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Monday, January 10, 2011

Is Raila Odinga evil or a man whose hands are tied?

You can be sure that decades from now when political scientists and historians sit down to analyze this period in Kenyan history they will all agree it was a very critical time in our history. But another more interesting point can quickly be brought forward. And this one has to do with the executive and the damage that it is causing.

There was a time when those crafting our constitution had thought of diluting the powers of the presidency by introducing a Prime Minister. This was an ideal, almost magical way to bringing impunity to an abrupt end. The writing should be on the wall for them now. It just doesn’t work. Guys we have a classic case of a Prime Minister and a president combining extremely well to sustain the evil of impunity in the executive.
Shocked Kenyan have watched in disbelief as some of their previously most trusted legislators have gone to the extent of threatening to shut down KACA and putting a stop to the war against corruption that has now reached previously unknown heights. Na bado (as my good friend Tabuu would say).

Whatever ODM hawks want to say this is NOT the Raila Odinga I voted for (along with so many other Kenyans) in December 2007. Surely this is not the man who pledged zero tolerance to corruption. What does the office of the executive do to Kenyans? Kenyatta, Moi and Kibaki were all good men before they became president. Even Raila was a better man before he became Prime Minister and a member of the evil executive arm of government.

Still it has been interesting how several politicians have carefully avoided criticizing the PM directly and instead talked about ODM MPs misleading the captain. Including one Francis Atwoli who has presidential ambitions. What hogwash. Where does the buck stop? With ODM MPs? Please!!!

Fellow Kenyans the two principals have been working together very closely, just as we had hoped when they were going through a rocky patch at the beginning of their marriage of convenience. But sadly this time they are working together for our good but for their very own personal interests. They are doing exactly what the previous executive has been doing since indipendence as documented so well in my controversial book Dark Secrets of the Kenyan Presidency. Indeed it seems the security of the state is now the political survival and well being of the Member for Othaya and the member for Langata.

A case in point is all this well choreographed hypocritical noise being made about Henry Kosgey’s being charged in court (albeit the first sitting cabinet minister in the history of the republic of Kenya to be charged in court). The noise is being made by ODM MPs while clearly the charges have presented the perfect opportunity for the man not to make it to the Hague for more serious charges of crimes against humanity. Instead he will conveniently be bogged down in an unending court case back home.

But let me be the quick to admit that there is a level of unfairness here that most Kenyans may not be aware of. In the early days of the grand coalition government, the main task assigned to the NSIS was to investigate corrupt ODM ministers while ignoring PNU ministers. That was unfair. And although few will admit it, the tip that led to the current charges against Kosgey came from the intelligence community. So in that sense there was unfairness.

However things have balanced themselves out somewhat because other cases have been instigated by the press and pressure from the people. Like the one against former foreign minister Moses Wetangula and the sale of the land for the Kenyan embassy in Japan. Wetangula is from the PNU side of government and talk is rife that the Minister might make a court appearance soon. Still other sources assure me that the folks involved in that Japan saga “are too high up” meaning that they are too close to the president and therefore successful prosecution will be impossible and the case will go the same way the Kimunya sale of Grand Regency scandal went. That means absolutely nowhere.

Having said all that it is also true that there is no way impunity will be fought by trying to carefully balance things along party lines. Graft is graft and has no tribe or political party.

Clearly it would seem that what KACA and it’s chief PLO Lumumba have achieved in recent times has sent panic waves through the corridors of power. This has caused people to dig up skeletons from PLO’s closet (and there are plenty from the days he was rolling in bed with Kanu and the impunity of President Daniel arap Moi as he struggled to establish himself as a lawyer). Nobody wants to know that this is the new Lumumba now seeking to leave a legacy for himself in a very different political environment.

Meanwhile the executive with all it’s power is unraveling a carefully crafted plan that will neatly deny Kenyans their promise in a new implemented constitution while playing the same old games that have landed us into the very serious trouble we are already in as a nation.

Githongo and Ghai's initiative to rescue Kenya from Impunity

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Anonymous said...

A wise Orkoiyot,

go to

and be wiser

deroo said...

He is EVIL, a USER, OPPORTUNIST, MOBCRAT, THUGCRAT, and DICTATOR. I will not read the piece anyway. That is what I think of him.


Anonymous said...

