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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Kibaki's Prime Fear….

…..of a grand coalition.

The second Kibaki cedes a fraction of 'his' presidential powers to Raila, his ass is toast. First of all, based on the selective manner he has handled the post election violence, he will never be able to convince anyone that his partial surrender is purely for the interest of peace...for all Kenyans. Secondly, not only will he be proclaiming to the entire world that he indeed stole the election, he will also be raising the white flag in desperate anticipation for the safest possible exit. I think we all agree that if elections were to be held outside of an year, Kibaki will not be on the ticket. Lastly, I'm not quite sure Kibaki has it in him to share a stage with Raila. As I've said before, any power sharing arrangement has to be sold to the people...which pretty much means joint public peace rallies. I need not say more.

Of course the other causes of Kibaki/PNU headaches include oversight and scrutiny in everything from allocation of government contracts, government appointments, review of future IPOs and the like; things that the current and previous retinue of Kibaki handlers are not necessary welcoming with warm open arms. While I appreciate that some characters have absolved Kibaki of his sins and will go to the trenches of war with him, I cannot understand how they will perceive his concessions... if any. There's a school of thought that suggests it's about time Kibaki metamorphosed into the Moi of 1982. That for government continuity, he should go about detaining folks like Okoiti Omtata, Maina Kiai, Wangari Maathai and Wafula Buke. That it is Raila's turn to live in Sweden writing books and poems of freedom. That the spoils of war must not be shared (it actually was a war my friends). That the army must reflect the people in power. Oh please Kibaki do not forsake us! Do not let go. I'm not quite sure why I brought that up but it appears that may be Kibaki's only option in the failure of a safe exit.

The next most neglected and least discussed source of prime fear is parliament. It is fair to say that 'false until proven claims' of Ruto financing atrocities in the Rift Valley hasn't endeared the party to some. Government media reports of ODM encouraging and endorsing violence has had some effects; even internationally. That as it is, all Kenyan voters acknowledge that PNU was and is still out to demonize Raila and ODM (remember the text messages). Sometimes, the purveyor of negative political campaigns ultimately suffers the backlash. So what's my point? Should peace and normalcy ensue as a result of a power sharing formula it will be because ODM has inched closer to power (like the people wanted) and not because PNU has partially conceded for the sole sake of peace. Outrageous as it sounds, please expect the defection of PNU mps to the ODM camp. Don't laugh yet; you see, power sharing may also mean subjecting Kalonzo to the periphery (where he belongs) thereby dismantling the current PNU arrangement. Also, it may not be wise or safe for some MPs to remain in PNU depending on where they come from. That PNU will be reduced to CPK (Central Kenya Party) is a foregone conclusion. In effect, Odinga anywhere near power means death to PNU.

These are just tit bits of what PNU has to contend with. The reality is that some of these folks spend sleepless nights with their passports under their pillows; ready to dash to foreign lands at the sound of the national anthem opening parliament with Raila an 'equal' to Kibaki.

Well, that's the rosy part. Now for the road leading to fire and brimstone. ODM/Raila has no option but to come out of these negotiations with 'true goods'. If all he gets is a cabinet position, no matter how serious, even I will cross over to KENDA. They must also not exude the arrogance associated with PNU. While a 50/50 arrangement towards peace and fresh elections is a win for many Kenyans, ODM must not be seen as gloating...the kicks of a dying PNU are the most dangerous. Further, for this thing to work, Kenyans must come together.

So long for the dream. Reality checks reveal that Kibaki historically does not honor any agreement. He is not a gentleman. With such evidence, ODM must pursue constitutional legitimacy on anything agreed on...especially if Kibaki appends his signature with his left hand.


Kenyan Son said...

Kalamari! Now I will call that the words of the wise. You are about very right in these assertions. We will sit here and wonder and ponder as to where Kibaki will run to. I know they will come up with another trick anyways, but the question is, will it last? The one thing that we surely know is that not only has he started feeling the international pressure and the suffering of those in the camps, but he has also realized that three quarters of the Kenyan population know one and only president Raila Odinga. Way forward is getting foggy foggy for old Kibaki.

Mwenyewe said...

It seems that the enemies of Kumekucha will not rest and now, if a Kenyan couple living in the United States have their way, Kumekucha your beloved blog could soon be no more.

[name withheld} and his wife, [name withheld] have already successfully shut down 3 blogs belonging to Marianne Briner. Now they have filed a serious legal complaint against Kumekucha whom they accuse of carrying copyrighted material in the Kenya Betrayed serialization that we have been posting here. The couple is claiming that the Kenya Betrayed script was penned by them and has filed a complaint under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, leaving Google with no alternative but to disable the affected pages. If the complaints from the Okellos persist, there is a high chance that Kumekucha could be shut down for good....

Let me say at this juncture that I did not start Kumekucha with my personal needs in mind, rather this blog is a labour of love for the millions of voiceless downtrodden Kenyans who continue to be short-changed by the political class. I continue to make great sacrifices (financial and even on my personal security) to keep this blog going. If it was for personal gain then I would have already been a very wealthy man. Hundreds of thousands of Kenyans scattered all over the world have sensed this motivation in the posts they read here and it is the reason why they have given this infant blog so much support, so suddenly.

And that’s why I will fight this latest threat with everything that I have.

I beg for your support.

kenyanzuri said...

Kibaki's goose is cooked. He betrayed the nation by going against the original MOU, perpetuating tribalism, killing democracy etc.
It is just a matter of time before Kenyans sing Luere (you remember they sung that to Kombo) to Kibaki, PNU, tribalism, corruption and innefficiency.
The future is looking bright and ODM will lead Kenyans into the freedom and justice they have fought for.

Anonymous said...

Before you think of the colour of what government limo Raila will be driving, there is the issue of the 50,000 jobless Luos in Kisumu. Only heartless leaders can go around thinking about their own stomachs without thinking about the fate ot their followers who "spontaneously" sacrificed so much for them. But again what do you expect from sponsors of ethnic cleansing disguised as mass action.

For me, I don't know whether to sympathize with the 50,000 jobless Luos in Kisumu or not. They burnt the city with their own hands. I don't know of any normal people who burn their place of work during the weekend and then report for work on Monday. But again people are different and there could be some logic to the Kisumu madness. What we cannot, however, be expected to do is to sympathize with a child who kills his parents and then cries that he is an orphan. Untill ODM ascends to power and drops manna on them, my suggestion is that Raila can employ them at the Kisumu Mollasses. Alternatively, proceeds from the sale of Raila's Hummer can feed the 50,000 jobless for a couple of weeks. In the meantime, tough luck! Hopefully, next time they will know where to direct their anger - at the Ondinga family which has conned them since independence with promises of power as if they can feed power to their hungry children.

