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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Is Kenya Becoming Another Rwanda?

Women and children set ablaze and burnt to death inside Eldoret church

A few moments ago in Eldoret, 40 women and children who had fled into a Kenya Assemblies of God church to seek refuge from protesters were burnt to death. Other figures put the number of those who perished in this heinous crime at 100.

Rwanda is unfolding in Kenya before our very eyes as the City Mortuary is heavily guarded by the GSU to prevent the truth of the deaths happening in the country from ever coming out.

Officially, barely 200 people have died countrywide since this mess started. What a joke, only that it is not funny.

Kumekucha Special Appeal: In my view the priority now should be peace and an immediate stop to the killings. Please appeal to your relatives at home, especially in Rift Valley, Coast and Nyanza that we have not exhausted peaceful means. Emphasize to them that peaceful protest always achieve much, much more. Violence only begets more violence and it can be difficult to end. Please let's act NOW to stop violence.


Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

Chris, I think you can play less journalist and more peace maker. beyond reporting what do you suggest as a solution?

Sam Okello said...

PKW, the solution has been staring at us in the face all along. That Kibaki step aside and let the democratically elected president of Kenya start his mandate. That's the solution.

Anonymous said...

Let the Kenyan President do something wether it is the fraudulently sworn president or the people's president.

Its sad our country is paying the price of babysitting corruption. It seems it grew up and crawled into our electoral process that we guarded jealously.

I only hope that Kenyans will act so decisively against corruption.

Anonymous said...

Father, In the name of Jesus, we ask for forgiveness for all the tribal hatred that we have haboured since independence. We have sinned oh God. Lord I ask for protection for every Kenyan that is a target of killing or harm today. We bind the spirit of murder that is gripping the country. Lord, we plead for mercy for this nation. Lord may wickedness be judged by you speedily in Jesus name. Amen.

Anonymous said...

Are paramilitary/military commanders subject to international law?

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

Sam, I'm glad you guys are finally smiling because the Kikuyu are dying, no being mass murdered. Never mind the scores of dead and now jobless Luos. Its a Kenyan thing, bro, whatever way you look at it.
Why as everybody skirted around the claim that the 'democratically' elected People's president also attempted rigging and was only outwitted at his own game, just like Pwagu hupata pwaguzi? Is that why you guys don't want a recount or a re-run. I think those are the better options.

Ombati said...

Sam Okello, whats wrong with you? Why are you so insensitive? Raila is going to pay for this...and for you, could u go to Kenya? why are you calling for violence while seated in the comfort of your home in the USA?
My worst fears realized today as my relatives have died, two uncles, killed in this what you want?
Sam Okello, and the rest here in kumekucha, we need restraint and clam.

Abdi said...

Whatever tribe you belong to, please urge your relatives and friends to resist violence.

The people's president or former president Mr. Kibaki should act for the sake of unity.

Please avoid another Rwanda. Lets demonstrate only peacefully.

somali said...

How is it that people will be able to face each other once again - when everything calms down?....will the tribal nature of the killings ever be forgotten?
The shame will last long just like between the Homeguards and the Mau-Mau (who never forgot)

Wow! All along I used to think that that the tribal lines were only for identification and cultural purposes. Even if tribalism in politics still existed, I thought that it would only extend to voting for your kinsman (which is bad and backward in itself.
Now we are killing the strangers that u would have shared a matatu with in peaceful times. Can u imagine it - sharing a matatu with people who under the right circumstances would rather stone you to death? And I thought we were progressing

Anonymous said...

I have spoken to my pple at home and there is 1 main problem,
pple are frustrated because they have desisted from violence but the govt has sent GSU officers who are now terrorising peaceful pple.
Yesterday in western province,the officers went fron house to house,flogged all males out and descended on them leaving them severely injured.
Women n children who tried to plead for their husbands,fathers and brothers were not spared!
My family fell victim of the inhuman and degrading punishment!
In the night,most of the men decided to act violently coz they hd been peaceful afterall but had been attacked by the officers!
There will be no end to these senseless killings unless Kibaki steps down!
God help Kenyans!

somali said...

one thing is clear...the names of the people who helped rig this election should be remembered in textbooks and archives as the villains who, due to their hunger for power, pushed back Kenya to dark ages

Anonymous said...

