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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Raila Odinga Now Approves Safaricom Sale

There is something very fishy going on.

Those in the know are fully aware that the Safaricom sale of shares to the public was bitterly contested by ODM last year in the run up to the General elections. And with good reason. For example as you read this we still do not know who the mystery owner of the 5 per cent stake in East Africa’s most profitable company is.

Jimmy Kibaki yesterday visited Hon Raila Odinga at Orange House where the two are said to have had tea. Amazingly had this photograph appeared here just 2 short weeks ago everybody would have said it was fake.

If truth be told, between last year and now, absolutely nothing has changed. Except that ODM leader Raila Odinga seems to have changed his mind.

Raila met yesterday with Finance Minister Amos Kimunya and even the finance minister who barely 4 months ago said that the Nairobi stock exchange was not a fish market in a thinly veiled personal attack targeting Hon Raila Odinga is now all of a sudden talking very respectfully about Raila. He referred to Raila and President Kibaki as “our two leaders” in a press conference where he appeared to be in a jovial mood, yesterday.

This is hardly the time for hero worship, but it is important that Hon Raila Odinga explains to the public what has brought about this change of heart. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy about the new found unity and co-operation between these two leaders who brought Kenya to it’s worst crisis yet and to the brink of civil war. Under these circumstances peace is very desirable above anything else, and I mean anything.

Still the public needs to know. If Hon Raila Odinga’s opposition of the Safaricom IPO last year was just mere politicking, he needs to tell Kenyans and then he also needs to apologize to the good people of Kenya.

This is also not the time for partisan politics because we are dealing with public property here. The Kenya government owns a large stake in safaricom on behalf of the Kenyan public and now it is about to sell what belongs to the good people of Kenya to individuals within the public.

What I can tell readers here authoritatively is that there is a very bad smell emanating from the Safaricom IPO. There are leads that I am currently following that could link the mysterious strengthening of the Kenya Shilling to the upcoming Safaricom IPO. In fact so far everything I see about this IPO points to the Kenyan ordinary folk being short changed.

It seems that the price Kenyans will have to pay for peace will be pretty high, at least in the short term.

Still my final word on this issue is that whatever the price, I am sure it is worth it. Better peace and let us pay it. After all one can never compare human life (which is priceless) to anything else under the sun. Still, I just thought that Kenyans should be informed.


Anonymous said...


I don't see why you seem surprised that ODM is now ok with the IPO, and yet, as you put it, nothing has was just an unnecessary delay...we (the voters, hecklers, warriors) will continue to chop each others heads and still have no idea who Mobitelea is!

Like i have stated before, politics in Kenya is about class interests. You can now see which class the MPs will work for, with all of them targeting to be multi-millionaires within 5 years. Come 2010 and the succession battle begins proper they will start opposing everything the government does...and we will be ready to applaud them as our heroes, leaders, martyrs, etc.

There are no permanent enemies.... only permanent interests.

Pleeeeease post this one.


Phil said...

Before posting this, it would be useful, Chris, to remember that ODM (not Raila as an individual) challenged this IPO in court due to what they saw at that time to be political reasons. That case was dismissed by the court. What more can ODM do to stop this process?

The government (not Raila or ODM) is a shareholder at Safaricom, and it is also the government that is driving this IPO.

I wonder what that has to do with PM designate Raila that he is now 'approving' the IPO for it to go ahead. Raila himself has not personally commented on the Safaricom IPO. It is imperative to stress here that it is Kimunya who is telling anyone who cares to listen that Raila has no problem with the IPO process going ahead.

Let us learn to distinguish politics from all other that matters. You can be sure that ODM will issue an official statement as regards this matter. Meanwhile everyone is welcome to air their views without necessarily having to lay blame on ODM for the safaricom IPO!

Mobitelea shareholding is something we are all eager to get to the root of.

Perhaps as a private citizen, one can obtain court orders to stop this IPO Chris. That is, if one can convince the presiding judge that 'some bad smell is emanating from this sale and that someone is playing commercial games with the foreign exchange rates'.

I would also like to say that we all know a peace agreement has been signed between Raila and Kibaki. We know what happened before this deal was reached and we all know what this deal is all about. If anyone does not agree with what Kofi Annan achieved in Kenya, then go ahead and critisize the shifting of relations among Kenyans and their political leaders.

