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Saturday, November 22, 2008

A Page From The Waki Report: Should These People Be Given Amnesty?

This is one of the pages on the Waki Report that will jolt any hardened soul...

Are we still talking about amnesty?


On the first of January 2008 we were still fearful. On that day, we were not open for business.

I worked at the Eldama Ravine shopping centre at Mama Faith's Shop. We owned the shop. It was just next to my house - they are joined together. But I stayed home that day because I was scared. We left the shop locked up.

At about 3pm that day, people came to my home. At the time there was only my husband and I at home. My children had gone to visit their grandparents in Nyandarua. There were more than ten people who came. They were all men. They were dressed in coats and they had smeared mud on their faces so you could not recognize them. The mud was different colors on their faces - white back and red in spots - patches all over their faces. They were armed. They had arrows, pangas and rungus.

The first I knew they were there was when I heard talking and noises outside. They were speaking in Kalenjin.

They said "we have come to finish you." The door was not locked so they just came inside. My husband and I were in the sitting room. We were sitting down but stood up as soon as the men walked in. When they came in I began to plead with them because of what I had heard them say. I asked them why they were doing this when we had lived with them. They ordered me to shut up and said that the Kikuyu had migrated to the area and taken up their (the Kalenjin's) property. They asked me to be quiet or they were going to kill me. So I just kept quiet then.

That is when they started attacking my husband. They began cutting him with pangas and pierced him with arrows. My husband he did not go without a fight, the men, they struggled to keep him to the ground. They crowded him - ten of them against him... they attacked him. I was scared.

With a panga they sliced his neck, and he fell to the ground. It was a serious blow. As if that was not enough, that he was lying on the ground, they cut up his body into little pieces.

After they cut up my husband, but before he died, one of the men came towards me and asked me what I wanted to be done to me. I asked them not to kill me.

One said "we need to know what she is like, now that she never talks to us". There was another group of men who were looting my shop. I could see them from the door - it was still open. They were going past carrying property from my shop: sugar, cooking fat and other goods.

I was wearing trousers with buttons at the waist. The men tore at my trousers trying to get them open and the buttons came off. There were about four of them there doing this to me at that time.

They lifted me up and put me on the ground. They were arguing amongst themselves who was going to be the first.

Then one said that if I escaped from the knife and arrows, I would die of AIDS. Some of them held my legs and some held my hands while they raped me. When this was happening my husband and I were both still in the sitting room, but by now I was not watching my husband but pleading my own case.

The last time I had looked at him, it was like he was dead. He wasn't moving.

One man raped me and then the second one and the third. They put their penises in my vagina. It was either the second or the third man who said they were not able to get inside me: so they cut me.

I think it was the panga they were carrying that they used. They cut my vagina. As they raped me I thought about my children. I remember that when I had my children, my doctor had told me that I had a narrow opening. So both my children were born by cesarean.

They continued raping me. It was when the fourth man was raping me that I went unconscious.I next remember - and it is vague - that a Kalenjin friend of ours called Joseph was there and he was pleading with the men. He was asking them for him to be allowed to take the body of my husband and take me to hospital. The men started quarreling with him and told him that he was in partnership with us. They threatened to kill him.

Using street theatre to sell products in East Africa (scroll down to see Churchill live himself)

New DVD releases, Nairobi, Kenya


Anonymous said...

The story of the lady is sickening. It indicates the moral deficiency in Kenya. We say we shall develop in all aspects, but we shall never if we have such primitivity among ourselves. It is shame and moral deficiency that some of our politicians can say that the violence was spontanouous, that it was a protest about riging etc. I seee no protest here. I see nothing else exept hate and genocide and primitivity. Today when our politicians speak, we can tell who played part and is panicking but putting a brave face. We as Africans say how we are loathed and treated with racism, yet is what we do to each other. No wonder we cannot get respect from other races. This is worse than racism and all that trash we say.