Kenyans are dying as Kibaki twiddles his fingers in State House. I would not wish Kibaki's leadership on my worst enemy. We saw this side of Kibaki as Kuresoi burnt. Who is REALLY in control at State House?

If the government cannot assure the security of the Kikuyu community in Eldoret, Kisumu and Kakamega, it must evacuate them to a place of safety until this problem is sorted. What it cannot do is leave them to be slaughtered like is happening now. At the moment it looks like the security forces are stretched to breaking point. And to those of you who will argue that this is tantamount to endorsing ethnic cleansing, you do not have relatives perishing in these places.

I really can't stand Kibaki right now!

somali said...

Who are these people who are caught in such a time loop that they think that they can do whatever they want?
Kwani kibaki alikuwa anatafuta nini in the opposition hizo siku zote, analalamika eti hajapata haki yake ...alafu sasa ati anarig elections?
What a hypocrite! I am sorry to use such a strong word but it's took you your whole life to build up your dignified image and thank to your greed...or your friends' greed you have lost everything. Mtaka yote...

Anonymous said...

These are the results of what Phil would like to see happen, he is offended that Safaricom is trying to stop people from sending inflamatory SMS messages, for Phil the blood of innocents will be on his hands as he continues his crusade of encouraging activites that promote ethnic cleansing under the guise of attacking partisan politics.

Anonymous said...

Why us? What did Kenyans do to deserve this man, Kibaki?

Anonymous said...


Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

'We' survived 24 years of repression by Moi, his intimidation did not work, no one's will work now. Peace is the on way!

Its news years day; y'all in America work like donkeys (I love Kenya!) I'm sure most of you will go back to your labour first thing tomorrow morning and the e-fire will die as sure as Kenyan Kenyans love peace. We will be meeting when its convenient for you-at night!

Kenya shall know peace.

john oilepo said...

Raila and ODM have been appealing for peace. They have done in press conferences twice today! What more can they do? Every government is asking Kibaki to allow audit of his re-election why cant Kenyans see this as the problem!

Anonymous said...

Kibaki did not burn the victims in the church, ODM supporters did so. Let the blame and responsibility lie squarely at the feet of those who incited them to these actions.

Phil said...

As someone who wrote a special appeal to Kibaki before he was supposedly sworn in, I cannot comment on this latest killings.

Let Kivuitu, who ignored plea's from ODM's orengo and ruto, come and sort this mess that he started. Also let the annointed president and his internal security minister come out of state house and join their police forces into keeping law and order.

Kenyan people spoke and they clearly said what they wanted, but he carpet was pulled under their feet. History will judge Kibaki and his ilk very harshly for depriving Kenyans of their choice.

Meanwhile, I am waiting for Thursday 3rd January, if this government will last till then. Enough is enough.

Phil said...

To the anon who keeps directing balme to ODM/ he the one who cheated Kenyans? Is he the president? Is he the one who disregarded the constitution? Is the the one issuing draconian decrees meant to deny Kenyans their rights?


Anonymous said...

Phil you've been promoting ethnic hatred and division for a long time, don't pretend now to be a saint, being cheated out of something is no excuse for taking the lifes of innocent men, women and children, is this what ODM wishes for its fellow Kenyans? Death and destruction I repeat, are not excuses for the loss of innocent life, but this is what Phil and his cohorts are apparently thrilled and excited to see taking place.

Youn said...

The killings demonstrate this is no longer about the elections. It is about HATE, GREED and POWER. How about Raila organize a million people march, not for his claims to the presidency, but for peace and tranquility in Kenya. But, oh stupid me, he will not do that. Again as I say, less than 50% of the population voted. And all political parties are guilty of rigging. Sad thing is I get more and more appalled with the behaviour of both the major power hungry elitist clamouring to be our leaders.

Worse is that I have read so much nonsense by bloggers on both sides, that I just wonder, what is promised to these bloggers by their respective candidates.

Sam Okello said...

