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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Is Mukhisa Kituyi About To Defect To ODM?

What would you think if you were told that a certain politicians’ allies (virtually the whole lot) have already defected to a certain party but that the senior politician in question (no less than a cabinet minister) in fact seems to be hesitant and undecided.

Seasoned analysts would tell you that it is only a matter of time before that politician joins his allies at the said political party.

Dr Mukisa Kituyi and his wife Ling Kituyi.

Trade and Industry Minister Mukhisa Kituyi who is also the member of parliament for Kimilili constituency in Bungoma district has watched as his close allies have all trooped into ODM. Meanwhile Kituyi (who was just the other day, the powerful chairman of Narc Kenya, defected to Soita Shitanda’s New Ford Kenya. Could this be a strategic move and a stepping stone to joining ODM? For weeks there have been whispers in the expansive Bukusuland that Hon Shitanda was headed for ODM with his entire splinter political party. But so far they have remained just rumours.

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salf said...

I wont be surprised if he defects to odm. He will prove selfish and not selfless. And kumekucha, you fellows are pro-odm, which is ok. But are you sure you have kept your word of not censering posts? AM not convinced.

Phil said...

No you are talking Chris. I reported here weeks ago that Mukhisa Kituyi had had meetings with members of ODM pentagon at Nairobi Club and that he had himself collected ODM nomination forms and paid the 100k fee for the same. He is certainly not the only cabinet minister who is coming back home.

Many of them are coming from PNU constituent parties. I believe no one wants to stay in a sinking ship. Uhuru Kenyatta must be cursing himself for abandoning ODM, just as Kalonzo the prodical son is now asking to be taken back to the fold.

The likes of Vikii need to read the sings of the times. Raila will be the next president of this country.

Anonymous said...

Phil have you also picked your forms? I doubt you can afford the Sh100,000 if you cannot even afford to buy a kilo of sugar. Could be you should try a council seat given your level of education. Please tell the orange eating Kihii that his school boy type of lies have now been exposed. I understand Nairobi hawkers told him off over his promise to open the streets of Nairobi if he (the idiot) is elected. Kioko. BC, Canada. kazi inaendeleaaa.

Anonymous said...

Thank God Kioko the imbecile is rescucitated after choking in his CUT FORESKIN. But the guy is still smarting from the sore throat glazed with his cut. Poor impersonator, even during the painful recuperation he did graduate in learning another word from Kihii. If being cut translates to Kioko's STUPIDITY then I will demand back my foreskin. What a discgrace to teh male folk this villager obsessed with BC Canada is? At least he completes the composition of the market place. Na Kioko aendelee na kuchoma his foreskin.

Anonymous said...

Mr Amos Kimunya as a qualified accountant needs to know numbers speaks louder than empty words. Since September 1, 2007 the NSE has lost KSh 56B as per Friday 12th October 2007. Where did he get 200B from? or he is trying to impress some people. This is expected around this period of the year and guys are selling in readyness for Safaricom IPO. He need to apologises to Kenyans for giving wrong information.

Anonymous said...

He should defect.He has been buying time by sulking due to the unfolding events in PNU where he was sidelined.None of the PNu guys are noticing the the chap is sulking.So do the bold thing man.We will still vote for you

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