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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

How Prof Ole Kiyiapi Might Just Sneak in to State House

By Mpesa 
The elections are still a long way ahead yet we have these bizarre rituals, murder plots and other funny conspiracy theories being floated about by wild politicians as they go about sowing their political wild oats. By the time we hit August, Kenyans will be sick and tired of all the politicking going on. It will be hard for these tiresome politicians who are dancing themselves lame before the main event to keep that lead on opinion polls and this is where the "unknown unknowns" like Prof Ole Kiyiapi might just sneak in. 

I was watching this charismatic Kenyan being interviewed on live TV this morning (Citizen) and wondered why we Kenyans keep electing thieves, crooks, liars and cheats who happen to be tribal bigots in place of the likes of Ole Kiyiapi, the late Wangari Maathai among others. What's so fascinating about these overnight billionaires and crooks we keep on electing some who would idle around "jobless corner" outside Hilton just some few years back. 

Ole Kiyiapi was even candid enough to declare his wealth to all Kenyans, he's still renting in the city (lucky me at least I have a mortgage) and just bought a car the other day which he's still paying for among other interesting revelations. Now, just imagine someone like Saitoti declaring his wealth on live TV and telling us how he made all his billions! 

I think Kenyans are at a crossroads. We either elect someone like Ole Kiyiapi who means well for this nation or the usual crooks who are promising to unleash hell if they are not elected. Personally I'm not saying I will automatically vote Ole Kiyiapi, but I wish more honest guys like him would come forward so we can have a wide selection. I believe it's time for Kenyans to be very angry this year with the usual order of things and start thinking outside the box- and not what tribe so and so represents!


Anonymous said...

My problem is that he does not look presidential. But your point is taken and I wish Kenyans can think in that direction. It is the only way we can get our country back.

Mwarang'ethe said...


Since the IVY LEAGUE of FOOLS cannot see what vijana wa MTAA can see, we are off to enjoy:

Ndai Cia Kenya Njeru:

And, not forgetting:


Anonymous said...

Ole Kiyiapi does not "look" presidential? Says who?

And who among the so-called former and current occupants of the colonial governor's mansion on the hill have looked presidential and by whose or what standards?

On the one hand, what a radical change it would be for the country and the future of its people if Ole Kiyiapi or any other of the unusual candidates were elected to office as a protest vote against the same old same old gang of politicians, who are better known as 'those who eat together throughout the years, only to turn around and venomously confuse the public as well as their respective ethnicities during every election season.'

On the other hand, thank goodness someone had the real guts to have some very very old deadwood judges thrown out of the judiciary after decades of clogging up the justice system with conduct unbecoming judicial officers.

The left over judicial elements from the former regime, such as Riaga Omollo, Samuel Bosire, Emmanuel O'Kubasu and Joseph Nyamu have been shown the door after decades of bad business as usual within the judiciary.

After having been declared "unfit to hold office" due to a variety of judicial sins such as their over zealous authoritarianism ('bwana kubwa syndrome' aka judicial holy terrors), inconsistency, lack of impartiality, professionalism and candour, condoning torture of suspects and accepting gifts ('kiti kidogo') from people seeking judicial favours.

And above all for being very heavy stumbling blocks in the fight against corruption and other evils in the country. Good riddance.

That's one of the reasons why Kenyan voters should ratchet it up a notch or two and clean out 75% of the current deadwood parliamentary population.

Including all political elements from the former despotic regime and associates, are to be driven out of power as well as from all circles of influence, if there is to be any semblance of change in country.

Anonymous said...

Do you get it

Kibaki said that.....he is aware that bunge passed a motion to pull out of ICC.

However,he ignored to remind them that the same bunge decided that it was never vague but HAGUE

do I say more. Interesting times ahead

DM-Nairobi said...

The problem is the voters.

They tend to gravitate towards people who are most like them - covetous, lovers of money and quick wealth, liars, and generally people who love shortcuts.

Thats why most Kenyans will not elect Kiyiapi but would prefer the thugs they admire the most because of their ill-gotten money.

Anonymous said...

Clearly there some folks like Mpesa who think that Kenyan voters can choose a president like US voters. May be in the next 100 years when there will be no tribes. Kenyan voters view candidate from the tribal prism period. To think that someone in Muranga can pass UK, Karua, Kenneth, Muite or even Maina Njenga & vote for Ole Kiyapi is day dreaming. Sadly no matter how visonary he may be that can never happen Clearly some candidates are in it to make a name. Do they even have the slightest idea that running an effective campaign requires billions of shillings? Two or three candidates can marshal such kind of money to run an effective countrywide campaign, and I'm not talking about Mudavadi, Balala, Wamalawa, Karua or Ole Kiyapi.

