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Monday, February 11, 2008

Talks Collapsing as Diaspora Exports Bigotry

All the waiting about political breakthrough over our political was not worth the anxiety. Playing to the gallery and shameless media leaks throughout last weekend all but indicated the dead road we patronized as a nation. Ours is a country lacking in leadership and asking the scoundrels to measure up to any self-induced challenge is akin to selling winter cloaks in Garissa.

So Annan has given himself two days deadline to come with a solution? Well, you guess is as good as mine because the outcome is clear even before the principals take their seats. Kibaki never stole the elections with an intention to reneging on deceit or succumbing to international pressure. Hailing his free secondary program is a song sung better by his apologists.

Political sharks
The opposition may have played it smart in pushing him to a corner by making indicative motions and intentions of concession. But honestly such games are only effective on people with conscience not a hoard of supremacists already swimming in rivers of blood from Kenyans. Like sharks these lot never gets enough of human blood .

From the word go the Annan-lead talks were never meant to take off as evident in Kibaki’s obstructive pronouncements of being the duly elected president. Kofi Annan must be having his shoulders aching sorely from the global responsibility thrust on him. He must be cleverly chatting a hand-washing (safe) exit route.

The REAL KENYAN ARMAGEDDON is viciously knocking at the door. Make no mistake, Kibaki will not barge an inch. Annan will consequently have no choice but leave in a huff (really disgusted and disappointed). His excuse will be going to seek more guidance from UN and AU. A national Armageddon has never a comprehensive rehearsal like ours.

Exporting bigotry
Meanwhile the deception bandwagon has new passengers in the shape of a bunch of tribal jingoists masquerading under the banner of Kenyans abroad. These shameless Kenyans have exported their bigotry abroad. They are only fooling themselves by sending a VILLAGE memorandum that denigrate all OTHER Kenya's 41 tribes. These dimwits must be so naïve to waste their time in asking Gordon Brown to respect the laws of Kenya that are abused with absolute impunity by their ruling kinsmen.

Sir Edward Clay would provide Brown with a more detailed report on Kenya. And that is not brain-washing because the truth never mutates even among those who vomit on our collective shoes. A heap of lies and misinformation packaged as a petition only succeeds in unmasking the true face of serial liars. No damage is more devastating than self-destructive antics laced in virgin village bigotry that is left untouched by any trace of modernity.

The cheap smear campaign to paint Raila as unelectable fell flat on its face and Kenyans saw it for what it was – glossing over national rape and deception. Now roping in Ruto and crying foul with their teeth shamelessly biting into deception, these supremacists have gone global with their vice.

I am no doomsayer. But the truth remains that Kibaki is not annd was never interested in any peace or resolution of the present political crisis. How I wish I could be more optimistic. But I would hate blaming myself for being so naïve to the impending and beckoning Armageddon. May God save Kenya from herself.


Kenyan Son said...

Taabu! Thanks for reasoning this time. Didn’t you ever read quotes from folks like me among others that Kibaki is in the mediation to sell nothing but peace? How many times do you guys want Kibaki to tell you all that he is duly elected? How many times people? The sucker is sucking Kenyan blood and his willingness to mediation is to ensure that Kenya cools down and the world superpowers see him as a peacemaker and therefore save the nation from loosing aids and his friends and family members retain their visas. It is just that simple folks. Anan chose the wrong job. If you guys aren’t thinking of a coup, you better get ready to deal with this son of a bitch with his friends another 5 or 10 years; leave or take it.

Andy Capp said...

Taabu, while you are not the much sought after prophet of doom, you are certainly not the bringer of hope and joy.

fave of BG said...

'Talks Collapsing as Diaspora Exports Bigotry.'
Surely, I may sound redundant by one more great post but I note a disconnect between the title of the blog and the contents. How is the dispora exporting bigotry?. Examples, my dear friend.

KazaMwendo said...

"denigrating all other Kenyan tribes except one."


fave of BG said...

I support your views but all I think a different headline to your post would have brought the message out clearly. On the side of diaspora exporting hate and half truths. You bet! A lot half truths about RAO populate the net. I think you should put fingers to keyboard and highlight this issue
People who are living in countries that benefit from democracy have not qualms about supporting that ethnocentric octogenarian murderer that squats at statehouse when people have rejected him. What a shame

Kenyan Diaspora Pro-democracy Movement said...