Oh! Poor Chris,

As usual you have NO iota of proof on issues you raised here, when it comes to the PM, you are no different from the Daily Nation And Standard, are you ready to back your issues? With something called EVIDENCE!!! Which I know you have NONE! So that we can go head to head.
On NSIS! Damn Chris, I thought you are a former son of an Assistant Police Commish, we now believe he must have been a constable, the dossier on Kosgey didn't come from NSIS! Do your homework. The PM is a REFORMER period!!! That is why we are seeing for the first time ever a sitting Cabinet Minister being charged in Court, do you think PNU would have allowed for that?, the Mugumo razor blade cutter wouldn't dare Reform Nothing.
Chris, bado unalala, wake up, pay this gava offices a visit and know who authorises what, where and when even before it lands in the office of the PS, this is one post you penned lazily and without any facts, just plain old bure kabisa typing. Amka Kumekucha

Anonymous said...

The PM is a true reformer, can anyone here show us who has a better reform CV than the PM. Only ODM Mps are being charged in court, The PM has allowed for that, why was Kosgey dissapointed when he handed in his resignation letter to the PM?

Anonymous said...


Wsup! hommie, you be kiddin. You wanna say you be chilling in your krib and come up wit such work s**t, Oh boy! Where the cyber intellectuals @, we need this hommie creamed, west syeeeeeeeed.

Anonymous said...


Wsup! hommie, you be kiddin. You wanna say you be chilling in your krib and come up wit such work s**t, Oh boy! Where the cyber intellectuals @, we need this hommie creamed, west syeeeeeeeed.

Anonymous said...

He's a dreamer. The highest political office in Kenya he shall ever attain is that of Prime Minister which BTW was crafted for his convenience & to silence the blood thirsty members of his community who were causing unrest during that terrible period. As for the presidency, the closest he shall ever get to State House is through his terrible dreams thats why I call him " THE DREAMER "

Anonymous said...

Please bro I remain concerned for your well-being;assure me of your SAFETY in an undisclosed hidden location won't you?

Lately your posts are TOO PROVOCATIVE yet spaced too close together not allowing sufficient breathing space or adequate cooling down periods between enemy camps of various footsoldiers pitted against one another

Only the truly HORSELESS know the relief of working hard and dying in the process of trying to get rich

Anonymous said...


Why are you pissed off with the next PORK? just because he wields more clout and support than your self - nominated KK personality of the year one Martha Karua

Kenyanese said...

Bw.Chris Kumekucha we are told;
"Ceasar's wife is above reproach"

"Raila Odinga is above reproach"

My dear blogger,this post has opened a gigantic can of worms-no vipers.I hope u are prepared for their venom.

"The truth hurts"-just be sure it isnt he who speaks it.

Sipping yoghurt in the meantime

Anonymous said...

Raila Malo Malo, Agwambo is marwa, wether you kithni or ndekni! Wan wadhi state house kata udwaro or udagi mano mana wachwu!

Pand pieri Chris

Anonymous said...

@anon 9.18 am,
"The truth doesn't hurt" and who said RAO is beyond reproach?, before you diarrhoea your comments here because of suffering from lactose intolerance as a consequence of over sipping your Yoghurt do put a lid on it. Yeah I spoke it and will speak again.

Anonymous said...


Why do you want us to believe that you are opposed to RAO, you have a soft spot for the man! Ruto has already stated that next year it's all about generation change! And Neanderthals, Orang'utangs, and Methusselahs like you and Taabu won't stop it.

Proud Kikuyu said...

This so called " Tinga " will never become Head Of State of any Country.

If so he wishes, he should try Ivory Coast where he has been traveling to incite Ivorians to P.E.V

Kenyanese said...

Not familiar with satire are you?

Mwarang'ethe said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mwarang'ethe said...

We would suggest to whoever wants to run for presidency in 2012 and beyond, to declare an end to so called war on corruption.

This is so because the war on corruption, impunity and such jazz as we hear every day these days in the African politics is nothing, but, a carefully hidden RACISM.

Very sadly, Africans led by their so called "intellectuals" (modern chiefs like those who sold Africans to slavery) have fallen for the trap which has been carefully set so as to vanguish Africans.

Meanwhile, let us finish packing adequate popcorn and mursik as we head for the lonely sport at the top of Mt Kenya of human history so that, we can survey the march of folly with a better perspective.

Anonymous said...

@9.56 am
Nope, I ain't, does RAO sound satirical to you?

Anonymous said...

Mary Wambui in drugs?

Anonymous said...

Raila is not a saint. He is a politician who depends on people's votes to survive politically. He has to check every strides he makes.

Raila would have done wonders as a President. Now he has to share the stolen baby with the thief who doesnt give a damn what will happen tomorrow.

Let's look at these cases:

1) Kibaki agreed to go to Mau to plant trees with Raila. Do you know where Kibaki went to when time cam? Some RV land grabbers now say it RAILA who is jerking off innocent Kenyans from the forest without resettlement.