PKW, we will never give an inch until the democratic process in Kenya is respected. We cannot and will not accept a situation where impunity rules the day. Like I said before, freedom cannot be won by people who fear to see blood, as wrenching as that is. I cannot smile that any Kenyan, Luo or Kikuyu, and that Kenyan property worth millions of dollars is being destroyed. But we'd rather live in a democratic and free nation than acquire wealth and not be free.

Anonymous said...

Please Phil, can we have a way to plead with the Orange team to do something so that this thing can stop. I blame the fraud that was witnessed over the elctions and perpetrators of the same.
Dont just be bitter because the Kikuyus are being killed. Other Kenyans are also being killed. Lets forget our tribes for a moment and ask for stopping of all violence.

Anonymous said...

An open letter to Professor Wangari Maathai.

Dear Madam,

You are the only person whom I believe can help the situation in Kenya now. I as you for a fast reaction.

The Kikuyu people, who are innocent are being killed because Mr. Kibaki evidently rigged the elections. Other communities are also victims of this anti-democratic action.

As a person who fought hard for the 2nd liberation, I am convinced that you dont support the anti-democratic behaviour of Moi's successor. But I'm sure that you are the only person who can convince him to resign so that Kenya comes back onto the democratic track.

With all your world-wide support, I know you can save our country from the bloodbath we are now approaching.

Yours Sincerely

P/S I would appreciate it, if one of the bloggers could transmit this e-mail to Prof. Maathai as fast as possible

Hellen Okello said...

C'mon people. We are all Kenyans. All Kenyans who've been slaughtered since Kibaki fraudulently assumed office matter.

The freedom we're fighting for will taste sweet to the Kikuyu, Luhya, Kalenjin, Kisii, Kamba, Luo, etc...etc...

That's what this struggle is about.

Mwangi said...

Murder is not excuasable wether it is from Kibaki, Raila, Moi or anyboby. What is happening now is Murder - murder of innocent people. Who is responsible, Kibaki should be held. Kibaki, thinks kenya people are still living as in the 60s, 70s, 90s. People have woken up and the truth is that they have been driven beyond unimanagable suffering. Maybe most of the bloggers have never tested the lives of thoses living in Mathare, Kibera, Korokocho, kawagware etc. For those who started and move elsewhere to start a life, I am sure you understand. Nobody deserve the kind of poverty whether kikuyu, or Luo when the country is paying a hyena (Moi) 2Million for having brought down kenyans economy to its knees and making the majority of Kenyans beggars (over 95% of population). In Kenya, percentage of middle class has been drastically reduced.

Kibaki should resign. His five years terms where Kenya has seen some of his work improve the economy has been swallowed by the last 12 hrs prior to finals of elections. Kibaki cannot be my President eventhough I have a Kikuyu blood ( sure both Luo and Kikuyu blood). We need to be kenyans, not a Luo, Kikuyu or Luhya. There is need for todays kenyans to stop telling their children about the Kikuyu and the Luo. Most Kenya voted Raila, because he is being seen as a change agent, and he was able to convince the country. Why should my kid care if his/her friends are from another tribe. Kibaki has done exactly that. He is like a parent is advising the Kikuyus are dangerous. Kikuyu are not dangerous, Luos are not dangerous. And the he goes and say let us all works towards UNITY. Like MOI, he claimed he was for UNITY, but pulled every dick-harry and put in responsible positions. Kibaki actions is a betrayal to people of Kenya, he should resign period.

anaweza said...

PKM: I have respected your right to your opinion but your 7:49am post was out of line. You do not know us or what we are about.

Yes, those of us in America and in other countries will go to work tomorrow (some are working even as I type this) and yes, many of us may not be able read Kumekucha or post here while at work (though you may be sure that I will if I have something to say). But do you think the fact that we are at work will mean that we stop thinking about the situation at home; and that we stop worrying about our family members whose lives are at risk; or that we stop weeping for all those innocent lives that are being lost so that the political elite can keep playing their games?

And if we stop working, how will we be able to support our families and those others in the country who may survive this bloodbath but have nothing to eat and nowhere to live?

I hope I misread your attitude in your post because that kind of flippancy was uncalled for.

Anonymous said...

