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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Emuhaya By-elections: Young Aspirant Rolling Up His Sleeves

Soon after his re-election as MP for Emuhaya, Kenneth Otiatso Marende was nominated by ODM and thereafter elected as Speaker of the National Assembly. Ironically, one of his first tasks as speaker will be to declare his own Emuhaya Parliamentary seat vacant.

Prior to his re-election as Emuhaya MP, Mr. Marende made history by being the first individual to be re-elected to serve two terms. Previous MPs have only served one term each. Emuhaya constituency is in Vihiga District of Western Province and has approximately 81,000 registered voters.

Among those who have declared their interest in the Emuhaya parliamentary seat is Eric Henry Marende on an ODM ticket. Incidentally, the ODM party secretariat is reporting an overwhelming interest in the Emuhaya parliamentary seat with up to 50 persons having expressed their interest so far.

In continuing with the Kumekucha policy of supporting young aspirants into positions of leadership in Kenya, Phil (Kumekucha) had a chance to talk to the young and ambitious politician and reproduces excerpts from the discussion.

All readers, particularly Emuhaya residents/voters, are encouraged to ask the aspirant relevant questions in the comments area as he will be visiting the site and responding to all queries in person.

Kumekucha: Please introduce yourself

Eric Henry Marende: My names are ERIC HENRY MARENDE an aspiring member of parliament for EMUHAYA constituency!!

Kumekucha: Tell us a little about your background (including professional experience).

EHM: I am a university graduate from the United States International University(U.S.I.U) Nairobi.

Politically, I have been involved in the party affairs since the LDP days. i was actively involved in the 2002 elections. when the NARC dream was not achieved and LDP moved out of NARC I remained with LDP. When ODM was formed after the referendum I joined and have been actively involved ever since.

Actually as of last year (2007) I was actively involved with a lobby group known as THE ODM PROFFESIONALS NETWORK. This lobby group was actively involved in reaching out to the professionals who do not normally go out to join the masses in the field because they are confined to their desks and they only communicate via email and phone calls. We were involved in activities such as gathering intelligence such as the hate leaflets that were intercepted and we promptly informed the party hierarchy who blew the whistle. We were also involved in organising for trade fairs and such like things and a good example is the visit by Hon. Raila to the Nairobi stock exchange where his visit quelled some jitters at the bourse. We were also involved in sponsoring advertisements in the media to counter negative propaganda towards ODM!!!

This we did in isolation as the ODM Professionals. Later on, we got word through our intricate network that the party was trying to bring all the lobby groups together like Divas for Raila, Young Kenyans for Raila, Young Professionals for Raila, Western Professionals for Raila, e-orange, etc. We took on this project and successfully brought these lobby groups or initiatives under the umbrella called THE COALITION OF ODM VOLUNTEERS.

We presented this to and were recognised by the ODM Presidential Think Tank chaired by Professor Edward Oyugi.

We also went ahead and set up a parallel call centre to back up the one that had been set up by the party. We presented this again to the think tank and they were impressed such that the party channel resources to assist us at the call centre. This was so effective such that our data was being used at the ECK Tallying Centre at KICC to challenge some disparities!! We had a network that ran all the way to the grassroots.

Even after the elections we still get intelligence reports which we promptly relay to the party, for example in the first week of January we got reports that the form 16 and 16A were being doctored at the KICC. We provided samples to the party since some of our members had been recruited by the ECK.

I may also add that I was seconded to one of the think tank committees that was headed by Mr.George Ongaya to handle matters that related to the call center.

Since all this is political i would like to keep my family affairs out of this. Probably what many voters would want to know is that I am single and profesionaly work for a travel management firm called CARLSON WAGONLIT that is wholly owned by BUNSON TRAVEL an industry leader in travel related services.

Kumekucha: What is your vision for Emuhaya?

EHM: My Vision is titled 'Emuhaya, aiming higher'. In a nutshell, I intend to cover the following.

Economic prosperity:

Given the potential that already exists in Emuhaya, I envision the constituency as an economic powerhouse through tourism in the East Africa region.

Beginning at the micro-enterprise level, I shall partner with self help groups to develop micro finance programmes that will ensure that they get the opportunities and credit facilities required to turn their hard work and good ideas into a steady income.

Modernization of major markets will be explored in an effort to make them permanent, safer, cleaner and more established. Real economic prosperity can only be realized when wealth is distributed equitably and those living below the poverty line are uplifted. Providing economic opportunities will achieve just that.

In an effort to take Emuhaya to the next level, I shall play a leading role in positioning the constituency as a destination of choice for local tourism in an effort to bridge the current divisions being witneseed in the country. The result not only being the creation of an innovation center, but also a source of job and wealth creation.

The building of adequate infrastructure, setting up constituency wide centers of excellence, enhancing private / public partnerships, equipping schools with ICT, massive improvements in security as well as offering businesses incentives will be some of my priorities that will turn this vision into reality.

The time has come to reduce the cost of doing business in Kenya and giving the less fortunate an opportunity to succeed. We shall start in Emuhaya.

Youth Agenda:

I strongly believe in developing and strengthening programmes targeted at the youth in order to enhance their economic, educational, social and cultural opportunities, to promote constructive social relations among them and to provide them with connections outside their communities to break the inter-generational cycle of poverty.

Because of this, I shall give special priority in the design and implementation of policies that will help alleviate the challenges of long term unemployment and underemployment of my peers.

For every young person, a job offering decent work is an important step in completing the transition to adulthood, a milestone towards independence and self-reliance, a pillar in social development. My vision for the youth in Emuhaya therefore focuses on creating income-generating job and/or entrepreneurial opportunities for young people.

I shall work tirelessly with like minded leaders, to ensure that structures are put in place to assist the youth in developing skills needed to enable them to find or create gainful employment.