You are right on the mark. Kibaki is just Kibaki and he will remain Kibaki! Nothing good will come from him. Am also a "prophet of doom" especially to my myopic and egocentric brothers and sisters from the slopes. The truth is that the peace-talks were just a waste of time and precious resources. The Mt.Kenya mafia never intended and they still do not intend to concede anything. So, as much as I hate to say this, let Kenyans brace themsleves for tough, hard and worse days ahead. More lives are going to be lost, more property is going to be damaged and more people are going to be displaced! BUT in the end, the people of the slopes will be forced to give back what they have stolen from other Kenyan------from democracy to land all over the country.............the truth hurts!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

"kibaki never stole the elections to...", "Tribal supremacits"=same old cowardly lines. you need to change because this will not achieve anything. kenya has a constitutionally elected government. Mark my words-there will be no such thing like power sharing. if the oposition are so keen on participating in government they should be willing to take up the assistant ministerial positions. all of them are vaccant. if not they should forever hold their peace.

Nyumba said...

I have always and will always insist on this one 'KENYANS IN THE DIASPORA' is actually a caucus of KIKUYUS IN THE DIASPORA, sseking cheep publicity for government apointments like MUTUA did and will never bety his boss. Who in the DIASPORA are they speaking for? Off with their lies Kenya is ours to stay and they should concentrate on building peace and not divissions.

Anonymous said...

2:34 PM,
The posts you are talking about be filled by Kikuyus as soon we will have Kikuyastan and Kenya,no more playing this supremacist card.We are waiting for the talks and if nothing comes out we will take things into our hands,protect ourselves from Kikuyu rule and domination.You can dominate Kikuyustan but Kenya proper full stop.

justmimi said...


I'm getting Mashada deja vu. The discourse seems to be going to the dogs.

Anonymous said...

@2:34 PM
There is only one force that can bring about justice in the crisis. The Kikuyus themselves have to tell their emperor he isn't wearing any clothes (there is enough proof now) instead of clapping, and trying to spin out of this open daylight robbery. If they don't they will have only themselves to blame as the situation becomes uncontrollable. There are of course over 10,000 ex army men in the Rift and Western areas who had previously served under the Moi regime (apart from ODM sympathisers in the army itself), God forbids, if they get supplied with automatic weapons, we will have a full scale civil war on our hands. So Mworio wa Muriuki has to decide now if he wants to continue with this adventure of colonising the rest of Kenya (because this rigging is exactly that) or let democracy prevail. The stakes are very high.

Taabu said...

Fave of BG@1.24, example starts from the para begining with meanwhile. Hope you get the drift of how the collapse was concluded long time ago just like the poll theft before voting. Apologists masquarading as diaspora have embarked on misinformation to legitimize the illegial regime. Reading their petition to GB would make the hate SMS against OTHER Kenyans look like Sunday sermons.

fave of BG said...

Taabu @3:09 PM,
I expected more focus on the petition and other disinformation campaigns.
Regarding the petition to G.B. surely only a moron could believe that.
I mean it is crappy, pulled from a few peer reviewed journals in the 1960s. It is something that GB will know is foolish. It is full of generalization and so short of specifics. It over flowing with half truths (surprised?) and blatant lies. It takes a wide detour of truth and is hardly touched by brush stroke of veracity. It is not worth burning your brain cells over.
If you are keen, and have been following news you will by now know that GB and US knew it was coming to this.
Trawl the economist for the past 4 years and look at the ever changing CIA country reports. They predicted conflict 3 to 4 years ago. They have credible intelligence and they have dealt with dictators before. The only bad thing is most of them are predicting more violence.

Anonymous said...

This is what Kumekucha has aptly tagged as exporting bigotry to UK

Here is a except from this petition:


Luhya’s occupy Western Province and are mainly farmers and office workers.

Kalenjin’s & Maasai’s occupy Rift Valley and are good at keeping cows, goats and sports.

Kikuyu’s dominated the business world; commerce/trade and usually work hard and as a team.

Luo’s occupy the Lake Region. Their main activities are fishing and office working.

- 3 -

Naturally Kikuyu’s are wealthy by all standards because of working hard. When Kenya got independence from the British, many Kikuyu’s bought land from the British and settled in Rift Valley and elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Yaani these Kikuyu bigots are trying to lecture Brits about Kenya history as if the Brits are from Mars. Eti Kikuyus are wealthy because of their hard work and the other tribes are just good at hearding goats.