There are those who protested and went to the streets and it ended there. That is what we call civilization not what we are reading here. The participants in this episode are still at the homo habilis stage of human evolution, and it is sorry that they live in the society we call Kenya.

Nothing lasts forever. The first trials for crimes of aggression, genocide and crimes against humanity was at Nuremberg and Tokyo tribunals. Its happening in Rwanda, Sierra Leone and Yugoslavia. It is about to happen in Sudan and Kenya. It does not matter whether our politicians shout from the roof tops or pits. Their small wisdom and reasoning cannot overcome the present international community. Their trash has effect only to their gullible followers, not the objective international community.

Nothing lasts forever. The arch of moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.

Anonymous said...

Moron Sam Okello will come tellin you to forgive these murderors,

pray that his wife or daughter does not get this treatment and then we tell the SOB to forgive the animals...

Anonymous said...

These are the barbarians who were praised by Raila as democrats and freedom fighters who were just angry that the election was "stolen." Just imagine if ODM had come to power, Hitler's mass murder of Jews would have looked like child's play. How could the Kalenjin culture breed depraved heart in their young men like this in twenty-first century????

Anonymous said...

The Waki List has individuals’ names, not tribes

By PHILIP OCHIENGPosted Saturday, November 22 2008 at 14:50

It is practically impossible for a whole tribe to sit down and conspire to murder members of another tribe. So I agree with William Ruto. If that is what the Waki Commission says, then it has done “shoddy work”.

If the envelope contains only the names of ethnic groups and recommends that they be punished as such for the recent election violence, then it is useless and dangerous and should go into the wastepaper basket.

But, since I give Judge Waki at least a modicum of intelligence, I will not believe this allegation until I have seen that list with my own eyes.

For the nonce, then, I must dismiss as rubbish any suggestion that the commission has apportioned guilt according to tribes.

Indeed, that is the question I pose to the Agriculture minister and his ilk on both sides of the ruling coalition. From their own utterances, we assume they know that their own tribes have been earmarked for “victimisation”.

But the question is: How can they know?

One possibility is that President Kibaki has shown them this list. But I can’t believe this. What can the Kenyan leader gain by imparting such information to an upstart like Ababu Namwamba – a chatterbox?

Or do they merely suspect that their names are inside the dreaded container? I do not know. But let us discuss it as a possibility.

First, mere suspicion would be a strong motive for opposing the implementation of the Waki recommendations.

But the question is: How could such a suspicion arise? Again, I do not know. But here is something natural. By defending your tribe so vigorously even before anybody has accused it of culpability, you merely incriminate the individual you.

For, by telling the world that your tribe is the target of victimisation — even though you have not seen that list — you succeed only in inviting more questions against yourself.

Unwittingly, you succeed only in suggesting to all intelligent listeners that you know a crime of which your tribe is truly guilty.

BUT I REPEAT THAT TRIBES CANNOT HIDE SOMEWHERE to plan the kind of atrocities that Philip Waki examined. All intelligent people know this.

Therefore, when you try to incriminate your tribe in this way, intelligent people are made to believe that you – not your tribe — are the problem.

The history of tribalism (and racism) in the world – Kenya included — teems with cases in which individual politicians, pursuing nothing but personal ambitions, did some very dreadful things and then rushed into the subterfuge of their tribes (or races) to hide their guilt.

As I have reported here before, although I have a right to criticise our Government – notwithstanding whichever individual may for the time being be the president – every time I have criticised President Kibaki’s Government, somebody has accused me of “Kikuyu-bashing”.

It is, of course, on the cards that the Waki list is dominated by names from certain tribes. But the fact remains that those names belong to individuals, not to tribes.

Some individuals – possibly from all tribes but the vast majority probably from a mere two or three – certainly plotted dire things against this country in the run-up to the last polls.
As I understand it, what the commission suggests is that they all be brought to book – but only as individuals.

Even if all the individuals came from a single tribe, we still would have to stress that they acted only as individuals, not as whole tribes – even though they claimed to be acting for those tribes.

