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Friday, October 29, 2010

Three Down, Now KACC Steps on Live Wire

UPDATE: Mayor Majiwa finally throws in the towel and steps aside. But the real test now begins when KACC steps on the live wire that is Anglo Leasing and Goldenberg. PLO, say your last prayers and never say you were never warned. You will know the true owners of Kenya now that you have dared fly so close to the sun oblivious of the fact that your wings are waxed. OLE WAKO.

This is turning out to be an historic week for the reborn nation under the new constitution. The week began with Ruto's date with court to answer charges of fraudulent land deals. This was promptly followed by Nairobi Mayor Majiwa having breakfast at KACC offices before being charged in court for his involvement in the cemetery scam. And even before the rowdy councillors would shout PNU/ODM, today the net widened for bigger catch, PS Mwangi and his minister who both stepped aside after seeing the writing on the wall in capital letters.

As if they are taking a cue from last week's post on this blog, Foreign Affairs Minister Moses Wetangula and his permanent secretary Thuita Mwangi have today voluntarily stepped aside to pave way for investigations into the Tokyo scum. In deciding not to wait for where the axe was most likely going to fall next on the chopping block the two birds of a feather have astutely chosen to dodge rather than bite the bullet and live to fight another day

Make no mistake about it, it was only a matter of time before President Kibaki would have suspended Hon Wetangula from the cabinet; after all the almost retired 3rd president of the republic is on a roll, and whether condemned or not for his actions he is in the process of leaving behind his legacy which he wants to be remembered by. Minister Wetangula and his lackey have made the decision easier for the President by opting to gracefully exit stage left and thus help maintain proof that the political illusion of the new promulgated constitution at work.

Simply stated, its time for the spirit of our new laws to be put to work even before the ink dries on the letters that spelt them out. By Wetangula not waiting to be suspended he is sending albeit reluctantly the message that Kenyans of all ages who have lived through 3 administrations contemptuous of the law have yearned to hear all their lives: no one is above the law and the rules must be obeyed by both great and small. And let us give credit where it is due the Kenya Anti Corruption Commission are finally matching their bark with their bite in being seen to and doing justice in the fight against corruption with measured punches that are only just beginning to aim past their institutional weight. They still have a long way to go but they most deservedly can receive a pat on the back Kumekucha style

Meanwhile the baton is slowly but surely being passed onto you and I, the true owners of the county. Kenyans are slowly crawling out of self imposed IDP exile in their own country to discover their voice is beginning to be heard and they can have a say in how they want the affairs of their country to be run. Whereas its too early to shout "free at last" the signs of what the future portends for us are hopeful if we keep up the momentum. But brace yourselves because the ICC has not made its move yet in what will be the ultimate test of the nation's melded fabric under a new constitution

We must not delude ourselves to rush in popping the champaigne just yet. The cancer of TRIBALISM is not in any hurry to depart from our shores. But all the same the vice couldn't save Wetangula's neck even when surrounded by Wekesa, Shitanda and Eselli at his darkest political hour. Next head please!!


Taabu said...

Surely the chicken are coming home to roost and get ROASTED. But as you aptly warn we dare not tempt fate by prematurely cocking champaigne. True to the time-tested adage once bitten numerously shy.

The true strength of the broom will be tested when KACC steps on the LIVE wire. Only after then will PLO know the difference between wenye inchi na wanainchi.

So far so good and the new Kenya is providing plenty of fresh air throughout the country. Rule of law and the signal that nobosy is above it. Has Emilio acquired grafted teeth and equally sturdy jaws to match? Well, till will soon tell but we have sothing to hold on to and no need to read malice from and angel's script.

No more business as usual and the ghosts from hitherto securely locked Kanu closet are crawling out. We must slay them in equal measure and start reclaiming out country. Parliament is bitting and like growing feet if its own, NEXT HEAD please (gulloitine!).

PS: Are they WALKING ALONE ama there are ghosts lurking in the shadows? OLE WAKO!

Anonymous said...

The million dollar question is, will majiwa and mudavadi step aside or is this "new broom" selective in that it only clears out PNU dirt and not ODM dirt?

Anonymous said...

