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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Victims of Jinx and Selective Calamity

With the death of Ministers Kipkalya Kones and Lorna Laboso Kenya enters another mourning phase of its legislators. ODM must be smarting from serial human loses after the death of four of its MPs in as many months. The present tragedy wouldn’t have visited at the most politically trying moment given the shaky and untrusting Government of Grand coalition Kenya is grappling with.

Granted, conspiracy theories abound. Add that to today’s five buy-elections and the tension couldn’t have been more palpable. The first question that comes to mind is why would two ministers fly in the same chopper given the past Marsabit experience that coincidentally happened 26 months ago to the day? Even in commercial flights they warn of unlikely events. And just how safe and airworthy are these choppers outside the military ones that our politicians ride in while running political errands? Well, these are politically charged times and the present tragedy only succeeds in opening more questions than answers.

Painful circumstances are conspiring to prescribe constant electioneering mood for ODM. Their majority status in parliament is under constant threat. Add to that the clamour for grand opposition and you get is a party with her threads all stretched out at the seams. But again being the scavengers they are, the noisy politicians (specifically from South Rift) will be circling the empty seats even before the two late ministers are lowered six feet under.

Universal equalizer
So are we jinxed or are the two Ministers simply unfortunate victims of elite death? Well, you don’t have to be superstitious to understand Kenyans’ general discomfort with anything left to the fate of official investigation. The stones are never touched leave alone lifted. Commercial aircrafts are exclusively owned by typical SURVVY Kenyan entrepreneurs whose forte is CUTTING CORNERS. So there you have it DECEPTION and all its variants is never too far away in our hell-for-leather philosophy to wealth creation.

Death remains the universal equalizer and may the two late Ministers earn what they deserve in the life thereafter. They may not have been saints but fought the life war by serving their people the best way they knew how. We are no better either. We are left at the mercy of political vultures continuously scheming to feather their nests. Fare thee well Lorna and Kones.

PS: True to the adage that calamities come in doubles, more than 100 people are feared dead Tuesday at Khartoum Airport when a plane burst into flames after skidding off the runway when landing from Amman Jordan in a stormy weather. And this is hardly a month after Sudan lost 24 people including a minister in a plane crash last May. Obtuse coincidence/s or are we dicing with death?


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

good post my condolences to MP laboso and kones- i hope a full investigation will be done and it must be an independent body not kibaki and Saitoti duo not this time

Phil said...


thank you for that break, phew!

Just a quick one, can calamities be selective?

Anonymous said...

take a breath and slow down- most people are hurting- but we must let the investigation take place- let us wait for that- i guess it does look odd that within a short period only odm members of parliament are dying from some weird deaths-

why blame anyone for connecting the dots- until the investigation is completed- no Kenyan will believe otherwise that Kibaki, Saitoti, Uhuru, Martha Karua, and their cronies in PNU were not involved-
since they messed up the MP Were's investigation do you blame Kenyans to believe otherwise?


Anonymous said...

Can someone confirm if it is really true that Odm is/has met with Scotland Yard etc to begin investigations....

p.s can you imagine the nerve of Kibaki offering condolensces?? Me thinks he n he's potion of government are prime suspects, until proven otherwise. Taabu this is not jinx.


Anonymous said...

Somebody here asked where Chris is hiding. Didn't you know yet? He is still in bed with the Okellos, with both of them. Something Mrs. Kumekucha has denied him all these last years. He finally can realize his juvenile dreams of sexual escapades.
Phil - hope to see you soon in Westlands and don't forget the first drink is on me.

Anonymous said...

anon2:10 PM

ha!ha! actually you are fun on this blog- though very irrelevant- since you don't want the truth to be posted here me think you are a paid clone since you know everyone all over the world reads kumekucha and now they are gaging the moods of kenyans after the crash and where the blame lay:)

hey go to the rest of the blogs and check- kenyans are mad not a joke- so keep wasting your time-

kibaki this time will pay dearly he is a murderer ...... did i say a murderer .... yes a murderer and he will pay.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

*random question; where did the previous posts of phils false accusations of bloggers go to?
they must have realized their big mistake, why delete them? if that is the case, someone starting with the name P needs to apologize, if not, at the very least he should be ashamed of himself.*

Anonymous said...

anon 2:31, seems there was a "computer failure". that KNEC glitch has caught up with kk, but we have solid no top up crew, so am sure they'll fix it quick

was also wondering what happened but if someone can explain that would help

Anonymous said...

