamehewe

Anonymous said...


You are in the west, yet you know rubbers were used. Truth will set you free

Anonymous said...

Anony@11.09 AM,

You are really full of it. You want to pretend Odinga has worse enemies than Emilio. WOW!

Tom Mboya also felt safe when he was used to get rid of Jaramogi Oginga Odinga. He did not know he would be assassinated by the very people who had used him.

Raila better watch it if he has not forgotten what happened to him and his Dad!!

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