If diasporan Kikuyu thinks thatway how about the Kenyan Kikuyu? Now you see why Kaleos evicted them from their ancestral land.

Anonymous said...

Anon @4:15. There are more other reasons to evict some folks, leave alone this. If we don't stand up right now, when then can we stand up. Stand up now or loose forever. Do you remember how we evicted the Britons from Kenya? Why did we do that? See keenly. Some people have to be evicted in order for others to breathe. We are tired thieves, gangsters and corrupt group from about the same tribe. We cannot take it anymore.

Anonymous said...

Anon @4:49.

I concur. When you go to Rome, do what the romans do. If you can't, keep on moving. Some crooks have to leave others peacefully the way the were.

I'm just amazed at our a certain tribe is so experienced and professional in stealing and robbing. This tribe is a professional my friend. But it is time to leave or follow our respectful culture. No thieves here.

Anonymous said...

Taabu; please be clear in whatever assertions you are making.

As for the peace talks; LET US GIVE THEM A CHANCE. Kenyans back home are doing so and the pressure is on for GENUINE constitutional reforms.

The Standard and Daily Nation of 12/2/08 are both positive in their assessment of the progress made thus far.

-ODM Supporter

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 2.34; Kenya will have to change whether or not you wish to see it change.

The fact of the matter is that we are not ready to pretend the country has a future before the current chaos and talks lead to

a) Land reform
b) New constitution.

These are issues that go beyond who is sitting at State House.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 4.02; It seems certain Kenyan characters are still in denial of how the transition into independence favoured them.

Land; that is one of the "historical injustices" Kenyans need to address and it goes back to the 1960s.

Anonymous said...

I remain optimistic Taabu. Events on the ground do not support your pessimism.

Until things take a different turn, my current position will not change.

Steve said...

Anons 5:10, 5:19 - I agree. Give hope a chance.

Steve said...

Let's not speculate and assume the worst. We only have hope left. Let's have some optimism even if it's just a sliver.

Anonymous said...

Taabu, I am a Kumekucha regular and I have read your posts in the past but this one is just way off.

I understand your anger at an exclusive group of Kenyans attempting to appropriate the voice of democracy (if that is what you mean and yes, you have been vague).

However, is it so hard to wait for the 48 -72 hours (Standard) to pass before you begin to wring your hands in despair?

I back Steve and the anons he cites.

Anonymous said...

I support those of you above who are saying we should give the talks/hope a chance.

Kenyans have fought hard to get us to the point where we can actually iron out the ugliness of our dictatorial past.

Let us wait and see if the talks work. We owe it to those on the ground.

Anonymous said...

Taabu, Chris, Phil and the rest: I respect you all for the work you have done in enabling Kenyans, particularly those in the diaspora to have a place to vent and give suggestions.

You have a name now, KUMEKUCHA, and the privilege of reaching many.

Now that our nation is on the brink of disaster at one extreme or paving the way for a better future on the other, do use this forum to support the peace effort.

I join those above who feel that the pessimism expressed above is extreme. Yes, the talks may fail; we are dealing with a treacherous leader, but they may also succeed.

Wait and see! Hold on a moment before you pour cold water on the talks. They really could be our last chance.

Anonymous said...

Eh! I have just returned home from a long day and Taabu's post hit me like a ton of bricks.

However, thanks to Anon @ 5.10 p.m. for your references to the Standard and Nation.

Surely, let us wait and see. I am happy that there are Kumekucha respondents who are thinking like me.

Na ndiyo, hata mimi in ODM damu!!!

Anonymous said...

Jameni, si we should wait and see before we condemn the process.

If it is derailed by insincere leaders, I will be the first to dash to Kumekucha to protest.

In the meantime, we should keep ourselves up to date with the progress of the talks, hope and pray.

- Miriam

Kenyan Diaspora Pro-democracy Movement said...

Miriam----- Dinjo????

Anonymous said...

Yes I understand what these people are saying over here. Lets give hope to the hopeless negotiation. You will soon wake to the reality, soon!

Anonymous said...

The rhetorics over the weekend should have indicated to anyone that cares to read between the lines that neither ODM nor PNU is very comfortable with the power sharing deal. ODM even went ahead to say that they would seek approval from their supporters before signing any deals (how they plan to do this, I don't know).

So, don't blame Taabu for being so hopeless. Prepare for the worst, hope for the best. In less than 72 hours, we'll have our verdict. I can almost envision gangs re-grouping, waiting to start pouncing. Sorry, I'm a little disenfranchised with all these politics and the effect on ordinary people. Too bad we can never go back and change the past...

