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Monday, March 10, 2008

Breaking News: Kenya Government 'Clarifies' Peace Accord

The following is a statement read by Francis Muthaura (Head of Civil Service and Secretary to the Cabinet) a few moments ago. ODM are said to be in a crisis meeting and are expect to respond shortly.

"There have been various media reports that have created concern as to the roles of the position of the Prime Minister, Government appointments and structure of the Government following the national Accord. In that regard the Government wishes to clarify as follows:

• The President remains the Head of State and Head of Government.

• The Vice-President is the Principal Assistant or the President and the Leader of Government Business in Parliament.

• The Prime Minister will coordinate and supervise the Government functions under the authority of the President.

• The Prime Minister and the Deputy Prime Ministers will also have ministerial portfolios.

• The President will appoint the Vice-President, Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Ministers and all Ministers subject to the terms of the Accord. The Vice-President, Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Ministers and all Ministers are directly responsible to the President. The President will continue to Chair the Cabinet.

• The Accord does not include sharing of jobs in the Public Service.

• Therefore, it should be clear that appointments in the Public Service are governed by the Constitution or Acts of Parliament.

To this end:

• Holders of Constitutional offices, Permanent Secretaries, Ambassadors, Judges of the High Court, Chairpersons of boards and a few chief Executives of Parastatals are appointed by the President.

• All other civil servants in Central Government and Local Authorities are appointed by the Public Service Commission or through its delegated authority.

• Judicial Officers including Magistrates, etc are appointed by the Judicial Service Commission.

• Teachers are appointed by the Teachers Service Commission.

• Almost all Members of the Boards of Parastatals, Except the Chairmen, are appointed by their respective Ministers.

• Chief Executives of Parastatals are appointed by the ministers on recommendation of the respective Boards.

• Other staff or Parastatals are appointed by their respective boards.

I wish to assure public servants that there is nothing to worry about the safety of their jobs or the politicization of the Public Service. I urge public servants to embrace the implementation of the Accord. It is extremely important that professionalism in the Public Service is maintained and free from partisan politics."


10 March 2008


Phil said...

I do not know if this statement has the blessings from the top, but my opinion is that power brokers have started a fight back to reclaim lost ground.

To begin with, it is an open secret that Francis Muthaura and Alfred Mutua have very slim chances of surviving their positions in the coalition government being that they have been very partisan in their conduct of official duties. The government spokesman (a well known Muthaura sidekick) has virtually turned himself into a PNU spokesman since the desputed elections.

Not forgetting, Francis Muthaura was (is?) among the infamous six M's who ringfenced the president in 2003 and made life unbearable for the then LDP during the initial days of the NARC administration. Infact, certain individuals within the six M's are known to have been deeply involved in the Anglo-Leasing and the Kroll Report deals and it therefore comes as NO surprise they are rushing to 'clarify' an accord which has been published in the Kenyan press and that which Kofi Annan himself publicised before leaving the country, incidentally after having negotiated directly with Raila and Kibaki, in the absence of the hardliners.

Interestingly, none of these geezers have been seen in public since the peace accord was signed.

I hold no brief for ODM, but I am anxiously waiting for their official response to this unsolicited piece by Muthaura.


Anonymous said...

I see an early disagreement in the peace deal.One thing is clear that Raila is fear by many people that they would prefer to die than work under Raila. But the options are getting few and fewer.

Let us wait and see.

Anonymous said...

Someone is clearly asking for trouble and they are going to get it.....

Anonymous said...

oh no this cant be true. Please someone tell me phil didnt get the things correct

Anonymous said...

I want to aggree with phil and probably jast add one or two items. Unless the defination of a government has changed to only include Ministers and Assistant ministers, i bet Muthaura has gone into a very deep sleep. Should this man be in retirement by now, when will the young professionals ever serve in this government.

Just a reminder to Muthaura, Kenyans have always been cheated, they are watching, and above all we know you cannot cheat the International community.

If I remember my civcs well and I am not wrong, I beleieve the government consists of (and has always been) The Executive, Judiciary & The Legislature and of couse the entire Public Service is part of the government. The reconciliation accord talks of representions based on parliamentary strength as a basis for the formation of a coallition government.

Can someone correct me is I am wrong.

Anonymous said...

