Friday, March 16, 2007

'Most Wanted Criminal' Edward Shimoli Released From Kamiti Prison

Once described as the most wanted criminal in Kenya, Edward Shimoli was released yesterday from Kamiti maximum prison after serving a ten-year sentence.

He is also on record as having escaped three times from custody and captured the headlines when he was taken to court bound in chains while still recovering from a bullet wound in the leg.

He walked to freedom yesterday and says he is now a law abiding citizen who just wants to piece together his life and what he wanted most was to first spend time with his family. Surprisingly he looked quite healthy on his release unlike most other prisoners.

Last week while still in custody, Shimoli was reported in the daily papers saying he feared for his life on being released as some policemen had sworn that they would kill him when he got out. The reason? He is a dangerous man who does not deserve to live in society with other law-abiding citizens. Analysts fear that the real reason is that he may just name the policemen he used to work with in his criminal activities.

Shimoli's story is plausible considering that he was acquitted of several rape and murder charges due to lack of evidence and was doing time for weapons offences and escaping from lawful custody.

He however looked upbeat yesterday but cautious as he demanded that all the journalists who met him outside the gate identify themselves prior to the brief interview he gave. He says he has plenty to talk about and even invited the scribes to visit him at home.

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