The ODM dirt? Willy Ruto and Majiwa, what about PNU dirt? Just the Lawyer - of the Political responsibility fame.

The brooms bristles need to be replaced and the CIC needs to build more Jaw muscles.

Anonymous said...

@ anonymous at 11:13 AM said,

"...or is this "new broom" selective in that it only clears out PNU dirt and not ODM dirt?"

Surely, you are leaving in dreamland. If anything, the broom needs to clear the PNU dirt, the likes of Goldenberg, Anglo Leasing, Grand Regency and the Arturs scandals,etc

@Luke, the poster of the original thread,

Do not even think that Kibaki is the one to leave this legacy. My dear, it is the new constitution at work. If anything, too much good has recently been happening in Kenya, and sincerely put, am already starting to get uncomfortable. For us long as we still have those old thieves on the throne....the respite to anti-corruption season is vehemently knocking at the doors

As Taabu said the test will only come when the live wire has been tampered with.

However much he tries, Kibaki aint leaving no legacy. What is happening in Kenya today, read new constitution, is the sweat of we the wananchi


Mbwa Kali said...

The Broom need to sweep:
Kawjang - Work Permit scandal
Mudavadi - Cementary Scandal
Raila - Kisumu Molasses plants

Do I need say...

Anonymous said...

what does Kibaki WALKING accross to PM's offices mean?

Kumethuka sana huko nairobi!

Chuki Fitina said...

Premature ejaculation.

Until some bigwig is in jail, pays a huge fine or property is confiscated then all this premature celebration.

Cabinet ministers have been sacked for corruption before, PS's have been in court before only to return to power before resolution... and tribunals to probe corruption etc . But the parade never gets past the dais, the issue gets out of public consciousness as soon some other turn in this soap opera .

Until we have the organizers of the corrupt deals in jail, our money back into the treasury and the new crop of public officials running away from every corrupt deal then as before we are just lying to ourselves.

Its not january 2003 anymore we cannot afford to get excited at any sign of progress.

Instead popping bottles you should have instead asked if this wave will translate to indictments , convictions and subsequently deterrence.

Anonymous said...

The Kanu filth is flowing freely on the streets: Ruto, Wetangula etal, who is next?

This Wetangula guy is crowding the seen. How can he steel the headlines and deny WS Ruto the limelight? Ruto needs all the acre of space to remind Kenyans he is INNOCENT and his court battles are political, LOL.

Next head please!!

Anonymous said...

anon Bwana Kali

yes you should say more

1. Uhuru Treasury scandal- but wait why not o back to ownership of land his father stole?
2. Saitoti- theft
3. Finance Minister Amos Kimunya - now with the new constitution, Grand Regency deal should be looked at closely, investigations and exchange of money in some accounts - with dubious relatives names abroad should be looked at.. even Qaddafi does not protect payments made in offshore accounts to thieves,



Senior officials were implicated in the awarding of contracts worth millions of dollars to a fictitious company called Anglo Leasing and Finance, for supplying Kenya with a system to produce passports that could not be forged - and building police forensic laboratories.

The scandal, which first came to light in 2004, is the biggest to occur under Kibaki - who stands accused of knowing about the matter, but failing to address it.

Attempts by the media Tuesday to have Justice and Constitutional Affairs Minister Martha Karua or the KACC's Ringera provide information about the status of investigations into the scam were fobbed off - Karua simply declining to answer the questions.

should we name more?
no need to post propaganda here, most Kenyans can get facts like anyone else from the internet
just type on Google "Kenya corruption cases" get facts on the real crooks!

Philip said...


I don't want to repeat this correction that I made in one of the post and I don't know if I was correcting you or Chris.

Country in Kiswahili is "Nchi"

Inch in Kiswahili is "Inchi"

Mwarang'ethe said...

If King Canute succeeded to halt the sea tide, Kenyans shall also succeed in their their "war" against corruption.

Anonymous said...

@ Chuki Fitina prior to convictions we probably need to add restraining orders to the likes of Majiwa. He actually reported to work today inspite of the pending case against him. You're absolutely right that without convictions there's nothing to celebrate.

@ Oracle none taken, man. All in a days blog.


Anonymous said...