2)Raila suspended Ongeri, Ruto, etc. You know what they told him?....PM is not an appointing power. Now they say Raila is behind their problems

Raila is waiting for his time and then Kenya will know what the fight against impunity means.

Githongo, Ghai will be in his cabinet. Tribalism will be a thing of the past.

Anonymous said...

@anon 12.41pm
I agree and well laid down! Remember the old KANU brigade has re-invented themselves, it's just SAD that Kenyans can't see through all this shenanigans.
Can we honestly be told with FACTS! / EXAMPLES Without the usual tribal bigotry that pollutes KK, who among Uhuru, Kalonzo/ Ruto is a REFORMER!

Didn't they leave Naivasha happy and boasting that they had fixed RAO with the constitution? When RAO supported them they all became water melons huh! Now PLO has now finnished with Cabinet, he is now heading for parastatals, we are not all blind to see what is going on.

Anonymous said...


What a tired post, same goes and applies to your book, I simply thought that it was not worth anything, so I didn't send you Zero. Like in the book, all you have dotted down is already in the public domain.

Anonymous said...

No offense intended to the 'Raila Nation and Company.'

Raila Amollo Odinga is a player, and a very good one who has become so adept at freely roaming within the cosmetic political, economic and ethnic arenas of exclusivity, plurality and inclusivity at the expense of creative democracy as well as transformational democracy.

However, who is the real Raila Amollo Odinga, besides the man who has come to be known as "Agwambo" the son of the late Jaramogi Oginga Odinga, and a politician who still believes that the presidency of Kenya is his birthright that must be granted to him by 2012?

Can some wise mind out there explain why Raila Amollo Odinga should become Kenya's next president if elected by the majority in 2012?

Anonymous said...

How will tribalism, clanism and cronyism will become a thing of the past when members of particulars families are still being appointed to high profile positions and "inner circles of influence" within the so called Kenya government?

Mwarang'ethe said...

Bwana Chris and KK Readers,

Please bear with us for commenting too much today. As Tosh would say, in the face of Babylon, ones blood can run cold.

Anyway, having descended from the Mt Kenya of human history to the valleys for more popcorn and mursik we came across something in a paper called Standard.

And, the headlines innocently run like this:

"Treasury's shift to longer term debt picks up pace."

We got curious. Reading further, we found some stuff we could NOT comprehend, but, which we are told some SERPENTS called ECONOMISTS can understand like this.

"The Government’s GROSS DEBT increased by Sh60 billion (9.1 per cent) from Sh660.3 billion in JUNE last year to Sh720.2 billion as at DECEMBER 31, 2010."



LIVING in OUR HEAD, we could not understand what the GOK did with that kind of money. However, suspect some of it has been/will be used to pay PLO in his fight against corruption.

Since we are not very stupid, we figured that, WANJIKU will have to pay for this thru her STARVATION.

With that BITTER thought in our minds, we decided to cut short our stay in the valley where they seem to relish BLOOD of childen like Moloch, the god of canaanites who was worshipped by throwing INFANTS into his raging fires.

As we rushed back to Mt Kenya of HUMAN HISTORY, we met Karl Marx and we asked him, what is this NATIONAL DEBT which Wanjiku must pay with her BLOOD and SWEAT?

Marx was very generous with his time.

NB: Next comment please.

Mwarang'ethe said...


As we noted, Marx was very generous in educating us about NATIONAL DEBT. He Got started this way:

"The system of public credit, i.e., of national debts, whose origin we discover in Genoa and Venice as early as the Middle Ages, took possession of Europe generally during the manufacturing period. The colonial system with its maritime trade and commercial wars served as a forcing-house for it. Thus it first took root in Holland. National debts, i.e., the alienation of the state – whether despotic, CONSTITUTIONAL or republican – marked with its stamp the capitalistic era.

We got curious and asked him to go on. Then, he said this:

"The only part of the so-called national wealth that actually enters into the collective possessions of modern peoples is their national debt.

Hence, as a necessary consequence, the modern doctrine that a nation becomes the richer the more deeply it is in debt. Public credit becomes the credo of capital. And with the rise of national debt-making, want of faith in the national debt takes the place of the blasphemy against the Holy Ghost, which may not be forgiven."

At this point, we noted that, the Kenyan nation GOT RICHER as the DEBT has gone up since Kibaki got in to power.

We asked Marx to go on:

"With the national debt arose an international credit system, which often conceals one of the sources of PRIMITIVE accumulation in this or that people."