Anonymous said...

Chris, the share price is Just 5 bob per share for the most profitable company in eastern africa. why not dig in and eat part of the cake?

Anonymous said...

You say that Raila is not a shareholder in Safaricom - how do you know? And even if not yet, he will become one - or his South African business partners who own anyway a stake of 51 in the Odinga-family private company as well as the Molasses Plant.

Somebody has heard Raila saying yesterday that if he would have time right now, he would already sign up to a portion of these shares - it was published in the Kenyan Media.

Don't declare Raila a Saint - he is not like none of the bunch of politicians either in ODM- or PNU.

Or referring to something Chris rightfully said: One can never compare life to anything else under the sun.

But the fact remains that people have died for these two newfound friends and they owe Kenya and Kenyans not only an apology but all the help they can give and stop asking the donor countries and NGO's (which again are foreign financed).

Would it not be a good idea to set up a Fund out of the sale of the Safaricom shares for those who have left their loved-ones and for those who are still living in the camps without knowing how and where to live in the future?

I doubt that somebody (and this includes Phil) will like this proposal. It is so much easier to close the eyes instead - and then go and check the increase in your bank accounts.

The ordinary People of Kenya never counted in this 'chess game' called politics.

So how should and would somebody expect that this is different now?

'Business as usual' is the slogan of the day - and then the worst 'let's go on with life and enjoy the peace those 'leaders' have brought to us'.

Do you forget that it was exactly these leaders who have brought all this misery on Kenya?

But as I said before and I repeat it again: who cares about the ordinary Kenyans?

Obviously nobody does - at least not anybody of those drinking tea demonstrating their newfound friendship and to stop the irony, the same who have led Kenya to the brink of collapse, even demonstrate how nice and peaceful Kenya has become again, enjoying their round of Golf.

And then those who even admire them for 'having the welfare of Kenya and Kenyans at mind'.

Somebody should have had the courage to chase them out of their luxurious homes and right down the road to Kibera and the camps where children, women and men are still suffering from the nightmare of political self-esteem demonstrated by these leaders.

What a shame they have brought on Kenya and Kenyans.

And the end is not even in sight. Just wait and see and read - in case you dare to publish this and similar comments in the future.

Anonymous said...

I think we should forge ahead and please am sick of living everyday in politics.

Anonymous said...

Lets enjoy the peace and move on with our lives....if you want a stake in Safcom buy some. if you feel something is not right go to court as Phil puts it. From my own opinion the sale of Safcom last year was to raise funds for "KIBAKI RE-ELECTION". now that that is no longer the case, i think the Govt is broke and needs cash urgently to survive and one source is selling Safcom. Even PM designate who is serving in the current Govt can oppose that which will earn him credit..."PM-Designate rescues Broke Govt by allowing sale of Safcom"


Anonymous said...

Anon 3:13 - close your eyes and go to sleep maybe after having drunk some or many tuskers. That way you can go on living and reading your post, I am sure you have a 'living' contrary to millions others - but I understand that you are not the only one thinking like that. Even here on this Blog - the ones who screamed loudest asking for changes, are now the loudest asking the rest to shut up.

And that's what is most worrying right now.

The 'cake' with the name Kenya is being divided and the same people as before are grabbing their piece, no matter how.

So the impression starts slowly cropping in (at least for those of us who are willing to see the reality) that it was all about:

'Who is getting the biggest piece the next 5 years'?

I know it is very discouraging and almost unbearable to see the truth behind those assuring smiling faces of these clowns calling themselves 'leaders' - but open your eyes and fulfill what you here on this Blog and on many others have asked for during these last painful weeks:

Let's keep our leaders accountable from now onwards.

Or is all this already forgotten under the cover of a very short memory?

If so, continue sleeping - but don't wake up one day to find out that your sound sleep is turning - again - into a nightmare instead.

Maybe then it will be too late, also for you.

deroo said...

Great effort.

Not to castigate who said what or who did not say what, but what has just happened in the last two weeks. sworn enenies are wining and dining, old enemies are facading their outlook and above all, it is now business as usual.

1000 people dead, no need for recount, no need for tallying and all the bad things that might have been 'misconstrued' are now normal

Is ODM the party that spoke on full decibel about the ecomonic boycotts that targetted Safaricom among other government (or to be precise Kikuyu leaning businesses)? Oh Yes.

