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Friday, November 02, 2007

Jirongo Rejoins Himself as Heat Rages

Poor Cyrus Jirongo! The chap chose to sulk after failing to get the preferential treatment in ODM like Ngilu. Next move? He has opted to redefect back to his Kaddu Party.

According to CJ Henry Koskei's spat at Kaddu aspirants in Matayos (Busia) was the last stroke that cracked the camel's back. Well, that sounds more of an excuse because the obvious reason lies in the fact that Jirongo's ego was balloon whose air Koskei snapped.

Self destruction
Meanwhile the Orange parties continues with their self-destructive antics in attacking themselves instead of focusing on issues meant to sell them. While one derides others as asses, the reply that I am better than my competitor as a grassroots mobiliser smacks off teenage envy (hata mimi).

An political goofing seems contagious as PNU engages in self-destruction too. The rivalry between Kanu and Narc-K is out in the open with Tuju holding empty bath tub while KAMUKA (Karua/Mungatana/Katuku) runs with the baby as signatories at ECK. Poor Moody must be left really moody.

Who is that who lied that PNU is Narc-K reincarnated for immediate ex-MPs? Well with Njoki Ndungu as the secretary to PNU's election board, some animals are obviously more equal than others. Add to the mix 13 (out of 15) Kibaki Tena's specialised directorates all coming from Mt. Kenya and you get the face of Kenya. Na bado.


Anonymous said...

Good! that will spit the luhyia vote and PNU stands to benefit. Let Raila Odinga know that he is working his way to the leadership of the opposition in the 10th Parliament.

Anonymous said...

Mwalimu, to the best of my knowledge it seems that Mr.Jirongo is the first ever living breathing human being in the history of mankind to ever RE-DEFECT back to himself.Although his coming to his own senses must be a sweet relief to himself as well as those near and dear to him, i can't help but wonder whether Jirongo the politician will be able to rise above the public perception that he was a defeated defector even before the final whistle was blown. still, i suppose it is better to have tried and failed than not to have tried at all. All in all, i am sure he has learnt much more from this almighty political blunder than he ever did from his 20 years+ political career

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