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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Three Important Guest Posts: National Anthem, Lucy Kibaki And The Missing Church


Guest Post By Daktari
The first verse of our national anthem should serve as our moral compass as we navigate our way from these dark days of pillage and carnage. Before you ask, the answer is, yes, I do believe that this great nation shall overcome and rise out of the abyss. When the five members of the commission headed by Mr. Graham Hyslop were given the task of writing the national anthem by the Kenya government just before independence, they purposefully chose its lyrics to unite all Kenyans irrespective of their backgrounds and to reflect the aspirations and dreams of the infant nation.

When we sing the first two lines of anthem, we acknowledge the presence of God, the creator of all and ask for his blessing upon our land and nation. What is interesting is the order in which we ask for these blessings. First and foremost, we ask for justice to be our shield and defender. Not peace, not love, not unity, but justice. Before independence, in the beginning, when our founding fathers coalesced different ethnic communities and soldered a young nation, our utmost aspiration was justice. In the third and fourth lines, we pray for unity, peace and liberty, respectively. Only then do we ask for plenty to be found within our borders. We are currently bogged down in this orgy of death and destruction because our leaders have not lived by the very principles upon which this nation was founded. They have failed to uphold justice.

There was a lot of pain that underlay the hitherto superficial tranquility of Kenya. Political assassinations, land grabbing, a corrupt judiciary, greedy legislators, a police force that thinks children are for target practice, disenfranchisement of the great people of Kenya, inequity in resource distribution, amongst other injustices stain the fabric of our nation. Was there justice when Thomas Mboya, Josiah Mwangi Kariuki, Alexander Muge, and Robert Ouko were assassinated? Where was justice when the great people of Kenya were denied their right to assembly and the media denied their right to free speech after the 2007 election? Justice must be our core principle and we must demand it. It is not a privilege, but a right. I say it is time for Kamiti�s rightful residents to move in.

As Mr. Odinga and Mr. Kibaki seek a way forward, we must not compromise in our quest for justice. Without justice, we are a nation without a foundation. Without justice, there will be no liberty, we will not be free. If we do not demand justice, we are condemning our children and our children�s children to the inevitable: more bloodshed. It is time for those who believe in the founding values of our nation to stand up and be counted. Oh God of all creation, bless this our land and nation. Justice be our shield and defender.

Kenya's So Called First Lady

Once again the Kenya's first lady is making headlines for conduct unbecoming a lady: She's not only unattractive, but violent, arrogant and a national embarrassment. In a civil society, a person who assaults another is charged in a court of law and serves time in prison. Like all the other criminals running our country, she of course gets away with any crime. Could Kumekucha investigate these concerns and enlighten us.

*There's also persistent rumour that the first lady is mentally ill. If this is the case why is she not in an institution receiving medical attention?

*Is it true that the real power behind Kabuki's Government is Lucy Kibaki and the Iron lady, Karua and that Kibaki is actually senile/mentally incapacitated by the 2002 accident?

*If indeed that's not the case, why is Kibaki unable to control his spouse? If he can't govern in his own household, why should he expect to govern a whole country?

Disgusted Kenyan.


Church in our crisis

In our crisis like no other, conspicuously missing has been the impact of the Church leaders. They have neither helped us in averting the gridlock we found ourselves in nor in negotiating us through this strait. It was obvious that prior to the elections the church was not been spared the division that is now strangling the country. Two weeks ago the former Anglican Archbishop David Gitari lamented at the current crop of church leaders losing their sting and rightly states that the church should have been neutral to reconcile the society.

"The Church is a reconciler and a reconciler does not takes sides unless he is completely sure the side he is taking is the right one," Gitari says.

The absence of any church leader in the current mediation talks is a huge indictment to what has become of the once powerful voice, a voice that change the direction of our land, a voice in behalf of the oppressed and poor. Prophetic voice that shielded this country from chaos since people heard it as the voice of God. Should the church have been forthright on issues of injustice and tribalism that plagued the country and sought for solutions? Should she have been truthful nay forthright, about the just concluded elections?

I labor to find the answer to why the call for reconciliation, forgiveness or peace goes un-headed? More churches have been burnt after the infamous Eldoret one. The death toll has sharply risen with more homes burnt and the IDPs swelling daily despite passionate pleas from pulpits. Attempts to hold our flock from engaging in violence and taking the laws in their own hands have been un-heeded. We have seen Christians kill their own brothers and sisters obviously the flock are not following or wanting the peace that we offer.

I doubt that God would not have said these very words to the church today as he said in the days of Jeremiah

They have healed the wounds of my people, saying Peace, Peace when there is no peace. Were they ashamed when they committed abomination no, they were not at all ashamed, they did not know how to blush…. Jer. 6: 14 cf

In this chapter God is engaging Jeremiah in a dialogue, asking him to resume his search for a godly man ; “ .. ensure that good person is not missed .” to which the prophet states that there is no use, for the people are totally corrupt, and like their hearts their ears are closed . God responds in pouring out his wrath to all since all are guilty, none are more guilty than the religious leaders – the priest and the prophets and the people they lead.

There are three elements in the indictment of the priests the prophets and the people that appears congruent to our situation today that has robbed us of our knave to cut when we should:

1. There is greed for unjust gain [v13a] they are money mad.

Even politicians knew that to get church leaders to be on their side money had to flow and it did. The hope also to get favors kept some from standing.

2. There is a spirit of superficial optimism [v.14]- this is especially encouraged by traffickers in peace-oracles .

The nation is suffering from a deadly disease, yet no skilled surgery is being used, - only baseless assurances. The popular religious leaders are applying a soothing salve to the surface of the skin whereas underneath the surface a fatal cancer is at work. They shout in effect “it’s all right!” when it isn’t all right. Tribalism not only ravaged the nation it did the church as much. The politicians knew where to get the church leaders, not on their doctrinal positions but the tribe!

3. There is a lack of shame in the presence of sins committed.

They have lost their ability to blush. Nothing shocks them or shakes them up in their self-righteousness, they claim ‘there is nothing wrong with us’. For this reason the weight to get the country has been put heavily on political and civil leaders while we pray.

And so they then faced God’s wrath as we must suffer punishment because we have missed our reason for existence:

The church exists as a community, servant and a messenger of the reign of God in the midst of other kingdoms, communities and powers that attempt to shape our understanding of reality according to Darrell L. Guder. The world of these kingdoms communities and powers often opposes, ignores or has other priorities than the missional church, which is apostle – sent out on behalf of the reign of God.

Which is why Darrell hints that, we exist as an eclectic community, one made up of multiple ethnic communities[ ones that are warring now], with huge inequalities and of multiple diversities but a community gathered by Christ who alone determines who belongs .We are gathered to be servants of his reign and his kingdom in the mix of other kingdoms in this world. His kingdom represents good news for the poor, liberty to the oppressed and freedom to the bond. This surely will stand against kingdoms driven by greed leaving in its wake oppression, bondage and poverty.

Detrich Bonhoeffer eloquently says, the Church is the church only when it exists for others: and not for its leadership or ideals and traditions. In particular our church will have to take the field against the vise of tribalism, power-worship, greed for money as the root of all evil.

Do we then elevate the church to be the prefect of the state? No at all! The church has no right to appropriate to itself power over the state, though it may not keep out of politics, as others have stated, if the state abrogates basic human rights. In this instance three possibilities are clear:

1. it can ask the state whether it’s actions are legitimate and in accordance with it’s character as state. By this, it can throw the state back on its responsibility.