Nyakenyanya Edgar said...

Ole Kiyapi Looks presidential. Stop that slander that says the monied are sanctified to see that house on the hill. Good riddance to those judges who have faced the axe. They contributed to the rot of the judicially deliberately with alot of impunity. It is our time now as Kenyan electorate to vet our leaders when we go to the ballot box. Lets stop being impartial. Lets make informed choices. Lets stop politics of patronage. Lets choose even a "mkokoteni driver" as long as if gas qualities of good leadership. Lets stop worshiping the rich but instead know they are the reason why we have no jobs, poor etc because 99% of them stole what we entrusted them. They are cause of corporate greed. They are the reason why you have on jobs. They are the cause of this economic turndown. Lets be sober when we go to the ballot box ndugu zangu.

Jamani ndugu zangu tutumie hekima tumapojiandaa kuchagua viongozi. Tusichague viongozi wetu kwa misingi ya kikabila. Tuwe na busara tunapojiandaa kupiga kura. Kila kheri mnapojiandaa kuchagua viongozi.

Anonymous said...

It helps to bring the spirits of other people into your life, it gives you many more eyes to see and helps overcome limitations ~ Sobonfu Somé.

How about giving Kenyans from all walks of life some little credit, while we still able to do so in the next twenty, fifty or seventy years.

First of all, not all Kenyans of the younger generations breathe solely through the myopic prism of ignorant and hateful tribal nostril, mouths and ears.

By the way, why would a self-proclaimed tribal chief who is very well liked by the majority of his tribal people, waste billions of his ill-gotten wealth on trying to convince his very own ignorant tribal goons to help him move into the ancient colonial governor's mansion on the hill, let alone elect him or her to parliament in 2013 and 2017?

And how many billions of shillings does it take to construct and effectively run good elementary schools, high schools, colleges, village clinics, hospitals, trading centers, clean drinking water facilities, urban cum rural access roads, bridges, and well equipped police stations that are manned by a minimum of tweny-five disciplined police officers in the tribal regions where the self-styled animal farm type of Kenyan billionaires hail from?

Why are we, the people, so addicted to wasting our precious votes on tribal chiefs who don't even care about the general welfare of their tribal servants aka subjects ("ignorant voters") as many MPs love to refer to their electorate while they (MPs) are busy taking care of their personal businesses in Nairobi intsead of attending to matters concerning their constituencies?

Anyway, there are those of us who can't wait for the time to come in a 100 years when most of the hardcore Kenyan tribalists will be long gone and forgotten all together by future generations of well informed patriots living all corners and regions of Kenya.

Lest we forget, more power to the likes of Ole Kiyiapi.

Anonymous said...

at 12.06 ,if looking presidential is what it takes then kibaki would have nevr been elected,kalonzo was the most presidential looking candidate in 07 and look how many votes he got.

Anonymous said...

Wengi wanasema kwamba, Ole Kiyiapi ale kiyapo mara moja kwa sababu bado hajala kiyapo tangu atoke jando.

While there those who have been saying, Ole Kiyiapi for president because he has not yet taken (eaten) an oath while facing in any of the known directions around the country.

Mwarang'ethe said...

The left over judicial elements from the former regime, such as Riaga Omollo, Samuel Bosire, Emmanuel O'Kubasu and Joseph Nyamu have been shown the door after decades of bad business as usual within the judiciary.

After having been declared "unfit to hold office" due to a variety of judicial sins such as their over zealous authoritarianism ('bwana kubwa syndrome' aka judicial holy terrors), inconsistency, lack of impartiality, professionalism and candour, condoning torture of suspects and accepting gifts ('kiti kidogo') from people seeking judicial favours.

And above all for being very heavy stumbling blocks in the fight against corruption and other evils in the country. Good riddance.


Another of the many ILLUSIONS, DELUSIONS and CHILDISH FANTASIES in the heads of the many.

Whoever wishes to rule in the AGE OF MOBS, need only master the PSYCHOLOGY of the CLUELESS and ANGRY CROWDS. This is so because, the CROWDS as a rule are ruled by IMAGES which they perceive to be real.

Any way, since COLLECTIVE HALLUCINATIONS are so frequent in human history, we leave to enjoy:


Anonymous said...

If Hon. Kaloser Kipeopeo Kigeugeu Kiruka Njia ya Katikati was the most looking presidential candidate in 2007, then presidential beauty must be in the eyes of the beholder who has yet to get a copy of a 'Complete Guide to Kenya's Past Presidential Candidates'.

The guide is about the story of our less exceptional success and outright failures in seeking out those suitable to run for the presidential office.