What happened to the previous comments here? Did a computer glitch occur or have we just witnessed the worst censureship since the fall of communist Soviet Union.

Anonymous said...

The truth will set us free- let it be known- kibaki-pnu his 50% govenment will not last not this time it is the beginning of the end in Kenya coalition watch and wait and for those who have continuously murdered our Kenyan sons ,daughter,father, mothers like the Sudan government has done to its people - there is a big difference to Darfur and Kenyans- Kenyans are educated enough to arm- Kenyans are not helpless and if it is one tribe that is disturbing the peace in kenya then it should be cleared out!! you bring us Sudan government example of Darfur and we will not waste time finishing you kibaki. watch and see- we will not stand back or back down- eye for an eye and this time you won;t have those eyes to see- not this time - killer - information is trickling in and we know who planned the crash and when it was planned watch and see murderers,no peace and no idp's in the rift valley . if you know we mean business not even your police force will stop us- army renegeds like me against your chicken shithead police- try
I'm in the army for the record and I'm a Kipsigis- we watched you slaughter our people in the name of power- in Mt. Elgon you send your tribe of kikuyu police and army specially hand picked to go slaughter our youth and now you go kill our son and daughter? Raila will not stop us- he is foolish enough to be in the same bed with you- we respect him but we will not listen to him this time let their be war - that at least we will feel good because we will be one on one with your tribe- enough said- only action remains -

Anonymous said...

My condolences to the MPs. May God comfort their families at what must be a very painful and difficult time.

Vikii said...

How I wish you guys would put your money where your mouths are. Since January, I have heard of 21 million threats issued at Kibaki and his community. Mara a week then a month and now "educated" army specialists threatening the President. What for, nobody knows. But like I said, humour comes in different forms.

Anonymous said...

We, the Kipsigis people have resolved that the two govt positions left vacant by the untimely deaths of our beloved son and daughter be given to fellow MPs from our community. Raila should know that while we mourn we have not forgotten that he short-changed us. He gave the Nandis three full cabinet positions while we (who gave him more votes) got only one full ministry. He should not play games we us anymore. He should make a new beginning by giving us two full cabinet positions. We propose that one ministerial position be given to Frank Bett to represent the greater Kericho area. Only two full cabinet and two assistant positions can bring truce between us and Raila!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The latest tragedy to strike ODM ranks should be a wake up call to its leadership to seek answers from God why it’s only MPs from the party who are dying in very sad circumstances.

Since they formed ODM, its leadership has been preaching hatred and massacre of innocent Kenyans (read Kikuyus and people from other Gema communities) The climax of it was the Dec polls, which Raila and his fellow ODM MPs claimed were stolen. If it’s true the presidential vote was stolen, the person who did it is Kibaki and his close allies and not the innocent Kenyans who cast their ballots.

Since they could not reach Kibaki and his allies to inflict pain on them, Raila and his ODM gang (mostly Kalenjin MPs led by Ruto) incited their communities to slaughter Kikuyus in the Rift Valley. Their crimes? They were accused to have voted for Kibaki! How did the ODM gangs determine who voted for Kibaki since voting is by secret ballot? Is it a crime to vote for Kibaki or any other candidate you wish? Was it criminal for anyone to vote for either Kibaki, Raila or Kalonzo?

The violence meted on Kikuyus paid off. Raila got the power he has been craving for for years. And to ensure he got what he wanted, Raila and the Kalenjin MPs were at the fore-front using the survivors of the Kalenjin slaughter as a bargaining chip for power. They insisted the IDPs should not be re-settled in their farms until Kibaki shared power with Raila. After Raila got power, the Kalenjin MPs – Kipkalya Kones and Lorna Laboso at the fore-front - went further and demanded that the IDPs should not be re-settled until the Truth and Justice Commission was set up and resolved the land question in the Rift Valley. So, they wanted the poor Kenyans to remain refugees in tents in their own country at the expense of the bloody-thirsty Kelenjins? Why do Kelenjins cheapen human lives and killing a human being to them is like killing a chicken?

It was not the first time Kones washed his hands with innocent bloods of Kikuyus. He was the mastermind of the 1992 tribal clashes that led to a massive killing of Kikuyus in the Rift Valley while thousands of others were displaced from their own farms. Another ODM heavyweight, William Ole Ntimama, instigated the slaughter of thousands of Kikuyus in Masai land during the same period.

