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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Danger Ahead For Kenya: The People To Watch

I read a comment today from one of our dear readers begging for real news rather than just commentaries.

I hereby oblige.

Yesterday President Kibaki met with the chief of general staff, Jeremiah Kiaga, the NSIS chief Michael Gichangi, the police commissioner Maj Gen Ali and other leaders of various security related institutions in the country.

That is very big news for several reasons. In fact you can interpret this information in many different ways but based on the information I have, I can only equate it to the strange incident that happened shortly after Mwai Kibaki was announced the winner of the 2007 general elections. There was suddenly heavy security presence surrounding the City Mortuary.

Folks, something is about to happen and whatever it is, it is big and it involves the security of the country.

My dear readers it is important that you now learn how to read the situation. Let me give you a recent example. Martha Karua and the other PNU negotiators had a press conference on Sunday. Basically it was to say that an agreement is not an agreement until it is signed. Do you remember what happened the very next day? Kenyans were very optimistic but barely a day after that press conference, the talks collapsed.

Now I will make it easier for you. The following are the people whose body language you should take very careful note of.

Mwai Kibaki: Beware when he fiddles with his left hand on his lap when he is seated. That means he is getting impatient or irritated or both.).

Martha Karua: The pace with which she walks is very important. Quick means that she is under pressure from her boss to go ballistic and cause chaos. The whole game plan is to take Anan round in circles until the guy gives up and goes back to Ghana. But a big mistake many readers here make, Karua does not make any decisions, unlike Nicholas Biwott whom most Kenyans compare her to. She just follows instructions to the letter. Need I tell you from who?

Mutula Kilonzo: Ignore him. But the wider his eyes are when he faces the camera, the more reckless the instructions that have been given to Ms Karua. But ignore what he says. Basically he always says NOTHING.

Moses Wetangula: Listen carefully to what he says because it will usually be a reply to the last irritating telephone call one Mwai Kibaki received from one Condi Rice. The British these days are quiet since their last letter to Mwai Kibaki’s administration. Briefly that letter confirmed what High commissioner Wood had already said, that the position of her Majesty’s government is that they DO NOT recognize the Kibaki administration. In other words the guys are in office illegally. Period. But do be careful about the British. Those guys are deadly and they usually think through everything they do. Meaning that their failure to recognize the Kibaki government means that they have scanned the whole sum and seen the final answer, when everybody else is still working out the sum. I will say no more.

Gichira Kibara: This radical hardliner lawyer, I know personally and I know him well. He is never in the public limelight. But the reason for his presence in the Anan talks is very clear to me. By the way, Gichira I have seen the comments that you have left here and also the others you have attempted to leave. You did not need to leave your name. We lived together under the same roof for almost six years, remember? Ninakujua vizuri sana.

The reason for Gichira’s presence in the talks is that he represents the President’s closest advisors and carefully takes instructions from them to protect their interests and ensure that nobody does anything stupid at the talks with Anan (like give an inch of ground.)

I would not be at all surprised if it was his briefing that caused the Sunday press conference. Deep inside this guy’s heart, he does not believe that the Luo community deserve to exist and if they must, he does not believe that they should come anywhere near power or leadership.

The ODM guys? Ignore them. What power do they have? As a party they do NOT even control the Kalenjin warriors in the Rift Valley. Those guys take their instructions from some other radicals, I’d better not write about here. Trust me sometimes what you don’t know helps a lot in keeping you calm and sane and hopeful.

As our beloved KTN TV news anchors put it the other day; the buck stops with Mwai Kibaki. He alone has the power to make an agreement happen 2 weeks ago. In my view Kibaki has not shown any leadership in his life and especially since that memorable day December 30th 2002 at Uhuru Park. And that is why we are in this mess in the first place. How I long for Moi sometimes, despite every bad thing he did.

Can Kibaki show leadership now? Is it possible to teach an old dog new tricks? You be the judge.

The groups below, you must also keep an eye on and some other characters I will talk about soon. The information below was sent to me by Sarah Kanini I don't agree with everything she says though.

She said in her email;

DO not blame Mungiki since the president is a kikuyu and the group comprises of Kikuyus, every community is at pain here in fact Luo and Luyha have more warrior groups unlike Kikuyus

Kenya is at risk of plunging into a new wave of violence, despite progress in negotiations to end a political crisis, because several armed groups are mobilizing on all sides of the country's ethno-political divisions.