And this has been eloquently followed method in this country that led to huge gains of democratic space and liberties that graced our land with peace. This is the persuasion that made The Reverend Njoya wax bold lighting the fire in a 1990 New Year sermon, drawing from events emerging in Eastern Europe linked the transformation in Eastern Europe to the increased demands by Kenyans for more accountability in Government. Speaking at St Andrew's Church, Nairobi , he reviewed

the events that began with the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 and resulted in the collapse of socialism and the disintegration of the Soviet Union. He argued that such yearning for freedom was not any different from what was going on in Kenya .

2. it can aid the victims of the state actions. The church has an unconditional obligation to take care of any victim of any ordering of society even if they do not belong to the Christian faith.

Here many have understood the role of the church and have been on the fore-front in aiding the victims of this disaster as the church stood strong on occasions when famine or floods hit the country last year.

3. it can put a spoke in the wheel itself. It must be prepared for political resistance. The Burmese monks led the country against the dreaded military junta to the point that the junta agreed to hold talks with the opposition leader to bring democracy to their country. The monks paid heavily in the hands of the brutal military and led their flock from the front.

Are the many poor people streaming to the streets in protest without shepherds in the church leadership? Could it be that their aspirations and clamour for justice not shared with the church or it’s leaders? Where is the authority of the church that will make the kings bow? In their crisis Martin L. King led his people in protest march and earned himself a place in jail and history. This is the church leadership we need in our crisis.

Rev Francis Omondi,

Anglican Church of Kenya.


Hooded Men At Orengo’s House

In the early hours of yesterday, I received reports that there had been an attempt on Hon James Orengo’s life. Details were scanty and when the media finally carried the story, they said that “burglars” were repulsed from Orengo’s house, which does not make sense. It would have been more accurate to say armed thugs were repulsed, because that is exactly what happened.

Read the full story here;

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Wanjiku - Mombasa said...

Disgusted Kenyan I don't believe Kibaki is mentally incapacitated or senile in any way. The accident sure did affect him some but not in that department. He has his wits and cunning intact and that's the real guy you're seeing. We have only known him as president for five years during which there were subtle signs of his real character but there was no reason big enough for him to unleash the real evil in him. Staring at imminent loss in the polls, it was time to go full throttle.

You have to understand that he has been dreaming of being president for years. Now he can't have dreamed all that only to serve just one term could he? Just like we think he's crazy to cling onto power through all this death and destruction, he must also think we're crazy to expect him to rule for one term and then go to the back benches as member for Othaya. For him the death and destruction is just collateral damage.

As for Karua being the real power behind the government, she had better make the best of it now. I feel this is the closest she's ever getting to power. In the current light of things I hope she has shelved her 2012 presidential ambitions - unless she's still in denial and would want to waste some time and money come next elections. What Kibaki has done and is doing is to make sure that no other Kikuyu will see the inside of statehouse for a long long time.

Lucy Lucy Lucy. First things first, Lucy is a disgrace to statehouse and the people of Kenya. But on the other hand there's no denying that in these last five years there has been some notable positive changes in our country in terms of infrastructure, service delivery etc etc. If we say that Lucy is the real power behind the government, are we therefore attributing the changes to one Lucy Muthoni?

Steve said...

Chris, the guest post by Dakatri is is incisive. Until we as a society stop paying lip service to Justice right from the very top, nothing will change.

Wanjiku - Msa, I agree Kibaki is as shrewd as they come. No one should underestimate someone who bided his time and has paid his dues under Kenyatta and Moi. It can be argued that he inherited a flawed system. But he has also shown a history of reneging.

As for Karua, I think she has finally been put in her place. And while I am venting, let's not even discuss the two-faced opportunistic snake-oil charmer that the supposed VP is. He's worse than Mutua.

There's talk of a power sharing agreement similar to Mandela and de Klerk. It is an indication of how deep the rot must have been for us to have to espouse the method used by apartheid S. Africa in it's formative free years. God help us.

Anonymous said...

What a load of BS. Kibaiki is fully sane in the Kenyan way. Before we start admitting that we have gotten precious little out of independence nothing will change. The only gainers have been there very few at the top. The facts speak for themselves. In fact, it seems obvious to most people that we would have been economically better off in absolute terms and probably also relatively speaking if the colonial system had continues. We have paid a high price for our freedom: that is what our leaders must understand. We have had enough of nothing. Rise to the challenge.

Taabu said...

Day and week of reckoning is here folks. The scoundrels have their day with destinity - it make or break. Whatever they do or say KENYA WILL NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN, NEVER.

That said we as good people tend to excuse our scoundrels by rewarding them with loads of benefits of doubts.The counterfactuals (what ifs) wont wash. Kibaki is EVIL - he has revolutionized what he learnt at the feet of Jomo and Nyayo. Kibaki is the worst of both sides of Jomo and Moi. Make no mistake the guy will do ANYTHING to retain power - Kenya is an appendix in his schemes.

As for the church, the less said the better. They have perfect union with poitics. No wonder only the two industries grew even during our dark times. Just like Kibaki and co were saints crying for justice during Moi's ERROR, the church was the voice of reason. Similarly just as Michuku said the goal was achieved with Kibaki presidency so no need for new katiba, the Church have their men home and dry and so no need for truth any more. God must be vile with rage, na bado.

Anonymous said...

Justice comes first in a peaceful society.

Even as a young boy, I knew something was wrong with our country. I missed death by inches in KSM, when Kenyatta's guards aimlessly opened fire at innocent people right from the venue (Russia Hosp) up to Awasi. No justice has been done.

Tom Mboya was assasinated. All Kikuyus knew about the plan a day before it was carried out. Our village shopkeeper, a Kikuyu, closed his shop and escaped. The Njega Kariuki(the Mboya's killer)mentioned that the Big Man was behind it. Kenyatta was never charged for it. Where is justice?

Then came JM. It was again the Big Man who ordered for his death. Kenyatta was never invited to explain. Kibaki, the only Cabinet member who attended the burial promised to tell the family who the killers were (no matter how long it would take). Today he calls himself president and can easily tell the JM family who murdered him. Will justice come?

Ouko was brutaly murdered. Moi maintained at first that Ouko was hiding, he knew where he was. Although it is clear who killed him, nobody has dared to take them to court. Where is justice in Kenya?

Several injustices including the presidential are quite normal. If you have power and the money you can kill, murder, rape and maim people at will. No body will have guts to sue you.

That is the reason why Kibaki and his people can behave that way and allow a coalition gov. They will bribe legislators to cross the flow. Who will suffer? Not Odinga, Not Balala! These people have their millions already. IT IS THE COMMON MAN. Justice has to be done.
Kibaki should go in to retirement and Karua should be the Leader of Opposition.

Anonymous said...

anon 4.01 you are absolutely right!! let us also not forget that more than a thousand people are dead so even if people decide to 'share power' let us also not forget that those kalenjin, coastal and other people have been severely shortchanged by the previous governments...with the theft of their lands. kenyatta stole a lot of land from people this should not be swept under the carpet at all, there is no guarantee that in five years time we will not be here again.

to be honest the church in kenya needs to repent for its sins....they have become very partisan and have failed to call for justice when they were required to.....they are not any different from politicians themselves.....the church has become the temple that Jesus turned tables in....there is a lot of business and moneychanging going on in our churches...and that is so literal it is actually scary.

we really need strong institutions in this country to withstand the tide when things get tough (no more kivuitu like structures) we need massive constitutional reforms to reign supreme in this land so that justice is not only done but is seen by all to be done that is my prayer for my country.

i have deliberately chosen not to address the lucy sure even the devil himself has given up on that one!!

