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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Interesting Goings-on In ODM

Yesterday an anonymous reader asked: “………Phil, I posed some questions to you and Chris, but you ignored me. Anyway, now Ruto is throwing the spanner in the works. Phil, what is going on in ODM????”

Well, well….here is an interesting piece from the The People on Sunday. It has so far not been denied by ODM Secretary General Anyang Nyongo, neither has the ODM Spokesman Salim Lone said anything. I do not want to be the one to speculate, but since we know powerful people within ODM (and PNU) read this blog religiously, there you are.

Isahakia Sabotaging Raila: The Man Odm Wants Out

Recent media reports (The People On Sunday May 4, 2008) about a fierce war by officers at the Premier’s office barely scratch the bottom of what is really at stake for Raila Odinga and ODM.

The man drawing discontent in the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) is Dr. Mohammed Isahakia, erstwhile head of the ODM Presidential Campaign Secretariat, former director of National Museums of Kenya and former Permanent Secretary (PS) whom Moi sacked severally under controversial circumstances and now the re-invented boss at the critical PM’s office.

He is the only PS in the history of civil service re-appointed to public office while still facing misuse of office allegations in court in addition to being past retirement age. He is such a persona that his support base (Muslims) and party (ODM) fraternity do not want him near any decision–making but the Prime Minister is weighed down with him.

He is also the “enemy within” that party bigwigs and strategists tag for spirited sabotage manoeuvres of the ODM electioneering campaigns, misuse of campaign funds, fiasco in cabinet portfolio balance in power-sharing negotiations and short-changing in public service appointments, but who has been planted on the PM as his closest minder.

Recent reports of infighting within the PM’s office and disquiet within ODM hierarchy is but a tip of the iceberg as the PM faces credibility questions from his own party. Members of the Pentagon, cabinet ministers and large pools of professional support groups cite lack of integrity by officers in his office. Prime Minister Raila Odinga is indeed in danger of squandering an image build over the years as a man after real change in governance.

Premier’s Office in Disarray

The recent squabble might seem to be between Dr. Isahakia and Raila’s close political aide, the Secretary of Administration at the PM’s office, Mr. Caroli Omondi; but the gulf runs much deeper. On the PM’s instruction, Mr. Omondi wrote to the Justice Aaron Ringera-headed KACC asking for a brief on the controversially alleged handover of Grand Regency Hotel by Kamlesh Patni, of the Goldenberg infamy. Mr. Omondi, a lawyer and ODM liaison officer at the on-going Serena Mediation talks signed off as the “Chief of Staff” for the PM.

Apparently upset that Raila had overlooked him in “protocol”, Dr. Isahakia is said to have appealed to newfound confidante - the Head of Civil Service Mr. Francis Muthaura - to put the record straight on the pecking order at the PM’s office. Motivating Isahakia was the desire to spite the PM amidst suspicion that the PM is already overwhelmed by appeals to cut him loose. In an offhand rude putdown to Raila and Omondi, Muthaura - in the now-famous insolent manner he has come to treat the PM - did not let his buddy down; he was least bothered with courtesies and official channels.

He contemptuously let fly through the media his disdain for Raila; Muthaura was categorical that no one will bother with a reply since government structures had no “chief of staff” and only Dr. Isahakia could author such requests. This is despite the letter downright stating that “I have been directed by the Rt. Hon. Prime Minister…” Insubordination is the strategy to Muthaura has chosen to let the PM know his place.

The relationship between Muthaura and Dr. Isahakia is intriguing and a source of great anxiety within ODM. In the heat of disagreements over portfolio balance, the two were used as point’s men by President Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila respectively in heated correspondence, when one-on-one meetings failed. Dr. Isahakia was the errand boy for ODM on “portfolio balance” in meetings with Muthaura for PNU. It through these engagements that the two developed a conspiratorial working rapport.

The Saboteur

Back to ODM portfolio balance negotiations, a red flag was first raised when media leaks begun to portray ODM as constantly conceding on its “irreducible minimum” in portfolio balance. Sources say that “coincidences were too many” when approved “portfolio balance” presentations to PNU were concisely substituted with new ones once in the hands of Isahakia.

“It was baffling. For instance, the strategists would work on a document and fine tune it for presentation. But between Isahakia’s offices for the PM’s approval, the document would acquire different proposals. Of course the PM would assume that the changes were by the strategy team as it had been presented to him!” said a distraught official. He cited the leak that portrayed ODM ceding Foreign Affairs, Internal Security and Finance to PNU even before any discussion was held as a fake document that was traced back to an Isahakia sidekick at Pentagon House.

It was determined that Isahakia had been “turned” in espionage to ensure a favourable deal for PNU because he was “too compromised” by his past. In his mole role, Isahakia was/has strategically been placed to feed Raila with misinformation. Henceforth Isahakia would not meet alone with Muthaura. He would be shadowed by Mr. Caroli Omondi, Dalmas Otieno and Amukowa Anagwe.

However, Isahakia would pull a first one; he recruited Dalmas Otieno and Amukowa Anagwe into his confidence. At Sagana where ‘portfolio balance’ was agreed only Isahakia and Muthaura and the two principals were present. It is noteworthy that not even the highest decision-making organ – Pentagon - at ODM was aware of Sagana. Subsequently Isahakia would evade ‘his tails’ in meetings with his new-found villain Muthaura to fine tune the agreement and finalise appointments to cabinet and civil service that has became the source of fury in ODM.

