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Monday, October 22, 2007


This is circulating on email, I decided to post it because they are facts on issues that have affected the rest of Kenyans who are not from Mt. Kenya region like me. There are very few from Mt. Kenya region who are not as tribal as our current leaders from that region, however most of them are and fully support the leadership just like its written in the last paragraph.

Can someone tell me why I should give him another chance, when I have not felt the economic growth which he said will be 7% at the end of the year? When more of my relatives and friends who are not from his region are jobless and I wonder where are the 1.8 million jobs he said his government has created in the past four years during Kenyatta Day celebrations?

"This is a message to all, especially our brothers and sisters from Mt. Kenyan region, who still seem to imagine they DON'T know why their man is being rejected by the rest of Kenyans from ALL OTHER regions….

Take clear note Raila is a product of Kibaki's failure to keep his word. You guys from Central Province believe that all other Kenyans are silly and do not deserve the national cake.You assume that the house of Mumbi should be the only property owners and the other Kenyans should be consumers and servants.

Your guys should have known better that four years of Kibaki rule consigned all Kenyans,except Mt Kenyans, to periphery economically and politically. Your man failed to practice equal justice hence the current rejection by many Kenyans.

Kibaki fired the people who made him president in the mistaken believe that he would just deceive Kenyans to vote for him again. He rewarded none Kikuyu friends with nonexistent ministries such as Public Service, East African Corporation, Immigration and other weak ministries he created for none Kikuyus. Important ministries such as Finance, Education, Constitutional Affairs, etc have sons and daughters of Mumbi as heads. This arrangement is designed to boost Kikuyus academically and financially while disregarding all other Kenyans.

Who bought Kengen if I may ask? The scheme by Kibaki is evil at best. it is meant to subjugate and marginalize none Kikuyus politically, economically and intellectually.
Thank God Kenyans discovered your schemes before you went far!

Sample this:

Scholarships from government and China in the last four years favored Mt Kenyans more than all other Kenyans – ask Mutua [Govt Spokesman] to publish the list

Kenya Revenue Authority. From the fleas in the offices to the the head of Kenya Revenue Authorithy are from Central Province. Scheme: collect money and pass on some of it to Mt Kenyans.

Most PCs, DCs, DOs and police chiefs in Rift Valley, Nyanza, etc are from Mt Kenya. Scheme: suppress and subjugate government critics in these areas given that people in these regions are marginalized in everything.

In New York, The Kenyan Ambassador to the UN Mr. Zachariah Dominic Mburi-Muita recently got Kikuyus from Kenya and in the last 6 months alone hired 15 of them as Locals. You get to that office and it is all Kikuyus some have no offices and work on corridors; Kukuyu Language has become the official language in the Kenyan Mission to the UN office. Get there and it is all Kikuyus, No wander Kenyans and international bodies are tired of them. People suffer from what ha scommonly come to be known as "The Kikuyu fatigue".

Constitution: Kibaki told Kenyans that The Bomas of Kenya Draft Constitution was the best for Kenya and promised that it would become Kenya Constitution 100 days after his inauguration. He never Kept the promise…he tried to unilaterally write another constitution favoring his cronies and kin that was CERTAINLY defeated at the referendum. How would anyone trust him when he promises heaven in his campaigns? How about the MOU, The instrument that was used to CON Kenyans into voting him into power!!! – Keriri recently confessed it was a scheme to get 'US' into power…HOW CAN ANYONE TRUST A WORD FROM THIS MAN'S MOUTH???

While Kibaki is giving Mt Kenyans money to invest in businesses and buy government corporations on sale, he is busy bribing none Kikuyus with districts which are not self-sustaining, colleges and university campuses which in reality do not belong to the locals.

How about Anglo-Leasing debacle? Has anyone forgotten that billions were stolen and Kibaki, according former PS Mr John Githongo, knows where the money went.

Kibaki has always boasted of economic growth. How can such happen without people benefiting. The ordinary guy in the village cannot afford sugar and bread. The prices of these items which most Kenyans survive on have more than doubled since 2002…These two are made from locally raised crops and yet they are very expensive. What does economic growth mean when the ordinary bread and sugar are luxuries to many Kenyans?

