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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Kibaki Insiders Plotting 3rd Term

What the…..!#**!!

Forget succession politics, impeccable sources tell me that Kibaki insiders are planning a third term for their man. Yes I know what the constitution says but that can be fixed, especially when people are so hungry for cash. Prof Kivutha Kibwana has been tasked with fixing that problem. The associate professor of law at the University of Nairobi is this minute strategizing on how exactly this crazy pipe dream will be achieved.

I know some of these said Emilio insiders read this blog and some of them even leave comments here and so I have a simple message for them. It would have been easier for former President George W. Bush to have gone for a fourth term than it is for President Kibaki to finish his illegal second term, let alone go for a third.

But then as a friend put it, there is no banana skin Kibaki insiders ever resisted tripping over and the said project will most likely join the long list of pipe dreams and failed projects that the third president of Kenya has undertaken ever since Kenyans made the biggest mistake ever of putting him in State House.

Incidentally State House seems to have similarities to Mombasa. You know what people say about the coastal town. Kuingia ni harusi, kutoka ni matanga Roughy translates to entering Mombasa is easy like a wedding celebration but it takes a funeral for most people to leave. Former President Moi would have died in power but it took a lot of pressure and finally he conceded to change the constitution to allow only two terms. But even those two terms passed too swiftly for him. Now the two terms have passed two quickly for Emilio hence the plot for a third term. I can guess what his insiders are saying. That if a P3 teacher could rule for 24 years, how can a former Makerere don not rule for even half those years?

You see the problem that we have in Kenya is that those in leadership positions and especially those inside State House live in another Kenya which is extremely strange and unfamiliar to ordinary folks like you and I.

P.S. In my latest raw notes published on Monday I reveal the name of a certain cabinet minister who gives orders to the Kwekwe squad on behalf of the two wives guy. It is NOT Saitoti. See the article.


Anonymous said...

Lo! Good piece of imagination and propaganda. Have you run out of serious material to write about?

Anonymous said...

Kibaki has had many pipe dreams. Remember the plan to build a palace at State House next to the current old buildings?

I am not surprised about this. It is rather obvious that Kibs is not in a hurry to leave State House.

Anonymous said...

The last posting Chris did was on April 20 in regard to Nation Media Group. He has resurfaced today with the wildest rumour of the 21st centuary.

If the crap you have penned today is what Kenyan journalists are made of, no wonder rattle-snake Michuki raided Standard and media could do nothing than whin like an old woman.

Where are facts in your story?

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 11:28 must be those insiders Chris is talking about.

Who doesn't know that M7 was given migingo in exchange for military support for the 2nd (& possibly) 3rd term?

Anonymous said...

P.S. In my latest raw notes published on Monday I reveal the name of a certain cabinet minister who gives orders to the Kwekwe squad on behalf of the two wives guy. It is NOT Saitoti.


Ken said...

Are for real?

You guys must be running out of stuff to write. No wonder the previous post has been there like forever.

Chris said...

I have a long track record of NOT posting propaganda or wild guesses. I don't think people wud wake me up at 3am if I did.

I have done this post so that this crazy idea dies quickly b4 it starts getting feet.


Anonymous said...

Cheap thinking and empty gossping wont take Kenya anywhere. This article lacks any substance and bars rumours would pass for a better story.

Just because Kibaki is hated by a majority of Kenyans doesnt mean you cook up any imigation and heap it on the brainless "duly elected" prezy.

How would Kibaki go for a 3rd term without changing the constitution? Does he have the 2/3numbers required to change constitution? Kibaki lacks numbers even if it was 1/3 required to do so. Story is mere fiction!

Anonymous said...

At Chris has posted comments to justify himself? Justify cheap journalism? This is raw gabbage that he dreamt at night and penned as a news story. Cheap stuff.

Anonymous said...


How many times have these so-called immpeccable sources fed you with pub rumours and propaganda? Do you want me to pen them down? remember last year your impeccable sources informed you Kibaki is seriously ill... now he want a 3rd term after recovering from a serious mysterious illness?

The best thing Chris to do, my friend, don't write rumours, verify them first before posting them on the web.

Phil's Mistress

Anonymous said...

Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki for a 3rd term?

No way!! Ashindwe!!!

DM-Nairobi said...

This is rubbish.

Clearly, you have ran out of stuff to report on this blog.

The Mungiki have been slaughtering Kenyans this week, and instead of providing us with "insider" information on this crisis, you wake up and provide this load of BS???


One Wife Man said...

Chris aka Kumekucha,
he he he.....
the problem with history is that we learn our lessons only after what has happened has happened

The title of this post could as well have been "Kibaki insiders plotting stolen election" but you'd have to backdate your blog to Dec 27th 2007 to do that

Anyway, no point revelling in the past

Anonymous said...

Chris this is plain rubish! If you have ran out of ideas, just write in big capital letters, KUMEKUCHA BLOG IS DEAD. You hear me.

Right now we are wondering how Mungiki can be wiped from face of kenya and instead of doing a post on that you stick on non issues of a garbage president? Sincerely you need some psychiatric help. Just like Kibaki, you have lost touch with kenyan people my friend.

Anonymous said...

....Make a date with the nearest psychiatrist Chris. This post sucks!

Anonymous said...

You must have written this crap for the April fools day and probably forgot to post it. Otherwise you might be smoking ----

Anonymous said...