The message is clear! Our youth should no longer be used by self centered politicians to throw stones and participate in political hooliganism. Their energy, talent and numerical strength should instead be used as the pillars for nation building.

Community Development:

My vision for community development is the creation of opportunities that will empower the community both socially and economically. I shall pay special attention to the 9 wards within the constituency in an effort to ensure that homes and markets are humanitarian and include basic facilities such as toilets, water and adequate pathways.

I shall work with the people of Emuhaya in an effort to engage them in building the constituency in which they live and do business in. As stakeholders, the people will be included in decision making on matters that affect the constituency. Doing so will help create a more diverse constituency in which the ultimate winner will be the constituent.

As development of the constituency is pegged on development of the constituents, I envision community centers in each ward and various training programmes provided so as to equip constituents with the life skills needed to earn a better living. This initiative will cater to the widespread unemployment problem which in turn will reduce poverty, crime, drugs and disease.

I shall actively develop sports, music and entrepreneurship programs that will be geared towards developing talent as well as lend full support to micro enterprises such as income generating women, youth and welfare group projects.

As the next MP for Emuhaya, being accessible and having regular meetings with the community will give me a good idea on the priorities of the community's development.

Service Delivery:

Emuhaya constituency currently faces several challenges with regards to service delivery. Quality of education in the free primary school initiative has dropped tremendously, public schools (up to the University level) do not have adequate learning facilities, majority of the constituents either do not have access to basic healthcare or cannot afford it, roads are dilapidated, clean water is still a dream, insecurity a nightmare and the list goes on and on and on. It is unfortunate that with all the CDF money available, basic services are still inaccessible to the bulk of the population.

I envision Emuhaya Constituency as one of the leading constituencies when it comes to service delivery. I shall work to ensure that the people of Emuhaya get the services they pay for, from better education to better healthcare to better infrastructure.

To realize this vision, public education institutions will be equipped with reading materials and computers to the best extent possible, healthcare systems brought closer to the people and infrastructure (roads, market places, telecommunications, water etc) shall be improved.

As service delivery is the primary role of the political leadership, I shall break the culture of the people working for elected leaders and begin one in which elected leaders work for the best interests of the people.

Kumekucha: Thank you. Why did you choose to stand in Emuhaya?

EHM: I have my roots in Emuhaya. I also have a keen ineterst in the affairs of the people of Emuhaya and would like to see an improvement in the life of the locals.

Kumekucha: If you would finish these sentences, what would you add to them,
i) I wish more people would take notice of...........
ii) A common misperception I would like to correct is.......

EHM: I wish more people would take notice of…. young people especially the youth of this nation. they have been the main force in the struggle for justice in the many injustices commited aginst them. many lives have been lost and indeed continue to be lost in persuit of a better kenya. as young people we should keep the dreams and hopes of a better nation alive by getting actively involved in the affairs of our great nation. we should let the memories be our guide to remembering the values of our Kenyan people.

EHM: A common misperception I would like to correct is…. that young people cannot lead or are not ready for leadership positions. History has examples of leaders who emerged at quite an early stage. Tom Mboya is one such example. In the bible you have people like King David and Samuel who were anointed for leadership in their youthful years. I believe we (the youth) have been appointed by God, history and future generations to take on leadership.

Kumekucha: What bills, if any, would you propose in your first term in parliament?

- Hate speech legislation,
- Youth fund to be managed by professionals,
- Legislation that mandates private companies and public enterprises to employ the best candidates for the job but at the same time ensure equal representation in terms of gender and tribe!

Kumekucha: Which party ticket are you running on and why?

EHM: ODM (Orange Democratic Movement). This is because the party is committed to tackling tribalism and discrimination, expansion for employment, pursuit of policies of policies of equitable distribution of wealth and resources, dealing with insecurity, crime and lawlessness, improvement of social and physical infrastructure among many others.

Kumekucha: What do you like most about your country?

EHM: The economic and social potential.

Kumekucha: What do you like the least about your country?

EHM: Tribalism, corruption, bad governance especially because of the individuals and personalities who occupy these offices, the list is endless.

Kumekucha: Who in the history of Kenyan politics inspires you - a leader, whether in politics or outside of it?

EHM: Thomas Joseph Mboya. He was a leader who was brilliant and charismatic, infact he was nothing short of remarkable! He got involved in trade union activities at 22 years of age and by 28 he was elected chairman of the All-African Peoples Conference convened by Kwame Nkurumah of Ghana. Tom Mboya displayed leadership from quite an early age.

Outside of politics 2 people inspired me. One was my father and the other my grandfather, both are deceased!

Kumekucha: How are you funding your campaign?

EHM: My campaigns are being funded by family, friends and well wishers

Kumekucha: What word of encouragement would you give to other young candidates?

EHM: I would encourage young people to be engaged in public life and service because this is the only way we can change the status quo! as young people we need to position ourselves for change and we should speak in one voice to demand our rightful position in the countrys leadership. its our responsibility to take the country to the next level.

Kumekucha: What are you especially good at, why do people like you?

EHM: Well that is a hard question! I may say I am good at listening to other people. Other people have said they like me because am dependable, strong, and loyal.

Kumekucha: What is your proudest moment/ greatest achievement?

2002 elections when Kenyans elected a government unanimously as a people with disregard to tribe and affiliation. Back then, we as Kenyas achieved a lot as a democracy.

Kumekucha: What was the last book you read?

EHM: ‘INTO AFRICA’ which is a dramatic retelling of the Stanley-Livingstone story. It has been written by Martin Dougard.

Kumemucha: What do you think are your weaknesses?
My ambitions

Kumekucha: Have you ever run a business? Do you have any executive experience?

