Monday, March 02, 2009

Michuki's Lethal Shots Wraps Kibaki in Fraud

If you ever doubted who the real power and rulers of Kenya are look no further after hearing it straight from minister John Kimendero Michuki, He rattles reptiles and shot straight from the hip by assuring his Kangema constituents that hollow talk about power sharing is nothing but a fat fad.

Love him, hate him Michuki minces no words and he told everybody listening that Kibaki is in SINGULAR and TOTAL control of Kenya plc. The man is a genius in his perfectly timed and smart way to mark the third anniversary of the Standard raid that he delegated to the Artur brothers.

Before you shout yourself hoarse HUYU ANNAN NI NANI just reconcile your rage with the painful fact that Kenya has its owners who can raid a whole media house and gloat over it on camera. Michuki has reminded any Kenyan with an ear for the truth to ignore the hollow claims by detractors that Kibaki sharing any power with a Prime Minister.

And that is at it should be-TELL THE TRUTH. The good minister would have done us great favour to confirm that all the present charades about Special Tribunal, Interim Independent Electoral Commission, Constitution review and all other fads fashioned as reforms are smokescreens by the ruling elite to entertain us as they dig their heels into legal ownership of property Kenya.

Power sharing MY FOOT. That figment of fertile political imagination must be banished when you see the lords of impunity continue to run roughshod ridding on the back of starving Kenyans as they mine the next asset inside Kenya to auction to Libyans. And why not when their choir and apologists have oiled lips for hire to cheer them on?

True entrepreneurs
Kenya is one country ruled by straight talkers like Michuki who frown at politico-speak. No need to constipate us with such empty epithets as the political will to exorcise ghosts of corruption. And if you insist in mouthing such lofty words you are welcome to join John Githongo in penning memoirs from the safety outside our poisoned borders.

Our sovereignty and plastic patriotism is beyond reproach. No wonder we earn invitation from none other ex-UN boss Annan for a cup of tea all the way in Geneva. Add that to exotic and priceless blueprints authored by none other than UN Special Rapporteur Philip Alston and you find a proud country whose owners will not blink at anything thrown at them to distract them from feathering their nests.



Anonymous said...

Michuki just confirmed what is in the public domaine. Raila is just a passenger in the ship,The council and not kibaki(this man lost his head long ago) is in control.
It might take us long but we have to live with these thugs of Mt. kenya for some time. They have destroyed the nation and are now busy destroying our country.
But my warning to them our determination shall never wane. On the contrary it grows stronger by the day.Its their fall that will be violent.

Anonymous said...

Another on from retard Taabu whose brains were switched with a load of shit during an accidental operation in Uganda...

Why is Raila keeping quite while his bossom minister Ruto steals maize and takes it to sudan with Fidel castro, Raila's son???

Now thats the real issue not the Aka Taabu's side shows

Vikii said...

The ultimate executive authority, that ultimate responsibility to the nation is constitutionally vested with the President. You can choose to be delusional about it, but what minister John Michuki said, though a overly cocky, was the truth.

Constitutionally, being the head of the executive arm of government, the President shares power with the other arms of government; Parliament and the judiciary. Within the executive arm of government, the President shares power or rather delegates some of it either to the collective governance unit called the cabinet or to individual members of that cabinet. In adherence to the principle of division of labour within government, individual members of government (cabinet) have been charged with specific duties which they perform on behalf of the President. All government ministers including the prime Minister and the Vice President are answerable to the president and you do not have to be smart to know that.

As for Mr. Annan and his "summons", he should know that there is such thing as going too far. He is inviting embarassment in his blind pursuit of glory. Before rushing to the press to tell us that he has "invited" (read summoned) the president to Switzerland, he needs to ask himself what he can do if the President decided to contemptuosly snub him. There is a clear mistaking of kindness for weakness on the part of Annnan and his followers. Kibaki may be a gentleman not keen on political games, but a time is coming, unless I am very mistaken, when he is going to have to let Annan and his proxies know that he is the President who derives authority to govern from the people not from boardroom deals. That time is coming very soon when we are going to know who really is in charge.

Anonymous said...

Vikii said,

"There is a clear mistaking of kindness for weakness on the part of Annnan and his followers. Kibaki may be a gentleman not keen on political games, but a time is coming, unless I am very mistaken, when he is going to have to let Annan and his proxies know that he is the President who derives authority to govern from the people not from boardroom deals."

