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Saturday, February 16, 2008

PNU Must Accept A Grand Coalition or Else

Pic: PNU and ODM teams disembark from an aircraft that flew them from Kilaguni Lodge on Thursday evening.

In his press briefing yesterday, Kofi Annan read resolutions that sounded more like a replica of the ODM manifesto than from a three-week intensive negotiation between two bitter political rivals. Information on what transpired in Kilaguni Resort indicates that PNU will not (voluntarily) concede an inch of executive power to ODM.

According to Annan, who apparently enjoys universal support in his Kenya peace mission, a grand coalition is the only viable option, but the government side is avoiding this arrangement like plague. In reality, PNU are only making additional enemies each day the Annan mediation drags on. PNU are also unknowingly giving the ODM undue mileage because Koffi Annan is experiencing first-hand the kind of crap that Kenyans have had to put up with since Kibaki received instruments of power in 2002. Annan is relaying his frustrations to the diplomatic community who are becoming bolder in their pronouncements with each passing day.

ODM insiders say (and I agree with them) that the party is just about done with negotiations and any political analyst worth his salt knows that nothing less than force will make the ‘duly elected government’ concede to democratic demands. They opine that it is just a question of when and how.

The PNU government is now using its perfected kindergarten tactics of enticing the ODM negotiators with cabinet positions and amnesty from persecution for past crimes (sic!) rather than engage in progressive negotiation while not having the slightest idea that they are undermining the Annan led mediation talks.

This afternoon, hints will be definitely dropped by ODM leaders at the funeral of the late Embakasi legislator Mugabe Were in Budalangi, Western Province, and the grapevine tells us that ODM leadership (read Pentagon) are not amused by the illegal approach of its members and the dragging of feet by the government side.

With the presence of George Bush next door in Tanzania and his influential Secretary of State Condi Rice due to visit Kenya on Monday ‘to support Annan’s efforts’, and going by the number of strong warnings issued to saboteurs by the international community, Kenyans can expect diplomatic fireworks to take place as from Tuesday (actually Monday afternoon) next week.

The issue is no longer who stole/won the last elections, but how best peace, stability and normalcy can be returned to Kenya. PNU have been evasive on any proposals to a coalition government since January but on Monday, Kibaki will have to make hard decisions including that of giving up significant power to a prime minister who not only beat him at the ballot but also happens to control more MPs than himself. The government side has continuously frustrated mediation efforts and international community seems to be running out of patience.

It will be a sad day for the country if Kibaki rejects Annan’s grand coalition proposals. Intelligence leaked to us indicate that PNU will most likely be walking out of the Annan talks (Bomas style) and this will be the beginning of anarchy.

PNU will, in its usual chest thumping modus operandi, resort to state sponsored intimidation tactics like mass arrests of ODM supporters and leaders, out-law public demos, probably another assassination of prominent ODM member, imposition of illegal curfews in opposition strongholds, etc. The end result will be a rising death-toll which will give the UN Security Council a perfect excuse to intervene. Eventually, the regime of Kibaki will be forced out militarily by the UN and fresh general elections called to the advantage of the ODM.

Whichever way you look at it, PNU will have to concede power to ODM sooner or later. In my opinion, they stand to secure more if they accept Annan’s proposal for grand coalition transitional government now, rather than be militarily forced out later.


Anonymous said...


In as much as I would want to see a colaition, I am apprehensive that it will happen. Not with Kibaki and Martha Karua and others in his camp. The way I see it, PNU will walk out of negotiations or drag it until it becomes useless and then cling to power irrespective of what happens to the country. And because I believe that foreigners can never remove a regime unless they do it Iraq style, Kenya will be another Zimbabwe. ODM will probably be left in the periphery, calling mass demos now and again and not achieveing much in terms of consolidating the real power of the masses capable of removing the regime of Kibaki. For these reasons, may be you should brace your readers of the tough days ahead. With leaders like Kibaki, we are simply be f...ked.

napoleon said...

We are just wasting Koffi Anan time.

Why not close shop and life aluta continua.