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 7.58; ODM was doing its bit to keep the peace and calm tempers. They are reasuring their supporters that the deal will have them and their futures in mind and not just the current political crop.

The two parties are back from the weekend to discuss the power sharing modalities.

The talks go on; let us adopt a wait and see approach.

Anonymous said...

Taabu you are somewhat correct; Kibaki was never interested in the talks - he would rather hog power for another 5 years.

However, we must not discount the force of the international community that is holding his head down to the negotiating table.

Ngoja tuone before we declare Armageddon.

Anonymous said...

Nyinyi watu mko nje and you are already giving up on the talks! Perhaps that is why...

Anonymous said...

Let's hope for the best. But, I can't discount Taabu's view. Look at the kinda comments Kalooser's making. For whom is he speaking? His comments are very suspect. Isn't it funny how the folks who violated the law and smacked Kenyans are talking about how the solution must "follow the law and fit within Kenya's legal framework". They should've thought about whether stealing an election and holding on despite getting caught fit within Kenyas "legal framework". They obviously didn't get the memo. It's a new day in Kenya and they undermine these talks to their detriment!

Anonymous said...

Anon @4.02

I am the King of England if these statememts about Kenyan communities are true. Someone has to be retarded to believe such crap. To put them down as part of a petition makes one a raving lunatic. Show me just one person who got rich through hard work, I will show you a liar.
Is it Saitoti of the Goldenber fame, Githunguri of National Bank scandal, Chris Kirubi of Kenatco Taxi scandal, or the Ndegwa's. Which Kikuyu people did they have in mind. Kibaki of the Kenren and other white elephants?

Anonymous said...

Thanks anon @ 8.26 for your sentiments.

I pity those PNUers who are still demanding that the solution to the present crisis be resolved "within Kenya's legal framework." Annan has already ruled that out and parliament is going to be brought in to legislate the intermediary power settlement.

...which of course is to be followed by major reforms across the board.

I wish those Kenyans living in the past would wake up.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 8.31; you make absolute sense. Theirs are stereotypes constructed to conceal decades of thuggery.

Anon @ 8.19; I sympathise with Kenyans like you on the ground. Just remember that some of us are still hoping like you are.

Anonymous said...

As much as its good to be optismistic, Taabu is simply pointing to the actual reality on the ground. Did anyone else notice the press conference held on Sunday by the mainly rookie Nyeri MPs insistiting that they took 'great exception to the continueing insinuation being peddled' that Kifaki stole elections. They repeated the line that Kifaki 'won fair and square'. I think that the sooner this so called 'super tribe' of Kenya realized that it is its own worst enemy, the better. For their own good!

Anonymous said...

Things will move forward with or without hardliners. In the end, they will find themselves out in the cold.

Wakinyeta; the international community will land on them with a thud.

demogod said...

I find it so amazing that KIbaki & PNU think they can ignore the international community and its efforts to bring the necessary changes to th eKenyan situation. They are highly mistaken that Kenya can do business in the global world without the support of the international community. The global dynamics have changed considerably, and its no longer in any countries best interest to work in isolation of the international community. Kenya has always relied on the US, UK & Europe, I hope Kibaki does not think that China will solve their economic problems by doing business with Kenya. China is only interested in ensuring that it takes care of its people by securing steady flow of resources to protect their own people. They have their own vested interests. I am not saying the others don't, but others have a considerable stake in ensuring kenya is a stable and peaceful country for various reasons other than Trade. It is also a major hope for all other African countries to showcase its willingness to support democracy as well capitalism including eroding corruption, and ensuring equitable distribution of resources to the people of Kenya. This is the only way Kenya will grow out of this quagmire that has been haunting us for decades.

Anonymous said...