“It is uncanny how Isahakia connived to meet alone with Muthaura and agree on PS allotments and then tell a tall story as already plotted by them to the PM”, said an ODM MP.

Plot to Fix Raila’s Reputation

In a much Isahakia’s positioning is a source of ire, diehard supporters of the PM fear that it is an insidious long-term PNU plot to politically fix Raila. To begin with among the presidential candidates, it only the Raila Odinga who presented himself as “Mr. Clean” and on behalf ODM promised to fight corruption. In the campaigns, Raila would scold opponents as representing “business as usual” in reference to their alleged corrupt backgrounds in public perception.

“It comes as shocking and alarming to supporters that the PM has within his office people with stained and dubious reputations”, said a professional from Nyanza.

Supporters are worried that apart from Isahakia himself, the latter in complicity with Muthaura is busy recruiting into PM’s office wheeler dealer Tony Gachoka as a Senior Assistant Secretary for protocol and a Major Idris who left the armed forces procurement department under a dubious cloud as a Deputy Secretary. This is being done without following laid down procedures indicating the length head of public service, Muthuara is prepared to prop up his friend and go to have PNU-friendly insiders around the PM.

Most of PM’s close confidants are lost for words that their interventions to have the PM cut loose Dr. Isahakia have hit a brick wall. Dr. Isahakia continues to call the shots even as he continues, according to ODM insiders, “to mislead the PM into PNU traps at every corner”. It is in this light that Raila is said to be quietly shifting political responsibilities to Mr. Omondi prompting Isahakia to wage insurgency in cohorts with Muthaura.

“We sincerely do not know where the Captain got this man and why”, said an irate ODM Pentagon member when asked about Isahakia’s recruitment as campaign head adding he found the PS “lazy, manipulative and inopportune”. “He confessed to me that he knew nothing about managing campaigns and proved it”, he said.

“I can tell you the man is incapable of writing a simple memo”, said a former minister whose sentiments were supported by a member of ODM strategy team who had to re-draft “juvenile” memos from Isahakia.

“We don’t know this man’

However, insiders told us that Dr. Isahakia as the ODM Presidential Campaign Secretariat head was part of the deal in the contentious and debilitating “Muslim MOU” authored by NAMLEF, the Muslims lobby group that was at the centre of the debate during that 2007 campaigns. In the course of the campaigns, however, it transpired Dr. Isahakia abandoned the Muslim agenda and became a material broker for vested interests in the party nominations, especially Muslim parliamentary constituencies. Furthermore, the source claimed, campaign funds released to the area never reached the intended beneficiaries. They cite a case of Ksh.1m meant for a coordinator who only received Ksh200, 000 from Dr. Isahakia.

“He is responsible for the fiasco that saw us loose ground in North Eastern to PNU as he substituted strategic parliamentary candidates with his cronies in the area for some consideration. Somehow, most of his recommended candidates lost to PNU”, said a party strategist from the region who sought anonymity.

As if these were not enough, the Muslim community feels short-changed in the recent PS appointment by ODM which led to a delegation that asked the PM to fire his PS. Sources in NAMLEF say that Dr. Isahakia colluded with PNU to ensure that names for ODM Muslim appointees to PS positions, like the those from other regions, were replaced by PNU appointees.

Players in the on-going saga who fear that there is a larger PNU plot to isolate the PM from his support bases point out that PNU is already using its manipulation of PS appointments to its advantage in ODM support areas. “I can tell you that other than one Secretary, none of those PSs with Muslim names are ODM supporters”, said an NAMLEF official.

The story is the same everywhere; Kanu is busy taunting ODM in Rift Valley since all PS appointees are its supporters to the chagrin of ODM Kalenjin professionals. In Western, ODM was even upstaged by ODM-K and Ford-Kenya where they got one PS each to none for ODM! In addition, Kibaki retained his previous appointees.

More recently, there are unconfirmed reports circulating among Muslims that ODM cabinet and PS positions were “bought” for as much as Ksh30 million and Ksh20, 000 respectively.

‘Dirty Hands’

The insinuation of dirtied hands at the PM’s office goes back to the campaigns. The issue of misappropriation of campaign funds is not new. At the height of the campaigns, the media cited conflict of interest in the award of tenders at Orange House, the party headquarters. To date, the party secretariat has not accounted for the millions that aspirants on the ODM ticket paid as nominations fees.

What did not attract media attention; however, were the goings-on at the Presidential Campaign Secretariat headquarters then based at Dr. Isahakia’s private office at Titan House near Yahya Centre. Information now sipping out reveals that despite public perception that ODM was a well-funded machine; the presidential campaign had to operate from hand-to-mouth most of December as cartels at the secretariat under Dr. Isahakia’s command siphoned off millions in procurement deals that nearly derailed the campaign.

“You had the ‘Isahakia boys’ inflate transport, publicity and security procurements while major needs were left bleeding for want of money. Their trick was to ensure that the logistics for members of Pentagon campaigns teams were well executed to blindside them from seeing the sabotage from within”, we were told by a regional coordinator from Rift Valley.

He said Isahakia dillydallied with the roll-out for recruitment and training programmes for presidential agents in an act that many saw as sabotage. At the intervention of the strategy team, this task was personally delegated to Mr. Omondi by the presidential candidate. It is no wonder campaign tuff wars have been extended to the PM’s office.