Anonymous said...

Please post the couples name and the case file- this way will mobilize every great mind on here to counter the case - we have many lawyers and many great minds who gather on Kumekucha to discuss important issue on our beloved country Kenya- as you must be aware- we need details?? This couple we must know them- their greed and destruction wish for Kenya is unacceptable!

All Kumekuchians will throw their support behind you 100% mark my word!! Give us details!!!! Google will not listen to nonsense now that it is fully aware what is at stake in Kenya!!

Anonymous said...

anon @ 10:00

50,000 jobless Luos = 50,000 strong resistance army.

Rabet Maatari.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous@10:00 AM
Now that you have posted the same post on 3 different blogs. Can't you show some imagination and spew your bigotry somewhere else. and come up with something more.
PNU tried the same tricks of smearing RAO and they failed.
and where did you come up with 50000 unemployed? Plus none of them has ever asked you for anything. And from your tone you can not help them either.
But, as you were told earlier, you know who the real losers will be the end. and he who laughs last, laughs...

Anonymous said...

anon @ 10:00am, if you have nothing substantive to contribute, (owing to the fact that you copied and pasted your thoughts on four blogs), please go to Luo Nyanza and symapthize with them there.."Pili pili usioila yakuwashia nini." I have a feeling this guy is related to Mutua.....waste of time and space.

Anonymous said...

Well you copunbted the 50,00 jobless Luos and something should be done about that.

I am not going to comment on the hundred of thousands of Kikuyus

Their "industriousness" or whatever will get them out of that mess.

Ugali said...

rumors reaching us have said that forced circumcision may be included in the new constitution. I feel bad for the ethnic tribes who dont practice that custom of hygiene and choose to walk around with ugali ama ma sembe in you know where.

Anonymous said...

Would you please include all of the necessary information about the case that has been filed against Kumekucha. There are plenty of high profile civil rights attorneys who will work on this case pro-bono.

Anonymous said...

This foolish anonumous Kikuyu Blogger- """""what government limo Raila will be driving, there is the issue of the 50,000 jobless Luos in Kisumu.""""

should start giving Land back from Uhuru!!Kibaki!!Saitoti!!Karume!! plus

1.Mwai Kibaki acquired 20,000 acres in Nanyuki

2. GG Kariuki acquired his 5,000 acres at Rumuruti,Laikipia.

3. Charles Njonjo bought into the 100,000 acre Solio Ranch

4. Njenga Karume, the then Chairman of Gema Holdings, who acquired 20,000 acres in Molo where he is growing tea, coffee, pyrethrum and potatoes and 16,000 acres in Naivasha.

5. Munyeki Farm—which stands for Murang’a, Nyeri, Kiambu – (4,000 acres), Wamuini Farm (6,000 acres), Amuka Farm (2,000 acres), Gituaraba Farm and Githatha Farm (1,000 acres each) and GEMA Holdings 12,000 acres.

10,000 acre farm in Mau Narok belongs to the family of the late Mbiyu Koinange,

I don't need to say more - we Displaced Kikuyu's want a share of the kikuyu cake as we call it - so shut up and distribute this wealth or else we will just take it from you!! this is s different century sorry you can't have it all!!Stop blaming others for ordinary kikuyu's misery!!!shame on you fool!

Anonymous said...

Kalamari, the Kenyan constitution is clear on this. That there shall be opnly one president. Kibaki is the president.

There is only one centre of power. There can never be two and there is no way Raila can be higher than Kibaki in the government. Kibaki is the poresident. Period.

It is being said that there will be no recount of the votes, no tallying, and no re-run...meaning, Kibaki will remain president and the constitution, in its opening phrase, like the American First Amendement says that 'Kenya is a Multiparty state', with an opposition. So what is this you are clamouring for.

Who voted NO during the referendum. Nguruwe kajikaanga na mafuta yake.

Hamtulii miaki mitano!!!


Anonymous said...

People should not be deceived to feel the attitude of Kikuyus here is the attitude of the ordinary Kikuyu folk....those ordinary folk dont spite other Kenyans.

In fact they feel alienated by the conduct of a few greedy thieves who purport to speak for the whole community.

MB said...

Just for the record:

The copyright of the Shining Star is in both names: Marianne Briner (author) and Sam Okello (author) - it is not the property of Hellen and Sam Okello only .........

Inspite of this, they (Sahel Books and Sahel Publisher's) distribute and sell the Shining Star under their label like it was their property only - as I said before, they never respected the law before when the book was published via XLibris.

Considering the fact that they have never signed any agreement with me for the book published under their Sahel label and never respected the one we signed when it was published by XLibris, I do not see why and how they could now claim to have the right to shut down this blog .....

Please keep in mind that the Shining Star as Kenya Betrayed tells the story of my life in Kenya and not the life of one Sam Okello ..... even if he has put some words to it, he is not the one whose story is told .....

As a friend of mine rightly said "who is this Sam Okello anyway?" -

But let me clarifiy the following: I am not interested to create problems for Chris and Kumekucha .... I think that this blog is too important especially at this moment. If the Okellos continue their strategy of blackmailing and cheating the public, then it is for their own personal greedy reasons only. Maybe even with Sam Okello's own political 'future' in mind to become Kenya's President in 2012.

I have given up to understand their sick mind structure .... they are just two fools (I am talking about Sam and his wife Hellen) who are about to sign their own 'death sentence' .....

There is nothing more to add ....

Marianne Briner

Anonymous said...

I have a question to ask the political pundits
If they form a coalition government-

Will be have an opposition
Who will be in charge of government appointees like MD's and board of directors for big parastatles and companies like Kengen, Kenya Airways etc etc
Does the President have any veto power?
What happens to the Vice Chancellors in the public universities appointed by Kibaki?

Somebody ,anybody help me understand

Derek said...

@Marianne Brinner, is it true you have been sick? welcome back to this blog. We want to get to the bottom of this matter. Why is this couple persecuting you? We wish you quick recovery.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Kalamari, the Kenyan constitution is clear on this. That there shall be opnly one president. Kibaki is the president.

Kenyans don't accept the present Constitution period!!!!
Kenya belongs to all Kenyan not Kibaki and his cronies Period
and beleive me fool!! who will not let him rule us period!!
Whether you like it or not fool Kikuyu!! he will not I repeat will not be president to us Kenyans- and by the way the power sharing will be equal!elections pending to be held in 2 years- and this time
we will take Coast- Rift- Western - Nyanza - North Eastern!! our masai base Nairobi!!Kilonzo won't get any votes- there is another king maker in Ukambani in the making as we speak now and Yes we will add Eastern!! so Central is yours to keep- But!!you have to behave and open your foolish mouths only when you are talked too!!

