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Friday, February 01, 2008

Mtaka Cha Mvunguni Nguo Avue?

We've proved our brand of politics-made-in-Kenya has the ability to bring out the worst in not just our dishonourables (bungled elections) but even you and me the common mwananchi (we were the main actors in tragic post election filled month-long violence)
Every village has its mad men, and where mayhem and anarchy are left to reign in place of the rule-of-law, mentally-deranged people come crawling out of the woodworks in droves-why should a gang of youths in Naivasha harass women wearing trousers because according to them african women are supposed to wear skirts and dresses only?
Obviously not on the agenda for these common everyday street thugs is the on-going fight for justice that has consumed the life of our nation and left our streets overflowing with blood of innocent kenyans whose lives were cut-short and democratic victory stolen from them in the wake of a massive power struggle between architects of past decay and charismatic bullies
Just as fish die without water, there is no country in the world whose people can survive without obeying the rule of law and order. Messrs Raila and Kibaki, only both of you SINCERELY working together for the good of the land can solve the current political impasse that is impeding the establishment of justice and the flow of peace and social progress throughout our great country.
In the past one month Kenya has already paid more than her fair share(don't you think?) of the price for sacrifices that may not have had to be made in order for us to achieve the far-reaching great and revolutionary changes that the people of Kenya have long been aching and yearning for the past 45 years of our eventful but colorful existence. All eyes are on you (even in Addis Ababa) please don't make kenyans begin harassing (wo)men who wear trousers in every street of every province
Its justice, peace and integrity stupid


Anonymous said...

Kibaki is still insisting that Raila and ODM go to court. At the same time, they have apparently signed a working plan towards a resolution.

Why the equivocating? KIBAKI IS NOT SERIOUS.

Anonymous said...

Britain's Foreign Office Minister Malloch Brown has called for a more active role for Kenya's military (AP Report by Tom Maliti).

He says that it is now evident that the police force has taken sides and can no longer be effective.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 8.47 thanks for your update. But for me to be truly optimistic about the future of this country, the elections should be held AFTER we pass the 2002 Constitution Draft.

With a fair and just constitution that kills the winner-takes-all mechanism currently in place, Kenyans will be less obsessed about who wins an election.

Anonymous said...

Now that ODM'ers have payukad. what you are about to see over the next few days is what we call clever politics. There is no way the international community and the wider kenya will allow Raila to even amagine being the president.

Anonymous said...

One thing for sure, Ruto is as good as dead man walking.

Anonymous said...

Opinions vs. Facts (thank you Kenyans)

It seems that comments written by owners of this blog lack any credibility nor direction. They however, are interesting stories to read given the fact that they are just only the ideas of people like you and I. It is however, interesting to note that Kenyans are not easy prey and do recognize the difference between opinions and facts.
One thing for sure, if such opinions were held to be true I don't think there would be a Kenya today. I have also come to note that most Kenyans using these blogs do not have to read the entire article but the heading is just enough to show how biased the author of this blog is. This is a typical pro-ODM blog and it remains to be so.
Yet, having said all that, you tend to wonder why I still visit this blog? This blog provides a perfect platform, although limited, to interact with Kenyans and converge in constructive dialogue that has not related to the articles posted on this blog by the others. You will notice for each opinionated articale posted on this blog (especially by Phil and Chris), only attracts a maximum of 5 comments that are directly related to it. The rest of the comments soon change attention to other key issues affecting Kenyans at this dire situation. This shows that Kenyans are not stupid and have no time for biased story telling as opposed to the key issues.
I rest my case.

Anonymous said...

The middle class in Kenya too often forget about the poor...I wonder what will happen to all Kenya's poor.

Steve said...

Well put, Luke. The end game has to be the rule of law and not just that of physical security but also that which engenders equitable distribution. If all the money that has been lost to insidious corruption (and more) would have been spent on better salaries for the civil service and the police force, infrastructure, housing, libraries, and a myriad of other essential services, Kenya would resemble a developed country.

As much as I don't want to engage in polemics, I have no hesitation is saying that the political *elite* have fucked this county over.

Anon@9:02 I could not agree with you more. A new constitution ought to be a non-negotiable prerequisite to any elections.

Anon 10:55, I noticed that you no longer use the 'iendelee' tag line.

Anon 11:15, Kumekucha's value (dare I say greatness) lies in the fact that they published your comment.

kitumoja said...

You don't have to post this one, just check out the link and come to the aid of our bro.

ronpaulwarroom dot com/?p=4228#comment-43546

You will notice that I left my comment as ray.

levelhead said...

Anonymous 11.15
No denying this blog leans to one side. And no denying all commentors also lean to one side. But, are some things not facts my friend?
1. Where is the break down of the 4.5m votes, 1 month down the line?
2. If you choose to negotiate, why go to Addis and say the people you have agreed to negotiate with go to court?
At this time, I really wish ODM could just give up. Not because it is fair to, just that grass will grow, tomorrow will come. I even strongly believe if Kibaki really is to blame, God won't see him live out his five years. And when roles are reversed, the very people not wanting presidential powers reduced will once again be wishing for a new constitution. Na hizo, ndio facts.

Anonymous said...


It is Kibaki. Dont blame Ruto, Raila, Were, Too, etc. It is Kibaki who refused to clear the play ground. He stole the votes. That is a fact.

Dont take Kenyans for a ride. Any poor man in the village knows what happened at KICC. And how Kibaki was sworn in before the results were out. The Molo people contributed to this fraud. It is logical that trouble started in RV. The anger of the people was too much. No politician had to direct them to attack. It just happened.


it will happen again years to come, if one tribe maintains to be superior and wants to rule for ever, unfairly.

Anonymous said...


KIBAKI will bribe to become PRESIDENT FOR LIFE. He is capable of doing that.

What would you do?

Taabu said...

Anon@11:15PM thanks for your uninvited story telling session albeit bereft of taste. Just a reminder, hone your skills and keep the infancy to yourself, won't you?

Luka you are spot on. The monster is mutating and soon it will have all her kids in the belly. Once you start a fire you remain at the mercy of mothernature and her elements like wind. We haven't seen anything yet from the BIGOTS.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 10.55: Raila and ODM are just SYMBOLS of what most Kenyans want; democracy and the equitable sharing of our nations resources.

People aren't just rioting for ODM to ascend to power, they are fighting for politico-economic justice - the type that only a new constitution can deliver and which Kibaki has proven himself unable to provide.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Anon @ 6.58 a.m.

I am disgusted at the way in which the opposition is being blamed for the violence. It is akin to blaming Africans for the violence that occured during the colonial era.

Kibaki lit the match and he and he alone is to blame.

chris said...

The amazing thing about this crisis is how everybody seems to have forgotten how the whole thing was triggered on live TV and who did it. This is NOT propaganda we ALL SAW.


Anonymous said...

@ 10:10 who voted NO during the referendum to stop the New Constitution. Now, let Kibaki lead and rule. FYI the constitution will not be changed with the animosity that has been shown so far by the MPs. Brace for another five years of same rules.

No Prime Minister (Ruto) NO provicial VPs and no district- constituencies as promised by Raila and no 65% CDF.

Anonymous said...

Political assassinations plan in kenya by M7, watch this man!

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