What the price for all that? 1000 people dead, thousands misplaced in their own country and the economy shuddering to a halt.

Then, a prospective PM flag silenced No Raila No School, No Raila No Peace.

I have come to realise one thing, that once a politician, always a politician and politicians and their antics never cease to amaze. They are politicians and politicians they remain. 1000 people died for them!

But Raila the politician has changed a great deal. It is said that he was taken aback with the infrastructural destruction that he witnessed that at one time he was close to tears when he travelled by road to his birthplace in Bondo. The situation on the ground was grotesque, if an English word could fit.

Any political observer will tell you that going by what politicians are made of, Raila immediately dropped the pug and the body language from that time told it all. He did not smile during his whole speech when he talked of primitivity among the ‘supporters’ of the party who coined the archaic NO RAILA NO SCHOOL. As if his word is LAW, he ordered all schools to re-open and those making the remarks and enchanting the slogan disappeared in thin air. In actual fact, the slogan has not been heard of since. I did applaud him here for that.

It was such a similar personal statement that one man against what has come to be commonplace talk ‘Economic Sabotage’ rubbished what protagonists of his own party had been advocating.

a question...Was it supposed to be that painful with rivers of blood flowing before self-interst aka community interst cripped in?

Lets think of a 2012 Oposition slogan, Mwai Kibaki will leave it to Raila Odinga, Raila Odinga will leave it to Jimmi Kibaki, then Jimmy KIbaki leves it to Fidel Odinga, and then...Fidel Odinga leave it to...guess who


Sayra said...

The difference between Kibaki and Raila is that Raila knows how to please the public with his charisma ... nothing else. its not that he really cares what is best for Kenyans or that he has the best interest of kenyans. I have said that not much would have changed had there been a change of government other than the usual optimism that kenyans are known for.
I have reasons to believe that even if we got totally new leaders ... and retain the current system of governance, we will always be going round in circles ... unless the new leaders are a special breed of people who will honestly work to changing how things are done within the government.

If we are honestly seeking to have a better nation ... this is not the time to take sides ... we should all be working towards having a change of government systems, nothing else.

Sayra said...

So for the Safaricom IPO, currently the ODMers have something to gain unlike before where they would not have what they wanted ... therefore no need to oppose the sale of the shares.

Its that simple.

Anonymous said...

the swahili have asaying ukiona vyaelea jua vyaundwa ,thats to say new camaderie between amolo tinga and and former political competitors is pure expression of class intrests ,iam deeply concerned with all disply of friendship ,which one blogger is pure of class intrest., bloggers ,its matter of time tinga has sold cause. time will tell

Anonymous said...

Even before the elections, ODM stated publicly that they were not against the IPO entirely. They were against the manner in which it was being conducted. If I am wrong please correct me. Why do you guys want to read every step of Raila like he's Osama? Please, Raila deserves rest as well. He's been fighting all his life. And btw, guys, don't be discouraged. Raila will not let you down. He'll bring the change we've been yearning for. However long it takes, it will be written that Raila initiated the change that transformed Kenya forever. As for Raira meeting Jimmy, I don't see anything wrong. Kwani mulitaka waanze kupigana makofi! Bure kabisa!

Akalla said...

Anon 3.13 these politics are sickening! Almost half a year now just thinking about the same people! They've made us fight and kill one another and now they're moving around like best of friends. Having tea and laughing all the time. We need to concentrate our energies elsewhere. No christmas, no new year, no saturdays no SUNDAYS siasa tu!

Anonymous said...

Finally all those loud mouthed ODMers have realized what i have been saying all along.
No one gives a fuck about them and its their problem if the choma their houses like the fools in kisumu and kibera.Or if they turn into murderers like the goons in kalejin land.
They are just pawns and hakuna difference between akina michuki and athuri and raila.Both sides are rich and planning on getting richer!
So after u have murdered,looted,burnt and raped in Raila's name(remember no raila no peace) its for you to know how to cure your conscience and live with the curses because noone gives a damn.
And thats why i have been telling Chris not to dilute his blog by turning into an ODM mouthpiece.Clearly the chickens are coming home to roost and kenyans are realizing that they have again been used and dumped by our political class.
So as you scream Raila or ODM just remember it is not about you and your justice and it has never been!
And kibaki and his ilk are just as bad.
i remember a kumekucha where we used to talk about change.Wonder how we ended up with a kumekucha full of ethnic bigotry,hate and looking up to failures(raila and kibaki) as our saviours!
Food for thought,Chris?