Raila has been appealing for peace. If he was a visionary leader he could have seen this violence coming from a mile away. The same applies to Kibaki and Kalonzo and the rest. None of these power hungry fools are visionary leaders. All are trying to recoup the money that their backers funded them with. Hence the urgent need to be president by both Raila and Kibaki.

Mungiki is now going to have an excuse to exercise their beliefs and so we'll see more bloodshed. If this is to come to an end, then only we the people can really stop it.

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

Sam, as a publisher you probably have a better command of this foreign language than me. I fail to understand why you talk of 'we' when in reference to Kenyans in Kenya.On the ground, not online. I think its called third person plural, 'they'. See my earlier comment about 'we' in America.

Sam Okello said...

PKW, that's a sweet lesson in grammer. It's wholly irrelevant right now. This is about calling on Kibaki to respect the voice of the people. Period.

Anonymous said...

PKW because I live abroad I cease to be Kenyan? I should have to decorum on local politics because I am a slave to America? and what makes you thinki everyone does the same thing here. Can we all be objective for once??? It's not about Raila or Kibaki anymore and thats where the disconnect is. It's about the rotting of a painfully cultivated voting right. Am neither Luo nor Kikuyu but I feel the pain because the rest of my family woke up at 4 a.m to go cast a vote. This is about trust that everyone bestowed on Mwizi Kibaki when he took the mantle from Moi in 2002. Can you at least step out of your tribes for once and review this. As kikuyu are peaceful and tranquil in Central everyone (incl. fellow kikiyus) in the rest of the country can not evenb cough because of GSU everywhere and merciless killings of innocent people.

Step off your tribal soap boxes for once and just clean your eyes and brains with some sterile objectivity. Kibaki's actions have cultivated an illegitimate scenario and he needs to do something about it.

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

Sam, its grammar, not grammer, publisher, but that's irrelevant :0)

The people decided. The leaders stole. That's the issue. Shall we address the whole point rather than impose EITHER KIBAKI OR RAILA on the people. The more than 40% who voted for each side matter.

Anonymous said...

proud kikuyu woman,

the name you have chosen to blog is misleading and provocative. Everybody is proud. Are you really for kenya or only for ethnism?


Anonymous said...

PKW, grammer, is that american or british?

Nick Boit said...

Sam Okello, I can now see why Marianne Brinner refused to work with you, youa re just a bigot, stubborn and very very insensitive. No one will buy your books anymore. Work hard like other kenyans abroad.

John said...

Ms. Briner, nick boit, your the same person. Stop your crap. This is not anything a small mind like yours can understand. Leave Sam alone. That's a distinguished son of Kenya.


Anonymous said...

i dont support the killings at all. I however think that the people are hurt because the only voice they had i.e the vote has been taken away from them. The blatant and open way the rigging was done gave the impression that he was robbing ODM of victory by force just like carjacking. Kivuitu also knew the effect of his actions but did not care. Can one of them come out and repent to the nation.

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

To the numerous Anons and Anaweza (assuming you were addressing me as PKM-suit yourself,bwana/mama its a free country.I mean the one we are in!). Chillaxini jo! I'm actually not that far from many of you how would I know, ha ha!

Anonymous said...

Let me tell you guys, I have been a diehard Kibaki supporters before yesterday when he thought Rwanda was a better example for Kenya. Those who are blaming Raila today are either Stone Age tribal pussyfooters or theives who are happy that they found a Grand Thief in the name of Kibaki. Lets be honest here. Only JUSTICE will stop the killings . Any other story is for toddlers if not outright stupidity. We know what has happened; we know how we carried ourselves in 2002 and the words of Kibaki as he praised "the unequalled intelligence of Kenyans." I believe 5 years later, we are still intelligent. Let’s be honest and tell the truth. Let’s tell the person who is responsible for the mess the WHOLE truth. Sideshows will not help. Let your conscience speak for moral beings are known at critical moments.