I wonder which people you are talking about! Could these be the hungry and dejected Kenyans, the suffering IDPs or the minority political elites wallowing in the miasma of delusional power?

It is amazing how you ingeniously put your loathsome writing skills where your "pockets" get oiled.

Anonymous said...

Vikii, where do you stand in all this? Does being in power mean oppressing or intimidating others? does it mean assuming this godlike image and impunity that am in charge an on top of everyone else? What happens when you are no longer in charge? Do you now live in the same situation that the ones you were in charge of lived? Assuming you are dead, do your descendants live that way? Or do you ensure that you or your people are always in charge by all means? How do you think war happens? I think this is your answer.

Anonymous said...

WHY is Taabu using Anons to answer vikii? taabu, you can use anon but your IP ni ile ile tu! stop hiding before i spill more personal details here at kk.

Anonymous said...

Its funny how retard kifucky is 'in cnharge' for chest thimping reasons for his mamluks like vikii, but on the ground he cannot even sort out his own IDP tribesmen.....and Vikii just ejuculates at the thought of him being 'in control'.....same people who harp on endlessly that RAO just wanted power for the sake of it.....

Shame on you Vikii..and do everyone a favour GROW UP! stlye up! remove your tribal blinkers.....Think strait for once it not so much about who is i power but what they have done or not done.....lets keep the discussion were it really due time we..and we are the people really in power will show that coward and his bunch of thieves where they belong.....

Sir Alex

Anonymous said...

Charles Nairobi.
The country is being sold at a throw away price to ANY WILLING BUYER,Michuki's comments can always be expected, these were the architects of the rigging plans in 2007.AT THE MOMENT NO-ONE CARES who has more power,Kenyans want cheaper products better health,education and a justice system that works.
VIKII SAID "All government ministers including the prime Minister and the Vice President are answerable to the president"
That would be if he was democratically elected and there was no ANNAN DEAL OF SHARING POWER 50-50!correct me if am wrong but what IS SHARING HALF-HALF??
AT THE END of the day it doesnt matter who has MORE POWER,look corruption,scandals,GREED,RECKLESS TALK,ARROGANCE, are making the LIVES OF ORDINARY KENYANS UNBEARABLE,as ANON 5.12-kanoo said "Its their fall that will be violent".

Anonymous said...

Anon7:22 PM
Taabu, like anon 6:55 PM said, he is a retard.
Using anon is taabu speciality and whenever you see the name "Eunuch" that still Taabu using different identity.
The man has lost his plot completely. maybe he was bewitched by someone.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Vikii said...
The ultimate executive authority, that ultimate responsibility to the nation is constitutionally vested with the President. You can choose to be delusional about it, but what minister John Michuki said, though a overly cocky, was the truth.

Our comment:

Vikii, please stop feeding us with legal garbage.

Part 3, Section 23 of the Kenyan Constitution provides that:

Executive authority of Government of Kenya:

(1) The executive authority of the Government of Kenya shall vest in the President and, subject to this Constitution, may be exercised by him directly or through officers subordinate to him.

(2) Nothing in this section shall prevent Padlament from conferring functions on persons or authorities other than the President.

If you look at subsection (2), you will see that, the Parliament has powers to confer executive authority on other persons other than the President. That is exactly what happened when the Parliament enacted the National Accord. However, since you live in Mars, you do know this, or even if you it, you care not for the TRUTH.

Now, has Raila been in much control of things? We think not. The reason is this. Raila may have chosen to lie low to avoid re-creating tensions in the country. If Raila was to aggressively assert his authority, there might be chaos in Kenya, and more importantly, the much needed reforms may be aborted.

We are aware that, some guys like Michuki may not be interested in reforms. And, they will say or do anything just to derail the reforms.

Now, as concerns the view that Kibaki is the President and he will prove it soon, you are ignorant. If you do not know, Kibaki did not sign that Accord willingly. He was given an ultimatum by Bush to sign the National Accord or leave the country. Thats how powerless he is.

Anonymous said...

....there was an article in the New York Times about the current state of affairs that could have been lifted right out of kume...anyway its been fun reading this blog for the past month or so..unfortunately i have to move on...i will be back around summer 2012 when stuff heats up. Its gonna be fun discussing the dual elections ie US and in Kenya.
..keep hope alive guys...God Speed.

Anonymous said...


