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Sunday, May 16, 2010

The drama at the Yes and No rallies yesterday

Why is Kumekucha a new fan of Caroline Mutoko?

They say that in politics anything is possible. And this was proved yesterday when the likes of William Ruto enthusiastically shared the very same platform with church folks like the respected Pastor Mark Kariuki of Redeemed Gospel church Nakuru.

Even the extremely unlikely alliance in the UK after the recent general elections, between the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats does not compare. By the way for those unfamiliar with UK politics, this would be like Daniel arap Moi returning to politics and forming an alliance with Martha Karua’s Narc Kenya. Or Moi forming a government with the likes of Mwalimu Mati.
Meanwhile at Uhuru park an equally unlikely alliance of PNU hardliners mixed freely with ODM diehards selling exactly the same message. Admittedly the gathering at Uhuru park evoked poignant memories of the epic National Rainbow coalition (Narc) rally at the same venue in 2002 where Raila Odinga uttered the two words that decided the presidency; “Kibaki Tosha.” So in a way it was not so strange. At least not as strange as the gathering at Mulu Mutisya grounds in Machakos.

In my view the church would have done a lot better campaigning on its’ own rather than having respected church leaders freely brushing shoulders with some of the characters that have caused our beloved Kenya just too much grief in the past. William Ruto and Cyrus Jirongo’s Youth for Kanu 92 (YK92) was responsible for dishing out tons of Kshs 500 notes unleashing unprecedented inflationary pressures which will still affect your great grand children 100 years from now. I think the church has completely lost it this time. For instance in Machakos yesterday a few speakers told blatant lies about the new constitution and the respected church leaders did not stand up to correct the lies or tell their flock the truth. One speaker (A Kamba politician) told the Akamba people that if they voted YES to the constitution all the numerous Kamba people living at the Coast and elsewhere would have to pack their bags and come back home to Machakos.

Church leaders are also putting themselves in a very tricky position bearing in mind the dodgy sources of financing being used in the NO campaign. I am reliably informed that the money proper is yet to come. Hii ni kionjo tuu, mambo bado. Kenyans (including those who are going to vote NO on principal) need to understand a couple of things about those leading the No campaign. They need to be informed even as they vote NO. Without boring you with too much detail, you need to ask yourself when is the last time that Cyrus Jirongo teamed up with William Ruto and what the results were for the Kenyan people. It was in 1992 and I have already told you what happened (and continues to happen). I have a feeling that our fragile economy which is just starting to recover from the post election troubles is going to be hit very hard in the next two months or so as money is literally poured to deny Kenyans the best chance they have had to make good since independence in 1963. Although all the money in the world will not dent the resolve of the Kenyan people, it will certainly affect the economy.

Incidentally something else that I found very interesting happened at Uhuru Park yesterday. The crowd got bored with Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka’s speech and urged him to finish pronto and take his seat. It is easy to start making accusations and suggestions that somebody organized this or somebody’s supporters wanted to embarrass the VP. But the truth is that the Kenyan public on the ground are a lot wiser than they used to be. Don’t forget that we have been fooled too many times and have these days gotten a lot wiser with the hypocrisy that has been the trade mark of Kenyan politicians. Remember the words of that young Rookie who became president in 1960 called J.F. Kennedy. He said you can fool some people all the time and you can fool others most of the time but you cannot fool all the people all the time.

It is clear that the general mood on the ground is that Kalonzo Musyoka is NOT really settled and comfortable in the YES camp. Indeed William Ruto started his speech in Machakos yesterday by telling the people that he was bringing them greetings from “wiper”. Wiper was the slogan Kalonzo Musyoka used in his presidential campaign of 2007. Ruto then added that there were many in the YES camp who were really in the NO camp. Wow!!!