"Where justice is denied, where poverty is enforced, where ignorance prevails, and where any one class is made to feel that society is an organized conspiracy to oppress, rob and degrade them, neither persons nor property will be safe."-- Frederick Douglass:

You can't be the first President on earth to be sworn-in in bedroom without the national anthem of your nation, deny people justice and popular will and at the same time demand loyalty and obedience. Kenyans didn't go to the streets in 2002. Why are some people so illogical and tribal pussyfooters? I'm from Eastern and I need Kenyans more than I need an old fossil called Kibaki who cares about fellow fossils Lucy and Judy. Stand for the truth and tell Kibaki to quit. There is no any other short cut.

"Justice is conscience, not a personal conscience but the conscience of the whole of humanity. Those who clearly recognize the voice of their own conscience usually recognize also the voice of justice." Alexander Solzhenitsyn

Anonymous said...

Most Kikuyus and their apologists are very dishonest. Macharia Gaitho a journalist that has my respect for his insightfulness wrote an interesting piece in today's DN.

Here is an excerpt from his piece;

"The ODM leaders must rise above the political fray and call off their people who have reacted with such anger against what they see as a stolen election. If their intervention can restore a peace the Government is unable to, that will be the real demonstration of who has the people’s mandate."

And herein lies the dishonesty of the Kikuyu middle class. While they are busy calling for Raila and team to display statesmanship the same is not being asked of Kibaki and his clique of thieves.

Of what use is the peoples' mandate without the instruments of power which they so cherish you to possess but which is being denied you by selfish individuals in the shape of Kibaki, Michuki, Karua, Kimunya and Murage.

Tamtam said...

Anaweza and Sam,

I resonate with some of the issues that you raise.

I discovered this blog a few days ago. I fail to understand the distinction, between Kenyan Kenyans, and Kenyans who live in the diaspora.

What is this dynamic on this blog?

Who decides that Kenyans who live abroad cease to be Kenyans.

I am speaking to my family five times a day now. There are Kikuyus and Luos in my family as a result of marriage, and I wonder how their relationships are faring at this time.

The situation is anxiety provoking for all of us, after all we are all Kenyans.

I would rather die at home than become a refugee abroad, and am off to buy my ticket tomorrow.

Some of our families have businesses, where staff(who consist of Kikuyus and Luos) are suffering.

Maybe one of the wise guys on here can tell me what the way forward is?

Peace and Reconciliation, yes but how?

How do you reconcile with someone who has conned you twice, and continues to oppress you?

Anonymous said...

This is what Phil and some sections of ODM think ought to be happening to innocent Kenyans on the basis of their ethnicity and on the pretext that Kibaki is to blame. For Phil, even the lifes of innocent children are in play to achieve his and his party's short sighted march to power. Phil it is time you owned up to your role in fostering these clashes and turned yourself in as a responsible Kenyan would:

In Nairobi's Mathare slum, supporters of fiery opposition leader Raila Odinga, shouting "No Raila, no peace," torched a minibus and attacked travelers who belonged to President Mwai Kibaki's tribe.

"The car had fourteen people in it but they only slashed Kikuyus," said witness Boniface Mwangi, referring to Kenya's largest ethnic group. Five of the passengers were attacked by the machete-wielding gang but the others were simply robbed, he said.

Sam Okello said...


The way forward is for Kibaki to turn over the levers of power to President-elect Raila Odinga. and for the sake of the future, Michuki and Kibaki must be tried at the Hague for crimes against humanity. If this is not done, we will witness a repeat of this grave injustice Kibaki has tried to visit on us.

You ask about reconcilliation? How about we come to that when this pressing matter is resolved. Four days to go!

Anonymous said...

No, proud Kik, Kibaki stole this election and Kenyans will be unforgiving to him.Who elected him except many Gema and few Kambas and of course few people here and there? Why are you so hypocritical, you people? He is the same Raila of 2002 who campaigned for Kibaki even while he was out of the country. He is the same Raila you so much loved him in 2002. He was betrayed, you know it. And you continue. Remember, once beaten, twice shy. It is not fair. Sad but blood is and will be spelt. If sacrificing lives is what we need to free ourselves from these old home guards who who care about nothing but power then, so be it. At least, your daughters and sons will live in a better Kenya hopefully.