Fraudulent deals

Another case darkens the clouds over Isahakia are revelations about an internal opinion poll that cost Ksh6 million. A member of the media team based at Raila’s private offices at Raila Odinga Centre (ROC) House in the Upper Hill area of Nairobi revealed that Isahakia recruited a former Kanu insider and PS Dr. Jeremiah Ngeno and made him “head of technical services”.

Dr. Ngeno was meant to be answerable to the high powered strategy team based at Rainbow House in Kawangware but never shared any information with it, choosing instead to chain himself at Isahakia’s Titan office. It turned out that Dr. Ngeno never carried out any field work for the opinion poll. Instead, our source said, the couple (Isahakia and Dr. Ngeno) teamed up with Dr. Simbili current PS Planning ministry at the PM’s office, and used rehashed data from the national sampling agency from the ministry.

The strategy team that used to advice on itinerary was shut out when it demanded to see the protocol for the poll, samples of questionnaires and tabulations. After evading the team’s demands Dr. Ngeno would secretly present “polling results” to the ODM candidate which was used to map out his campaign itinerary in the final days of the campaign. This ensured that the campaign was diverted into investing resources and time in useless trips to regions that had little added value. The heightened poll results showed PNU winning and thus panicked ODM into frantic campaigns.

Too late it would be discovered that in fact Dr. Isahakia, Dr. Ngeno and Dr. Sambili actually used poll results earlier commissioned by PNU through the Ministry of Planning under Dr. Sambili’s direction to mislead the ODM campaign. All this time, just like it would happen during the post-election negotiations with Isahakia, that time the candidate would be presented with a fait accompli that Dr. Ngeno was an emissary of the strategy team.

“Sack this man’

“At one time, people just got fed-up and told the Captain to fire Isahakia if he expected a win”, said a volunteer who worked at Rainbow House in the ODM strategy team.

“However, to our dismay almost all senior staff at the secretariat were fired except Isahakia”, the volunteer said addicting that the PS’s management style by deception and double-dealing has served him well, and that “you do not get into a dog-fight with Isahakia and win”.

Today, Dr. Sambili having been retained as PS Ministry of Planning in the Premier’s Office is working closely with Dr. Ngeno on harmonising party manifestoes for the Grand Coalition Government.

A minister whom Isahakia have worked under in the public service says that “yeye ni mutu wa kukupotosha” (he misleads you) and then pretends to be the one solving the problem.

“Isahakia uses bad-mouthing to the boss as a potent weapon. He has succeeded in isolating the PM from his trusted teams”, said a former PS now an ODM MP referring to the dismissal of long-serving Raila aides during the campaign ostensibly due to financial misappropriation. It is said Isahakia has mastered the art of passing the buck to his subordinates. He would set people up by goading them into a deal and then rush to “report”.

In this way Isahakia is said to have managed to get rid of former Raila PA Dave Arunga, and Head of Campaign Finance and ODM party secretary general Tony Chege. This was after he had instigated fallout between Raila’s personal assistant Serah Elderkin on one hand and Raila’s daughter Rosemary Akinyi who was the deputy to Director of Communications Kibisu-Kabatesi on the other. The latter two had questioned the opaque use of publicity money.

The bad blood between Isahakia and the strategy team, many whose names were dropped from PS appointments must be seen in this context. To completely obliterate the team’s central role in advising the Premier, Isahakia is lobbying that it be deployed to the party as departmental directors. Indeed, a source confirms that there is a plot to close Pentagon House, which is an important symbol for ODM.

Indeed, the PM is now surrounded by gatekeepers who are Isahakia cohorts. Information indicates that Isahakia is currently up in arms against a new structure in the PM’s office that donors have agreed to support. That the recent snide accusations that foreigners are “babysitting” the PM by PNU are part of his counter attack strategy so as not to lose influence on the PM.

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Anonymous said...

This is the problem of re-cycling the same old guys who served under KANU. Their main aim is to "eat". In 5 years ODM will be like Kanu, Narc etc

Anonymous said...

I have a question Phil; I will assume this to be true & accurate information...How can Raila be all of these??
What efforts are being made to nip these problems?

Anonymous said...

It seem like PM is caught between a rock and hard place. I don't think the PS in the PM office is a PNU mole. This all about office power and politics that is common in the corporate world. What is interesting is that this guy is also past the retirement age and ODM has all been saying that such guys should retire.

The RV issue is what is going to be a big headache for RAO, they may call it democracy within the party but RV leaders are sending a message to RAO that he should support their cause. As a PM he cannot disregard the rule of law and demand for realese of pertrators of violence. This might cost the support he enjoys from the region come 2012.

Anonymous said...

Phil, I “prophesied” here not too long ago that ODM will not hold together for long. The amount of insult that was hurled back to me suggested ODM is walking on egg shells.
And it’s all starting to crumble now. Before you know it, there will be many defections and betrayals.
No offence, but if you find yourself (ODM supporters) at your own wits’ end, please don’t shy away from joining PNU – ‘a party of national unity’.


Matapiko said...

This is probably one of the best news I have ever read in this blog ever.
In the immortal words of Borat, "Throw ODM down the well, so my country can be free!!!...."

Very good.
PNU--Na Kazi Ienderee nambere!

Anonymous said...