Anonymous said...

Marianne, you have said enough about this thing before. Please just leave it to rest. I do not even know why you have to reply and justify your case.

Marianne, kindly, be good for once.

Anonymous said...

Anon, the current constitution is in force whether you like it or not and will be there for as long as you will be able to discern it. Hamtulii, jomba. Ni kubaya. Kibaki ndiye rais.

There can never be two centres of power in a country run under one constitution. Even in Liberia, Congo, and Sierra Leone, it never happened.



Anonymous said...

Who wants to shut kumekucha??? Why??? with reasons??? Then let the FUCKER SHUT

Anonymous said...


Kit timbemoko osedongo e pach chwo ma ok osebedo ka orito chunygi.
en gima ok yot tieko ka ngato osebedo ma ohero monde jowadgi kata
jowadgi mawalosegi nie gweng' kose katich, ibiro nwango ka joma chwo
mamoko ok ohero goyo mbaka kod chuo wetegi to yot ne pimo wach alanda
kod jomamon, ngat maneno jogi epiny luo hum nono, wi ngat majalidhoni
wil kod tuwo mar UKIMWI, koparo ni dhakono chwore niga katich kaok oparo ni tuwo hwambo yot gi dichiel to olandore kuom ji mangeny nyakachieng ka liel oneno e dala ma dichwogno lidho gae kod chi ngat mothono, to koro obet maluor kata sudo but sandug maiti kata kunyo ngatno nimar obende ongeyo ni mano kelo chira kendo nyalo nege, ka in ngat mariek to non kidoni sama liel oneno kiluwori kod ngat manyocha ji wachoga ni lidho
e dalano.
Joma rowere mondo omed bet motang kod timbe makama ni mar gitieko ngima ji kapod tindo.en mana ni wangeyo ni ji duto biro tho, to ok piyo piyo
dichiel, bende joma rowere kik bed kod mbak otwo ewachni.


MB said...

To Derek and all the others: I did not start this subject - I only reacted to some comments here regarding the intention of the Okello's to shut down this blog. I did not know that they had come again with this crazy idea nor do I understand why they should. Kumekucha has stopped serializing Kenya Betrayed because I asked them to do so because I did not want this blog to come under any threat by these two crazy individuals ..... so don't start attacking me since for me this whole issue is not worth it.

Why I say this? I will soon let you know ........

For now: Support Kumekucha and defend this blog against such idiots like the Okellos - but leave me out of it.

There is so much more at stake right now than this matter - and I will also not send any more comment regarding this. Kenya and the Kenyans deserve better than to have to listen to sick people like the Okellos.


Anonymous said...

Marianne, please, I am not that Derek. I am the Derek you know. Please to let you know that I am in Chris' list and my DEREK appears in blue if I have to make comments. I dont write anything with a big 'D'. Please take note.

I think there is something wrong somewhere. Somebody has even copied and pasted something in a foreign language and forgot did not do it properly.


Anonymous said...


kalamari said...

--Derek-- Vipi msee wa mtaani. 2008 inakupeleka aje? Unlike the off-topic jamaas, I'm sure you accept and recognize that the current constitution is the root of all the evils bedeviling Kenya today. I'm also certain that you are not intimating that the Wako draft encapsulated the aspirations of Kenyans. I'm also certain that you acknowledge that we are currently in a political quagmire but unlike Congo and Sierra Leone, we are trying to solve this 'amicably' (in comparison to the countries you mention).

If what I've said about you is true, then you must be open minded to out-of-the-box solutions. If a man of impeccable political astuteness, such as yourself, is still gripped by the fallacy that Kibaki is the peoples choice, then what of the villager aiming spears at everyone who's not his tribe?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Kalamari, my position about the constitution is clear and certain. Like the leadership of Kenya, the Constitution needs to be changed. In short, Kenya needs change and needs an overhaul.

I just cry that it came through the edge of a sword. Kalamri, it is for this reason that I kept on talkking about Kibaki winning an election. As much as I support the man, I was fearful that the competition ahed of him was all but skewed. Nothing could stop Kibaki winning.

The thing is THE CONSTITUTION NEEDS TO BE CHANGED. MUST. Infact, Koffi Annan wasted his time in parliament by not telling those blokes (the happy go lucky scoundrels) that they should set a time limit for the new constitution.

Kalamari, we have been blogging here for one year. We shall wait for another five years or another election and there will be no new constitution.

To me and from the deepest part of my heart, a new constitution is a must and all this noise here is waste of time.

I support that. Otherwise, for all the people making wild, outrageous and unqualified government set-ups are wasting their time.

Even if there will be a coalition, there will be only one centre of power and the current constitution gives the executive the powers that Chris Murungaru and Lucy Kibaki use to do what they want.


Anonymous said...

I will be waiting for the day when we will get to you fools gloat around like a bunch of buffons! Kibaki is the duly elected peoples president and you will continue to feel this pinch all the way. We will make sure that you feel it to the CORE!!!!

kalamari said...

Chris, If you are also mwenyewe and are in fact starring at the closure of Kumekucha, it may not be a bad idea to beat these naysayer to the punch. Do the following:

1. Begin the transition to another blog title/name and address. You must start advertising the name of the new blog here…while you still have time. Think of it as Business Resiliency Management.

2. Save all your archives offline. On the new blog, you can maintain an archive folder.

Remember, the blog is not popular due to name but content. A rose by another name is but a rose.

anon said...


Thats why theres talk of a "political solution", duh!!

everyone knows the constitution is wanting and not excuse enough to continue with the rot

Anonymous said...

I doubt whether that is Chris, Kalamari. I think I read such a thing some time last year!!!!

Kalamari, you must have read that. Did you?


Anonymous said...

AH!, there will be no power sharing with that will be foreseeable in future. The goverment is not prepared to handover power to people like Ruto who have instigated and financed the killing of so many kenyans. Including his own people by covering up evidence. Annan is kidding himself bana! the talks will succeed and Raila will be lucky to even come close to a cabinet position. But his joy will be shortlived, there will be no stone that will be left unturned after the talks. As i told you, the dust has settled and now tutawafundisha not to be primitive!

Anonymous said...


Thank God none of you unstable:" Britney Spears" wann-be's will ever run for office because then for sure Kenya will be in deep trouble

blessed said...

Those of you in Kenya that watched the 9 oclock news must be wondering what next!!!!
PNU have given the first hints that they do not intend to restore peace.
It is clear that we are facing some really tough times ahead.

kalamari said...