And now the MOTHER of all: Have you ever wondered WHY kuyos will never support anyone other than one of their own…think back….TRY AS HARD to recall such instance…pole can see you are getting a headache because HAKUNA…all the way from independence: Moi in all his years ruled without Mt Kenya's support and votes YET everyone else, at one point or another has SUPPORTED and VOTED for you… The late Odinga started off with Kenyatta and we thought after so many years, you have learnt and now ready to jumuika na wakenya wengine ndio we trooped in the thousands and voted in Kibaki, lakini, Lo!! Enough is enough-you should never blame Kenyans if they NEVER EVER elect your ilk into office again…at least in the next few generations, SAHAU KABISA"


K.U.L. Silulu said...

By K. U. L. Silulu

In 2002 Kenyans were so relieved that Moi had given up power peacefully that we hailed what had happened the greatest transition since independence. In some ways it was and in other ways it wasn't. Moi was gone. His picture was no longer on the walls. We no longer had to watch him on television on Sunday evenings singing hymns at an upcountry church. The managerially incompetent, rapacious and inarticulate elite around him was gone – consigned to the shadows, dodging the law, appearing at commissions of inquiry. A lot seemed to have changed. Kenyans were even arresting corrupt policemen. The urbane and educated Mwai Kibaki – a laid back, uninstrusive, free marketeer, replaced Moi, the politically astute managerially incompetent busy body who embarrassed the educated middle class.

By early 2004 it was clear that the new order did not promise the kind of radical change those arresting policemen seemed to crave. There was going to be no major redesign of the colonially inherited state down to the Provincial Administration who remained in place complete with pith helmets. In fact, many old faces remained well ensconced – the Muthauras and other creatures of the old era – hesitant and retiring in appearance but forcefully reactionary by instinct. As things became more difficult for the regime politically, the dinosaurs became more and more apparent – Moi, Biwott, Nyachae, Saitoti, Stanley Murage and host of other old schoolers increasingly assumed the centre stage.

If in Moi's regime the backwardness had blown into town like an ill wind; under Kibaki it crept across the walls like a fungus. By last month the regime looked more like KANU in 1990 than NARC in 2003 albeit a turbo charged direct injection kind of KANU with bells and whistles that mixed together once opposition leading light Kivutha Kibwana with Nicholas Biwott; Nobel Laureate Wangari Maathai with Daniel arap Moi, Martha Karua with Francis Muthaura, Uhuru Kenyatta and old KANU acroutiments with Kamlesh Pattni. These realities have provided the fodder for change that has created what would appear to be a wave that will propel Raila Odinga to State House. If this happens a few realities will attend.

First, a good thing: a major taboo of Kenyan politics will have been broken. There has been this idea – cultivated carefully and consistently since the 1960s – that a Luo and an Odinga in particular cannot lead Kenya. That myth will have been broken. Indeed, more so than in 2002 this may be the election that makes or breaks Kenya. This because those who deigned to believe that a Luo could not lead, the urbanised middle classes and old money in particular, will wake up to a new president and realise that the sky has not fallen on their heads. There shall still be kids to get to school, traffic jams to contend with, the occasional power cut, cold Tuskers – life will continue. An aside of this: the implicit deep-set arrogance that 'Kikuyus/GEMA are the natural tribe of governing' ironically best exemplified by the body language of Finance Minister Amos Kimunya in a manner he is totally oblivious to; verbalised most directly by Kiraitu Murungi in his usual boneheaded frank style; articulated best by business leaders from Central Province and swallowed wholesomely by the certain members of the donor community – will have been shattered. Kenya will be the better for it.