Taabus mistress or is it one is whipping anti kibaki sentiments hapa.the bastard is hated due to hs actions and inactions,dnt blame Chris.Moi misused ths car called Kenya and left it bila wheels, sasa kibaki ameuza hata engine.the country ni kama scrape metal....and Chris,i dnt see hw kibaki can manage wht u say here.the country is like a cat,u knw what a cat does???u harass it and chase it all over,bt dnt close the room and expect it to lie down and get whacked.u wil b on the receivin end.our patience 4 change and reform wil disappear and thats when blood wil flow.and i say ths with no hesitation,kama NSIS wako hapa le him knw that...It doesnt matter hw many degrees kivutha ako nayo,they wnt pull ths one....and has anyone read what Raila said to EU envoys?ths mofo is crazy.ati the accord wil work,isnt he the one who was cryin last week about nt havin hs share of power? sick of politicians.My heart goes to the families in Nyeri that lost loved ones,b strong.malipo ni papa hapa.Justice wil catch up sooner or later.

Anonymous said...

Rumourmonger, where are the facts? Please do not make Kumekucha a cheap gutter blog

Anonymous said...

Most, if not all, of the content appears to be sense-free random noise and so devoid of information and/or intelligence. Would one of your “impeccable sources”, by any chance, be a lad by the name of Johnny Bravo? Just curious.

You see the problem that we have in the internet is that some of those who write blogs and especially those in Kumekucha live in another dimension which is extremely strange and unfamiliar to ordinary folks like most of your readers and I.

And I thought Korir of API had one of the most vivid imaginations without the use of illegal vegetables.

Anonymous said...

I blog into Kumekucha with excitement to find intellectual analysis of serious issues in out social, economic and political setup. What I find is this crap of rumor not fit for a remotest village in Kenya? Chris, what is happening to your intellect? We have serious concern.

Anonymous said...

Most, if not all, of the content appears to be sense-free random noise and so devoid of information and/or intelligence. Would one of your “impeccable sources”, by any chance, be a lad by the name of Johnny Bravo? Just curious.

You see the problem that we have in the internet is that some of those who write blogs and especially those in Kumekucha live in another dimension which is extremely strange and unfamiliar to ordinary folks like most of your readers and I.

And I thought Korir of API had one of the most vivid imaginations without the use of illegal vegetables.

Anonymous said...


This same pereson posting different comments attacking Chris' post wants us to believe that it is different people. How desperate can people get.

Well, fool others but not me.

I remember when people first suggested that Kibaki would rig nobody believed it. Personally I am not that stupid anymore.

makena said...

What the fuck are you guys smoking?
This is just garbage.

"Who doesn't know that M7 was given migingo in exchange for military support for the 2nd (& possibly) 3rd term?"

ROFLMAO. This blog makes the Kennedy assassination conspiracies look tame.

Keep posting this ludicrous shit and we will believe you are the proverbial nutter in the market with access to a computer.

Anonymous said...

"I have a long track record of NOT posting propaganda or wild guesses. I don't think people wud wake me up at 3am if I did."

Well.....even more ridiculous than the post. Heh-heh-heh.

And tell your messiah to stop financing mayhem--they are onto him.

Anonymous said...

Chris is a wife beater!

Anonymous said...

See lovely Michelle, like Lucy, defending husband here:

deja vuuuuuuu......!

Anonymous said...

hehe even this time GEMA wont vote him in a third time!!! Thats crazy,if its propaganda shame on you, I think someone was paid to leak the info deliberately and see the response.

Anonymous said...

This is funny, the Kibutha who could not even engineer his own comeback into parliament is tasked with engineering a 3rd term for Mr. Duly elected?

This bastards could not even rig an election cleanly, needed the help of Aa woman to pull it off, how the hell are they going to pull off a 3rd term which is harder than rigging?

Anonymous said...

Like minded people and Kenyans, we need to Rally behind one Ledama Olekina, he will be 30 in 2012 and comes from a small tribe. If we elect him we will just like Americans hit a milestone, kill tribal politics and change the leadership to the youth!

Ofcourse I will not comment on this trash.

Anonymous said...

* sorry he will be 30. check him out at

Anonymous said...

Wow, my 8 on my keyboard is difficult to type. He will be 38.

Or maybe whatever Chris smaked is infiltrating my keyboard.

Anonymous said...

* I meant "kill BIG tribe politics"

We need to do a blog on this and I challenge Chris to start this topic, instead of posting garbage. Contrary to what people believe, am sure we -the youth - can pull the rag from under the ruling class. We just need inspiration, and direction and ofcourse a leader. Look no further. We thought Sam O could rise up to the occasion, but alas!, so give it to Ledima.

Anonymous said...

Zuma is 67, Obama 47 at elections

Kagame was 38, Laurent Kabila 30s and Rajoelina

These young leaders are not democratically elected into office and instead fight their way into office and trashing democracy. Kagame has done far much better than Kabila, but maybe due to fear of sliding back to genocide rather than democratic space.

Kenya needs responsible leadership, period.

Age, tribe, gender, etc are not qualifications for leadership, two wrongs do not make a right means that we should not make more mistakes trying to get away from past mistakes.

Anonymous said...

If Ledama is going to run for 2012, that will be good. He seems like he has a good vision. Who are part of his team?

I hope he gets good support,we need something new.

Anonymous said...

Get serious! What absolute rubbish. Kibaki is not power hungry and where did one of your anonymouses get the idea that Kibaki is hated by majority? Crap and more crap

Anonymous said...

Some of you guys are saying that this post by Chris is rubbish.