–Derek– I suffice that to mean that you accept Kibaki's 'win' no matter which way. I in fact remember you saying that Kibaki will win, not so much because he has support of the people, but because he has the capabilities of stuffing ballot boxes in transit aboard KAF buffalo planes. You subscribe to the notion that no sitting African president can loose an election. I'm sorry, you actually don't subscribe but really succumb. I've heard that before and in my estimation, it's defeatist.

That said, have you also totally given up on seeing a new constitution? You talk of a Kenyan overhaul but how? These leaders are here to stay and even the young ones today are growing up in the same parliament and exhibiting the early signs of Kibaki. Give me a good example.

Anonymous said...

blessed, have no dought that peace will prevail in kenya despite the negative comments that have been posted on these blog and being articulated by the authors of the blog. Peace will prevail without Raila, Peace will prevail without ruto, Justice will be served to kenyans, Justice will be served to the displaced, justice will be met by action.
this is definatley not the time to loose faith or a time for the faint hearted. It definately is not a place and time for negative comments or ODM domo domo. This is kenya and Kenya is more important than any of us. So sambaze the message and cause this wave is hitting the coast full tide.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 11.39AM...What exactly do you mean by "dought"...are you trying to say "doubt" LMAO LMAO LMAO
That's some funny shit.
Thanks for giving me a needed good laugh....good looking out !!!!!!!!!LMAO

Anonymous said...

Mr X and Mrs. Y, please leave Kumekucha out of your problems. Before I go further, I am not Marianne Briner or an alter ego, I do not know her, nor do I have any propriety or monetary interest in your dispute. I write this as a regular Kumekucha reader who is just exhausted by the relentless articles about this situation. I visit this blog solely to read what Chris and his contributors and other commentators think about the issues posted re: Kenya, not personal disputes.

This blog is a great service to Kenyans and others interested in the goings-on in Kenya. You have repeatedly used this blog to address your issues with Marianne, name-calling, and now threaten to shut down this one because it was an avenue for her story in the past. Since you believe that you are an aggrieved party, why don't you use the weight of the evidence you have in a Court of Law, rather than just constant threats? Folks whose rights have been infringed upon, use procedural safeguards (I won't list them here) ; and there are several at your disposal, none of which include disabling blogs that you do not own. U.S law is very clear on intellectual property issues so you won't have any problems settling this issue in Court. I think it is ridiculous for you to constantly go around the blogosphere disabling blogs that you feel don't submit themselves to your interests. No matter what you think of Marianne, she also has a voice and a right to be heard. You do not have a monopoly on Kenyan Politics and the attendant scandals, especially when you are not the original source! Each and every person on this earth has a right to an opinion and they do not have to be Kenyan to hold one or to write about it.

Marianne made a good point above - this is her story. I'm pretty sure you both are not the types who had direct access to the personalities implicated in her story. If you did, you would've published your version without involving her. Therefore, what is the basis of the "ownership" that you are incessantly trying to protect when you disable or threaten to disable blogs? Again, that should be for a trier of fact to decide, if you will ever choose that route.

Meanwhile, please leave Kumekucha out of it. What Chris has accomplished is impressive and may even engender feelings of envy in some.

The world is big enough for us all us to be successful. Just start your own blog, use your creative forces to develop your stories, adequately protect YOUR, etc. Just don't run around terrorizing those who aren't the stumbling blocks in your race to the bottom while forcing unwilling spectators to be privy to it.

Chris, keep up the good work and keep fighting the good fight as they say.

Anonymous said...

Kalamari, that is not what you should talk about. I said it that ballot boxes will be stuffed. Yes. Moi did it and any other person could have done it. That is ...he has powers bestowed on him by the coinstitution.

He appooints the PCs, the DCs, the ministers and everyother cunt iunvolved in the elecstion process. What was so hard.

What was so hard for the Meru votes to be announced on the second day and what was so systematic in the release of the election results. Nyanza...Western...Rift Valley and finally Central and Eastern. That is why there is a lot of bitterness. Some people had the last laugh.

I said it here that there will be chaos, then people return to the counting exercies and some people win. Was it not seen in Kajiado?

Kalamari, PNU Election Centre had the figures by the end of the second day. Anyway, ask anyone who has followed Single Party politics anywhere in the world and you will know what I am talking about.

What about ODM paying their agents all that cash for a day's work?

From me to you, the CONSTITUTION CHANGE not REVIEW is a MUST. If not, December 2012, Opposition TENA! Soon, when the cracks emerge as I said last week, the Mara Crossing will in in parliament.


Anonymous said...

annon 11.45 "This blog is a great service to Kenyans and others interested in the goings-on in Kenya" Ha! You should do your homework, I suggest. This bog, according to Kenyans is total pro-ODM DOMO DOMO. It is full of ODM sympathizers who have found a better place to vent their frustrations. I wish them luck.
As for Chris and his entourage, they have done a good job at educating this ODM’ers and indeed fueling them with words of wisdom. It is not surprising that Phil was even posting in Kibera the other day. Probably he felt the movement was not having the required effect. Anyway, continue entertaining us and we will keep coming back to dig deeper on this issue.

Kenyan son said...

Mr. Chris and friends. I just read junks in this blog by crack heads and idiots who are still saying Kibaki juu and kazi na wizi iendelee in central. The author (Kalamari) meant something else but the drunkards can’t even dig it. I didn’t care much because any drunkard can get up and post anything but what I did care was this lawsuit or whatever is against kumekucha. I thought about it and I was like for the sake of Chris and the ones who invented kumekucha, I say this to you; that wake up and realize that the battle that Raila and his MP’s are battling in the fields is right at your door. When this lawsuit prevails, it’s going to cost dearly. How about this; inform people of another new blog as soon as possible before they come after you. Name it TUMEKUCHA or ITAKUCHA or something of that sort. Do it and do it quick.

Anonymous said...

Blessed, that is nothing new. I said it here before the 9:00 O'clock News. The constitution does not allow for a coalition and Martha Karua is right. They have not agreed on such a thing. It was niot vene bdiscussed.

This has been an ODM agenda ever since they started the talks. they are simply trying to armtwist the other party. If yoiu can remember, John Kuffour had the same thing in that forged ODM proposal that the government declined.

Only that this time it changed from three months to two years. The president of Kenya swears to serve for five years not two years. There will not be a coalition. No government and no political situation in the country without an opposition party. The good constitution says that.

To another question not answered, KIBAKI won the ELECTIONS and it was announced by the ECK chairman as required by LAW and SWORN in the presence of the SERVICE COMMANDERS and witnessed on KBC.

Hamtatulia for five years!!!


Anonymous said...