Fave said...

I think having selective amnesia is sick (that is redundant). However,for all of you suffering from amnesia let me stir up you memory. Trawling, the pre-election news, ODM was never ever against the ipo it was only against the manner of, and the players involved. I am one of the people who believes the government has no role in doing any form of business apart from acting as an enforcer of rules. The government should sell safaricom as fast as it can. But remember that, it was build on taxpayers money and we need to get the best return.
As an observer, I do not see any signs that things are going to change in Kenya. As long as we have the same constitution, and we elect the same bunch of morons each time an election comes up. I remain pessimistic

Nganga said...

I had lunch with a very wise young man. He gave his thoughts on where Kenya needs to head now. He said that the best thing was to identify a tribeless president and parliamentarians.

If we, as Kenyans, agreed. We could vote out the entire political class and bring in new people.

Those of us with some financial strength and no time could contribute financially. Those of us with limited financial strength but with time could contribute their time.

We as Kenyans would vet candidates ala "American Idol" or some other public forum with votes being sent in either online or by text. We would do background checks on all candidates we chose to support. We would look at their past achievements, level of integrity etc. I am willing to bet my life that there are 300 Kenyans who have the leadership skills, integrity and ambitious to make a difference.

Right now, Kibaki, Raila et al have neither the moral nor the political capital to bring real change. We thought Kibaki could, but despite a lot of good efforts, it still was half measure. We thought Raila could, but unless things change in the next few weeks, he will be caught up in "business as usual"

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 3.13 and 6.23 I agree with you whole heartedly!!

I cannot believe we wasted a whole year dwelling on this nonsense!! Had people killed left, right and center for 'change'! So that later......sworn enemies can go drink tea, play golf, host parties, grace the grand regency to have sumptuous meals!! When the displaced people have not even been moved out of their makeshift camps and some victims have not even been buried!

I think Raila 'party host' Odinga should come out and tell us what the hell has changed in the safaricom deal....between the December court ruling and now! Of course their decision to accept the deal now maybe valid but let them come out and tell us... so that we can understand it, we need things to be done transparently and accountably!!! and even if it was just domo-domo I believe we have a right to know!!

Secondly, I would like to know if that ODM reform manifesto is ever going to see the light of the day....the way things are going naona hapa 'kazi itaendelea'. Seriously was all that stuff they fed us with in their campaigns all a load of bullcrap?

Are we now going to 'comfortably' work side by side with the 'adui' after giving him the 'red card'? What was all that talk about 'change'?, Is majimbo talk over? What was all that 'our people' nonsense? ama I was the one suffering from serious illusions during the campaigns?....really all these things are just confusing me!!

If these people were serious about it....there was no way they would ever work with the 'kazi iendelee' party!! All this shows me is that Mr 'party host mabendera' is no longer a 'kazi ianze' chap he is now happy to 'endelea' because of a flagged limo and some uniformed goons in the name of security aides!!

Please could somebody tell me.....since ODM looks like it is going to 'endelea' what would be the difference (other than our election win) between what traitor Kalonzo did and what they look like they are doing? The end result is the same....

Right now I have just heard NGO'S namely CLARION and others calling on the legislature to reduce their salaries, I think these NGO's were deluded like I was......I am not even gonna hold my breath for this one hahaha!! is evident to me that here 'kazi itaendelea sana kwa maisha bora'!!!

Oh well, I am a pessimist...sue me....I just hope that someone will prove me very wrong ama tell me Raila is executing serious strategies underneath all these smiling atoe hao watu!! This is a nightmare!

Anonymous said...

Raila is a true leader, who has the interest of the common man at heart unlike majority of ODMer`s who were advocating for dividing the country along tribal lines.
Some were even calling for issuance of visas when travelling to other "majimbos" provinces.

When two women were claiming to be the mothers of a child and they were asked to split the poor child in half, one woman accepted whole heartedly "Some ODMers` for example and the other woman refused with a resounding NO" That was Raila.