At this point, we asked him, are you sure that, the NATIONAL DEBT is a way of PRIMITIVE ACCUMULATION which is ministered by Pro. Ndung'u?

Marx told us to listen as he continued to say this:

"Thus the villainies of the Venetian THIEVING system formed one of the secret bases of the capital-wealth of Holland to whom Venice in her decadence lent large sums of money. So also was it with Holland and England.

By the beginning of the 18th century the Dutch manufactures were far outstripped. Holland had ceased to be the nation preponderant in commerce and industry. One of its main lines of business, therefore, from 1701-1776, is the lending out of enormous amounts of capital, especially to its great rival England."

At this point, we sipped some mursik and Marx continued like this:

"The same thing is going on today between England and the United States. A great deal of capital, which appears today in the United States without any certificate of birth, was yesterday, in England, the CAPITALISED BLOOD OF CHILDREN."

Finally, Marx said this:

"As the national debt finds its support in the public revenue, which must cover the yearly payments for INTEREST, &c., the modern system of TAXATION was the NECESSARY COMPLEMENT of the system of NATIONAL LOANS."

At this point, we said thanks to Marx who seemed to be in a hurry for a very useful lesson on how we CAPITALISE the BLOOD OF CHILDREN in the 21st Century as we FIGHT CORRUPTION.

As we struggled to comprehend such VAMPERISM, we wondered, why don't we discuss such MINOR ISSUES in our politics which are the CAUSE of our MAJOR problems of CORRUPTION?

Anyway, since we do not expect an answer, we decided to enjoy our lonely stay at Mt Kenya of Human History to continue our survey of the march of folly in the valleys.

Anonymous said...

Excellent, brave post by Chris.

This is why I trust Kumekucha for my information and have always been ahead of my CEO friends politically.

Kumekucha says what nobody else will dare say. Kudos!!

Other political blogs/forums make noise, Kumekucha is spot on and sets the agenda long b4 folks can begin to understand what is happening.

Keep up the good work bro.

Anonymous said...

Analyze comment No 3 in this post carefully. Very carefully. I will say more later and tell u exactly who wrote it and why. The 3 key things u will be luking for in analyzing it are:

1) Motive

2) Motive

3) Motive

Anonymous said...

Raila will never be the president of kenya we will never vote for a bloodthirsty man, who betrays his friends!
Anyone but raila!!!!

Phil said...

@ Chris

Do yourself a favour and research on what you write before you publish them. Are you sure it is ODM promoting impunity or is reality of AGENDA4 hitting home, coupled with others being found with their pants down come 2012?

What are Raila's well publicized stand has been on;

1. ICC - check hansard of parliament.

2. STK - check hansard of parliament

3. TJRC - check ODM PG meeting minutes and hansard records

4. KACC - check grand corruption records that are poorly kept secret. Only PLO cannot see them.

I have no comment to make regarding your skewed views on this post.

After all we gave you the constitution to guarantee you and other misguided bloggers here (read that man calling himself Deroo) the freedom to say whatever you want to say and when you want to say it. It does not matter however shallow, stupid or untruthful those views are.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Phil wrote:

What are Raila's well publicized stand has been on;

1. ICC - check hansard of parliament.

2. STK - check hansard of parliament

3. TJRC - check ODM PG meeting minutes and hansard records

4. KACC - check grand corruption records that are poorly kept secret. Only PLO cannot see them.


Very well said Sir.

However, we are a bit curious. Does RO have any opinion on the ONGOING CAPITALISATION of OUR CHILDREN'S BLOOD by the "independent" CBK?

As we wait for thy reply, we will be enjoying something like this:

"You think you're cool
To deny me for simplicity
Yes you have gone, for so long
With your love for VANITY now
Yes you have got the wrong INTERPRETATION

And forever, yes erase your fantasy
Destruction of the POOR is in their POVERTY.

I don't wanna fool ya
I don't wanna SCHOOL ya
Things you, you might NEVER know about

From Stiff Necked Fools by Bob Marley @

Anonymous said...

Raila would have done wonders as a President. Unfortunately he has had to share the stolen baby with the thief (Mr Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki) who doesn't give a damn what will happen tomorrow.

Let's look at these cases:

1) Kibaki agreed to go to Mau to plant trees with Raila. Do you know where Kibaki went to when time cam? Some RV land grabbers now say it RAILA who is jerking off innocent Kenyans from the forest without resettlement.

2)Raila suspended Ongeri, Ruto, etc. You know what they told him?....PM is not an appointing power. Now they say Raila is behind their problems

Chris, about the current happenings, you have got it all wrong about Raila. It is Kibaki and gang who have the real power and are influencing events in a negative way.