EHM: No I have not!

Kumekucha: What core ideas inform your politics?

EHM: Leadership that is accountable and transformative that fulfills expectations. I intend to provide a leadership with vision and to carry on what was intended for the people of Emuhaya by the former Member of Parliament and will be faithful and true to the interest f the constituents.

Kumekucha: What is your big idea for Kenya?

EHM: Good constitution that translates into good governance, a fair judicial system, equitable distribution of resources, efficient infrastructure, dependable healthcare, a relevant educational system and proper security for all.

Kumekucha: What in your views hurts Kenyans the most? What stands between them and progress?

EHM: Corruption, selfishness, greed, bad governance, the constitution. biased institutions that are supposed to facilitate progress are the major issues that stand between kenyans and progress.

Kumekucha: Do you think an MP, say an opposition MP, can make a difference in his constituency without the intervention of the Central Government?

EHM: Yes. By properly utilising the CDF a ripple effect will be transmitted to the locals in the constituency.

Kumekucha: For what would you utilize Constituency Development Funds (CDF) allocated to your constituency? What would be proper CDF priorities?

EHM: Housing, infrastructure, rural electrification, initiating proper healthcare initiatives, agriculture, education

Kumekucha: What special campaign stratagem do you employ in stead of loud noises and throwing money around?

EHM: Are you sure you want me to expose myself!!

Kumekucha: Not at all. Any other comments/message you have.

EHM: A common misperception I would like to correct is that young people cannot lead or are not ready for leadership positions.history has examples of leaders who emerged at quite an early stage. Tom Mboya is one such example. in the bible you have people like king david and samuel who were annointed to lead in their youthful years. i believe we have been appointed by God, history and future generations to take on leadership. (END)


Anonymous said...

He's a much better option than mtoto wa squatter, is he marende's son? i didn't read of any relationship between the two..ama is everyone in emuhaya called marende? if that's the case kalembe's bid is a non-starter unlss he wants to be richard kalembe ndile marende...hehehe!

kalamari said...

Mr. Marende. Good stuff. First of all, are you related to Mr. Speaker? Now, as I have said before, every rungu carrying night watchman aspires to be the police chief commissioner just like every meager earning accountant aspires to be finance minister. What are your political ambitions? President?

Moving one, are you equipped to fearlessly sign a contract with the people without signs of shaky hands? The contract may compel you to resign if you ever catch a bout of corruption. You see, I think that Kenya needs young leaders with new ideas. The only problem is that some of these young leaders are usually facing monetary starvation and are apt to steal at the earliest convenience. I'm not saying you are prone to corruption but how can you convince us that you are not…..prior to receiving our votes?

Lastly, I know you do not want to delve into your family matters, but why is a 'successful' man such as yourself still single? Excuse my concern but this is a very serious issue. If you have not experienced the up and downs of running a family, how can you handle being the 'father' (MP) of a constituency. How will you guide a people to prosperity if you have never helped your standard one child with his algebra homework? How can you honestly assume that you can balance the CDF account books if you have never experienced the excruciating debacle of organizing your finances with a wife….in other words, ensuring that there's a constant supply of unga, maziwa and sugar for the month? You tell us that you will represent us with the zeal and commitment because you love us and want to see us enjoy the national cake in Emuhaya… but how can you love us if you have not experienced the love of a woman? You see, usually, you can judge a mans character and commitment for others by looking at the way he manages his family. Sasa wewe tutaanza wapi?
-By the way, do not rush to get married for political reasons. Just ask Kibaki how sometimes things can backfire very badly.

Anonymous said...

You said you support young leaders. That's a good view, however, this "myth" that young leaders are needed to change things has just been proven to be that: a myth.

I really wanted young leaders to take charge too and I was especially dissapointed in William RUTO. He really let me down with his callous and inhumane acts.

From that point on, I'd prefer an older kibaki who's wiser and cautious as oppossed to a young ruffian like Ruto.

So Younger is not always better, and again this marende guy will be manipulated like a puppet in ODM , Since he's fresh meat

Anonymous said...

and what is his relation to the speaker ?
are they related ? is that his father, uncle ?

Anonymous said...

Questions for the aspiring candidate:
First and foremost, I wish you the best as you campaign-hoping that you win.
Next question, are you related to the current speaker of the kenyan national assembly?
Next question, there are many schools that are poorly built in Emuhaya (an example Mumboha primary school) what is your plan concerning the renovations of schools in Emuhaya?

Anonymous said...

annon @8.37 have you fead the article on william ruto on kumekuchas. It is very in-depth and fascinating to read. There is a big push to oust him.

Kimeli said...

Lucy Kibaki hitting at Imanyara

Anonymous said...

Have you seen the petition against Ruto at With all the evidence against this guy, i doubt he will last six more months.

Anonymous said...

the petition is been submitted to the ICC as we speak, there are all sorts of evidence from human rights watch, redcross and ODM insiders close to Kosgey and Ruto. Also some evidence from the election observers and video clips from an ODM councillor among to mention a few

nonzenze said...

ANNON's @ 9:28, 10:22 &10:25

Thx for the info, but where is this article on kumekucha?, please let me know..thanks.

Also, I recently read the Akiwumi report which is online and it's such an eye opener.

The names that kept popping up in it from the 91 92 clashes were Henry Kosgey, Musa Sirma and violence in Tinderet, Henry Kosgey's Constituency.

Anonymous said...

ODM Blog we said!

Derek said...

These anon Kikuyustan elements barking at Ruto must get a good advice from me: go and drink cyanide to ease your pain. Kenyatta killed thousands of Somalis in NEP. Did they ever cry genocide?
Kenyatta killed all Luo and Coast leaders and took 30% of the Coast arable and coastal land. Did they ever cry genocide?
Kenyatta stole the Kenyan taxes to buy RV land and give it to Kikuyus which was genocide. Did they Kalenjins cry genocide?

