Friday, January 19, 2007

Mysterious Bank Robbery At Habib Bank Mombasa

Two days ago, armed gangsters walked into a bank in Mombasa and made away with about Shs 35 million in a mysterious robbery where it is yet to be established at what point exactly the money was stolen.

Some bank officials claim that the money was on transit and was stolen as it reached the bank while others say it was already in the bank and had never moved prior to the well-hatched robbery.

It is common sense that one cannot pull off a bank robbery without help from the inside and police are still pursuing leads and have arrested one of the guards on duty during the fateful raid.

Another inexplicable incident is the fact that the cctv cameras were not on when the robbery occurred and it is also yet to be established who switched them off or disabled them moments prior to the heist.

It could also be possible that not a single cent was stolen on that day and what could have happened is that an employee colluding with gangsters could have hidden the money inside the bank only for his accomplices to collect it the following day. This happened last year in a bank heist in Eldoret.

The amount said to have been stolen is also yet to be verified and TV footage showed managers of the Habib bank holding their heads in grief and bewilderment, as they could not explain how the money vanished.

One version says two well-dressed men entered the bank through the back door prior to the close of business while a third used the front door. They were allowed in by unsuspecting security guards.

One remains wondering why bank robberies still occur in Kenya where armed policemen guard these premises during opening hours and only leave after all monies have been secured. It is also highly likely that these gangsters are not only colluding with bank employees but also with the police. A pointer to this possibility is the flustered nature in which the police have acted over this particular robbery, issuing several statements to the press. In one of them the police claim that they even summoned bank managers at Habib to a meeting at the police station and expressed their concern over the lax security arrangements at the bank. Especially in view of the fact that they had received a tip-off of an impending bank robbery in Mombasa about a week or two before the heist actually took place.

Finally, one cannot help but wonder if this 35 million loot has gone into some politician's campaign war chest for the forthcoming general elections.

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shook_1 said...

The easiest way to rob a bank in Kenya: Kidnap the Manager, he has the key to the vault

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