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Monday, December 31, 2007

Mwai Kibaki’s Terrible Miscalculations

Mutahi Ngunyi said it first and I joined in and repeated it several times; there was no way that Mwai “stole the 2007 presidential elections” Kibaki was going to hand over power peacefully if he lost an election.

Most Kenyans believed that was just porojo. After all the grandfather-image Mwai Kibaki was a harmless old man who hated political confrontation. As you read this many Kenyans are still looking for the evil culprit within the Kibaki administration who has caused the mess that the country is in at the moment. They have refused to believe that there is no man in the Kibaki regime who is more evil than Mwai Kibaki himself.

Yet the signs have been there for a long time. The harmless grand father seated inside State House was asked by a BBC journalist 3 days ago whether he would hand over power peacefully if he lost the elections. His reply was in Swahili and so rude that many Kenyans reading this will still not believe that it is Mwai Kibaki. He said: Wacha Kuniuliza swali ya Upumbavu. (Stop asking me a stupid question.)

Tracing back Mr Kibaki’s actions leading up to the events of yesterday it is clear to see his thinking. He made a big issue out of appointing as many new Electoral Commissioners as possible. Just hours to the general elections he appointed new judges.

The plan was simple. To rig the elections after which he expected ODM to seek redress in the courts where he would be ready for them and besides petitions can be made to last 5 years or more by which time he would have completed his fraudulent second term.

Kibaki also assumed that Kenyans would meekly accept the event of yesterday. But above all else the vote thief was most confident with support from the Americans, nothing will shake his government. You see he has pleased Uncle Sam a lot with his stand on terrorism and terrorism suspects. And everybody knows that the Americans will give you anything as long as you support their war on terrorism to the hilt.

Big time miscalculations. Kenya has changed and the State House should have seen that clearly from the way Kenyans countrywide voted. The thinking within State House is that ODM is a Luo political party with pockets of support from Kalenjins.

Secondly ODM have said that they are NOT going to court. Nobody knows what they will do instead. But already we hear that a parallel government ahs been formed. And to make matters worse the swearing in of that government is taking place at Uhuru Park at 2 pm. GSU have sealed off Uhuru Park and declared the meeting illegal so we wait to see what happens.

Now the entire country has degenerated into violence and many innocent hard working Kikuyus have lost property and some their lives. FOR WHAT???!!!! So that somebody can stay in State House for another 5 years fraudulently?

I have been able to establish that many people who voted for Kibaki are now deeply regretting their action. Apparently they thought they knew the person they were voting for but have found out when it is too late that they made a big mistake that has cost some of them their lives.


Anonymous said...

We hate what's happening today. We regret the course Kenya has taken. But Kenya is a nation-state, which has symbols of unity and they are sacred and belong to all. However, we have seen Kibaki the warthog and fossil has turned evil and converted the national symbols of Kenya to a tribal instruments. His sidekick, the poisonous warthog, son of Chuki is now tearing down Kenya the nation-state. So those of you who are calling for unity MUST start with this: Order and order warthog Kibaki to return the symbols of unity and respect the flag. Otherwise, these poor Kenyans who are killing each other will do so because they have nothing to be proud of. They have no nation, national obligation and symbols of unity. There is nothing we can do. Tell them that you are Kenyans, but YOU must do that by giving them the symbols of unity and respecting them. Respect is a two way traffic. You can't spit on people and demand respect.

Anonymous said...

Kumekucha quoted by Calling for restraint.

Phil, you see the organisation I work for? One of the many!!! NOT NSIS

Earthtimes is based in virtually every country in the western world.

Anonymous said...

Observers have warned that festering ethnic tensions could boil over and lead to the worst violence in Kenya's otherwise peaceful history.

The blogger behind Kumekucha urged restraint from all sides.

"We are a beacon of hope in this part of Africa; we are the hope of the people who live within our borders."

"Kenya should not be allowed to go to the dogs."


Anonymous said...

Some Kenyan Blogs are being shut down...hope you survive!

Benard said...

Beloved Kenyans, we are experiencing such a sad moment in country as has never been seen in post independent Kenya because of the greed of a few individuals who want to lord it forcefully over us. I would like to call to your attention the fact that foreign forces are also involved in what is happening currently. Where as they may not be fully responsible but we still have to call them to accountability. I have have the following reason to believe that the US is involved:

1. Where as the EU monitoring team noted and reported on the irregularities during the elections, the US has gone a head to congratulate an illigally instituted minority government and calling upon Kenyans to accept it.

2.The gallop polls that were conducted by the US just before the elections were meant to try and convince Kenyans that Kibaki was winning and as such deceive their minds and so accept a "Kibaki win".

3. On the day of elections there was an exit poll again conducted by the same with the same aim.

4.Rumours has it that Museveni had personally petitioned Bush to help Kibaki win the elections arguing that a Raila presidency according to him may not be good for the region.

It is possible that the support Kibaki has from Bush may be driving him and his cronies to push on with this babaric way of establishing his rule in Kenya. It is interesting that the US puts its interests first disregarding those of other nations not caring what happens in those nations. The US is obssed with the so called war on terror and would want to do anything to see people who they deem supportive on their efforts in this direction. For the following reason I would like to appeal to all Kenyas in the diaspora to flood the US embassies with calls of complain. We may be too far from home but this is atleast a way we can participate in the struggle.

