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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Legislator Norman Nyagah Humiliated As He Visits His Kamukunji Constituency Ahead Of General Elections

Kamukunji MP and government chief whip Norman Nyaga will not forget yesterday in a hurry.

He was booed and heckled as he received a hostile reception in his own constituency where he went to visit development projects initiated by the constituency development fund popularly known as the CDF.

This incident was significant because it is just the first sign of things to come. More similar incidences are expected countrywide as current MPs who are in the habit of ignoring their constituencies until election time visit ahead of the general elections. And as they meet a more enlightened voter population who are daring enough to take them to task and even dismiss them in their faces.

It is no secret that a majority of the current 210 elected MPs will not see the doors of parliament again considering their selfishness and poor track record in serving the people who elected them with such high expectations.

In many other constituencies, the MPs literally hide from their constituents and usually sneak in at night in their heavily tinted sports utility vehicles and leave early in the morning for the city after consulting with a few confidants and hanger's on who 'brief' them on what is going on in the constituency.

However, why Kenyans love to hate the current crop of legislators is due to the fact that they have increased their salaries and allowances tremendously in a span of five years and now carry home about Sh 700,000 monthly which is equivalent to US$ 10,000 making them amongst the best paid lawmakers in the world.

This was done despite the fact that Kenya is among the poorest countries in the world where the gap between the rich and the poor is obscene leave alone the fact that about 70% of the population live below the poverty line.

My guess is that 80% of the current members of parliament will be voted out in the forthcoming general elections and what happened to Nyagah in Kamukunji is just a small glimpse of what MPs should expect when they return to their constituencies to ask for votes.

The insensitive legislators are also planning to pass another motion when parliament resumes to award themselves a Sh 1.5 million 'golden handshake' to carry home for serving for five years. Talk of raising campaign money from public funds.

This ploy will not work since the president rejected a hefty salary increase proposed by the MPs last year but again these selfish men and women will definitely think up another way of fleecing the poverty stricken tax payers before they are finally kicked out of parliament for good.

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Vee said...

I applaud the constituents of Kamukunji...

Adaku said...

MPs should be coerced to reducing theire salaries and stop parliament being the best retirement package.

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