Anonymous said...

Talks about power sharing, Kenyans when will we wake up? Was all this fighting and dying for the politicians to share power? If I was Raila, out of principle I would never agree to share power with a man I truly loath. I think Raila would be vindicated even if Kibaki continued to be president, because any honest person knows he's the true winner of the elections.

However to agree to share power with Kibaki, is to betray that this whole struggle has been about power. People have died needlessly but the political rulers mingle and make deals together.

This is a clear picture of ignorance fellows, check on youtube and see the many comments being thrown about by youths many of whom seem to have very little education. These people are mostly poor people being used to go and kill others by rich politicians.

All I can say is humans never truly learn from their mistakes. We have a society that is so imbalanced it was bound to tip over. Unfortunately when Kenya tips over it is the poor who get hurt, but sadly enough, the poor people never stop doing the bidding for the rich ruling class.

Ellen Okeo said...

BORING Ariticles!. Post more rumors, Chris or Phil. Post more rumors!!!! These articles are so boring.

Taabu said...

Could the REAL Hellen Okello please stand up? No more impersonation folks, be yourself and stop the murk racking, won't you? Please let us keep it civil.

Shaddy said...

Taabu, my screen name at Kumekucha is Shaddy, a blog name. The person fighting me constantly is Marianne Briner. She loves impersonating people that's her character. I already told her I fight fire with fire. I don't care a cent for her stinking wonder Jeff Koinange flee...

Anonymous said...

As predicted the low intensity civil war has already started (perhaps before elections) and will only increase as support comes from our neighbors and outside interests - it's just impossible to pass up. Another sudan in the making (not Ivory Coast).

In other words, the Annan negotiations are too little too late. Sounds familiar? Sorry, but have no reason top be optimistic at all. Wish I did.


Taabu said...

I hear and understand you Hellen. BUT please note the word CIVIL in my post. The first two sentences of your reply was sufficient. Otherwise when you drag a character name in murk you step on it yourself, ama? Let us be OURSELVES, no impersonation please folks.

mama said...

who impersonated hellen okello? I saw someone sign in as Ellen Okeo, i dont think that is hellen okello, is it?

Anonymous said...

@Shaddy, why do you keep on dragging Marianne Brinner's name in this? Why do you find it necessary to do it? This is very unbecoming and I detest it and protest it with the strongest terms possible!!

Anonymous said...

definition of retard -offensive term: an offensive term that deliberately insults somebody with a learning disability or somebody regarded as unintelligent ( slang insult
Raila fits right into this description
Case in point
Thursday the 8th of Feb
"Initially, our stand was that we won the elections and Kibaki did not, hence he should resign and we be sworn in. But we are not static on that point. We are willing to yield so that an acceptable position can be found between us and the other side," Raila said.
Sunday the 11th
ODM has reaffirmed its commitment to the ongoing mediation but declared it would go for nothing short of the presidency.
Party leader, Mr Raila Odinga, led 43 MPs in stating they would not relent in efforts to capture the presidency, which was allegedly stolen from them.

And this is the man you are entrusting to lead out nation??? As bipolar as he sounds???? Give me senile kibaki any day

Shaddy said...

anon@7:08AM aka Marianne Briner. Mama@ 6:59 aka Marianne Briner.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said... 7:10 AM.
That is why some of us have been calling for the dissolution of Kenya. You will be afforded a chance to be led by the senile kibaki and his cronies.
At others will be led by the bipolar leader they chose. right?

mama said...

@Shaddy, how can you be so sure of your accusations that these two posts were put in by Marianne Brinner? It is just not fair dragging her into this mess. Marianne is safely in Spain recuperating. I protest this misuse very much, I denounce it!

Shaddy said...

mama, aka Marianne Briner, I fight fire with fire. come to my inbox.

Anonymous said...

@ anon least senile kibaki thinks before he speaks...imagine Raila representing Kenya internationally. That would be a circus indicative of itself. Kibaki is intelligent enough to lead a country ,all Raila has is charisma, he cannot even manage to do an interview on HARDTALK BBC without embarrassing himself and Kenya as a whole , where is OBAMA to give him some leadership 101 cause God knows he could use it. Let him and his big DOMO go run kisumu ,the city that once was

Anonymous said...

@shaddy, provide your inbox?

Kemmy said...

@Shaddy, I assume you people are grown women, so why are you behaving like juveniles? Can you please do us all a favor and take your personal vendettas somewhere else, like your own blogs? Thank you.

concerned blogger said...

@ Kemmy, this blog used to provide nice information about whats going on in Kenya, our beloved country. Now all we have is two very long irrelevant guest posts and no breaking news. We also have Hellen Okello fighting with Marianne Brinner who is innocent. This needs to stop. We want news, Chris and Phil, we also ask that Hellen Okello or Shaddy to desist from other unprecedented and unprovoked attacks on the person of Marianne Brinner.
Let there be peace love and Unity.

Phil said...

@Anon 7.10am

Selective quotations wont do us any good. Perhaps you should have posted the whole article for us to pass our own judgment.

Raila said whatever decision is reached by the annan mediation will have to be approved by ODM supporters. He also said, ODM will never let its supporters down.

If I were to select quotes; we know what (senile) Kibaki said in 1991, promised in 2002 and is doing now. His new found love Kalonzo has a worse record and the less said the better.

Attacking the person of Raila because he run and democratically defeated your preferred presidential candidate makes me immediately know on which side you stand, probably the same reason you choose to post as anonymous. Raila, FYI, is a man who has not only won several international democracy awards, he has also earned endorsements from most of the people who matter in global politics. I think it is in order to remind you that when Raila talks he is talking on on behalf of millions of disenfranchised majority citizens and is perhaps, in my opinion, the highest ranking Kenyan patriot walking this earth today. Of course you are free to cast your vote for Kibaki or whoever, but please give credit where it is due.

4.6million real votes could not have been wrong.... considering had to steal hundreds of thousands more so as to beat him!

Kemmy said...

Phil or Chris, do you know what happened in Kenya today? There seems to be zero news coming from there. I'm interested in hearing about the progress (or lack of) made at the negotiations table.

Anonymous said...

@7.28 LOL..........kibaki thinks before he speaks? hahaha.......what does he think? mavi ya kuku, pumbavu, regarega..wangapi watanipigia kura? inueni mikono? pale pale? hahahaha!! yeah he really thinks!! i agree raila's hardtalk interview was below par....compared to those interviews he had done before the elections.

however please note, kibaki cannot represent anyone on this planet leave alone kenya, he has no thinking capacity, he reads some foolish speeches written by some dimwits...who 'as you say' should contact Obama's speech writers for a 101 course in speech writing they totally suck!!

Anonymous said...

seconding kemmy....yes we need news

Pan Africanism in Doubt said...

Phil, read this article here:

Raila's Pan-Africanism In Doubt:
Nairobi, est 2100hrs;
Reuters, AP. Commentaries.
I am a Pan-Africanist of great repute and I have to disagree with many who profess Raila Odinga's International credentials. Raila Odinga, when it comes to International circles is lightly regarded. As a member of this circles, I am privy to information that many dont have. Raila is largely viewed a pariah, a power hungry demagogue who goes against the grain and spirit of Pan-Africanism. This is reason
1. No Pan-Africanist has come in his support, either by condemning the Kibaki regime or supporting the ODM assertions and aspirations.
2. While Raila flies out of the country to woo other Pan-Africanists, No Pan-Africanist has come to Kenya to return the favor and speak in his support. As a matter of fact, Libya, an erstwhile supporter and funder of ODM is now supporting the Kibaki presidency without reservations.
3. Raila's waterloo was his dalliance with the Mt.Kenya Mafia. Siding with the likes of Ruto, Kosgey et al (Musa Sirma got nominated, or so we hear)people who have blood on their hands and major financial and land scandals in their tainted resumes did not do him any good. As such, his standing among world global leaders in Pan-Africanism and Democracy has diminished.

