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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Cabinet ministers and their famous girlfriends

I think we should start with the drama that unfolded on Koinange street a few years ago where prominent cabinet ministers were caught red-handed and almost literally with their pants down breaking the law by picking up girls who were under 18 years of age.

Cabinet minister Soita Shitanda

The really disgusting thing here is that these honorable cabinet ministers already had both wives and
mipango mingi ya kando (several mistresses). All these were apparently not enough and the men who could be president wanted some really young girls. Chirau Mwakwere and Mwangi Kiunjuri were the folks caught with their fingers in the cookie pie.

While we know that older men really get turned on when they can make a much younger girl squeal in delight between the sheets (thanks partly to Viagra and Cialis wonder pills but mostly to some pretty good acting from young girls who know how not to get forgotten by a man) the Koinange street saga left many naive Kenyans in deep shock. Have you ever wondered why those burly old members of parliament swagger in pride the way they do in parliament looking pretty invincible?

But this game did not start recently, it actually started a long time ago. It seems that the August house and being a
matatu tout have something in common. And that is innocent well behaved shy men always seem to turn into womanizing demons the minute they enter both occupations. Touts can’t help it because young girls throw themselves at them with abandon, is the same true with politicians? You tell me.
Cabinet Minister Charity Ngilu

I was talking about the early days. There was this cabinet minister called Paul Ngei (now deceased) who never saw anything in skirts that he did not want horizontal on his bed right away. In fact the good late minister got into trouble pretty early when he seduced a
Mzungu girl. Unfortunately in those days it was a criminal offence to sleep with a white woman (even if she was your wife and that is why Arwings Khodek a prominent Kenyan lawyer on returning to Kenya with his British wife whom he married in London was almost arrested at the airport. Being the good learned friend he was he presented he proved that English law superseded the law in any colony that belonged to her majesty). Mr Ngei’s circumstances were vastly different and he thus got into a lot of trouble. However the biggest problem for Mr Ngei came long after independence via a strikingly sexy beauty from Meru that he fell for. The woman happened to be the daughter of a cabinet colleague of his called Jackson Angaine. The girl was also in the military and had a serious boyfriend there (some major whose name I forget, was it Kisilu?). The major discovered that he was not the only man making love to Miss Angaine and one day in the mid 70s, she was found dead in the bath tub of her Nairobi home when Mr Ngei had visited earlier that day. The major was charged with her murder but was acquitted due to lack of enough evidence. Kambas swear that the man went to see the right witch doctor otherwise he would have been cooked. Other observers like myself noted that he had hired this old Kenyan-Jewish lawyer called Byron Georgadis who never lost a case. In law there is something called “beyond any reasonable doubt” so all a good defence lawyer has to do is to create enough doubt which Georgadis was a master at doing. Interestingly the mystery of who killed the Meru beauty by strangling her has never been solved to date.

This post would not be complete without mentioning the name of one Thomas Joseph Mboya. During his short but very eventful political career he rose to the cabinet as Minister of Labour, Justice and finally economic planning. A real lady’s man, women found him irresistible and he had many girlfriends all over the world.

But let’s get to the present and why not start with current housing minister and MP for Malava, Soita Shitanda. Names may mean nothing but if you remove the “Sh” from the beginning of the minister’s second name and replace it with a “K” you may just change your mind. The ministers’ hot escapades with a Kamba sex goddess have recently ended up in court where she is demanding cash for the upkeep of the twins who were the result of the relationship that was ended by Ms Nduku’s request for a serious amount of cash as maintenance for herself and her children. Read story on court case HERE.

Remember the agriculture minister in the last government called Kipruto Kirwa? Up to only a few months ago he had a passionate affair with this woman in the media who also happens to be married t6o somebody else. She too hails from the same tribe as Ms Nduku. This lady is really famous but not for her unusual extra-curricular activities—at least not yet.

In this day and age of gender equality we should end this post with a case of a woman cabinet minister’s famous boyfriend. This is the story of one of the hottest lady cabinet ministers in the history of Kenya, Charity Kaluki Ngilu. To date she has not denied a story carried by the
Weekly Citizen about being caught in a sex-in-the-car escapade with well known former publisher Philip Gacoka at the Nairobi Gymkhana car park. Rumours have been flying for a long time that the two have been extremely good friends. What amazes me is how a 57 year old woman manages to look so good so much so that much younger men can’t keep their hands off her.