Long live Kenya. May your democracy be restored.

Jerry Meyers said...

Dear Kenyans,
I've decided to post this opinion on this BLOG since I know that Security operators back in Kenya read monitor it on minutely basis.

I am regarded as a media expert, though I don't think I am such an expert. However, I would like to share my opinion with the rest of Kenyans and the Security Operators on the Banning of the Live Transmission. This opinion is made after thoroughly reading through the recently passed Kenyan Media Law. It also follows my observation and that of my team of the coverage in the run-up to the General Elections and during the electoral process.

First, I would state (and I stand to be corrected here), Kenyan Media has let the citizen down by allowing themselves to be used as the mouthpiece of deceit.

Having been privileged to cover two elections in Kenya (1997 & 2002) and several others across the world including the recent Australian Elections), Kenya's has some uniqueness. 1. Votes are cast... 2. they are meant to be counted (1997 -all votes were transported to central points were counting were done while in 2002 they were counted at the voting centers and results taken to Divisional headquarters where the returning officers would announce the winners)... this brings the issue of Form 16A. As in 2002, once counting has been done at the polling centers, the respective parties agents sign confirming that the recorded figures are the ones obtained from the counts. Once the Returning Officers receive these figures at the Divisional Headquarters, her check with respective parties agents at the headquarters to verify that the figures presented by the respective Presiding Officers are the same ones signed for by their respective agents.

At that point, once this confirmation has been made, the Returning Officer announces the winner and the losers. It happens that the journalists covering elections get their figures at that point. The Returning Officer then transmit his Form 16A (mainly via fax) to ECK Command Center where respective part agents should be (I use should be advisedly since I don't know whether that's what happened in this case) and confirm the signatures of their agents.

In this just concluded elections, figures seem to have been adjusted and the Kenyan Media seems to have been so ready to adjust their 'from-the-ground-figures' without any explanations. Journalists are no longer just messengers who accept anything and everything that they are given. In most of these results that are now being disputed, there were sound-bytes of the Returning Officers making the announcements.

Then comes the second issue and this is based on The ECK Chairman's cry that his Returning Officers had gone missing (or rather, he couldn't find them on phone). This was monitored via Africast broadcasting KTN feed. He went further to announce his fears that the results were being 'cooked' wherever they were. He then stated the Commission had its ways of finding out and enforcing the right figures. Where were journalists to ask Mr Kivuitu why he was referring those with visible disputes to Courts? The media let the citizen down and they should not blame anybody for it.

Lastly, the issue of Live Broadcast Ban. Five weeks ago, I wrote an opinion piece published by the Age Newspaper and later by the NY Post stating why the banning of Broadcast by Pakistani government was a gag and a violation of Freedom of Expression. What is happening in Kenya is the beginning of a bigger ban on Freedom of the Press. The Media Law being used by the Kenyan authority to ban broadcast requires media houses to submit all their materials to the Communication Commission of Kenya for clearance. CCK can only give the go ahead after having the materials cleared by the Minister for Internal Security. This is the beginning to a dictatorial governance with no regards to the fundamental rights of its citizen. The authority shall decide what the citizens are told and how they are told.

This is a ban that should be fought by all Free Expression individuals around the world. I've already shared my opinion with Article19, The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, Committee to Protect Journalists and many others. However the fundamental thing is for the local journalists back in Kenya to say NO to this order. If this government is allowed to get away with this, then they'll have room to push further and decide even what you eat.

The Rendezvous said...

Your comment,

"Now the entire country has degenerated into violence and many innocent hard working Kikuyus have lost property and some their lives. FOR WHAT???!!!! So that somebody can stay in State House for another 5 years fraudulently? "

was worth noted.

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

How do people feel about a run-off, with pro-Kalonzo voters now reportedly being pro-Raila, and those who voted for Kibaki now regretting their 'mistakes' (aka democratic choice), according to Chris?

anaweza said...

PKM: In the interests of peace, I would not be opposed to a runoff. But given the police state actions in progress, do you seriously think that those currently in power will willing walk away? When all their actions seem to suggest a marked desperation to hold onto power? The question in my mind right now is what are they so afraid off?

Anonymous said...

Why don't you odm buggers contest the election in the courts and not using stones, looting and killing fellow wananchi?
Go to the courts, don't use violence or else it will confirm what we always knew about comrade raila and his attempts at getting the presidency ( not for the first time- remember 1982?) using violence.

Anonymous said...

Can you explain what the point is of using courts that are run by the government?

Can you smell the kahawa please?

Abass said...

Anonymous, you just proved to be a hypocrite and that you don't trust these same courts that you ask us to turn to. Isn't it the same court that declared Raila innocent?

Anonymous said...

with the exception of a few Kikuyus, many of them are just a bunch of arrogant and intolerant people with a myopic belief that they are the only ones who can lead, I read many comments on this blog and its so easy to tell which one has come from a kikuyu, if only you people, especially the many arrogant lot of you- if only you knew how people perceive you in this country, then most probably you would not be talking like the way you talk here, anyhow, lets wait and see how it all goes.

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