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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Open Letter To The American Electorate On The Presidential Race ‘08

This is a brief note to you guys who usually refuse us visas to come see your Osama-Bin-Laden-threatened country, especially when we want to visit our Obama.

You guys have something that belongs to us. It is called Senator Barack Obama. In African custom, a child belongs to the father.

We do not mind lending him to you, we have plenty where he came from. The only problem is that currently a few old and very corrupt hyenas have blocked the road to true reform and changes in our nation that will bring out the true Kenyans in us. Our Barack is a good sample. I can assure you guys it gets better.

The reason for writing this letter to you is to tell you guys to hurry up and make up your minds whether you want our Obama for your State House (opps White House) or not. We have heard that you guys can get pretty racist sometimes, worse than our tribalism here which we are fighting very hard (as soon as we send the old guys home, we will win this war easily) and Obama may not be suitable for you (although according to us he would make the best President since Abraham Lincoln.

Please inform us early so that we put him in our own State House, if possible in 2007. The guy has proved to many of us that he deserves to be our President.
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Carl Nyberg said...

I linked to your post from Proviso Probe.

In the future reformers will be able to use the Internet to support each other across international borders.

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