Boy, Kikuyus are HYENAS. Always noisy makers, always greedy (that's hyena for you) but always Cowards. A Hyena will always demand more then the rest, seek more than the rest, perfidy and infidelity is his tool and once he feels fellow animals may be on the way to share with him or demand their right, he will howl, make noise and cry. Kikuyus are like hyenas. Cowards, noisy makers but greedy. You haven't seen the last of the truth if Kibaki the ugly Hippo thinks he can sustain himself with a bunch of jobless, drug peddlers called Mungiki.

Anonymous said...

Derek @ 11.27; Thank you for calling out those "noise makers" with a selective sense for justice.

Ruto will not be ousted. We at ODM respect him for advocating for constitutional changes and land rights.

PNUers should stop trying to curb the smoke without turning an eye to the fire: decades of thuggery and misgovernment that Kenyans have risen up against.


Kimeli said...

All Kikuyu ministers to be barred from the US:

"...On the government side are five sitting cabinet ministers and a former cabinet minister. Among the ministers, four hail from Central Province and have had long standing political association with President Kibaki. The fifth minister is from Western Province and whose mother party was supportive of Kibaki’s re-election bid.

Our sources further disclosed that one of the ministers was recently denied a travel visa to the United Kingdom and United States in spite of being scheduled to attend high profile meetings in the two countries."

Anonymous said...

First things first

PNU dont have a shred of evidence against any1.Even that Human Rights report has turned out to be a cooked thing.The people who they allegedly gathered the info from have come out and said they were not interviewed....they just heard their names were in a report.The matter was quickly hushed.

Supreme said...

Kenyan MPs banned from US Published on February 7, 2008, 12:00 am

By Jibril Adan

Ten high profile PNU and ODM personalities have been banned from traveling to the United States over alleged links to the post-poll violence, The Standard has learnt.

With this, international pressure appeared to shift from initial subtle threats couched in diplomatic language to concrete action on a day the crisis in Kenya featured both in the US Senate and the UN Security Council and mediation talks proper started in Nairobi.

But a dark cloud hung over the talks last night when reports that UN-backed chief mediator Mr Kofi Annan’s hotel room in Nairobi had been bugged hit the World Wide Web.

"Detectives have gone there (Serena Hotel) and established that the claims are untrue," Mr Eric Kiraithe, the police spokesman told The Standard when reached on the telephone.

But an independent source said: "Annan’s security aides found the device while the talks were in session on Tuesday".

News of the bugging came just 24 hours after skilled South African negotiator Mr Cyril Ramaphosa withdrew as the intended chief negotiator when the PNU made it known that they would not trust the South African’s intervention.

On Wednesday, the US Embassy in Nairobi declined to divulge details of the 10 personalities it has lined-up for blacklisting, only saying that five were politicians and the rest prominent business people.

The 10 have already been notified, the Embassy said.

The caution also covers family members of the politicians, including those studying in the US.

US Ambassador Mr Michael Ranneberger said there was credible evidence linking the personalities to the post-election mayhem that ripped the country apart, leaving at least 1,000 people dead and close to half a million others displaced.

The Embassy said it was only waiting for the personalities to turn up with their travel papers to enforce the ban.

Ranneberger said the Embassy was also looking at information on nearly 30 other leaders believed to have funded the bloodletting.

Previously, a number of top Kenyan politicians have been barred from entering the US and some European countries but largely on account of their alleged links to multi-billion financial scams, notably Goldenberg and Anglo Leasing.

Interestingly, this new crackdown by foreign missions on public figures comes at a time when Kenya exercised its own version of sovereignty by declaring Sir Edward Clay, a British national and former UK High Commissioner in Nairobi, persona non grata (not allowed entry into the country)

Earlier in the day a tough-talking Mr Ross Hynes, the Canadian High Commissioner to Kenya hinted at the seriousness with which his country viewed the political crisis in Kenya.

"The strong message I want to pass to the politicians is that the ban is real and will happen," Hynes said in Kisumu, which has been laid bare by the violence and which has also witnessed the most brutal police suppression of peaceful protests.

He added: "It’s the Canadian legal system that individuals who subvert democracy and do not respect human rights are denied entry to the country."

The US Embassy in Nairobi, however, clarified that the travel advisory may not be an outright ban but is an indication that the individuals may not be welcome in the US.

The Mission also said it will not compile an exhaustive list of politicians to be banned from traveling to the US but would deal with applications for visas on an individual basis.

Earlier, an embassy official told The Standard that they were compiling evidence and would not let those who contributed to the post election violence travel to the US.

"We would look at the applications for visas on an individual basis," the official said.

"Those who supported, funded or in any way aided the violence would not be allowed to travel to the US," he added.

The US is among the countries that have stated that politicians who subverted the democratic institutions or those who encouraged violence would be denied entry.

Canada has also stated that it would slap a ban on such politicians, while Australia has stated that it would reduce contacts with Cabinet ministers.

This is part of the efforts by foreign countries to pile pressure on Kenyan leaders and push them to resolve the deadly post election conflict.

On Monday, White House National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley said resolving the conflict in Kenya has a "long way to go".

Hadley, quoted by Reuters, also said that a re-run might not be in the best interest of the country’s stability.

"Many people believe that to go to elections now would not be a prescription for bringing stability."

Comments by American leaders, however, show that they are not all reading from the same script.

Assistant Secretary for African Affairs Dr Jendayi Frazer had her reference to the violence as ethnic cleansing contradicted by State Department Spokesman Sean McCormack.

