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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Bishop Margaret Wanjiru Controversy

Anybody who calls a press conference in the course of today is bound to find the attendance a little wanting at least until the Bishops much awaited press briefing is over. Already leading local FM stations have spent hours discussing this controversy and it is clear (even from the number of hits we have gotten on the story in this site) that this is a matter that has generated lots of public attention.

So riveting has this issue been to Kenyans that it has taken off the heat from the recent "earth shattering" pronouncements from the electoral chair to the effect that elections could be called at any time.

Yesterday it became clearly evident that the Bishop, who is never easily flustered, was feeling the heat, as she issued an apology to Kenyans for her reaction to the man claiming to be the father of her children saying something to the effect that, "…the man with hands that look like they have been attacked by jiggers can go and hang himself and the good Bishop will preside over the funeral." The TV stations' News Bulletins have not missed an opportunity to replay that clip captured at her church as she spoke from the pulpit, over and over.

Probably one of the reasons why this little drama has attracted so much attention from Kenyans is the unexplained mystery of how it escalated into the heated controversy it is today, in the first place. Especially because Bishop Margaret Wanjiru does not deny her humble, controversial past. She even admits that she once washed toilets to earn a living. Neither does the Bishop have any qualms over confessing that before she became a Christian, she was a senior witch who even went as far as casting a deadly spell and bewitching some rival woman so that she went insane and started roaming the city bins picking up papers from smelly garbage heaps.

So the issue is not the fact that some down and out man sired the Bishop's children in her past. The whole weight of the matter now seems centered on the fact that she denies that the man who suddenly emerged from nowhere "is the one" in spite of the fact that her two sons appear to be carbon copies of the man. Then there is the fact that her rapidly approaching wedding to a South African whom she introduced recently could be halted by court action, if the "jiggers" man makes good his threat to go to court to halt the union.

It is the sort of mess that the public will be riveted to for some time to come, more so the Starehe voters whom the Bishop is expected to approach for their votes in the forthcoming general elections.

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