At least having said all that, I have to commend you for making the distinction between creative storytelling versus credible/factual reporting. Well, the creative forces behind stories edited on these blog are quite interesting. Though they appear to sound music to the ears of many die-hard ODM’ers they do lack any credible material and is substantiated. The articles as you have described it, are merely the thoughts and opinions of many sympathetic ODM’ers looking for refuge in the wrong place. Thank you once again for making the distinction.

Anonymous said...

annon@ 11.45, thank you! Thank you! Thank you! This is the phrase that I was looking for
"Use your creative forces to develop your stories"
At least having said all that, I have to commend you for making the distinction between creative storytelling versus credible/factual reporting. Well, the creative forces behind stories edited on these blog are quite interesting. Though they appear to sound music to the ears of many die-hard ODM’ers they do lack any credible material and is substantiated. The articles as you have described it, are merely the thoughts and opinions of many sympathetic ODM’ers looking for refuge in the wrong place. Thank you once again for making the distinction.

kenyanzuri said...

What many people in PNU do not understand is that Kenya is at the cross-roads. Either PNU agrees to the mediation results or we devide the country for people to co-exist peacefully.

Anonymous said...

kenyamzuri, take care of you ignorance bana! As a matter of fact, since when did PNU admit to be subjected to any terms within the mediation process? What’s wrong with you ODM'ers. Do you just think the mediation process was created so as to make PNU answerable to any demands coming from Raila and crew? Do you know what the meaning of mediation is? Do you know the facts being discussed and yet to be agreed? Do you know anything at all before you payuka aimlessly?

That’s the problem with you ODM'ers, you are ready to go ahead of yourselves, which of course has proved to be very dire.

Anonymous said...

annon@12.16 you definately hit the nail on the head!

shenzi said...

annon@ 12.18 Its true, kuna kupayuka with style and there is kupayuka without mpango.

MistaT4ever said...

Keno getana omogaambi ngusikakere.

Nchi isiyokuwa na kiongozi husambaratika

Sam Okello said...

Chris and Kalamari,

I've just been notified about Marianne Briner running her mouth again. Be informed that I have no desire whatsoever to shut down Kumekucha. This is one of the most informative and authoritative blogs on the Kenyan scene. Obviously there are people like Ms. Briner who think life revolves around them. I've even read the threat she issued about signing my death sentence. I want to address you directly, Marianne. Because I'm a writer who has been threatened before, I take these kinds of threats very seriously. If you don't stop this manner of posts, I'll be forced to direct our attorneys in Europe to find out what plot you have in the works on my life.

Meantime, let me remind bloggers here that the matters we are dealing with as a nation are too serious for us to be sidetracked by this character. She's a relic of the past. She has proved time and again that she has no solution to Kenya's problems. Indeed, she's part of the problem.

This is all I'll write today, folks, so if you see a Sam Okello post after this one, it's an imposter.

God bless Kenya!

Anonymous said...

annon@12.32....thank you for adding to the proverbial nature we have so far witnessed. Join the camp.

Anonymous said...

Marianne and the Okellos - give it a rest. Readers and posters please disregard any posts alluding to the above individuals. There are more important things at hand than personal vendettas. For all we know, these people might be moles trying to derail the discussions on this blog.

Mwenyewe, just say the word and we will fully support any of your initiatives including a new blog. Kudas to Chris, Taabu, Phil and team for investing so much in the endeavor. What goes around comes around and I pray you all be rewarded in plenty.

MistaT4ever said...

“If you can’t resolve your problems in peace, you can’t solve war.” - Somalia

Anonymous said...

Sam Okello, what does an ideologist, self-proclaimed 2012 aspirant has to do with anything at all apart from running his mouth as well.
Don't be hilarious bana! Your stunts on waging war on Marianne Briner are laughable, if not admirable. I don't think any person of that status would give a damn on the going on's of these blog.

Anonymous said...

Power sharing will show the real president

Raila will be recognised as the president in 7 Provinces. Kibaki will not be able to visit a single Province other than Central and Eastern. He will be heckled in all the areas.

Anonymous said...

mistat4ever, or is it MR T4ver. Mr T was indeed a stocky satarical character back them days. I see you have inherited the genes. By the way, this is not somalia. Why don't you do s'mthing respectable for once and start a somali blog to re-unite the somalians who have been displaced all over. Somali people should wake up and take rensposibility of their country's future.
I know this sounds very sensitive in nature, but u have bigger fish to fry than I in kenya.

Anonymous said...

Kenya's stolen democracy,0,5612782.story

Anonymous said...

BM and Sam
We need your brains here.Thats why this blog is leading others as regards the serious issues being discussed about Kenya.
We dont need another Mediation forum.Do we?-Unless the two are ready to foot the bill for a secret hideout!
Both dont gain much by getting dirty linen in public.That Sam has said (and we want to take his words) that he will support this blog, then whats the issue.
It is the only blog that some like me mUST visit everyday,whenever I have time.The mainstream press in Kenya are b.........t

Peace to all, and Sam and BM, keep around.avoid the personal issues and all will be happy for many days to come.Hapa hapa,Huko huko,pale pale na mwoyoni.
All comments being posted have a value.we read between the lines.we pick what is relevant to our own analysis.keep them coming but avoid being doesnt doesnt push anybody's line of arguement accross.We must avoid being Kimendero and Karua!

Anonymous said...

annon@12.46 I wait forever wait for that day that will see a power sharing agreement. For your sake, i hope your prediction is true but I am sorry you will be bitterly dissapoointed as to the outcome of the mediation.

Anonymous said...

annon@10.00, wache wameze wembe! you have to respect human life and have dignity for the country.

Kibaki-toka said...

A deal:

Anonymous said...

When I look at that child's eye, I see sorrow, confusion, pain and innocence. I stare at the child diligently only to foresee a glimmer of hope in the distant future.
My fellow Kenyans, peace is not far but will come at a price. For those who do not aspire for peace to prevail in Kenya, there's is nothing we can do to help but to stare and watch the events unfold.

The force behind the peace lies within the eyes of that innocent child. The force behind justice lies within the eyes of the innocent child. The drive to stem out evil within our society thrives within the eyes of that child. The drive to restore homes and plight of many displaced Kenyans lies within the eyes of that child. The children of Kenya do not know peace as defined by Raila and crew. The children of Kenya do not know justice as defined by Raila and crew.
Let it be known that whatever the mediation outcome; peace will prevail in Kenya!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

do people in panua think it is alright to steal?

they are chest thumping when it is obvious their candidate stole, they are convinced kiemilio is the duly elected president and they openly criticise the mediation process for them it is a waste of time.

i dont understand them!!

Anonymous said...

Maina Kiai for prez in 2012.

Anonymous said...