It is not all lost. Raila has a chance to redeem himself. He has a chance to rise again, for such is the nature of politics. He is now on scale, for all to see how he will perform in the 3 year transition govt. for the sake of reform and the strengthening of institutions.
Raila will do well to remember that before one becomes a Pan-Africanist, he needs to start by being a statesmean.

Ellena Okeo said...

@ Pan-Africanmism in doubt--did u mean Rift Valley Mafia or Mt.Kenya Mafia in point 3 above?
I think u meant Rift Valley Mafia...the people mentioned are all from RV. However, good points u have here. good points indeed

Anonymous said...

anon@7:28 AM:
Give us a great Kibaki quote? You have given as snippets of RAO speeches and go a head to judge him based on that? Anyway, continue living in your narrow biased ethnocentric world. May be we should follow anon@7:19 AM advice. mavi ya kuku, pumbavu are a great intellectual works.
I can not even navigate the shallows of PNU minds!

Anonymous said...

@anon 7.28,
Kibaki intelligent? You meant sly? There is nothing to prove that Kibaki is intelligent. If you like it: more intelligent than Raila.

Both have MS Degrees, but from different fields. Raila in Mechanical Engineering and Kibaki in Economics. If you are not informed, an Engineer can easily acquire an MBA with ecomics as a major. On the othe hand, it would take an economist 10 years or more to get MS in Engineering. Raila is a successful manager who has worked in Industry and knows how to deal with people. Kibaki never worked. He taught for less than 3 months at Makere Universty and is being remembered as a Mr. Pumbavu, insulting his students and never concentrating in his work.

Raila can speak more foreign languages perfectly: English, German, Norwegian and French. Kibaki can only speak English.

I have seen Raila speak on TV using various languages and I tell you, I would like to be represented by this mature intelligent man called Raila. And NOT by the lame duck, fence sitter, coward who can not even manage his family (he calls his second wife an Othaya activist). Kibaki is just an opportunist and will go into Kenyan history as the most stupid vote thief.

Anonymous said...

you said it 8.19 that vote robber cannot express himself if his life depended on it....what a looser!!

Anonymous said...

8.19 (1) a great kibaki intelligent quote is mavi ya kuku

Anonymous said...

I prefer the system of leaving comments here......

Anonymous said...

I understand that guys are angry with kibaki for running for a second term, but I dont think that should be the main bone of contention. Kibaki started an economic recovery plan, and it is only natural that he wants to continue with this as he has put in his ideas. Now if he rigged obviously that is terrible and he should humbly step down but that doesnt mean we get another greedy product of a political pandora's box such as Raila who will definetly fall on his promises. He did little to upgrade his constituency and did little to campaign for the govt to put funding towards kibera for example. How can he say he is ready for change when he did very little to change things there? Kibera was the subject for alot of NGO projects and kibera people are very enterprising. It is nothing to do with him. And that is why, ladies and gentlemen, we dont need people like him, we need Kenyan's who are like a well fitting dress, short enough to show all the right places, but long enough to keep things interesting

Anonymous said...

Kibaki is not of sound at this point in time but like I said its better to be ruled by an old man than a retard. Imagine Raila at 76..painful to the soul . And for those who try and compare Kibaki's credentials with Raila's…WAKE UP

Mwai Kibaki
-studied Economics, History and Political Science at Makerere University College, Kampala, Uganda. During his studies, he was chairman of the Kenya Students' Association. In 1955, he graduated as best student of his class, and was therefore awarded a scholarship to undertake further studies in the United Kingdom, obtaining a B.Sc.[3] with distinction in Public Finance at the London School of Economics.

Raia(DOMO) Odinga
He received a scholarship that in 1965 sent him to the Technical University, Magdeburg (now a part of Otto von Guericke University of Magdeburg) in East Germany. In 1970, he graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering.
On returning to Kenya, he worked as a lecturer at the University of Nairobi. He eventually left the university to join politics. In 1975, he was appointed Deputy Director of the Kenya Bureau of Standards, a post he held until his 1982 detention.

and why is it that Mr Odinga chose to go to some back alley school in Germany sugar coated as a "technical University" ??? Raila is a person who was born with a silver spoon in his big DOMO. What is a "mechanical engineer?"....two points above your regular mechanic if you me.

Anonymous said...

Anon@8.19, Kibaki did not have the priviledge of being born in a privileged family like Raila, and he belongs to a generation of Africans that struggled under the banner of colonialism and therefore comparing him to Raila is superficial. Many leaders only speak one language, and besides technically, kibaki speaks three and raila God knows how many. Besides, speaking in multiple languages is a way of Raila looking charismatic, but people such as the Germans know better as I have found out

Anonymous said...

kemmy aka Marianne Briner

Kemmy said...

This is the word I got today on Sunday January 6th, 2008 concerning the situation in Kenya . I got the word while at a Prayer for Kenya in Columbus, OH. With encouragement from those present, I am putting the word in writing so that many other Kenyans would get the opportunity to hear the same. The message is not edited or polished but it is as rough as I delivered it. In addition, like every word, you are welcome to test and see if it is from the Lord. If it is not, then discard it. However, if it is from the Lord then may we heed to it with great repentance and humility to God. Thank you.

The first thing I saw was that there was peace in Kenya . For the sake of peace, and in the name of God, Hon. Raila choose to accept President Kibaki as President of Kenya and then there was peace in the land. I also saw that what had happened in Kenya was God Awakening Kenyans to Arise, Repent and Surrender their lives and Kenya back to God.

In 2002 when Kibaki was elected president, God had anointed Kibaki to be President even though he was disabled from a road accident. In a prophetic sense, Kibaki's being crippled signified the state in which the country was in, and so God choose Kibaki to restore the country of Kenya just as God was restoring Kibaki back to health.

And indeed God restored the country to greater prosperity but Kibaki forgot that it was God who was doing all this and not the hand of man. Therefore, in a bid to wake up Kibaki and the Kenyans to this reality, God allowed the mysterious tragedy and deaths to befall members of Kibakis parliament. This shook the country and Kibaki headed to the word of God and called for a national day of prayer in which all Kenyans humbled themselves and repented
in prayer; then there was peace.

Unfortunately, though, Kibaki and the Kenyans forgot that the hand of God was upon the nation and so when Kibaki sought a second term as president, he campaigned based on what he had done instead of what God had done for Kenya . No wonder then that he chose the theme 'kazi iendelee'. Whereas there is nothing wrong in advocating for more development and prosperity, yet God was nowhere in the picture. Infact, when Kibaki launched PNU he advised everyone to campaign for him based on what 'he had done' for Kenya .

God saw the pride and arrogance in Kibaki and so raised up Raila as His servant to shake up Kibaki and the country at large. God's hand being upon Raila, most people begun to embrace Raila including church leaders who even anointed Raila in confirmation that God's hand was upon him. As a result, Raila's fame and popularity spread like wildfire all over Kenya and even the nations supported Raila when they saw the dynamic change agent he was.

However, as Raila's influence grew, millions of Kenyans begun looking up to Raila as 'Joshua' who would now save them economically and bring paradise into their lives. It is also unfortunate that when Raila saw the great influence he was getting, he like Kibaki, failed to acknowledge the hand of God in him and so rather than point the people to God, he took God's glory and so God was disappointed with Raila.