The prime minister will be an elected member of parliament and the parliamentary leader of the largest party in the National Assembly, or of a coalition if the largest party does not command a majority in parliament.

What does that mean? The PM will be appointed by existance of number in the hse. Not by a president. Do mean to tell me that Kibaki will appoint Mr.X as the prime minister is he is not the leader of the party with the majority. I am not a lawyer but this I understand well. Raila need not wait for the appointment of Kibaki so long as he is the leader of the party with majority.

Secondly, the PM has the authority (not from president) to supervise and coordinate the function of the govermnent. If Kibaki is the head of the government, and Raila has authority to supervise the government function I cant see how that authority is to come from the government under supervision. What is the meaning of the word supervise? From oxford dictionary, it is " watch and direct" So what will happen is this the PM will watch what Matha Karua (minister) is doing then tell her how it should be done or how he want it to be done. That is directing.

Mthauri is a joker.

Anonymous said...

Anan shud come back or can anyone copy this to ann??

Anonymous said...

What beats me is why ODM accepted this kind of deal in the first place!

Lionel Messi

Anonymous said...

PNU has always had dumb strategists. The time to show their hand should have been after the Bills are passed. As it is Karua couldn't wait to flash her soiled drawers. The gargoyle is still smarting from how Annan outmanoeuvred her.

The critical thing for ODM is what happens when the coalition breaks up, as it almost certainly will given Karua's machinations. Before the Bill is passed, parliament must ensure that we don't revert to the status quo when things fall apart. The consequences of a breakup must mean new elections.

OT said...

someone should tell Martha Karua and Francis Muthaura to stop playing games with the lives of Kenyans.

We are watching and watching carefully.

Taabu said...

Phil you cannot be so sure with Kenyan politics. What appears far-fetched may be the true position form higher orders disguised otherwise. You and Chris made VERY STRONG statements in the last few days about some private MK-RAO deal and when challenged you were equivocal with the truism no permanent pals kwa siasa.

Well, you saw Martha trying to calm regional nerves in Nyeri over the weekend. I am not denying your take on this but at the same time it may just be consipracy theory bereft of any truth. The apparent tight bond between MK and RAO may be union made in hell to survive the realities on earth.

Muthaura is not naive and in the scheme of things he has an upper hand, at least as at now. You don't expect him to spite his boss so. We are eyes and any is possible with Kenyan politics and don't count you chicks yet, will you?

Anonymous said...

The statement by Muthaura is defeating the purpose of the agreement. Now I dare ask, what was really agreed? What was gazetted? Din't the ODM go into this fully aware of what they were signing, or were there implied statements that they did not see. We don't want to know the private deal signed between RO and MK but what will guide us is what is gazetted and what will be discussed. I also have to say MK is a cunning politician what he is upto no one knows. RO must not be so naive as to believe MK, am sure he knows him better than that. Of late RO has been singing praises for MK, one really wonders, what changed overnight?? Lets wait and see.


Anonymous said...


You are reading too much into this statement. I don't see any contradiction with what I know about the peace accord. And instead of giving details of any contradiction you resort to discrediting Muthaura. Can we for once debate on issues, rather than personalities?

Please educate us. Which point did Muthaura miss?

P.S. But will this post see the light of day...i wonder.


Anonymous said...

Muthaura and his ilk have clearly not learnt their dare he spite the people's primeminister? they are just brewing more trouble for kenyans....their going to need 24hr security...

Anonymous said...

The Current development is disheartening- if it is a development at all,anyway.

I think time has come that the leadership in Kenya gets rid of all the dangerous statements emanating from it's corridors.

Persons like Mutua should be long gone, if he cannot contain his erratic mis-informing mouth.


The KBC should be re-organized and it's editorial staff replaced. KBC should be modeled so as to be at par with the BBC of the UK. The government spokesman's office should be abolished and it's duties passed on to individual ministries to answer or issue statements relevant to their individual portfolios. The PMs office could then be the point of contact for all general government communication.

When I listen to the KBC or read their web-content, I feel nauseated and when Mutua opens his mouth,I get sick.

Statements such as the one we have seen today from Muthaura and Mutua are at best irresponsible and utter stupid. It sounds like the duo are undermining the spirit of the coalition and equating the PMs status to just another ministerial one.


LASTLY:For the current peace to hold and for the grand coalition to work government statements should be carefully vetted and should be politically sensitive to the current fragile state of the Nation.


