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Friday, February 08, 2008

No Power-Sharing, So Says Dr. Mutua

Reports appearing in Uganda's press attributed to PNU Spokesman on-a-public-payroll Afred Mutua indicate that PRESIDENT Mwai Kibaki has ruled out the possibility of sharing political power with Opposition leader Raila Odinga, with his spokesman saying that would be “unconstitutional”. Dr Mutua is further quoted as accusing ODM politicians of “greed, ignorance about democratic practice and plotting ethnic cleansing” against Mr Kibaki’s Kikuyu kinsmen and women.

Ironically, at his own website Mutua says that the government is committed to dialogue. In other words, Kibaki can only absorb ODM MPs as ministers in his cabinet and they must remain his subjects whom he can hire and fire as he so wishes. Surely, is this man Mutua serious and does he understand the gravity of the Kenyan crisis? Power-sharing (explained at this link) does NOT and cannot mean 'having two presidents'.

In what should be the mother of all cock-ups since his namesake Mutua Kivuitu declared Kibaki the winner of the presidential polls, Afred Mutua says in an interview with Kampala's 93.3 KFM’s Hot Seat programme, that for Kibaki’s PNU to share power with the ODM leaders would be tantamount to allowing the Opposition party to “eat the piece of the cake that does not belong to one”. What nonsense Mutua I say.

President Kibaki's history teaches us he is poor at keeping promises or honouring agreements. It goes without saying international pressure is what has forced PNU into the Annan mediation talks but it is safe to assume that ODM, the international community and Kenyans at large being taken for a ride.

Going by Mutua's rants and that he was speaking on behalf of his boss, it is possible the on-going mediation efforts are but a waste of time and are meant to allow Kibaki consolidate his illegitimate regime. Mutua seems not to be aware that Koffi Annan has called for a special session of parliament and that he has also held several meetings with Speaker Kenneth Marende because the legislature will be a facilitator to the peace deal in creating necessary constitutional amendments to accommodate whatever will have been agreed upon. The IPPGs and MOUs of yesteryears will not do this time and no one will trash anyone.

Meanwhile in USA, another court-jester V-P Kalonzo Musyoka told US officials that a power-sharing arrangement “is not a panacea” for Kenya’s crisis. Mr Musyoka told the Daily Nation on Thursday that he conveyed that message in meetings with John Negroponte, the State Department’s second-highest ranking official, and with Ms Frazer. Kalonzo had earlier bragged to Kenyans in London that the Annan talks are aimed at asking Raila and Kibaki to hand over power to him as a moderate!

Although millions of Kenyans are praying for a deal to be reached soon, it appears 'the duly elected government' is not perturbed by these concerns nor does it care that thousands have died all because of stolen presidential elections.

Trusting that a power sharing deal is not the only option available to ODM, Kenyans must ignore doomsayers like Mutua and his ilk. They know which side of the bread is buttered and are much aware they would not last in their jobs a day longer were ODM to take over government.


Jesus is Love said...


Anonymous said...

Kenyans should not be worried.

The Kibaki camp are playing around....but if all fails and the status quo remains we will count our losses,bury our dead and propel William Ruto to the Presidency in 2012 for a ten good beautiful years.

mutuajinyonge said...

I agree with the above (jesus is love) but what Mutua and Co. should know is that the ODMers wish is not to be in the government, neither is it the ministerial posts. They represent Kenyans and Kenyans wanted change. If they are agreeing to power-sharing, it is not that they are agreeing to it because that is what they deserve or want, but to save the current situation in Kenya. If PNUers think that they can agree on things at the mediation table and later send their spokesman (Yes PNU Spokesman) to say the contrary, then they are in for a big surprise. Whom are they fooling? Koffi, ODMers or themselves? If Mutua is afraid of loosing his job, he should look for other options of defending it rather than trying to make things hard? I understand his travel ban is being discussed, what are those guys discussing, he would have topped the list!

Anonymous said...

I am not a tribalist and never will be but I think Kambas have one thing in common. The ordinary Kamba folks are tight lipped in the goings in Kenya. But see what their pros have done. It started with Kivuitu - giving presidency to Kibaki knowing too well that he did not win, then Kalonzo joining Kibaki's government knowing too well that he did not win and now Mutua defending Kibaki everyday knowing too well that he did not win. What does the Kambas think they will gain by Kalonzo being Vuta Pumzi (VP) in such a corrupt government? Hata nyinyi wakamba angalieni mbele! I know it is your first time to land such a position in kenya history, but it would have been better the right way. somebody advise those three guys above.

