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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Best Case Study of Accelerated Self-Destruction

Prof Philip Alston came with guns blazing and shooting from the hip. The UN Special Rapporteur on Extrajudicial, Arbitrary or Summary Executions pulled no punches in recommending the resignation or firing of both Wako and PC Ali. What is more, he readily entered the local lingo by declaring that the AG was the embodiment of the phenomenon of impunity in Kenya.

Kenya has been left bleeding from all her orifices. Even before our national inner garments aired by both Judges Kriegler and Waki dried, Prof Alston is exposing the rot that pseudo patriots would rather is left to stink underneath. You know Kenya is in denial when parrot Alfred Mutua shamelessly regurgitates those tired lines in defending the indefensible.

Government’s sanctioned extra judicial killings in the last 5 years is an extended solid proof of the jungle and failed state we have degenerated into. No sensible Kenyan will be surprised by the predictable denials and contempt from Wako and Ali. The subsequent partisan brickbats taking the cheap party lines will be the icing on this toxic cake.

By attacking President Kibaki, Alston has invited smelly flies to patch on his coat. And they will come furious while trivializing his mission and report. Alston’s report couldn’t have come at a worse time with Kenyans chocking from the satanic grip of gate keepers who are busy auctioning every available piece of property Kenya while the voters scavenge for wild fruits to keep starvation-induced death.

The last one year has proved Kenya to be the most suitable case study of a self-destructing country whose leaders shamelessly circle a carcass as it rots. We are a failed state in serial and painful state of denial. Kibaki’s loud silence and inaction in the face of present challenges is not only deliberate but by design for acting otherwise is not an item in the shopping list of the present ruling class.

Reign of official terror
Only the rule of law separates us from other primates. But perpetrators of the free reign of terror using the police force and military can run roughshod secure in the knowledge that their devious actions will not earn them any reprimand. They are in safe hands and company. What with an AG almost clocking two decades as the chief obstacle in meting justice.

Poor Kofi Annan is wasting his precious retirement time in warning scoundrels who have no intention whatsoever of governing. Annan's concern must be treated as some irritating noise by the smart fast-track looters. Our predicament amounts to foolishly continuing to dig while already in a deep hell hole. NA BADO.


Kim said...

The difference between us and other junk states is that our sovereignty only exists in books. Kenyans are killed on the right left and to the center, by the people they call their protectors or their leaders

Anonymous said...

This so called Prof Alston has done a terrible disservice to a great cause. Extra-judicial killings by the state is a serious allegation and this intellectual mercenary ought to have given it very serious and deliberate consideration it deserves.

This Alston has outdone all previously known rogue investigators. Sample the following:

* In quick ten days, this man has gone from a stranger to a super expert on extra-judicial killings in the Republic of Kenya.
* In ten simple days Alston has travelled to more than five provinces (Central, Nairobi, RV, Western and Nyanza).
* In ten days he has interviewed over 100 credible witnesses (according to his count).
* In ten days this superstar has read and digested reports from Klieger, Waki, Human Rights Commission, etc.
* In ten fast days he has compiled a report consisting of a "must-be-done" national tasks.

He did all that and had time to sleep and hug and kiss TV cameras. All I can say is, WOW! Even a high school term paper takes longer than that.

If there are fly-by, drive-by investigators, then Alston tops them all.

Now that Kenya is down, I guess it is time for every dog with an inflated bladder to come and urinate on us, and demand that we thank it for the "rain."

Anonymous said...

Why was this man called if he only came to read the reports from other commisions. He could have asked the reports to be mailed to him in New York or wherever he came from. Even Annan doesn't come anymore he is summoning the "principals" to Geneva.
This man came to tell us that Mungiki were killed by the police. What he did not tell us is why they were killed. I guess it was to Alston for Mungikis to behead Kikuyus and circumcise the Luos by force. This man came all the way to tell us that Mt Elgon guarillas were killed by our patriotic armed forces. What he didn't tell us is that this barbarians were terrorizing peace loving Kenyans

We already knew what he is saying. Can someone tell me what value he has added to our conversations.

I suggest that this mzungu, while in Kenya, present his neck to the Mungiki. And if he has a wife he should present her to the Mt. Elgon guarillas for a night. After that he can write another informed report.

Anonymous said...

Taabu has come out of hibernation to lick once more the mzungu ass.

UrXlnc said...

memory lane can be found here

Anonymous said...

I agree with anons 6.53pm and 7.17pm. We need to be careful. These groups are basically terrorists. In fact when they strike, the rest of the populations asks the government to wipe them out.

Anonymous said...