Anonymous said...

nothing new,fresh or earthshaking!

Anonymous said...

Raila also used to screw Ngilu and that's why she backs him in politics. Ngilu also got screwed by Wetangula.

And is the media clean? What of Wangethi Mwangi and Joseph Odindo who shared same Adhiambo Odera at Nation Media Group? Linus Gitahi has been changing girls at NMG like clothes. The rot spreads across all media

Anonymous said...

This is so dissapointing Chris. What you have told us isn't new.

I wish you could have gone to do your research by visiting watchmen, barmaids and receptionists of mostly 3 star hotels in Nairobi, cottages of South Coast Mombasa, nice apartments of Westlands, Hurlingham, Lavington and Kileleshwa and nice hidden hotels in "mashambani", and Kenyan joints in East Africa.

One thing I'll tell you is that the so called ministers of Kenya don't visit these places during weekend but during weekdays, since most of them are busy during weekends attending funerals and weddings and CDF committees, where they continue to deceive common mwananchi, and also most of them fear weekend since they can be caught by common wananchis who visit these places.

I have a brother who used to work in hotel industry and knew all the escapades of Mukhisa Kituyi. Have you ever asked yourself why these ministers would go to isolated petrol stations like Kenol-Kobil next to ABC place in westlands, swap vehicles, live the government vehicle with his bodyguards and take a personal vehicle which he spins himself to an unknown place. Infact the best way to assasinate these ministers is by knowing their mistress and knowing their program with their mistress since during these times they don't have their bodyguards.

Back to Mukhisa Kituyi. The guy used to vist the hotel where my brother used to work - it was a hotel in upcountry, where he knew that even if the few workers will know they won't spread the story to media people. I cannot tell more details due to the sensitivity of the issue - I'm not ready to break his family.

Now to 2 ODM M.Ps - I think one is called Joho - all I know is that he is seen now as No 2 in ODM in Mombasa after Balala. The other is an MP in South Nyanza, something to do with William, I confess that I don't know many MPs in Kenya but all I know is that this MP is from a place whose name is close to Muhoroni or Migori.

Place - Kigali.

You all know Kigali has very beautiful ladies, it has few Kenyans and it's a good place to go out with ladies. Any Kenyan there will tell you how our politicians misbehave. I saw the two with four very beautiful ladies. Also I cannot divulge details due to sensitivity of the issue. I don't want to be the cause of family break-ups.

Aaaaarrrrgghhh! Why have I forgotten Cyrus Jirongo and Muigai Kenyatta. Chris these are things you need to know. I know we all have weaknesses, even Clinton has, but sometimes if you know the details of these weaknesses that some of our politicians have you will further loose all hope in them.

I nearly forget to mention Ngilu again. Most people know about Ngilu and Gachoka only and nothing more. Most people don't know that Ngilu divorced her husband who I think was an Electrical Engineer, and who used to drink a lot. Most people don't know what happens to an hungry woman who cannot be given "that thing" by her husband. Yes Ngilu had to look outside marriage and for sure she got plenty of it - you only need to go to Kituyi and get further details.

But truth be told - Moi, Biwott, Raila and Kibaki are anti-concubines/mistress. Moi was but he stopped - Kasavuli will tell you more or Kanda Bongoman will. Biwott - really you cannot understand the guy. All I know is that if you visit the family and you are in the lounge he'll use the back entrance at the kitchen. Raila - he likes encouraging the youth who are with him in a drinking spree to make a move to a beautiful lady in the bar, but he cannot do it himself. Kibaki - those days you only needed to give him either "Machozi ya Simba (Lions tears)" - Pilsner Baridi or Tusker Kubwa Baridi and he'll not remember he has a wife, but please don't try to con him even "ashu" (10 bob). He was smart even when he was drunk and nobody could con the dude.

Anonymous said...

.......Continue from above

So Chris before next time you make us salivate with empty promises do your research and come up with something good. Or you don't want to release a lot since you fear you might be sued, especially when you come out in the open with your presidential (or is it Mp) ambitions. If it's that then I'm sorry for criticizing you.

Philip but not Phil.

Anonymous said...


by the way Chris tell us what happened to Livondo's mistress. Livondo had given her a nice vehilce and was paying rent for an apartment for her at Lavington. That time the rent was Kshs 70,000.

And don't forget to mention the European countries' commisiioners. I have a juicy story about one of them, why? Because he used to move out with my cousin.

