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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Kibaki Handlers In Sixes And Sevens

Presidents Mwai Kibaki And Omar Al Bashir. If this was a page in Facebook the caption would most likely read; Omar Al Bashir Likes this.

Vengeance is mine, says the Lord.

Any close observer of the politics of the land since January 2008 would be excused for being very angry and wondering what the heck was wrong with Kenyans. Their anger would stem from the great injustice in the land.

As you read this, victims of the 2008 post election violence are still in camps, refugees in their own country. And yet over the last few months several individuals have proudly announced their intention to contest for the presidency in the general elections which had been scheduled for this year. The most prominent in the race for the presidency are individuals who were involved in one way or another with the election troubles of 2008. These are Raila Odinga (widely believed to be the winner of those elections but who was denied when the incumbent used state machinery at his disposal to quickly get himself sworn in), William Ruto and Uhuru Kenyatta.

What would you be feeling hearing these presidential ambitions in the media every day even as you cow in a corner of a torn tent somewhere in the republic that you call your home country?

Indeed the Kenyan people have for all intents and purposes forgotten these poor IDPs some of whom were wealthy landowners and employers before tragedy struck and wiped out all their hard work and industry in one deadly swoop that left thousands dead (Kumekucha figures).

There are many readers of these popular blog who do not fear God. Rather their intellectualism does not allow them to acknowledge the existence of the almighty. Some of them have often said that religion is the opium of the masses (obviously meaning the uneducated masses).

However it would appear that a recent chain of events still rapidly unfolding in the country is divine intervention working out a terrible revenge against those most responsible for causing the deaths of so many innocent Kenyans in January 2008.

Fascinatingly until the announcement by the ICC confirming the very serious charges against four Kenyans, most in the political class did not want to believe that the charges would never be confirmed. In fact two of the most prominent accused persons were busy plotting their elaborate presidential campaigns.

The happenings after the events of yesterday afternoon have pushed the country into an extremely dangerous position. Already there is massive panic amongst several prominent camps all of which could easily cause trouble to muddy the waters. The Kenyatta family whose massive wealth can be traced back to serious corruption and unprecedented land grabbing during the Jomo Kenyatta presidency, is feeling the heat the most (read this Kumekucha exclusive) and chances are very high that Uhuru Kenyatta will be resigning from government within the next day or so.

The William Ruto camp is not any better and using the same old abrasive Kanu tactics his advisors have crafted two political rallies for this Frdiday as a response, one in Eldoret and another in Thika. You do not need to be a rocket scientist to guess what the agenda of those pubic rallies will be. The objective will be to show that the duo (Uhuru and Ruto) have not been affected by the ICC ruling to go ahead with their trials.

But all that is nothing compared to what will happen if the trial does proceed. The president’s aides are the ones who are most worried about this eventuality. And with good reason. If the confirmation hearings are anything to go by, we should expect the names of the two principals to come up lot in those hearings. And especially the president’s role in the January 2008 troubles. Already the media is awash with the State house meeting involving representatives of the Mungiki terror gang which the ICC judges believe took place based on the evidence that they have. State house Nairobi has once again strongly protested that any such meeting took place although the denial story has changed dramatically this time round when compared to the last official denial.

Additionally if one was to care to take a closer look at what special prosecutor Luis Moreno Ocampo did in the Sudan cases, State house has a lot of reasons to be terribly worried. The strategy was to indict lesser government officials who after cross examination during the trial provided enough evidence and reason for the ICC to issue an arrest warrant for President Al Bashir. Kenya may not be Sudan but here is way too much evidence to suggest that that is exactly the direction we are headed to.

It is naive for those expecting justice i Kenya to be excited about such an eventuality. To me it is way too dangerous and could easily plunge the country into the kind of chaos that will make 2008 look like it was a Christmas party.


Bobby6Killer said...

KK, indeed we discussed the Sudan ICC case timeline on this blog & how it took about 4 years to get to al Bashir's indictment at the ICC.

There's a remote possibility that KE may end up in crisis again, but we also have to acknowledge things have changed. The indictments of 4 of the O6 will have the leaders on best behavior. If that fails, the lessons of Gaddafi's takedown will keep State House in check. At least, we can only hope it will...