ODM calls demostrations, police are called. PNU calls the same life continues. Days pass and before we say Anan we are in 20012 ready for another election charade.

Anonymous said...


Panya Na Umbua (PNU)party knows why it's resisting to acceppt power sharing. Kazi iendelee was suppose to mean stealing to continue. These people are not ready to accept any change in Kenya. They want more Goldenberg, mor Anglo-Leasing, more Arturs and drug trafficking, more tribalism and NO Change.

These people are ready to fight, kill, rape and bring chaos rather than to accept reforms. They are not interested in Kenya, they are interested in themselves (Not even in Kikuyus as many believe).

Kenyans be ready for chaos as from next friday.

Kimeli said...

Bush says there must be a "power-sharing"

"The key is that the leaders hear from her first hand that the United States desires to see that there be no violence and that there be a power-sharing agreement that will help this nation resolve its difficulties," Mr Bush told reporters.

Mombasa-free-from-PANUA-dirt said...

Kenya is not Zimbabwe or any other country. Kenya is different. If Kibaki doesn't listen, he will not rule anyone dear friend. He can rule Kikuyustan and not the rest. You will see it. Anyway, he is not in control and the world community made it clear that he must share power with Raila. You know what that means.

Anonymous said...


Kenya may not be like Zimbabwe but Kibaki is like Robert Mugabe. These old idiots are just the same. That is why we shall all go the same path--A failed state. Moreover, I hear from some quarters that there are a bunch of rich old guys from Mt. Kenya who vowed that a Luo will not be president of Kenya until they die. I think we are headed for very difficult time.

Anonymous said...

The rich old fools from mt. Kenya will have to meza tembe. As Shariff Nassir used to say....wapende wasipende, Kenya will never be the same again. Who are they to hold Kenya at ransom? Tutashika hao kwa makende mpaka wakojoe!!

Anonymous said...

Most Kenyans are ready to shed this issue of tribe and progress with development without looking back.

But they are a particular group who have used tribe to entrnch inequity and nepotism into our daily lives.This group will not allow a negotiated settlement to sufice and thus Kenyans can only dismantle the status quo through a bloody war.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing that you have written here that is in the Kenyan constitution. Stop daydreaming. There is noy way a president will cede power to allow a PM not electeedd to run the country. Who appoints the PM? Under which constitutional clause. Never will people try to take power from another using outside influence. It never happened in the Sudan and it will not happene in Kenya tyhe same way it never happened in Egypt or Nigeria. No one will cede power to Raila. Why???

Internet librarian said...

kibaki has more to lose by trying these silly tactics. fo one, the americans control the kenyan military through financial assistance and the like, and can pull strings. secondly, never has an african leader ben shinned like kibaki has been shinned by former allies.thirdly, america wants to step in and prevent another rwanda or somalia before it happens, and kenya is the country/ guinea pig.I also dont believe raila has no close allies who can supply arms.The obama factor, if he wins us presidency, will definetely prove to be too much for panua.

Anonymous said...

You are very wrong. Pakistan recieves more money from America than any country after Iraq and there has never been a democracy there. All Bush has ever told them is to restore democracy. Kibaki has lost nmothing, stands to lpose nothing and never shall. Any effort by foreign countries could have been within days, that is the first week of January, even before the cabinet was named. America, Britain and any other foreign fuckers cannot and will not push out a government in place. That is whhy they are pleading with Kibaki to have a coalition government. Whichj Military are you talking about anyway. The Kenyan Military that Kibaki is the C-IN-C, full of Kikuyu Generals top-bottom? It will not happen. Remember this CONSTITUTION!

Anonymous said...

Anon:6.47am. The Kenyan Military that Kibaki is the C-IN-C, full of Kikuyu Generals top-bottom? It will not happen.

Are you for real? Do Generals go to battle?The generals are only as powerful as the rank and file allow them to be. In a crisis,a leader can't rely on the hierarchy but on his ability to inspire the followers.

Are you saying that the generals will send the rank and file who were mostly put there by Moi and Mulinge to kill their brothers?