The Lang’ata MP, PM-designate warned Kenyans to be on the lookout for anyone bent on derailing the newfound national cohesion reached after several weeks of delicate negotiations.

This is what he said. "The country was heading towards balkanisation like Yugoslavia or Czechoslovakia and some even suggested that we split the country, but we said Kenya must stand together and communities remain united in one Kenya," he said.

Raila likened the accord to a skyscraper, which takes several professionals to erect over a long period, but could be brought down by an inexperienced mason with rudimentary tools. Like in the case of Hooligan`s in Kibera uprooted the Railway lines.

"Let us not bring non-experts to work again in our country," Raila warned, saying Kenya had reached the precipice of self-destruction after the contested poll and could ill-afford towards the same route again.

"The PM-designate has continued to pursue the spirit of the national accord and reconciliation pact. He has met publicly with leaders from across the political aisle from the President to MPs and ministers. There is real effort to reach out and it is now clear that most leaders are doing it,"

Kenyans should shun away from trabal thinking and undermining the intelligence of the Kenyan intellectuals across the Globe.

Kenya has proffesors, Engineers, Doctors, Business people and a few people should not be used by self seekers.

Wanjiku - Mombasa said...

Nganga your bet is safe. Kenya has well over 300 brilliant leaders and other professionals. I wrote an article here a few weeks ago and proposed the same idea of a tribe-less president and brand new leaders all of whom have never held public office. My article was in the form of a dream and i thought I was dreaming alone. Now I see I have company. Your method of voting is a new one. LOL.

Just wait and see, if these leaders go for each other's throats one more time, Kenyans will kill one another again. The joke is on Wanjiku.

Anonymous said...

I agree with some of the people here regarding the change in this blog - Chris you were so strong when calling out for change albeit believing at that time that it was ODM which could bring such a change.

Don't give up now - and I repeat what I have said in an earlier post above: let's keep our politicians accountable - finally.

So, Chris, I am begging you: use the power of this blog to reach out to thousands (millions) in and outside Kenya - let's all of us shout together so that those words somebody once told me with regards to other African people become true for Kumekucha:

to become the 'Voice of the Voiceless' -

And don't stop to shout and scream the truth - never ever.

But please never become silent or accepting 'that things cannot be changed'.

Because if you do - I am sorry to say that - you have lost not only the faith so many people have put into you, but you will have also lost yourself.

Think about this.

SolutionObjects said...

sometimes it's hard to believe that some people who post comments here went to school. First of all, no one died or fought for Raila, it's for democracy and good governance, Raila just happens to be the leader of this movement. Another thing, what so bad about Raila wanting to buy safaricom shares? how does that make him evil? and what's wrong for him and other ODM party leaders to mend fences with their political enemies with whom they are going to work with in government? They are just creating a conducive environment so that they deliver services to the people of Kenya without the infighting we experienced after 2002,we should only judge ODM leaders characters after they occupy their positions in government. Let's judge them on how they deliver, not on whom Raila had a cup of tea with. Of course people like Muthaura are not confortable with this new development, I wonder if he's one of the anonymous people sending comments here. All I say is stop being so pessimistic and grow up, all of you!

tnk said...

in the absence of other credible information, then this is indeed a very strange turnaround of events. as pointed out previously, nothing has changed but there is hope for new posts and distribution or consultative formation of cabinet. a number of these decisions being taken as well as statements being made could have been put on hold until the agreement clears most of the hurdles. if the agreement failed any where between now and who knows when, then a number of people will look extremely foolish. Failing can simply be indefinite postponement for whatever reason of whatever has to be done.

that aside, i think the statement RAO approves is a little misleading but your point is well made.

Wanjiku - Mombasa said...

These politics are sickening. My Domo friend Gwadu says he's almost pregnant with too much politics.

Mrembowaodm do you remember the words below from a past article? I think I'm beginning to dream again!

'Sometimes I allow myself the luxury of dreaming a little on the wild side. Ok, a lot. Supposing we had a different president other than the two for some time as we put our act together? Go on, feel free to dream. Our strange dreams will not be signed into law any time soon. John Githongo for example? PLO Lumumba? Wycliffe Musalia Mudavadi? All worthy leaders but unfortunately, this being Kenya in February 2008, anyone born within our borders will elicit the tribal debate afresh. We’re therefore looking for a tribeless president people and that can only mean one from without. I told you it was wild!'

