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Saturday, November 10, 2007

President Kibaki Loses His Temper On National TV

President’s outburst in a fit of rage: Wewe toka hapo. Kamata Huyo. Mtoe hapo mara moja

The joy of a blog like Kumekucha is the fact that there is no censorship. Self-censorship or those uncomfortable calls from State House “demanding to know why?”.

The truth is that especially now when the campaigns have started in earnest, our poor newspaper editors have to be very careful about what they put on their pages or allow to go on air. My heart goes out to them.

Let me give a very recent example of self-censorship.

During president’s Kibaki’s recent campaign trip to the Coast, there were a number of nasty incidences (unfortunately I have to censor myself because if I give them in detail I will be branded an ODM sympathizer). Anyway a few Kenyans left President Kibaki in no doubt how they intended to vote and at it finally became too much for the President and he lost his temper on camera. At one point he ordered the security personnel close to the crowd to deal with a poor mwananchi (oops I meant to say “to deal with the president’s employer”).

Part of that clip was shown on the popular KTN News Shot feature last night, except that the cameras did not show what had caused the president to lose his temper in the first place which included a large ODM placard.

Anybody who has been employed for any length of time knows the golden rule...

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