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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Herdsman Kills Lion, Killed by Hyenas

That a Samburu herdsman has been killed by a pack of predating hyenas just after killing a lion with bear hands reflects the contradictory phenomenon of life. 35 year old Moses Lekalau fought off an attacking lion for 30 minutes and succeeded in killing the beast only to be attacked by cowardly hyenas who must have sensed the vulnerability of exhausted Lekalau.

Despite a motorist rescuing Lekalau from the jaws of the death (hyenas), the poor chap died after 7 hours on the operating table in Nairobi where he was transferred from excessive loss of blood.

That is just one life too many. If only we would value human life like the money tourists bring. But that is asking for too much because there are Kenyans and others. Life can be be so CRUEL sometimes.

What a strange twist and paradox life is. You fight gallantly for 30 minutes spearing and bludgeoning a lion to death. only to lose the very life you were saving to lesser selfish predators. Lekalau's death is akin to stopping a bullet dead on its track only to succumb to a scratch from a needle.


kalamari said...

Not to be viewed as capitalizing on death but this post is synonymous to the cautionary tale that needs to be repeated to all Kenyan voters. You see, although we have gallantly fought and speared the beast to death, we must remain vigilant and ready to ward off the blood thirsty hyenas.

By 'we', I mean ODM. And by 'hyenas', I mean ODM-K and other fringe parties. It would be treason to provide meaning to the beast.

Anonymous said...

Our thoughts are in sync

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

OK! 'We' brought the 24-year KANU reign to death. Could we possibly be headed to our death by the walafi (kama) fisi?

kalamari said...

PKW, well that's the negative way of looking at it. The problem is that doing so gives victory to the hyenas. I'm sure you, queen of fence sitting, dont want that.

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

Kalamari, I'm so hurt!
Since when was there a doubt what side of the fence I'm on. Agreed, I've come close to crossing over to ODM now and then, but by 'we' I mean the PNU splinter of the late NARC the others that matter(ed?) being LDP (formerly New KANU)ODM,ODM-K (both formerly known as LDP).
Anyway, seems like we succeeded in ending Moi and Co's hold on power and ending official opposition, only to be on the verge of being killed by ravenously power-hungry hyenas aka ODM.

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