Sample this: Francis "Matharau" Muthaura together with suspended PS Mwangi Thuita are currently involved in moves to remove Kenya from the ICC.... they are not acting under the influence of Raila but of Kibaki.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Bwana Phil, bear with us please for writing too much.

As we waited for thy reply, and while gathering more mursik and popcorn for our stay at the Mt Kenya of Human History, we decided to visit a few valleys like Algeria, Tunisia and they call Bangladesh.

We figured that, the problem in Algeria and Tunisia is as we ALL KNOW is due to CORRUPTION, TRIBALIM, STUPIDITY and IMPUNITY of the AFRICANS. So, we decided to visit the Asian valley instead.

You might be wondering why we did this. Briefly, while we were at the top of Mt Kenya of Human History, we met an old historian who wrote about that valley which was then called East Bengal.

This is what he wrote about.

When the British arrived, they found a thriving INDUSTRY and a prosperous agriculture. It was in the opinion of one Englishman;

"a wonderful land, whose RICHNESS and ABUNDANCE neither WAR, PESTILENCE, nor OPPRESSION could destroy."

We could not believe these words. For this reason, we decided to pay a visit.

Well, the place is not what that historian told us because, all we saw were RIOTS in the streets.

When we inquired from the local SERPENTS why were people messing around with IMPUNITY instead of WORKING, we were told that, the STOCKS (PAPER/FICTITIOUS WEALTH) had crashed (read, their WEALTH had been CONSFISCATED).

You can see how unruly these Bangladesh people have become here:


We found it difficult to reconcile what we saw and what we were told by that lying historian, or, as it seemed to us.

How can a nation which was once the CENTER of the FINEST TEXTILE MANUFACTURING in the world, and where a THIRD of its population worked in NON - AGRICULTURAL sector, can TODAY have over 90% in the agri. or unemployed or employed in EPZ's?

However, before we left the valley, we met a gentle man called Adam Smith. We inquired from him what he knows about this situation.

Being in a hurry as usual these days, he just told us the situation came about this way:

"money was LENT to FARMERS "at forty, fifty, and sixty percent" and this, and other profits of trade, would CONSFISCATE ALL WEALTH except that paid in wages."

We were left even more confused.
In that confusion, we decided to visit the valleys of Nero Obama.

Specifically, we visited the valley called Commonwealth of Virginia. You know this valley has a strange history. But, we will not bother you with that for now.

Brother, what we heard in this valley was also very confusing to say the least. Very briefly, we heard that, the local elders have introduced a resolution, and we QUOTE:

"to study whether the Commonwealth should adopt a currency to serve as an ALTERNATIVE to the currency distributed by the Federal Reserve System in the event of a major breakdown of the Federal Reserve System."

Shit! In other words:

In other words, Virginia will study the fallback plan of a "timely adoption of an alternative SOUND CURRENCY that the Commonwealth's government and citizens may employ without DELAY in the event of the destruction of the Federal Reserve System's currency" and avoid, or, as we QUOTE again:

"at least mitigate many of the economic, SOCIAL, and political shocks to be expected to arise from hyperinflation, depression, or other ECONOMIC CALAMITY related to the breakdown of the Federal Reserve System."

We found this information so much for us to digest. So, we have retreated to Mt Kenya of Human History armed with popcorn and mursik to watch this drama unfold.

Anonymous said...

Hey mwara can you add us some more copy and paste theories. Can you also unravel the mystery of where Bob Marleys fortune dissapeared to.

Anonymous said...

i'm receiving these links about part-time online jobs is it truth or hoax?

Mwarang'ethe said...

Hey mwara can you add us some more copy and paste theories. Can you also unravel the mystery of where Bob Marleys fortune dissapeared to.

1/11/11 3:38 AM


We cannot unravel such difficult mysteries.

However, we believe we can unravel the mysteries of disappearance of Sudan's fortune.

Thats why in our last visit to that UNHAPPY VALLEY they call Sudan, we found it having fallen in difficult times.

While there, we also heard rumours of OPIUM taking by the southerners. However, we decided to ignore that for now and focus on their debt problem.

To find out why such a potentially wealthy nation was having difficulties with DEBTS, we visited a TEMPLE called World Bank located in a valley called USA.

Therein, we found a HIGH PRIEST. When we inquired as to the DEBT issues of Sudan, we heard him say something like this.

Sudan is having very serious problems coping with "the enormous challenge of its debt problem."

Hearing these disturbing news, we inquired further. How much do these CORRUPT, TRIBALISTIC and full of IMPUNITY Sudanese owe to the gods of money?