For, indeed, if their conspiracy had succeeded, their tribe(s) would probably have suffered much more than anybody else. I will never tire of reminding you that, under Jomo Kenyatta, some individual Kikuyu accumulated immense wealth merely by uttering their tribe’s name.

Yet, at the same time, the Kikuyu suffered much more any other ethnic mass.

Similarly, under Daniel arap Moi, some Kalenjin individuals became filthy with riches merely by uttering their “Kalenjinness”.

But, at the same time, the Kalenjin masses slid into absolute poverty. In hire-and-fire positions, were are all, as individuals, capable of this tribal stupidity.

The arrogance is simply exasperating. As the French dictator might have put it, Le tribu c’est moi (“I am the tribe”). In other words, our tribal leaders seem to say, “If you implement the Waki report and take me to court, you will have taken my whole tribe to court!

It is in this way that they try to hold our judicial system to ransom.

Though I have warned about the possible consequences of launching a witch-hunt, we need to implement this report to show that we are serious about ending our debilitating culture of impunity.

And Uhuru Kenyatta is right. Let us do it now because we have very urgent constructive work to do.

Anonymous said...

I did not know we still have homo habilis in the 21st century. Oh! I remember, Rift Valley is the cradle of mankind. And you know, not all apes evolved into the present day homo sapien

Knoppix!® said...

Taabu hello!Still kickin!Oooooh and indeed the entire kumekucha fraternity!Missed you all especially M-pesa ooh and indeed our very own Kwale!

Sayra said...

Very sad to say the least ... its very disturbing.

Reminds me of the atrocities the japanese committed against the chinese and later returned home as war heroes. The japanese were trained when they were 10 and were taught on how to rape and they would kill people by using a bayonet on the end of a gun to take the head off after shooting them.

If we can see something similar, infact worse than that here at home then something is really wrong. In our daily busts of PNU this ODM that we have forgotten that we have trained militia groups all over the nation and we experienced a glimpse of what they can do(and indeed the post explains in detail). We have forgotten that come next time such crimes will still be repeated if we don't tactfully speak and act against it.

At the end of it all forgiveness still has a big role when it comes to the healing process. However lets cross the river when we come to it and not blindly jump or fly over it. Forgiveness is never pushed or forced, it comes from an offended person own free will ... and many times after there is an admission that a sin was committed and an apology made by the offender.

Vikii said...

Someone will surely pay for this.

Anonymous said...

Very sad. This kind of thing happens when a stupid president steals votes and doesnt care about the outcome.

All Kenyans must stand up against bad politics.

Tribalism and racism is the worst sin against humanity. A president who appoints ECK alone, appoints all Police chiefs (provincial and district) mainly from his tribe as if there is no any other tribe in Kenya, is a criminal who should take all the responsibilities for all that happened.

Kenya is a paradise with satanic rulers. Kenyans should go against these thugs and free themslves from the yoke of bad governship.

Anonymous said...

The reality is that these kinds of barbaric acts were committed even in PNU zones by Mungiki thugs and Mungiki soldiers. Pulling out a single page depicting the kaleos as the only culprits only serves to fuel the misconception that ODMers were the only aggressors.
Stop whipping up tribal emotions Chris and focus on the real reason why we fell this low - THE STOLEN ELECTION.

Taabu said...

The GRAPHICS leaves any sane human being mad wit rage. Somebody must pay for all these barbarism and the sooner the better for Kenya. No amount of gimmicks and tribal rallying will wash.

Add the graphics to skinning heads and jacking people from matatus and hacking them and you are in the jungle populated by sub-humans. No wonder Waki cirmvented the scoundrels and hung the NOOSE high up. Hague Express will depart for Holland soon.

PS: Knoopix welcome back. Still around and MAD LIKE HELL at the same old suspects. CR is back and threatening Anelka after starting the season 2 months later. Meanwhile AW is .......(3-0 was a shocker that made Derby look like Barca).