Have you not realized that with Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki at state house by virtue of election theft that Kenya is rubbish; full of rubbish people who voted for the pumbavu at state house and the Mt Kenya mafia rascals that did the donkey work in STEALING the election for Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki.

This post by chris is not far fetched, especially when you put things into the context that Kenya is full of rubbish and rubbish people, starting all the way from Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki right on down to his tribesmen in Kirinyaga and Nyeri who are in the throes of cutting up, setting on fire and murdering one another with a frenzy the boggles the mind.

I suppose most of the people, nay, mongrels calling this post rubbish come from this rubbish area where they are chopping, setting on fire and murdering one another as if the world is ending tommorrow and they feel that they have to do something ghoulish, savage and primitive before the world ends - so that they can go to hell, this is CRAZY, PRIMITIVE, STUPID and SAVAGE. Human beings are not supposed to behave like this.

Just wondering, is this bedlam of savage behaviour part of their "hardworking" "entrepreneural" and "industrious" nature? If it is, can they please pack their bags and immediately check into HELL haraka sana. We can do without such savages.

Pumbavu nyinyi! just like your Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 5:05 AM:

Geez, your wife must have left you.

Anonymous said...

can we have some serious posts worth discussing. fyi Raila is not running 2012

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:35 AM,

You are just one of the mongrels I was talking about. Primitive, stupid and savage but who live in a world of denial and self deception. Wake Up.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:39 AM,

You just had to bring Raila up. This post is about Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki and his pumbavu ways and intentions - which will not work.

It's quite obvious from your comment that this is one topic that makes you quite uncomfortable (the truth hurts. Pole sana) - you and your kind are never comfortable with anything that depicts Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki for what he really is: a serial bumbling, goofing and authentic pumbavu.

Anonymous said...

Albino Buffalo sported in hells gate, take a look;

Anonymous said...

Anon 5.40, you are always pumbavu this that and the other, speak about other things.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:01 AM,

Ati "....Kibaki is not power hungry..."

This is one of the most ridiculous statements I have ever heard. For Christs sake, This Neanderthal STOLE the elections of December 2007! How more power hungry can someone get? He was beaten at the polls but goes ahead to STEAL the elections; gets himself sworn in in secret at night in the company of only die hard panua mongrels. You cant get more power hungry than that.

Aliapa ataendelea na Kazi zake za UHALIFU. Anaendelea na bidii. See him here:

Anonymous said...

anon 5:53am:
What a cutie.
Hope he survives man and beast.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:11 AM,

You say:

"Anon 5.40, you are always pumbavu this that and the other, speak about other things."

It is virtually impossible to talk about "other things" when Upumbavu reigns supreme all over Kenya.

You are also trying to be a bit cheeky in asking me to talk about "other things." Your intention is to divert attention from the Upumbavu that reigns supreme all over the place in this our lovely but unfortunate country. I refuse to fall for your [pumbavu] tricks. Zishindwe zote!!

Anonymous said...

Kibaki aliapa ataendelea na Kazi zake za UHALIFU. Anaendelea na bidii kabisa. Watu wake huko Kirinyaga na Nyeri wanararuana kwa fujo sana.

.....punde si punde mashingo zimekatwa na Kichwa kando, hawa watu ni wanyama kweli

Bacardi Breezer said...

If Kenyans are smart enough, instead of name-calling here and some stupid post, you would have dedicated this forum to the 29 people who were massacred by Mungiki this week.
This my fellow countrymen is real advancement – united in grief, with one motto 'if one hurts ALL feels the pain'.

Fave said...

The scary thing is Chris has rarely posted half bake information. The possibility of this being true is high.
BUT, on the other hand, we are already in deep shit. We are officially a banana republic. A third Kibaki term won't hurt us anymore. It is too late, we are immune to pain. A third term will only entrench the defacto majimbo that we now live under.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 4.50 PM,

Those leaders you have mentioned who fought their way into leadership can achieve much more than their "democratically" elected counterparts. Don't think they do it coz they like it, they are forced to do this since they see no other way.

Personally I think if someone was to elbow his way to the presidency in Kenya, I will not mind so long as he has the goodwill to lead Kenya into the 21st century.

And don't cheat yourself that democracy is the best thing since sliced bread. It might just be the animal unleashed on hapless africans by the west in their bid to keep the continent in check.

Anonymous said...

Very True. Remember what the Kiuks said after Moi's resignation. "NO one other than us will rule Kenya again"

Kiuks plan to rule for the next 1000 years and they will. Stealing of votes in 2007 was the the beginning of this dream.

Vikii said...

Supermarket tabloidsm!!!!

UrXlnc said...

amidst the noise, heat and reason

opportunity knocks

Anonymous said...

And why do you keep coming back ?

Anonymous said...

Noise as in kalozer
Heat as in Mungiki
Reason as in full implemntation of accords

Anonymous said...

Remember " WE ARE IN CONTRROL " by BM on National TV - Come Tuesday the people will be back in control as the majority in parliament dictates.

Nobody should cheat you that the struggle for power is bad, we have seen what power grab has done to this country lets grab back power and lead this country in the right direction.

No country has developed without power being taken fom the " home guards " The poeple are the home guardians - More power to the people. And parliament should lead the way as they are the representitives of the people - let the majority decide.

Majority should rule.

Anonymous said...

Kenya: Challenging the Kikuyu Oligarchy

Anonymous said...

Right on the money - is this a National issue or the house of mumbi imploding.