Granted that almost everyone was now blinded by what they saw physically in either Kibaki or Raila, Kenyans went to vote without caring to consult earnestly with God. The sad part too was that the church also allowed herself to be caught up in the worldly politics and in so doing lost her voice to the people. For this reason, the clergy cannot speak without being treated with suspicion. In order to save Kenya , God looked for a man He could use and he found a God fearing Servant in the person of Samuel Kivuitu. Mr Kivuitu was only appointed to his position as Chairman of the Electoral Commission by the hand of God. In other words, Kivuitu was not Kibaki's preferred choice but instead it was God's hand that intervened thus effecting his appointment. The whole world applauded this act of God.

The only sad thing was that Kivuitu did not even know that God had indeed set him up and even to this day, Kivutu does not understand what happened to him when he declared the presidential results. Only God knows because the answer is not physical but spiritual. God supernaturally intervened and allowed Kivuitu to declare Kibaki the winner in order that He may bring all Kenyans to a greater realization that Kenya belongs to God and only God must reign supreme in Kenya not Raila or Kibaki.

With the results showing Raila leading, Kibaki was greatly broken hearted. God further humbled Kibaki by getting rid of his cabinet ministers. But again it was this humbling and brokenness allowed Kibaki to quickly surrender and call unto God.

On the other side, most of Raila's followers had completely lost focus on God and had already shifted all their allegiance to Raila to the point of worshipping Raila. On his part, Raila's ego became too egotistical leaving no place for God to use Him. It was then that God preferred the already humbled Kibaki to the proud Raila and that is why Kivuitu announced that Kibaki is President. In the natural, this remains a puzzle to everyone.

Before the elections, almost all Kenyans had invested alot in prayer and so God answered their prayers thus. Not as they expected but according to His divine wisdom. God's answer further heavily chastised Kenyans for forsaking God and building their hopes in man. Thus, God's answer gave Kenyans an opportunity for humility and a chance to call upon God in repentance. For this reason, Kenya's peace and justice lies not with foreign or international mediators but with Kenyans themselves who have to humble themselves and call upon God to intervene as in all other times in their history.

Concerning the tribal divide, I saw that it was only being exaggerated because deep in their hearts, Kenyans loved each other regardless of their different tribes or ethnic orientation. I also saw that deep down in the Kenyans; they knew too well that only Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace. Moreover, with the death of their loved ones, neighbors and friends, Kenyans have already begun seeking God's intervention in prayer. That is why the devil is defeated and cannot do any more harm to Kenya . Indeed Kenyans have stopped looking unto Kibaki or Raila for Peace.

Once Kenyans realize their folly and return to God, God will grant then supernatural peace and unprecedented holistic abundance: returning to them what the enemy stole from them. So let everyone look unto God upon whom lies the hope, peace and prosperity of/for Kenya . Amen and Amen.

"If I shut the heavens so that there is no rain, or if I command the locust to devour the land, or if I send pestilence among my people and my people who are called by my name humble themselves ad pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, will forgive their sin and will heal their land" 2Chronicles 7:12-14

"Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit says the Lord" Zechariah 4:6

Anonymous said...

9.03 what is a mechanical engineer? you people are mean....economics?

what is economics? definition: the study of choice and decision-making in a world with limited resources,well then going by this definition every rural housewife in kenya is well versed in economics. there's nothing hard about budgeting for flour and sugar for a fact even wild animals have been known to ration food supplies in order for them to consume in the future!! so there is economics for you 9.03

kenyanzuri said...

When all is said and done, history will judge Kibaki and his regime harshly. Infact, Moi will be viewed as better than Kibaki. Raila has already secured his place as a fearless champion of the people.
The future is ODM whichever way you look at it.

Anonymous said...

Its unfair to compare Raila and Kibaki by saying how Raila performed on HardTalk. But Kibaki has never been even on SoftTalk!!!! Kibaki refused to meet Raila on a one-on-one TV talk during the election campaigns. I'd rather have someone who stutters and mumbles than one who keeps twisting his mouth unconsciously and cannot face questions...he instead sends Karua who only prides in answering questions with questions.

Anonymous said...

There's an idiot here that's impersonating other people's handles. The kemmy @ 9:18 is not me. You need to grow up. I'll be posting as Anon from now on. There's too much BS going on with some juvenile idiots on this forum. Go to hell impersonator and get a life. If you can't come up with your own handle, Anon works just fine. From now on, the original Kemmy will be anon.

Anonymous said...

Err...anon@9.21, as a person that studies economics, it is much more complex than budgeting for unga and maziwa, that is accounting. Dont insult the doctrine! but mechanical engineering nevertheless is just as good a subject as economics. Credentials dont matter with these two men, it is what they have contributed to the country, and I have to say Raila needs more marketing on that coz whateva he has done no one knows

Anonymous said...

due to harrassment, I have also decided to go anon from now on (Anon from now on--sounds poetic!). My name has been drugged to the ground, it has been misused and been misplaced. My name has been misapplied to the least of the concerns. My name, has been in tatters and am in tears, to save it from harm and chaos.
And from now, ladies and gentile men, I will now anon. Dont abuse my name, dont misused my name. Dont play with fire, I return fire with fire, visit my inbox, YOu know who I AM!

Anonymous said...

And kenyanzuri, how on earth can you say that people will view Moi as better? You know what? You represent the part of Kenyans that continues to embarass everyone day in day out. It is stupid to say that. Besides if you didnt know Kibaki was at one time voted one of Times Magazine 100 people with potential to change the world. But you see, I wont use that to say raila is not capable of change, but i will say that when they stop spewing political diarrhoea then we can move forward

Anonymous said...

Latest news for those hungry for it and hot discussions at Kumekucha chat.

Eileen O'k Ello said...

I have visited your blog, Kenyanzuri, good name but nonsense in your blog. Get more info.


Anonymous said...

Message to Hellen and Sam Okello: I understand you are worried about the fate of the Kenyan People although allow me to question your sudden interest in this subject since upto now you never showed such a 'weakness' except when it came to sell your books ....

Never mind, I am willing to forget all this ..... and since you seem to support (or better said: pretend to support) the 1 Milllion People March on Thursday - something by the way I would also support if only I could be sure that it would not claim the lives of more innocent Kenyans - I herewith offer you the following:

If you really serious, I challenge you to prove this and use the money you owe me to buy 2 flight tickets to go to Nairobi and lead the demonstration .... show your face ..... prove that you are not only brave on the Internet, but in reality .....

Are you willing to do this? As I said before: I allow you to use my money - so do it.

And by the way, I would be more than willing to join you - but I have been told that I would be prohibited to enter Nairobi and would even be stopped to board a plane ..... so much to

kenyanzuri said...

Anon@ 9:41
Kibaki squandered any goodwill he got in 2003. Kibaki has introduced
divisions, tribalism, violence, suspicions, political assasinations and
dictatorship that makes anything negative that Moi did to look like sunday

Eileen, thanks for visiting. Ukweli ni kwamba, Kibaki played with Kenyans and thought that people will keep queit after 2 days. However, his civillian coup has set Kenya for a major revolution - He has no otherwise but to accept Bomas Draft and devolution etc

Shaddy said...

Chris, lemme address you directly here. Marianne Briner, is now posting under the disguise of anon claiming to be me and stating that Hellen is now going to be anon. Chris by now, I believe you've realized that when there's a peak at Kumekucha, Marianne Briner is at work at Kumekucha. The real people posting could be four or five genuine individuals. Why do you allow this thug to mess up your blog?