Anonymous said...

Mutadoo? niliwabia huyo mbuyu hawezi. Ati mlianza kufurahia power sharing! Hakuna kitu kama hiyo. Hao wasee wanajua kitu wanaduu, huwezi anza vita kama hauna silaha. yaani hawange iba kura bila kujipanga. Nabado, mtaona fumbi. Hahahahahahaha, hei odmers kumbe mnaota!

Anonymous said...

Life is fragile. Consider where you are investing your time and energies. Someone once said they had never heard anyone on his deathbed say that he wished he had made more money in his lifetime or he wished he had made a certain deal. Usually it is something like, "I wish I had spent more time with my kids or in the church or doing God's work."Ask the Lord to give you His priorities for your life.

Too much politics will take you nowhere. Whether it is Kibaki or Raila, life has to continue. Jameni tuombeeeeeeeeeee!

derek (the field marshal) said...


Don't entertain the idea that skunks like Kibaki will lord it over ODM and its zones. Rewinding yesterday is easier than Kibaki running a nation called Kenya without ODM. Make no mistake about it. Your delusion due to the bottle shouldn't drive you to the brink. In no way, under any circumstances whatsoever, will Kibaki rule without ODM having its BIG share and total independence. If you think otherwise, then the hour is certain. Wait!

Kumar said...

I don't see why would anyone comment on the rants of petty elements of the ilk of Mutua, the rabbit-eared idiot. He is neither involved in the negotiation, neither shared with and he has no stake in it. The fact that he is an idiot, a counterfeit Dubai petty object vomiting on the shoes of Kenyans shouldn't make you digest his rants. He doesn't deserve out comment because he has never been of value, and neither does anyone listen to his puke. The fact remains, from Bush, to Gordon, to Obama,to Tutu, to Mbeki, to Gaddafi, to Museveni, to Meles, to Yusuf, to Merkel and all, they directly communicate with Raila and things are done as ODM wishes, where it would have to get 50% of the interim govt. If anyone imagines otherwise, he is entitled to dream, but not to expose his utter foolishness. I don't think anyone who knows Kenya, ODM and Raila or what's going on will ever imagine that petty elements of the ilk of Mutua are of value in this equation. Rest your case boys. Next!

Wanyonyi said...

To ODMers and Nuists,
I think the best thing for ODM and PNU to do is negotiate the introduction of a new constitution that devolves executive power to the people but not a prime minister through distinct district governments.
This would happen by having a transitional government in place.
Provincial boundaries should be abolished coz they promote tribalism.Also local government and the provincial administration should be abolished.
These district would have a district assembly made up of representatives from district wards.(sort of like a bigger municipality with powers to manage it's own resources)
Further, the district, would have a district council (cabinet) that would hold the executive powers of the district government.This council will be responsible for recruitment of the district civil servants,tendering process,land transactions,collection of cess tax and many more.
The central government would only be left to manage national resources including VAT,excise duty and income tax et.c
To make the presidency less contentious, the president should be hired and fired by the members of the national and district assemblies.

Anonymous said...

As I said yesterday, it is time we ODMers changed our captain from Raila to Ruto. Raila is a good campaign strategist but he seems weak when it comes to power negotiations. He gets conned easily by other men. Look at how Moi conned him in KANU-NDP MOU. How come he did not learn anything from that before getting into the NAK-LDP MOU. This time I felt like dying when he said Kibaki does not have to worry about being demanded to resign. How can he remove our trump card from the table before pushing negotiations to near-breaking point. He undercut ODM negotiators. There is something about his rush to get a piece of the pie I am increasingly getting uncomfortable with. And while the deputy captain, Musalia, is okay as a replacement, he does not have a stiff spine or fire in the belly. That leaves the great leader from RV, William Ruto. Ruto is principled and fearless. He is determined to return our stolen lands in the RV and finally deliver democracy to all Kenya people. Every young man I know want to be like Ruto someday. I don't understand why the agenda of the negotiations did not start with the land question in the RV. Please let give ODM a leader who does not waiver. Let us give to Ruto and he will not agree to a sham deal. Even God sidelined Moses and anoited somebody else to lead the Israelites into the promised. We don't care what ministries are given to the Pentagon members, that is for their wives to care. I respect Raila, he has done his part, but it is time we stormed Jericho with Ruto as our general. Let us seek first RV lands and democracy and all other things will follow.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

i dont think changing the captain would help anon 1.56 we have sent ruto in to negotiate so he will not come out of there with anything that is not desirable for the party that is why it was necessary to send ruto in and put him at the forefront of it all