Second, if Odinga takes over as head of state his honeymoon will be shorter than Kibaki's. He is by political design a more polarising action-oriented figure. His opponents will be better heeled than he is. If he tries to out steal them he'll crash out like them but faster, heavier and far more messily. Also, a lot of 'excess parochial intellectual capacity' will retreat into the media and civil society both domestically and in the Diaspora. For the past few years it has been enjoying the 6 percent growth and flowers down Uhuru Highway. This well educated vanguard will quickly transform a Raila administration into the most scrutinised and complained about in Kenyan history. Mutterings will surface comparing him to dictator Idi Amin; leader of a voracious Obote-like Nilotic horde, master of haughty words and empty bombast, much breadth and little depth etc etc. Actually, Kimunya set off the kind of acerbic whining we are likely to hear with his recent observations about the Stock Exchange. He and his like sincerely do not get it: Kenyans are so disgusted with his slimy pomposity and the sneering, patronising attitude of his colleagues that, heaven forbid, they will tolerate an economic downturn simply to teach the fellows some manners in the equality of peoples. Besides, the Central Province business elite will grumble loudly but initially make peace with the new order – they love money more than a Kikuyu President despite their articulate protestations.

Third, ironically, the administration's most important challenges will be to quickly construct a coherent reform strategy that provides the change Kenyans voted for in 2002 and opinion polls seem to indicate they continue to seek today. Raila will have to deliver on this using a political coalition that isn't comprised of many serious reformers. He will have to practice the politics of inclusion on a mind bending scale. This will be in contrast to what has become the politics of exclusion that his would be predecessor, Mwai Kibaki, pursued as his political situation worsened and the economy improved to the point that he felt insulated from those political realities.

Fourth, Raila will have to deliver on three important promises – one is to provide Kenyans with a new constitution within six months, to implement some form of majimbo system and the other is to implement an articulate governance agenda that includes dealing with corruption via a specific restitution programme. One suspects that as his predecessor will have discovered, the three are not interchangeable or negotiable where the Kenyan people are concerned, though the constitution and the majimbo system are married. Failure to deliver will lead to dramatic political realignments and a rapid loss of confidence on the part of the public. Thus far Raila and his team have been short on detail, which is wise this early in the campaigns. The choice of a restitution programme to lead the fight against corruption together with reform of the prosecutorial and judicial authorities is most intriguing and potentially the greatest departure from the past. Even the ODM-K presidential candidate Kalonzo Musyoka endorsed Raila's Usawa innovation last weekend at the launch of his party. As Raila himself noted, the ruling elite in Kenya is a hostage of its past abuses. These abuses are flaunted in people's faces and this in turn defines political perceptions. He needs to find definitive closure that allows for a new beginning. It will be controversial but thus far Odinga has shown persistence, a capacity for extremely hard political work, an ability to fashion a coalition and boldness when called for. Now may come the time for inclusion, even more boldness, creativity and pragmatism.

sayra said...

Its unfortunate that the issue of tribalism has turned personal ... very very very very very ... unfortunate.

Anonymous said...

The test if time is the ballot. You only have one vote no matter how lound your mouth is. Lets wait for the ballot and no need being tribal and personal.

Anonymous said...

Like Sayra says its really pathetic that Tribalism is deeply entrenched in our systems and its made the worse to see that the youth have perfectly fit into the old guards shoes in advancing tribalism, cos Chris let be honest we all are tribalist's (me and you included!) But it gets worse when the whole country is reduced to a battle for supremacy between two tribes namely the Kyuks and the Jango's. No matter how much we would like to potray ourselves as non tribal, the much we try the further we are pulled into its mucky waters.Such emails are I must conclude are the fruits of what the young people have come to associate with since they were born. And believe me fifty years down the line tribe will still be what decides our leadership! (doing this on the move so excuse any spelling mistakes)

Njoroge-mzee wa kijiji said...

ndugu zanguni! i have been a regular follower of this blog for sometime and i have always enjoyed reading the mix of ideas, opinions and observations. Am now getting concerned because if this blog represents and reflects the face of Kenya, then tribal animosity has reached its peak, soon may not hold. Dear brethrens lets handle issues and live tribes out of this. No one ever applied to be a luo, kikuyu, ndigo etc. Its an act of God that will not change tommorrow. Lets tone down our anger, whether genuine or not. Kenya is more important that all of us and our tribes. its my hope that a day will come when this blog engage,advise and educate. hate will not sell. We shall all be Kenyans again after January 1st and whoever gets there with his family abd cronies will laugh all the way to their fat bank accounts. Just like with the previous presidents, most of their trbesmen and women will get poorer and poorer as teh rich few who are close to the power enjoy the fruits. Frankly kenya is about the rich and the poor - these are the only two tribes in Kenya. Those of us who pretend to speak for the rich (presidential candidates) are just pawns in the game.