This brings me to yet another interesting development I have recently noted. My antennae is still very much on the ground and unbelievingly the so-called second draft has had the unexpected reaction of causing a number of “NO” voters to switch camp to the YES side. It is as if they were waiting for a signal that the rich and powerful are truly against the draft constitution to hurl all their doubts out of the window and shift camps to the YES side. In a way this is should not be surprising because the level of poverty in the country is such that there are way too many Kenyans who always wait to see where the sentiments of the rich and powerful really lie for them to take the opposite position. As I have said many times here, if this situation is not checked, the next trouble we will have in Kenya will be the poor looting the homes of the rich.

By the way I still don’t buy Phil’s explanation in his post in this blog alleging that Daniel arap Moi and those in the No camp like William Ruto were responsible for the alterations in some copies of the draft constitution. He finishes his long-winded claim by saying that the culprits cannot be arrested at this time for political reasons. Sorry but I don’t buy that. I believe I am fairly familiar with the operations of the NSIS and have been familiar with those of its’ predecessor the Special branch for many years. I don’t believe that Moi or anybody else other than the president is capable of giving the NSIS orders. And if they are, then we have an even more serious crisis in our hands because my next question would be who is running Kenya? Do we have a defacto president operating from behind the shadows? Quite unlikely. I still stick to my story that the alterations were ordered from the highest authority in the land. As to the motives, only time will tell but if you have read my landmark book Dark secrets of the presidency, you will know of many other bizarre actions ordered by past presidents of the republic of Kenya and executed by the intelligence community that have impacted Kenyans tremendously. So it is nothing really new.

I will end this post by paying glowing tribute to Kiss FM’s Caroline Mutoko. I have not been listening to this radio station for years, but these days I am an avid listener of Mutoko’s breakfast show where she has been regularly digesting the draft constitution for Kenyans. And she does it in an ingenious way. By comparing the current constitution to the draft. For example a recent show compared the current constitution where all executive powers are vested in the presidency with the draft where executive powers are with the people to be exercised by the president (with limitations and checks by parliament).

The point we must all bear in mind is that if you vote NO in the referendum on August 4th you will be saying that the current constitution is better than the draft. Mutoko’s show is clearly giving plenty of evidence that that is not the case. Whatever you do don’t forget that.

In a way I wish we could record the names of all those who will vote NO so that our great grandchildren can be shown one day many years from now those who hindered change. I believe that 200 years from now people will have access to this blog and its’ posts and it will be recorded that Kumekucha and Caroline Mutoko amongst many others not only voted YES but campaigned vigorously for the YES camp and for change in our beloved motherland.

P.S. I have been looking everywhere for a statement from the VP distancing himself from Ruto's remarks in Machakos yesterday that implied he was secretly in the NO camp. By the time I posted this I had yet to find one. Take careful note my brothers and sisters and don't be fooled by what you hear politicians say. Not even Kibaki or Raila. Politics is the art of lying convincingly in broad daylight.


Anonymous said...

Chris said;

'The point we must all bear in mind is that if you vote NO in the referendum on August 4th you will be saying that the current constitution is better than the draft. Whatever you do don’t forget that.'
We are embarassed that even Chris who is fond of calling out the deceit of politicians can make such a disparaging remark. Does it mean in 2005 the NO groups, of which Kumekucha supported, were saying the current constitution was better??
Chris, you cannot purport to be the saint here calling kina Ruto the devil's sons while you are lying in broad daylight.

Its people like you that are giving the YES group a bad name. Those voting NO are marely saying some aspects of the draft need to be changed...just like in 2005..that to me is not rocket science.


Anonymous said...

I understand why some people would want to vote NO. I have just finished reading the Chris book, Dark secrets of the presidency. What a read!!

Chris, I think you are a big sissy and coward not to promote this book just because a few people jeered you here.

Your book really made me hate the office of the presidency and I understood it like I never have before.

You should distribute as many free copies as possible for Kenyans to understand the truth. Put your greed for money aside for once.

Anonymous said...

Point of correction Anon @ 2:26AM

Chris Kumekucha supported the YES camp in 2005 and has admitted here recently that he made the mistake of predicting that the YES side would win.

Anonymous said...

anon 2:38,

Chris supported NO but predicted a YES win courtesy of state bankrolled campaigns just like now.
Check your facts again.


Anonymous said...

