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Thursday, September 15, 2011

So you Think Ruto Is Winning At The Hague?

My information on the ground is that there has been plenty of anxiety from Kenyans following the proceedings at the Hague last week with many feeling that the possibility of the charges being confirmed and going to trial for Eldoret North MP William Ruto were pretty slim.

Legal experts are of course of a different opinion. What wins or loses cases is solid evidence and not articulate lawyers playing to the gallery and what Bwana Ocampo has on Ruto specifically is water tight.

Sources on the ground tell this blogger that Uhuru Kenyatta is a very worried man and is looking to use the opportunity his legal team has had of analyzing the other cases before it is the turn of their client to take to the dock, to come up with a legal strategy that will win the day. Again this is bound to be an uphill task for the son of Jomo who seems fairly sure that he can easily be the next president of Kenya in 2012 if this annoying Hague thing can go away.

All in all what should be of great interest to Kenyans are the revelations that will come out when and if these matters proceed to a full trial. Some of the bombshells will make the oath-taking look like real kindergarten stuff.


Anonymous said...

Is that Ruto's wife on the photo? They look so much in love! Bless them.

Anonymous said...

not all "revelations" at these confirmation charges will be in the public domain, if you recall the 'off camera' times during Ruto/Sang/Kosgeys turn denied the rest of us Kenyans knowledge of what exactly was being said which only those inside the courtroom will remain privy to

This is why there is need for the new CJ to set-up a tribunal and repeat the whole process playing out in the Hague here within our own courts. Too many important revelations are being kept hidden from the general kenyan public and we want to know just how bad these people really are

Anonymous said...

Chris my brother,
I am pleased with that kind of a picture you have used for this post it is wholesome and family friendly,KEEP IT UP PLEASE

Mwarang'ethe said...

If it was a LEGAL TRIAL interested in TRUTH and JUSTICE, his case is kaput.

However, since this is a POLITICAL TRIAL in the tradition of Charles 1st, in 1649 to 2011 with Hosni Mubarak, and soon Gaddafi we may see the case proceed.

Just look at camera sessions? What are they for?

Simply stated, this so called international justice is a mockery.

We leave thee with the observations a Ugandan:

NB: At the same time, we do not approve his approach/speech/his views on new katiba and even and such. However, he says something interesting.

Anyway, we leave to enjoy:

You say after me sir
I solemnly swear
That the evidence I shall give
Shall be the truth
The whole truth
And nothin but the truth

I can remember yeah
When I was framed and jailed, brutalized
The GRUDGE would find me guilty
For an exhibit they could not find

Anonymous said...

Mwanetu, it's good to read from you after having been 'AWN'. Anyways, I would like to reiterate that the picture in question speaks for itself, it's speaks volumes, and it doesn't need any caption. And, well done with regard to the good portrayal of the couple therein.

Further, Mrs. Ruto was recently asked the following question - among others - by a local journalist in the Netherlands; "Can you still trust him to help you, even when you flip over and fall?"

To which she replied, "He's always been there for me, and he will always be there for us. I don't have any reason to mistrust him at this stage, whatsoever. We have always found 'balance' in each other."

On the other hand, in light of William Ruto's well documented overly close affiliations with Mzee Daniel arap Moi's regime during the repressive Nyayo era of the 80s and 90s, and above all, what's purported to have been his alleged direct involvement in the post-election violence as an influential senior memeber of the ODM party.

I would like to know from Kumekucha whether, all things taken into account, can a good deed offset a bad one, or does the moral worth of each exist independently?

Thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

Fellow Kenyans,
Whereas it is commendable to see William Samoei Ruto and his co-accused counterparts supported by their family and relatives during what is possibly the darkest times of their lives and government careers, one must ask themselves a disturbing but nevertheless valid question: -

what role if any did the so called loved ones play in the post election violence?