I know everybody has been saying it is our time ......I will differ and say it is the time for my generation to provide sound leadership to this nation. But again i am in a dilemma who are these jamaas in my generation who can provide leadership? Mungatana, Thuo, Uhuru? who else they are over. So imagine Kenya being led by such leaders....Tutapotea zaidi!!!You see there is a leadership vaccum and that is why the likes of Mohammed Isahakia, Muthaura, are still in office etc
But their is hope i was told that the guy who beat Kupruto arap Kirwa (Kutuny) is only 30 years old...I am saying kudos to him and my prayer and hope is that he proves himself then after that we might just decide to vote in the likes of Mpesa, Kwale na wengine

My prayer is that ODM will put his house in order and maybe the only advise i can give Raila is that he cannot sit down and negotiate with mungiki and yet the people who delivered the PM post to him are languishing in jail just because they fungad roads...Phil tell him to wake up and smell the coffee, mungiki will play him and then he ends up loosing the RV vote halafu? Before he realizes mungiki would have disappeared and they will align themselves with their tribal leaders....Let him trad carefully...These people are known and that one does not require him to carry out any research...It has been tested and proven....Mungiki will never vote for you as long as their own is standing!!


Anonymous said...

CMA :- A toothless dog yet again

Why is it that certain shareholders are selling their shares in Equity despite having a letter of undertaking with CMA. Was this a gimmick that was meant to fool Kenyans. It's a sorry site for the toothless CMA, which cannot even enforce this letters of undertaking. We are seeing the share price rising in anticipation for sell offs in August when these letters of undertaking will expire.

From confidential sources it is quite clear that the public has long along been hoodwinked into believing that the Letter of Undertaking has any legal strength.
If it were ,why is John Mwangi Kagema, Nelson Njoroge Mogoko and Andrew Mwangi Kimani being allowed to sell their shares through a law firm in Museum Hill run by the notable Jane Michuki.

Our sources within the law firm indicates that some are selling their shares through post dated letters of transfer in anticipation that Equity bank will be a brokerage license and hence this transfers may never be uncovered. We can prove that all the three are major clients of Jane Michuki who is busy earning illegal fees and a close confidant of the ceo. Part of the proceedings of the sales were also used to fund certain political parties through the law firm.

Shame Shame that this has to be allowed to run to its full course.


Wamakori Damaris
a concerned kenyan

Anonymous said...

anon 3.15
'As a PM he cannot disregard the rule of law and demand for realese of pertrators of violence'

It is the same 'pertrators of violence' who made what he is now.
After all his kinsmen had already been subsdued in Kisumu,Kibera and Mathare.They were ready to go and kneel before the duly elected.
If Arap Mibei doesnt do what warriors expect elders to after a war to protect democracy has been won, then he should denounce that dignified name and let the kaleos fight their own war the way they know.
So much for the 'BRIDGE'which never took us to the future.Ati Ishakia is retiree!!!! So what were we fighting for? We now know who to retire next.


Anonymous said...

Unity in what Mr kwale? Unity in stealing? Clinton n Obama are at each others throats though they come from the same party...Its better to be divided with your friends than united with your enemies. In real life comlexity is the norm and thinking ppl always disagree uniformity is a clear sign of death or dedciet or both. Its not so much an ODM vs PAnua is what and who they repesent kenyans know what they want, that is very clear and its not panua whatever else that may arise out of a ODM break up it must represent the will of the people. Now some ppl here are thinking like kalonzo that a party name is someting to cling to....its the idea stupid...its the people's wishes not laws and parties....kenyans would rather remain patryless than have a usesless evil party like pnu. The ugly truth about kenyans is that its not just the kuyos that have tribal superiority issues
those who know the truth know that Kalonzo's theory of RAOs unelectability owing to tribe was not that far removed from the truth, what they did not count on was how much kuyos had pissed of the rest of kenyans in just 5 yrs after kenyans unanimously elected one a kuyo for president this still remains the strongest argument against the notion that kenyans just hate kuyos cause they have nothing else to do with their time. RAO will continue to get resistance form all quarters in and out of the party.....Its a obvious fact that soem ODM mps used RAO popularity to get the job yet the may personaly have issues with him....thats not news....That the present generation of leaders are crap is no news, I don't know where we have been as a nation but cleary we do not understand our country we have idiots for leaders because the rest of us a very busy earning a living thinking its a more honorable thing....Thats why we are still represented by fools....,
Its a tragedy that the likes of Kalonzo can imagine themselves as leaders of a nation like kenya...we should individualy soul search and ask ourselves what role we have played either by omission or comission to allow our nation to deteriorate to what it is now. kambaas must ask themselves if that is the best they can do. My advise is for those who can find out which elective post you can get
start wit the ward councilor or something ..get elected get political offer the people a choice
good leaders will not drop from heaven by us just sitting and wishing...or maerely complaining..

Sir Alex

M-Pesa said...

I vividly remember saying two weeks ago that ODM's honeymoon was over and as usual I was called all sorts of matusis by rabble-rousing ODM bigots- from a tribalist, heckler, fascist..blah know how it goes with any perceived DOMO enemy!

Today it seems I've been proved right and Domos are indeed licking their own wounds in solitary confinement amid hushed tones. Their massive inflated ego is finally getting it's well deserved come-uppance and reading the riot act on disgruntled party members isn't working!

That a real split is emminent is not an understatement but the only game in town. We are hearing Gen Ruto calling for a formidable opposition while the "Captain" is running amok with his tail between his legs on hearing such sentiments.