Chris wacha kuwa nyuma hivyo.Kalonzo issued a televised statement ages ago condemning those who heckled him at Uhuru park and also denied sending anyone to Machakos with greetings from wiper.Now you are up to date!

Anonymous said...

Ati nimesema! Well, seeking identity through cheap bravado only exposes how hollow you are.

Typical Kenyan mindset of self-importance. Why not consider the message in the post and spare the messenger.

Chris has posted on the merits of the draft, deal with that and avoid smokescreens. The 2005 draft was rejected in toto and nobody wanted only amends. Comparing the 2005 scenario to the present to be more than 1000 days behind the village Kenyan. Endeleeni tu. MTADO?

Anonymous said...

ODM - Lets ensure we graduate from politics of heckling and revenge to politics of accomondation and building one nation. Kalonzo's position is clear - He has indicated in no uncertain terms that he is in YES camp. Kalonzo hakuangukia neither did liberal leader in UK. They worked hard for number three and opportunity arose and they grabbed it - just like me and you would. Lets graduate from politics of perception and innuendoes to mature politics where we do not drag our personal differences to a cause that is beyond petty village politics. We are discussing the future of our childrens, children

kUMEKUCHA - fyi Kalonzo has shot back at Ruto and advised him to learn his campaigns without using other people's popularity to gain acceptance.

Am not a Kalonzo apologist - but i did not like the goons sitting with me - whom am pretty sure had not read the constitution based on the discussions that were going as we waited for the principals - yet they shouted in unison to stop the " wiper servant leader". Lets be accomondating.

Mzee wa Kijiji

Anonymous said...

Mzee W K,
Stop being typical Kenya with your cheap and misplaced analogies. Ati KM took opportunity like Lib Dem's Clegg. Well, at least LDs secured 23% of votes na Kalonzo?

Ad while at it Clegg negotiated openly his way as DPM, na KM? Deceipt is Kenyans's trademark.

Philip said...

"But the truth is that the Kenyan public on the ground are a lot wiser than they used to be."

I wish you had put it like, "But the truth is that few Kenyan public on the ground are a lot wiser than they used to be."

Chris, if congregation can buy anointing oil from their pastors so that they can get blessings by applying it on their body, if congregation can buy anointing handkerchief so that they can get blessings, if congregation can remove 10% of their GROSS income above regular offering and special offering as tithe, if congregation can live their children in hunger just because they are ocntributing to the expansion of the church, if congregation can wreck their marriage because of spending too much time in church affairs, then how do you expect these people to become wiser when the same pastors use the "Word of God" to fight against constitution?

You need to go to church and you'll get a different picture from what you get on the ground. One of the consolation that the "yes" proponents have is that in every church there are, to use the term used by a church I know, "Members" and "Crowds". ("Members" participate in one or more Ministries in the church, they became members after getting "Born again" and baptised. "Crowds" are those who attend the church but are neither in the register of the church nor in any Ministry, simply put it this way, they attend the church but the church doesn't recognise them as belonging to the church.)

"Members" of many churches are unanimously going to vote "No". It's among the "Crowd" that there will be both "No" and "Yes". Fortunately again for "Yes" camp, in many churches, particularly Pentecostal churches, there are more "Crowd" than "Members", however I still see that majority of the "Crowd" will vote "No".

Let also Kalonzo say "No" or be neutral and you"ll see many of his supporters going to "No" camp, and that's when you'll realize that majority of Kenyans are not wise, they haven't read the constitution, and they will flock where their perceived leaders have directed them.

I can say that currently the battle is tight as the "No" camp has been gaining ground. This week will show if "Yes" team is going to fair well since they started official campaign yesterday.

Anonymous said...

1. Kibaki was hecled by rowdy councillors and he took them HEAD ON with a tongue lashing rich in vitroil.

2. Kalonzo is heckled by youths and he immediately sees an external hand.

Two similar events different actions. Who among the two showed and measured up to leadership?

Clue: playing victimhood/katikati

Anonymous said...