Anonymous said...

did i not say mutua is a waste of taxpayers money? that imbecile should be hanged from the gallows together with his master, he is a true reflection of kibaki.....a mirror image.........kenyans you better know that, that is what you are dealing with...........

by the way what is this nonsense kalonzo was telling people in london?...'that the raila-kibaki talks are designed to hand power to him as a moderate?' please provide links to the story it is important for me to see this for myself. moderate? he is the cause of this problem doesn't he see that? he could have stayed with raila or joined kibaki...but was too egotistical to see that!! now he's a moderate? mavi ya kuku!!

finally is it just my opinion or is there a direct link between politicians/public officers from the kamba community and betrayal and utter stupidity?

Anonymous said...

In a few weeks we will Know whether Ruto is poised to be the president in 2012.

The man has proven himself.

5th estate said...

Power sharing should be just a temp stop gap measure, for kenya to be back on track and claim its position as the jewel of Africa - constitutional reform, judicial overhaul, land redistribution and devolution must be undertaken seriously not as side shows to scramble for positions on the upcoming so called GNU, temporary interim it must be - the only true way that will make this possible is through a re-run, the rest is cosmetic surgery and we all know how deformed some of those operations end results become.

5th Estate said...

Punda and I talking in chat forum , join us and lets hear your thoughts

teejay said...


A thief cannot break into your house, rob you, shoot your children and rape your wife, then later ask you to share the spoils together or even appoint his fellow thieves to arbitrate the case! This is the height of Nimekuiba uta-do or Tumedhubutu na Tutadhubut Tena ARROGANCE!

Tell me frankly my fellow countrymen with the openness and sincerity of Jesus Christ, what would you do to a man who supports such evil and even celebrates this immoral occasion just because the thief is his kinsman and exhibits no remorse? If Christ’s disciples were persecuted for being upholders of the same truth their master stood for, then how worse can it be for unremorseful supporters of an immoral PNU? Can Bandit Kibaki save his suffering supporters by returning the stolen goods and apologize to them and the larger Kenyan People.

Kibaki is a THIEF and that is how he must be treated regardless of the illegal forceful manner in which he has, is and will be summoning and (ab)using all war machineries at his disposal. If the current situation is unchecked with utmost urgency that it requires, time will come when even (and that time is already here… , ) the machinery itself will turn against him.

Bruce Willis once said that “God abandoned Africa long time ago”, but I say, nay, the Almighty lives here, in our very hearts. That is why despite the humongous problems, Africa sojourns through, the continents still survives on, and even more determined than before. We are a people with hope. They say that man can leave for days without food but not a day without HOPE. Africa is a perfect example of hope.

As Kenyans hope for the return of peace I am here to shatter that false hope and make us expect and believe in a better HOPE. I am here to tell them that Hope in greater change is better hope. That is why to me for Raila to work and non-reformist thief like Kibaki is a betrayal of our believe and unwavering support in him and the ideals he stands for. Never again shall we believe those who call him an communist. Never again shall we she heed to call of those who push for a mediocre “secret circumcision constitution” with heinous intention of barring intelligent non genital ideologies from being sampled for good of larger Kenyan populace. Never!

We have stood by ODM all that while. Every time the Pentagon called us for the historical meetings, we were there to write that history. The dust that our feet raised to heavens stirred God’s sinus and he sneezed in a mighty acknowledgement and nod in favour of what His ODM children were championing- CHANGE. We believed in the change that they wanted because we believed that Kenyans have been taken for ride by selfish leaders for a long time and now it was time we cast our vote with, and for a man who has been demonized for his consistent fight against the evils that successive regimes have meted on us. A man who like Jesus hailed from a background of abundant wealth yet chose to leave all that behind to saturate his corrosive chemical criticism against these impostor governments that had forced heavy burden upon Kenyan people. He had a family and a loving wife yet the country became his first wife for whom he laboured, was tortured and spent many a cold days and nights in the dungeons of political prisons. His daring stance instilled cold fear even in hearts of hardened dictators like Moi. We believed that he had all it takes to strike into oblivion, the social evils that have necklaced this country down to its knees for ages. We believed that Raila will put us on a fresh start with clear mistless policies and together, the country would see clearly far beyond the horizon of greater hope.