No as easy as you think brother. No amount of chest thumping by either sides will solve this problem.

Anonymous said...

Anon@ 6:47

Kenyan military is full of Kikuyu Generals but the foot soldiers are mainly the kalenjin, Luhya and Luos not to mention Kambas.

Anonymous said...

Fellow Kenyans, is there anyway you can discuss issues without going tribal. And you guys are the leaders of tomorrow, poor poor Africa, is doomed. You are so petty. Discuss issues!!!This is not about Kibaki or Raila (and these two have been cut from the same cloth by the way) it's about Kenya.

“Great minds talk about ideas; Average minds talk about events; Small minds talk about people.” — Eleanor Roosevelt

Mkenya Asisli said...

For those who believe there is a God somewhere and that the bible is the true Holy book that offers guidance to mankind. Kenya is undergoing judgement from God, all these would not have happened if the true belivers would have done what they were called to do. Kenya's Church has lost its focus. But God will spare the land from further ruin because of the praying few. Just like in the old times when God handed the Isarelites over to the babylonians because of their wicked ways, the same can happen here, President Bush is determined in restoring peace in Kenya, mark my words he has nothing to loose if he has to bring the marines and take Kibaki off from the state house and install the Speaker of Parliament as Interim President till the mess is sorted out between PNU and ODM. This is where we are heading, It is President Bush's last term in office and he wants a legacy left behind. All I can say may God use him for the sake of the poor suffering Kenyans.
I still beleive in one Kenya, I have a dream when one day we shall have one Kenya One tribe.

May God bless Kenya.

Anonymous said...

Once again blame all the kyuks! They r so bad, because apparently they all support 'Panya na Umbua' as one person mentioned, they dont want the duly elected ODM party to get 'an inch of the executive.'! they all love the fact that their homeland is called kikuyustan and even support the C-IN-C full of kyuk generals! You know wot since sme of u hate kyuks so much just get those militias to kill us all, 8.2 million, problem solved eh? This blatant tribalism is getting tired! Just shut up with the whole PNU=kikuyu thing, you fail to acknowledge the individual kikuyu who loves their country and countrymen, and doesnt support any stalling tactics by PNU or any politician. If u hate all of us that much then kick us out of Kenya, if that will soothe your anger at the community, good for you.

Anonymous said...

Once again blame all the kyuks! They r so bad, because apparently they all support 'Panya na Umbua' as one person mentioned, they dont want the duly elected ODM party to get 'an inch of the executive.'! they all love the fact that their homeland is called kikuyustan and even support the C-IN-C full of kyuk generals! You know wot since sme of u hate kyuks so much just get those militias to kill us all, 8.2 million, problem solved eh? This blatant tribalism is getting tired! Just shut up with the whole PNU=kikuyu thing, you fail to acknowledge the individual kikuyu who loves their country and countrymen, and doesnt support any stalling tactics by PNU or any politician. If u hate all of us that much then kick us out of Kenya, if that will soothe your anger at the community, good for you.

Anonymous said...

Kibaki the king must be told that he is naked.
He no longer has interest of kikuyus but a rotten club of old, corrupt Mt.kenya with him.

Ordinary kikuyus have started saying it.see below from Mashada

"I'm very humbled that you have come out and said what is on the minds of many of us kikuyu's but we can't dare to speak! in our own circle of friends everyone is suspicious of each other- you have to be in support of Kibaki(PNU) kikuyu-Sisterhood and brotherhood or else?? our fear is what can be done to us? everyone is so scared to speak out- my cousin was at a pub and he was trying to reason with some kikuyu's he met there and guess what? he was threatened with Mungiki coming for him by daring to ask who had the proof that kibaki won!! he was shaken! left the pub immediately and drove aimlessly in case he was being followed(this is Nairobi you know) it took him 3 hours to get home- fear of being followed and leading this people who threatened him to our home! We are kikuyu's and yet we are now being threatened??
How do we live in fear of not wanting to stand up for the truth?? I'm so happy to read your thread!!I hate Nairobi- i wish My family could go back to our farm in rift valley- this is madness- who does one trust- it is becoming like the Moi days -everyone reporting on each other- but now we are being threatened by our own people!