Steve said...

More informed people than myself have commented on the Safari com IPO.

But in response to some of the comments here regarding the new-found Kibaki-Ralia camaraderie, please people can we not be so quick to judge? Can we not second-guess Raila and ODM quite yet? There is a grand coalition in the making and Raila is showing leadership by engaging with the other side. It is not just politics, it is good sense. He has hardly sold out. Let us judge him once the new constitutional framework starts being debated.

The land-distribution and constitutional reform issues underly the inequities. Were the 'hooligans' in Kibera who live on less the $2 and who have no future going to sit back and enjoy the drama? I am hopeful that ODM is simply laying the ground work for fundamental change. And socializing with the power-brokers is simply a means to that end.

On another note, because of personal attacks, it seems like fewer people are willing to use an identifiable handle. Hurtful things can be said in the heat of the moment, but can we at least try and debate in a civilized manner?

Anonymous said...

wanjiku sweetheart...note the name change kwanza, yes i remember your next president for kenya dream article......i will reiterate in part what i said in reply to your dream post.....

"........let me indulge your fantasy…. your choices of ‘alternative presidents’ are fine with me but maybe you should have thrown in maina kiai instead of mr. FBI-‘record other peoples conversations’!!......"

aki i tell you this current breed of 'leaders' are all a bunch of worthless, slimy, pretentious IDIOTS!!! am sick and tired of the whole lot of them!!..........

Anonymous said...

Folks, let's grow up. This is not a game of pick-up basketball where feuds must go on and on...both teams have to work together if anything is to be accomplished. Nothing will get done if the animus continues. It is unrealistic to expect ODM to achieve anything if they antagonize PNU at every turn. If ODM does not work with them some of you will be the first people wailing about how ODM does not care about the country and is all about DOMO. Let's acknowledge that we really don't know what is going on behind the scenes. For all we know, nothing maybe as it seems on either side. Kenya has to move forward and since this is contingent upon all players working together, I don't see the big deal about lunch, cocktail parties, etc. There's still a government in place right? If they really wanted to resettle the IDPs they would have done that already in a decisive manner, not the "go back to your homes" mantra we keep hearing (in some parts of the country that is possible). No lunch or cocktail party will stop them from doing the work they are expected to do.

Anonymous said...

Wanjiku - exactly where would this "tribeless" president come from? As long as he is Kenyan, he/she will have a tribe. Even if he/she is the product of an inter-tribal marriage, there will still be two tribes at issue.....unless they are British or Indian or any of the other settlers.

Anonymous said...

I have a dream for Kenya.
But i get stunned when i read stuff like this.

Is our beautiful Country like Somalia, Sudan,Afhanistan or Pakistan and we don`t know? Forget about Almania....!

Anonymous said...

It`s another great shock, when Mzee Jomo Kenyatta said Let`s forgive them and never forget and The former President of South Africa repeated the same words " Let`s forgive and never forget"
President Mandela.
It echoed in my mind. One more time. I was Nine yrs old at that time.

i THINK KENYANS SHOULD GROW UP AND travel a little bit out of their neighbourhood and see what is going on in the world.

Anonymous said...

Hacking Neighbours to death with machettes and splitting friends skull at school with poisoned arrows is not only sad, but it`s absurd. Politics is good and very interesting and very bad. Bush have hijacked the whole USA military to pursue his political goal. What a pity.
Kenyans shoud grow up and utilise their hard earned education abroad and promote harmony, peace and common sense and build Kenya for the benefit of Jaluo, Kikuyu, kalenjins, Maasai, Turkana, Meru and everyone else.

I PROPOSE NO VISA`S IN KENYA TO TRAVEL TO ELDORET, MOMBASA, KISII, kikuyu. Nyanza, and so forth.Can you please Kumekucha help us to stick this message to KENYANS. I DON`T KNOW YET, BUT I THINK KENYA Needs FRESH leaders. I quote WANJIKU OF Mombasa.

Anonymous said...