How is wish we could all sober up and look at Kenya as a country for us all. Njoroge - Mzee wa kijiji

Anonymous said...

I WILL AGREE TOTALLY!! in the same way it is difficult for another kalenjin presidency in the future, it may be safe to say that should kibaki loose this election the door to the presidency will effectively be shut for any kikuyu for many generations to come!!!!

Anonymous said...

I was about to leave a decent nationalistic comment but on second thought......i won't dignify your unfortunate & very tribal sentiments. You need counselling & lots prayers combined!!!

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

I'm from the Mt Kenya region. Proper. And very proud of it. I only wish I knew how what these goodies are, nay how to get them, that non-Kikuyus esp Luos and Luhyas (a mere coincidence, I presume) hype on and on about that have been dished to Kikuyus.

Next time you have some spare money (I know it won't be soon, so your ignorance will be around for a while!) take a trip to Central Kenya and see the development that Kibaki has brought to Kikuyus. You will be surprised by how rich your imagination can be.
But if tribalism and specifically 'antiKikuyuism' is the line that RAO has to tow to get to State gotta do what you gotta do,but do I say. Take it a notch higher, team, you have a mere month to go! In which time all rascals in this and the other previous governments will join ODM and become instant saints.

I've told you and I'm sure I'll say "I told you so!" in five years:for all thinking RAO will dish out jobs to them from the blues, put ugali on their tables and those of their relatives, you are in for a big surprise. Consequently,I can predict with a decent level of confidence that come 2012, 'we' will be very disappointed, and as a result, will be as politically charged as we were in 92, 92, 02 and are in 07. Not PKW.That's 20 years too many for me to wait for a govt to come save me.

Phil said...

Common PKW, Sue and Silulu are not RAO. I do not know why you want to drag Raila into this; afterall he is on record having campaigned for Kibaki (a kikuyu) in 2002, only to be shown the door mid-term in favour of the likes of Karume (a Kikuyu) who called Kibaki unpalatable names while vigorously campaigned against NARC/Kibaki in 2002.

Raila, I remind you, is not only related to Kikuyu's by blood, but he has quite a number of them backing his presidential bid in 2007.

SAMPLE THIS: After the 2005 referendum, Kibaki 'reconstituted' his cabinet and made appointments as follows:

Assistant Ministers
9 Kikuyu (22.5%)
6 Luhya (15.0%)
3 Kamba (7.5%)
3 Meru/Embu (7.5%)
1 Turkana (2.5%)
3 Kalenjin (7.5%)
1 Maasai (2.5%)
1 Pokot (2.5%)
1 Kuria (2.5%)
1 Kisii (2.5%)
1 Taita (2.5%)
1 Swahili (2.5%)
2 Miji Kenda (2.5%)
1 Samburu (2.5%)

Permanent Secretaries
6 Kikuyu (18.7%)
4 Kamba (12.5%)
3 Somali (9.3%)
3 Luhya (9.3%)
3 Kisii (9.3%)
3 Luo (9.3%)
2 Maasai (6.2%)
2 Kalenjin (6.2%)
2 Meru (6.2%)

Now consider this:
- Kenya is made up of more than 40 ethnic groups
- The original NARC summit comprised; Kibaki (Kikuyu) Kirwa (Kalenjin), Raila (Luo) Awori (Luhya), Saitoti (Maasai), Ngilu (Kamba), Kalonzo (Kamba), Nganga (Kikuyu), never met again after Kibaki was sworn in as head of State.