Anonymous said...

Anan is just wasting his time in Kenya.

The constitution must be changed to reflect what he and his masters want. However no party has 2/3 majority to pass.

If we have a coaliation then we can as well forget Democracy in Kenya as no Party will ever accept defeat in future elections but will call street protest to attract world attention so that a coaltion be be formed.


Jeff Koinanged Responded And said...

SEX IS SOMETHING I NEVER HAD!!!. At least with Marianne Briner, the rest is a lie.
SHe has lied, she has trashed and tarnished my name all because of a phantasy. I am not a phantom, am a respected family man, successfully married, successffully owning a business in K24, successfully enjoyng the fruits of hardwork.
I would not.
I ask the Okellos to help me shut up this woman by closing her blogs about me!.

---Jeff Koinange Brave statement!

Anonymous said...

Ok,whine whine, Jeff Koinange.We Hear you.Right now we don;t care about your loins, kenya is burning thanks to your folks.What's up with your K24 anyway?It sounds like a kikuyu vernacular TV only with english subtitles.Surely, i doubt you are extremely naive as to know that the kikuyu empire is disintergrating fast, and you stand a cahnce of falling with it, as soon, you will be have a kikuyu only audience.(And those kikuyu bootlickers who will never taste the sweetness of true leadership..the Meru.How stupid can a whole tribe get?Do they honestly think the kyuks will evr cede leadership to them?

Anonymous said...

The JK avatar is writing from the ghetto. Does he not have access to a

Anonymous said...

Napoleon, the real napoleon would not be so cavalier.

Anonymous said...

Phil, you paint a dreary picture. I suspect you are not doing this to manage our expectations.

Let us wait and see. The negotiations need time. Hyperbole from either side is not constructive at this point.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Today Mugabe Were was laid to rest - and today 18 years ago the mutilated body of Robert Ouko was found at Got Alia.

Let us bowe our heads in silence for some minutes in honouring not only these two men but in remembering all the others who have fought and given their lives for a better Kenya.

Let us pray for their souls and for those whom they had to leave behind.

May at least their families and children live in a Kenya where everybody is equal - where no tribe is considering itself better than the others - where the resources and wealth of our beloved country is shared equally amongst us - where the rich understand that they have to feel responsible - where children can feel safe knowing that somebody cares .......

A dream? Maybe - but one which could become reality soon - very soon - I hope.

Anonymous said...

Kenyan! Kenyans! can't you see whoever wrote the post:

PNU Must Accept A Grand Coalition or Else
is acutually a PNU Member?? he mentions ODM walking out of the Koffi Annan talks in protest??) that will never happened because ODM are the ones who asked for International mediation!! second he talks about the Army ?? it is only PNU which has mixed the army-police with Mungiki's to kill innocent Kenya-(top army officials involved) but the foot soldiers refused to kill innocent Kenyan's(refused the order) that is why Kibaki went to Uganda's Museveni for help )

PNU is at it's last leg- Kenya will not be another Zimbabwe or Iraq
Kibaki will be removed Haiti style
if he does not accept a coalition government!! He will be asked to leave Kenya - (Uganda has already accepted to take him in)

Under No circumstance will he be allowed to stay in Kenya to engage Mungiki in more senseless deaths of Kenyans= the likes of Martha Karua -Michuki and Saitoti have to leave Kenya too or else Kamiti will be waiting!!

Insiders say- Both leaders have been given that notice by the international communities!!it is either they are in the coalition government or out of the country completely- in order for Kenya and Kenyans to move ahead.

So the people on here who are blood thirsty (PNU) sorry this time it won't happen- keep up with your propaganda-
I hear from Uganda Museveni has been cautioned ny world leaders-
Let us see how long he backs Kibaki!!! just the other day at CHOGM- COMMON WEALTH CONFERENCE HELD IN KAMPALA he asked for a lot of help- and he is asking for uganda's debt to be forgiven?? he will toe the line or else!!