Of all the Political Party Manifestos ODM’s offered true HOPE. It is not okay therefore for ODM and PNU to sit on some round table and declare unity when their ideologies are a stack contrast of what they want us to embrace. ODM’s ideologies is the equal of a sliced bread being shared among many while PNU’s resemble a block bread that is snatched away by one man and later shared to others at his decree and wishes. In short PNU’s attracts and fosters sycophantism or what the Americans could call a.s.s. - kisser.

Your Excellency Hon., Raila Amolo Odinga, I’d rather you stay put in the Opposition than join this illegitimate government. Because if you do, then we will KNOW that you supported it secretly when it was imposing illegal blanket draconian bans on media broadcasts; that you supported PNU when it illegally outlawed freedom of assembly and expression; that you supported it when it murdered our beloved brothers and sisters who alongside you fought for what you and them believed was right for this country’s prosperity and posterity. Their spilt blood will mean nothing but just dripped water; we will know that you have sacrificed your consistent position as the UNRELENTING RIGID GUARDIAN of our country at the alter of cheap political interests and at expense of our very dear lives. Indeed you will have made us the pawns you have always sought to wrestle from the hands of the greedy elitists and give meaningful life.

We did not vote for you to be given a mere Premiership position in the boardrooms decisions, neither did we vote for ODM to share a government headed by a Theif-in-Chief and his pack gluttons. You championed CHANGE and they clung to STATUS QUO and KUO (THIEVERY in Luo). Can a government with this two day-and-night distinction work harmoniously? In my view NO! One must subordinate. The Question is, are you willing? Before you answer this question Your Excellency, ponder about its vast effects on your supporters like me.

If you join that government, it must be a transitional one. One that will hand over the instruments of power to ODM because ODM rightfully WON. I detest re-run because my fellow countrymen and women are still riling in the negative effects of the post – election violence. A repeat of the same is 100% possible should the results of the re-run be unsatisfactory. Besides, displaced Kenyans will have no interest in voting because it is the very cause of their tribulations, needless to mention that they are far from their polling centres. Thus the re-run will not be FREE and FAIR to either party. Besides the Nation is suffering an ailment known as Absolute Division. A win by either sin in the event of a re-run will still be unacceptable to supporters of either side.

This illegitimate government on its part has maintained that there is no problem in our country and with same mouth are talking of DIALOGUE. Your Excellency, what then are you and PNU Dialoguing about in the presence of a Mediator? Our clergy are impotent too. They preach dialogue yet they are not telling us what URGENTLY NECESSITATES it. What then is DIALOGUE and what is its SIGNIFICANCE under the circumstances that I have highlighted in this paragraph. In my view someone needs to call a thief a THIEF and not a man of honour. Honorouble men do honorouble things like conceding defeat and moving on.

On my part as a citizen of this nation I reckon there is a problem the magnitude of Mt. Everest. I reckon that there is an illegitimate government declining to hand over power to the rightfully and duly elected ODM government even after being fairly and squarely defeated in general elections. I reckon that all those who expected a Tsunami of change have been jittered and are steaming with rage at the thought of their Man being robbed. I reckon that our differences are caused by our political inclinations and that my countrymen who are supporting PNU are having it rough in Rift Valley and all over the country because of their support for a thief (a social misfit). Therefore Mr. Annan must know that these are the problems we are currently facing. He must not lie to Kibaki and his cahoots, but tell them solidly on their faces the truth, who knows Kibaki may just suffer a heart attack and collapse dead. Anyway, I just hope he has not come all the way for a cup of tea, because if that is case then I would also ask him to frequent tune in to our prime time KTN News for some Rambo treats, I am sure this will be plenty of entertainment for the man from Ghana I am made to understand that Ghanaians have reputation for traversing air plateaus just to have a taste of foreign beverages. Sir you can also sample our rich in taste Coffee.

Your Excellency Hon. R.A. Odinga, it is my hope that that you will be steadfast in championing our worthy cause.

Below are my two cent Your Excellency.

