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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Photographic evidence predicting how URP vs TNA tussle will end?

 Sasa mzee hi maneno ya Ruto unaona ni fanye nini?

I bind you spirit of Ruto and I order you to come out of my son right NOW, 
come out now and go to dry places!!!

There are Kenyans who are fond of making predictions and right now all their predictions can best be illustrated by the two photographs and captions above which feature the other highly influential advisors of the president who are almost as powerful as Deputy president Ruto is currently in terms of giving advise.

The URP controversy over ICC back-stabbing characters still in the Uhuru administration has move rather quickly and gotten pretty ugly in a matter of hours. This above everything else should point to the end being rather nigh.

So where does your prediction fall? Decide before you hear Chris Kumekucha's completely out of the park prediction which is i my current raw notes. It is really very simple. All you need to do is ask yourself who is the most powerful influence on the president right now when it comes to political decisions. When you answer that question you will be able to predict the future very accurately with zero margin of error.

My take briefly is that all this is part of a very well choreographed move that will end with certain characters out of government which was the whole objective right from the word go.


Anonymous said...

What has gone around us in the past has a cruel way of coming back at us with vengeance in many ways than most of us would want to accept at any given time of our lives. The top picture where Kenyatta is seen extended tons of gratitude to his godfather - and an uncle he wishes he had growing up - is a clear piece of evidence that Ruto will soon pay for all the political sins, back stabbing, outright disobedience, and all the double-crossing he engaged in against the old man, former professor of Kenyan dirty politics, the very person who helped Ruto rise from obscurity and abject poverty and elevated him into national politics - and his current station in life.

Anonymous said...

What is the worst case scenario for one William Ruto in the event that Kenyatta decides to ditch him?

Anonymous said...

Is the deputy president going to finish what he started now that he not only finds his back against the wall but also faces the whiplash of all the political pressures bearing in on him?

Anonymous said...

Kenyatta needs to stop hanging around old men that were at one time part of his father's inner circle of sycophantic advisors and political entourage during the 60s and 70s. Political babysitting will not benefit in the long run because most of them are hanging around with self-serving agendas and zero regard for the nation and people.

Anonymous said...

Only UNSC is greater than M01!

sang is coming back a free man from Benfuda

The prince and co- am not sure

Twende kazi

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Who "fixed" William Ruto's undying desire and request at the United Nation to the point where the resolution on their - Kenya's - ICC case was rejected?

And how much money - millions -was paid out to some individuals and influential members at the body - can't remember its name - that meets once in while in Addis Ababa?

What did the members of the organization in question expect by tabling the issue at the UN instead redirecting the same at The Hague?

Least African leaders forget he obvious historical fact that the UN will always gets its way and prevails because the very same representatives of their respective nations end up depending on the UN for everything during severe political crisis, hunger, diseases, natural calamities, and in so many other predictable - preventable - circumstances that have become so common place on the African continent due to very poor leadership, corruption, head-in-the-sand attitude, and other pre-existing political-cum-ethnic squabbles.

By the way, why was the resolution termed as 'Kenya's" when in reality it was Uhuru Kenyatta's and William Ruto's personal resolution with the support of their fair weather political friends and economic bottom feeders?

When did Kenya as a nation vote on it, besides the underhanded political games that continue to be played out within whatever is left of the country's parliament?

Anonymous said...

The United Nation has spoken, let the ICC trial commence as planned.

Anonymous said...

History was made at the UNSC due to the fact that It's the first time decades that a Security Council resolution has FAILED in such a way without being VETOED. Kenya will go down in history as a nation whose name was involved when the overwhelming rejection was delivered as a sweeping statement in favour of human rights and victims of political violence. It was a vote against impunity, corruption, "democratically elected" despotic regimes, and above all leaders who think that they own their little African nations.

Anonymous said...

These are not the days of one party rule for which the old geezers now trying to sorround Uhuru thrived in. There are a few things which bind Uhuruto for now:

1. ICC where they either hang together or be hanged separately

2. The new constitution - withuot Ruto, uhuru is nothing unless he (Uhuru) changes the constitution

3. Parliament - Uhuru is weaker than Ruto and therefore Uhuru will fail in any attempts to finish Ruto

4. Political Parties Act - URP and TNA are independent parties.If Uhuru advisers think they can con URP to campaign and vote for him and then runs away with the cake. He is wrong by a wide margin. Uhuru needs URP to pass government agenda in parliament.

5. The Supreme Court - Recent ruling by the SCOK indicates the direction future rulings will take and they dont seem to favor Uhuru.

6. Historical injutices do not favor Uhuru to mess again with the nation of Kenya like his father and Moi did. Kibaki tried and almost burnt the nation and we are not out of the woods yet.

7. There are county governments with their own ideas which do not favor Uhuru's central government.

8. Finally, I believe the promises Mama Ngina gave Ruto cannot be broken easily by Uhuru. He will have to keep them for the sake of his mother.

Evans said...

lol...very interesting idea ...though I dont think there is too much of a tassle between the 2 leaders they really get along easily

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