The EU has, however, adopted a more clear approach and has called for a re-run of the elections and has suspended budgetary aid to Kenya.

Anonymous said...

You have the most uncredible sources for news.
Mara south africa, then now kenya times ? which is owned by the warlord himself Mr RUTO?

Anonymous said...

kenyatimes is owned by mr moi when did it change hands?

Anonymous said...

Edward Clay banned from Kenya....Wow

PANUA r experts in shooting themselves in the foot.

nonzenze said...

MOI Has/ had interests in the standard thru Kueli a shis proxy. I know their relationship soured, not sure if MO1 still has say

ANNON 1:17 read this article

Jenad said...

See who was banned (

Anonymous said...

so its the lights of Jimnah Mbaru funding the Mungiki.

His kids r in states there visas should also be cancelled

Anonymous said...

so its the lights of Jimnah Mbaru funding the Mungiki.

His kids r in states there visas should also be cancelled

kamau said...

according to the independent online, kofi annan room at serena was bugged.
why should pnu be such worried

Anonymous said...

William Ruto owns Kenya Times. It is a known fact!!!

Kimeli said...

I have given earlier the link of KenyaTimesOnline stating that a minister who wanted to go to the US was refused to be grantd a VISA, that thug is Moses Wetangula, one of those who rigged himself in. Kibaki is in shit. His whole gang is barred. Kwisha! And now they are provoking the UK by insulting and banning Sir Edward Clay. By insulting Africa's powerhouse, South Africa. They must be stupid. UK Foreign Minister categorically rejected meeting Kalonzo and sent his junior who was already in kenya one week earlier. You haven't seen the last of the truth.

Anonymous said...

Wanja Michuki should also go back to Kenya. She is based in NYC and runs a company called the Higland Tea Company, selling Kenyan tea.

Anonymous said...

Wanja Michuki should also go back to Kenya. She is based in NYC and runs a company called the Higland Tea Company, selling Kenyan tea.

kamau said...

an interesting comment by didier drogba on kenyan elections from,
"I was told if I didn't appear the rules would change and the prize would go to the runner-up. This attitude doesn't honour Africa so I've pulled out of future elections" - Didier Drogba decides that after seeing what has happened in Kenya that it's not a good idea to be involved in any kind of election.

Kimeli said...

This skunk called Wanja Michuki will be deported back to Kenya soon. Let her dance with her poisonous father.

Anonymous said...

wacha wabanniwe, when we chase them they can run to uganda or somalia wakapigwe na LRA wa museveni na walalo

Anonymous said...

i tell you the minute they deport their relatives-they would freak out so much they will beg lucy to let mzee apumzike

Anonymous said...

Just an Honest fact and point of view worth noting , If this Blog is Neutral Why then has it published and Promoted One Candiates intention to run through the Interview Given to Young Mr Marende With no such equal coverage being given to the other Candidates In Emuhaya.

Just how good a friend of his are you Mr Kumekucha that you Campaign for him instead of letting him self campaign for him self with the people on the Ground in Emuhaya? Does he not have a base of his own? Could it be that he is not actual Familiarised with the community and follows suit in the kind of Mp aspirant who only visits the constituency come election time to look for votes or have other people market him ti hide his shortcomings??? In regards to his Ability as a person I concur with Kalamari @ 7:50 am.
While I do not fault his intention to Run for the post We need Youthful motivated leaders with a Better more experienced Social orientation Family and thus community wise as well a administratively Based on executive experience and Planning, who have faced the tribulations of Administrative socio-economic leadership. Mr Marende cleraly has not .


Anonymous said...


U need to be bitch slapped for real.
u seem to be in AWE of south africa, calling them "africa's powerhouse"

I think u suffer from inferiority complex, calling that british ambassador "SIR" ...U Guy why do u kiss white man's ass, he don't like your black ass.If u were alive during colonial rule, I'm sure you'd be a homeguard, snithching on your brethren

and for ur information, Wetangula has done his job RIGHT, He even made the U.K. (Your god) recognize Kibaki.

honestly u are one idiat thing!

Anonymous said...


U guys are idiots, snitching on ur fellow country men,

SHAME ON YOU! I was right about kimeli, he'd be a snitch, and a white man ass kisser

Kimeli said...


First of all, poltroons of your ilk accustomed to throwing stones as they hide (anons) are of not Kumekucha's calibre and neither of mine. However, in the interest of my fellow esteemed bloggers, I will have to deflate your ossified thoughts by reminding you that South Africa which you hate today because its opposition to octogenarian robbers like Kibaki is and has been Africa’s PowerHouse, willy-nilly. You can drink cyanide if you think South Africa is Chad or Ethiopia, where your Kibaki and his peccant platoon is taking us to. The reference is not mine but one stated by everyone who knows the truth and reads.

About Edward Clay, would you deny that he is “Sir?” Hehehe. He is, and the fact that he is against the pilferage of iniquitous old led by Thief-in-Commander: Kibaki shouldn’t make you lose your sanity. I have done nothing strange in calling him his given names and titles. Your immense frustration with the truth and simplicity amazes me. About being a homeguard, it is ironical that you lash at me who is not one (since we are beyond that era); but support the octogenarians who are ones simply because you share tribal destiny with them. Tell that to Kibaki and Michuki. For Wetangula, he has neither made the UK recognize Kibaki nor exerted any influence because he himself is barred from the US. And the UK will bar him since it will bar the same people the US blacklisted. When Kalooser went to London, Foreign Secretary Milliband refused to meet him. The details for that can be found here: But the question is: if you hate the UK, then why would you celebrate its “recognition?” In other words, people have to agree with your warped tribal sentiments for them to be good? Huh! Sheesh!