Hence, some of our collective failures and blunders, in fact, have been so obvious that we often fail to recognize just how catastrophic they have been and just how easy it was for them to come about due to our never ending mispalced ethnic interests and greed that are always diabolically crafted by the tribal chiefs with the constant aid of the political elite as well as business elite in the country.

Suffice it to say, people like Hon. Kaloser Kipeopeo Kigeugeu Kiruka Njia ya Katikati are not presidential material at all, but they have been and continue to be part of Kenya's towering inferno of political and ethnic problems.

Most of them, 95% of them to be precise, are either crossive elements from the former tyranical regime, or are the sons and very close relatives of bygone politicians who were once heavily associated with the former despotic regimes.

Anonymous said...


M-Pesa's point is well taken, however it's one thing for Ole Kiyiapi to be sneaked into the State House by disenfranchised voters, but it would be quite another if he ends up sneaking other undesirable elements into positions of power after the fact.

Lest we forget the type of 100s and 100s of undesirable elements that ended up being sneaked into powerful positions in government, various ministries and diplomatic missions by the previous two presidents and the current president.

In the meantime, there are still lingering expectations that more judicial heads should roll now that the four judges have been asked to close the doors (of their once palatial offices) on their way out for good.

And also due to the fact that their honourable positions of greater influence within the judicial circles should have incited the former judges to a just and generous pursuit of integrity, law, order, honour, strength, liberty and virtue.

As opposed to embracing the endemic culture where many judges always end up assuming that their judicial offices are a right reserved for the 'Kenyan nobility' (whatever that means in this day and age), and are at the unlimited service of the so-called upper classes that still consist of people who were once known to have been unable to afford an extra pair of shoes, a round of drinks, daily matatu fare, let alone monthly rent, school fees for their children, and kitchens filled with an adequate supply of ugali, githeri, wali or muthokoi during the 80s and 90s.

NOI to those concerned due to the fact that there is nothing wrong with people climibing up the corporate ladder positions, rising through the ranks, as well as ascending to higher social circles whenever possible, so long as they are not seanked in through the usual wide open backdoors at the expense of the general public and the ever dwindling nation's treasury.

Anonymous said...

The consequences of failing to live up to expectations have always been devasting. Hate to kick Nancy Baraza in the face, however she may have lost any chance of ever wielding power as the DCJ in the wake of the firing of the four old timers, Bosire, Omollo, Nyamu and O'Kubasu. The rest of her case will be nothing more but a formality before she is also asked to close the door on her way out of the judiciary. Wonder who will be next among who is who within the justice system?

Anonymous said...

Ultimately, though, with all due respect to Rao's well-intended gesture of getting rid of some judges involved in conduct unbecoming the very offices they were sworn to uphold, the firing is not so much about cleaning up the judicial system from the top to bottom, as it is about serving a direct warning to all those who have replaced them as well as those who are yet be relieved of their duties in the coming months. Time will tell.

Anonymous said...

Who is this person who goes by the name Ole Kiyiapi?
What does he stand for?
What is his political manifesto?
Which party does he represent?
What makes he think he would be a better choice for the next presidency?
What really makes him think that he's any different from other professors (like 'Sir' George Luchiri Wajackoyah) and professionals who are now busy eyeing politics, especially the generral election as their next sand pit (golden goose or cash cow) within the overcrowded Kenya's political playing ground?
Who is this person, Ole Kiyiapi, that is about to sneak into the State House and occupy it for another five to ten years?
By the way, is he in the league of one of those many elements (direct beneficiaries) from the previous despotic regime?

Anonymous said...

Hey Kenyans,

I would rather vote for Prof Ole than the tribal murderers.
Look what kenya is today after 50yrs of independence.
1)50 Billionares and 5 million beggars, 10 million in dirty kibera,Uthiru,Kawangware,Umoja, mathare, etc.
2)The so called leaders, best educated,invest in COLONIAL London,NY,Paris,Cayman Isl,etc. with the cash stolen from public coffer.
3)They murder and if caught and taken to ICC, they cry that that is a COLONIAL COURT
4)They live a colonial life, drive colonial cars, speak colonial lang, take children to colonial school BUT to ICC they say it is a COLONIAL COURT.

What a hyprocrite people these Kenyans, these Africans.

And these neo-black colonialists will come to you and say you belong to GEMA COUNTRY, KAMASUTRA COUNTRY, AFC COUNTRY, LUO UNITED COUNTRY. Support them?
Kenya man, Kenya woman. Kumekucha.. Wake up and fight NEO-BLACK-FACED COLONIAL MASTERS. TAKE them to ICC. Thats where justice is.
Elect a true Kenyan, elect Prof. Ole

Anonymous said...

We need a real clean Kenyan otherwise the police force, Central Bank, Army, All Banks, Administration, Schools, Energy, justice will remain under ONE TRIBE in Kenya.

