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Thursday, March 07, 2013

Kenya’s peaceful there-is-no-problem elections…

…Only challenges that have been overcome

Endebess constituency deputy returning officer opening the briefcase containing the disputed results at the OCPD office, Kitale. In this particular criminal case, one of the major presidential candidates had been given 61,000 votes against a total of 29,000 registered voters for Endebess constituency.

The returning officer was arrested yesterday. However, the police aided her escape at 4am this morning. The RO has since gone underground.

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There are many instances yesterday and today when I have had déjà vu moments and imagined myself back in 2008.

You will remember that year when Kenya was burning with thousands (the official government figures stubbornly remained in the hundreds) of innocent people killed, raped and injured African leaders rushed to Nairobi to try and help. When they arrived the official government position was that these busy people had come to Kenya to have a cup of tea. Yep. That’s all. There was really no problem and things were super fine in Kenya.

Flash forward to March 2013 and there is really no problem in Kenya, is there? Apart from a few sore losers complaining when they have sensed defeat early.

Sample the following;

•    A deliberate concerted effort was made to ensure that the presidential results were tallied and announced first to avoid the tension that build up in 2008. And yet on this Thursday evening after Kenyans voted, most results for governors, senators etc are out but the presidential ones are still not. Maybe tomorrow or perhaps Monday if the worst comes to the worst. But hey there is no problem in Kenya that is within the law (stipulates that results must be released within 7 days) and we love peace and those minor “challenges” are not things you point out when you want to maintain the peace.

•    There are a handful of constituencies countrywide where the votes cast were more than the registered voters. Take the ongoing case of Endebes (see picture), 61,000 votes on favour of one presidential candidate were discovered. The returning officer was arrested yesterday but disappeared from police custody in the early hours of this morning. But hey I must have missed the fact that those Endebes votes were NOT counted in the final tally so there is really no problem with the Kenya elections.

•    One of the leading coalitions submitted a protest in writing citing several grounds and duly signed to the IEBC with but this evening the IEBC chairman had a press conference and said that he had NOT received any complaints reminding those with issues to put it in writing. So there is really no problem with the Kenya elections we love peace and we do not need any hate speech to disturb the peace.

•    The results that were beamed to Kenyans since Monday evening which this blogger fell for and even started looking for reasons as to why one of the candidates was suddenly so surprisingly popular (I speculated that he had really endeared himself to the youth) were quietly abandoned after what the IEBC chairman told Kenyans was a technical hitch with the servers. Those results, several eagle-eyed Kenyans noticed were a statistical impossibility. How does one of the candidates totals increase progressively by an exact percentage, consistently and constantly between the 600,000 mark up to the 2.7 million mark? But hey, sh** happens and there is always a first in human history. After all there was a time dangerously recently) when people were convinced that mechanical flight by humans was impossible. What is a statistical impossibility compared to that? And so there is absolutely no problem with the Kenyan elections.

•    Almost 300,000 was the number of rejected votes when the IEBC was using the electronic tallying system as the votes counted hit the 5million mark, a BIG number. But when IEBC switched to a manual tallying system the total number of rejected votes was 39000 at the 4.6million mark. Where did all those spoilt votes go? Some enemies of peace in Kenya claim that the final tally of rejected votes compared to the electronic reports is more proof that a virus was indeed manipulating the rejected votes tally. But the IBEC chairman has assured Kenyans that the story of hacking and viruses is NOT true. “Rumours” he called them and we believe him and that is why you need to know that there is no problem with the Kenyan elections. What problem?

•    There is a major blackout on any substantial news on the elections in Kenya. What we are getting on our TV sets are just results and more results. Including the kind of statistical results that others would laugh at us for swallowing hook line and sinker without noting anything amiss. But that is exactly what peace loving Kenyans want. And so this blogger joins millions of others Kenyans to tell the whole world including Kenyans scattered in every corner of the globe that there is absolutely NO problem with the Kenyan elections. Despite all these points which are the work of an inciter (who else would use their brain to think about such things when they know how Kenyans slaughtered each other in 2008) I again emphasize for the umpteenth time that there is no problem in Kenya and certainly there is no problem with our super free and super fair elections. Just ignore sore losers whose sell by date has arrived and they are yet to realize.

Yes, this was penned by Kumekucha himself, and NO you are not reading the wrong blog. And NO he was NOT paid by any of the presidential candidates. If you think that Kumekucha sounded scared writing this post, you might just be right and you might want to read what he has to say about this issue privately when he is not scared.


Anonymous said...

Seems they did learn nothing in 2008.
Things are elephant this time
Kenyans will get who they voted for.

Very sad indeed

Anonymous said...

Dont tell me for which candidate this was meant. It is known. He would use all means to become president. He has also advised his people to get ready with home made guns. Is this Kenya we want?
Poor Kenya

Anonymous said...


Read your post, and thought these guys are insulting our intelligence. God help Kenya.

Satellite Don said...

If only peace (read AMANI) was one of the candidates on the ballot paper then one presidential hopeful Musalia Mwana Wa Mudavadi would have been laughing all the way to the StateHouse by now

Taabu said...


Please make a dash across the border. You are wanted for incitement.

How dare you speak so badly about the PRICE? You are insinuating owners of Kenya are morgaging their assets.

Wewe bure kabisa. Wacha wivu and expect no freebies. Hugo is dead and Kenya is no socialist states.

Get rich or dying trying. PEACE!!!

Mwarang'ethe said...

Wewe Chris, wacha maneno mingi!

In 2007-8, Kenyans said they do not want MANUAL systems.

Consequently, in the OPERATION FEED the FRENCH and CANADIAN CHILDREN as the KENYAN CHILDREN STARVE, i.e. BVR KITS buying programme, Kenyans spent a few BILLIONS.

NB: Taabu, you told us about these BVR stuff, where are the updates?

The question now is, now that, both systems have "failed," what's next?

We would suggest that, next time, Kenyans should send the results to HEAVEN for counting and tallying,..

bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha he he he hi hi hi hu hu hu hu ra ra ra ra ra ta ta ta ta ga ga ga ga ga fa fa fa fa

African Teacher keeps on pointing out that, the idea of democracy in Africa under the present social - economic conditions is evidence of living in that world of DELUSIONS, ILLUSIONS and CHILDISH FANTASIES!

Now, is time for the PRIESTS to make money in our MODERN TEMPLES, i.e. so called Courts of Law - bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha he he he he ra ra ra ra

With those observations, we leave to enjoy:

See them fighting for POWER,

So they BRIBING with their guns,
spare-parts and MONEY,

Trying to belittle our
Integrity now.

They say what we know
Is just what they teach us;
And we're so ignorant

Cause every time they can reach us

They keep US HUNGRY
And when you gonna get some food
Your BROTHER got to be your enemy.....

Luke said...


Anonymous said...

This waiting is rather becoming unbearable! Where is Kivuitu when we need he the most?

Anonymous said...

uhuru clinches it with 50.03% of all cast votes

Anonymous said...

Kenya is now in a delicate situation simply because some lad in charge refused to accept the bvr kits were tampered with by forces that want peace without fairness truth n justice. it's. alright, we shall readily submit ourselves to this York. without complaint in the interest of peace

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