Wow! Your new prof of politics and constitutional interpretation is John Michuki? It can't be true. What happened to Raila, the guy your lot said they could not read the constitution for themselves because he had done it for them? FYI, culturally, human worship doesn't work in Kangema, so don't transfer your worship from Raila to Michuki.

Just to remind you: Raila has said repeatedly that he is the equal partner of Kibaki with a 50/50 share in govt. It is in your best interest that you don't contradict the messiah. If you persist on contradicting Jakum, you will be declared an apostate by the ODM fraternity, and your security will no longer be guaranteed in your favorite matumbo-eating joints of Kibera.

Anonymous said...

Mwarang'ethe said, "Kibaki did not sign that Accord willingly. He was given an ultimatum by Bush to sign the National Accord or leave the country." The day is slow, go ahead, Dr. Rumormonger Mwarange'the, and entertain us more with your Kibera-type rumors.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Anonymous said... 3/3/09 12:11 AM

The day is slow, go ahead, Dr. Rumormonger Mwarange'the, and entertain us more with your Kibera-type rumors.

Our response:

Kibera - type rumours? Let us concede your argument for now.

Then, let us know, what type of rumours do you have where you live Sir.

Anonymous said...

When i says 'our response'...

i am speaking for my heart, my imagination, my fantasy and of course my devils all combined.

Just to set the record straight.


joe the choma man said...

Teacher aka Taabu
i don't quite know what or who Dr.Kibaki is in charge of.maybe its all in the mind. i also don't know who or what Dr.Raila is supervising. what does it mean to "president" a country or co-ordinate a nation?

Kenyans are clearly not in charge of the affairs of this country. Parliament is no longer answerable to us, in fact they're eating while we go hungry. the executive and judiciary stopped being responsive to the people a long time ago. thats why our wishes have gone unheeded and our needs remained unmet

I'm glad Kimendero spoke the truth but i don't know if Kenyans will allow it to set them free....we are our own worst enemy

Anonymous said...


The Standard Group has asked MICHUKI and CO. to return equipment they STOLE during the March 2 2006 heinous raid on its offices.

Three years later, MICHUKI and CO. have yet to return the equipment, including staff mobile phones, who were at work during the raid.

Standard Group Deputy Chairman and Strategy Adviser Paul Melly asked Government Spokesman Alfred Mutua, who was invited for the ceremony marking 3 years since the raid but did not turn up, to shed more light on the STOLEN equipment.

Anonymous said...

To all those people who are wondering why Kenya appears to be lost, directionless and its people hopeless, disillusioned and dejected....

Well, anything built on a foundation of FRAUD, DECEPTION and THEFT will never succeed, it will always be fraught with so many CRISIS' and TRAGEDIES. Anyone who expected good things to come from this fraudulent Grand Coalition Govt, sorry to say this but those hopes were heavily misplaced.

Why? The FRAUD, DECEPTION and THEFT still continues. Kibaki did not intend to share power after he STOLE the elections and he still does not, even after signing the accord. Michuki has just said what any observant Kenyan can see, namely that Kibaki continued the STEALING. He STOLE all the executive power after the signing of the accord. Raila has none, It is only the force of his personality that enables him to do a few good things here and there.

As hopeless as things may look right now, just remember this: SIKU ZA MWIZI NI "40," "40" PEKE YAKE. His 40 days will come and the party will be over for him and his ass lickers like Michuki and Co.

Anonymous said...

Raila is a stupid man, all he wanted is security and bodyguards and trips abroad.
And here are his followers still worshipping a tootless dog.
Yes, Raila is a dog that eat its vomit.

Anonymous said...

Apart from lack of content in your writing, your style really sucks!
One can tell a Taabu post by reading the first paragraph. Even when you post as anon, we can still see the misery in your writing. why dont you try writing dry stuff like instructions manual on how to make cattle feed. At least there cows wont complain about your lack of style.

Anonymous said...


Please give Taabu the address of your former High School so that he can go and tidy up his writing style. He has an abnoxious way of twisting phrases like a witch.

Anonymous said...

Kwani Taabu was born in a nissan kwanza the old one zile za face me???

seems he was just welcomed by a conductor shouting hoarse that his car has been soiled...

give the poor fellow some space to release his tension Kenyans..

Anonymous said...

Taabu is a witch. don't you wonder why he stay up late in the night? he flies at night and then return to kibera to write these useless posts.