++++one anonymous claimed here that Ruto killed his own people and covered Up+++++++

I strongly believe it was a slip of tongue or should I say a slip of fingers on the key board!!

Facts: Shot to Kill order by Kibaki! to the Police- many innocent Kenyans were slaughtered in broad day light on all International T.V stations aired it and the world watched!!
(Fact is Kibaki can't hide)
2; Kibaki- Uhuru -Martha Karua-Michuki- Saitoti and to my understanding Kilonzo initiated the Mungiki murderous gang- who went on KILLING SPREE on innocent Kenyans-
Killing other tribes and chopping off thier heads using them for Road blocks-( a woman carried her chopped husbands head all the way to western) ---"" this fools can't hide even under the biggest stone!! they will be delt with by Kenyans-kamiti prison- if the same Mungiki don't finish them first-
You are wasting your time lebelling Ruto a Killer- Kenyans are not fools opps ! I forgot only some Kikuyu's are fools!

You can sing all the propaganda you like!!!KIbaki has the blood of all Kenyans who died during this unrest-

whether he likes it or not he will pay dearly with all his cronies- I doubt whether mungiki will even allow him to settle in Othaya- you watch Mungiki in action!! after all he killed 50 of their Brothers and dumped their bodies for animals to feast on!!

Ask yourself a serious question?? when the same group ordered Mungiki to kill Maina Kiai(Human Rights commissioner?? RightsCommissioner??

why did the Mungiki refuse and instead went to report to him about what the government had asked them mungiki to kill and create unrest??

Guess Why- because when their brothers were being slaughtered by the government !!it was only Maina Kiai who made noise and brought it to the attention of Kenyans - and demanded to know why the government was killing the mungiki's execution style!! does this not make you wonder ? what will be the \mungiki next move?? on the same people who executed their brothers in cold blood? as they keep saying??

Anonymous said...

Daily Nation of 13/2/09; PNUers are definitely not happy about a coalition government to oversee reforms.

It is time for the international community to step in once again and compell the GOP to give up some ground.

Anonymous said...

Somebody is saying Maina KIai for President. What will happen to Raila then. I think..."NI ADUI..." and we want change. Kenyans voted for change.

Kazi iendelee


Anonymous said...

Blessed @ 11.33; many thanks for the update. I am glad PNU made their belligerent intentions public.

The international community is on notice; they now know who is stalling the talks.

Anonymous said...

PNU have no choice- now their bank accounts will be frozen and assets to be tagged!! next if they don't toe the line!! WATCH for the next announcement by the USA and EU even Britain now I understand will back this 100% Canada already on!

Kimeli said...

Mungiki Leader Kabando wa kabando banned from the US

Anonymous said...

Derek @ 1.50 Maina Kiai has made some good suggestions and hasn't spared the Kibaki govt. criticism.

However, let us not get ahead of ourselves. The immediate focus is on getting a new constitution and re-organising the institutions of govt.


Reformed Mungiki said...

MP faults US envoy’s demand

Published on February 13, 2008, 12:00 am

By Patrick Wachira

Mukurweini MP, Mr Kabando wa Kabando, reacted sharply to a demand letter by US Ambassador, Mr Michael Ranneberger, that he writes an essay detailing his efforts and achievements in promoting peace.

The MP accused the envoy of advocating what he termed as "ethnic profiling" by choosing to victimise him on the grounds that he assisted victims of violence in his constituency.

Terming the letter "scandalous and obnoxious", the MP described it as shocking and uncalled for. "In case it has escaped your notice, I have not applied for a US visa," he said.

Kabando told a news conference he convened at Parliament Buildings that as a Kenyan citizen, he was not subject to the envoy’s jurisdiction or that of the US.

He said the ambassador’s letter was dated February 4.

Said Kabando: "I am amazed that as a diplomat of a country that prides itself as promoting democratic ideals, you, without colour of right, have chosen to publish libellous and defamatory matter without any effort to ascertain the truth. I reserve my right to take legal action against you."

An angry Kabando posed: "You expect the people of Mukurweini, who elected me, to see me sitting down in a classroom to write an essay on my efforts and achievements in promoting peace?"

The letter, which was unreferenced, claims the MP may have been involved in activities that undermined peace.

Anonymous said...

I here some PNU members are now breaking away from the hard-liners - following Ongeri? Understand Martha and Kilonzo claim he was too soft and that is why Powers sharing managed to sneak in on the table!! he has been axed from the PNU negotiation team/

ODM is staying the course-
Keep ODM Justice will prevail- Kenyans Believe in you!!

Akheillus said...

To Anonymous @1:54 pm.

More Public demand for the enactment of a new constitution and a reorganizing of must be voiced and heard within the Annan Talks .
After this then talk of a Interim Govt of equitable power sharing over a two year period with Odm's Meaningful involvement is best suited.
WIth this brought to bear Kibaki and His MKM Ilk are headed back to the slopes ., Giving the country a much needed breathe of fresh air to reassociate with the Multitude of Our Kikuyu brothers and sisters whose cultural history will be forever Haunted by the Anti- Patriotic acts of the MKM who believe in Kikuyustan and Not Kenya

Anonymous said...

Today I had a dream of many kenyan kids in refugee camp,In the dream I was with my brother and when i looked in the in the eyes I cried,and really felt very bad.May this dream come not true.

Anonymous said...

To Sam Okello: you continue being the double-mouthed man you have been in the past. Again issueing threats you have issued and denied in the past. Fact is that you threatened to close down this blog and not only once. But being the coward you are, you have time and time again denied being the one issueing these threats and instead accused MB for being the one behind this. Like you do now. I believe MB that she did not and will never do such a thing but it is you who drag her name into your own dirty games. What do you think you will gain with this? If you are so sure, why don't you ask one of 'your attorneys' to do the job for you? You have said in the past that you know where MB is living reminding her even that also Jeff Koinange has threatened to disclose her whereabouts to a certain Nicholas Biwott, just in case. We are waiting that you fulfill your promise if you are man enough to do so. Otherwise shut up and leave MB and us alone - we have better and more important things to do than to listen to your stupid comments. You have presented yourself once as the self-proclaimed 'savior' of Kenya - 'save' us from yourself and we would all be more than grateful to you.


For the pessimist and tribal supremacist who are following Kibaki to the gates of hell, you may call me whatever but mark my words and quote me come 2010. Two year is not our position. Two years is THE POSITION.