- The NARC government was elected by a overwhelming majority of all ethnic groups because they were tired of inequalities and nepotism of both Moi and Kenyatta;

PKW what would be your take on the above public appointments that we are constantly reminded are "the prerogative of the President"???????????

Anonymous said...

Mt Kenya: Two Presidents, a nobel peace laurette, and a Cardinal. We now control the church, we are also going to control the state. In 2012, Uhuru will be President and John Njue will be Pope! wait and see!!!

Rift Valley: One President (24 years). Many Many Many Many medals. Many many.. silver medals..

Kenya belongs to the above two communities.

Let Raila and his followers eat the bitter chungwa..

Anonymous said...

Majimbo is one of the many ways

Devolution of power could be looked at in different facets; the UK context of is where the local councils have the mandate of revenue collection as well as using it efficiently, affectively under strict scrutiny. The country is divided into demographic areas called Counties/authority, which translates into either non-unitary authority or unitary authorities. The unitary authorities combines both responsibilities of county council’s and district council, mainly in large urban areas like London, Bristol Manchester, Birmingham etc, non unitary authority on the other hand have the local district councils maintaining their identities and roles.

The revenue is collected at district, Borough council and City council level, which is further, remitted to the County (most of them are the Shires). Whilst the Shires have wider role, the district councils are responsible for provision of affordable housing (social housing), garbage collection and maintaining a clean and safe environment. They work together and inform each other through Local Strategic Partnership and have various strategies to inform on how policies affect the local communities i.e. they have what is known as Local Area Agreement (LAA)

A cabinet drawn from elected councillors amongst whom a chairman is elected annually to run the affairs of the council runs the county council, the cabinet portfolio areas are
1. Learning disabilities
2. Environment
3. Resources
4. Environment & Community
5. Community and Adult Care services
6. Schools
7. Community Safety, Planning & Economy
8. Children and Young people

The portfolio holders just like our cabinet meet monthly with responsibilities to: -
· Set budget and capital program
· Decide policies, objectives and priorities & approve any changes in the constitution
· Appoint cabinet, scrutiny commission and all main bodies
· Receive reports from cabinet & scrutiny body
· Answer questions from individual members of county council and chairmen of boards/committees
· Deal with notice of motion

They allocate budget as collected from revenue collected for:
- Education planning, implementation, workforce development, curriculum management and teacher’s salary
- Social care (Community social care)
- Library services
- Roads planning, maintenance and traffic
- Sustainable environment management including waste management i.e. most local authorities have joint venture with private sector in recycling of paper and plastics
- Heath Authority
- Police Authority
The city councils also have a cabinet to provide the following services underpinning major policy plans, the budget and Council Tax.
There is a Cabinet Member for each of the following Council services:
· Performance and Resources
· Planning and the Community
· Regeneration and Culture
· Housing and Health
· Heritage and Leisure
· Environment
This is my take not an ideal model but is workable as long as there is robust scrutiny system open to the public on the other hand it is participatory as public sector, voluntary sector and communities are represented in Local Strategic Partnership which is fed into Local Area Agreement.
Churchil Audi

W.M. said...

This is just exhausting, people. I don't see how this kind of attitude is going to help us come January '08, no matter who wins. We are not doing ourselves any favours here....

Anonymous said...

If indeed life is the creation of the mind, what sad, suspicious and fearful minds all of us Kenyans posses-thanks to us we have built and live in a society today where not only do we hate who we are, we also hate other people for who they are not-really,what do we want?no wonder we live by the herd instinct with collective fear stimulating our every move and thought to make us ever fearful and distrustful of those we don't regarded as members of our own flock-and we talk of wanting to bequeath a united nation as a heritage to our children?
Our splendid tribalist society in Kenya must begin to end today we must do everything in our power to refuse to indulge our children in the perfectionist old school ways of thinking called negative ethnicity

Anonymous said...

PKW.....nobody is challenging ur ethnic background.In fact kikuyu can rule themselves (partially)thru majimbo.So whats the problem?