E-COP said...

IDP wamekula mbuzi ya nani? wewe wacha Zako ati H.E. is similar to Al Bashir or Gbagbo hio ni bure kabisa.

WAKO version 2.0 (A.G. AMOS GITHU) will enter NOLLE PROSEQUI against Ocampo, yeye mtu bure kabisa. ICC should KNOW PEOPLE

Anonymous said...

Kumekucha may look like a small insignificant blog but as Bobby6Killer has pointed out this icc thing was discussed here at length a long time ago when some Kenyans were telling us it was rubbish and that it would take 10 years. Chris why don't you fish out those old posts as well as the one where you predicted that President Obama would end up causing lots of problems to Kibaki and company?

Kudos Kumekucha!!!

Taabu said...


Please wachana na siasa ya kinyozi. Nobody is going nowhere. If you have just landed from outer planet we wish to let you know that unilke Sudan/Libya, Kenya iko na wenyewe with a sopphisticted vilage Diaspora to boot.

All the heat you are fanning will come to pass and development (30km roads) will continue to be Kibaki's legacy.

UK is too big for Ocampo to scare. Just rewind how he ran circles around the Argentinian at The Hague. Mama Ngina is just being a mother. How she must be nostalgic about Jomo's bakora!!!

Anonymous said...

If God has chosen Uhuru or Ruto to be the next president, then nothing, absolutely nothing will stop them from the presidency. You will be surprised my friend when these two become the next president and the vice.

Trust me and if they are barred, whoever they will endorse will win the elections. Watch this space. We are in a democracy why block them? if all 38million Kenyans want to run for the position, let it be. Even ICC says they are free to run. Someone somewhere is scared of not grabbing power!

And to ignore the millions of followers behind Uhuru and Ruto would the biggest joke in the history of Kenya.
Let's seek peace and reconciliation but not war Kenyans!

Anonymous said...

Ruto and Uhuru and Muthaura need to step down period. This should not be a debate Mr. Kibaki, Kenya is much bigger than Uhuru and Muthaura. You asked "pinchy" Nancy Baraza to step down for brandishing a gun to a security guard, the same should be applied to those accused of much worse crimes against humanity!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"The great luo hope" is in a fix as one of his leading light in "centro", the one who was tasked with leading the gema masses towards ODM gets heckled.... and this is just the beginning

Anonymous said...

When is enough enough? Chris, have you ever thought of the fact that maybe the country - Kenya as we've known it in the last four and a half decades - needs to be prufied through a political rebirth of some sorts?

So that the sickening systemic political climate of business as usual and with a century old sanctioned mentality of - this is Africa where everything goes to the political elite under the patronage of their so-called self-anointed tribal lords, lords of impunity, myriads of economic hitmen and legions of NGO mercenaries ('spotted/striped heynas in sheep's clothing galore') will have to be brought to an abrupt end in one way or another, or when ordinary Kenyans least expect it.

History is our only witness with harsh realities from around the world that cautions us about the kind of political partying that goes on in Kenya, will not go on as usual for another decade or forever.

For the naysayers, where are the Gaddafi, Mubarak, Mobutu, and Pharaonic gods with their dynastic wealth in solid gold worth billions of sterling pounds, dollars and euros. Where are they now?

Another one for the naysayers; where are the Kaburu of Southern Africa with their one time political, economic, military and racial might? Where are they now?

There are no political nor family entities that live forever, including the latter-day wannabe Mugabe's - politicians, MPigs and party leaders for life - of Kenya who are no exception.

When is enough enough?

Even the so-called diamonds are forever do get lost in the deep seas, left behind in underground vaults, or are easily forgotten by their greedy owners for one reason or another.

Who recalls the tragic story about one of Mubutu's trusted senior military commanders who was ordered to bury 907.19 kg of uncut diamonds in three secret locations only to die two days later of an unknown bacterial infection.

The blueprints were never found by Mobutu and Mobutu's sons because of the commander's untimely death, and all the unfortunate soldiers and prisoners who had dug up the hide outs perished at gunpoint in a stage managed military counter offensive.