Anonymous said...

If America an reconcile it's violent and racist past that spans centuries, Kenyan's have to option but to embrace that initiative given that our differences are hardly more than a century old.

Kimi Raikkonen said...

This is what impunity has brought Kenyans to. It does not matter who did what, such barbaric savagery has no place whatsoever in so called civilized society. Once their masters in whose name they savagely raped and murdered are imprisoned until they are as old as Methuselah, and then the actual perps of these crimes "kula kamba", then and only then will this nation begin to heal.
When Bush stole the election from Al Gore in 2000, we did not see the same level of animal behavior by Americans. What is this nonsense and idiotic implication therefore that this kind of mindless primitivity can be justified because Kibaki allegedly "stole" an election, unless you have personally only just evolved into a homo sapiens and you would be much better off being managed by the KWS in your own estate?

Taabu said...

Impunity is CONTAGIOUS, don't you think so?

e-change said...

reading this snippet of MACABRE cannibalism is akin to indulging the latest STEPHEN KING novel except this is not a RAMBO movie and the horror is not science fiction and was very real

In his 2003 album entitled "SawaSawa", internationally acclaimed Kenyan afro-fusion musician Eric Wainaina sung a song titled "Who is to blame?" i think the sentiments of the lyrics sums up nicely the feelings this snapshot of the Waki report evokes in all our hearts and souls:

"the policemen are taking position,
the students are looking for justice again, drawing their lines in the sand,each waiting to see who's a man"

"they are choking on mounting frustration,mourning the state of the nation,their hearts are aflame, their blood is on fire"

"stones start to fly, politicians deny, then who is to blame?who is behind this?who is in the shadows?who lights the flame of this raging inferno and watches from high windows?

"what we need is justice, justice, will you come and help me find this?"

"huyo, huyo, huyo-huyp msaliti huyo"

Due reference and due credit: - and Eric Wainaina(C) 2003

notice in the song Eric asks our leaders to help us. This is okay for a piece of music but in reality even Mr.Wainaina knows better than to really ask those hyena dinousaurs for any help when our very existence means NOTHING to them

Papi said...

Right thinking Kenyans, we need to outsmart these evil politicians. We can never as a nation move anywhere is these thugs are in place. Be it PNU or ODM, never.

Also, we have developed a very bad culture in Kenya as a people. if we never change then all our blogging will be futile.

Baraka Muluka (he has vied several times in my constituency and rigged out on all occasions)

"The Kenyan Voter lives by the sword"

Read on

Anonymous said...

Sounds like what happened in Nakuru and Naivasha with the Mungiki gangs unleashing terror...

They raped ! beheaded and Burned many alive in thier houses..


and after all the live reports and narrations from families who lost their loved ones beheaded or burned in Nakuru and Naivasha clashes.... the gori details are with all the families, independent reports, some brave policemen who come forward!!!!


maybe the Rift valley MP's have a point here?? waki seemed to have been cherry picking on what to report in his document!!!!!!!

Waki should answer to all this omissions in his report..

Anonymous said...

Sounds like what happened in Nakuru and Naivasha with the Mungiki gangs unleashing terror...

They raped ! beheaded and Burned many alive in thier houses..


and after all the live reports and narrations from families who lost their loved ones beheaded or burned in Nakuru and Naivasha clashes.... the gori details are with all the families, independent reports, some brave policemen who come forward!!!!


maybe the Rift valley MP's have a point here?? waki seemed to have been cherry picking on what to report in his document!!!!!!!

Waki should answer to all this omissions in his report..

Anonymous said...

anon1:38 AM

My friend Kibaki= Hitler
Look at him still to date executing his own tribesmen the mungiki youth..
Can you imagine if Kibaki were to be given the freedom to execute anyone who went against his looting trend?? if we didn't have a coalition government in place to keep him in check??

why he kibaki is still executing the mungiki youth is because most kikuyu's don't care!!and they will not stand up for their own youth... it is a shame and an embarrassment to the kikuyu tribe!!

what a foolish tribe which can't even stop the senile kibaki executing thier own youth.