1. I say we stay put in the Opposition if that is what it will takes to bring temporary peace. Bandit Kibaki is not interested in peace. Let him have his criminal say, I am sure this serial promise breaker would concern himself less with the T&RC stuff. We will be scoring a point or two on that, because come 2012 no healing or any such initiative will have occurred and it will still be All against One.
2. We have at least 6 constituencies to capture at the moment. Let us focus on these and then use our numbers to push for a vote of no confidence.
3. If that will not work, let us marshal our supporters beginning now in readiness for 2012
4. Kalonzo just sold himself cheaply to PNU. It is our time to re-invent Dame Ngilu.
5. Our best contribution to this nation as now lies in pushing for enactment of the Bomas draft. Constitutions are made in times of war. We are at war aren’t we? This way we would have won the referendum twice and devolved the almighty imperial presidential powers, the only advantageous difference being that it will not be subject to any single rigorous campaign.

Lucas said...

at the risk of my neck i will venture one comment 5th estate 3.13 am said 'stop gap measure'. We display our collective immaturity in this commentary when our sole focus is pro or against. Either side. It doesnt matter. Kenyans political immaturity has almost destroyed our country and we continue with it here. 3 days ago a somali national was listening to myself and a friend discussing the ongoings in kenya. He came to us and said he had just come from Somali a day before and that morning a rocket propelled grenade exploded on the opposite side of road from his house. 11 women were killed instantly. He said that Kenyans have no idea of what war is anfd that what has happened is zero compared to what can happen. he said that we will live to regret our partisan politics if we continue this way. The big picture is that Kenya is fragmented and none of the comments we are making here will help. We need to be asking ourselves how we can gain an identity as Kenyans. Yes there were flaws in the election. Yes there was rigging. I have evidence (I was an observer) that it was on both sides. Kenyas problems will not be solved by a transitional government, a new constitution or ODM or PNU taking power. Kenya needs to look much much deeper to find out why we are so divided. There is no quick fix. It has taken us 40 odd years to work ourselves so out of shape and it may take more to regain our composture. Our generation will not be able to completely put ethnicity aside no matter how good things get. We are already to involved. We need to be thinking of how we can hand kenya over to our children with these isssues permanently resolved. I already see the danger of us finding a quick fix and hoping life will go on. We must be serious enought to look at the root cause of the problem which i dare say is petty thinking as i have seen displayed by some in this commentary. That is what will finish us. Kenyans need to find a collective identity. Thats the only real long term viable option.

kenyaone said...

have a read of Barak Muluka's column in todays standard. Sat 9 2008 and you will get an idea where i am coming from. Here:

Kenyan Tribal Warlords said...

Kalonzo opposed to mediation deal

Anonymous said...

Musyoka is truly deranged.

Anonymous said...

Fellow ODMers let us not under-estimate our opponents. I don't think Musyoka is deranged. Remember he was a student under Moi for many years; then he did his internship under Raila in the last five years (in LDP and ODM-K). Now he is busy getting work experience under Kibaki. Come 2012 and he could be a super-alloy that is hard to cut even with an industrial diamond blade. Beneath the pretty face is a fox who is busy eating our eggs and preparing to eat the hen in 2012. Let us suppress our overconfidence and thik seriously how to trap the fox before it eats our hen.

KazaMwendo said...

I feel like some folks are calling for the sharing of State House with Lucy on one side and Ida on the other.

Well, let's muse here. Lucy slaps Ida in one of those early morning exchanges over the previous night's events. Raila comes running to her defense but is also slapped soundly. Do you see what i'm seeing?

Anonymous said...

Mutua is the proverbial frog, cows will drink irrespective of his noises. He is increasingly sounding irrelevant. It is a pity that he is sooo educated. Goes along way to prove that one can be educated but not wise. Mutula Kilonzo is showing us his true colours, I suppose he is singing loudest so that he can get a flag. Looks like he is willing to do just about anything just for that flag. For his sake I hope he gets it.

Can Kazamwendo focus on the topic at hand, or get something else to do.

KazaMwendo said...

The topic is on power sharing but you're discussing Dr Mutua and you have the nerve to tell me to find something else to do? What are you talking about Sir?

Maybe this riddle might help you. A small bull was born. It grew into a big bull with pleasant horns that were decked with fine ornaments. The surrounding butchers were itching to sink their blades into its thick neck. They ganged together and waylaid it one evening. As the bull approached they casually walked towards it but their dangling ropes gave them away. The bull charged at them ferociously.

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