Although Raila and ODM MPs accuse Kibaki of all manner of evils, their party consists of individuals who have a bigger share of the evils perpetuated against innocent Kenyans. Ruto, Kones, Ntimama etc have all swarmed in innocent blood of other human beings. As the ODM leadership seeks answers why tragedy is striking in their ranks, they need to take stock of the crimes against humanity their members have committed.

God has His unique ways of punishing those who cheap the lives of their fellow helpless human beings. I shed no tears for the death of Kipkalya Kones and Lorna Laboso.

Although Chris has started coining conspiracy theories as to what might have caused the plane clash and cunningly pointing an accusing fingers at the wealthy (his innuendos are obvious he is referring to Kikuyus). This is what he writes: “Commercial aircrafts are exclusively owned by typical SURVVY Kenyan entrepreneurs whose forte is CUTTING CORNERS. So there you have it DECEPTION and all its variants is never too far away in our hell-for-leather philosophy to wealth creation.” Chris, your Kikuyus bashing and hatred obsession is a waste of time. Look at things from a realistic point of view and never dream you’ll ever divert the truth with your cheap lies.

Chris also claims that ministers are not supposed to fly in the same plane. What rubbish is this?

God says the blood of innocent people will not be shed in vain. ODM should repent to God NOW for their crimes against other innocent Kenyans. ODM gangs with innocent blood on their hands will perish one by one unless they repent their sins.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 9.08, that is complete rubbish.
You are just as guilty a sany ODM member.
I will tell you something you semm to have forgorten,Jesus said,let he who has no sin be the first to throw a stone at the adultrous woman.
That is exactly wat you are doinng,throwing stones.
Each Kenyan is guilty in their own way.
It is people like you who call on the wrath of God on Kenyans,always ready to pass judgement and acting like you are the most righteous.
And what makes you think only Kikuyu's died in the post election violence?
Does it not matter to you that other tribes suffered as well?
Aren't they humans like Kikuyu's?
Before you pass judgment on others,look at yourself and if u honestly think you have a right to bash others,then go ahead.
But remember,what goes round comes around.

Anonymous said...

9.08,shame on you.
People wonder why Kikuyu's are hated?
The answer is right there for all to see.

Anonymous said...

Couldnt agree more with Anon @9:08. Very well put.
@8:58. Very true, the Kipsigis should not agree to be used like toilet paper. Demand what is rightfully yours, but no need to threaten violence like the pin-head army guy @8:25. Violence breeds even more violence as people can get fed up too.

Anonymous said...

I know this is very sad news and especially to the families in mourning and I must express my sincere sympathy to Lorna Laboso family. A woman who campaigned tirelessly for women rights in Kenya.

But we’ve all heard ‘what goes around comes around’. Remember those innocent women and children burnt alive in a church? Vengeance is mine says the Lord.
We should never be surprised when the Lord visits us with his vengeance and this could be just the beginning.


Taabu said...

You cannot fall any lower, or can you? Your propensity to smile wryly at tragedy qualifies you for what you are SADIST. BTW when did Sir God make you His Alfred Mutua? Typical Kenyan mentality of running roughshold and abrogating yourself responsibility you don't have neither deserve. You remain an unparalleled embodiment of SHAMELESSLESS.

Anonymous said...

WEST KENYA MPs. Chunga sana. Someone is out to finish you. The only solution is to force the PM to order for investigations and tell the people why Mbai, Were, David, Lorna and Kones had to die.

We are smelling a rat! Why only ODM MPs? Is this another way to steal votes?

lelmok said...

kales its a wake up call, they are out to get you leaders you recall serone, kimalel, muge, atenas kandie and many more unexplained deaths since uhuru, this a wake up call if you thought the enemy is been defeated, then wake up the devil is very much alive planning his next move who will be next, even women are not spared. Be on you guard.
Wake up as Bush put’s it offense is the best defence

Anonymous said...

Raila has sacrificed Laboso and Hon Kones for Isaac Ruto or Namwamba to be given ministerial roles to keep them off with the idea of forming grand Opposition and Esther Passaris to succeed Laboso if she wins.