" Consider the following. It is during the time of a Kikuyu president, with a Kikuyu minister for internal security, a Kikuyu intelligence chief, a Kikuyu head of CID (Criminal investigation department), a Kikuyu PS in internal security, when there are extra-judicial killings of poor young Kikuyu men, claimed to be Mungiki " - Maina Kiai & Paul Muite

" kenya ina wenyewe " , " kazi iendelee ", " we are in control " , " if you disturb a rattle snake " - And some people have the audacity to tell us that struggle for power is bickering and uncalled for. We should question thier agenda. Removal of this filth in control of our resources should be a priority - the time has come. We should go back to MPs and hold them accountable if this parliament does not delliver starting Tuesday - We need a genuine leader oh house business not appointed puppets.

Vikii said...

Hehehe, delusion, delusion and more delusion!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well spoken gatekeeper - if its a delusion then a bloodbath it is !!

Anonymous said...

I cry for Kenya.

Kalooser is a spolier.

Whatever everybody says, this job is Odinga's.
Otherwise do we have a Kenya?
ODM has now taken position-they dont care about PNU-2007,PNU "pretening" that they dont "care" about Kenya, made ODM to ceed power.
ODM should stay hard,Ngumu.Thats the language that Kifaki understands.
While they dither around, we are faced with a civil war.

Kenya Cabinet meeting flops

Raila: House job is mine
Share Bookmark Print By NATION TeamPosted Friday, April 24 2009 at 20:43
In Summary

Some of the Cabinet ministers at the meeting with Kibaki were said to have described Mr Odinga’s stake as “a civilian coup” against the president.
Raila cites Uganda, Britain and Germany among other countries in the world where the Prime Minister is the leader of government business.
Kalonzo downplays wrangling over the House Business Committee saying President Kibaki and Mr Odinga will resolve the matter amicably.

Kenya's Grand Coalition parties on Friday hardened their positions over who between Prime Minister Raila Odinga and Vice-President Kalonzo Musyoka should be the Leader of Government Business in Parliament.

President Kibaki chaired a meeting of PNU affiliate parties at State House in Nairobi where they resolved not relent while Mr Odinga declared in Eldoret he would not negotiate over the matter.

President Kibaki has written to House Speaker Kenneth Marende appointing Mr Musyoka to the position but Mr Odinga has also written staking claim to the job by virtue of his role as coordinator of government ministries.

The controversy has stalled proceedings in Parliament because no agenda can be scheduled without the committee, which is chaired by the Leader of Government Business. The wrangling between the two sides has also led to postponement of Cabinet meetings.

Friday’s State House meeting was attended by Cabinet ministers Kiraitu Murungi, Mutula Kilonzo, Mr Musyoka and Uhuru Kenyatta. Sources said the team briefed President Kibaki on Thursday’s debate in Parliament.

Some of the Cabinet ministers at the meeting were said to have described Mr Odinga’s stake as “a civilian coup” against President Kibaki, a move which they vowed not allow.

They said Mr Marende should not act as an arbitrator between President Kibaki and Mr Odinga and let the two principals to make their own consultations.

They said that they had already written to Mr Marende informing him it was the President’s prerogative to name the Leader of Government Business.

In Eldoret, Mr Odinga said ODM had a majority in Parliament and that as the supervisor of ministries, he will also control parliamentary affairs.

“I am not driven by greed for power, but as a party, we shall not allow somebody with 12 MPs to take charge of government affairs in Parliament,” said Mr Odinga, in apparent reference to Mr Musyoka.

He broke the silence over the impasse between him and Mr Musyoka that has threatened the life of Parliament during the burial of Mzee Isaiah Kimeto Barasa in Uasin Gishu District.

While dismissing any move to negotiate over the position, Mr Odinga gave examples of Uganda, Britain and Germany among other countries in the world where the Prime Minister is the leader of government business.

He said problems rocking the government could only be resolved through genuine dialogue, adding that ODM will remain united until it achieves its goals.

Agriculture minister William Ruto set the mood when he said ODM was ready for snap election due to problems facing the Grand Coalition Government.

He said the National Accord, which resulted in the Grand Coalition Government, was clear that the Prime Minister should also be the Leader of Government Business and that ODM will not be taken for a ride.

Other ODM MPs, including assistant minister Jackson Kiptanui, Musa Sirma (nominated), Prof Margaret Kamar and Peris Simam joined in the fray and accused Mr Musyoka of causing divisions between the PM and President Kibaki.

Mr Barasa, who was buried on Friday, was among five other elders who installed the PM as Kalenjin elder prior to the 2007 General Election.

Elsewhere, Mr Musyoka on Friday downplayed wrangling over the House Business Committee saying President Kibaki and Mr Odinga will resolve the matter amicably.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6.24 LOL you have really made me laugh. The reason I say stop speaking all this pumbavu stuff is that you dont need to say pumbavu infront of everything to prove your point. You can actually make your point without insulting.

Anonymous said...

"Well spoken gatekeeper - if its a delusion then a bloodbath it is !!"


Anonymous said...

I also heard thet rumour early this year. Am told that Kibaki plans to stay on or in the alternative, hand over power to Uhuru. I dont know how that will be achieved.

chola said...

chris it seem you out to guza a raw nerve,if that was you plan the you my puls is going at 300 bpm and Blood presure is hitting the roof.
If this is KBF plan.One bulet for him

Anonymous said...

They either handover power peacefully and let us get on with the task of building this Nation they have run down with theft or we will eject them forcefully. The time for negotiated settlement ended at Kilanguni. They trashed civility and wrongly interpreted it as weakness. Its time to call thier bluff. Jua kali and roadside upumbavu time is over.