Behind every good man stands a good woman and vice versa of course, however the reverse can also be said to be true, that is to say behind every bad man stands a bad woman and vice versa of course

The tears shed by family and other close household members can often be mistaken for genuine authentication of an accused suspect's innocence and presumable human nature which would not even harm a fly. however many times the crime committed turns out to be a family affair and the appellant is actually in cahoots with his entire clan both nuclear and extended in pulling the wool over the eyes of a country/city/town.

This leaves us with only one question: -how well do you know those closest to you or do you presume innocence based on ethnic affiliation, gender, familial ties etc?

Anonymous said...


Whether their cases(o6) are political or legal,if they had a hand in killing poor kenyans they should pay..

Damu ya mnyonge haiwezi lala hadi haki lipatikane

LMAO and you leave us to listen to DR.Matsanga,really? One might as well take their brains for a matanga after listening to such daktaris.

Anonymous said...

The feckless dictator must be sooo happy! Path to state house is paved in gold. Sigh.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Whether their cases(o6) are political or legal,if they had a hand in killing poor kenyans they should pay.


1. In monarchical States/environment, the sheeple are socialized to honor.

2. In FREE STATES/environments, the FREE MEN/WOMEN men are socialized in VIRTUE.

3. In DESPOTIC states/environments, the SHEEPLE are socialized to FEAR.

Now, you have an idea of what you have been socialized in.

As usual, we leave in a hurry to enjoy:

The ax left the ROOT of the tree and it is fruitless

Anonymous said...

Jesus is coming back VERY SOON!!

Anonymous said...


1. In monarchical States/environment,sheeple are socialized to honor.
2. In FREE STATES/ . .virtue
3. In DESPOTIC states..fear

Your right but the sheeples nation i.e. KENYA happens to be neither monarchial nor a free state not even despotic but a blend of EACH.

THUS the blend of honor fear and virtue makes/socialises one to be human..

Damu ya mnyonge haiwezi lala, even if it takes 100yrs or in 2011..

ps: it is the same blood that confused our politicans to mortgage kenya to the icc(sad) is the same blood that is also confusing the suspects.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Your right but the sheeples nation i.e. KENYA happens to be neither monarchial nor a free state not even despotic but a blend of EACH.


You are right. All CENTRALIZED STATES like Kenya are a monarchy in disguise.

They may tell you about democracy and such jazz, but, it is all BS.


THUS the blend of honor fear and virtue makes/socialises one to be human..


Bwa ha ha ha hi hi hi

That is a mongrel, i.e. unknown ugly creature and not a human being, i.e. creatures like Columbus and Morgans who teach Adoboli's to become specialists/experts in slavery, starvation and SPECULATION which kill millions.

See them at "work":

What a disgrace?


Anyway, we are off to enjoy: Columbus the LIAR:

Anonymous said...

What role if any did the so called loved ones play in the post election violence?

The real question should be, what insidious roles if any did we - you, others and me - play in the months leading to general elections '07, during the post-election violence and thereafter?

And does the fact that we who are still in 'collective denial' of the consequences - of post-election violence - in any way reduce or excuse our culpability?

On the other hand, it is not quite right to say that "loved ones" were active participants in the heinous activities, or even aware of the collective political actions of their sons, brothers, fathers, uncles, nephews, husbands, cousins, neighbours and clan, before and during the post-election violence.

I am not yet convinced of any vicarious involvement of the so called "loved ones".

I would say that the actions of the majority of political suppoters of PNU and ODM, during the post-election violence were obviously cruel based on what we did and didn't do.

Whether we want to admit it or not, many of us were very cruel to the point where we were completely indifferent to, or even took pleasure in, the suffering of others as long as the were branded as belonging to the rival political party or ("enemy") ethnicity.

All things taken into account, the responsibility for post-election violence falls on all political leaders, and it should also be shared by the country's citizenry.

The current collective denial should never render some citizens less blameworthy, just because they never raised sticks, stones, knives, matchetes, spears, bows and arrows or guns that led to many deaths and maiming during the post-elections violence.

Sadly, it's our collective actions, current political modus operandi and the systemic culture of impunity that brought about the catastrophic consequences.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 5:43 PM you are so spot on. I could not have framed it any better. We need more people like you in this country.

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