Anonymous said...

And this surprises people because....

Basically, according to this statement, the PM and assistant PMs are just like any other ministers, but with a different name. The damn bill hasn't even been passed in parliament. This is gonna be one tough marriage that is predictably headed for a divorce. It's only a matter of time. This should serve as a wake up call for Raila, he seems to be getting a little too cozy. Usione simba imenyeshewa ukadhani ni paka. Kibaki and his mafia are still the same people they were 2 weeks ago, nothing's changed.

On another sidenote, can you guys do a post on what the military is doing around Mt. Elgon? I just saw an AP headline that around 30,000 people are fleeing from Western (according to the Red Cross). There seems to be a complete media blackout on this and if you have any information, please pass it along. Keep doing the good job of informing us.


Anonymous said...

My understanding is that it was Prof Adeneji who is standing in for Anan who would have issued such a statement. The another issue is that what is contained in the draft bills - if the draft bills are OK then let the M's continue making noise. But they are doing us Kenyans a lot of diservive.
God bless Kenya.

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

Well, it is not business as usual and Kenyans do not want to go through what they have just gone through in the last couples of months. Let Muthaura and team read the lips of Kenyans and read the labbel. None of the Ms or MK fencers have lost a child or a close relative. They better not bet with Kenyans lives. NO to BLOOD shed again, NO to SHORT CHARGES. What Kenyans want is more important than what Muthaura and team want and they should know and understand these better. The road is still long, the pot holes are deep and urgly but Kenya and Kenyans wishes shall prevail in the name of Jesus. Let Kenyns of all good will continue to pray for our mother land. Kenya is the most beautiful country in the world, blessed with over 42 wonderful communities who want to leave together, work together, do businesses together, serve God together and live in peace with one another. Muthaura and team must must understand all these. The world is watching us, Kenyans are watching and waiting. Above all God is watching closing.

Anonymous said...

Let us for ones shut up and watch on this guys. Just the other day they all and I mean all of this BIG guys made kenya look like IRAQ then i see them watching, or were they playing gold together. Then now one of them gives us a public statement and we cant wait to personalise it to make it suit what we want! Just get something better to comment on. Let us all look on how we could help the homeless people out there. the orphans and all those unclaimed dead bodies still lying in the funeral homes. Lets for ones grow up!

Nganga said...

Muthaura and Co. have vested interests. So it is inevitable that they will try to protect those interests. Muthaura, being in charge of the civil service, is probably under a lot of pressure from his file and rank on what this means to them. Does it mean that there will be a reduction in workforce based on ethnicity followed by recruitment process reserved for certain communities? What about the performance contracts signed, do they go out of the window?

This is Muthaura's attempt at calming everyone's nerves in the civil service - note who it is addressed to. It is ill advised and certainly gives the naysayers one more reason to declare the death of the power sharing agreement. That said, there are a lot of interpretations of what that agreement was/is.

Kibaki and Raila must lead from the front because they both have supporters who will want the agreement to lean too far in their favor. If these two are truly committed to a unified Kenya, they will stick to their guns and the file and rank will follow.

Remember, as Raila said, the signature on that document does not mean much. It is the goodwill between the two of them that will matter.

And we all know that this agreement was never going to be easy to implement. So this is the first of many interpretations and we as the citizenry must keep guiding our "leaders" to stay the course.

If it is any consolation, Muthaura wouldn't feel the need to issue such a statement if he felt secure. So perhaps this is one more indication of the weakening grip on the presidency. Also, the last time that Martha Karua called a press conference to clarify what had been agreed on during the mediation process, her side lost tremendous ground. Deja vue?

nyege2 said...

Am not polically savvy but in laymans terms, Raila will just be another minister, like all the rest UNDER the complete control from the Kifuckis.......
So this is what Raila really wanted, some GSU watchmen,.....
kumbe serikali hii ni nyoka!

Anonymous said...

Yesterday, Mungiki went on a rampage on the outskirts of Nakuru, burning several houses and invariably raised tensions a notch higher. The Police were stretched and nothing from the area MP.

PNU is hell on reverting to their old tactics under the guise or reconciliation and yet a myriad of issues remain gravely unresolved.