Anonymous said...

Why the insults? It makes one conclude that Taabu is spot on with this post. Why not pin him down with facts instead of such unnecessary rants. And if you have no facts to counter his just shut up! Silence does no harm. The truth is kenya is headed to the wrong direction and the leadership we have is in constant denial since they stole the elections.
But kenya we come!.

Anonymous said...

Kanoo @Anon 4:05 AM,
Thats what you people like you believe, if you criticise someone they think they must be right. Delusions sir/madam, thats what it is.

If you don't like Kenya, just migrate to another country. I would rather wash dishes here abroad than become a Kenyan MP, or work in an office in Kenya. The quality of life in Kenya is Zero.

John Maina said...

From the ongoings in Kenya though am not on the ground at the moment make me fear that country is fast moving towards a pariah state courtsey of a senile president and tribal supporters. Sadly many of us remains just spectators whilst those with access to the country resources and position to effect change are greatly compromised or in a state of denial.

Michuki a former colonial home guard is clearly on the loose and represents what is all wrong with Kenya today. The quicker ODM and right thinking people realised this and took action the better.

Anonymous said...

John maina, do you realise how thick you are? You display a very high level of moronity on this site.

Anonymous said...

John Maina @ 5:07 AM,

I agree with you 100%. Kenya is in deep trouble courtesy of an illegitimate president who STOLE his way back to power.

Kibaki's leadership and fellowship of tribal Kibaki ass lickers and the Kibaki shit gobbling brigade is in constant denial since they STOLE the elections. They are preoccupied with making sure that they do not lose what they STOLE and then STEAL some more

Anonymous said...

John Maina, who cares whether you are in the country or not? You like to paint a picture of self-importance and worth here while you are just a plain fool.

Anonymous said...

John Maina @ 5:07 AM and Taabu,

Anon 5:42 AM again. Don't let the IN DENIAL panua mongrels who are throwing panua mud of fraud and deception at you to get to you. They say that the guilty are always afraid of the TRUTH and this is why they, the panua mongrels, behave like so. This is standard behaviour of the GUILTY.

Anonymous said...

you can access from anywhere in the world, even from vigilance house....

kalamari said...

These people should stop confusing Kenyans. At a time when Kenya is failing spectacularly in all sectors, Michuki must be careful not to heap all the blame on Kibaki. In proclaiming that the president is in total control, he is also saying that he’s is personally responsible for all the failed policies in the country.

That means that Raila is blameless in all the failures of the coalition. In fact, ODM should capitalize on Michukis words. They should never forget to always highlight that Kibaki is indeed the ‘leader’ and is consequently the singular cause of all our failures.

Anonymous said...

I grew up in Kenya with guilt, guilt because coming from a more priveleged race in 1900-1920 my great grandfather was able to use his hard earned money to buy property in kenya (that black africans could not buy at that time). The family worked hard,ran a successful business for 75 years providing full time employement to 30 persons, paid taxes and had to pay 10% on revenues to corrupt managers of a govt parastatal.

Only the govt and senior individuals in govt could not sleep well and put roadblocks to business expansion and created guilt

Now 25 yrs later we find the same govt and senior individuals in govt are the corrupt ones who have amassed immense wealth, exported wealth at the expense of the poor majority, bankrupted kenya, caused violence, ethnic strife, destroyed peace and security, violated human rights and so forth....

I don't have guilt anymore, I sleep well at night; can they sleep well at night???

Anonymous said...

I am still yet to understand why Kibaki must be the blame of everything that has gone wrong in Kenya. Its easy to pick the guy that sits on the fence and doesnt make noise.

I am not condoning him, but it is the height of stupidity to believe that Raila does not share power. What you see is what you get, a political stalement in government.

Now, there is no one on this lovely planet of ours who can convince me that Raila is a better devil than Kibs, Raila is equal to, or worse for sure. He is put on a pedestal, and whilst I admire his mobilization and oratory talents, I am pretty sure that he is capable of being the worst thing to ever happen to Kenya if he is not kept in check. He has changed too much in the years and that is a worry in a country where questions are based on media and politicians, and Kenyans dont trust their instincts.

Michuki is definetly running the show coz Kibaki is not doing much, but do not for one second think that because he is blunt he is the Mafia. Ati Mt Kenya Mafia have destroyed Kenya, do you want to start going through all those years when Moi was no.1 and massaged the ego's of his kinsmen?