Revealed: Britain's torture of Obama's grandfatherHussein Onyango Obama, a British soldier in the second world war, was locked up as a Mau Mau rebel in Kenya
Comments (153) The past usually finds a way of catching up with us. Could Britain's colonial sins pose a risk to our relationship with the soon-to-be most powerful person on Earth?

According to the Times, Barack Obama's grandfather was imprisoned and tortured by the British during Kenya's Mau Mau uprising.

The claim is spread across three pages of the newspaper and illustrated with black and white photographs of detention camps operated by British soldiers in the 1950s.

Hussein Onyango Obama, the president-elect's paternal grandfather, had served with the British army in Burma during the second world war and later found work back in Kenya as a military cook.

Like many army veterans, he returned to Africa hoping to win greater freedoms. But his aspirations soon turned to resentment of the occupying British.

He became involved in the Mau Mau independence movement and was arrested as early as 1949, probably on charges of membership of a banned organisation.

During two years' detention he was subjected to horrific violence, according to the story's authors, Ben Macintyre and Paul Orengoh. Tortures inflicted on Kenyan prisoners sometimes involved such barbaric implements as "castration pliers".

"The African warders were instructed by the white soldiers to whip him every morning and evening till he confessed," Sarah Onyango, 87, tells the Times.

The behaviour of British soldiers is the subject of continuing legal action in the UK courts from victims seeking reparations for torture and mistreatment suffered more than 50 years ago. The Kenyan Human Rights Commission is still gathering evidence.

The alleged torture of Onyango reportedly left him permanently scarred and bitterly anti-British. Barack Obama's memoirs, the paper observes, show that he too is no admirer of British colonialism.

Obama's family connection to the Mau Mau was already known – some US commentators have even used the label to smear him as a "Mau Mau insurgent".

Obama, with more pressing contemporary problems on his plate, is unlikely to be fixated on extracting revenge from the UK. But he may draw the broader historical conclusion that the imposition of torture and repressive violence has a habit of undermining the political legitimacy of world-class powers.

He has already signalled his determination to close the Guantanamo Bay detention centre and speed up withdrawal from Iraq. We will have to wait and see whether his grandfather's experience has a bearing on his policies on Afghanistan and international terrorism.

Godfrey said...

The state is supposed to adhere to higher standards than criminal gangs. Its like saying that the FBI should adopt mafia tactics in order to defeat crime. Remember the case of the 29 year old shot in Westlands last month? The cop who shot him claimed that the young man was a Mungiki and wanted gangster. Infact, it turned out the boy was a PhD graduate and the son of a former MP. Imagine how many innocents have lost their lives in this way.

Anonymous said...

Panic reigns people attacking the messenger instead of dealing with the message....... Mungiki is a menace and must be dealt with but not the way it was done for the simple reason that anyone can kill a rival and claim that they are killing mungiki........Those attacking Alston clearly are 'cleverly' defending Kibaki. It is in some people's mind a life time goal to sanitise any evil under kibaki and when they cannot do the same find by hook or crook and 'equivalent' ill from RAO how pathetic, how so tribally narrow minded.....really if you can't think like a all inclusive kenyan then cecede...form lesotho and stick with your own, trying to force a criminal on all of us at any cost is wearing thin and is insulting to say the least....if he is such a great guy then have him as your lesotho president and let the rest of kenyans try something else......

Sir Alex

Mwarang'ethe said...

Anonymous @ 2/25/09 6:53 PM, said:

In ten days this superstar has read and digested reports from Klieger, Waki, Human Rights Commission, etc.

* In ten fast days he has compiled a report consisting of a "must-be-done" national tasks.

Our comment:

You are right on the condition that he was living in Mars before he arrived in Kenya 10 days. And, since he was living in mars according to you and those of your level of intelligence, he must have not heard of these reports or any other report about Kenya, untill he landed 10 days ago.

Anonymous said...

That black matako called UrXlnc is still giving us link, who told you we are interested in your links? You bugger!!! you lack intelligence to comment on issues posted here.
jaluo jinga!

Anonymous said...

It's very evident that the the Mt Kenya region Kibaki ass lickers are very much on the DEFENSIVE from the comments I read here... Pathetic mongrels defending the indefensible.

These are people who are living in denial. They can see that Kibakis buttocks are very dirty but will do all they can to "sanitize" these same dirty buttocks by Kulamba lamba matako zake - hizo chafu za Kibaki. Pathetic mongrels

Anonymous said...

Excellent post Taabu. You have written the bitter truth that those who like and live by FRAUD, DECEPTION and THEFT do not like hearing, this is evidenced from the comments coming from their direction.
They will put on an outward show of bravado but deep within themselves it is the opposite, they will be shitting and peeing on themselves.