I think the pple of central are panicking bcoz in the back of their minds they know they need other kenyans to survive.Even though they often boast that they dont.

The rich ones need other Kenyans to continue supporting their businesses throughout the country,the poor ones will also suffer greatly if they are put themselves in the same category as akina Michuki.

U cant fight an entire country

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

Philemon Othieno Wesonga, Phillip Doila or whoever it is that goes by Phil on Kumekucha,

Kindly re-read my comment. It has to do with the imaginary rich life that all other Kikuyus apart from all the ones I know lead in Kenya. However, I agree the dumbest thing Kibaki ever did was to allow his cabinet to look as it does in your above comment.
This next paragraph will make you twist it to make me fit the image of your ideal tribalist.Suit yourself.
You may or may not already know just how skeptical I am of 'data'. For instance, Kenya is home to more 40 tribes in Kenya, and the assumption I get from Sue's post and all other Kikuyu hate posts by 'Chris' et al are that the biggest problem tribe is the Kikuyu.
But lets make it more comparative:
1) What percentage of the Kenyan population is Kikuyu, and does that has anything to do with their representation anywhere, ESPECIALLY the government?
2) How many of the sitting, mostly non-active MPs are Kikuyu, should there be a correlation to how many of them are in government?

No, I'm not dragging RAO into this, its his team that hating on Kikuyus and I haven't heard of a single comment from him against this. That's why I think its his idea. By the way, any time there have been tribal clashes, have you ever heard a single politician, save for Lotodo (good riddance!) come out in full support of the atrocities. And now, RAO has nothing to do with Kikuyu-hating. Not like I've heard him in person at all.

My opinion best thing we can ever do for Kenya is get some good system that will ensure that, like my friend said, we will remain on the path to development no matter who is president, like the U.S. is. But this our time to eat ain't getting us nowhere. Certainly not with all citizens waiting for government to create jobs when privatization is the trend. That's why we've been in an election and second liberation( I thought that was in 91/2 when multi-party came back and the third one came in 02, the fourth during the liberation, and now we are back to second?) mood for decades.

Tom said...

Phil - if you want appointments to be balanced on the basis of tribe rather than competence you will end up with incompetence. Rational man does not make appointments based on equitable distribution of tribes, but on the basis of competence. Imagine going to the US and telling George Bush that his cabinet should have governor or senator from every state. I think we need to stop using archaic arguments otherwise we will forever be a third world country.

As for the kenyan who published the email, you can go ahead and vote for Raila. See if the sufurias in your kitchen will fill up quicker. Kenyans are spoilt and expect Kibaki to have delivered a first world economy in five years. Wake up kenyans!! Life is not a bed of roses. Rome wasn't built in a day. You cant expect the government to do everything for you. Even here in the US the mzungu struggles to survive. On the other hand, i am tired of this kikuyu bashing. Hopefully Raila will win so that these blame apportioning kenyans will run out of excuses!!

Taabu said...

Just a wild thought that I know for sure will be subjectively interpreted. If you have a kid with a superlatine performance in school (always tops), you become responsible by trandfering him/her to where there is competition, ama?

So the economy has GROWN by 6+\%. Is that an indication of a potential that it could do better? And why not give somebody else a chance to prove/disapprove his/her capability? Or is it a case of MONOPOLY of ideas?

Real success and growth comes after plenty of pain. There is no free lunch and what is wrong with paying a price of DOWNTURN if it translates into SUSTAINABLE and EQUITABLE growth? Just a thouth mark you!

Anonymous said...