To you Marianne Brinner, You can pretend to be Hellen all you want trying to put words on the tip of my keyboard. Woman I've got news for you...

If you have war with me, come to my inbox. Oh I forget, you cannot reach me...

Kumekuchans, beware of this international extortionist.

Anonymous said...

Why are these politicians leaving the whole country in a sate of anxiety ? It seems for some reason or another they are buying time.
Hopefully by tomorrow we will know something concrete but I would not hold my breath
Kenya politics is nothing short of satirical comedy.

Anonymous said...

@ shaddy..can you please redirect your childish, senseless behavior elsewhere.
If you want Chris to know about this so called "International extortionist" send the man an email. The rest us do NOT GIVE A DAMN .Some of these people need not to be anywhere near a keyboard.
No doubt you live up to your name"shaddy"

Anonymous said...

anon 9.37 sorry i did not mean to belittle or insult economics i do it myself ...

i was responding to anon 9.03 who fell short of telling us that mechanical engineers are just but jua kali artisans, he was trying to show us how mysterious economics is and was demeaning the engineering profession. i take offence at his statement.

Anonymous said...

Anon@10.04 Thanks for clarifying, and as for kenyanzuri, devolution is being misconstrued for decentralization, anyone who understands regional development knows that the Bomas Draft is only the beginning because devolution will not facilitate economic growth (and this is evidence), which is what eventually will be needed if standards of living are to rise. Im all for devolution to right social and political wrongs though but it is still easier said than done and thats why Kenyans have to be a bit realistic and just hold on, it doesnt take a day to build up a business to profit, and if it does it surely tumbles just as quickly! The same goes for regional development

Anonymous said...

Kikuyu supremacy.

I was shocked to read this as representative of all the Kenyans Abroad, and with "I" in many instances.
It must have embarassed the British PM
what do you think of the long "petition"?






· We, the undersigned, petition the British Government to support the rule of law in Kenya, upholding the principle of democracy by recognising the current incumbent Government of Kenya as the legitimate Government of the country, until such time as the High Court of Kenya makes an order after a successful petition against Kibaki’s election. We petition you to take position over this matter by maintaining that violence, rape and other violations should stop altogether.

· We petition the Prime Minister to put pressure on the opposition to stop inciting ethnic violence, arming and training groups of civilians to kill innocent Kenyans and to stop giving financial support to those causing violence and indeed calling for mass action in order to cause violence.

· To notify the opposition that should they not heed this warning, perpetrators will be prosecuted.

· We petition the Prime Minister to support the Government of Kenya financially to help those who are displaced and rebuilt Kenya

· We urge the Prime Minister to share thoughts with the United Nations, United States of America, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and other political and economic groups to provide economic assistance to Kenya thereby supporting the country to deal with the current situation and start the healing process.



Prime Minister office required a contact person and address and the

committee agreed to use Mrs. Mabel Muruli Mark address


The Right Honourable Gordon Brown MP

10 Downing Street



Dear Prime Minister


Forgive us for troubling you, we are Kenyan Citizens in Diaspora and have been very concerned like many people by the dramatic events of the recent weeks affecting our home country Kenya.

Like many people we have suffered bereavement as our families and friends became victims of violence.

Kenyan community in the UK numbers at about 100,000 in total and a similar number are British subjects settled and living in Kenya and that’s why Kenyans came together to organise a petition to engage your Government’s interest in the problems of our country.

I must say that at first we as Kenyans, hesitated contacting you because we were not sure of what practical help we could seek or indeed you could offer. However, the majority of Kenyans in Diaspora firmly believe that your Government could make a very worthwhile practical contribution to resolving the real human difficulties that currently exist.

As a matter of fact there has been a long history between our two countries and although Kenya is a sovereign state, its constitution and the machinery of Government owes its very existence to the legacy of former British Rule.

Why British Government Should Be Involved

Kenyans in Diaspora feel that the British Government should become involved by taking a position over this matter.

- 2 -

Firstly, the British ex-pat community numbers about 100,000 and there are significant British interests in the country which help Britain’s trade position and influence in Africa. The level of civil unrest and the potential for civil war would not only have a damaging effect on the Kenyan economy and indirectly on Britain, but could destabilize that part of the region altogether.

Secondly, Kenya as a former British colony retains considerable respect for Britain and its institutions and traditions. Indeed we have little doubt that the right message from your Government would have a profound influence on the actions of people in Kenya and that would assist in helping stabilize the situation and to close down the current conflicts.

Thirdly, as a democratic country and one that espouses the rule of law and more latterly human rights, it would be in line with Britain’s view in respect of such matters to uphold these principles for the good of all.

As a group, we believe that until such time as there has been a proper investigation into the outcome of the election results by the Kenyan Judiciary, those results should be upheld and the incumbent Government recognised until such time as the Kenyan Courts determine otherwise. It would be particularly helpful if your Government agreed to support the rule of law by recognising the existing Government subject to efforts to establish the veracity of the election result, but maintaining that violence, rape and other violations should stop altogether.

More importantly the opposition who are inciting civilians and sponsoring mayhem will not feel empowered to continue to do so if the Government has British support.


We all agree that the social and political events in Kenya do require sensitive management and stakeholders, Governments and Organizations interested in Kenya need to seek to obtain information from credible organizations on what really happened, root causes of violence and conclude on what can be done to avoid/stop potential disruptions.


Sadly recent media reports have given a rather muddled view of the reasons for the current unrest which has been unhelpful. Clearly the media was compromised by the opposition party.

- 2 -

A number of misleading statements have been made by various interested parties and other stakeholders and we would like to set the record straight. The media in their reporting have created a conflict for political reasons to empower the opposition with the support of have-nots in Kenyan society as against the haves, evidenced by the fact that the crowd we all saw in the streets was not representative of the 30 million odd Kenyans living and working in Kenya. This has made the world to think of Kenyans as a category rather than individuals even though people are pretty similar no matter what country they come from.

It is however very clear that all over the world in elections, allegations of foul play by losers is bound to arise especially in hotly contested elections, but that in itself does not constitute the opposition taking matters into their own hands especially when there are constitutional avenues of addressing such grievances. Even if they suspect that the courts could sacrifice impartiality at the alter of partisan political interests, courts must be given a benefit of a doubt and where possible stakeholders can ensure that the courts are fair.

This is where you come in, we want to invite you to open your eyes to Kenyan ethnicity history and culture and understand how these ethnic killings came about, after which, we urge you to offer a different approach to solving the ongoing issues, and also to support Kenya in building a positive image.

It has been established beyond words that the current dispute in Kenya was not over elections, the dispute was over land, wealth and power dating from when Kenya got independence, hence the killings, otherwise people could not just kill their neighbours because of how they voted.


Luhya’s occupy Western Province and are mainly farmers and office workers.

Kalenjin’s & Maasai’s occupy Rift Valley and are good at keeping cows, goats and sports.

Kikuyu’s dominated the business world; commerce/trade and usually work hard and as a team.

Luo’s occupy the Lake Region. Their main activities are fishing and office working.

- 3 -

Naturally Kikuyu’s are wealthy by all standards because of working hard. When Kenya got independence from the British, many Kikuyu’s bought land from the British and settled in Rift Valley and elsewhere.

The Kenyan constitution gave that every Kenyan was free to buy and own land and property in any part of the country legally. With that in mind Kenyan’s migrated freely to wherever they could buy land, settle and make homes.


When President Kibaki won the elections in 2003, the Kenyan economy was on its knees, crime was unbelievable. He quickly changed things around and soon the economy was booming. There was no crime on the streets. There was free primary education, tourism was booming so was farming. President Kibaki is a doer!