Keep up the great Job.

Anonymous said...

The white man did not reveal anything new. He went on to repeat what we have always heard.To make his African expedition memorable he ought to have studied and given us the genesis of the exra judicial killings. Then he would have suggested practical ways of dealing with the henious crime. The mere sacking and resignation of two individuals solves nothing. The duo 'villians' can be replaced but impunity will thrive on.

What we need to solve these killings are the following.
1. Have a strong, competent judiciary. Police can arrest these murderers but no sooner are the criminals arraigned in court,they are are realised under flimsy grounds of 'violating their human rights' human rights for murderers?
2.Enhance the witness protection law so that victims of these terrorists can feel free to give evidence. l think witnesses can be paid a compensation for loosing alot of their valuable times.
3.The police should be equiped to do thorough investigations by availing to them the necessary euipments and finance.
These and other minor amendments to the law governing criminal prsecution will elliminate these killings.
Sacking Ali and Wako will solve nothing

Anonymous said...

Taabu aka Misery, siku hizi umepoa sana, kwani nini mbaya na wewe? or you have risen to a higher ground? Wewe pumbavu!!! Mavi ya Kuku!!!

Anonymous said...

Why do you like being a doomsayer? Every time we are self-destructing or in total impunity. I think you are secretly wishing things to go wrong.

It is one thing to point out problems in Kenya, but I sure dont see you making any helpful suggestions. This is the exact problem with Kenya.

If the Chinese continued to sit and wallow in self pity during and after chairman Mao's regime, they would be in the same position as us.

We seem to think in Kenya that it is ok to keep complaining, eventually someone will come along and pick up the responsibility to change things, yet we keep voting in the wrong guys.

There are alot of Kenyans working tirelessly for the welfare of other Kenyans, but due to the lack of resources (i.e money) they cannot even begin to run for office.

When someone is taking 100 bob coz they need food for that day, you cannot blame them, but if they are allowed to continue to think only of today and not of tomorrow, then we will be in the same perpetual cycle of bad leadership.

Professor Alston may have evidence to back up his accusations, but he's only picking one rotten part of the whole system which is actually completely rotten. That doesnt mean we are self-destructing.

You need to actually start to encourage bloggers to have some constructive discussion, everyone has some idea of the problem, but thats half the story, we need solutions and need to have some sense of pride in our country, whether its disgusting right now or not.

Taabu said...

@Anon 11.04,
Thank alot for being SO POSITIVE only wondering what your contribution was thereoff apart from swiming in in the very murk you spew. But again yours is typical Kenyan LIVING in denial while perpetuating status quo. Pole but the truth hurts and it takes balls to stare it in th face. A problem is only solved by acknowleding it otherwise like Sara Palin you end up denying global warming as principally caused by human activity but cheat yourself you can address the same. Good riddence to.........

Anonymous said...

I beg to differ taabu, I dont live in self denial and may know these problems, but I will not subject myself to perpetual doom. You are a pessimist, and you always talk about the bad things, as I said before give something constructive.

Every day we open up the newspapers and switch on radios and tv's to hear of the latest catastrophe in Kenya, you tell me where complaining has actually solved anything, and ill eat my words.

If you think being positive is murk, then good riddance to your theories, because there are zero solutions you offer. You are the typical Kenyan, in denial about the real situation;

no UN report, ICC tribunal,NGO or special expert will tell us something fundamentally new, we already know there are police executions, we have corrupt politicians, and some were involved in the post election violence.

what is the danger is that people's minds are festering on these problems, and its marginalizing them from actually contributing to change.

The first thing Kenyans must realise is that no foreigner is best placed to tell us how to solve things, they can only guide us. Secondly, they must understand that only they have the capacity to transform the country, but that means stop complaining and at least start changing something, even if its as simple as paying taxes, getting their community together etc. So Taabu, it doesnt hurt to see the silver lining sometimes.

Anonymous said...

best short term solution to increase security: call in the armed forces; Maj Ali can help them;

best long term solution: teach the little kids good ethics, generousity, peace, and no stealing, violence .. would need to replace the school adminstration...

anyone knows why evertime Kenyatta visited Mombasa for a month or so retail shops on moi avenue, digo road and nkrumah road were broken into almost every night.....

Anonymous said...

Anon9.31pm. obama could not have achieved what he has if the Brits never came to Kenya and tortured his grand father. If Brits (or whites) never came to africa, obama sr would not have gone to US and obama jr would never have been born.

Anonymous said...







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