FACT: There are only two tribes in Kenya and What this anti-kikuyuism debate fails to get is this simple - (1) the ruling class (read rich - i.e. Ondinga's, Kibs, Mois, KANU's & all the ruling elite since indipendence)and (2)the little man (read poor, struggler- you & I) BTW Kumekucha, you're a poor naive victim of the ruling class - i.e. you're used to preach tribalism to cover the real issue - class society. Unfortunately, most of us are like you, we will loundly sing praises to our tribesmen, mislead ourselves that the ruling tribe is benefiting etc
Sample this, if you're in Kenya look around & sample a few Kikuyu friends & quantify their gains under the Kibs presidency....are their gains more than yours because of Gava? are they buying bread, fuel etc at different prices etc etc... Answer to this - there is really no difference - unless you're from the ruling elite(present or past).
Sample this, Sons, Daughters, Bros, cousins etc of ondinga's, Mois', Kibs, Nyongos,ruto,s, kenyattas, njonjos etc will;
- attend same super expensive schools,
- Get high profile gover related jobs no matter who is presi (Prof Nyongo's sister, Biwotts daugther them)
Get lucrative gover related contracts,
- Keep company @ exclusive clubs etc

While most of your poor relas will remain so & those who advance will have to sweat it out!!

That is the reality - no matter who is the president.

BTW am central province, employed in the private sector, dont own land, 4 siblings (3 unemployed, 1 in college), dont receive a cent from gava & honestly dont expect. SO CONTRARY TO WHAT AM BEING TOLD-MY TIME TO EAT IS NOT COME!!

Anonymous said...

Kenya is ours and nobody can tunya us!

Anonymous said...

Kikuyus leave the comfort of central and travel along nairobi kisumu/eldoret highway and you will know what we mean

Anonymous said...

Why are people even bothering explaining their comments???

This is just HOGWASH!!

And i'm not even a kikuyu.

Tribalism at its best aimed at isolationg, and inciting violence against the Kikuyu.

PS: how does one unsubscribe to this crap of a blog... Junking emails just doesn't seem to work

Anonymous said...

Why are people even bothering explaining their comments???

This is just HOGWASH!!

And i'm not even a kikuyu.

Tribalism at its best aimed at isolationg, and inciting violence against the Kikuyu.

PS: how does one unsubscribe to this crap of a blog... Junking emails just doesn't seem to work

Liz said...

God help us all.....Am from both Cultures Kiuk and Luo...why should we be so tribalistic?
I was taught by my Dad to refer to myself as Kenyan...Am so afraid for me understand why there is so much Hate going on between the two tribes...
Why hate each other while Kibaki, Raila, Moi n the rest are enjoyin life to the fullest....kweli tuna mashida!!!!

Mami said...

I am not a blogger and just came across this from a friend. I'm dismayed at how some of us (yah, u and I) have been to driven to think. Irrationally. Reading through some of the comments above makes me want to cry. What has gotten into all of us right thinking Kenyans? Is this what we were taught ages ago when we were still in school? That was enough eons gone.

After the elections that saw Moi's defeat, I was like wow! finally, good riddance, lets give Kibs a chance to turn around our beaten economy. Well they say its grown by 6%>, maybe but has the size of ugali become bigger or smaller? We have to dig deeper into our pockets for even the tiniest of what we need. I'll give the man credit for what he's done. We gave him a chance, why cant someone else too be given the same chance he was, that's my take.

And it gets bad if you have kikuyu colleagues, one told me to my face that a lakeside clown will never be let to lead this country, and that Odinga made a mistake and the lakeside communite need to accept that and stop expecting anyone to vote for them. Its all tribal whether we like it or not, which plain sad.

But why is the old man behaving like its his last breath? Dishing out ministries like sweets to nursery school kids? Water projects, form 4 certs that have been pending for ages, etc etc. Why didn't he do this 3/2 years ago. We are mature and dont need to be bribed!

Its annoying.


And don't dare come back complaining after 5 years.

Anonymous said...

Mami. My guess is that you are a jaluo and it is just natural for you to complain. You only seem to think about ugali issues and you ask whether the ugali has become bigger or smaller.. do you know that Primary school is free and you can send your kids there? They do not have to idle at home thanks to President Mwai Kibaki. Isn't this a benefit? You know, you can buy more ugali from the school fees savings. Or do you want the Govt to pay the yaya girl for you? Please Mami GIVE CREDIT WHERE IT IS DUE. Raila is telling you that he will abolish house rent. Do you believe him? Kioko. BC, Canada. Kazi iendelee na tuta malisa upumbavuu.

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