He brought the Kenyans together. The opposition knew of his track record they had to find something entertaining to voters. They came up with Majimboism.

ODM (Opposition) knew that elections would be a close contest and that President Kibaki would beat them hands down, hence the strategy. They planned to heighten anti-kikuyu sentiments especially in Rift Valley and planned to say that votes were rigged if Kibaki won. Evidenced by their meeting notes (see attached). ODM (Opposition) made unrealistic promises of changes which have given birth to violence.


Majimbo meant that Kikuyu’s had to return to their ancestral land in Central Province regardless. They had to leave behind their life long savings, loved ones, property and wealth. This excited the majority of communities who were jealous of Kikuyu dominance. It was music to their ears very soon there were leaflets even before the elections warning Kikuyus to leave or face the music.

They also paid the media who openly campaigned for the opposition and have continued to do so e.g. standard newspapers and KTN, evidenced by their own notes of September notes attached. Please also see how much money the media was paid.

- 4 -

A few days to the polling date, members of the Kikuyu community in the Rift Valley Province and in Nyanza were being warned to prepare to leave for their ancestral land as soon as the opposition took over power. In Eldoret, Kisii, Kisumu and Busia the Kikuyus were being openly harassed and intimidated, ethnic cleansing began way ahead of the 27th December poll.


The reason why the Rift Valley has become the epicentre of the conflict is rooted in history.

Once a homeland of the Kalenjin and Maasai, much of it was seized early last century by the British, who turned it into a paradise of farms and mansions.

Instead of being returned to those tribes on independence, the farmland was sold to anybody who had money especially the Kikuyu;s (Kibaki’s tribe) Although the constitution granted Kenyans of any tribe the right to live anywhere in the country, the spread by Kikuyu’s across the Rift Valley triggered bitterness, jealously and grievances.

The opposition ODM campaigned along this lines telling Kalenjin and Maasai voters that, if they voted in the opposition “ODM” they would ensure that the Kikuyu’s would be thrown out of Rift Valley, Western, Mombasa and their land and property would be distributed freely to the other tribes. The opposition especially William Ruto (ODM MP) made hate speeches throughout the campaign so did the opposition hence why people believe that violence was pre-planned and was going to happen regardless of results of elections.

Despite knowing clearly that the large farms of former British settlers were sold in the open market and it is fair to say that Kikuyu’s benefited because they were commercially aware and were able to afford them they still capitalised on them.

William Ruto one of Odinga’s top aides became the greatest warlord in the Rift Valley. He poisoned Kalenjins against Kikuyu’s. There were leaflets all over warning Kikuyu’s before elections to expect trouble, hate speeches were broadcasted live on the local.

- 5 -

Kalenjin Radio stations, media houses, Mulembe FM and it was said that young Kalenjin’s and Luhya’s youths were being indoctrinated against the Kikuyu while undergoing circumcision in December as a rite of passage while being given instructions of what to do.

These youths were told Rift Valley and Western Provinces were there’s and no one should be left there. No Kikuyu’s or Kambas. They were told to kill and destroy property of foreigners. This was powerful that it affected even the most educated people.

It is extremely disturbing that the opposition sanctioned protests and still are. Massive destruction of life and property of individuals from particular communities (Kikuyu), President Kibaki’s tribe. This style and actions were pre-meditated, they were pre-planned. The mobilization of ethnic hatred, the victimization of certain individuals (the Kikuyu) for voting in a certain manner and the campaign for economic sabotage of businesses owned by people from a certain tribe or ethnic group which is Kikuyu is genocide.

Why did the ODM organise mass burials for persons from certain ethnic groups and fail to do so for others? Such biased and suspect actions leave no doubt in one’s mind as to the agenda the opposition was and is still pursuing.

Every Kenyans has a right to life, to live and to own property anywhere in Kenya as long as purchased through proper channels. Every Kenyan has a right to vote and to be voted into office it is absurd for people to be forced to vote in a manner they are against. Undoubtedly there was resentment building up over years from less successful elements of Kenyan society. Nevertheless, successive Government s have remained firm that those acquiring land lawfully are to be entitled to enjoy the fruits of their labour and be able to live under the rule of law as to the ownership of their land and property. Unfortunately the opposition exploited that and offered to give this land back to Luo’s, Kalenjins and Maasai’s; a recipe you will agree for conflict.


The opposition having no funds for campaign made a lot of promises to individuals and company’s who paid out heavily for the campaigns. Some company’s were promised tenders, others businesses e.g. arms deals and individual’s were promised jobs.

- 6 -

They then used the money to bribe returning officers and polling clerks each returning officer in ODM friendly zone was given Kshs 100,000 each, Deputy Kshs 50,000 each and Kshs 10,000 for each clerk to favour the opposition.

The opposition were so organised in their rigging that it almost went unnoticed. The vast majority of voters were elderly and needed help, whenever they asked for help, they were told that if they did not want to vote in the opposition they only had to put an X on all opposition candidates by crossing them out, little did they know that by so doing they were actually electing the candidates they did not wish to elect.

Other people who did not know how to read or write were simply told that “Kibaki” and Kalonzo (The Government) had stepped down for the opposition because Kibaki was too ill to lead and Kalonzo had agreed to be a Prime Minister and so they were to vote the opposition only. That explains why the opposition had the majority of MPS in parliament. We therefore must appreciate the fact that the elections were hotly contested and the difference was some hundred thousand votes only. All in all, Kibaki was rightfully elected as in elections there must be winners and losers infact in his final campaign at Uhuru Park the opposition leader (Raila Odinga) made it very clear that he would not accept election results if his party lost. There was therefore only one choice for the opposition and that was victory. Anything else was unacceptable. There was only one option if they lost “violence”.

The Kikuyus have taken the beating almost passively. Kenyans in Diaspora watched helplessly on television as their houses, businesses, homes went up in flames, we have the majority of people here today affected.

It is also worthy noting that the Kenyan police is divided along the tribal lines in matters that have led to this state of affairs. They therefore just stand by and watch as mobs mess with helpless people.

It must worry all persons of goodwill that should matters get worse and the military get sucked in, the same division will define itself. This would be the final death nail to this once most promising African country. If we could sink into interline warfare that could go on for several decades.

- 7 -

UK and indeed the international community should therefore seek to be part of the search to a just and speedy resolution to this conflict by endorsing Kibaki as President elect.

Britain should take a lead by telling the world that.

Kenya like other countries is constitutionally democratic country governed by the rule of law. Kenya has got to apply the law in order to govern the country as well as resolve social and political conflicts and that should not be frustrated by any one.

Following the December 2007 elections, the President Hon Mwai Kibaki was dully declared the winner and constitutionally sworn into office under the constitution. The President has full mandate to conduct all the affairs of the state until the end of his 5 year term. This can only be changed or terminated by an order of the High Court after a successful petition against his election or indeed in any of the other circumstances provided for within the law.

Under the same constitution of Kenya there are clear processes and channels on how elections should be conducted and how grievances arising from the conduct of an election should be arbitrated and better still the roles of various institutions in the electoral process are clearly laid . No one is to resort to demonstrations instead of challenging results using the channels provided.

We petition the Prime Minister to put pressure on the opposition to stop inciting ethnic violence and to stop arming, training and giving support to those who are causing violence.

To notify the opposition that should the war continue their leaders will be dealt with according to the Kenyan laws.

We petition the Prime Minister to support the Government of Kenya financially to help those who are displaced.