Kenyans have spoken?? kibaki is not God!!- he is the devil from hell and he will pay dearly!

Anonymous said...

Kenyans have spoken- they voted him out- he stole elections !! in fact we are just being accommodating at the moment for the sake of kenya-

but if PNU do not accept a coalition government then they should be pushed out- ODM can have a coalition government with KANU - FORD K AND OTHER SMALLER PARTIES and Kenya will run smoothly?

Who is PNU to hold kenya hostage!!

All Kenya's should now call in and write letter to Kofi Annan

Coalition Government: is possible with

and all the other smaller parties that won seats in the in parliament!!

PNU will not be able to fight again.


Anonymous said...

Kibaki has formed a coalition government with ODM-K and PNU. There are vacant posts that will be given to ODM (if they behave themselves). Otherwise, they can wait for another election. In any case the Kentan parliament is a democracy that should entertain the opposition. So, should we be told to abdicate our constitution to please people who do not want to be led and only dream of leading?

Anonymous said...

Guys,open yo eyes.
Wat do you think PNU is doing if not buying time?
Has any1 heard of 'police' recruitment?
That is called arming Mungiki in preparation 4 the worst!
PNU will NOT relinquish power.
I never thought i would admit this fact but then,time has come for Kenyans to face the truth.
Once Mungiki has been armed and planted in Western,Nyanza and Rift Valley,PNU will categorically tell Annan that they reject his proposal and he can do his worst which of course is,leave the country as fast as he can.
Its really sad that Kenya will go down because of a few people.
Bush isn't helping our situation.Troops will be sent 2 Kenya just like they did with Iraq.
Koffi Annan n team should wake up and smell the coffee.
The faster they act,the better.
PNU is using delaying tactics just like they did a month ago.
Ensured their pple were safely out of enemy zones then they struck n killed pple with impunity.
They had the 'govts' support then..but now its worse,they have the 'govts' support,they are fully armed and they have been strengthened by being legalized,and remember,10,000 isn't a small number!!!
Who will save Kenyans from this mafia group called PNU?
Help us GOD!

Anonymous said...


The President’s brother, George Mwai, has two separate ranches in Laikipia West

adjacent to the Agricultural Development Corporation’s Mutara ranch.

The first ranch is about 4,000 acres which is in two pieces (L/R Nos.: 2532 and 3264).

The other ranch is registered under his name and Lucy Wanjiru. Its L/R Nos. are 2515

and 3250.

The President’s younger brother uses the ranches for beef farming.

Anonymous said...

MUTULA KILONZO THE THIEFING THUG no wonder doesn't care about Kenyans!! with all his stolen loot

petition for a ban on all visa's if they haven't banned him to travel yet!!


KENYAN'S THIS IS THE WAY OUR VOICES WILL BE HEARD- WE HAVE MORE PROOF OF MORE STOLEN PROPERTIES ANDS SHADY BUSINESS deal on many of PNU Members - I SWEAR some of it just within 5 years of kibaki in office will shock you my dear Kenyans!!- I'm proud of all Kenyans for working together to show the world which people are messing Kenya through GREED!!

Nominated Member of Parliament Mutula Kilonzo owns a huge ranch in the Machakos

plains. He also owns 2,000 acres of land next to Moi’s Kabarak Farm.

Anonymous said...

PNU PNU PNU !!WAKE UP WAKE UP go hide your stolen loot - game over !! thieves murders and riggers you have now where to hide- KAMITI is waiting

kenyans kenyans we have won !! we get our democracy the kenyans with the support of the world community has spoken !!oh my god- now our kids can receive a proper education
because PNU will not steal from the education fund

Kenya Youth will have Jobs why!!
because PNU will not still from the Development fund

Women and young entrepreneur's will flourish why- because the playing field will be level- no more Loans given to one tribe!!