His huge ego is deluding him that it's only him who was born to oppose and others are just useless poodles which can easily be disposed. Watch this space, ODM is slowly sailing towards the rocks just like Titanic and only a fool can't see that.

Blaming PNU for their own mess won't wash. To cast your sorry self as a victim has always been the default position of any bully throughout ages.

Anonymous said...


One thing i trust and believe when it comes from you is " anything ODM". On this blog, i have known more about ODM than many Kenyans would.

Having said this, these are my questiosn and observations.

1. These are office infighting issues - could it be your are not happy that you were not appointed PS as promised?

2. Didnt you all know isahakia was past sell by date?

3. Didnt you know Ntimama and Gumo is not the leadership we expected from chungwa house?

4. PM office cannot be a one tribe affair, he needs a national outlook?

5. How come when you do not agree with some one in ODM - HE BECOMES A TRAITOR, a PNU apologist, out to finish ODM? Is thid democracy we al yearned for?

6. Phil - tolerance is a virtue. If PM cannot handle dissent and organise his team at the office level - how will he organise Kenya?

7. Isnt too early to start squabbling when there is much that needs to be done for Kenya?

8. All those who got positions are also Kenyans. Let them contribute to Kenya just like you and the rest would have done. Give them a chance.

9. Insurbodination is wrong in teh civil service. A lawyer should know this. Isahakia is known in the PS, for heavens sake give him teh due respect?

10. Whats wrong with Tony Gachoka. This guy hang out with you. Jas no friends in teh village where he comes from - yet you want to throw him?



Anonymous said...

Mzee you have very nice questions, but i am not just getting/understanding

Anonymous said...

One thing we must acknowledge is that ODM is the only party who is for change, change has began slowly beginning with the constitution albeit as a result of electing theft by Kibaki and co. In as much as there are no political parties with clear cut ideologies Kenyans overwhelmingly voted for the party that at least wanted to go against the status quo (time will tell how successful they wil be to that end. PNU on the other hand is essentially an opportunist party consisting primarily of kikuyus keen on continuing to rob their kikuyu brethren and Kenyans at large. They have used their coward of a leader Kibaki and coerced with little effort another coward in kalonzo to perpetuate theft and corruption. So while there appears to be some internal strife within ODM let those of us who are for change and for a better Kenya not assume that everything has collapsed and accept that differences in opinion are healthy for democracy provided that they are for the right reasons. KANU was united for years with people being forced to toe the party line and what good did it do for Kenya, Those who remained in Kibaki's cabinet under NARC (Ngilu excluded)were united but besides engage in corruption and theft what did they do? So you see what is happening in ODM is no different that what is taking place in the US amongst democrats who support and Obama and those who support Clinton, those who were for the Iraq invasion and those who were against it, but ultimately when all is said and done they are one united party. So skeptical ODM supporters remain calm PNU corruption apologists God Bless You!

Anonymous said...

Chris, I think Raila is no longer his own man. These people have messed him up. He looks sick. Remember Matiba? Oyugi etc...I think Raila is a case of insanity. They have fixed him good. I have never known Raila to be a yes man. Guys we better wake up and realize what Kibaki and Co. have done to RAILA. I feel Raila is already toast.

Anonymous said...

I don't see why RAILA cannot tap into able talent in the diaspora. We have able Kenyans out here who represent change. Sam Okello, Jeff Koinange could help the PM. Just pick up the phone Mr. PM and call these two gentlemen to your rescue. They will be an asset to you. They have international appeal and you need this at this hour. Also tap some local intellectuals. Send the old guard home Mr. PM or I said on an earlier post, you'll be toast in 2012 if it comes to that.

Anonymous said...

Phil, I said this yesterday. But maybe out of ignorance, I mentioned Ruto's name, to the chargin of ODM RVP wing here. Let me state here once again that I am ODM, and after RAO, the only person I believe can change this country is Ruto. I know what reply I will get from PANU pple in this blog.
Having said that, Phil, in some post sometime back, I posted some 8 or so questions for which I have never received a reply. If you ask me, I think RAO has made the biggest blunder in his lifetime. After stealing the elections, how did Kibaki become an Angel that RAO went to bed with him. A thief is a thief. That's why Ndura Waruinge will forever remain a Mungiki even if he becomes the Pope in Rome.
Phil, politics is about perception. If RAO cannot deal with these issue right away, asirudi kutuambia ohh, tulidanganywa, ama ohh, I am being frustrated. Let him show us the "Executive Powers" he was trying to explain to us in Kisumu.
So Phil, you agree with me that there's a big problem at Orange House, and Raila better deal with it soon. If not, let him retire from politics. Phil, the hatred that has been boiling over these years will not just go away because of some 20 useless ministries and a PM office, NEVER! Those who lost their loved ones will tell you. Phil I wish I could get to talk to you one on one and explain to you what I think about RAO and ODM.
This country is doomed and Raila is just history. That's why I am writing his political orbituary!!!

And I have no apologies!

-- Chief Dr. Al Hajj M.A. Minus Opportunity Nanga, MP --

M-Pesa said...

Anon 6.03

"One thing we must acknowledge is that ODM is the only party who is for change, change has began slowly..."

Change my foot.

-Ntimama the oldie warmonger from early 90's.."rape their women!".. "lie low like envelopes"...

-Orengo the majimboist kingpin who was rigged in during ODM's nominations in place of young Steve Mwanga, shame!