The answer was shocking. We were duly informed that, these STUPID Sudanese had a foreign debt of $ 37.8 BILLION in 2010.

Hearing this, we inquired further as to why these CORRUPT Sudanese would have such a debt and have nothing to show for it. The answer we got was like this:

"The ravages of the 1983-2005 civil war have left south Sudan one of the poorest regions of the world and heavily dependent on foreign aid."


Upon hearing this, we decided to visit a small valley called California where they produce movies. We went there because we heard that, at times, those movies can tell some interesting facts.

While in California, we were able to locate a movie called The International or something like that.

In this movie which will never be known as well as the Al Capone movies and such, a guy there explains:



(b) the ESSENCE OF THE BANKING INDUSTRY as we hear here:

Anonymous said...

1. Ali hassan Joho
His point man and distributor Adamo
Adamo’s storage facilities
Hardware store in Nakuru owned by Superintendent of Police Wachira and Son William Wachira

Some of Adamo’s buyers are- Andy “Isreali national working for Telecoms arm of the Israeli firm Amiran – it provides equipment to the Police General services unit & Administration police in Kenya

2. Ali Punjani prominent business man who owns “Metro Cash and Carry “is the Clearing Agent for Amiran Kenya Ltd
Managing Director for Punjani’s clearing and forwarding company is “ David Mbugua cell phones associated with him are 254-722-402195.
The Heroin is repackaged for local distribution under the brand of “ MUMIAS SUGAR”

In 2020 large shipment arrived at Mombasa port on a vessel named “ SARAFINA” it was loaded on a [color=Red]white Mitsubishi Canter registration “KBK 168V” the drugs shipment belonged to Member of Parliament Kisauni Constituency “HASSAN ALI JOHO” [/color]person handling the drugs shipment for him used cell phone number 073-4473765

Another close associate of MP Ali Hassan Joho is HARUB KATRI IBRAHIM – deals in stolen vihecles originating from the UK
Ali Hassan Joho’s other brother associated in the same Drug trafficking is Abubakar Joho cell phone number used for trafficking is/was 0723-419-481

TAKE NOTE: MP Ali Hassan Joho and Police office “ Leo Nyongesa identified individuals with criminal drug related records- trained them to be police reservists- then used them in their drug trafficking business, with shipments originating from Paskistan where one of Ali Joho’s brothers resides.

Some of MP Ali Ibraham Joho are/were Yusuf, Bushman and Bundi
Several of MP ALI Ibraham Joho’s associates in the Drug trafficking are
1.Swaleh Kandereni,
2. Billy Mahandi
3, Swaleh Ahmed
4. Daniel Emeka
5. Harub Katri Ibrahim –MP Malindi
6. Gideon Mungaro,
7. Shan Khan “aka” Shamu
8. Said Hamisi
Ali Ibraham main associate is his Brother “ Abubakar Joho his cell phone is/was 0722-216-333
Abubakar usually hosted powerful politicians such as MARY WAMBUI- second wife to President KIBAKI

Hon John Harun Mwau & William Kabogo Gitua are considered to be very dangerous as they have been reportedly linked to CONTRACT KILLINGS against law enforcement officials and informers who looked into their DRUG TRAFFICKING AND OTHER ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES


The came’s HON JOHN HARUN MWAU- has a long history of drug trafficking, human trafficking
( Mwau was a former police officer trained in sniper) Mwau is one of the wealthiest and most powerful individual in Kenya all due to DRUG & HUMAN TRAFFICKING.

Mwau owned Pepe Container Freight Terminal and was very close and associated with the AKASHA family drug borans of Mombasa.


Cell Phone numbers associated with this in dividual are : 0205-70527 – 0722-512-779 – 254248786
Emails address- –
Hon Mwau’s is FATHER IN-LAW to“ WILLIAM KABOGO GITAU former MP Juja major drug trafficker and is responsible for all operations at the container depots and paying bribes to release any of their couriers caught including bribing POLICE, MAGISTRATES, AND JUDGES. Those included in Mwau’s close trafficking unite –

William Kabogo Gitua’s associate in the drug trafficking is his brother PAUL KAMAU MBURU and Joyce a second hand cloths dealer who uses her business to import drugs.

Paul Kamau Mburu uses his companies – ORBIT FORWARDERS, LEON TRANSPORTERS & NEPTUNE FORWARDERS to transport HEROIN and other narcotics.
Example of Paul Kamau Mburu’s shipments identified were
1. container Number MSKU 8988994
Mburu uses the cover of used cloths/Mitumba import business to import containers of DRUGS

Anonymous said...