Anonymous said...

@Kimi Raik...

Kenya can never be compared with the US.

An American life doesnt depend wholly on the presidency. In Kenya, yes. When Kibaki became president in 2002 the roads leading to Othaya were carpeted overnight. The CBK got a Kikuyu governor, everything including money and jobs went to Kikuyuland. That's what Kibaki referred as 10% growth (in Kikuyuland and not in Kenya).

When G. W. Bush became president his state or city was not favoured. He brought missery to ALL Americans.

There was no reason for Americans to riot because he stole the votes.

b-carotene said...

These are the people that Ruto said were fighting for the captain.
What does the captain (of violence, murder and rape) say?

Here's one shot at an answer:
That it is OK to do this (to the Kikuyu) but not to the Kisii, their brothers, who voted for him!

How so SAD.

Bobie, Bristol said...

Please refer to Sam Okello. He has got the answers to ALL Waki-PEV related issues questions sir

Anonymous said...

anon2:20 PM\

Sad is the Captain of the Mungiki gang ant statehouse discussing how to behead and burn innocent kenyans in Nakuru and Naivasha( I mean Captain Kibaki and Uhuru)

and then the same captains after their mungiki foot soldiers do all their dirty killing jobs.. they turn round and executed them.. poor fellows they thought they were pleasing their captains !!!

But wapi... most of the same mungiki were on line for execution so that the truth would not see the light... but luckily sources confirm,, BBC and other independent journalist have tapes of the mungiki gangs confirming being send and paid to Nakuru and Naivasha with the promise that their leader Maina would be released from Prison...

kenyans know what happened after that right!!! shame.. no amnesty I repeat for any MP's or kenyans involved in the murderers of innocent kenyans ...

Anonymous said...


Your Captain we all know planned at statehouse and carried out the murders, rapes, beheading and burning of innocent kenyans with the mungiki murderers. The slaughter of kenyans all over the country. The Proof was real and live on all the media national and international- the murders(shoot to kill by the police and army by the order of your Captain Kibaki and you can quote me on that or keep digging your head in the sand.

I sincerely feel sorry for the likes of you trying so had to make excuses for Kibaki the Murderer worse than Idd Amin of Uganda.!!Amin did not execute his own tribesmen like Kibaki does with the mungiki!!

Just facts if Kibaki can cold blooded execute hsi own tribesmen "Mungiki youth" just imagine at those statehouse meetings what he told the same mungiki murderers to do to other tribes????
If you don't care for your own tribesmen?? how can you care for other tribes????

b-carotene said...

They set up roadblocks on molasses raila's behalf.....

Anonymous said...

who set up roadblocks? Wasn't it the same kikuyu thugs that deliberately pilfer goods from western bound buses or worse still cause road accidents so that they can steal from dying passengers?
Shame on you b-carrot!

b-carotene said...

Your mindless emotion (and poisonous disposition)will be your undoing. Sigh.
It's b-carotene, you numskull.

Anonymous said...

Dimwit - b-carrot, carotene makes no difference to me.

b-carotene said...

Okay zombie, whatever you wish.
God grant me....

Taabu said...

The psychology behing ALTER EGOs is so complex for simple minds weaned on VILAGE VITRIOL. Indulge.

Kwale said...

b-carotone, internet is for freedom of expression and you should never worry about these nose-picking, sweat-smelling, human-worshipping backward people.
As a civil society you have the right to exercise your freedom of speech on a wide variety of topics, including expressing negative opinions about another person.

Some people here think if they call you names, you're either going to disappear or agree with them. No man! You've you own mind and you've the freedom to express your mind.

Can't you see how it bothers some people here that I am not a Kikuyu and still have not accepted Raila Odinga to be my saviour? It is in my own freedom and free will to accept and support whoever I want to regardless of opinions of the majority. And I will never accept molasses!!