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

Guys, I like this twist to the current fiasco that we call and election: that history will judge Kibaki very harshly. History's memory is very selective. All over the world victims of such violent solutions have always been seen as that; victims. Even though the genocide in Rwanda took centuries to biol down to what happened in a hundred days, people don't see that. Majority of people think that Idi Amin was a devil, despite the fact that his region is still struggling for relevance as Ugandans whose some of their relatives are stuck in Sudan as I type this. Same goes for Kony, who people only see as a rebel and no one actually goes deeper than that. I'm not clear on think again who will be the villain if Kenya degenerated to the level that some of you are calling for.

Anonymous said...

speak now or foever hold your peace.Akikuyu is a big tribe,they used this advantage to rig the election to look legitimate,with this in mind they will never ever reliquish power if we(rest of kenya)allow this to continue.My proposal is arm this other tribes and let them battle it out jungle style.The law everyone knows has never worked in kenya unless blessed by the president.KiKUYU DIE DIE DIE.

Anonymous said...

Proud Kikuyu woman is "not clear on Hitler"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My God so this is the type of person we are dealing with?!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No wonder Kenya is going to the dogs.

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

Anon at 8;43 am, democracy as we know it leaves no room for a gentleman's agreement between themselves. 2002 was between Kibaki and Raila. That was 5 years ago and you couldn't come back and dictate to people how to vote in 2007. The pure count is what matters. Even if the Luos formed 80% of Kenyan communities and voted as a block for Raila when 50 other tribes formed the remaining 20% and voted for as a block for Kibaki, that would be democracy as we subscribed to it. The Kikuyu, Meru and Embu comunitis form a majority block, and with a few votes here and there, they voted close to 50% for Kibaki. The other 50% voted for Raila. Now isn't that democracy?

Tamtam said...


Four days to go, and I doubt we will have moved any further.

I just do not see it happening, in the same way I knew Kibaki would never step down.

Clearly circumstances will dictate where our country goes to next.

What saddens me is, how some of these cronies won't take any responsibility for what has happened, and continue to apportion blame elsewhere.

I am so distressed that our country is going to the dogs.

At this point, I sit and pray that something is done.

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

Anon, no I'm not clear on Hitler. What he did was horrible, and to be condemned by all, maybe wven God will send him to hell for that.

But I don't know the whole story, like what forces were behind the holocaust. I know for sure that he targeted Jews and other minority people who were deemed not to be caucasian enough, or who were not considered physically or mentally fit to bring reproduce. That's jsut the part I know, and I know its evil.

But on who else was behind the holocaust, I am not clear. BTW have you ever heard of Martin Luther? The one and only who preached salvation by faith and not works and formed the basis for protestantism, and therefore the reason I am protestant? His teachings might have inspired Hitler. Its complicated-think how history will judge KIBAKI AND RAILA.

anaweza said...

PKW (sorry the PKM was a typo): I still fail to see what you find so amusing and why you are being so flippant. Enlighten me. Then again maybe not, maybe our individual perspectives of the situation are too different.

Tamtam: I understand the anxiety, I had to finally take a sleeping pill last night so that I could get some sleep. I do not wish to see my phone bill this month. Posting to Kumekucha and a couple of other blogs have helped relieve the stress. I too have thought about traveling home but I have realized that for now it may be better to keep working and start collecting money for those at home. When all this is over, there is going to be a great need for food, shelter and healthcare. Safe travels.

Anonymous said...

whether kibaki was behind it or not, he is still as guilty for being quiet and trying to move. In the us its called obstruction of justice. He witnessed crimes and still is doing nada

Anonymous said...

Can you in all honesty type the keyword and say that Kibaki did not rig? EU observers spoke to this; infact it was so blatant even my somali friends are laughing at us. Is that what you call democracy? All the 7 provinces and tribes (excluding Kyuks, Meru and Embus are less in number? Democracy is majority and transparency; abuse of the process nullifies any argument for democracy. Again I ask you; can you just speak on the blatant theft of votes and not on the root defination of democracy as a word.

Anonymous said...