Firearms are much less widely available in Kenya than in neighbouring countries. In the context of this article, "armed groups" include those using machetes, spears, poison arrows and clubs.

Extremists and militia are preparing for new confrontation on both camps and ODM [the opposition] believes that if international mediation fails, its only protection against repression and hope for a settlement will be its capacity to raise the stakes through violence,"

Kenya has a number of groups of youths claim to protect their regions,

Mungiki: Kikuyu male membership is drawn mainly from some parts of Central Province .

Kalenjin warriors: Well-organized community defense training forms an integral part of the graduated progress from childhood to adulthood in the seven ethnic groups collectively known as Kalenjin.

Sabaot Land Defence Force: The Sabaot Land Defense Force has been blamed for most of the violence that has rocked the western district of Mt Elgon in the past two years. It was formed after claims of injustice over land allocation in a settlement scheme in the district.
Mt Elgon conflict involves two main clans of the dominant Sabaot community - the majority Soy clan and the minority Ndorobo clan � OVER LAND

Chinkororo: is the Kisii equivalent of Kalenjin warriors, and represents the armed wing of the Abagusii community, which is found in several districts in the western ethnic Luo-dominated Nyanza Province .

Mulungunipa Forest Group: This little-known group is said to be based in the coastal district of Kwale
Taliban : mainly Luo and active in Mathare, Huruma, Baba Dogo, Kariobangi North and Kariobangi South quarters of Nairobi �s Eastlands district.
Members communicate and identify themselves via a system of secret hand signals.

Baghdad Boys: Vigilantes active in Kibera , Kenya 's largest slum, whose members are drawn mostly from the Luo community, and use slingshots and knives.
Kosovo: Another vigilante group based in Kibera, including members from the Luo and Luhya communities, using slingshots and knives

Jeshi la Mzee aka Kamjesh
Another slum-based gang specializing in extortion and protection rackets, targeting operators of public minibuses. Membership is mixed, comprising Kikuyu, Luo, Maasai, Kisii and the Luhya.


Anonymous said...


Najivunia kuwa mkenya – this is because Kenya is a very special and unique country. Many things that happen in Kenya have never been witnessed anywhere else in the world.

Sample this

• Kenya is probably the only country which insists on being called a democracy while it definitely isn't.

• Kenya is probably the only country in the world whose Electoral Commission boss declares that he doesn't know who won in the presidential race – yet statehouse continues to be occupied.

• It must only be in Kenya where he that wins in two provinces defeats he that wins in six provinces – isn't this interesting?

•Kenya is surely a country with a transport network that is simply unpredictable and just can't be explained. Sample this – results from Wajir, Funyula, Budalangi, Isiolo, and Lodwar take a just day to reach KICC Nairobi, yet results from Kiambaa (just past Muthaiga-Kiambu) take more than three consecutive days being transported to Nairobi.

• Am sure Kenya must be the only country in the world where 95,000 votes are realized in constituencies with only 70,000 registered voters – truly Kenyan ama?

• Kenya must be the only country in which a presidential candidates name goes missing in the Voters register in his own constituency on polling day.

• It must only be in Kenya where the winning party has its deputy captain (vice president) and 20 ministers swept away by the opposition's tsunami. The most 'popular' party then gets only 35 MPs while the 'unpopular' one scoops 100 parliamentary seats.

• Kenya must be the only country whose citizens don't learn from the mistakes of others. The KANU-LDP MOU was dishonoure by Moi, the NAK-LDP MOU was trashed by Kibaki now ODM-KENYA trusts PNU to honour their recently signed MOU – how naive.

• Kenyans are a very interesting lot. The words GRAND COALITION or PARTY CHAIRMAN means absolutely nothing to the Kenyan voters. Sample this – all the party chairmen in PNUs Grand Coalition lost their seats to the opposition.

FORD KENYA – Chairman Musikari Kombi – OUT

FORD PEOPLE– Chairman Simeon Nyachae – OUT

NARC KENYA– Chairman Raphael Tuju – OUT

TIP– Chairman Kalembe Ndile – OUT

NEW FORD KENYA– Chairman Mukhisa Kituyi – OUT

SAFINA– Chairman Paul Muite – OUT

AGANO– its Chairman – OUT

MAZINGIRA– Chairman Wangari Maathai – OUT

FORD ASILI– Its Chairman stood no chance

CHAMA CHA MASIKINI –Chairman Assitant Minister Koigi Wamwerw- OUT

• Lastly, Kenya must be the only country which insists that it has a free press, yet if media houses are not being raided then they are being BANNED from live broadcasting.