Anonymous said...

would the good dr.mourhinho please state the psychology of this people...oh..ANIMALS that they are.

b-carotene said...

Thanks Kwale, buddy.
Great you havent (hope never) accepted molasses bumpkin as your personal savior.

Now Taabu attempts psycho-analysis-->usurp Dr Muranho's job. Reminds of his personal savior molassess--prancing all over the place, doing everything, accomplishing nothing. Even October has come and passed. Still no evictions as he promised.

The PM should stop running his mouth at every little opportunity. Its starting to embarass!

Anonymous said...

These are terrible and unfortunate things that happened. As much as they happened, these are events that could have been avoided. They did not have to occur.

Had Kibaki provided effective LEADERSHIP since taking over at the beginning of 2003 all of these tragic events would have never occured.

Read what Judge Waki in his report says about him:

The Waki Commission report accuses Kibaki of failing to exercise the required political control (i.e LEADERSHIP) that would have convinced the public and the international community that the 2007 General Election would have been free and fair. (This later came to pass: Kibaki STOLE the elections; consequently triggering the violence)

Kibaki's inability to provide leadership includes the failure to lead the National Rainbow Coalition (Narc) from the front when he took over power in 2003 after winning the December 2002 elections (These are elections that he genuinely won. He did not STEAL). The post election-violence is, in part, a consequence of the failure of Kibaki and his first Government to exert political control (i.e LEADERSHIP) over the country or to maintain sufficient legitimacy as would have allowed a civilized contest with him at the polls possible.

The report also blames Kibaki's decision to renege on the memorandum of understanding (MoU) between the Kibaki’s National Alliance Party of Kenya (NAK) and Mr Odinga’s Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) before the 2002 elections as one of the major contributory factors that created the environment that made occurrence of post election almost a certainty. It eventually came to pass.

Even though the 2005 referendum was peaceful and results were accepted rather than contested, the parameters were nevertheless drawn. Worse was the decision by Kibaki to dissolve the entire Cabinet after LOSING the referendum and excluding Mr Odinga and his allies from the Government a month later when he reconstituted his administration.

The net effect, was further political polarisation. Kibaki's turning away from Raila and removing from government the group of ministers associated with Odinga had the effect of increasing the polarisation of politics along ethnic lines.

By so doing, the Waki report points an accusing finger at Kibaki saying that he failed to take actions (i.e LEADERSHIP) that would have bridged the escalating ethnic and political divide, which fueled the political violence. It was wrong, the report argues, for Kibaki to fail to heed the advice of leaders from other communities.

Kibaki’s regime failed to unite the country, and allowed feelings of marginalisation to fester into what became the post-election violence. He and his then Government were complacent in the support they considered they would receive in any election from the majority Kikuyu community and failed to heed the views of the legitimate leaders of other communities.

Under the agreement that Kibaki's NAK signed with Raila's LDP the post of PM was to be introduced after 2002 General Election and the Constitution reviewed to recognise the new position. Failure to honour the MoU by Kibaki broke the trust that had been built between Kibaki and Mr Odinga, in the process splitting Narc.

Cabinet ministers, senior civil servants and business people straddling the President’s inner court at State House were blamed for the failed MoU.Mr Odinga’s allies blamed them for refusing to share power with others and branded them the “Mount Kenya Mafia”.

This (reneging on the MoU) was criticised by the public as an attempt by the so-called ‘Mount Kenya Mafia’ to keep power to itself rather than share it.

The Waki report also blames Kibaki for the way he handled the search for a new Constitution and the 2005 referendum and its aftermath. His administration is accused of diluting some of the provisions of the Bomas Draft into what was later called the Wako Draft. It is the latter that was put up for the referendum pitting Kibaki on the side of the “Yes” or Banana campaign and Mr Odinga in the “NO” or Orange crusade.