What infuriates me is the fact that general Keguoya, true to his character has not come out on National Tv to personally appeal for calm. Since he claims to be the president, why, oh why does he not come out like his rival to personally appeal for calm. Or is his non existent conscience making him hide his face? THAT IS WHY HE WAS VOTED OUT! WHILE PEOPLE BURNED IN KURESOI, HE WAS SEATED IN STATEHOUSE WANKING HIMSELF! Show your face coward and appeal for calm or step aside.

anaweza said...

PKW: I posted by 9:11 comment before I saw your comments at 8:54, 8:59 and 9:10. It is now clear to me that we have different perspectives on the current situation, and I do not think it is possible to reconcile them at this time.

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

Ananon at 9:14.No I cannot. Reason? Both PNU and ODM claim the other rigged, but PNU did it last. That's why I insist that the solution was not to hurriedly swear in Kibaki, nor is it violence or even illegally swearing in Raila. In my opinion, its a vote recount or a run-off.

Anaweza, its a difference of perception, and that's allowed on Kumekucha.

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

OK, Anaweza, point taken

Anonymous said...

PKW, there is evidence that PNU rigged, part of which was done on live TV. But Im yet to see any evidence of ODM rigging. Besides, rigging just like sexual harrasment is carried out by one who has an upper hand. Bosses to their juniors ruling parties to their opposition.

Anonymous said...


Now such a dialogue can have results but the more kikuyus pretend that it was a fair process, continue sending sms speaking of how "we have won" and brandishing their superiority will only make everyone more agitated.....

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

Anon at 9.40 am, I am not one of those Kikuyus pretending it was a fair process. I know in my heart it was not. Not from any side. I'm calling for a re-count or a run-off. Any takers

Mugane said...

The ancient wisdom reminds Kenyans that when two elephants or bulls (the usual two ethnic communities/culprits)fight, the grass (the rest of the other ethnic communities) suffer.

Now is that critical moment where Kenyans (none Kikuyus and none Luos) need to step back and ask themselves one simple question, which is, what is the difference between a government dominated by Luo politicians and a government dominated by Kikuyu politicians? None. There is none and there will be absolutely no difference between the two.

So, why are they (other Kenyans) being used in fruitless perennial political fights between the two gaints that have lasted since the second year after December 12,1963?

These two large communities have used others when their own vital political interests were at stake, then turn around and dumped them as if they were rotten bananas or oranges.

Therefore, why are the rest of the other Kenyan communities allowing the two giants to continue using them to the detriment of the whole nation's as well as their own social, economic, political, cultural and pluralistic future?

Who said 'once bitten, twice shy.' What about the third, fourth and now fifth time? And what else do they need to be told or even experience in order to understand that they have always been used as political pawns and fodder since the KPU vs. KANU era.

Unfortunately, the same political games and usage will continue to be business as usual in 2008, as well as in 2012 and beyond.

One good question for the Luo community, is there any other candidate other than Raila? Why Raila and not any other Luo politician who would be more electable and a darling loved by t 75% of the Kenyan population?

One last question to the Kikuyu community, when will 90% of Kikuyu ever feel comfortable in their own skins with the painful idea of casting their votes for a none Kikuyu or Luo presidential candidate for the sake of national unity?

If not, then, should we say that the two groups are Kenya's political pain/thorn/Achilles heel until 2038 or 2048 when Kenya will be mature and ready to elect a president from Garissa, Moyale, Amukura, Lokitang, Isiolo, Mandera, Lamu or from the Kenya-Asian community?

Anonymous said...

Mugane, you are talking rubbish. The Luo and Taita people are already very mature and have elected Asians and Europeans as their representatives.

Such a thing would not happen in Kikuyuland. Does it mean the Kikuyus are not yet developed in the mind?

Anonymous said...

A recount would not work in many constituencies, there are some cases for example where the loosing ODM candidate took off with the tallying sheets which were never recovered or where ballot papers were stolen by supporters. In such a case a run off is the best and viable solution, even if it means Kenya abdicating its sovereignity and having a body such as the UN conduct the election for maximum transparency.

Anonymous said...

BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Those of you wondering where Kalonzo Musyoka stands on the matter now you know.

It seems ODM-K and PNU have made power sharing arrangements.

Silaha said...

Please quote your sources. Anon. Where does that Kivuitu info come from?

