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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Cheating Spouses: The Shocking Facts

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Should You Spy? Should You Get A Cheating Spouse Private Investigator? How To Find Out If Your Spouse Is Cheating

An alarmingly increasing number of spouses are cheating on their mates. In fact this is such a major problem that these days comes with so many other potential dangers to many families the world over that the institution of marriage is now under serious threat.

If you doubt for any minute that cheating has escalated within marriages, just check out the rapid rise in private investigator cheating spouse services. More and more spouses are spying on their partners in an effort to catch them cheating.

But the saddest thing of all is that there are very few who understand the motivation and mechanics that lead to a spouse cheating on their marriage contract or on their lover. Nobody really wants to pay attention to what cheating spouse support groups are saying.

Surveillance Helps Reveal Shocking Numbers In Cheating Spouses
A recent survey by a Daily newspaper in Kenya revealed that over 55 per cent of the respondents had recently cheated on their mate—either steady lover or spouse. Let us also assume that many of the respondents who did not admit to having illicit affairs on the side were not being truthful so it is most probably a lot worse than that. You can imagine what the statistics would be like in Western capitals. So rampant has cheating become amongst many spouses that it is almost being looked at as something normal. It just happens too often. Meanwhile all manner of cheating spouse surveillance services are booming.

But let us examine some circumstances and facts nobody talks about when people dare to discuss this subject.

Let us start with the woman. A Woman was created to be loved, fussed over and given plenty of attention. This was very possible inside the cave during the Stone Age where the man protected her and the children by sheer brute force. That is why to date, whether you know it or not the biggest turn on for a woman is a man who can "protect her." The wallet has of course replaced the savage club in the cave.

As Women Grow Older They Orgasm More Easily. This Is The Little Know "Trap" That Often Leads To Illicit Affairs
One of the problems with hectic modern living is that it leaves no opportunity for quality time between a man and his woman and when there are brief moments, the couple prefers to fight over among other things, (you guessed it) money. So what happens is that the woman is left unfulfilled. She does not feel protected and neither does she feel loved. What then would you expect to happen if some workmate starts paying just a little attention to her?

But it gets worse. Studies have shown that as a woman grows older, it becomes much easier for her to orgasm during sex. Now suppose the husband does not have the time nor interest to bring about this happy situation? And even if he did, the bedroom fights (where else and what other time is there to fight) usually get in the way. Contrast that to the excitement of cheating on her spouse, and the total interest and devotion she hungers for that is being given by somebody else and you will begin to understand why cheating spouses are growing so rapidly in number the world over. Ever wondered why the TV show, Desperate Housewives has struck a chord with so many women? Watch it one of these days and you'll understand. We even have very popular cheating spouse surveillance TV shows where you and the whole world get to spy and finally catch your spouse cheating.

Men Are Not Only Cheating Spouses But Many Are Also Sex Addicts
Things are the same with the man. The wife no longer treats him the same as when they were courting or before marriage (which is mainly his fault only that he doesn't know it. Its' his fault because women respond very quickly to attention and how they are treated. Yet the man assumes because he told her he loves her once, she does not need to be told again and again).

Usually matters are made worse for the man because in his desperation for sexual satisfaction he looks for it in the physical rather than emotionally. Sex was great with the woman when she was a girl friend, because his heart was involved. He loved her—or at least he thought he did. Now in marriage and in the absence of that "love" the man goes physical. The result is that men ask their wives to do all sorts of things including going down on them. And when the wife refuses or doesn’t do such a good job, naturally the man will seek his pleasures elsewhere.

Interestingly this situation has turned too many men into sex addicts. You’ll find them spending hours on porn sites. Spouse cheating online and with the use of chat software has become rampant. But if you are one of these men the critical question is; have you noticed that you never get enough? Have you observed that you are always looking for more? Take some friendly advice from a stranger who knows; you need help. Cheating spouse support groups are not the joke everybody makes them out to be.

Sex was never meant to happen anywhere else apart from in your heart buddy and that can’t happen at those online sites and chat that zero in on the physical act.

Interestingly we are also now starting to see women who are making the same mistake as men on the physical thing. One of them in a case I came across used a carrot on herself and hurt herself badly in her sexual addiction that drove her to want to orgasm as frequently as possible. I kid you not.

That's really the crux of the cheating spouses crisis that we face today. It is a serious crisis that should be discussed openly and much more frequently. And the solution is not just surveillance or a private investigator cheating spouse service.

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Acolyte said...

One of them in a case I came across used a carrot on herself and hurt herself badly in her sexual addiction that drove her to want to orgasm as frequently as possible.
Damn! You crack me up! That was funny! Someone buy that girl a dildo!

borne said...

Carrots? Well at least horny high school lasses are better of with test-tubes! not to mention the increasing cases of beastiality.

The problem is much bigger in a society where bombarded with sexually suggestive scenes with little opportunity to releave oneself. This however cannot be excuse enough for taking up subhuman behaviours

Majonzi said...

I hope you are being sarcastic, because your comments about women are very sexist!!!

Ernest said...

well, lets have sex in the right-place-right-time with the right-partner

scarlet reynolds said...

I did love the article. However, women do need to be aware of how they contribute with their cheating spouses. After all, needy people seek out other needy people. And I am no exception, been there, done that.

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