The emporer has no cloths.

Anonymous said...

"....or we will eject them forcefully."


Vikii said...

I have heard all this nonsense before. Don't you guys ever constipate of your own words?

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Chris, please write about the HBC crisis over who between Kalonzo and Raila should be LGB, not bar stories you cant prove.
On the LGB, i can assure you that Kibaki will not change his mind precisely because his authority and prestige is on the line. Raila will therefore have to back down despite his arrogant chestthumping, i.e if he wants to continue as PM.
Kalonzo is LGB as Kibaki's rep and in his stead. Raila is in essence claiming to be Head of Govt and what he is trying amounts to a coup attempt. If he wont back down, then elections are inevitable, and Raila will lose to Kalonzo. Do people really believe it is a coincidence that Ruto and Uhuru are both calling for elections? Why is Ruto calling for elections(twice in the last 2 days) while at the same time encouraging Raila not to back down on LGB, and Raila has fallen nicely into the trap courtesy of his bloated ego? Hehehe.

Anonymous said...

constipation is what you see happening to our security forces ama we should just call them kikuyu forces - shame on you gatekeeper.

Anonymous said...

Mr fake Kimi Raikkonen @12:07 AM,

You are being a bit overly optimistic about Kalonzo "Msaliti" Musyoka's chances.

Mr Msaliti was an accomplice in the STEALING of the elections of Dec 2007; his STOLEN position of Vice President is the highest he will ever go.

So, Mr fake Kimi Raikkonen @12:07 AM, Keep on dreaming......

Anonymous said...

To all those who keep saying that Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki should be respected as President.

This guy in a thief. This guy STOLE the elections! How can an election thief be respected? That is impossible. Hakuna siku mwizi ata command respect. Haiwezekani.

Respect is earned, it can never be STOLEN. Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki succeeded in STEALING the elections but, and I repeat, but he can never STEAL our respect. He has not earned it and therefore does not deserve to be respected. And that's why his middle name is PUMBAVU

deroo said...

Is someone bankript of ideas somewhere. I will summarise the whole thing as pure twaddle. Honestly Chris, thes guys at the Kibera saloon are making a mickey out of you.

Whoever fed Chris with this information, please stop it. Surely, should you just dream and pass your dream on to Chris.

As a matter of fact, Chris should be laying blame on the ODM MPs who spoke publicly about sabotaging the railway line and three days later, it came to pass.

Chris, can you restore this blog in its original finesse, impecable news breaking and factual display of unrivalled authority. If not, ....


Anonymous said...

When a ruler surrenders instruments of State to hangers on, tragedy is never far

Barrack Muluka

Under different circumstances, leading lawyers like Gibson Kamau Kuria would today ask for legal mechanisms to be put in motion to show that President Kibaki can still continue being relied upon to steer the ship of State.

They would invoke the Constitution to enquire into the wellness and ability of the national CEO. They would seek to know that it is safe to continue trusting him with the heavy, sensitive and critical responsibility of Office of President and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kenya.

But Kibaki is not Daniel arap Moi. People like Kamau Kuria and others know why they were very vocal against Moi. They know why they say nothing on Mzee Kibaki’s atrophied presidency. Instead they praise him, even as the country hurtles most dangerously on Destruction Highway.

But history shows that this is how it has always been with societies that will self-destruct. They have a sleepy, slow and laid back incumbent who quietly surrenders the instruments of State to his courtiers and hangers on. As the nation dithers on Destruction Highway, he is conspicuously missing in action. Only occasionally does he peep outside his hideout to mutter some irrelevant things while the nation slowly smoulders in what will presently become a full-blown inferno.

When France was gravitating towards the apocalypse of revolution in the late 1780s, Louis XVI was an absent-minded, slow and laid back Head of State and Government. He squandered valued time in making door locks and experimenting with guns and chasing after wild animals in the jungle. When he was not doing this, he would be sampling fine wines in the Palace at Versailles, while the spoilt Queen Marie Antoinette massaged his feet. Or he would simply be wallowing in perfumed bathtubs, completely oblivious of the storm building outside. Even when the custodians of public opinion raised the red flag, the drowsy King Louis XVI took no notice. In the proper order of time, France paid the price. But Louis XVI also paid his price, with his head, as did the spoilt Queen.

Elsewhere in Russia, King Nicholas II had for all practical purposes and intents surrendered the country into the hands of his spoilt Queen, Tsarina Alexandria and Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin. Rasputin, also known as the Mad Monk, doubled up as the queen’s not-so-secret lover and magic maker. Nicholas would in the proper order of time be forced to abdicate from the throne in May 1917. His reign saw Russia degenerate from one of the greatest powers of the times to an economic and military disaster. Historians have told of how the Bolsheviks ended the Romanov Dynasty with the weakly Nikolai Alexandrovich Romanov as the last emperor. The country paid a heavy price.

Weak leaders are bad for any country. And President Kibaki is clearly not a strong willed leader. The religious fraternity has recently ventilated its exasperation with what it calls ‘a moribund president’. What they are saying is simply that the President is not in charge of the affairs of State. At any rate, he does not behave like one who is in charge. President Kibaki leaves you wondering what the presidency is about.

Ugandans are flying their flag on Kenyan soil and the President thinks this is just a practical joke. They tamper with beacons in West Pokot and the President’s voice is missing. Goons slaughter dozens of Kenyans in Gathiathi village and the President is missing in action. Kenyatta University goes up in flames under the charge of hopelessly flawed leadership and the President is nowhere.