Hallelujah!!!! Kenya is going to rebuild it self into a stronger nation why!!
No more PNU thugs and thieves
No more Kibaki
NO more Martha Karua Thief and kenya rapist!!(she has raped Kenyan people off life)
No more killer Michuki (Mungiki Godfather)
No More Saitoti(Mungiki Killer and supporter)
No More Mutula Kalonzo(Kenyans Rapist and thief)

This has been a sad year for Kenya - but will be the most remembered because Kenyans decided on a new path!!

Anonymous said...

As Kibaki and his cronies shamelessly and insensitively stall the talks on coalition government , more Kenyans continue to be butchered across the country, MUNGIKI ARE STILL RAPING AND CIRCUMCISING WOMEN AND no body is reporting this why!!! media gag!

I thought the media ban was lifted?? Nation Newspaper why are you not reporting the situation in Naivasha?? is it because they are kikuyu's doing harm to fellow kikuyu's (we are all human and kenyans - we demand protection from this mungiki murdering gangs!!. Speak of insensitivity at its zenith.

Make no mistake, human blood is never shed in vain and soon (no matter what it takes) it will be time to met justice and it will surely be served cold and unadulterated.

Wanjiku - Mombasa said...

Anon@5.53 there was such a story about power never crossing the Chania River. Something to do with the foreskin from what I heard. But the rich old men overlooked the fact that Kenyans would one day come of age. They failed to foresee a few things. One, the education they so encouraged would result in a very bright and enlightened population. Two, they probably nurtured the said vow in the dark days of VOK. Improved communication among the people obviously never crossed their minds. And the internet must have hit them like a thunderbolt. They must curse it as much as they don't understand it. Ati computers talking to one another! Three, they didn't realize that the presence or absence of a foreskin does not really count for much as far as leadership is concerned. Otherwise where do we place all these brilliant women leaders?

They might just be re-thinking their primitive ideas by now - or so we hope.

Jeff - real or impersonated - we hear you. You did not sleep with Briner. Repeat you did not sleep with Briner. Now can we breath please?

Anonymous said...


COURT CASE shows that on Tuesday 12th February 2008, Justice Nyamu and/or Justice Wendoh will hear the parties in a case brought by Midland Finance and Securities and Globetel Inc against the Government of Kenya on two Anglo Leasing type supplier and the finance contracts for an Administration Police telecommunications network. Their case is that they are entitled to payment of the full contractual amount (up to Ksh 4.4 Billion), even as the contracts have been condemned by reports of the Controller and Auditor General, the Parliamentary Accounts Committee and the Kenya Anti Corruption Commission.

Kenyans should hold a watching brief on this case to ensure that justice is not only done but manifestly seen to be done.

It would be unacceptable if this case were lost or settled to the disadvantage of the public interest. It would be a tragedy if section 25A of the Anti Corruption and Economic Crimes Act were invoked. It will be recalled that section 25A reintroduced the rejected idea of amnesty for corruption and economic crimes. Worse it allows the Kenya Anti Corruption Commission (KACC) in consultation with the Minister for Justice and Constitutional Affairs and the Attorney General to give “undertakings” including to the subject of corruption investigations “not to institute or continue with investigations against any person suspected of an offence under this Act.”

As Tanzanians demonstrate against grand corruption in their country, surely Kenyans can likewise show they will not condone it in ours?

Let justice be done, and be seen to be done.

Anonymous said...

Brothers and sisters - when i read this blog i wonder whether you are kenyans, whether you are holders of gree cards and before you left the country you borrowed from all your relatives and neighbours and now you coz you cannot go back you pray hell rains on them, whether you imagine you mother raped, in a camp in central or in eldoret, whether your blood brother is at school, whether your HIV AIDS neighbour sister or brother has ARVs - i wonder? Why do you pray chaos and tribal animosity. Kibaki stole the elections yet anakula pesa na lucy na familia yake, Raila children are in school - yet you and me haggle here all day for gentlemen enjoying the best wine in their secure compounds while you worry what your parents will eat, while receive emails from people who were feeding themselves but they expect to share with you your hard earned shilling. We are all poor on this - we are all paying through our nose for people who could cater for themselves yet, the protagonists are playing have already their Feb Salaries in their account. Ndugu zangu mbona tumekuwa hivi. PANUA OR ODM will not save kenya - only alternative leadership shall. Will soon be coming back to lead you and show you the way. This blog should be a pacifier and help in healng - whether frm where our destinies are intertwined. Chris, i bet its time you strategically redefine yourself and the blog - read the signs of the times and make the blog relevant, tommorow is the best time ever to be lived. I love you all. I will be a peacemaker all my life - thats my purpose, thats my life thats my calling. I will be part of the solution and never gain part of the problem. Join me ndugu zangu. Ninawapenda nyote. Chari

Anonymous said...