Ati 'free at last." How delusional can you be. Wetangula, Thuita and Kajuang are going nowhere; and when they are done with you, their children will lord over your children.

Anonymous said...

Everyone here is missing the point. Corruption has to be stopped even if it means jailing my own grandma. Be it Raila, Wetangula, Ruto, Goga, Kibaki, Moi, Mudavadi, PNU, ODM, Kanu... It has to be stopped and the only way to start is to have past incidences looked into. And some are so serious that I suggest KACC should introduce a two-man-rule where if one is found guilty their spouses should be thrown in too. Kwani how does your wife/husband turn up one day with a ton load of loot and you fail to question its source. Let us wake up.

Anonymous said...

Sadly the euphoria we are seeing right now is going to end very soon and it will be business as usual thereafter. I might not be as pessimistic as Mwarangethe, but I doubt the GOK is capable of the gigantic task of fighting corruption. Here is why I think there is still no goodwill (never mind the weak structures on the ground).

If you carefully examine the unfolding corruption cases, you’ll notice that it’s actually the media which exposes them, NOT the GOK machinery as one would expect. But where are the CID and KACC officers who are supposed to be in the frontline? You might argue that KACC is doing something but as Taabu fears, wait until they they step on a live wire. I’m hesitant to say that currently some sections of GOK thrives on corruption and therefore they can find the going very tough if corruption was to be eliminated completely. Do not ask me how but I can assure you that in a corruption free environment 50% of public officers would opt to resign.

The cases of Wantengula, Thuita & Majiwa is comparable to a an unlucky wo/man who is caught pants down, yet there are many with similar tendencies out there. The first two will probably be reinstated but Majiwa is likely to be overthrown by some money-hungry ‘City Hell’ thug.

You can now lynch me for being too pessimistic in the new dawn!

Mwarang'ethe said...

Anonymous wrote

I might not be as pessimistic as Mwarangethe, but I doubt the GOK is capable of the gigantic task of fighting corruption.


We are not pessimistic for the sake of it.

We are taught by Machiavelli this:

". . .I have not found among my belongings anything as dear to me or that I value as much as my understanding of the deeds of great men, won by me from a long acquaintance with:



these matters I have very diligently analyzed and pondered for a long time, and now, having summarized them in a little book, I am sending them to Your

Many may wonder why we talk of stories from Sumeria, Babylon, Ancient Greece, Rome, founding of America etc.

However, as Machiavelli taught us, this ancient knowledge is VITAL so as to understand current politics/economics and stupidity of our day. There is no short cut.

Thus, when you look at our "fight against corruption" from such long perspective which affords you to appreciate the true human nature, you will have no choice, but, to say this fight is a delusion led by idlers like Lumumba.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 4:13 the link you provided gives an error message when I copy paste on the browser. Care to give a hint as to what it's about to enable a google search of the article?

To our recent cyber activist who was to post his e-activism views on KK recently to Jukwaa & Mashada. Well done! I've seen the warm welcomes you registered over at Jukwaa. Wish you could provide the facebook translations on Bukusu reaction to Wetangula's demise on KK as well. Very enlightening this new dawn mood in KE today.


Anonymous said...

Majiwa throws in the towel and resigns. Next head/neck please!!

Anonymous said...

Those of us who continue being apathetic and at the same time see no hope in the fight against corruption in our country, we continue making progress albeit 'baby steps' we shall continue to crawl but eventually we shall walk.

Even the Ancient sumerians and greek would have found it difficult to deal with the sloth on the hill and his side kicks.

Yes! the government continues to feed us with unpalatable prescriptions on this war against corruption, but we have to agree times have changed and will continue to change.

The suspensions of Ruto and subsequent resignations of Wetangula haven't brought about village reactions in Eldoret and Bungoma that can result in the dismemberment of our nation, like it was back in the day.

What remains to be seen is if the sloth on the Hill and his PM are committed to handle this war.

The VP as usual is indecisive and cant be seen to be "attacking" his political allies and like all matters affecting the Nation he has left for the toilet like he does in parliament.

Whether they will ensure effective prosecution to deter grand theft against those who have strong prima facie cases against them is what remains to be seen.