The rest history, Mobutu died in exiled, his sons and most of his henchmen are still hiding in exile, if not dead by now.

And one day, someone or local groups of fortunate Bakongo will stumble upon the buried cache of diamonds, and I hope they do so before the conglomerates or the Chinese beat them to it.

When is enough enough?

Anonymous said...

The vultures have sprung to life and are busy circling the wounded tiger. The hyenas have also moved closer eager to sink their teeth when the lights go out.

The recent outburst of e-activities in KK of one taabu and bobby reminds me of these two animals..

Anonymous said...

On a side note, the Kalonzo Musyokas of Kenya never cease to amaze, regardless of whether one belongs to their political camps, the opposite camps or neutral camps.

Among the numerous questions the IDPs would like ask the likes of Kalonzo Musyoka - as the vice president of Kenya - is why are the IDPs still living in inhospitable conditions that are worse and not even suitable for all the cattle, goats and chicken on Kalonzo Musyoka's mechanized farm?

How comes Kalonzo Musyoka has never expressed nor extended the same depth of sadness, sorrow, empathy and so-called brotherly concern for the 12,000 (twelve thousand) familes left stranded out in the wilderness at Mawingu Refugee (IDP) Camp for the last four years?

And where is the generous president, globe trotting prime minister, very highly salaried parliament, other deadwood senior government officials, morally upright religious leaders, civil society and so-called NGOs (purveryors of the poverty industry in Kenya and rest of Africa) when they are really needed to come to the immediate rescue of the IDPs - distressed Kenyan citizens - languishing away at Mawingu since the complete mayhem of 2007 and 2008?

Anonymous said...

@Anon 1/25/12 3:42 PM
On a lighter note, I ask a very simple question; If in our finitude, we can understand the analogous concept of two species of animals, the patient vultures and impatient hyenas, is it really that difficulty for some of us to grasp the fact that we are all animals after all?

Animals as in 'living organism which feed on organic matter, typically having specialized sense organs and nevrsous systems and able to respond rapidly to stimuli,' such as the shocking - if not very depressive - announcement about the confirmation of the charges against the Ocampo 4 by the ICC, not to mention the political ramifications that are bound to ensue soon or later?

Well, watch out for a constant barrage of incoming political stimuli throughout 2012, but don't get overly stimulated in the process.

Anonymous said...

Mutula Kilonzo, Minister for Jutice & Constitution Affairs has spoken in accordance with Chapter 6, Article 10. Uhuru Kenyatta and Francis Muthaura must step down out of respect for the Constitution and the dignity for public offices they hold without causing unnecessary drama or further embarrassment to the President Mwai Kibaki and the country as a whole.

M. Pesa said...

Kumekucha Chris said:

"If the confirmation hearings are anything to go by, we should expect the names of the two principals to come up lot in those hearings. And especially the president’s role in the January 2008 troubles."

I thought you contemplated retiring after we had gained a new constitution and declared that it was a new dawn (kumekucha) and the blog had accomplished it's mission.

But I'm not sure you will be retiring any time soon since we are living in some very interesting times indeed. Uhuru, Ruto and co could be jailed for many years and their assets confiscated to compensate the victims of violence.

Even being given Sh 10 million is peanuts compared to watching your loved ones screaming and begging while being hacked to death with pangas by tobacco sniffing Mungikis or you wife being raped by a gang of thugs, some who possibly HIV positive.

I know it sounds gross in this family oriented blog but that's precisely what happened after rich politicians financed violence in 2007.

I'm sure there will be lots of bravado and chest thumping by Ruto and Uhuru in their quest to inherit power but when reality sinks in- it will all be hubris that kicks in before a mighty fall. I hear they are already holding huge rallies this weekend to rub it in to ICC and IDPs.

Kenyans must not relent in their quest for a just nation where the mighty (like Baraza) can be held accountable for infringing on Wanjiku's (Kerubo) rights.

We are finally getting there but first we shall need a generation change and kick out the dinosaurs from power. To paraphrase Mutahi Ngunyi, we need a president who is young, full of ideas, fresh breath and can tweet occasionally like Obama.