The country is in the throes of a frightening constitutional crisis and the President sees nothing wrong with this. We have no electoral commission and no voters’ registers. If this presidency were to fall vacant in the present circumstances the country would burn. But the President is doing nothing to correct this absurdity, which in the first place he should never have allowed.

Make no mistake. The country is in a free fall. The electoral commission collapsed. The Judiciary is tottering on the brink of collapse. The Cabinet has collapsed. At its very best; it is a Tower of Babel. The presidency is ailing and crumbling. The only institution that can save Kenya is Parliament. But Parliament is ailing and facing imminent paralysis. For all its avarice and allied weaknesses, the Tenth Parliament must not be allowed to collapse. A presidency in atrophy requires other organs of State must take leadership. It is on the shoulders of the Speaker Kenneth Marende that the load of saving Kenya rests.

He must begin by saving Parliament. He must not let Parliament collapse. He must ensure there is a Leader of Government Business in the House next week and that this leader is not some whimsical self-seeking opportunist or turncoat who cannot be trusted with the reforms that Parliament must undertake, beginning now. Parliament for its part needs to move swiftly with the reform programme and to lead the way in Agenda Four of the National Peace and Reconciliation Accord.

Anonymous said...

Chris is the CG stil breakn in may? Maze I want 2 vacate kenya b4 time!

Anonymous said...

they yap section 23 and section 24, yet here lies their own delusions. ... read along ...

the LGB is not a constitutional office or a govt office. Its a Parliamentary office with no security of tenure. Thats why its renewed every year during sessions starts.

and "subject to", means as long there is no other law exisiting on the contrary. in this case NARA (National Accord) exists ... hehehe ... ati mungikis strategists!!!


The Constitution of Kenya
Chapter II: The Executive

[ Table of Contents | Chapter 2 Part 2 | Chapter 3 ]
Part 3
Executive Powers
Executive authority of Government of Kenya.
Constitution of offices.
Tenure of office in the service of the Republic.

23. Executive authority of Government of Kenya
- The executive authority of the Government of Kenya shall vest in the President and, subject to this Constitution, may be exercised by him directly or through officers subordinate to him.
- Nothing in this section shall prevent Padlament from conferring functions on persons or authorities other than the President.

24. Constitution of offices
Subject to this Constitution and any other law. the powers of constituting and abolishing offices for the Republic of Kenya. of making appointments to any such office and terminating any such appointment. sball vest in the President.

25. Tenure of office in the service of the Republic
Save in so far as may be otherwise provided by this Constitution or by any other law. every person who holds office in the service of the Republic of Kenya shall hold that office during the pleasure of the President:
Provided that this subsection shall not apply in the case of a person who enters into a contract of service in writing with the Government of Kenya by which he undertakes to serve the Government for a period which does not exceed three years.

In this section "office in the service of the Republic of Kenya' means office in or membership of the public service. the armed forces of the Republic. the National Youth Service or any other force or service established for the Republic of Kenya.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

PNU insider sources say Speaker Marende has aids and they are footing the bill and same to keep him alive- so they are positive if the speaker is to make a ruling he will definitely route for Kibaki

and wait

he does owe some PNU big wigs some junk of $$$$$$$$$$$..


Anonymous said...

anon 2:39
Has Marende had a chance to look at the national accord number 4(1) a,the functions of a prime minister

or like you say he owes PNU Mt. Kenya Elite too much money? that he has no choice but take orders from Kibaki??

5th Estate said...

BY THE BALLS - Kenyans held Hostage

Shenanigans of home guards and murderers running amok.

" When Uganda gained independence in 1962 and Kenya in 1963, each country took possession of ‘instruments’, documents and maps pertaining to East Africa and the settlement reached with the British Government delineating in detail, by degrees and minutes, each country’s borders. To meet the criteria for sovereignty copies of these documents were lodged with the UN in New York and in London. They remain there to this day, in the case of Kenya, residing in the National Archives and at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. If placed side-by-side the maps held in Nairobi and Kampala and Arusha would come together like two parts of a jigsaw to provide a complete picture, a definitive chart setting out each country’s territory, and the position of Migingo Island will be beyond dispute.

A simple search of the relevant archives in Nairobi, Kampala and London, and a similar search at the UN headquarters in New York and African Union in Addis Ababa, should resolve the matter " - By Nicholas Biwott The Standard Newspaper

IMPUNITY - NA BADO.... cont`d – Casualty level rises

”One of Kenya’s most respected law scholars, Prof Hastings Winston Opinya Okoth-Ogendo, is dead. Prof Ogendo, a former vice-chairman of the Constitution of Kenya Review Commission, died on Friday night in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, where he had gone on an assignment for the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa.

Prof Ogendo, a former vice-chairman of the Constitution of Kenya Review Commission, died on Friday night in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, where he had gone on an assignment for the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa”

“It’s a big shock to us. He is indeed irreplaceable. His expertise in land law was unrivalled on the continent. He has advised many governments on these issues. We shall miss him,” - Dr Ben Sihanya, the dean of University of Nairobi Law School - Daily Nation.

MIGINGO – Ring a bell?