And those of us who have an attitude that life is one BIG problem, cannot be rescued even by the 'high priests' not even by the vicar in chief, all we can do is maybe pay for them a ticket from one of those Sir. Richard Bransons flights to the moon, so that they can live in space.

They will forever remain cynical and percieve themselves to be wise in the ways of the world, but they ought to realise that the world ought not to or will never bend to their wishes.

The Oracle has spoken

Mwarang'ethe said...

Even the Ancient sumerians and greek would have found it difficult to deal with the sloth on the hill and his side kicks.


Actually, the truth is this. The Greeks and their friends found it impossible to reform their oligarchy. As result, their civilization sunk into dust.

A classic example of how civilizations fail is this:

The Romans were defeated because they were unable to re - organise their army from infantry into cavalry.

This was for a very simple reason. Cavalry required a lot of grains for horses, but, they could not supply the grains required because their institutionalised slave system.

In other words, to get enough grains required reform of their economy, but, to do so was to take away the power of LAND owners.

NB: Does land problem sound familiar in 2010?

Instead of reforming the system, the Roman government, tried to STIMULATE the economy from chronic depression, but, only enlarged bureacracy and increased tax burden.

NB: Do we read that, all governments are STIMULATING their economies in 2010?

People never learn!

Anonymous said...


Now you have hit an all time LOW. Stop selective lifting of sentences whose meaning you don't get. The salvo aimed at your ilk by Oracle is in the last sentence which you conviniently avoid.

You obsession with Sumerian folklore is so flogged and tired you must be such a shameless villager exported abroad. Please try to CONTEXTUALIZE your folklore with reality on the ground and quit ego expansion, will you?

Anonymous said...

Poor Machiavelli. His specific advise to the Medici family is widely quoted and always out of context. Yet his truly important contributions to governance and citizenship go totally ignored. Poor chap!

Philip said...

Mwarangethe says:

People never learn

Philip says:

There is a reason I don't know Greek and Latin.

Let me repeat again. That when you started talking about LAND, MONEY e.t.c we didn't understand what you were saying, then later you started writing in such a way that we started understanding. Now you have gone overboard trying to counter all arguements with arguements that are so complex and incomprehensible that they don't help at all, and I might not be surprised to find out that it's not your area of specialty and you also don't understand well.

If I have to approach things like you then I'll blatantly tell you that this world will never become a better world until Jesus comes the second time. Evil will never cease, and evil brings in selfishness, greed e.t.c that even what we see as a perfect human theory like yours cannot stop evil. That's why you need to appreciate the little step a toddler takes otherwise you'll continue beating and insulting him/her wondering why he/she can't walk at his/her age of six months. You think you are helping but you are not helping at all.

Look at where Kenya is now, our institutions e.t.c. and tell us what we need to do. Concerning constitution you had what you believed to be the solution but you were ignored by COE, so what is your next move, learn the 'Art of War', how you need to make little steps until you implement your theories, otherwise they'll not go beyond this blog. Wangari Maathai did not start by planting one million trees PAP. She started from somewhere.

Its sad that even after you have been told by several people, including me as early as when we were arguing about the constitution, you still 'selectively lift sentences' from a post and argue against it, in the end not answering any question.

Let me tell you again, go back to issues you understand well of LAND, MONEY e.t.c without dwelling in Greek history, which has become your new kid, just because you want to argue in support of your theories.

If you insist to continue like that then let's go to the ring and I'll tell you that the world will never become a better place until Jesus comes, if you bring your theories it will be thrashed.

Aaaarrggghhh fortunately I don't want to go that way because I don't have such a pessimistic attitude, and that's why I appreciate little steps we are making as a country.

Aaaarggghhh and I don't know why I haven't followed Oracle's advice as you will not accept anything I have said.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 3.21PM.

Let those who are self - absorbed & with brains which operate selectively be, after all we are used to their diversions.

All we can do is read their comments idly and hope that some day a " time machine " will be invented to send them back to their Sumerian time warp, for now they are not ready to disembark from their medieval fortress.

@ Philip,

The theoretical cries and irrelevant defences will continue. Its better to rely on the book of revelation than on "Modern high priests".