Save this are quote me 2 years to date!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think I can translate PANUA language that is they know Kibaki stole and we should all leave them alone for 5 years to pad their pockets. Moi did the same thing and they didn't complain loudly they just used to grumble. ODMERs unfortunately are not in the same wave length they thought Kenya had moved on from conducting business in this manner. What we have is the misunderstanding of political code language. That is why PNU invokes the constitution they cannot live by hoping PENTAGON will get the hint. Translated it is our turn in 2012 we will be out of your hair trust me there will be there will be plenty of international AID you will be set for 6 generations. The big question is should why are we willing to defend these people as they rob us of quality infrastructure, health care education just to name a few. What is wrong with us?

Anonymous said...

Anon at 10 , dogi wewe
Raila does not need to be in Govt to ride in a limo , he already has everything a man can ever want.To me he is only out to fight for the right of the helpless.Unlike Kibaki Raila is not sorrounded by billionaire tribal chauvanist tribesmen.

Anonymous said...

Pnu only reads the constitution when it convenient to them, did they not swear in a cabinet when non of the members had been sworn in as an MP while its very clear that to be a minister you must be an elected MP.

Annoymous said...

To Sam Okello: you continue being the double-mouthed man you have been in the past. Again issueing threats you have issued and denied in the past. Fact is that you threatened to close down this blog and not only once. But being the coward you are, you have time and time again denied being the one issueing these threats and instead accused MB for being the one behind this. Like you do now. I believe MB that she did not and will never do such a thing but it is you who drag her name into your own dirty games. What do you think you will gain with this? If you are so sure, why don't you ask one of 'your attorneys' to do the job for you? You have said in the past that you know where MB is living reminding her even that also Jeff Koinange has threatened to disclose her whereabouts to a certain Nicholas Biwott, just in case. We are waiting that you fulfill your promise if you are man enough to do so. Otherwise shut up and leave MB and us alone - we have better and more important things to do than to listen to your stupid comments. You have presented yourself once as the self-proclaimed 'savior' of Kenya - 'save' us from yourself and we would all be more than grateful to you.

kitumoja said...

Just in case the forces of evil succeed in their intention to shutdown this blog, I would like to propose a new blog by the name kumekucha2 or maybe kumekuchatena just to rub some salt in their eyes.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure that message from Marianne Brinner is genuine, not least for the glaring discrepancies in it. why is she not signing as herselef? and to those who want to close down the blog, remember, we dont care, we will get another one..kumekucha keep on the work

Marianne Briner said...

Closing the chapter Sam Okello - and inviting everybody to have a real big laugh just as I had when getting the following information:

I finally got the sales figures of the Shining Star for the year August 2006 - 2007 when it was published via XLibris:

They sold (and this includes even the socalled 'author's' copies which Sam ordered with a 50 % reduction) the "incredible amount" of 83 (I repeat in words, so you can digest this better, eighty-three) copies !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for which they paid not even $ 200.-- in royalties !!!!!!!!!!
And this although the book was costing almost $ 30.-- whereas Sam is now trying (and I repeat: trying) to sell it for less than $ 10.-- - and there are even used copies in the market for abt. $ 3.50 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You should have heard me laughing when reading this....... and I am sure you are starting asking yourself like I did: what is this 'bestselling' author afraid of? Does he really need those $ 100.-- to pay his bills because that's what he owes me in royalties.......

The whole matter becomes more and more a miracle ...... although to be honest it does not come as a surprise.

As I said before, when Sam sent me the script, I did not like it and asked for changes - he did not agree and insisted on his script to be published - and I had my first doubts about the whole matter ..... and as I know now, I was right - and funny enough, I am even glad about it.

The Shining Star as it is, is not a good book since it does not tell the real story ..... there are too many elements in it (products of Sam's 'creative' phantasy like the person of this Bozo .... who never existed but plays a main part in the story because Sam invented him already in his other 'fiction' The Night Bob Died ..... and other details like me staying at the Intercontinental and waiting to meet Moi (I never stayed at the Hotel when I came to Nairobi but lived with my Karen-friends from the beginning), I never planned to meet Moi either, nor did Mutula Kilonzo contact me for such a meeting.... nor did I meet Gideon Moi at the Karen house of my friends, nor did I have a meeting with Biwott etc. etc. .-..........

Although my real story would have been worth telling as it was, Sam insisted on these phantasies which he calls still now 'his narrative contributions' making him the 'author' of everything - which in my opinion is NOTHING since especially these 'decorations' make look fake .........

I thought I should share this with you - I am sure you will shake your head as I do right now and then you will join me in laughing aloud about those certain fools called Okello !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Then why are they wanting to close down this bog? is it because of the frustrations they got? where did u get this info about the books? its really a laughable situation!!!!

Marianne Briner said...

The information was passed to me by Andrie Formanez, XLibris Post Publish Relation Representative and can be verified as it is any time.

And I agree with your remark, this is a laughable situation, but at the same time also a very sad one because it demonstrates the very dirty character of Sam Okello who tries to sell himself to the public like a saint .... a savior of 'his' people .....

Just think a little bit: would you ever trust Sam Okello again knowing that he already cheats for such a small amount? Would you ever be able to believe him for things that really matter?

I guess, your reply is the same as mine: n e v e r !!!!!!


Muthoni wa Mombasa said...

Mariana, this is a good time to expose people who are not humane at all. We were told by your daughter the vet. officer that u are very sick in the hospital, now these people want to rip you off and you are a sick person. Not fair at all. But karma works very well. Is this the same person who wants to be president of kenya in 2012? watch out....and warning to all, dont dare close down kumekucha, we will riot!!!!

Anonymous said...

Marianne Briner and the Okellos, piss off. Stop using this blog to market your cheap counterfeit wares.

Mombasa-free-from-PANUA-dirt said...

AWARDS for the evil clique who stole the election.

1: Thief-in-Chief

Kibaki stole the presidency in Kenya in 2007. At 76, he's the world's oldest notorious thief

2.: Traitor-in-Chief

Kenya's Judas Iscariot Kalonzo Musyoka, the Democracy-traitor-in-Chief. He betrayed all democratic ideals and wiped off any hope of ever leading Kenya.

3.: Lier-in-Chief

The PNU spokesman, Dr Goebbels Alfred Ng'ang'a Mutua is the spinmeister of the bandit regime. He can answer any question. One of the most effective agents of disinformation.

4.: Rattlesnake Me Chuki

Rattlesnake Me-Chuki. This man is the most famous rigging mastermind in Kenya. Known for his 'rattlesnake' temper, he has a tongue that dates back from colonial administration. Look at his eyes, cunning and foxy. He is the power-behind-the-throne. HE is the shadow president of Kenya

5: Compromised Church

Whereas Kenya boasts a probable Pope in the John Cardinal Njue, the Church is in bed with the state. When Kibaki stole the presidency in 2007, the hitherto dependable church went mute. Now that the aftermath of that conspiracy of silence has manifested itself in full-blown ethnic wars, the church is crying faul. While Mungiki is hacking opposition supportes and the police gun down peaceful demonstrators,John Cardinal Njue has discovered that there is spiritual revival in silence. The church in Kenya is complicit in state-sponsored theft and genocide of innocent civilians.