Kenyans !!Kenyans please watch must watch USA house committee on foreign Affairs- endorse a ban on Visa's and freeze on accounts and a slap on all properties owned by any Kenyan MP- from both PNU and ODM who disrupts negotiations on a coalition Government!!

Kenyans thank the USA for all their efforts and we demand they also freeze all offshore accounts regardless which countries the accounts are!!!

Anonymous said...

Ota ndoto. Endeleeni kuota tu!!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Ota ndoto. Endeleeni kuota tu!!!


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


This is the fact on which we have to take precautions next time.

There is no one in Kenya who has earned his wealth in a clear and genuine way. Kibaki stole, Moi stole, Kenyatta stole Kenyan money. That is the reason why Kenyans gave Kibaki a cold shoulder (36% to Odingas 58%).

Voters should vote for clean personalities. Kibaki has been involved in very many dirty scandals. Kenyans should give him 0%votes. Even Uhuru should not get votes unless he is ready to give landless Kenyans 80% of his land free of charge, which his father acquired genuinely.

Anonymous said...







Anonymous said...

US says final deal not likely on Rice Kenya visit 17 Feb 2008 14:52:35 GMT
Source: Reuters
(incorporates KENYA-CRISIS/BUSH, adds details)

By Deborah Charles

DAR ES SALAAM, Feb 17 (Reuters) - U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice does not expect her visit to Nairobi on Monday to forge a deal to end Kenya's political crisis, the White House said on Sunday.

"Secretary Rice doesn't expect, I don't think, to come away with a final deal," White House spokeswoman Dana Perino said. "But I do think ... they are inching their ways closer and they need a little bit of help to get there."

President George W. Bush is sending Rice to Nairobi to help push along mediation led by former U.N. chief Kofi Annan.

Bush, who is in Tanzania on the second day of a five-nation African tour, said earlier he did not want to dictate how to bring an end to Kenya's political violence but wanted to help Annan.

Bush said he and Rice had discussed with Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete "how best we can help the process. Not what we should do to dictate the process but what America can do to help the process move along".

The U.S. president has thrown his weight behind a power-sharing deal in Kenya to end a standoff over President Mwai Kibaki's disputed re-election which triggered a wave of ethnic killings.

One thousand people have been killed and 300,000 left homeless in the crisis, one of the bloodiest chapters in Kenya's post-independence history.

Annan has said considerable progress was made in talks this week, including agreement for an independent review of the polls. Experts say an agreement on power-sharing terms is the major sticking point.

In an effort to shore up Annan's mediation, U.S. officials said the United States was ready to sanction any individuals who sought to obstruct Kenyan peace moves.

Perino said Rice would not be bringing any incentives with her to Nairobi to encourage the two sides to reach a deal.

She said in talks on Sunday Kikwete told Bush he appreciated that the United States was willing to support Annan's mediation efforts.

"President Kikwete said there is sometimes a belief that Africans can't solve African problems and that somebody from the West has to come and try to solve it for them," Perino said. (Reporting by Deborah Charles; editing by Robert Woodward)

AlertNet news is provided by

Anonymous said...

ok seriously what is up with martha wamugunda with her phone? i know people love their phones and everything but amezidi!! before mobile phones zikuje alikuwa ana-use? the thing never leaves her hand!!!

