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Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Lunch That Never Was

ODM-K's London dinner scheduled for tomorrow has been cancelled due to SERIOUS SECURITY REASONS. Consequently, the ODM-K presidential candidate Hon. Kalonzo who was to grace the £ 50 per pax dinner will also fail to travel and meet Kenyans in the diaspora as publicized earlier.

This last minute cancellation smacks of either mischief or poor organization. One is left wonder with fertile imaginations whether the reasons for the aborted dinner lied elsewhere even after scrapping the fee and making the dinner free. When contacted for comment, the LADY organizer could only afford to say that the meeting will be rescheduled for a future date.

True to Kenyan politics, this development has left the political scene awash with wild rumours flying in all directions. Aspersions and innuendos are being cast in all directions some sympathetic while most are out rightly propagandist in nature and content. So the quest and plastic attention to the diaspora continues. Na bado


Odegle said...

i have read somewhere that the guy was going to accept a PNU position plus a nice purse. true?

kalamari said...

Word on the street is that only seven chaps paid the £ 50 fee in advance. Of the seven, three wanted a refund at the beginning of last week. ODM-K (London chapter) tried to make the dinner free for guests by paying up the bill in advance but Kalonzos' credit card was declined (insufficient funds), in fact the MasterCard jamaas are looking for the chap. Needless to say, It would have been embarrassing for Kalonzo to show up so he didn't.
Kenyans, even the damn ones in the Diaspora, have awoken from a heavy slumber and will not support (financially) any fly-by-night party….esp. one that is PNU bound and likely to follow the whims of one ex-president Moi (remember the guy who brought us to our knees). We will come to your rallies, take your T-shirts and even dance to your favorite religious tunes; lakini the money in our pockets (the small change that Kimunya, Mwiraria and Associates decided not to steal) will remain in our pockets.

macs34 said...

If Kalonzo and crew wanted the ka 1 m that they had submitted to ODM as a nomination fee, they wanted it back and now one Kilonzo has nothing to be addressing the journalist with...., the kacredit card ikikataliwa sio majabu sasa....

So we remain to want to elect a broke president! Ishindwe hiyo ambition...

I was amazed to read in the newspapers that they had the nerve to say that their launch at Uhuru Park came to 3.7M.. Come on Stevo be really, join PNU kuna doo huko...

Anonymous said...

What kind of rubbish is Kalamari posting on this blog? Chris there is need to restrain this jackass. He seems to have no respect for presidential candidates except his tribesman. He thinks the Kenyan Nation is full of toothless sycophants. I will not vote for Kalonzo but I respect him because he at least tries to speak the truth. Mzalendo.

Anonymous said...

Kalonzo Accepts Ksh. 10 Billion From Moi/Kibaki

Hon Kalonzo's visit to the UK on Thursday has been viewed by many Kenyans in Diaspora with alot of suspicions.The visit has been kept private untill over the weekend when it leaked to The Kenyan Media in London.Emails and faxes have been flying for the exclusive Dinner on Thursday 25th October 2007 from 6pm to 10pm costing 50 pounds a head.Currently Hon Kalonzo is in 'France' for meetings
Rembrandt Hotel
11 Thurloe Place
SW 7 2RS
Speakers will include Kalonzo Musyoka ODM-K Presidential Aspirant among others.When officials were contacted,they claimed that the meeting is convince Hon Kalonzo to step down as a Presidential Aspirant and ODM K. to join PNU.It was also added that on Friday he will be busy holding closed door meetings with some British unnamed politicians subject to confirmation.

Other Sources close to Kalonzo campaign have leaked details of a meeting between Moi and Mutula Kilonzo one of Kalonzo's right hand man. A deal was cut between the two camps where Kalonzo was offered 10 billion to step down for Kibaki. Apparently Moi has been a worried man since it became evident that Raila Odinga, a man Moi fears incredibly, was voters’ favorite in the coming election. Kalonzo accepted the offer but with a final caveat stating that he would make the announcement once the money had transferred and posted into his Cayman Islands account.(
Other speculations live in London streets also confirmed that he was also promised a house in one of the London streets and a ministry in the next cabinet if Kibaki wins.

Hon Kalonzo is expected to leave the UK on Saturday where he is expected to join PNU as soon as he lads in Nairobi.To many he leaves Europe this weekend a Billionare.
Watch his lips!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Word has it that Kalonzo has been offered 10 billion ksh BY moi/kibaki to defect to PNU!

kalamari said...

Mzalendo, your respect/fear for what appears like authority needs to be turned down a notch. Kalonzo is a public figure with tough skin. I have only seem him weep like a baby once and it wasn't becoause someone stepped on his toe.
Further, respect is earned. Please give me one thing that Kalonzo has done in this life (and the next), political or otherwise, that deserves nothing but respect…albeit from a jackass.

anon2 said...

Kalooser is the most spineless politician in Kenya.Just notice how fake this pretender is. Just sample this:
* ODM conducts its nominations at Kasarani, Kalooser does the same,

*ODM launches at Uhuru park, ditto Kalooser,

*ODM forms pentagon, ditto Kalooser(calls it summit),

*ODM slogan Chungwa moja maisha bora, Kalooser; Chungwa plus maisha bora zaidi,

*ODM supports majimbo, Kalooser jumps into the majimbo bandwagon even before his secretary(Kilonzo) ink dries on a tirade against majimbo,

*Raila and ODM go casual wears, Kalooser loses the suit and goes casual wear too.

Anonymous said...

Kalamari. Please do not make me defend Kalonzo because my vote is for Mwai Kibaki. In the absence of Kibaki, I would vote for Kalonzo. His major strength is that he is a sober and moderate politician. He is God fearing. He is a peace maker(sudan & Somali Republic). Unlike Raila, he does not preach hatred and tribalism. He does not preach lies and is not power hungry like Raila Odinga. He served in Moi's government yet he is relatively clean. Unlike Raila, he is a man who can sustain democracy in Kenya. I believe he shall succeed Kibaki as President in 2012. Please give him the respect he deserves. Mzalendo.

Vikii said...

Anon2 you have no idea of what you are talking about. This is why:

1. Kalonzo's nomination as ODMK's presidential candidate was done before the ODM nominated their own candidate. And FYI, even KAnu used to do their elections at kasarani. You seem to think it is the ODM that discovered Kasarani.

2.Kalonzo was part of the group that supported Kibaki in 2002. They held their biggest rally at Uhuru park. What was wrong doing the same at Uhuru park this year?

3.The summit was a Narc's idea. Kalonzo was part of it and he is on record telling Kibaki to call a summit meeting when things started to wrong in the Narc government. It is the pentagon that I dont understand.

4. Machungwa, whether plus or not, are symbols given to these parties by the ECK. Maisha Bora was in fact ODMK original slogan. It is the defectors who should have been a little bit more creative by coming up with a new slogan for their new party.

5.ODMK supported Majimbo at a rally in Western kenya on March 17 2007. Was kalonzo not a senior member of the party at the time? When Kalonzo championed the Bomas draft which supported the same, was it about raila?

6. I will not talk about casual wear coz next time you will be telling me even Kibaki is copying raila now by being casual. I dont know how many politicians you have seen campaign in suits.

But I understand you, you are after all a Raila supporter. I dont expect a better argument from such.

Taabu said...

Vikii that a superb itemized response than can disabuse any biased diatribe. But the eveident rage in your last sentence inadvertently betrays your theme-bashing, ama?

bloggeratti said...

I'd stand with Vikii on this one, Taabu. ODM'ers need to be a mite more objective.

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