6: Warlord-in-Chief

Uhuru Kenyatta is Kibaki's heir-apparent. He is using his wealth to bankroll Mungiki. He is Kenya's warlord-in-chief. The drunken-looking son of Jomo is an astute student of master-rigger Daniel Moi

7: Brains-for-thieves

Martha Njoka-turned-Martha Karua is the brains behind the throne. Take her off and Kibaki is exposed and vulnerable. She has presided over theft and erosion of Kenya's judiciary. Arguably the most intelligent and ugly minister in Kenya ever, she dates a Catholic priest, Father Wamugunda

8: George Saitoti

The Goldenberg tainted George Saitoti is presiding over police genocide in Kenya. Also a silebnt approval of Mungiki-led purge of the political scene, he hopes to succeed Kibaki by default. Saitoti lost the 2007 parliamentary seat but rigged himself in with the help of his brother using counterfeit ballots.

9: Police Commissioner

The Police Commissioner Ali is presiding over a police-sponsored genocide of innocent lives. A millitary man, he was made police commissioner in a surprising move. He should be charged with crimes against the Kenyan people

10: Enemy of the people

The disgraced ECK Boss, Samwel Kivuitu carries the blood of innocent Kenyans everywhere on his cynical face. He is the coward-of-the-nation. He does not know who won the election, yet he handed over a certificate to the thief-in-chief

11: Killers-for-Hire

Mungiki is a pro-government, primitive gang of goons who sniff snuff, behead their victims, forcefully and crudely circumcise men, perform female genital mutilation, drink the blood of their victims and kill-for-cas

Negativity said...

@MB, keep on exposing these people who steal from women and complain that Kibaki is a thief who steals the election--selective application of morality, typical selfish kenyan. let the truth be told, MB expose all of them!11

kibaki-toka said...

'Remove Ruto from Annan Talks' petitioners revealed

Anonymous said...

Did I just read the papers right today? Martha Karua is calling Kofi Annan a LIAR??! Seriously! Come on you PNU people, no matter how desperate you are, be careful what you speak in public. There is such a thing as diplomacy and tact. Please listen to your fellow PNU outfit of New Ford-Kenya who has the sense to point out how out of order you are.

Anonymous said...

MB good for you, I'm glad you made your stand against some thugs like Okello
and as for Karua Calling Koffi Annan A liar- that is the biggest mistake she ever made in her life!! she better through her passport away- sources say that she is not welcome in USA, Britain, EU member states, Canada- I guess Somalia and Uganda will welcome her-but she doesn't need a passport to cross over!!

People didn't you see her reaction on the announcement by the USA and Canada on visa ban?? hey read between the lines!!she was one of the first people to receive the Visa Ban Letters- HiP HIP HUUURAY !!! Such an ugly and deadly piece of human
being to be born on this earth.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:09 why are you patronizing MB? She does not even register on the radar anymore.

Mombasa-free-from-PANUA-dirt @6:19, as much as I deplore your jingoistic handle, you are a genius. Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant post!

Anonymous said...

For those of you who keep on shouting that Moi won and nothing happened.....We just didn't have the evidence that old guy was a smart thief......Kibaki though being an economist couldn't just balance the credit side and the debit side....So he ended up doing a shoddy job of stealing our votes!!!! And again he stole from the wrong generation.


Anonymous said...

Oh my! I thought this case was over and done with? Kumekuchans are now a community and will not find it difficult to find one another under a new name. And besides, closing down Kumekucha will generate a lot of curiosity in cyber space and that is where the second million hits will come from.


Anonymous said...

chris phil, kalamari or whoever please start a thread titled marianne brinner and sam okello, i am tired of reading these peoples nonsense in the middle of our posts. their discussions are very disjunctive and add no value at all to the posts.

we are currently discussing kibaki's prime fear and they come here to call each other names, steal each other's names and generally taunt each other....they are very frustrating.

please start another thread specifically for them since i think they are so obsessed with your blog, it will help them to vent their frustrations there and
i assure you i will never click on it, that way all of us will be happy...they can do what they do and we can discuss the topics in the threads...without their nonsense around.

thank you.

Anonymous said...

Somebody of little intelligence called Ivy thinks that she is more tribal than her tribe and keeps on darting tribal connotations. Ivy, you speak alot of trash and it is a high timne you shut your beak. You know nothing and writing here should not make you think that you are a great analyst of anything. CUNT

Anonymous said...

INTELLIGENCE IS NOT INSULTING PEOPLE....AND BY THE WAY WHAT DO YOU EQUATE INTELLIGENCE WITH...MORON....AND BY THE WAY NO ONE IS FORCING YOU TO READ MY COMMENTS....Truth has always been painful.....Ouch and by the way it is mouth...Not beak ia m not a bird...duh and yes i am more tribal....Utadu


Anonymous said...

Anon 3:15.....Who appointed you to be the judge of anything....I am sure Phil didn't

Anonymous said...

anon@3:51 when intellectual discourse fails, I guess you revert to the name calling. Let Ivy be all she wants to be, if you cannot stand her comments or intellectually challenge her, stay out of the kitchen...that heat, utaungua.

Anonymous said...

Kalamari, this is a flawed argument, and I have already said it, it doesnt explain Kibaki at all, i bet u in 15 years time, Kenyans will eat their words, especially those who have seconded Kibaki to the devil himself.

Anonymous said...

Kalamari, this is a flawed argument, and I have already said it, it doesnt explain Kibaki at all, i bet u in 15 years time, Kenyans will eat their words, especially those who have seconded Kibaki to the devil himself.

Anonymous said...

Today i am in an upbeat mood, though there will be no flowers as they will be expensive...Though i am disappointed with a blogger who has no guts of publishing his name but resorts to insulting people with some unprintable words..Man how do you get the courage to type those words..Just because i refused his comments that Kisumu is in a bad state...Come on you can be smarter than that....Any way after sleeping through it i have only come with one conclusion...BBU...Badly Brought Up.
Anon 3:51 have a happy valentine and just make sure you don't use those words with your valentine today.....Coz you might just end up being a bachelor. Just know that ladies fall for men who are descent. Happy Valentine


Marianne Briner said...

taking the 'advise' of some learned friends, I have decided to start my own blog which you can access from tomorrow onwards.....

and be prepared to read some very interesting news 'marianne-style'......

I promise, I won't disappoint you.

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