We all wish that their was an electric magnet that we could use to help identify and pluck out all the corrupt beings but unfortunately we do not.

A survey conducted by PWC on the Kenyan financial services sector last year, revealed that this institutions have some of the best internal controls that can rival even that of western financial institutions . But only failed because of a glaring inherent risk, that of eliminating the HUMAN FACTOR which controls unfortunately cannot eliminate.

We shall continue like I said, crawling but one day we shall walk. A Kamiti or Manyani camp ticket for just one "BIG FISH" will send shivers down the spine of other corrupt disciples.

Nelson Mandela once said...." it always seems impossible until its done"

we can learn from history but we cannot continue living in history.

The Oracle has Spoken

Mwarang'ethe said...

Philip wrote

Aaaarrggghhh fortunately I don't want to go that way because I don't have such a pessimistic attitude, and that's why I appreciate little steps we are making as a country.

Aaaarggghhh and I don't know why I haven't followed Oracle's advice as you will not accept anything I have said


It is difficult to understand where you are coming from. We are still on the land question because, as you can see, Ruto, Mayor, Wetangula are all involved with land issues.

Now, you preach to us that, we are making baby steps. Yes, baby steps when we are still sinking into more land corruption as we see here:

"Emoro farm residents decry corrupt deals."

How do you reconcile the baby steps you are talking about and this on going corruption??

To Oracle, we just tell you this. Politics not purified by historical knowledge are vulgar.

Anonymous said...

Wooooo! Nimeshinda! Nimeshinda! Thanks to the "High Priest" I have just won a 5K bet in the office that the PREDATOR in chief would pounce on my remarks.

I can't wait to spend this useless paper tonight.

I have been vindicated thanks for making my Friday, jioni mambo ni Carnivore for 'mulembe' night.

I hope somebody invents that "time - machine" for you, I really do, for your sake.

The Oracle has Spoken

Anonymous said...

Aaaaaargh! Kumbe people never learn. The Oracle has clearly stated that we can "LEARN from HISTORY but we cannot CONTINUE living in history".

Should that statement be translated into Sumerian so that we UNDERSTAND!

Anonymous said...


The Economist UK writes

Opinion pollsters put Mr Odinga, the undisputed leader of the Luo with an additional strong constituency among the have-nots and Muslims, well in the lead. But much could change in the next 18 months.

Three factors should help him. First, though President Kibaki, soon to turn 79 and due to retire in 2012, also campaigned for the new constitution, its endorsement was seen as an achievement for Mr Odinga. Second, he has made progress towards stopping and even reversing land grabs in the Rift Valley, including the Mau Forest area, which has been devastated largely by land-hungry Kalenjin people in cahoots with politicians connected to a previous presidency. Third, Mr Odinga has promised, albeit with wobbles, to send leading politicians alleged to have stirred up post-election ethnic violence in 2008 to the International Criminal Court at The Hague. Top of the list, everyone says, is Mr Odinga’s erstwhile ally and leading Kalenjin, William Ruto, now his deadly enemy. Mr Odinga would lose what little of the Kalenjin vote he still has, but might gain elsewhere if Mr Ruto were dispatched. Kenyans in general strongly back the idea of sending such suspects to the ICC.

Many people argue that the Kikuyu, who, with the related Meru and Embu, comprise 22% of Kenyans, would never let a Luo, only 11%, be president. But the Kikuyu are now unusually divided. Their most prominent figure, Uhuru Kenyatta—the current finance minister, son of Kenya’s first president, Jomo Kenyatta, and still Mr Odinga’s likeliest rival for president—is beset by rivals within his group. It is widely aired that he may also be requested at The Hague for crimes he denies committing.

Moreover, some moderate Kikuyu, including Mr Kibaki, are thought to have come round to the idea that it would be unwise for their group, which is regarded jealously by many other Kenyans, to hold on to the presidency yet again. And they may well find Mr Odinga, who has put out the hand of friendship to many Kikuyu, tolerable. If he could win over rising Kikuyu stars such as Peter Kenneth, an assistant minister, he might well be able to gather the necessary 50% of votes cast in the second round of a presidential race—a requirement under the new constitution.

British papers turn spotlight on Kenya.

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