You see why I love my unique country?


Phil said...

Chris said: "The ODM Guys? Ignore them. What power do they have?"

I beg to disagree.

In case you were not aware, Chris, please note that for the last 2 months Raila Odinga is currently holding the fate of the entire economies of East and Central Africa region in his hands. His call for mass action is not only a security nightmare for Kenya's security forces but it is also a major disaster to Kenya's fragile economy.

Be advised, Chris, more than 4.5 million people voted for ODM and its candidate. The party boasts a majority in the national assembly besides the fact that the Speaker of the National Assembly is an ODM MP. Chris, parliament is where laws of this country are made.

Just rewind to 2002, and you will realise without Raila, Kibaki would never have been president of Kenya.

This is just the tip of the iceberg Chris, and I dare you repeat that baseless claim??

Anonymous said...

chris believe me i dont want to be naively 'calm and sane and hopeful'

i'd rather know the truth that way when things go prepared! as they say...'when you hit rock bottom in life ...there's no where to go but up'!

i am so hopeless i tell you, there is nothing that pnu can do in kenya now that can really shock me.

Anonymous said...

Phil i totally agreee with you, Raila a man that my friends will want to say is power hungry - What if he just decided to declare himself president, I mean this guy had the option it is just that he choose to ignore it, 4.2 million Kenyans voted for him and i dare say not inflated figures and again i repeat not inflated figures rallied behind him, would kibaki still be saying as your "DULY" elected president, for who or president of what? and would some people still be saying that we take sadaka that we are being offered? Kenyans it is time that you open your eyes wide we are at a croosroads and if some stupid politiciams continue playing hardball with the life of kenyans and some who have chosen their tribesmen to lay siege over them watashangaa....I am sorry to say this and may i be forgiven but i am predicting if this talks fail just as a blogger says the infighting that was there in January will just be called a warm up...It will be bloody i tell you na musijidanganye ati i will be safe ...Ur not.
I dont think the western people will stand and watch their tribesmen being massacared and so as the central people and the rift valley people...Remember the quote they came for the jews and i kept quiet coz i wan't a jew...If anybody read Nation y'day "The state of the nation" then there is a cause of alarm upende usipende and pls dont tell us kazi iendelee coz the CEO of kazi iendelee is out of touch with reality and he has lost touch with the affairs of the nation, him together with Martha the Director of Ujinga (the only man in PNU)Coz how else do you explain 1000 people are massacred in cold blood forget from what tribe coz in any war there are no winners and yet the man is still aloof....Can Kibaki show himself a man....Not tomorrow but yesterday and to the ODM fellows we ask for patience and hold your horses....

Anonymous said...

kumekucha??? you are not posting some of our posts here - for example i send you ODM reply to some false documents posted on the internet and refused to post it- may you are I ask why?? I thought you were the best site allowing freedom of speech and allowing kenyans to vent their anger!!isn't better here than out there, do you recall when they were refused to hold demonstrations the anger boiled over- so I suggest let people post and discuss what is on their mind- allow them to be open - so what when they get a bit on the abusive side?? we are all human beings and if we didn't feel angry with what is happening to our country then I WOULD BE VERY WORRIED!!secondly- do you expect the opposites sides to be civil to each other?? even in the real calm world competitors are always up to something to up the others- so you should expect heated arguments on kumekuccha and it should be allowed.

thanks I was just stating my opinion without prejudice!!

Anonymous said...

and to imagine i almost got married to a Kikuyu...eich!!

Surely, the Lord works in mysterious ways

Anonymous said...

Chris. I think it's ignorant to ignore the ODM guys. The reason they cannot control the RV militia is because they have nothing to do with it. Don't believe the hype about Ruto and by extension ODM being the engine of these warriors.

The way I see it, the RV militia is simply a bunch of pissed off Kalenjins. People do not have to be surprised about the organization of these guys. I mean, how sophisticated do you have to be to burn one or three houses?

ODM is the party of peace.

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