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Ignorance is bliss, so they say. So now you think the UN Security Council will intervene militarily in Kenya? Why, to enforce Western interests? Dream on brother.
The UN Security Council can only intervene if so agreed by ALL the five permanent members, not just the UK and the US, and that is unlikely to happen with the Chinese and probably the Russians in Kibaki's corner.
The Chinese will not allow their newly found influence and beach-head into Africa to be subordinated to especially British interests, whose priority of course, is to maintain their overbearing presence and unjustified influence in Kenyan internal affairs. They had a free ride especially during the Moi years and want to resume business as usual under the unprincipled and unpatriotic ODM Cabal.
We will not allow Kenya's independence to be compromised to Western Interests whose motives are purely selfish and who would prefer traitors and criminals like those in ODM to effect their evil designs.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:32 AM....Iraqis have burnt how many american flags and did America move or was it shaken. Nope life went on so dont worry about a handful Othaya people burning flags....Just tell them not to bite the hands that fed them

OT said...

"Ignorance is bliss, so they say. So now you think the UN Security Council will intervene militarily in Kenya? Why, to enforce Western interests? Dream on brother.
The UN Security Council can only intervene if so agreed by ALL the five permanent members, not just the UK and the US, and that is unlikely to happen with the Chinese and probably the Russians in Kibaki's corner.
The Chinese will not allow their newly found influence and beach-head into Africa to be subordinated to especially British interests, whose priority of course, is to maintain their overbearing presence and unjustified influence in Kenyan internal affairs. They had a free ride especially during the Moi years and want to resume business as usual under the unprincipled and unpatriotic ODM Cabal.
We will not allow Kenya's independence to be compromised to Western Interests whose motives are purely selfish and who would prefer traitors and criminals like those in ODM to effect their evil designs."

Ignorance surely is bliss. the chinese and the russians are not going to intervene in kibaki's favour anytime soon. you forget that Raila through his father oginga odinga has links with the communist parties of both Russia and China which run all the way to 1960s. if these 2 interven it will only be on ODM's side. watch this space.

Anonymous said...

Kimi Raikkonen,
You and others do not seem to get the point. The point is Kenya stopped being a sovereighnity the moment
-We were not assured of our security in all parts of the country as it is now.
-We are not free to move arond any part of the xrty as is the case now.
-We can no longer work anywhere in the republic.
-People can burn you alive in your house as the govt forces watch.
-We do not have a govt in place all we have is a makeshift group of arrogant thugs drunk with power and pples blood.
If the UN security council does not force these fools to give up excess power unfortunately we all had better start digging caves for the future will not be pleasant.
You can only push someone so much. Karua and her ilk have pushed Kenyans to the limit and this time round it will not only be the non- Gema but the Gema protesting their arrogance and selfishness too.
We are also sick and tired of hearing abot constitution this constituion that, they should have thought abt that b4 engaging in theft. After all there all tough laws for petty thieves and armed robbers in our constitution?

senalsesi said...

PNU guys are just joking around. I dont see any goodwill on their side.Kibaki appointed a cabinet minutes before the arrival of John Kuffuor. It's obvious what direction he expected the talks so take so he appointed one half, expecting ODM to be coerced into taking the others.His excuse was that he did it in good faith because the country had to be run. It has been a while since he did that and going by that flimsy boyish excuse, it is safe to assume that all the other ministries are unnecessary. We dont need a Health Ministry, we dont need a trade ministry etc etc.Stupidity will not be tolerated much longer.Koffi Annan is a staunch believer that Sovereignity is crap as long as the state continues playing mind games with peoples lives.Kibaki should desist from his idiotic tendencies.If not,wait and see.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

good point 3.09 let us split!!

we can even have a referendum to do it if they that we have people voting in which republic they wanna be in....the orange republic or the banana republic(hehehe)

that way everybody is happy!!

Anonymous said...

who is the new collaborator class: raila odinga. the new nabongo mumia. the luhya , luo collaborated with the mzungu and history is repeating itself. with a fascist a devil worshipper by the name of raila odinga. i now agree why americans and londons should be bombed and forget kenya ever helping again in war againist terror. im a not muslim ironically, go osama! go osama kill those bloody ifedels we have your back.

Anonymous said...

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