We urge the Prime Minister to share thoughts with the United Nations, United States of America, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and other political and economic groups to provide economic assistance to Kenya thereby supporting the country to deal with the current situation and start the healing process.

- 7 -

We urge the Prime Minister to accompany a few members of the Kenyan community to visit the affected areas and talk to victims to give them confidence and hope and to show UK’s concern and to also show those involved that we can no longer tolerate disintegrating communities we are sure this will end violence.

In pursuance of our cause, a petition has been prepared and I would hope that you would feel able and for that matter your colleagues too, to take note of the signatories to it. We are all genuine people wanting a civilized resolution to this very human problem and to bring an immediate end to the bloodshed and violence which is marring our beautiful country.

We thank you for your patience and for finding time to read this petition. We hope that our requests will meet your kind consideration.

Yours faithfully,

Mabel Muruli Mark


Compiled by the Organising Committee and the final draft by Mrs. Mabel Muruli Mark, London

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

heh!! ati Gordon Brown to come to kenya and do what? recognise the thief? and help the thief with cash to mop up the blood he has caused people to shed?

i sincerely hope this nonsense was not presented to anyone let alone the prime minister it betrays the partisan interests and the immense stupidity of its authors!!

Anonymous said...

this is the most stupid thing/propaganda I have ever seen since was born. These idiots need to be locked out of this blog. They have the PANUA blogs to mess not this one. A husband and wife waking up to write a praise song for the kibaki and posts it here. Come on guys! We dont do the same to their blogs.

Alexandra Briner said...

To Chris and especially Hellen Okello: please leave my mother's name out of your hate comments.

She is at the moment again in hospital undergoing an operation in connection with the rape by Jeff Koinange.

Before entering hospital, she has informed Chris about this and also that she will sign-off from Kumekucha.

I personally have never read Kumekucha or any other blog and I am also not planning to do so in the future.

But I have been told by friends who have read with great concern and much disgust how you continue dragging my mother's name into all your dirty political games.

My mother loved and still loves Kenya and its people and has suffered enough because of this.

As I said before, she is again in the hospital right now. So I ask you to stop using her name for your own personal false reasons.

You - and this refers to Hellen and Sam Okello - know very well who is the guilty and cheating one - it's definintely not my mother.

Dr. med. vet. Alexandra Briner, Baroness von Oeynhausen

Anonymous said...

anon@10.41, unlike in Kenya where Kibaki supporters are Kibaki supremacists, in UK Kenyans are having discussions, and debates and are perfectly entitled to hold their own opinions. This is but a section of the 66,000 Kenyans in this country, second of all ODM supporters are already gaining an audience with prominent persons here. UK is a democracy, you exercise your right by protesting and petitioning, if Gordon Brown wants to participate its damn well up to him to decide and im sure he wont take sides anyway. And anon@10.56, giving the gravity of the situation it was probably sent to one of his PR people. The point is that both sides have their support, leave them to it, they are representing Kenyans on all sides ok? A Kenyan who voted but is back in the UK

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...@10:41AM
This is bullcrap at its best no wonder I am in doubtful of Kenya ever regaining peace with that mindset. Crap lies and more crap. That is a tawdry piece of drivel
Check out item
...- 6 -

They then used the money to bribe returning officers and polling clerks each returning officer in ODM friendly zone was given Kshs 100,000 each, Deputy Kshs 50,000 each and Kshs 10,000 for each clerk to favour the opposition.
Now why in freakin hell will ODM bribe in a pro ODM areas where they are going to get votes anyway?
And, folks, that was the mildest form of crap in the shitty document.
We need two countries in Kenya, folks, we do!

Anonymous said...

Kikuyus in UK
are you serious about this?.It is a shame that this is all what the History of Kenya means to you.
Very hard working indeed!


Luhya’s occupy Western Province and are mainly farmers and office workers.

Kalenjin’s & Maasai’s occupy Rift Valley and are good at keeping cows, goats and sports.

Kikuyu’s dominated the business world; commerce/trade and usually work hard and as a team.

Luo’s occupy the Lake Region. Their main activities are fishing and office working

Taabu said...

Thanks Alex Briner. Please may all stop correpondence of attack on of from MB/Hellen. That is an E-ORDER. We are not atking any more of those we have more important things for this blog. Hope all and sundry respect that request. STOP IT PLEASE, STOP.

Anonymous said...

11.05 my problem is that the document embarasses kenyans as a whole....its pure nonsense!! everybody knows the truth!!

i have no problem with people that are blind enough to support pnu-that is their democratic right but while at it surely please dont conjure up stories to suit your purposes!!

this is shameful at the very least!! am sure even kibaki and his cronies as foolish as they are would not want to be associated with this load of crap!!

Anonymous said...

I congratulated you recently for attaining the 1 million mark in your blog. But if the entries of people king Briner and Okello were part of the million, then I retract my congratulations because you have not reached the mark. You cannot say personal attacks between people count in this blog. This blog I thought was for issues. Please make it a policy to delete all entries that are of a personal nature and those that do not add value to the topic posted for discussion. Then you will hit the 2 million mark within this year. Anxiously waiting for your response.

Anonymous said...

11.17 the best bits are:

'Kikuyu’s dominated the business world; commerce/trade and usually work hard and as a team.'

'Naturally Kikuyu’s are wealthy by all standards because of working hard. When Kenya got independence from the British, many Kikuyu’s bought land from the British and settled in Rift Valley and elsewhere.'

I said this was bullcrap........

Anonymous said...

SO, they bought stolen property. If you buy stolen property, it does not make it yours, does it. I am not saying anyone be evicted, I am just applying their logic

Anonymous said...

11.25 dont worry your sentiments are being echoed, thats why brits are worried, because there are polarized views like that. But generally the most important debates so far have been impartial, not supporting such things

Steve said...

Anon 10:41, the petition starts out with an appropriately obsequious tone and looks a high-school essay.

It was a struggle to get past the sweeping generalizations about each of the tribes under the "Kenyan History".

If this memo is indeed genuine, how can the author pretend to speak for the entire UK diaspora? It probably contributed to the view that change is indeed necessary.

Also, are there really 100K UK expatriates trying to re-live their Out of Africa pipe dream?

Anonymous said...

BS by 10.41

If ur spaking as a Kikuyu then do that but dont purport to speak for Kenyans in the UK.

Anonymous said...

BS by 10.41

If ur spaking as a Kikuyu then do that but dont purport to speak for Kenyans in the UK.

pato said...

IT actualy pained me to see those many kikuyus in london..yes some educated and some who came straight from gikomba in the early 90s with the help of mzee kamau singing praise for Kibaki.

I personally know alot of them and It touches me to know they dont care about kenyans but Kikuyuism. Not to add many of them are known land grabbers in Kenya. I felt soo mad. And just to add alot of them will not equate to being kenyans anyway because of mzee kamau stories. They are either somalis or from wonder they long for our country to be as such.

Anonymous said...

At least they should have got someone to proof read or even word a better petition. That at its best is a class five "composition."

Anonymous said...

@anon 9.03
Their is evidence that you are not informed, as far as education is concerned. Compairing an engineer with a mechanic is an unhealable ignorance.

In Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Poland and Scandinavian countries the best Engineering schools are Technical Universities, under which Magdeburg falls. Your ignorance on world education is disgusting. You sound to be one of the unqualified people in Ministry of Education (all from one community) who are afraid of a change because of lack of papers.

Anonymous said...

Let's face facts

The successful businesses loved by most Kikuyus are night businesses requiring some fire arms and bravery. Where cheating and brutality is involved, there you will always find my brothers from Central Prov.

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