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Friday, January 04, 2008

Who Can Save Kenya?

The Mirage of Politics, Policies, Interests, Investments, Returns in Government. How can the common mwanainchi also get a piece of the cake?

In view of the recent bloodshed, hate speeches and polarized elections outcome. We ought to evaluate what is more important in relation to the sacrifice and constitutional rights in our beloved country Kenya.

Who will be at least generous to share in their fortune after the aftermath of the nations outcry, if we in turn, we must slaughter one another?

We have the “Safari Park, one million per plate campaign benefactors” popularly referred to as Kibaki’s cronies. Awori, Kombo, Tuju, Nyachae, Uhuru etc. They have all placed their bets and stakes at the big office. It’s all about business and capitalism where the little man has to be contained and put in check…Enriching themselves, while the rest dwell in economic stagnation as they benefit from the so-called improved economy just for the upper class.

Mutula Kilonzo, Moi’s lawyer and Kalonzo’s chief negotiator not to forget Maanzo ODM-K chairman. Who got a little boost from Moi. “Hata bwana Gideon Moi yukona ODM-K” said Kalonzo at Uhuru Park. The meeting with Nyayo at his retirement home should have raised eyebrows. Everyone has to have funding for his or her campaign vehicle. What did he offer in exchange if that was the case? He denied meeting Moi but said Mutula was there with other “parties”.

Raila is claimed to have funded part of Kibaki’s 2002 campaign we can tell where he might have gotten his campaign money…other Governments business moguls with foreign interests and investments that benefit from Infrastructure projects, redistribution of equitable resources and human labor.

In awe to this, each and every political aspirant has to answer to someone after they get elected. It’s like when Nyayo did Harambees he always used the phrase “yangu na marafiki”.

If Raila, Kibaki or Kalonzo could tell us who the benefactors are right now, what would they say?

Who has more at stake? Is it the guy who got the least number of votes at the polls who might form a coalition with Kibaki and get the VP post? The man who has unelectable cronies and fewer seats in parliament and Moi’s family protection program? Could it be someone who has majority seats 112 MPs, constituents to answer to, believing he can offer an alternative measure and a share of the piece of cake with amounted pressure to keep that promise and glimmer of hope for the less fortunate few?

Before we point fingers at our leaders we must realize what kind of pressure they are under to deliver results. How can the nation also benefit? Who has at least the best deal for the common mwanainchi in mind?

They have a sacrifice to make and some have even sold half their souls. ”Ewe Mungu Nisaidie”

Guest post by Kombo George


Anonymous said...


as KENYANS not GEMAS first to stand up and acknowledge that Kibaki is in office by crook and if he indeed claims it was won fair and square, there should be a re-election. after kibaki kenya will go to a non-kikuyu let it be known, and what will they say then, what will happen to the community that is now politically isolated.

i have seen any gikuyu cleric coming out to criticize the way the elections were conducted not even CARDINAL njue..even when vatican has not congratulated kibaki.

gikuyus are writing their own destiny by being mum and quietly backing a THIEF and LOOTER who has imposed himself against the will of kenyans. there is word in coast and western that any mp who accepts a cabinet position or any perk will meet the people's wrath as its blatantly against people's wishes that this man remain in office. ask what happened to dzoro, nyachae, biwott, moi 2, kombo, kituyi, and awori.

my vote in 2012 was gonna go to uhuru but after the openly irresponsible statement he made about losers finding their way at a time when we needed reconciliation i have come to conclude that these people are all the same-regardless of age or generation, and have the same agenda which is consolidation of economic and political might in central province (mark these words)..therefore cannot be trusted with the leadership of Kenya as a country. till they rise above tribe level-if ever...

Anonymous said...

It takes a few men of integrity to admit when they see something is wrong. I think Mkosti you are doing better than the CARDINAL himself and definitely on the same league as the only GEMA Mp to come out openly and say no to Kibaki JUJA MP. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Were you asleep when you were posting this???

Anonymous said...

part of the land the a "prominent family" were hacking each other over between Githurai and Roysambu can be given to the displaced families after the dust's so sad that over history since independence some people grabbed ancestral lands that did not belong to them forcing people to be prey in other parts of the country during tribal tension.

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