-Dalmas Otieno the Kanu parrot and Moi's faithful bootlicker for over 2 decades!

-Kajwang' who was struck off the lawyer's register for fleecing his faithful clients.

-Ruto the dreaded General with dozens of graft cases hanging on his neck. The overnight billionaire can't explain his immense wealth.

...I could go on till morning but I'm sure you've got the whole picture and hanged your head down in utter shame.


Anonymous said...

Phil, this is a mzuri post.

I'd like to inform u that RAO knows what is going on but does not want to get rid of the guy just yet, because: as you have described, information is moving both ways. At the moment you are seeing the negative side but he has also provided positive leaks from PNU that have benefitted ODM.

What you need to remember is that RAO is giving him enough rope to hang himself and believe me, sometime next year when there is a new constitution or when there is a cabinet reshuffle, Kibz and RAO will get rid of the two buddies.

Dont despair, there is a lot that meets the eye and there are a lot of things that dont. Worry about what u dont see as it's worth more than what u see.

Anonymous said...

Phil, Chris,Kumekucha or whoever,
This is a well respected blog and you even boast of religous following from top ODM and PNU brass, but I am thoroughly embarrassed that you can plagiarize someone else's work without giving due credit to the original author. This post has been out there word-for-word for two weeks now and it is a shame that you wait a whole two weeks to plagiarize someone else's work and then sit down and boast of a job well done. I will not be suprised if you delete this post from the blog. Shame on you. Any doubters please check this link:

Phil said...

Anon@2:48am – recycling has been greatly resisted by ODM. ODM remains a mass movement. I do not need to define to you what a mass movement is.

Anon@ 2.56 – we are yet to verify these claims. However, as I have indicated in the post, ODM will be expected formally react to those allegations. Whereas ODM is in GCG with PNU, each of these parties, plus Narc-K, DP, KANU are approaching the coming by-elections independently. You wait and see which party emerges victorious to know exactly which one is stronger than the other.

Kwale@3.29 & Matapiko @ 3:35 maybe your prophesy is correct but I do not see any crumbling in ODM just yet or ever. The collapse of ODM, if it ever comes, will certainly not be at the benefit of PNU. Kalonzo’s homecoming today confirms that.

Mzee@ 5.16am I appreciate your comments but then as I said on the post, I am not speculating for now until we get to the bottom of what ODM is up to. I am sure some ODM secretariat jamaas are reading this even as we speak.

Aon at 7:59, I have given credit/acknowledgement to the People On Sunday which is where the article was first published. Why then do you want me to would you want me to give credit to Kenya Thieves and Warlords blog? We have had our own work plagiarized here so many times over by many reputable publications, including the blog you mention, but I have not seen any acknowledging its origins. I can also inform you, this story is appearing in at least three other blogs/sites that I know, and they did not acknowledge THIEVES & WARLORDS. In any case, they published earlier. I have also checked the link you gave and I only notice they published on Monday (not two weeks ago as you claim) and from your rants, I am not surprised that there is not a single comment from its readers. Sorry mate, you want credit to attract hits from Kumekucha. I am not willing to do that. (PS, it is Phil....(not the list you purport to give as if you cannot see the displayed name)!!!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:59

Good catch and I agree, plagiarism should not be tolerated, It would have made more sense for the author to provide the link as you did or in the very least, quote the reference.

Back to the issue on hand, exposing Dr. Isahakia is excellent stuff and this is not the falling out of ODM as some would like to see it.

I second Anon 6:03, ODM is the vehicle of change, with the purpose to usher in change. To clarify for some misguided notion, change is not synonymous with youthful leadership, but is a choice between who among those presented will best champion the changes we desire. Clearly PNU strategy was status quo and last I heard this is on the opposite extreme end of the change spectrum. SO whereas I believe there could be others more suitable than Ntimama, he nevertheless represents the character that can instigate change. For many PNU change has to be forced down their throats, but for many others we all know change is constantly with us and learn to adapt to it and manage it. Case in mind, the Kalonzo, Muthaura and Mutua trio and many blogers still hanging on to the now tired pyramid hierarchy whereas everybody else is going for effort driven process with extended collaboration for the benefit of all. But I digress. If exposing corruption is fallout then we can continue to expect fall-out because unlike PNU, when the boss farts, we will DOMO and say stop farting bwana, unlike PNU who will run to breathe in the fumes in the name of spirit of collective responsibility and even try to find a 7% growth in pungency. My apologies to the few upright thinking PNU supporters like Daniel Waweru who is actually a very balanced contributor.

Just about one month back when I saw the lineup of PSs I too questioned the reason for inclusion of Isahakia recalling that he has a rather dubious past adn so am not surprised at this news at all. In fact my question is how many true ODMers (Tony Chege, Carolli Omondi etc,) have been adversely impacted and most importantly what s ODM secretariat, Pentagon and the PM doing or going to do about that?

My take is lets without fear continue to expose current or new rots, but keep in mind also the past misdeeds. THere are still some in ODM with KANU/PNU mentality and hangovers and not true agenda for change agents and they too need to be identified and exposed. As for PNU hecklers, continue to breathe in the pungent odors or pick a number and help expose especially the new rot in ODM since I know you dont have the nerve to try it in PNU. GO ahead and do it, we can handle anything you throw our way for we are trully about change for a better Kenya.

feelanga free to bring the hate/heat on


Anonymous said...