Finally you wrote: “honestly u are one idiat thing!” kkkkkkkkkkkk. I hope I understand this English of yours, but If I’m an idiot, I believe you shouldn’t have felt so much pain for you to comment on my entry and beg me to change my position and viewpoint. I don’t need to explain further for your ilk is na├»ve and saddening who deserve sympathy rather than a duel. About "ass kissing", you shouldn't imagine that everyone is unchaste as you may be.

Anonymous said...

anno 10.49, the report can be found on this website,
You need to be a registered author to read it as well as contribute to the editorial. There a substantial number of invited journalist writing here raging from the newyork post to human rights activists. Due to confidentiality reasons some reports need thorough confirmation before access is provided.
This blog is not a dialogue site like this one but a converging site for various factual material being collected all over.

Anonymous said...

First all, I'm not begging you to change your position or anything, I highly doubt you have that capability.
But change is good. I was an avid supporter of young politicians, I felt we needed a generational change, but I must say william RUTO Let me down. If that is what young leaders are, then I'd rather an old, wise and cautious leader, as oppossed to a hot blooded youngster.

it seems CYANIDE Is a word you discovered recently coz that's your vocabulary of choice when you're challenged.

Yes I hate BRITO, U should too, they don't like you either however much you kiss their ass.

Kalonzo was snubbed by Milli ? Milli vanilli ? who is Milliband? or is it blue band? and you make a fuss coz why ? at times I don't get you. You act as if Milliband is an god...what big deal is it whether Milli vanilli snubbe dthe kenya vice president ? It would concern me however if Kalonzo had an appointment with Gordon Brown and he snubbed , but Milli whateva, c'mon......
My immense frustration is with your ignorance and honestly white worship...u should be ashamed of yourself.
South Africa is big in africa, I have no doubt about that, but to see u get all excited about it like ur having an orgasm makes u look really silly.
Ramaposa was rejected, SA Is obviuosly bitter, but there's no love lost SA Has never been kenya's friend.
Ramaposa and kenyatta are no differnt, he fought for black independence for SA, But once that was acheived, he quickly became faboulously wealthy, no beef with that but his business interests with raila will not make him impartial.

Anonymous said...

I sa y you're a snitch coz of utterances to ban wanja michuki ? from the U.S. Despite her running her biz here.
I mean if you're kenyan- I doubt, u sound zulu, but if ur kenyan, you're the worst piece of shit ever in terms of kenya, I hate snitches like you, always calling the authority on people, SHAME ON YOU , SHAME ON YOU WEWE! gasia wewe!

Anonymous said...

ANNON @7:09

Thx for letting me know the source of that info. However, is it ever going to be published on the main blog for the rest of us too see ? or are you waiting for the heat to settle and confirm everything before posting it ?

and since you guys at kumekucha have it, I'd assume even the government of kenya has it or has had it for a while, and probably the U.S. Embassy too, and that may explain why they banned those senior kenyans from travelling ?

Well, I guess it's just amatter of time before the truth is known

Anonymous said...

I think everyone should go to this reuters link.
Very interesting analysis about kenya's violence.
I highly recommend this to everyone:

Kimeli said...


My earlier position that you deserve my sympathy stands. This mantra of young politicians that you have incessantly repeated doesn’t hold water and neither were you an ODM or Raila supporter in the first place. So don’t engage in edifying jokes about it as you unearth your temerity. Ruto did nothing bad to anyone and if anyone has a case against him, he can go to Gicheru Courts. In your warped imagination, you make things look like as if all young politicians were made of one person. Let me tell you my dear, Ruto is being hated for the same reasons Raila was hated for but both are known not only to outlive their opponents but demolish them. That said, if you are interested in young politicians, they are many on both sides, so hold your horses only that you don’t know to deceive anyone as you pose as a hitherto ODM supporter. What did Ruto do?

Blaming me for using “cyanide” is utter inability to sustain your fallacious concoctions. I have to use it in the event that I know someone is beyond salvation point; otherwise your rant that I feel challenged is beyond simplicity because I wouldn’t have engaged you if I was one. I don’t hate Brits and neither would I hate them. There is nothing wrong they have done to me. About UK Foreign Sec. Milliband, I had to state him because you bragged that one Wetangula made the UK “recognize” Thief-in-Commander; Kibaki, so I had to inform you that it is not and that’s why Milliband refused to handshake Kalooser. It was a reference for a point you raised. And why would you ever imagine that Brown will meet Kalooser when his juniors snub him?

You wrote: “My immense frustration is with your ignorance and honestly white worship...” Hehehe! You are entitled to your opinion however lopsided it is, but remember, one’s writings can betray someone. State my IGNORANCE. Secondly, hating whites, or blacks or Arabs is not a solution for Kenya. Don’t look for scapegoats. You know what has happened in Kenya and who did it, therefore, you would have to face them if you are honest rather than trying to plant defeatist culture in us by making us hurl insults at Arabs, Africans or whites. This mantra of “ass kissing, orgasm..etc” is not handled by me! So look for someone else to bandy words with your over it.

About Ramaphosa whom you are blaming for hating Kenya (since when?) and SA for the same (since when), only shows your mentality and your position. On a kind note, would you furnish the Ramaphosa-Raila business deals links? As a PANUA member, don’t feel shy to state it rather than engaging in hide and seek games about it for your words speak!

Kimeli said...


Where is the wisdom in your words? Why are you scared? I haven't called anyone to arrest you or Wanja Michuki? Were you there as an illegal? People were discussing issues and the ban on Michuki which will affect his family and not snitching on anyone. Hauna lolote la kusema. Unalia kama mtoto ambaye alikataliwa peremende.

derek said...

Kofi bugging...details,2933,329071,00.html

Anonymous said...

