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Thursday, December 07, 2006

You Are About To Read The Explosive Information That Cost Dr Robert Ouko His Life And So Many Others After Him To Cover It Up…

..It Is Also The Real Reason Why Moi Won't Let Go And Biwott Is Today Chairman Of Kanu

Many Kenyan politicians read commentaries in forums and blogs like this one and just shake their heads at the ignorance being displayed. But then they can't really blame us, because we do not have the information they do.

That is about to change in the next few minutes.

I have insisted here in this blog, for a long time now, even before I had the information I have now, that Moi was a stumbling block to the progress of Kenya. And that he is still too powerful. Many readers of this blog have scoffed at that suggestion.

But then that is the nature of political opinion; we are always so sure that we are right, even when we do not have the facts. Many people swore that Biwott would never make a political come-back into the big time, let alone be chairman of Kanu. But today the facts on the ground have proved them wrong.

The next post contains the facts from an impeccable source. The main facts I have counter-checked and confirmed. You too are welcome to do the same. Let us all wake up to the reality of the situation on the ground today before it is too late.

In publishing this information I have taken a big risk (probably the biggest risk of my entire life), although I have been careful to take all the security precautions that were possible. There are a number of regular readers of this blog who know my true identity. If anything happens to me, you will know who the guilty person is.

And you will also know what to do. This is no joke. The number of people who have lost their lives because of the information you are about to read will probably never be known, but it is a big shocking number.

I have felt it necessary to take this risk because somebody has to sacrifice and put their lives on their line for our beloved country. We can't all be cowards and let these wolves run away with our country and do nothing even as our nation goes to the dogs. It is better to live 50 years as a lion than to live 100 as a chicken.

So many brave Kenyans have risen to the occasion in the past, and even a few foreigners (like Smith Hempstone) Hve risked their lives for a better tomorrow for Kenyans, so I do not really consider myself to be special in any way. The fact is that I would never be able to live with my conscience knowing that I had information that would have changed things and did nothing about it.

Dear fellow Kenya, read, comment and let's discuss the issues involved here as Kenyans without letting our party affiliations, tribes or candidate preferences come in the way.

For security reasons, I will be away briefly and not make any post (IP addresses can be traced) for a while from today. One can't be too careful. But thank God for the Internet because this information will be available and you the reader can discuss it openly.

So why did Dr Ouko have to die? Trust me, you don't know half the truth.

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