Phil I stand corrected on the issue on plagiarism. My apologies. I hope Anon 7:59 has an appropriate response or apology for the misleading information.

Its true you quoted the People on Sunday as the source


Anonymous said...


Please leave PNU out of your village ODM politics. And remember that by calling for Isahakia to be dropped and for Tony Gachoka to be held at bay, you are practising the time-honoured Moi politics of use and dump. Just a piece of advice: if you are going to run a leaking ship complete with back-stabbing, then the once indomitable ODM will sink faster than the Titanic.

Anonymous said...

_______“He is responsible for the fiasco that saw us loose ground in North Eastern to PNU as he substituted strategic parliamentary candidates with his cronies in the area for some consideration. Somehow, most of his recommended candidates lost to PNU”, said a party strategist from the region who sought anonymity._________

I thought ODM said Kibaki lost NE and only won 2 out of 8 provinces? It took a while for the them to concede defeat!

Anonymous said...

While we are on accountability and transparency

I have issue with the following

"secrets of the cabinet". this is from a dated practice and colonial mentality where "the appointed leaders" were privy to information such as large scale plunder or state sanctioned murder.

times have changed, these are elected officials to represent us, who are using funds collected from us, to run projects and activities beneficial to us, based on priorities that are determined by the events surrounding our well being. what exactly is the secret about all this. kindly stop the mystic cabinet, these are regular conmen, church goers, humans like you and I. cut the myths and mystics crap and set the agenda for development and then openly document the struggles, challenges, opportunities and path taken.

I however agree that it is wrong for media to speculate and mislead the public


Anonymous said...

Fellow ODMers,

The lead bull is tired and getting "blind." The fate of the entire herd is at a cross-road. It is time General Ruto led the herd in search of the promised watering hole. We don't have the luxury of time; the lions and hyenas have sensed the weakness and are lying in wait.

Anonymous said...


i'm on ground in ODM headquaters
and the post is shear bullshit the meetings I have been attended between ODM members- trust me ODM is as strong as ever- who ever wrote the post if it is Chris- is just looking for mischief!!
PNU is ever scuttling around looking for who to bribe for this and that:) they PNU are very worried!!

Odm has no fear and Raila ain't worried- PNU should look at it's own back yard and what I hear on ground is PNU will not exist come 2012- all other parties have decided to go at it alone!

So my question is??? who or what is PNU??

Odm is has it's base intact!!period

propaganda and rumor mongering will not change that!! even on Kumekucha it just shows how desperate PNU is to divide and rule:) Moi style but it ain't working!!pole sana!!

When i printed this post and gave it to some of the top ODM members to read they died with laughter and were shocked how the blog Machinery with lies and propaganda handed to some PNU mouth pieces to discredit ODM was hilarious:)

Anonymous said...

Anon @9:10

I strongly second your proposition. Ruto is the man! You saw how he delt with a bigger bull in the RV called Moi? When Ruto disagrees on the issue of Grand Opposition, it is just a warning shot - the next generation can't wait anymore. Under the stewardship of Ruto RV gave ODM the largest block of vote and also fought hardest after the elecection was stolen. ODM needs to promote Ruto to deputy captain so that when the time comes the transistio is smooth as opposed to what transpired in RV (the Moi-Ruto tug of war). The time is now.

tnk said...

Anon 9:26

Thank you for the insight. We too would like to fall backwards over our chairs with laughter but cannot. Why do you let speculation rule the blogs? Where is the authoritative voice of the ODM secretariat? We have been asking for one since sometime last year. Provide a link to that website but do not hold kumekuchans responsible unless you have an alternative.

PNU has one running

kindly provide ODM secretariat link at your earliest convenience

Mwarang'ethe said...

To author:

Firstly, we seek not to say or imply that we know more than what is written here by the author.

However, upon reading the article, we sought Aristotle's counsel on the matter. He is said to have observed that, "to give a satisfactory decision as to the truth it is necessary to be rather an arbitrator, than a party to the dispute.

So, is the author an arbitrator or a disputant??

Anonymous said...


Wanjiku Unlimited said...

Wycliffe Kirui Matakwei Komon leader of the Sabaot Land defense Force has been killed by the army today along with his 4 body guards after being hunted for 2 months at Mt. Elgon. At the same time Maina Njenga, leader of worse off Mungiki gang is being pampered in prison with some central bigwigs pushing for his release.

Clearly some animals are still more equal than others.

Anonymous said...

Mwarangethe; I ask, when a pig looses it's voice, does it becomes disgruntled?

Anonymous said...

wanjiku unlimited

very good but sad point. why are mungiki being pampered, while SLF is being mowed down. why are kalenjin warriors in jail today while again mungiki are free despite "a massive manhunt launched since some time in 2003" as well as a demo where more than 2000 participated in the streets of Nairobi.

this is very wrong and the govt must immediately cease operations in mt elgon or else launch similar attacks on all militia. this selective justice (guns deployed to quel riots in kisumu and western, army in mt. elgon) has to stop or else ODM supporters need to galvanise and seek alternative measures. we do not condone militia groups but this selective justice is no different than the tactics Mugabe is using right now to intimidate opposition strongholds

ODM MPs, bwana PM, where are you?


Anonymous said...