Anon at 3:46PM and others attacking the posting about Wanja Michuki and the Highland Tea Company. I am not a snitch simply because I stated facts. I make no apologies for that and will state further facts about those Kenyans whose parents have been blacklisted should I find them. Her father is partly responsible for the mess in Kenya so why should she get to live in the US in peace, making money while her father's shoot to kill orders have ended the lives of many Kenyans? FYI, this information is public knowledge; if I can find it then you better believe that the USCIS and all government agencies who will coordinate this effort can find this information. So, back the F@%#$ up!

Anonymous said...

Kimeli, please ignore these pests attacking you. South Africa is one of the strongest economies in Africa if not the strongest and its infrastructure rivals that of the US. Acknowledging that does not make you any of the adjectives used to describe you or unpatriotic for that matter. And, Sir Richard Clay was knighted by the Queen of England - (since these hecklers obviously don't know why that prefix is attached to his name) so much as that pains these nitwits, SIR is his appropriate title. Similarly, acknowledging that does not make you or anyone an idiot.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Anon 7:28 There is no where that Britain recognized Kibaki's govt...There words were clear: They regcognize Kenya as a state and they dont recognize govts. But so what if they recognize the govt...What has it helped you with I thought the other day you are the one's shouting that we are a sovereign state and you didn't need them.
Do you know that Wetangula is a person non granta in Sirisia so is Poghisio

Marcos said...

The questions I have for Eric Marende are:

a) How old are YOU?

b) As an MP would you accept a 50% pay-cut as so as to support a parliamentary-led effort in reducing equality in Kenya?

c) Dont you agree that at provincial level, Emuhaya would rather be moved to Nyanza province because the constituency is closer to Kisumu and most of its residents are not only culturally closer but 100% dependent on Nyanza for all economic, agricultural and educational in-puts? Infact, if Kisumu were to collapse, Emuhaya would feel the damage more than any other constituency in Western province. Give reasons for your answer.

d) FORD KENYA is the political party to unite all Luhyas. Please

Anonymous said...

Mr. Eric Marende,
I am impressed by your desire to serve the people of Emuhaya as their MP. But I have a few questions which should not necessarily be answered but which should act as a reality check for you:
1. I have a gnawing feeling that you are adding the Marende name to yours so that you can benefit from the Marende fame. This is not to say that you are not called Marende, only that part of the reasons you want to vie for the Emuhaya seat is BECAUSE you are called Marende. Are you your own man or do you want to go under Otiato's shadow?
2. Your emphasis on how you have been active in LDP and ODM makes me feel like you are saying that it is payback time. But don't confuse Emuhaya with Orange House. It is a constituency of your mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, nephews and nieces, uncles and aunts, neighbours and friends, enemies and strangers. It is these who will give you the vote and it is what they want from you that matters. Remember, the older Marende is said to have lost the ODM nominations but was allowed to have the papers anyway.
3. Yours replies to KumeKucha's questions are just the usual mumble jumble of all politicians. What unique things do you want to do for Emuhaya that will endear voters across the age, sex and social spectrum to you? Remember, Kalembe Kijana wa Squatter Ndile is one of your competitors and he is well known for tearing down the people who are a threat to him (ask Dzoro and Kalonzo).
4. You are single. This is a real disadvantage. Who will organize for all those constituents, fellow MPs etc to eat and feel welcome at your home (sorry, house) when they visit you? are you still Mama's child? Might you be the type who will get a rented house in Nairobi and only be seen next in Emuhaya in 2012? Many girls are likely to try to attract your attention. How will you discern between genuine and selfish love (you will be earning 800 thao monthly and a loan to buy a 3m fuel guzzler mark you!).
5. What things have you done for Emuhaya people so far, for them to entrust you with 400m of their CDF money? Do you hold any social positions? Have you ever attended harambees, funerals, church functions, school functions etc in Emuhaya and your presence acknowledged? These are the things that matter to rural folks.
6. Whether you are related to Otiato or not, I hope you are not banking your hopes and plans on him campaigning for you. He may and should throw in a kind word, but he should not be your chief campaign agent. Are you OK with that?
7. From your name Eric Henry (the other Marende has a rural name Otiato as his middle name), the way you have posed in the photo and your resume, you come across as an urbane, sophisticated young man. Will you be able to sit with those rural mamas in their meetings and speak Kinyore they can understand or will you always be walking with an interpreter and speak in Queen's English?
8. Emuhaya has never elected one MP twice (Otiato would have beaten this but he has been technically knocked out). You are very young and it will be important that you have very concrete long-term plans for you to break this jinx. What are they?
9. Emuhaya has a very high population of unemployed youth who are deeply involved in bhang smoking, petty theft and muggings and changaa drinking. Their vote will be very important because they are very many. How do you intend to woo them without buying them bhang and changaa?
10. What issues are you planning to raise in Parliament concerning your constituents (they should get favourable and prompt attention because older Marende is in the Chair)? And what bills of national importance do you intend to bring up as a private member?

If answering these questions is making you sweat, then go on with your life and let Kalembe work for you. If you are happy that I asked you these questions, then focus on them and get answers to them...and you may be the next MP for Emuhaya. Aim Higher and best of luck.

Voice of Reason

Anonymous said...

Marcos...............Sorry I am not Eric Marende, but what is your point? FORD KENYA died with Musikari Kombo now we have PUNU ...Oh Correction FORD KENYA was a bukusu party....Luhya party the facts can be seen so we need not go further...

Mdawida said...

Kimeli, KAA NGUMU!!!!

Do not let these attacks stop you from your updating us on issues. Kwani these cartoons think you are these one who gives out these titles? He he he.

While you research on items, pls investigate the story in yesterday's Standard on the bad behaviour of the Solicitor General in the AG's Chambers, ati chasing civil servants as senior as State Counsel because they are from the "wrong tribes"

Anonymous said...