Quit picking on M Kenya, kyuks, GEMA's etc etc. As much as there have bee mistakes made by members of these groups, it is nothing compared to the collective damage all our leaders, regardless of tribe have done.

I am sure that people right now think the foreigner is the best solution to everything including bringing Michuki down, but they have their agendas, you only need to step into the UK, go to the LibDem secretariat and see who they endorse.

The same goes for the states. Michuki is saying what he needs to say to keep the peace. Kyuks have taken all the crap thrown at them and much of it on an individual basis. It can only go on for so long, and I dont think we want to see what will happen when rage comes out, it will be a 40 year bloodbath.

Anonymous said...

Kalamari @ 6:24 AM,

You put it so well:

Michuki proclaims that Kibaki is in total control of the government and does not share power with anybody else, by so saying he is also saying that Kibaki is personally responsible for all the mess in the country.

This consequently means that Raila is blameless in all the failures of the coalition.

As Kimendero John "the rattlesnake" Michuki puts it, Kibaki is indeed the "leader" and is consequently the singular cause of all our failures.

Anonymous said...

and it wont only be from kyuks but from all of us

Anonymous said...

Kenya has produced so many fools and one being one John Maina. He believes by posing here with his full name and picture will earn him respect.
You see, black men like to be seen as important and to be the centre of attraction, thats why you see power struggle among black Africans. Look at the churches, everyone these days want to be a preacher. why? Because being a preacher commands respect from parishioners.
Black man is cursed.

Sarah Palin

Taabu said...

And in your rants, the choice on who is a FOOL between you and John Maina is obvious. You are assumed intelligent untillyou open your mouth to reveal the empitiness of the box burdening your shoulders. You are a disgrace to teh balck race na nyani kweli haoni kundule. May you choke in your murk of trivia.

Anonymous said...

Is true black men have a long spotted crooked dick?

Anonymous said...


Dr Watson, a world renowned geneticist and a Nobel Prize winner concluded black people are intellectually inferior to any other race. He said he was "inherently gloomy about the prospect of Africa" because "all our social policies are based on the fact that their intelligence is the same as ours - whereas all the testing says not really.". He said he hoped that everyone was equal, but countered that "people who have to deal with black employees find this not true".

Anonymous said...

I'm 19 years old black female student at Stanford University, San Diego California, but I agree with Dr Watson's finding.

Name 1 top Black scientist. Black people seem to have a negative effect on the countries we emigrate to.
Increased crime and increased drug abuse and a major chip on our shoulder about slavery that occured ages ago.
That seems to be our main export. Black men look after your kids it might help.

Name me one African economic powerhouse? Name one African super power? The list goes on! People here talk as if people in the USA and europe arrived there and miraculously there just happened to be universities and hospitals and roads, trade and industry etc etc! And somehow Africa is deprived because for some unknow reason Africa never got universities etc! Wake up people, white people got there and invented it all. Africa is apparently the oldest continent & people! Why they behind us then?

Sarah Palin

Anonymous said...

Yes, black people are intellectually inferior. When we have a Prime Minister suggesting we should hire a foreigner to head a body like electoral commission, does that not mean he is saying that he believes the problem solving ability of indigenous population was not as good as 'white expatriates'?

Anonymous said...

Stop blaming Kibaki for Kenya's problems. In 2007, the economy grew at 7% before the ungrateful opposition spoiled the party by creating PEV despite the fact that Kibaki won fair and square. That's why we now have such a lousy economic growth rate.

Also, food was much cheap and more abundant under PNU's Kipruto arap Kirwa that under ODM's Ruto. Ungrateful voters are paying the price for kicking out great men like Kirwa and Tuju.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:59 AM,
...And Muskari Kombo who transformed the Ministry of Local Goverment within a very short time.

John Maina said...

Its interesting when one read comments or converse majority of kenyans on the state of the kenyan affairs.
There is universal agreement that there is run away poverty/corruption. Security is no better. The main institutions that majority of kenyans come into contact with on a day to day basis i.e. police, schools, local authority, hospitals, churches are basically malfunctioning. The country is moving from one crisis to the next and lacking in direction.

What beat logic however, is when I read comments or converse with people, and sadly many from my tribe on whether the current senile president and his mafia are responsible.

What is a straight forward answer is rebutted with excuses such as Raila/odm this Raila that.