As I said earlier, these are some very interesting times. We are almost there. Just one more final push before CHRIS can finally retire the blog!

Mwarang'ethe said...

"If that fails, the lessons of Gaddafi's takedown will keep State House in check. At least, we can only hope it will..."

1/25/12 11:13 AM


And, since Gaddafi left, Libya is now the Swiss of Africa?

"Protesters shake transitional government in Libya."

"For months, youth groups with a range of complaints have been protesting the National Transitional Council in Benghazi, the eastern city whose protests sparked the nine-month revolt and which once served as the rebel capital. Protests have cropped up elsewhere too, including Tripoli, the capital, where activists have erected a small tent city across from the prime minister’s office.

Protesters complain that the transitional council’s operations are too opaque and that many of its members are tainted by past ties, real or suspected, with the regime of Moammar Khadafy."



"UN concerns over Libya militias and secret detention."

Libyan militias are out of control and holding thousands of people in secret detention centres, while the weak interim government struggles to assert its authority, the UN has heard.

UN human rights chief Navi Pillay meanwhile raised concerns about detainees being held by revolutionary forces, saying there were some 8,500 prisoners in about 60 centres.

"The majority of detainees are accused of being Gaddafi loyalists and include a large number of SUB- SAHARAN, African nationals," she said.

NB: New apartheid regime is being created in the North of Africa as Africans cheer the "revolution." How ironic?

NB: Why would Ocampo see it so fit to bring justice to Kenyans and not the Africans in SECRET PRISONS in Libya?



Anyway, endeleeni na hii ujinga yenu tuu.

Verily, verily, we tell thee:

(a) street fights,

(b) gun fights, or

(c)foreign intervention SHALL NOT save Africans.

The only solution is simple. Expulsion of IGNORANCE.

It seems to us that, it is easy to expel the IGNORANCE on how free states ought to be formed.

However, to the SHEEPLE, street shouting, civil/tribal wars, and ABOVE ALL, WESTERN gods are the solution to the Africa mess.

Well, it is must be a wonderful life in the world of ILLUSIONS, DELUSIONS and CHILDISH FANTASIES.

Anyway, since we know nothing, we leave to enjoy:

Nyah Keith

Anonymous said...


I asked you recently to share with us how your exclussive brilliance has helped you or your village and still waiting. You know as an oasis of WISDOM, you suffer no traces of illusions nor childish fantasies so please enlighten the sheeple. Please save the masses from collective ignorance, will you?

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for the ICC trial to hear Ruto spill the beans and tell the whole world who ordered him to kill! We all know Ruto was under Agwambo's order.
This trial is going to get very interesting. Ha! You heard from here first!

The Oracle has Spoken!

Anonymous said...

Nancy Baraza to block suspension in High court

me thinks that it is a political game to keep the "unfairness" of the two cases in public eye for as long as it can

"why sack Nancy for a non-criminal offence but retail two war criminals"- ofcourse playing to tribal politics

am I right?

Anonymous said...

Lest we forget, pinching of another person's nose [grip (something, typically a person's flesh) sharply between finger and thumb] is considered as an assault, and a criminal offense in the civilized world, where Kenya happens to be a party.

Nancy Baraza's self-inflicted bad behaviour - bad girl mentality - that may have been smouldering behind the scenes for years should not be tied to the Ocampo 4 in any way, shape of fashion.

She needs to have resigned or stepped aside (in Kenyan style) by now, while awaiting her day in court like any other ordinary Kenyan who has had the misfortunate of being in a predicament of their own making.

The sooner she accepts the inevitable the better it will be for her, her family, diehard supporters, the judiciary and whoole country.

When all is said and done, it doesn't take a rocket science or a certified crystal ball reader to figure out an outcome that is already completely predictable.

As for her drama, the longer it continues to unfold, the more it's going to be very hard for her to lose the perceived bad reputation (nose pinching, gun totting mama), no matter how unjustified it may be, or she may be presumed innocent until...

And what an image for a deputy chief justice, if she decides to hang on tooth and nail for all it's worth.

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