Dear fellow ODMers,

We must learn to ignore those among us, such as Taabu, who are incurably pessimistic. To them success means getting everything you demand; but that is not life. Let us encourage our leaders to push for more concessions. Let us isolate the zero-sum gamers in ODM. At the same time let us reach out to the like-minded in PNU to do the same. I know some ODMers who do not want the talks to succeed and are looking forward to Mass Action Phase Two. While pretending otherwise, they are spoiling for a REAL KENYAN ARMAGEDDON. They are just lucky that Mass Action Phase One didn't touch them or their relatives. To most Kenyans (regardless of party affiliations), Mass Action is now associated with Mass Murder, Mass Arson, Mass Rape, and Mass Forcible Evictions. We need to be careful because a time might come when ODM calls for Mass Action and only idlers and thugs turn up. And guess who will be laughing at us PNU hard-liners and the so called our international friends (the ones we are fond of quoting religiously). Let us not waste this opportunity to negotiate and get what we can while the sun is still shinning on ODM. We will never have a perfect partner to negotiate with. And if we wait for Mass Action Phase Two, there may be no ODM to talk about. Or worse the fight will no longer be about which tribe belongs to which province, but rather which village belongs to which clan!!!!!

fave of BG said...

Anonymous said..@10:47 PM
Thanks for a post full of emotion and really lacking in anything else. While you proceed to lay responsibility like a unwanted child at the door of ODM, You fail to acknowledge that the issue lies with an illegitimate government. I assure you that even if ODM acquiesced to PNU demands and sat meekly in the opposition. The masses are tired. Justice has to come to them now or later but it has to come to them. Internal colonialization has to be and will be fought with the same vigor as external colonialization. So you have told ODM to isolate zero gamers what about PNU zero gamers? but wait, everyone in PNU is a zero gamer.

Makena said...

More unsubstantiated bullshit just like Kofi Annan being bugged.
Most people have had enough of wankers like you and are going back to their daily lives.

Your blog is a sad, hate filled place to visit. Your lies, rumours and bullshit have been found out time and again.

Time to move on, whoever you are.

Tamtam said...

Bias in the treatment of IDP's, is sickening.

Anonymous said...

I have read the link. I hope it is fiction because, if true then I can not trust the Kibaki government at all. And,I see war coming soon

Anonymous said...

makena why do you visit? nobody forces you come here.....go and read nice stuff in kibakitenablogs and will find the emotional support you need there.

Anonymous said...

Ditto @7:12AM. This Makena character has been harping on about how this blog is hate filled. Even when folks are trying to have a civil discussion, she runs around wailing the same nonsense. Strangely, she can't stay away and keeps coming back for more "hate" speech. What does that say about you Makena??? As advised, use that box at the top of your browser to visit blogs that do not threaten your emotional or mental well-being.

Anonymous said...

I think we have all been taken for a ride. I agree with the notion that this old man, together with his bunch of tribal supporters dont have any good plans for the country.
What did we expect. An old man, with decades of experience in dictatorship, plans- several months in advance- to steal the elctions. Puts everything in place, to ensure a military style takeover of power(excess security presence at KICC, GSU picking Kivuitu from Hall, rushed swearing in etc).
To make matters worse, the average supporter of this old man- even the "well educated" Kenyans in Diaspora, believe that they are superior compared to other tribes.
Now come-on guys- Do you really expect anything good to come from this old man?
Let us just be realistic

Tamtam said...


I share your sentiments, but something tells me that it is not fiction.

Trust and the Kibaki government=Oxymoron

We do not know what the future holds.

Pray for Kenya.

Anonymous said...

Makena- is one of those PNU spys that is still struggling to chew on a bone that can't be chewed- Think Kilonzo! guys- ignore her- not with a minute of your precious time ODM's does it remind you of the Shot to kill order?? and business as usual- Death to ordinary Kenyans while Makena continues business as usual?? but now Business as usual is not working!!I understand they can't get their coffe and tea from Central to Mombasa!! that is thier biggest money maker?? right!! go to google try to order a coffee or tea shippment exit port Mombasa?? delivery on line?? delivery will be delayed due to the situation in Kenya it says?? so how can makena claim! business as usual!!
Let the Kenyans in Mombasa block them until they realise that it is not business as usual!! after all didn't they "Kikuyu's claim that mombasa kenyans are lazy??

people people this is the usual PNU propaganda please ignore and lets discussion important issues regarding our beloved Kenya!!

Anonymous said...

I saw them kikuyus in London..Pastors included can you believe it shouting the death of kenya. I doubt whether they know what they are doing but looking at the pictures they are the uneducated staright from gikomba who went to britain in the early 90s. Hope some of you know mzee kamaus stories then. And again I know afew of them actually who are major land grabbers in Kenya. Give us a break kikuyus in britain. Join other Kenyans and hear what they think of you.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:49 where is the pics

Anonymous said...

try this link. then go to the messageboard. The particular message should be dated feb 9/10 with a a heading " pictures of london demonstrations"

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