Dunia hii kuna mambo.

Anonymous said...


A bit of correction:

Byron Georgiadis was a kenyan-greek lawyer, the top-most criminal lawyer of his day. He asked Ngei for Shs.100,000 to open the client file - the highest retainer fee charged ever charged then. [Is it true that Mutula Kilonzo charges some clients Shs.1,000,000 just to open the file these days!]

Anonymous said...

Chris is really disappointing. Why behave like Taabu? All these stories are in the media and you provided no new info after all the bluffing. Heck, even the Raila and Passaris saga seems to have escaped your poor ears. I think KK has lost its relevance even in sexual issues that Chris thought would bring traffic back!!!!

Demogod said...

Hey Chris:

This is tabloid journalism! No wonder the quality of the blog has gone down from where it was. Very disappointing indeed!

I thought this blog was going to help impart real knowledge on Kenyan politics, but it seems it just gets worse by the day....

Anonymous said...

chris, for the record, i would like to remind you about two types of relationships that continue to take place between ingo-men ("spotted leopards") and bedazzling goddesses of ukayi.

i)the relationship is bound to blossom and flourish beyond measure if the two are married or were introduced to one another (in the right manner) by a friend, relative, parent or a religious member/leader of their immediate community.

fortunately there are so many good examples of such marriages in our midst that have survived the test of time.

ii) the relationship is bound to crash in hell-on-earth type of expected scenario if it was based on mpango wa kando as in seize the pleasures of the moment without concern(s) for the future.

mpango wa kando type of relationships always end up being complicated when biological children are involved.

these type of relationships no longer become a chapter that can just be erased or closed or unwritten for whatever reasons that do arise between the two partners who were involved in a temprorary affair or shadow relationship that was limited/confined to recreational pleasures of the moment without concern(s) - whatsoever - for the future.

unfortunately there are so many painful and regrettbale memories, cases and cast of characters from the ongoing mpango wa kando stage where very wise and seasoned leopards (ingo-men) were willingly anointed by the delightful ambrosia and at the same time bedazzled by the honey-colored amber of the goddesses of ukayi.

there is a lot of anger, hate and animosity that festers on for decades between most of the former seasonal partners that ended up bringing forth innocent children that were products (fruits) of the carpe diem session.

the worst case scenarios abound in north america and the uk where disastrous consequences for both parties and children (collateral damage) are realised in both the short term as well as the long haul.

villification, demonization, and warped sense of righteous anger and sense of entitlement have become the order of confrontation among old foes.

sadly, people forget it is no longer about their old wounds, battles and wars, but the future the their children.

Anonymous said...

private life,personal value system,who is right who is wrong?
capitalism,communism ,socialism whatever goes wins the day.

Chris said...

Anon @ 5:11 am,

Thank you for your concern over KK traffic.

For your information traffic has never been a serious issue in this blog, simply because of the structure which heavily relies on search engines and popular keywords. You must be an old newspaper man stuck with the old model of circulation based on headlines and content. This DOES NOT apply online and certainly not here in KK. This is the same old archaic thinking that has messed up Kenyan politics.

Having said that, the time spent at this blog on average per reader has gone up dramatically over the weekend. I take this opportunity to thank all of you wonderful readers out there.


Anonymous said...

People who don't get enough sex in their lives talk a lot about sex in the same way people without money or rather enough money waste their days on earth talking about the wealthy.

Do I sense a puritanic distate for the "dirty old men" and politician who keep getting "something-something" while the young turks of Kumekucha and company are left to starve or worse scramble for the unwanted editions?

LOL! Those "dirty old men" was once in their 20s, 30s, and 40s.

LOL! The years 2020, 2030, 2040, and 2050 eagerly awaits some of us who are so busy poking fun at the wazee wa kazi.

Who in their right really gives a toot about what others do in the privacy of their rented chambers and personal vehicles?

Anonymous said...

UDAKU!!! A story you would find in gossip columns!

Anonymous said...

charity ngilu still looks fabulous to say the least. unlike thousands of women who end up losing their natural beauty between when they are still in their twenties and thirties.

as a matter of fact ngilu does not waste her time or lots of money on make-up artistic gimmicks. she is always ready to go to work wwith her natural face.

otherwise, what has been said about is false, slanderous and malicious propaganda that cannever cut mustard in the court of law or before any boni fide ethics committe.

Anonymous said...

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