My apologies for ranting about the plagiarism issue. Actually I have read the article over and over in different fora so I did not care to read it again at Kumekucha and hence did not notice the credit if at all (I still haven't read it here). The reason I was mad is because to me Kumekucha is the standard and everyone else should plagiarize our work and not the other way round. We are just too good for that. Keep up the good job. (Notice how I use 'US' and 'WE' instead of Kumekucha so you know how this blog is so personal to me.)

Anonymous said...

My apologies for ranting about the plagiarism issue. Actually I have read the article over and over in different fora so I did not care to read it again at Kumekucha and hence did not notice the credit if at all (I still haven't read it here). The reason I was mad is because to me Kumekucha is the standard and everyone else should plagiarize our work and not the other way round. We are just too good for that. Keep up the good job. (Notice how I use 'US' and 'WE' instead of Kumekucha so you know how this blog is so personal to me.)

Anonymous said...

there is nothing new here this craphas been in jukwaa and kenya-thieves for days,ulikuwa wapi ?its like telling us kibaki stole the elections

Anonymous said...

why isn't the army being deployed to round up mungiki?

Knoppix! said...

One very admirable thing about this post is that unlike other parties like PNU who keep riding on denials,ODM stories can be put bare for friend and foe to read.Look at PNU for instance,we have never had any inside story about them posted here,not even by M-pesa or Kwale!That is very telling of how the PNU wing in this post is ignorant of its on self.

I take the strange on goings in ODM as just that,a temporary setback.I guess a couple of guys that do post or comment here are either married,engaged and or have boyfriends.So at one point or the other they have quarelled in the house,at the bar,or on the street.It could be about money or maybe about how the other is cheating.

In essence such things are bound to come up in any unit of an institution,be it in a marriage,a party.So it fascinates me to see people gah gah about some small probhlem.If it were defections then maybe i would be worried sick but just one person that we can eject like a flash disk.
Like Ivy says leta ingine!

Kimi Raikkonen said...

As ODM disintegrates, PNU is busy working on consolidating behind Kalonzo.
Yesterday, Uhuru and Karua called on the GEMA communities to rally behind Kalonzo in 2012. That is a formidable alliance if there ever was one and if it holds, ODMs goose is cooked, especially as it will eat into Kalenjin votes since Kalonzo has more credibility amongst Kalenjins than Kibaki or any GEMA candidate ever could.

Anonymous said...

Kimi Raikkonen,

Kalonzo and PNU does not need the kalenjins because they don't need to be stained by murderers. The best thing that will happen to PNU is to have Ruto as their presidential candidate in the 2012.

Anonymous said...


kalonzo has kalenjin support is the most ridiculous contention ever but keep dreaming on

Anonymous said...

This PNU alliance is just temporary to spite raila and keep him on toes , so he doesnt shine , there is no way martha or uhuru will hand kalonzo victory on a silver platter , there will be alot of realignments right now its just politics.if raila is smart he should not allow himself to be dragged into these petty games he should focus on delivering what he can and ensure that odm ministers deliver and keep shining.the same thing that happened in 07 might happen in 2012 , the way things look kivuitu will still ovrsee the next elections na hakuna kitu muta do.

Anonymous said...

Now i will give you reasons why you should not have hopes on getting a new katiba , while in ukambani speaker after speaker was for a powerful presidency , the odm camp is for devolution and their is no middle ground here so once again we will see all manner of delaying tactics , the gema are caught up in a dillema because on one hand they like a powerful presidency while its in the hands of one of their own but on the other if at all they loose it they would want it watered down , if the entire gema unite in one party they can win the presidency again and if not the can get the premiership through majority party in parliament(this can be achieved by gerrymeandering).kenyans im afraid these people will hold us at ransom for a long time , the long term strategy is the suspensin of condom supply in western kenya hata sisi tuaanze kuzaana kama njugu , that is the only way out , we are like the blacks in america if this guy obama looses then the blacks should use the mexican aproach and start having ten kids per family in 18 years they will have numbers that can balance the democratic scale.

Anonymous said...

The thing to watch out for in this coming week will be the Kriegler commission. Now that this commission went to meet Raila in his office, all sorts of ammunition will start coming their way. Wait for Mwangi Kiunjuri to start calling for the dissolution of the commission and the chorus will begin in earnest.

Anonymous said...

Kriegler or no Kriegler, mwangi kiunjuri or no mwangi kiunjuri, Raila should brace himself for the worst electoral defeat in 2012.

Books have been written, propaganda weblogs created and even songs sang about the greatness of this guy. i will believe them if he weathers the Kalonzo/Uhuru onslaught with william ruto himself a candidate (denying Raila the RV vote). myths have to be put to rest once and for all.

Anonymous said...

If ruto will be in the race as you think then there will be no clear winner which will lead to a run off , most likely Raila and Kalonzo , who do you think ruto will throw his weight behind?, ruto already showed uhuru who is king and even now Kanu has already declared jonathan the chairman where does that leave Uhuru , the double jstice being served in rift valley will leave a sour taste in kaleo mouths and they will not forget who caused it for a long time , first kenyatta and now kibaki! ,2012 will be the mother of all elections because it will be the second without an incumbent and the first with a prime minister and an immediate vp.

Anonymous said...

I knew there was something wrong when Bob Arunga was sacked as the PM's PA. Bob was a hard worker and very straight in his dealings concerning Raila's objectives. Am a beneficiary of his straigtforwardness. Please bwana PM save yourself from this monsters and bring back your-old-self and save ODM and Pentagon from colaps.

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