I've checked out that fox news link about the bugging-thx.

But only to discover that Fox is reporting based on a source from a south african media company which makes me doubt it kabisa.

SA would do anything to tarnish kenya's name, the article from SA describes the talks " the talks ended up in tatters..."
which is completely false. If this story were true, it would have made headlines world over.

Kofi Annan said "it's news to me" about the bugging.

here's a more CREDIBLE source, reuters

Anonymous said...

To Anon at 12:43
The Answer is Yes. He is Kenneth Marende's ( Grand) Nephew for a fact, whether that is through Marriage or Directly by blood is still in the air but will confirm shortly.


Anonymous said...

kenyans are usually so sidetracked by trivialities- of course i am guilty of this myself. does it really matter whether this marende is related to the speaker? i mean most people dont even know what he wants to do or not do for emuhaya!! most of the people on this thread are more interested with the relationship between the two as if that is the issue-then we blame ourselves for having bad leaders!!

Laibon said...

ANON@8:53 Did you say credible? they don't even touch on the topic you refer to... Wewe wacha upuzi. kwani what planet are you on?

Anonymous said...


you have to read further into the article...stop jumping up and down
like you're pleasing tourists,

tuliza, kaa chini, halafu usome.

Anonymous said...

ANNON@11:17 , U can't blame us for the curiosity. The editor of this BLOG Made it a big deal by deliberately not revealing whether he was related or not.

If he'd informed us first, then we'd have moved on to judge this guy based on his character, but b4 anything we have to find out..can't blame us ANNON.

Just the same way there's going to be HUGE Speculations about who's named in the US VISA BAN in both ODM and PNU...Curiosity nakwambia

Anonymous said...

Just another punk trying to get his hands on Kshs 800,000 salary...

Anonymous said...

TO ANON 11:17

Dont be too personal. such answers are the ones that spoils for Martha. this is a free for all site. We are not asking for the relationship so that we can vote on that line, but to know the truth! You never know it may help to avoid giving everything to one family. And I agree with anon 12:18, how can kumekucha do all that interview without touching on that! Are they hiding something?Otherwise to Akheillus, thanks for the info.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...


What do you mean by due course ?

I understand that some questions, you have to do research on them, but what about answering the most obviuos ? i.e. are you related to the Speaker Marende?

don't tell us you will get back to us about that, you don't have to think it thru or do homework, just start with that simple answer.

thank you.

Akheillus said...

If he is so Unprepared to give answers when People ask them maybe its because he has to do some "cooking " of his answers as oppossed to portraying his actual self. Another guy wanting to get rich quick without any serious plan or concern of the people of Emuhaya. The Idea of political Royalty has been shown the door. Ask all of Kibakis' former ministers Not reelected. Being related to The speaker as his ( Grand ) Nephew is not enough . He Lost his nomination too!


Anonymous said...

good point akheillus......

I said it as ANNON 12:09 Why do u need time to answer simple questions....this is the 21st century daddi, u have to be like Raila, yaani u can answer questions off the cuff whenever they are thrown at u...

Anonymous said...

I've waited for Eric's response for so long that now I don't need it anymore. Is this how long he will be taking to respond to minor issues in his constituency? You have lost my all my adult family members, whether you will be in ODM or not.

Anonymous said...

Hi ,
iam form EMuhaya and i think Kelembe Ndile is a sick man,
Warlwal omurue aaatsie mathare, Niyo abalalau batsistsanga.

As for this young urbanne man,, i wish him luck however he seems to talk above the head with modern economic issues. The basic problem in Bunyore is joblessless. the naturel resource that is abundat-granite stonnes ar ebeing ahrvested by Athi river mining at throw away prices. what is he going to do to ensure a granite producing factory is built in the constituency and not in far away places?
Anyway he should come back Ingo, so that khulome naye amang'ana ka ngunyasianga.

Nifwe bene esialo Ingo ino-\yebille amang'ana ka nairobi.

Anonymous said...

this ERIC MARENDE Character is a CLOWN, Afadhali Kalembe Ndile.

ERIC, U Honestly think we are going to sit here and wait for ur lazy ass to respond ?

u are not seriuos kijana! ( I never thought I'd be using that line)

But it's true. That's why kenya goes no where coz pliticians of this calibre kama huyu Eric are so slow to act on basic things..nyinyi ndio mna rudisha kenya nyuma...kazi imekwama kwenu, haiendelei...!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 4.46 a.m
You asked he following question.

5. What things have you done for Emuhaya people so far, for them to entrust you with 400m of their CDF money? Do you hold any social positions? Have you ever attended harambees, funerals, church functions, school functions etc in Emuhaya and your presence acknowledged? These are the things that matter to rural folks.

Do you think that maybe Mr. Marende is trying to do these things which would mean he may be spending less and less time infront of the Computer.

Just a thought.


What would you do?

Akheillus said...

To Anon @ 6:29
Please do not belittle Annon@ 4:26's question . This is a valid point of view . Naive Assumptions about leaders Has landed our country and it's patriotic citizens in hot water in the past and now. The fact that you think he may be doing this is not enough . He must prove he is actually doing this as a leader and is familiar with the needs of the people of emuhaya , Emuhaya's constituents .

While the Law applies the principle of innocent till proven guilty , with outr politicians the inverse must be applied. Guilty till proven credible.

Mr Eric Must do Much more to be credible . Besides saying he was part of a group that did this and this What positive projects in emuhaya has he undertaken with his name stamped on it. We all know where the philosophy of groups has led this country


Anonymous said...

Mr. Eric Henry Marende, despite what Anon 4.26 says i propose that you respond to this blog. We are a sample representation of your constituents and we deserve attention.

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