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Monday, December 31, 2007

Police Deny Rumours That Raila Odinga Has Been Arrested

Police have denied claims that Raila Odinga has been arrested.

Interestingly they have said nothing about the other Pentagon members.

Police have also declared this afternoon’s planned ODM meeting and swearing in of President Raila Odinga and his parallel government illegal.

Meanwhile the usually peaceful Mombasa city has degenerated into a no-go zone in most areas. Kumekuchan Danileve was stopped by a huge violent mob thus morning in the Kisauni area of Barsheba near Mwandoni as he was looking for a Cyber café from which to send in information to Kumekucha from. They robbed him of cash and valuables but amazingly did not take his cell phone which contained amongst other things photographs of poll violence at the Coast which we will publish later.

The mob beat him badly and only stopped when they confirmed that he was NOT PNU or a Kikuyu.

There are unconfirmed reports from Nairobi South C that the heavy GSU presence is not allowing people to leave Nairobi and has ordered residents to go back home and stay in the house.

There are some other sensational SMS rumours that I am currently checking out.


mariannebriner said...

I have sent to Chris some names and cell phone numbers of GSU-Officers including the one of the leading Officer st State House ......

Let's hope that they will give some answers .........

Marianne Briner

P.S. And please don't ask and doubt how I got them ....... I trusted Chris and I know why !!!!!

Anonymous said...

Are you people sure Derek is alive or he is still celebrating a stole election. I want him to see how peple suffring in kenya. Where is Derek and Vikii. Derek can you and you comrreade Vikki speka????

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