Anonymous said...

Dear all bloggers. This is not about kikuyu orluo business. It is about our beautiful country which is at stake if things dont resolve quickly. Iam neither Kikuyu nor luo, iam a somali, and I honestly beleive Raila won the elections without any shadow of doubt. Kibaki has joined the fray of African leaders who hold on to power by all means possible. He is wholly responsible for all the deaths that occurred as a result of his coup de tat.

Lets all pray for peace. Kibaki will do kenyans justice if he resigns or to put it rightly hand over power to the presidential elect, Raila Odinga.

joseph karoki said...

The Anarchy in Eldoret is mind boggling.One can only imagine the horror of those innocent women and children as they heard the screams and felt the pain while the church in which they took shelter burnt.

For many of us here in the United States, the only info we are getting is from blogs. so keep sending us the info

Anonymous said...

It was absolutely nothing to do with Luo v Kikuyu. I am luhya and was a kibaki suppoter in 2002. However after the 5 yrs was looking for somebody different. Now unfortunately Kikuyus are unfair target for frustrations of people irregardless of tribe. I believe that if justice is done our Kenya will go back to being the vibrant place its known to be.

Anonymous said...

Kenyans in kenya please keep blogging new info. like kariuki says the newspapers dont update their websites and kbc is kbc. (Need i say more). Blog us the latest

Anonymous said...

I am also desparately thirsty for news from Kenya. Unfortunately for those of us abroad, our brothers and sisters at home do not enjoy the quality of internet access that we do here.

In addition, people are not calling each other to relay happenings since the are trying to save on cellphone airtime.

Ai!!!!! This chaos must end soon.

Anonymous said...

SILAHA: E.A. Standard has just confirmed my remarks on Kivuitu. Just go to their website.

Anonymous said...

According to the Standard, Kivuitu arrived at State House and found that the Chief Justice was already present and ready to swear-in Kibaki.

Hellen Okello said...

Kivuitu should have been a statesman and said no. Why send your country to the dump? For 280million shs? Is it worth it?

Anonymous said...

That is my point exactly. He should have declared his resignation in front of the press and said why he was doing so.

Of all people he was the one person who could have stopped us from falling over the edge.

Kiboro said...

The day Kenyan people will wake up one morning and think they are Kenyans, will be the day they will start thinking what neo-colonialsm is doing in Kenya at the moment.
As my friend from the Caribbean told me, black people suffers from the effects of slavery, colonialism and its the high time "21st century" that we address this issue and stop thinking Jaluo, Kikuyu, Kalenjin, Kamba, Kisii the list goes on to Ibo`s and Zulus etc.
Election only took a day, and the stupidness of uneducated in Kenya sorry to say and Intelectuals abroad have been compromised by two people, Kibaki and Raila "millionaires". They are now spilling poor people’s blood for their own selfishness, greed and power hunger. What do you think they want to accomplish? Protect their ill gotten wealth some of which have been stashed in foreign banks (safe deposits) while poor Kibera voters slaughter one another and others in Eldoret and Nyanza burn their loved neighbours houses, because they are from different tribes. And as we speak, Kibaki and Raila are tossing champagne and shouting loud "cheers". Probably with UK, US and Canadian Ambassadors. They all go to bed together. These guys are crooks, I quote John Kerry when Bush was declared the USA President the second time. After rigging Florida votes where his brother was Governor.

KENYANS, I PLEAD WITH YOU. LET US WORK, STUDY AND GO BACK TO KENYA AND DEVELOP OUR NATION. KIBAKI IS 76 YRS come on, RAILA 62 YEARS hihi getting there, PLEASE GIVE ME A BREAK. These people have never experienced poverty and the people dying are hardly 30 years old. ARE WE BUILDING OR DESTROYING OUR FUTURE?
These guys are senile, and the reason i`m saying that is because of the lifestyle they have. Ordinary Kenyans should come together as brothers and sisters and oust these guys out of office and out of our way and take charge of our country.

They have so much money; they can live wherever they want in this world without working until they die.

Anonymous said...

Can Raila be Sworn in as President and Kibaki as Prime Minister?

BUT this two people are thieves.


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