Fact is events have overtaken Muthaura and unless he marshal support in Parliament to change the entire draft of the PM position, he is on a losing front. It is rather uncanny that he comes out now baring in mind he is not and elected official and has no security of tenure. He serves at the will of the President, and soon, as the act suggests, under the auspices of the PM office. He is simply creating a front for discontent on behalf of others. Whom they are is very apparent.

Anonymous said...

I also saw this coming since that post by the Nation Newspapers, followed by Loudmouth Karua in Nyeri (she has been talking of consultation among coalition partners before going to the press, why didn't she do it this time?) and finally the last nail on the coffin was driven by Muthaura. One area where PNU has been doing very badly is their failure to gauge Kenyan people's intelligence. I don't know whether it is something engraved in the their DNA (sorry I am trying to be stereotypical here but I am just wondering aloud) They do not know how to come up with a convincing script that can buy them time.

I do not want to be the bearer of bad news but what PNU scoundrels are doing will cost them dearly. They forget that the bubble of patience of Kenyan people bursted long time ago and it only requires a trigger similar to this to ignite another monster worse than what has been experienced in the last two months.

Parliament needs to take heed of what John Harun Mwau talked about because that is what is going to guarantee peace in our country in future.

Anonymous said...

I am also starting to get really sick of seeing the coziness in which Raila is carrying himself's like he is now married to the president! Being seen everywhere with him! Godamit man, kenyans didn't die for you to just be in power but so that work can be done on moving the country foward! There is alot of work to be done, we still have IDPs, the economy is a mess etc and he still has time to go for golf tournaments! Give me a break!!!!!

Anonymous said...

One could sense the jitters from the Mt Kenya group from the very beginning. Unfortunately the status quo and the old order is strongest amongst them.

We saw it with the central MPs demands to be given more representation in gvt despite the fact that they already hold all positions of substance in the public service. In fact their numbers in gvt are way above 22%. They have dominated the private sector as well by employing only their own.

Muthaura is playing with fire.

We r going back to war........

Anonymous said...

Who is Muthaura anyway to give such a statement? If Kibaki wants out he should have told the nation openly.

Anonymous said...

If this deal is what makes Raila smile(like he does nowadays)......I wonder what will make you cry.

If this is what you accepted, then you sold yourself short and Truly dissappointed those millions of Kenyans who thought you would bring about change.

Raila won the elections, why should he settle for a post that has no clear role! An appointment by Kibaki? Really strange

Anonymous said...

This culture of greed,what will we do with Mt Kenya.


Abass said...

Kenyans, you know where the problem is. The prom lies with you. You get over-excited over a Raila-Kibaki public smile. Seriously, we all can't be naive. For some reason, I am yet to celebrate despite the reported celebration in many parts of the country. Strangely, even the mainstream media seems to have being absorbed by this hyper mood without even ANALYSING the agreement clearly. If you look at this agreement carefully, there are many loopholes and in my understanding, 90% of Mutahura's words are true. Lemme ask u, where in the agreement does it say that public service job shoudl be shared equally. I don't understand ODM sometimes. They became too naive, giving away the vice presidency for reasons that remain mysterious to me. Maybe, this will be an eye opener to all to start reading and analysing the agreement. According to the agreement, Raila is more or less like a cabinet minister, no more, no less. What is supervising ministers? As I said be4, the only victory that ODM got from this is the 50-50 cabinet positions, period. The rest is more or less a status quo. And the say the german envoy explained how to share power, like sharing strong minstries like defence, finaance, and sharing cixil service positions. This is no German, this is Kenya. If a wolf that was tearing you apart yesterday all of a sudden smiles at you, there is something somewhere. And to think of it, Kibaki can end the coalition tomorrow and revert to business as usual-yes, he can do, thanks to the said agreement.

Anonymous said...

Raila is no fool! Raila is a girraffe. Watch this space. Wait until the bill is passed. Muthaura will be past tense! These are people who should have retired ages ago. The River Nile has to reach the Meditterrenean Sea. Change is inevitable. As for Phil, now that "we all know" that you sit at Orange house (Otherwise where would you be getting all these updates), please tell the guys there that we expect what we voted for: Change and Youth empowerment!!! Wazee wang'atuke sasa. Vijana waanze Kazi!!!

Anonymous said...

I support M.P. Orwa Ojode's response to this announcement:

Francis Muthaura cannot define the role of the executive and is actually usurping the role of parliament.