As one would expect, Raila Odinga may not be an evil man but he is a man who has bitten more chunks of political deals than he or his base can chew.

There is a likelihood that he may end being choked by some of the many deals he keeps making in order to safe face and stay afloat in many ways than one.

Raila Odinga may not be an evil person but he has been known to make deals with evil characters and groups of people who have never had Kenya's best interests at heart.

Although I am not bothered by whether Raila Odinga is an evil leader or a man whose hands are tied, but I might without any intention of disrespect say, the most evil and disastrous opposition to Kenya's democracy and future well being is the general population that refused to embrace the great transformation of urbanity, rural development, ethnic identity as well as one's own identity.

Talking of the same population of Kenyans who have adamantly refused to discard old prejudices, negative ethnicity (tribalism at it worst), superstitions and still reject to enthusiastically embrace new ideas and ways of life.

Most Kenyans still shy away from confronting the real evil (white snake) in their living rooms in urban areas, and homesteads.

We still shy away from looking into the mirrors of own prejudices, superstition, negative ethnicity, cemented patterns of voting as ethnic blocks, and a very deep seated "us versus them" mentality.

We the people are the ones who still embrace evil on many levels of lives, and we still have our personal, local, regional and national hands tied for all the wrong (evil) reasons that can be found within national borders.

DM-Nairobi said...


Here's the full list of top Kenyan Drug Barons under Kibaki's Patronage (50 individuals). Pure EVIL I tell you. Shame on you President Kibaki for protecting this impunity - there's still time for you to repent before you go to meet our God and Creator!

1. Former Assistant Minister John Harun Mwau

2. Gideon Moi – Arms trafficking to DRC and orbit transporters that belongs to him used for drugs.

3. Gideon Mung’aro – MP Malindi.

4. Abubakhar Joho – Brother to Joho who hosts powerful politicians including MARY Wambui

5. Debra Sanaipei Ntimama

6. Mary Riziki – owner Makini herbal Clinic

7. Prezzo – Popular Musician

8. ANDY – Israeli National working for Amiran Kenya (Horticulture farm)

9. William Wachira – Senior policeman with warehouse in Nakuru, Son was arrested in 2009 for stealing car and narcotics from father

10. Antony Chinedu AKA Tony Walz – remember Akinyi??

11. Gatiba Karanja – Former CID Chief

12. Michael Munga aka SONKO –Owner Coco Beach

13. Stanley Livondo

14. Mohammed Doukoure

15. Alan Herd – Manager Kijepwa Airstrip

16. Muthie – a well connected Police Officer

17. Humphrey Kariuki Ndegwa – At one time had 2 billion deposited on his account

18. Ali K. Pemba

19. Harub Katri Ibrahim

20. Moustafa Hakim

21. Swaleh Kanderemi, Billy Maharandi and Swaleh Ahmed ( Former Joho campaigners all arrested and convicted)

22. Din Barawa – received 1m TO BRIBE magistrate

23. Alessandro Toniani

24. Diana Koech – senior Flight Attendant Kenya Airways

25. Ken Obina

26. Mohammed Jaffer – Grain Bulk Handling at the port of Mombasa.

27. Ashik Deshi

28. Mohammed Muralli

29. Rashid Sajaad – Former MP

30. Kimathi – senior police officer

31. Paul – Heroine supplier in PAKISTAN

32. Kabogo Mistress

33. Kamunyo - Mwalimu motors owner

34. Langata Motors – owned by Ugandan Crime Syndicate

35. 680 Hotel

36. Wines of the World

37. Brown

38. Yatich –NSIS

39. Joyce – A clothing Director

40. Paul Kamau Mburu –Kabogo’s Brother

41. Evans Kamau- Kabogo brother

42. Kangethe –Kabogo Brother

43. Metro Cash and Carry – Drugs come in as Mumias Sugar

44. Hinga – Policeman

45. St.Teresa Catholic Church – operational ground

46. Sahara Forwarders

47. Four Winds

48. Cover Africa –Canon Towers Mombasa

49. Mama Mercy – was used to distribute to street children who would sell in turn.

50. Wamalwa Eugene – helped waive payment of import duty as a lawyer

Anonymous said...

@Anon 6.23 AM,
You forgot to mention one Nancy W. ( Owner of Pivot Point) who was the best maid in Yvonne Wamalwas wedding and is also a relative of the Kenyatta Family. Her daughter has been using drugs that she distributes to the extent she is on rehab in South Africa.

Anonymous said...

@10:39 AM
Give her credit for sending her daughter to rehab in South Africa while so many other parents East Africa, Euorpe and North America are still in denial.