The Orange movement that defeated the government by rejecting the Wako draft was later to be transformed into a political party, the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM).

Former President Moi, who is now Kibaki's strongest supporter and defender, stands accused for allowing the culture of IMPUNITY to take root following the election violence of 1992 and 1997. As events have unfolded since early 2003, it clearly shows that Kibaki amekua akifuata nyayo za Moi. What a big let down from someone from whom so much civilized leadership was expected.

Anonymous said...

Kenyans were (and still are not ready--per my biased sample in KK) for mature, sophisticated, civil and democratic style of leadership that is so nicely embraced by Emilio.
Rather, at this more primitve level, their preference is for the abrasive, violent, chest-thumping/boisterous, destructive incoherence nicely embodied by the bumpkin. Be careful what you wish for.......just in case, unlikely though, but just in case.


Anonymous said...

would the good dr.mourhinho please state the psychology of this people...oh..ANIMALS that they are.

Kwale said...

b-carotene, don't you worry that will NEVER HAPPEN. As the sun rises in the East and sets on the West, Kwale will never accept Raila as a personal or any kind of saviour!

I hope that's pellucid crystal clear to all those who feel I am indecisive or I am coming to 'realize' (see) that Odinga is a leader. I've noticed some people here go cock-a-hoop (happy) whenever I show some kind of 'softening' towards him.

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Anon @ 2.00pm, you say:

"Kenya can never be compared with the US.

An American life doesnt depend wholly on the presidency. In Kenya, yes.
When Kibaki became president in 2002 the roads leading to Othaya were carpeted overnight. The CBK got a Kikuyu governor, everything including money and jobs went to Kikuyuland. That's what Kibaki referred as 10% growth (in Kikuyuland and not in Kenya)..."

So when a Kikuyu becomes CBK Governor all the money goes to Kikuyuland right, according to your childish lies and bitterness? Is that what ODM has been fighting to rectify, you know, have a Luo CBK Governor for instance so that "all the money and jobs" can go to Luoland?
It is this naive hillbilly thinking of cretins like you that will ruin this country irreversibly because all your political motivations are guided by jealousy and spite which then progresses to psychotic hate, leading to the events like those in January. If only you would think a little harder and realise that nothing is for free in this world.
Who told you Kikuyus depend on Kibaki for anything, Presidency or not? Is it Kibaki who sends Kikuyus to open shops in Gem or Siaya or Kakamega or Bungoma or Sosiot or Moyale or Dar es salaam or Kampala or Jinja or Atlanta or Miami or Sydney or Shanghai for instance? Do you think if Kibaki dropped dead today Kikuyus will suddenly become blubbering, jabbering, buffoonish idiots rolling on the roads and chewing garbage and grass in "grief", unlike some people we know? Kikuyus prospered even during the darkest days of persecution by Moi's tonton macoutes, and that is when Moi was at the height of his power, power such as will never ever be seen again in this country. If Moi could not finish them at that time, what makes you think idiotas like you would?
The reason Kikuyus respect and desire the power of the Presidency is in order to protect their wealth and their families given the malevolence and evil schemes directed against them, and not to enrich themselves, PERIOD! How many ORDINARY Kikuyu do you know of, with proof, that got rich because Kibaki is President? Unlike you, the Kikuyu will ALWAYS survive regardless of who is President, even if it was your blundering hobo gait bumpkin and the noxious wares he sells.

Taabu said...

So where is the difference?

Anonymous said...

With confessions of this kind, how can calls for amnesty even make sense to those proposing them. People do not fabricate confessions the type presented by this victim. And, people capable of perpetrating this kind of violence are a danger to civilized society and should not hide behind the veil of political strife.

What makes the perpetrators of these heinous crimes different from those tried at Nuremberg, Tokyo, Rwanda, Sierra Leone and Yugoslavia?

Anonymous said...

Raila and his ilk should prepare to exit politics come 2012 , we do not need this kind of people leading us , are this the kind of people he was asking the government to release?

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