This announcement has the potential of plunging Kenya back into bloodshed by the end of the week...

Anonymous said...

vijana wagutuke, wazee wang'atuke

Anonymous said...

Jeff @ 8.12; Read the post again and read the Daily Nation too.

Muthaura did say very clearly that the President has the power to hire (and implicitly to fire) the Prime Minister, his Deps. and the V.P.

Now tell me that that doesn't go against the spirit of the accord.

Anonymous said...

Mt. Kenya Mafia are on the move.

They are now determined to go against Kibaki, parliament and millions of Kenyans to have their way.

My people; it is either we resolve this matter this year 2008 or we will be stuck with the same dictators for the rest of our lives.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 9:58,
i feel your pain my brother. And these poor idiots and intellectualls alike imagined that it was all about them? Poleni sana. Neither Raila nor Kibaki will put food on your table...amka kumekucha!

Kimi Raikkonen said...

abass @ 10.17a.m, whether you are PNU or ODM, you have hit the nail on the head and said it as it is. I have been trying for two weeks to tell the dunderheads on this forum that the agreement was not what they thought it was. As you say, they failed to read and understand the text and/or the fine print of the agreement.
The biggest culprits are the media for failing to inform Kenyans and to interpret for them the correct position. ODM supporters therefore had their expectations raised so high they threw all reason out of the window. Ati civil service jobs 50/50? How was that going to be done? The civil service is NOT 100% PNU in the first place. Were people going to be sacked and then they employ new people on a 50/50? Is this realistic? Where did this Std.3 reasoning spring from? Why are grown up people in Kenya so incredibly naive and foolish? Maybe when the Army takes over is when people will start thinking rationally, as is likely to happen.

Anonymous said...

anonymous 9.58 my sentiments exactly!! it pisses me off seriously...awache!!

Abass said...

Stop being naive and thinking that Kibaki is the saviour that saved us and it is all about hardliners blah blah. Muthaura won't just wake up from sleep, pick a paper to define the role of everyone on such a sensitive matter without Kibaki's APPROVAL. Still, there are Kenyans who believe just because Kibaki watched with Raila golf that he is indeed a great man and it is all about hardliners. You know what? The president of Kenya is called Kibaki, ntot Martha, not Mutahtura, not Michuki, not Saitoti etc. He is the one solely responsible for everything that happens in Kenya. If you think Kibaki is merciful, just read his bombardment of Mt. Elgon. Maybe it is a message after Muthaura's statements? Or just a coincidence?

Anonymous said...

12:46PM (raikkonen) dont be silly

Muthaura said Kibaki would have the power to appoint both deputy prime ministers and the prime minister.If u read the agreement they signed,that is already a breach. The prime minister is supposed to be elected by parliament and DP's proposed by both parties.

Muthaura also said Kibaki would appoint all ministers.That is another breach:the parties were supposed to fill positions according to their parliamentary strength.With both parties proposing those they want to take up positions.

Muthaura said Kibaki will remain head of gvt.That's wrong.The agreement said he would remain head of state.The duty of head of gvt was supposed to be given to the prime minister.

Read the agreement Kibaki and Raila signed.

Anonymous said...

well if fununu is truth then that mount Elgon are ndiyo militia wana support ODM walikuwa wana train. maybe wana taka kuwa neutralize ksha washikilie na nguvu. you remember when they said ati watu walikuwa wana prepare for round two of war.....but on a positive note believe me it works in railads favour to be seen as the one keen to embrace peace and accept the peace deal. wacha uone politics in international eyes.

Kenya-news said...

Now I understand why Kenya has one of the worst managed civil service.

The back stops at the top Mr.Muthaura

Would someone please tell him to take some time off (out of his busy schedule) and read the content therein on the signed accord just like the rest of us did.

This is the kind of embarrassment that our leader keep on subjecting us to.

Please, Kenyans are way intelligent than you think Mr.Muthaura and Mr Mutua and to all those power broker ill bend to bring havoc to the deal just but for your selfish needs.

Right now, the last thing we want to hear is such irresponsible statements especially from a senior government official.

Anonymous said...

Now wakeup people welcome to real politics, not kifua all the time. Mambo checkmate. RAO is in and you are out.

Abdi said...


Put some of this energy into NEP/Mandera projects as well. I ll have to give you some sites if interested.