Shun tribalism and elect a president also from other areas.
Get ONLY reformers to the white house and no water melons and weaklings.

Anonymous said...

What would one do if the lavish perks they have been entitled to in the last thirty something years are suddenly take away, or yanked from underneath your golden feet, such as;
- Mercedez Benz
- Police driver (very obedient).
- Secretariat staff
- Messengers
- Guards in the office
- Bodyguards on the road
- Sentries at home
- Mansion house (free rental)
- Servants (gardeners, cook, maids)
- Public worship (yes your honour)
- Preferential treatment -24/7-365

Hope those who were egded out will be wise enough to leave town and retire to their 115-acre or 230-acre farms located in far away from the city. Or remain within the city but engage in some business or activity other than legal matters.

Investing and saving for a rainy day is no longer a mere cliche for most people in high places, because when it rains, it pours.

Anonymous said...

Cleaning Kenya must first begin with each and every individual in Kenya. Or else, the police force, treasury, armed forces, all branches of government, schools, universities, businesses, natural resources, general security, places of worship, villages, towns, cities, industries, the country's image, etc will continue be overly polluted, adversely affected and damaged in the long run by the hardcore individuals who always expect change to begin from the outside rather from within themselves. Talking of people like you and me who have been the real problem when it comes to embracing change at all costs for the common good.
Real change begins from within.

Anonymous said...

4/27/12 @9:18 AM
Heard loud and clear, and couldn't agree more. That's one of the reasons why we must always be the change we want, and the change we demand to see take place around us, in our personal lives, homes, families, communities, respective regions, government, and rest of the country. Above all, if we want to see a continuum of real change and enable it to traverse the whole country, then we must entrust it to children, insead of staining or corrupting them with huge blemishes of negative ethnicity, greed and political ignorance.

Mohamed Wato said...

Decision time to build and restore Kenya; no more tribe except KENYA tribe

I have no idea why Kenyans are not ready to accept a leader coming from outside the perimeter of the big five, namely the Kikuyu, Kalenjin, Luo, Akamba or Luhya. One would expect, with the enlightenment of time and changing realities, Kenyans like the rest of the world, can also overcome social prejudices to install a leader purely on the basis of ingenuity of character and ability in place of dogmatic ways, thinking of the past. It is puzzling really, to have even the elites fail to rise up above this penchant for stingy bigotry. Indeed, I was stunned recently; to hear from a decent Kenyan citizen conceding that although Prof. Kiyiapi is at the moment the best Presidential candidate Kenya has ever had, a possible panacea for the ills we face, it is very unlikely for him to win presidency – reason? - our politics is simply deficient for ideas and a long way to maturity. Kenyan politics is still more about money and tribal systems; it has no place for merit and decorum whatsoever.

No wonder the champions are having it easy to play their professional side as Kenyans cheer them in a controlled environment of instilled euphoria. They turn up in large numbers, forgetting their life struggles for the immediate session to listen to their masters, who fabricate issues for the most part to work up their subjects; never mind, their storyline do not meet the basic threshold of a typical April fool’s day story on many occasions. You may have heard and seen them play the MRC game; it is laughable how some of them are testifying to speak the same language, the MRC language. Again, you know their position on the looted NHIF funds and for those who follow Jicho Pevu, the revelations, and the depth of corruption in the underworld are definitely shocking. The situation is simply one of a crisis.

The people have the ability to improve this calamitous situation with a resolve. They need unity, leadership, and above all things, direction to rise from the ashes – of ineptitude and hopelessness. But they cannot expect any meaningful change without being part of an agenda to pursue salient issues of growth, progress, and development. Kenya is an economic powerhouse in East Africa but because of unstable political environment, it turned into a battle zone and almost became pariah state during the previous disputed elections. The people were highly polarized along sensational tribal issues and personality cults by luminaries representing different blocks. Unfortunately, as if the lessons of PEV were not enough, the mavericks are showing all signs for a possible return match and they must be stopped, derailed at the ballot box. There is no need for Kenyans to contribute or take part in any political campaigns that promotes division among Kenyans. Instead, citizens must demand from their leader’s solutions to massive unemployment, to curb corruption, to improve health, to create wealth, and to seek ways to restore Kenya’s pride.

Our challenges are boundless, from the external threat of Alshabab to the internal threats of tribalism, corruption, and poverty. We certainly need committed and sincere effort to return to normalcy of social freedoms and economic empowerment, of transparency and accountability. The million dollar question is, are we ready to be part of the solution or shall we remain to be part of the problem? The answer to this question is straight forward; I will however go slow with it until the day Kenyans make the decision. The only thing I can say now is to plead with fellow Kenyans to restore and build Kenya!

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