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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Pros And Cons Of Majimbo in Kenya


Majimbo may cause tensions between tribes
PNU are right when they suggest that devolution may cause tensions in certain parts of the country. The community that will be worst hit will be the Kikuyu who have invested heavily in almost every corner of the country which is a good thing. In some areas there has been resentment towards them and the re-introduction of Majimboism may affect a few of them. However it is NOT true that the problem will be rampant all over the country. And besides the constitution clearly protects every Kenyan wherever in the country they may wish to settle.

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1 comment:

sayra said...

In the end Majimbo would be the way to go but considering where we are its totally the wrong direction.

Where we are as Kenya i would equate it to been in class 5. As a class 5 student its your goal to end your education in campus. The way to get you there is go through class 8 exams then to form four exam. If your fast enough you might 'jump' some classes and end up having a campus cert at a shorter time. But if your forced to go to form 2 from class 5 so that your time to end up at campus is shorter while you have no idea what is required of you ... the chances of been a mental cases is too high and the time it will take you to recover is not worth it.
Now, kenyans are fast learners but when it comes to politics we are some of the most slow people in the world. That must be the case because the same lies politicians gave like more 15 yrs ago are the same that they are telling us now ... and we are falling for it.

Therefore, before we think of majimbo there are some bridges we have to cross, we MUST cross.

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