Who did it? Well here is the TRUE FACE of Kenya:

1.Govt printer is under OP (and who is the prezzo=Kibaki)

2. Who is the minister of security @ OP=Saitoti

3. PS, Security=Kimemia reporting to

4. Head of Public Service=Muthaura

5. Police Commissioner=Iteere.

6. Who is the suspect/investigato=NSIS=Gichangi

7. Government Press=Gitonga and

8. Migwi.

And we have 8 provinces. So what do 1-8 above have in common? No prizes for guessing please.

Anonymous said...

The kibera/mijingo type folks are really quite rowdy. when will they get civilized??? ;(

kiprono said...

Correction Chris

Bishop Mark Kariuki- Bishop, Deliverence Church, not Redeemed Gospel Church. Tiny fact, but it sure lends credence to the whole.

Anonymous said...

There are two types of democracy at play in Kenya.Democracy as you and I know it,and then there is ODM style democracy where Railas word is the law.No other positions are tolerated and this extends to Luo Nyanza as a whole.If you doubt me,just ask Anyang Nyongo and Orengo what happened before they saw the light and became ardent ass lickers...!!

Anonymous said...

Hii katiba ni ya raila and his kibera people. I will therefore vote NO.

Anonymous said...

Clearly raila's supporters see YES as belonging to raila. Very few have read the draft but they bleieve YES belongs to raila. Tribe in kenya is the most important identity. We talk of a leader being "our son". Kalonzo is therefore the son of the kamba, while ruto is the son of the kalenjin. Booing kalonzo and shouting "ruto must go" by people assumed to be luos at uhuru park was a very big set back for the YES side. The tribes whose "sons" were humiliated will respond on voting day. If you dont understand what am saying then you know very little about kenya and its tribes.

Anonymous said...

If only the organizers of the Kibera barbarians who heckled Kalonzo realize how much damage they did Raila's presidential hopes, they would curse themselves. As far as many in Central and Eastern Provinces are concerned the goons were organized by Raila to intimidate and humiliate Kalonzo, Raila's most viable presidential opponent. Just as these people were beginning to open up to Raila, that episode at Uhuru Park revives and reinforces the perception about Raila as a divisive, intolerant, and vengeful leader. You can, at least, imagine how the Akamba people are feeling after seeing on TV their most distinguished son belittled like that by Luos from Kibera. Even Ngilu was quick to distance herself from that behaviour even only to safeguard her goodwill among the Akamba.

Add to that that neither the Kikuyus have forgotten the "kabila adui" label Raila had given them nor have the Meru forgotten that Raila had promised them tears if he had won 2007 elections.

When his supporters talk of Raila's coming presidency, I wonder how it will come about when they keep on displaying this crude behaviour toward other communities.

Anonymous said...

Yeah it is true the luo love their son agwambo. But they will cost him the presidency. Very ironical!Imagine how the kalenjin feel when they hear "ruto must go" from luos whose son the kalenjin made pm. It is betrayal and unimaginable show of lack of gratitude. We know gema will not vote for raila. the kamba and kalenjin will not. You need to look at the number of reported registered voters to see why raila's supporters should be very worried instead of hallucinating about a coming presidency.

Anonymous said...

Is it only me who cannot comprehend sect 163 (2c) of the COE's harmonized draft which naivasha group deleted, see sect 137 (2) of the draft we are being asked to read. I thought members of parliament cannot vie for presidency!someone help

Anonymous said...

This blog is so childish. Why do guys log in as anonymous and post silly things? How does one know it was Luos NOT kikuyus heckling Kalonzo. Very immature tribal bigots!

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:15 And may I please know you have posted as who?Classic example of a pot calling a kettle black!And while at it,from experience,it is only Luo's who are that primitive and intolerant.Which other people in Kenya carry and blow vuvuzelas?If you dont know the answer,watch a Gor Mahia match at the stadium or on TV and then you will know!

Anonymous said...

Jameni you are all getting things wrong. At the end of the day it is all about this...where do the kids fit in????

Notice the footage at 01:34...tell me is that not Raila, Kibaki and Musyoka?? Nuff said,14352/

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