Ask yourself would this have happened without the pack between tribal chiefs of the two countries facilitating each others illegal hold on power. Since the Libyans have already been paid, Museveni also wants his cut as the facilitator. The Governments attitude towards the whole episode speaks volumes. Nobody anticipated the world economic downturn and the consequences it would take. These are the first signs of deals gone badly. Remember somebody in Government said -”THE GOVERNMENT IS BROKE”

The payment for Migingo survey is just another scheme to raise funds for corrupting members of parliament and disinformation in MSM. The facts are on paper, we do not need to reinvent the wheel so to speak. Could the MSM publish those documents in toto? Yes it could but it does not want? Remember the rattlesnake saga – Mercenaries brought in to terrorize citizens by the same government supposed to protect citizens - Those appointed to execute that have not be held responsible – maybe the constitution has a hidden clause where the government can terrorize its citizens.
Have you asked yourself why there has not been any real investigative journalism in the MSM on how assassins are used to silence dissent this is not new - these things have been going on since independence. What we have in Kenya is not law and order, its disorder through commissions whose findings even by partisan appointments are kept secret - that’s how obvious is the facts are. People like the commissioner of police are just window dressing, spin doctors on Government payroll - ask Gava spokesman what he does sitting in on PNU meetings.

Assassinations are camouflaged as car jacking to hoodwink the public - Paul Muite should know. Of coerce the people responsible will not say kweli umetishika Leo, they will send their PR folks to shout in the MSN that he should report to the cops. Jamani!!!! A careful check of the trail of car jacking deaths will quite easily expose the underlying pattern and motives.

Now we are talking about the authority of the Head of State - What Authority? That Authority was lost long time ago. The people verdict is a gone conclusion. YOU ARE NOT EXERCING ANY AUTHORITY ON OUR BEHALF- Seek fresh authority. Your mandate ended in the first 100 days you PROMISED to deliver a new constitution. What you actually meant is that we will dismantle the constitution in 1000 days in preparation of a civil war.
You have managed to dismantle the institutions of government quite well through your cronies, enough is enough?

DO PROMISES MEAN ANYTHING – How can we now believe that your appointments are for the common good? Do you hold anybody under you accountable when you yourself cannot keep your promises? No more promises.

”When a ruler surrenders instruments of State to hangers on, tragedy is never far”

”Make no mistake. The country is in a free fall. The electoral commission collapsed. The Judiciary is tottering on the brink of collapse. The Cabinet has collapsed. At its very best; it is a Tower of Babel. The presidency is ailing and crumbling. The only institution that can save Kenya is Parliament. But Parliament is ailing and facing imminent paralysis. For all its avarice and allied weaknesses, the Tenth Parliament must not be allowed to collapse. A presidency in atrophy requires other organs of State must take leadership. It is on the shoulders of the Speaker Kenneth Marende that the load of saving Kenya rests”- Barack Muluku - The Standard.

The pride of a nation rests on its people. Responsible authority spares no resources to defend the rights of it citizens; they send whole armies and soldiers thousand of miles to defend a single citizen in alien territory. When you cannot defend the right of your own citizens in your own country and to make matters worse allow another country to fly their flag and charge your own citizens taxes in your own country.

You swore to protect and defend citizens and territory under the same constitution you are yapping about that gives you power to appoint sycophants. Either you implement it fully or not, or maybe your interpretation is that since you took the oath of office in the dark you can cut and paste the sections that are relevant to your club and wanainchi ”wakitaka kupigana wacha wapigane "

Its seems the constitution is just a piece of paper to justify actions some people want to take and the ones to ignore – we have also made choices not based on selfish needs but on the basis of the common good and the verdict is that you have no authority despite whatever you and your club mates say – we have taken it back. Seek new authority if you want to continue “tumekataa katakata “

Either you are with the people or against them. MPs should be informed in no uncertain terms and they should will be forced to move and live where their loyalties lie. They will be forced to really answer the question wher does their loyality lie – with the people or the goons who line their pockets.

Commander-in-chief or COMMANDER-IN-THIEF – ponder on that!

Anonymous said...

Youth fund on the spot over Sh300 m loan deal

Minister for Youth Affairs and Sports Helen Sambili (left),Umuro Wario (right) Chief Executive Officer Youth Enterprise Development Fund Board and Peter Kinyanjui Chief Executive officer Family Bank exchange the Leverage Financing Agreement. PHOTO/ FILE

By JAINDI KISEROPosted Saturday, April 25 2009 at 16:40
In Summary

Chief executive and two managers sent on leave for opposing the irregular deal

The Youth Enterprise Development Fund is on the spot over a decision by its board to grant a Sh300 million loan to a Canadian non-governmental organisation.

Correspondence seen by the Sunday Nation shows how the massive loan to Enablis Entrepreneurial Network was approved against the backdrop of vicious boardroom intrigues, pitting the board against the management of the Sh2.2 billion fund, eventually leading to the sending on compulsory leave of three top managers, including the chief executive Umuro Wario.

Due diligence

The documents show how the CEO made several attempts to block the deal with the Canadian NGO, insisting that due diligence and public procurement regulations needed to be followed before signing the loan agreement.

What was at stake was much more than a mere boardroom battle between the board and defiant managers. Underlying the controversy and the suspension of the managers are fundamental issues touching not only on the transparency of credit decisions by the fund but also the governance of what has become the largest source of subsidised credit in Kenya.

Even more significant, the activities surrounding the approval of the huge loan to the Canadian NGO provide an illuminating study on how state-sponsored credit subsidy programmes remain open to manipulation by well-connected power brokers and lobbyists.

According to the documents, the initial contact between the Youth Fund and Enablis Entreprenueral Network was through a former State House operative and well-connected power broker and political lobbyist, the late Alex Mureithi, a nephew of President Kibaki.