Neither Raila nor Kibaki will serve NEP and the pastrolists anyway. May be Raila will be the closest, with his equity agenda but the PNU guys will frustrate his vision.

Anonymous said...

In the current political dispensation who is Muthaura? Muthaura is supposed to have retired long time ago....He is supposed to be tending to his goats that is if there are any and eating, relaxing on the beach with money he has stolen from the public .....Or better still be a grandad who will read bedtime stories to his grandchildren....Right now Kenya does not have space for his calibre....Anon 11:30/10:41 i can't agree more wazee waende nyumbani vijana waanze kazi...I dont just understand it old men holding on to power and yet there is a young man who would have beneffitted from that job.....At least it will be the millions unemployed youths minus 1......No wonder the public service is such a farce!!!


Kimi Raikkonen said...

Anon @ 12.46: The agreement does not address the issue of appointment. It merely says that the PM will be elected from amongst MPs. After he is elected by MPs, who do you think will sign his appointment letter, the speaker?!
Read the text of the agreement herebelow, absorb the content and understand.Pls take your time:


The crisis triggered by the 2007 disputed presidential election has brought to the surface deep-seated and long-standing divisions within Kenyan society. If left unaddressed, these divisions threaten the very existence of Kenya as a unified country. The Kenyan people are now looking to their leaders to ensure that their country will not be lost.

Given the current situation, neither side can realistically govern the country without the other. There must be real power-sharing to move the country forward and begin the healing and reconciliation process.
With this agreement, we are stepping forward together, as political leaders, to overcome the current crisis and to set the country on a new path. As partners in a coalition government, we commit ourselves to work together in good faith as true partners, through constant consultation and willingness to compromise.

This agreement is designed to create an environment conducive to such a partnership and to build mutual trust and confidence. It is not about creating positions that reward individuals. It seeks to enable Kenya’s political leaders to look beyond partisan considerations with a view to promoting the greater interests of the nation as a whole. It provides the means to implement a coherent and far-reaching reform agenda, to address the fundamental root causes of recurrent conflict, and to create a better, more secure, more prosperous Kenya for all.To resolve the political crisis, and in the spirit of coalition and partnership, we have agreed to enact the National Accord and Reconciliation Act 2008, whose provisions have been agreed upon in their entirety by the parties hereto and a draft copy is appended hereto.

Its key points are:

1. There will be a Prime Minister of the Government of Kenya, with authority to coordinate and supervise the execution of the functions and affairs of the Government of Kenya.

2. The Prime Minister will be an elected member of the National Assembly and the parliamentary leader of the largest party in the National Assembly, or of a coalition, if the largest party does not command a majority.

3. Each member of the coalition shall nominate one person from the National Assembly to be appointed a Deputy Prime Minister.

4 The Cabinet will consist of the President, the Vice-President, the Prime Minister, the two Deputy Prime Ministers and the other Ministers. The removal of any Minister of the coalition will be subject to consultation and concurrence in writing by the leaders.

5. The Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Ministers can only be removed if the National Assembly passes a motion of no confidence with a majority vote.

6. The composition of the coalition government will at all times take into account the principle of portfolio balance and will reflect their relative parliamentary strength.

7. The coalition will be dissolved if the Tenth Parliament is dissolved; or if the parties agree in writing; or if one coalition partner withdraws from the coalition.

8. The National Accord and Reconciliation Act shall be entrenched in the Constitution. Having agreed on the critical issues above, we will now take this process to Parliament. It will be convened at the earliest moment to enact these agreements. This will be in the form of an Act of Parliament and the necessary amendment to the Constitution.

We believe by these steps we can together in the spirit of partnership bring peace and prosperity back to the people of Kenya who so richly deserve it.

Anonymous said...

Kenya needs to get rid of the Mutharaish geneartion and line of thinking..
These people take us back many years and are part of the greatest problem our country is facing.. What is the old geezer still doing in the civil service anyway when we have many brilliant young Kenyans who can do that job better?? People like him make us go against our African culture of respecting the old... The guy should retire along with others of his ilk for Kenya to move forward..
As for Mutua, the guy is grossly incompetent and a complete waste of our taxes maybe we should do to him What members of the civil society did to Kivuitu and his team yesterday.. forcefully drag him out of office... he makes me sick!!!!

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