How is one to live a moral and compassionate existence when one is fully aware of the blood, the horror inherent in life, when one finds darkness not only in one's culture but within oneself? If there is a stage at which an individual life becomes truly adult, it must be when one grasps the irony in its unfolding and accepts responsibility for a life lived in the midst of such paradox. One must live in the middle of contradiction, because if all contradiction were eliminated at once life would collapse. There are simply no answers to some of the great pressing questions. You continue to live them out, making your life a worthy expression of leaning into the light.

Anonymous said...

First - its because of the self-styled preachers and self appointed (most who insert double nn annointed) God's spokesmen such as those here that finally drove me out of church. I found that perpetual drunkards were more sincere and honest than the bible toting con-artists as exhibited above and of course leading from the front SKM. IMO the bible facade leads but with a huge old sword hidden behind the back to back-stab at will ... hahahaha ...
ati sijui God nini nini. i beleive the good word also says, you shall not use the name of thy God in vain ...

so kindly stop throwing (vain) theories and hoping for God to back you up.

on a side note: i think whoever deleted the previous posts made a fundamental error in judgement. true there was some heated exchange from the best of the best, but somewhere along the line, the two antagonists realised there was a gross e-ID error and swiftly moved to correct themselves albeit a little e-bruised (e= ego in this case).

this served as a classic example and kumekucha readers deserved to witness how the lead bloggers show by example how an ordinary discussion session could turn from simple rhetoric to a trivial arguments and then to heated and very hot, and back to cool and level headed reasoning as the two gents finally resolved the issue amicably.

i think that was a grand opportunity lost and i have to bash you gents that whitewashed those comments, - that is the sort of impunity we are advocating against. if it happened, then it did happen, maturity behoves that we in conclusion not hide the facts but outline the conflict resolution process (identify source of problem, resultant chaos and impact and finally the path to the light at the end of the tunnel)

kumekucha lost this battle, let the truth be told


Anonymous said...

Jinxed indeed,kwani you guys thought all the wangangas tat were visited during the lections by the same ODMers are appeased with money only? Sacrifice of human blod guys- mlijiletea wenyewe! keep Kibaki out of it.
Na majini yenu bado hayatosheka? And teh innocent blood lost uder fight for democrazy guise? Malipo ni papa hapa duniani

Anonymous said...

May they RIP.

Why, oh, why don't we have a dopler rader system? We have no clue about the weather we are flying into! Such a pathetic way to end your life; road accidents, child birth, minor operations, plane crash...

Pinto said...

Death is inevitable and conspiracy theories are manifest of living in denial of this naked fact.Fine indeed but these theories beggar belief.What was the pilot's role in the rift valley clashes? God does not take sides in political duels and soccer or we would have seen wiper's miracle at the elections.As for Kones' and Laboso's fate it is beyond the court of public opinion.

karuagirl said...

wonders never army guy where were u wen one of ur sons(man toro) was killing kenyans and detaining others? a crime is a crime no matter who commits it . and the guy insisting on their community being given their posts back wat kind of world do u live in? if a guy with computer access can argue such a case wat about the illiterate masses of rural north rift?
there are two ministers in my district and that has not added an extra sufuria of ugali on my table i care less if they keep their job or not as long as they serve my country well i can never waste my precious time throwin a tantrum (and stones) coz a tribesmate did not get to be a minister. so mister keep on waiting but i thot the kalenjins should have learnt by now they had toro for 24years and wen he left people were dying of hunger in his back yard(and they still are) and illiteracy levels are highest in the rift valley..come on this dependancy attitude has to end! be like the tiny ant that sweats for its own food ama u just want the posts so as to floss ati such and such minister is my uncle? so what who cares? as the bible says 'you fools!" go on hastle for jobs for the already fat MPs, while there is no food in ur fridge..sorry cardboad!

karuagirl said...

the majini story is so true!!!! remember the famous witch doctor who had full booking before the election time and ati a main presidential candidate went to visit him? well the chicken have come home to roost. ofcourse brother steven could not get mixed up in that shit seeing he is a self confessed born again( i hear it would have been instant death for him since the two powers cannot mix) emilio care less for everything that would have been too much trouble anyway so ofcourse we are left with the one and only suspect!! case solved(hello sherlock holmes!!) the last minute dash to announce himself an anglican at the height of voodoo rumours was hilarious. anyway ODM should be prepared for a rough ride na just bury the assasination rumours we all know these things were done and as they say God is never mocked and u can only serve him or satan. even the mungiki sympathisers will be punished!

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