Although I had some shadow of doubts like many others on the senile president during his first term, I objectively/reasonably thought he is worth to be given a chance to prove himself. Needless to say this, on balance the senile 2003-2008 leadership has proved to be inadequate than positive. Do you feel Kenya under this man is closer to her dreams i.e. security, jobs, respect?. I come from mukurweini-bordering othaya and can tell you the only positive thing in my cucu village ni stima/cellphone. The rest roads, health centre, local primo/seco, sub-chief, insecurity, maji, coffee sector has deteriorated.

On Raila i do have some shadow of doubts too, lakini cannot entirely dismiss him without a chance to prove himself. Unless one has an ulterior motive often demonstrated on this site and local media you cannot judge R.O with the same yardstick as the senile president.

How quick pple forget that much of executive power is vested on the senile president. What about his promises on his first inauguration speech?

Guys why set the bar too low on our expectations of the country executive? what then will be your expectations of a councillor?

Anonymous said...

Raila Odinga is a shitty Prime Minister, a shitty politician, a shitty Nguruwe!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

As an ODM supporter, i will not hesitate to ay that ODM cut a bad deal for themselves at the Serena talks. Being a lawyer myself, i knew ODM was headed for trouble when they fronted their non lawyer negotiators versus those of PNU (some who are the best legal brains in Nairobi. I was also shouted at and told to shut up when i questioned why there were no specific clauses in the serena bill giving the PM real power in terma of appointments as opposed to mere supervision and co-ordination.

Things are made worse presently by infighting and by the "Pentagon" in view of 2012.This is just making a bad situation worse, weakening the party and disillusioning supporters and voters.

The best thing for ODM to do now is to work as a team, learn lessons from its past mistakes and avoid leakage of its secrects and decision just like PNU is doing, if it wants to have even a fighting chance in 2012.

On the other hand, am excited at the idea of an african currency. it will ensure that africa speaks with one voice and therefore give our governments more muscle in negotiating trade agreements and other engagements.The Afro!

Anonymous said...

John maina, the more you post comments here the more you expose your idiocy and lack of education.
You like people to see you as an important person whereas your an idiot who don't know anything. You better shut your mouth!! I find you nauseating!!

Taabu said...

And only fools enjoy a shouting match at themsleves on the mirror. You must be getting really irritated when JM ignores your rants and engages others. Break the mirror please and stangle the fool, will you?

marisela said...

Well, well, It doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure out why Taabu is finding a comrade in John Maina. They both write very shitty pieces. John Maina would love everyone to know he is NOT on the ground, whatever that means. Taabu loves to behave like those old school teachers who thought big words impress.Communicate in a simple clear way.Avoid trying to get marks on this blog, no one is marking your posts.
Taabu, misery loves company and for you JM is godsent. You are both bila style.

Anonymous said...

John Maina doesn't cut it. He doesn't have what it takes. All his comments lacks substance, no value, no insight just pure shit. He is trying so hard to impress after facing criticism for poor English and writing skills. He is not alone, Taabu you too have been trying so hard to impress with big words and unusual grammar that is not taught anywhere in the world.
Why can you people be yourself? Only small people like to be somebody!

Anonymous said...

Early last year I said Taabu was a disturbed person and a few of you threw e-stones at me. From his posts I had concluded he was genocidal and a threat to peaceful co-existence of communities in Kenya. Now, majority of you, at least, agree that Taabu is dangerously unwell, mentally. He seems to be happiest when there is inter-ethnic turmoil. If there was some outbreak of violence, he is one person police would need to know his whereabouts at all times.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 9:20 AM

How could I forget the great Musikari Kombo who transformed local government and the great Dr Mukhisa Kituyi who negotiated for better trade deals.

Now all we have are recycled KANU politicians like Kosgey, Ntimama, Uhuru, Ruto, Kalonzo, Saitoti, Mudavadi, etc. who have never delivered and never will.

It's no wonder the country has gone to the dogs. Malipo hapa hapa duniani.

Anonymous said...

Barak Obama is black, Wangari Mathaai is black, ancient Egyptians were black, the richest entertainers( Jay Z and his wife) are black, Ussain Bolt is black like coal, Michael Jordan is black.....the list of black achievers is very can find it if you remove the stereotyping of black skinned people from your eyes. Dont blame the stupidity of Kenyans on black skinned people.Let everyone be judged by the strenghth of his/her character

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