The genesis of the deal is traced to a July 28, 2006 letter from the chair and CEO of Enablis and well-known Canadian entrepreneur, Charles Sirois, to President Kibaki. In the letter, Mr Sirois pledged to create an Enablis Loan Fund in Kenya to support entrepreneurship in the country.

“If Kenya establishes a fund of $10 million, a matching $10 million will be introduced through Enablis,” the letter said, adding a proviso that the promises would be subject to a feasibility study by the provider of the funds — the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA).

In February 2007, Mr Mureithi presented the letter to the acting CEO of the Youth Fund, Isaac Kamande.

Political connection

With such a powerful political backer, it was clear that the proposal by the Canadian NGO was bound to go places.

Even though it was not stated openly, the coded message was that anyone opposing the NGO’s proposal was against an initiative or directive from State House.

Events moved very fast thereafter. In March, 2007, Enablis made a presentation to the Youth Fund board, and by July, a memorandum of understanding had been signed.

In October, the then Youth minister Mohammed Kuti launched operations of the Canadian NGO in Kenya.

The loan agreement has become a talking point within the NGO sector, and questions are being asked why a new entrant that is yet to build a national network is being granted such a massive loan in a context of high demand and competition for money from the Youth Fund.

The youth enterprise support sector in Kenya has evolved into an industry characterised by mushrooming owner-managed NGOs — most of them one-man, urban-based entities. Some are actually consultancies.

The pie

Indeed, the Youth Fund has been inundated with applications from all manner of institutions and consultants — all angling for a piece of the pie and unique partnerships with the Fund to “train”, “mentor”, “coach” and “network” young entrepreneurs.

Traders savings and credit societies have joined the fray, offering to provide matching funds for loans from the Fund.

The loan to Enablis will be the largest to be released to a single institution since the Youth Fund, by far the most ambitious attempt by the Kibaki administration to direct credit to enterprises owned by the young people, was established two years ago.

Until now, the largest recipients of funds have been Equity Bank, Kenya Commercial Bank, Family Finance Bank and the First Community Bank of Kenya, which offers Islamic banking.

Other recipients include K-Rep Bank, Kenya Women Finance Trust and the Kenya Industrial Estates.

The fund has also lent millions to more than 30 intermediaries, including several constituency youth development committees, community-based organisations and youth associations.

In response to questions by the Sunday Nation, the chair of the fund’s board Hellen Tombo defended the deal with the Canadian NGO.

She denied giving Enablis preferential terms and said the deal was a “unique partnership” which could not be handled under public procurement regulations. She said what had attracted the board to Enablis was the Sh330 million which the NGO had negotiated with CIDA, making it possible for them to match what they would get from the Youth Fund with funds from CIDA.

Ms Tombo said that although Enablis had been exempted from some of the terms for granting loans to intermediaries, the board had not committed any improprieties because the lending conditions were not static. She stressed that the board was not obliged to follow public procurement rules in negotiating partnerships such as the one with Enablis.

The evidence, however, is that compared to the leveraging and matching fund arrangements which the Youth Fund has signed with intermediaries such as the KCB and Equity, the deal with Enablis does not have any major comparative advantages.

For instance, the arrangement with KCB is that the Sh100 million loan must be matched at a rate of 1:9, meaning that one shilling lent by KCB to a young entrepreneur unlocks another Sh9 to qualified borrowers.

In the case of Equity Bank, which has also been lent Sh100 million, the leveraging is at 1:8, meaning that a shilling lent unlocks another Sh8 from Equity.

“The opportunity cost of giving the massive loan to Enablis is just too high,” said the suspended CEO, adding that the Youth Fund can leverage much more money with the Sh300 million being given to Enablis by extending the facility to local commercial banks.

He added that another comparative advantage of dealing with local institutions is the fact that they have wide national branch networks.

Expressed fears

Mr Wario has also expressed fears that, considering that Enablis will just be extending loans to members of its own network – mainly urban-based entrepreneurs who have to pay a membership fee of Sh5,000 before joining – the money may not reach the Youth Fund’s target group.

Under the agreement with Enablis, a copy of which the Sunday Nation has seen, the Sh300 million loan will be provided for a four-year period.

The money, to be drawn in tranches, will be given to a new fund, the Enablis Loan Fund, to be run by a board of trustees whose chair will be James Gachui of the Transcentury Group Ltd.

The Enablis Loan Fund is to be managed by another entity- the Enablis Financial Corporation- for a fee.

Anonymous said...

This is true guys you have to believe me....
I got inside info that Chris is a promiscus gay and that he is the 'lady' in these love triangles. Then it hit me, no wonder he is so screwed up in the head, alot of craming from behind is alot of load. Yeah...take that baby!!! Bure kabisa, being woken up at 3am to get crammed

Kibaki hater

Anonymous said...

The issue of Kibaki going for third term is correct. ODM have discovered this that is why they are making noice. This is the plan. Kibaki declares an emergency. Parliamenet is dissolved. Kibaki rules by decree until 2012. During that time a consitution is made which says everybody has to start afresh. Kibaki runs and rigs himself in - infact for two terms. Watch this space. I am in the know. Rubbishing Chris will not help. Whether he is gay or not - he has spoken facts.

Anonymous said...

To the pumbavu guy. Odinga is the real pumbavu. Kibaki won fair and square and Raila tried to rig. Raila the communist coup plotter is not competent to lead. Look at how he only talks of carpets and toilets and economic sabotage. He has been outsmarted by Kibaki and will always be. As for the author of this crap about a third term it's crap blogging aimed at eliciting a response of hate. We dont need such bloggers.

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