BTW, @10:39 AM, did you post the same comments somewhere else? And if so, do you still feel lost in the 'patchwork' of economic possibilities enjoyed by many young and not so old Kenyans who are NOT involved any criminal enterprises?

Does the feeling grind you down whenever you are back in Kenya for your two to three or four weeks homecoming stint, call it "vacation" or "leave" or "holiday"?

Don't even mention the fact that some of your siblings, cousins, distant relatives, former neighbours and schoolmates are now enjoying a good standard of living and they no longer look up to you let alone dying to join you in the diaspora.

Eeeeeeh! Are you envious because of their entrepreneurial achivements, or the fact that they now have good careers, run busineses, own homes in good neighbourhoods, drive new vehicles, and have a great time enjoying work, weekends, family and friends?

Times have really changed to the point young Kenyans no longer feel that their only option in life is to flee the country under the guise of seeking college education in Southern Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Europe, Australia and North America.

Many are now confronted with a multitude of choices that previously were unimaginable - choices of local universities, career, intimate relationships, political, social and religious values, even the very definition of one's identity.

Of course Kenya will always have its usual share of those living in abject poverty in the same way Europe, Australia and North America has its ever increasing hordes of homeless population and those living below the poverty line.

Remember those days when some diasporans loved bragging about their startups and how they were going to be the next Bill Gates, Sergey Brin, Lawrence Page, David Pilo, David Bohnett, Jeff Mallet, Jerry Yang, John Rezer, or Mark Zuckerberg?

Are you still the king, queen, prince or princess of your extended family, village, clan, hometown or city neighboured in 2011?

Or has the tide changed so much to the point where you are no longer relevant, popular, and a star as was the case few years ago?

Anonymous said...

Well, at least Raila is not dabbling in drugs. Quite frankly, that's a BIG plus. I really hope he can speak out against it. It is a bad thing.

Anonymous said...

One thing that amazes me about RAO haters (mostly from the Mt. Kenya region) is the passion with which they vehemently swear that he will never be the PORK. Even when a post on Kumekucha has nothing to to with him they somehow link it (like Ruto) to him as the genesis of the problem if there is any or not. These haters speak with so much hate for him but near do the same with passion for the alternative to him in Kenyan politics. One wonders why RAO haters (who should always identify themselves) can not speak with so much passion for their tribal kings within the KKK axis.I wonder, is it you hate the guy or you just hate the fact that you admire the man RAO has come to be in Kenya & internationally.

Bobby6Killer said...

Wonders never cease. Two time MP Kabogo was Harun Mwau's driver before he became his son in law according to the drug barons dossier. That put's a new twist to driving Miss Daisy.

RAO may not be directly implicated in the drug saga, at least from the few pages I've read so far, but I doubt whether any active politician has not benefited from this blood money. It's a national shame politicians willingly went down this cursed path.

Anonymous said...

Raila is a filthy felow. His first order of business when he became the PM was to make his brother the Ass. Minister in the Treasury and his sister a diplomat. Even crazy Moi didn't go that far!!!!

Anonymous said...

Raila is a vengeful evil man. In 2007, he promised the Meru people tears if he ever become president. He goes around expecting other communities to worship him the way his Jaluos worship him.

Anonymous said...

Raila doesn't need to have handled drugs with his hands. It is enough that he knowingly benefitted from drug proceeds. Harumn Mwau funded Raila's 2007 presidential campaigns with drug money and in return, Raila made Mwau Assistant Minister. Thus, Raila should be in a maximum security jail.

Anonymous said...

Raila is a clever man, Kibaki and his henchmen were planning to take Kenya out of ICC through AU , even before they started moving on thier plans Raila is appointed AU roving Ambassordor ..... CHECKMATE, lets see who has more influence. This one is going nowhere. The document will have to be rejected or signed by General Kaguoya ... no escape this time.

Legacy .... The man who took Kenya back to lawlessness

Anonymous said...

@Anon1/12/11 12:14 AM
Anti raila people, abhor violence which is all that raila stands for Sample this
- ford kenya elections vs wamalwa,
- 1992 coup attempt,
- the violence in mathare north in 1997 when raila was in kanu the
- raila vs mayor oile violence in kisumu in the 90s
- the beating of orengo outside county hall by raila supporters
- the whipping of councilors into voting for shabeer and of course the coup de grace post elections violence by soldiers for democracy,

The common denominator in these violent episodes is one, raila given this mans history, can you then trust him with the instruments of legitimate violence? I say a resounding NOOOOOO!
Elect him at your own peril

Anonymous said...

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