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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Suspect Orbituary of the Living

As we approach December 27, Kenyan media is awash with sensational political articles penned to spell Armageddon that may never come to pass. You only predict Kenyan politics at the peril of suffering incurable constipation from eating your own words thanks to her political fluidity.

Political commentators have been concocting theories and weaving projections some of which borders on the absurd. From the mundane and unrealistic presidential run-offs to imaginatively engraving political epitaph of Kibaki oblivious of the power of incumbency.

True Kibaki is facing a Titanic political battle of his life. But it is not over till it is over. And a week in politics lasts a lifetime. This last week without voting presents challenges that can see a single GOOF from any of the candidates kiss political dust and meet instant waterloo.

The beauty of being politically horseless is that it gives the absolute luxury not to lose any sleep from political heat. Neither do you curse under your breath while swearing and sweating in somebody's name. Granted our scoundrel politicians selfishly diminish the significance of the polling day by reducing it as just a one day affair. In doing so they imagine Kenyans are collectively gullible as they mask the five year consequences of this single action in our lives.

Time waits for nobody and December 27 will come and the sun will not give a whiff off its orbit despite the resulting political cheers and tears. Kenya remains and only individual egos will be punctured. Na bado, kazi indelee..


Sam Okello said...

The embarassing and repeated slaps. The engrossing corruption. The betrayal with the original MOU. The tribal outfit that's the Kibaki administration. The attacks on the media. The impunity of the king's Michuki. Taabu, at what point do you say enough is enough? Or is it ever?

Silaha said...


I see ways in which Kenya can benefit regardless of whether EMK or RAO wins on the 27th. My only prayer is that we have peaceful and "free & fair" elections. If there is rigging or a repeat of the nominations fiascoes then we all lose.

I often say things that make my acquaintances think that I am a professional fence sitter. For example, "If this is what happens to the Kenyan economy when a president sleeps, then we should have been so fortunate to have had them all sleep once they got elected." (which makes the PNU blowhards ecstatic) and "Electing Raila would be one of the best things for Kenya's politics because then for the first time there will truly be no such thing as a second class, unelectable Kenyan. It would be a great day for the Luo, Somali, Indian, KC, Rendille & Muslim Kenyan."

At this stage though I think I would rather been in the shoes of a PNU supporter. If Kibaki wins, then they will be genuinely elated, and if he loses, well they have been bracing themselves for that eventuality. There are benefits to rooting for an underdog.

However to be a ODM supporter if Raila loses will be sheer agony. Amid the claims of rigging there will be collective hand wringing (wrist slitting?) and general dejection.


deroo said...

In this picture, does Kibaki want to slap somebody? hiyo kazi ya kuslap watu iendelee...

On 27 december, mark your diaries, itaendelea... SANA. Lucy said...Mtangoja...Mtangoja...mpaka miaka mingine mitano. Kuslap iendelee...

What did Kenyatta say. Hapana leta nyoko nyoko...Moi said payukaring...and finally, in 2002, Raila Odinga said...that MUSALIA MUDAVADI was the ARCHITECT of GOLDENBERG (DZ Mwaura at Lenana taught me something about history that- you can never cheat history. You cannot change history and you cannpot stop history)

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