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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Bishop Margaret Wanjiru Court Case: Wedding Now Halted By High Court

The high court yesterday halted the wedding plans of one of the most successful television evangelists in Kenya, Bishop (Dr) Margaret Wanjiru to her South African suitor after an injunction filed by her alleged husband, Jimmy Kamangu, a nobody who rose to the limelight recently after claiming he was Wanjiru's husband and had sired two boys with her.

In a saga that reads like a popular Mexican soap opera, Kenyans have been keenly following the story of the Jesus Is Alive Ministries evangelist who has more often than not made 'ungodly' comments about Kamangu to the extent of telling him to "go and hung himself and we will do a funeral".

So far, what many Kenyans have concluded is that this is a case where an ambitious wife left her hopeless husband and made it big by becoming rich and famous only to be haunted by her past as she went ahead with her life and opted to remarry without legally ending her first marriage.

Kamangu on the other hand is a changed man. In the initial interviews when he claimed that he was Wanjiru's legally wedded husband, the man from Gachie near Nairobi could easily pass for a manual laborer with his threadbare jackets and worn out shoes that had seen better days.

Of late, he only wears new clothes and walks around with a brief case not to mention self appointed bodyguards hence raising questions whether the man is being financed by unknown persons, probably "enemies" of Wanjiru. How else could the man have financed his going to court yet the cost of litigation in Kenya is not cheap notwithstanding that Kamangu is unemployed and just another 'rural fellow' surviving from hand to mouth.

Now that the TV evangelist Bishop Margaret Wanjiru has declared her interest in plunging into competitive politics, and in particularly contesting the Starehe parliamentary seat, it is not difficult to imagine why Kamangu has 'come up' now after his silence of several years. The man had even remarried but his second wife also left him a few years ago.

And make no mistake about it, Wanjiru is truly in politics. During the court hearing yesterday, hundreds of her supporters staged a peaceful demonstration outside the court in support of her and waved placards heaped with praises for the evangelist whose favorite opening remarks in her sermons is, "the glory of the Lord is here."

Kenyans are now anxiously waiting for the court ruling as the soap opera continues but the turning point will be when the paternity of Wanjiru's two boys is confirmed through a DNA test as she has in the past denied that she did not sire the boys with Kamangu though the resemblance between them and the 'man from Gachie' is striking, but again, looks can be deceiving.

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Vee said...

I have been of the same belief that someone is heavily financing Mr. Jimmy Kamangu. Otherwise, how else can you explain his sudden appearance, changing story and now a whole court case!?!? I know middle class people who've been broken by the cost of the Kenyan lawcourts.

I have a friend, however, who categorically states that it is highly unlikely that he is being financed by Bshp. Wanjiru detractors. That it can't be that dirty. To my friend I say... welcome to the world of politics... where skeletons in closets are your enemies best friends.

Anonymous said...

Wanjiru should show the way as a true christian. Forgive your husband kamangu, demand that he he accompanies you for a HIV test and then you give him his conjugal rights. Imagine the joy of reuniting your family after all those years. Pray for him too, i believe he will accept salvation and get saved.

Anonymous said...

Think it serves her right. The landguage she used when Kamangu initally came out is very unchristian like (she called him Jigger infested dude and threatened to kill him). Furthermore, why is she lying to the public that kamangu is the father of her sons, you do not need to be a magician to note it. She could have been truthful with the public from the very begining of this saga for, as the saying goes, 'the truth shall set you free'

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