(1)Mandela was overly forgiving because poverty, corruption and crime have grown exponentially in South Africa. The respect Mandela earned has mostly benefited White South Africans and their friends; these are the same people who are now trying to brake up labour unions who had worked relentlessly to free South Africa from grip of Apatheid.

(2)There should be a multi-ethnic investment negotiating committee instead of Kibaki and Raila. No individual/ethnic group should be allowed to sell Kenya's treasures without an oversight. The "lone wolf" negotiation method has led corruption and international looting.

(3) Rumour has it that the CHAI sipping photo op between Kibaki and Raila was an arrangement made by Kibaki's and Raila's sons. This looks like an international motivated coronation attempt similar the one in Pakistan after the assassination of Venezia Bhutto; her 18-year old son was made head of her party assisted by the husband!

Do Kenyans want their leaders to chosen by foreign powers? I am sure all of you remember what happen to Laurent Kabila before his 35-year old son (Joseph Kabila) was installed into power in Democratic Republic of Congo. Up till now, nobody knows who killed Laurent Kabila; ordinary Congolese are being killed left and right while the vast minerals are harvested under the guard of foreign merceneries-->speaking of pulling the wool out of a son's eyes.

(4) Africa will never be free until the young people stop relying on the West or East or the ruling elites to tell them what to do, period! All they need is organization, elimination of those money-hugry traitors and electiion of patriotic Africans capable of putting genuine price tags on the natural resources now leaving the continent in exchange for peanuts (bribes) to a few connected elites!

kenyaone said...

Ive said it once Ive said it twice and i'll say it again. until kenyans vote out in one fell swoop 80% at least of the political class and leant to vote without etnicity were wasting our time. ODM PNU it doeast matter. We should have a law that no MP can stand in province of his ethnic group and it should be made part of constitutional review. Thats only real way to change Kenya. Like raila says our memories are like the ngwiri. So what happened to ODM promises....Goldenberg (forget it) anglo leasing....(forget it wht do you think meeting between Jimmy and Raila wa about) Ndungu report....(forget it) Even the truth and reconcilliation will be complete and utter rubbish. ...Watch this space. Its all about money and you and I dont have it. Period.

Anonymous said...

The PNU line has always been Raila, Raila This Raila if Kenyans are such idiots they can't see for themselves that Bnadit kibaki failed someone just said peopl fought for their rights and not for Raila, the people will continue to fight for their rights with or without Raila. So PNU think that once they get rid of Raila they shall quite the ppl the overt manner in which PNU is now 'courting' Raila is to 'prove' as some bloggers are trying to already that Raila is one of them so as to isolate him from the comon man ist all a trick and Raila sould not fall for it. What ODM press machine should do is be aware and counter this nonesense quickly.

Anonymous said...

There is only one Kenyan who will be ready to go to jail to see Kenyans, and I mean ALL Kenyans, live in freedom. It is RAILA.

All other politicians are rulers.

Anonymous said...

I think it is too early to make a well informed critique on PNU warming up to Raila

Raila having ketepa with PNU guys is symbolic and can do wonders in our politically or tribaly divided nation. Both sides are sending a message of reconcillation to kenyans by saying if we can have chai together why should some omondi, kamau, kipkoech etc not do the same.

Alternatively we can argue he has been welcomed aboard the 'elite club' or to the eating table. That is the problem with kenyan politics where believe what is good for leaders is necessarily good for the nation. So long as my trial leader is happy, am also assumed to be happy.

Raila as PM designate holds a challenging position, unlike the president he has to interact with all ministers on day to day basis. I think it is important for him to build bridges now for the smooth running of the government.He is exactly doing that an gaining acceptance even with the so called golf buddies.

Wanjiku - Mombasa said...

Anon 2.17 read the comment again. I said that my tribe-less dream president can only come from without.

Anonymous said...

Nothing has changed.
What Kenyans don't realize is that as long as we are being led by the 'elites' as they call themselves,things will always be the same.
Political leaders only have their interests at heart and don't care about the common mwananchi.
Its a high time we stopped politicking and did something for ourselves.
Whoever thought Raila was different has more surprises coming up.
This is only the beginning.we haven't seen nothing yet.
So guys,work young people in society lets try and change the future.
Anyone with political ambitions would better start working now...the only way we'll change this great nation is by getting rid of the 'elites' whose only interests is to loot from us...and have a new start with new leaders.

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